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1.God commanded, ;Let there be light,; but it didn#39;t happen for nearly half a million years. That#39;s how long after the Big Bang the universe took to expand enough to allow photons (light particles) to travel freely.1.神说:;要有光。;但是光直到50万年之后才出现;;大爆炸之后50万年,宇宙终于膨胀到足够大,可以让光子在其中自由穿行。2.Those photons are still running loose, detectable as the cosmic microwave background, a microwave glow from all parts of the sky.2.这时光子的运动仍然是无规则的,以宇宙背景辐射的形式存在;;就是从宇宙的各个部分发出的微波。3.Light moves along at full ;light speed;;186,282.4 miles per second;only in a vacuum. In the dense matrix of a diamond, it slows to just 77,500 miles per second.3.光只有在真空中才以;光速;,即186,282.4英里/秒(299,792,458米/秒)运动,在钻石这样的高密度物质中,光速会下降到77,500英里/秒(124,724,160米/秒)。4.Diamonds are the Afghanshy;istan of gemstones: Any entering photon quickly gets bogged down. It takes a lot of pinging back and forth in a thicket of carbon atoms to find an exit. This action is what gives diamonds their dazzling sparkle.4.钻石是宝石中的阿富汗:任何进入其中的光子都会被迫放慢速度。光子要在错综复杂的碳原子间反复冲撞才能找到出路。而这就是钻石闪耀着令人眩目的光辉的原因。5.Eyeglasses can correct vision because light changes speed when it passes from air to a glass or plastic lens; this causes the rays to bend.5.眼镜可以校正视力是因为光从空气射入玻璃或塑料的镜片时速度会改变,于是光线就发生了弯折。6.Plato fancied that we see by shooting light rays from our eyes.6.柏拉图认为,我们之所以看得见,是因为我们的眼睛会发射光线。7.The Greek philosopher was not completely wrong. Like all living things, humans are bioshy;luminescent: We glow. We are brightest during the afternoon, around our lips and cheeks. The cause may be chemical reactions involving molecular fragments known as free radicals.7.古希腊哲学家的看法并非完全错误。人类和所有其他生物一样,都有着;生物发光现象;,也就是说人体确实会发光。我们在下午最明亮,最明亮的部位则是嘴唇和脸颊。这一现象的原因可能是名为;自由基;的分子片段参与化学反应造成的。8.Bioluminescence is the largest source of light in the oceans; 90 percent of all creatures who live below about 1,500 feet are luminous.8.生物发光是海洋中的最大光源:生活在距海平面1500英尺以下的生物有90%都会发光。9.World War II aviators used to spot ships by the bioshy;luminescence in their wakes.9.二战中的飞行员曾通过船只尾流中的生物发光现象来定位船只。10.Incandescent bulbs convert only 10 percent of the energy they draw into light, which is why Europe will outlaw them by 2012. Most of the electricity turns into unwanted heat.10.白炽灯只能将通过自身的电能的10%转化为光能,而大部分电能都转化成热能浪费掉了。因此欧洲将在2012年禁用白炽灯。11.In the confined space of an Easy-Bake oven, a 100-watt bulb can create a temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit.11.在一个封闭空间;;比如Easy-Bake玩具烤炉里,一个100瓦的白炽灯泡可以达到华氏325度(约163摄氏度)的高温。12.Visible light makes up less than one ten-billionth of the electromagnetic spectrum, which stretches from radio waves to gamma rays.12.在覆盖了从无线电波到伽马射线的电磁光谱中,可见光只占不到百亿分之一的比例。13.Goldfish can see infrared radiation that is invisible to us. Bees, birds, and lizards have eyes that pick up ultraviolet.13.金鱼可以看见我们看不见的红外线。蜜蜂,鸟类和蜥蜴则有着可以看见紫外线的眼睛。14.Photography means ;writing with light.; English astronomer John Herschel, whose father discovered infrared, coined the term.14.摄影其实就是;用光来书写;。这个说法是英国宇航员John Herschel(他的父亲发现了红外线)创造的。15.Shoot now: The ;golden hour,; just after sunrise and before sunset, produces the prettiest shadows and colors for photographs.15.摄影的;黄金时间;是日落后和日出前的短暂时间,此时能拍出光影和色都堪称完美的照片。16.Auroras light up the night sky when solar wind particles excite atoms in the upper atmosphere. Oxygen mostly shines green; nitrogen contributes blue and red.16.当太阳风激发了高层大气中的原子,就会产生极光。氧气产生的极光多半是绿色的,氮气则是蓝色和红色。17.But to the Inuits, auroras are spirits of the dead kicking around the head of a walrus.17.但是对于居住在北极地区的因纽特人来说,极光是死者的灵魂在把海象头当球踢;; /201201/169118In an interview about the impact of Samsung#39;s Galaxy S4 on Apple (AAPL), Anouch Seydtaghi, deputy economics editor for the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, asked Asymco#39;s Horace Dediu what seemed like a perfectly reasonable question:就三星(Samsung)Galaxy S4对苹果(Apple)造成的影响,瑞士报纸《时报》(Le Temps)财经版副主编阿诺和?赛德塔基采访了美国数据调查机构Asymco的贺拉斯?德迪乌,而且问了一个似乎非常合理的问题:Q: Can Apple regain the lead in the smartphone market? If yes, how?问:苹果能否夺回在智能手机市场的领先地位?怎样做才有可能?Dediu responded, characteristically, with a chart:秉承一贯风格,德迪乌用一幅图表给出了回答:A: Apple had leadership in the phone market for two quarters (see graphic).答:苹果曾领导手机市场两个季度(见图表)。It#39;s a myth to think that Apple was dominant for any extended period of time. The top spot is very difficult to obtain unless a company has a large portfolio of products which are sold in all markets. Apple has less than half the operator distribution of Samsung and keeps only one new product in the market each year.认为苹果曾长期主导市场不过是错觉。除非某家公司的产品阵容庞大,而且在所有市场销售,否则要想登上头把交椅相当困难。苹果手机的运营商销售网络尚不足三星的一半,而且苹果每年仅推出一款新产品。Apple also has a very high price due to the distribution model it uses for the iPhone. The primary buyers are operators who made large volume purchase commitments a few years ago. The iPhone strategy can be summarized as ;skimming; where they pick the most profitable customers rather than ;penetration; where there is a focus on market share. It#39;s therefore very surprising that Apple was able to ship as many phones as it did.此外,苹果采用的分销模式使得iPhone的价格极高。它的主要买家是几年前做出大批量购买承诺的运营商。iPhone的定价战略可概括为“撇脂法”,只瞄准最能带来盈利的客户,而不是注重市场占有率的“渗透法”。因此,苹果能有如今这样的出货量已经很令人惊讶了。 /201303/231020The Chinese and music sharing company has agreed to implement a comprehensive system to protect MPAA members#39; copyrighted works from unauthorized downloading.中国视频和音乐分享公司迅雷同意使用一个完善的版权监测系统,阻止非法下载,以保护美国电影协会作品的版权。The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has struck a deal with the popular Google-backed Chinese-language and music file-sharing firm Xunlei to boost legitimate access to film and TV shows online.迅雷与美国电影协会达成了协议,是为推广电影和电视的合法在线渠道。迅雷是中国著名的视频和音乐在线分享公司。Xunlei, which was sued in 2008 by the Hollywood studios for film piracy, and the MPAA have entered into a comprehensive Content Protection Agreement (CPA) to protect film and television content online, and to educate users on how best to access only legal versions of movies and TV shows, the MPAA said in a statement.2008年好莱坞电影公司曾将迅雷告上法庭,之后美国电影协会起草了一份复杂的内容保护协议,保护在线电影和电视版权,引导用户用正确合法的方式获取到在线影视资源,MPAA在声明中这样表示。“The steps are aimed to counter the suspected mass infringement of MPAA member studios titles on Xunlei’s services,” the statement ran.声明这样写道:“这一系列举措是为了阻止迅雷相关务对各大影视公司版权资源的大规模侵权行为。”Under the CPA, Xunlei has agreed to implement a comprehensive system of measures to prevent unauthorized downloading of MPAA member company copyrighted works.迅雷同意遵守内容保护协议,推出一整套监管措施,阻止用户下载美国电影协会成员公司未经授权的影视资源。“With the largest number of Internet users in the world, the Chinese market offers tremendous potential for content creators to make their works available online to hundreds of millions of consumers,” said Steven Fabrizio, the MPAA’s senior executive vice president and global general counsel.MPAA的高级执行副总裁斯蒂文-法布里佐奥称:“中国拥有世界上最大的互联网用户群,对于内容提供者而言也是充满了潜力,他们希望自己的作品能够通过正当渠道提供给中国的消费者。”“This agreement is an important step forward in carrying out the MPAA’s mission in this significant market,” he said.他还说,“这份协议也象征美国电影协会向中国这个巨大的市场迈出了坚实的一步。” /201406/304613

One in the i for Apple: Smartphone thatcosts just #163;26 set to rival the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy ata fraction of the cost只要26英镑的智能手机将对抗苹果iPhone和三星GalaxyWith a touchscreen display, internet connection, front and rear camera lens anddual phone number function, a new handset costing just #163;26 is set to take themobile market by storm.一个触摸屏,网络链接,前后置摄像头,双卡双待,这款手机只要26英镑,势必席卷手机市场。Launched last month the Indian-made KarbonnA50S hopes to rival market leaders – Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy – at afraction of the cost.这款印度制造的KarbonnA50S手机于上月发布,以低价同市场领导者苹果iPhone和三星Galaxy竞争。 /201408/317539

Keeping track of the hottest Chinese apps is nigh impossible. Apps, or what you hear more often in China is A-P-P, quickly come and quickly go. Right now the hottest is MYOTee, a cartoon avatar creator with dozens of options.跟踪中国最热门的应用程序几乎不可能。应用程序在中国通常被称为A-P-P,往往是迅速窜红,又马上过气。眼下,中国最火的应用是卡通头像制作应用脸萌(MYOTee),它能向用户提供几十种选择。The app got hot earlier this month around China’s Dragon Boat Festival, when over a couple days it was downloaded more than a million times, according to a QQ report. It hit the top of Apple’s free app ranking in China, according to Technode, a TechCrunch partner in China.脸萌于本月早些时候的端午节前后窜红。据QQ的一份报告称,几天之内,脸萌的下载量就已经超百万。据科技客TechCrunch中国合作伙伴Technode称,在中国,脸萌已经成为排名第一的苹果免费应用。MYOTee began as a T-shirt company using the designs of a Hong Kong artist. You created a cartoon and printed it on T-shirts, mugs, wrist bands, even a watch. Last year a former Tencent employee decided to move it into the app space. Chinese fans can transfer their characters to popular social networks Sina Weibo and Tencent’s WeChat.脸萌最初是一家使用香港某艺术家设计方案的T恤公司。用户可以创作一个卡通形象,然后印在T恤、马克杯、腕带、甚至手表上。去年,一位以前腾讯工作过的员工决定,把这种做法移植到应用程序领域。中国粉丝能将自己创作的卡通形象导入新浪微和腾讯的微信等流行的社交网络。If it is China’s next big thing, don’t expect to find it around the world. It seems “Mad Men Yourself” has a stranglehold on the avatar space in the U.S. and Europe.或许脸萌有望在中国成为下一款大红大紫的应用,但别指望它能席卷全球。欧美的头像市场似乎已被“Mad Men Yourself”应用牢牢掌握。The company has received funding from International Data Group and is seeking a second round of funding, according to Technode.据Technode称,脸萌已获美国国际数据集团(International Data Group)投资,正在进行第二轮融资。 /201406/305763

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