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Anger really can kill you: study1.Women need to cry. And they won't do it alone unless they know you can hear them.   女人需要哭泣,并且只有在你能听到时才哭。 2.Women especially love a bargain.   女人特别喜欢便宜货。 3.Women love to shop. It is the only area of the world where they feel like they're actually in control.   女人喜欢购物,她们觉得那是她们在这个世界上能控制的惟一领域。 4.Women will always ask questions that have no center answers,in an effort to trap you into feeling guilty.   女人总是问一些没有正确的问题,她们想使你有犯罪感。 5.Women love to talk. Silence intimidates them and they feel a need to fill it, even if they have nothing to say.   女人喜欢交谈。沉默使她们不安,她们需要用交谈打破沉默,即使她们没什么可说的。 6.Women need to feel like there are people worse off than they are.   女人需要感觉到别人不如她们。 7.Women hate bugs. Even the strong -willed ones need a man around when there's a spider or a wasp involved.   女人讨厌虫子。当看到一只蜘蛛或黄蜂时,即使意志力很强的女人也需要一个男人在身旁。 8.Women can't keep secrets.   女人不能保守秘密。 9.Women always go to public rest rooms in groups. It gives them a chance to gossip.   女人经常结伴去公共卫生间,这是她们闲谈的好机会。 10.Women can't refuse to answer a ringing phone, no matter what she's doing.   女人不会拒绝接听任何来电。电话铃一响,不论正在做什么,她都会去接电话。 11.Women never understand why men love toys. Men understand that they wouldn't need toys if women had an″on/off″switch.   女人永远不会明白男人为什么喜欢玩具。男人认为,如果女人有开关,他们就不再需要玩具了。 12.Women think all beer is the same.   女人觉得所有品牌的啤酒都是一个味儿。 13.Women keep three different shampoos in the shower. After a woman showers, the bathroom will smell like a tropical rain forest.   通常,女人的浴室里总放着3种不同的洗发香波。她们沐浴后,浴室就散发着热带雨林的味道。 14.Women don't understand the appeal of sports. Men seek entertainment that allows them to escape reality. Women seek entertainment that reminds them of how horrible things could be.   女人不能领略体育节目的魅力。男人从那些能让他们逃离现实的东西中寻找,女人则从那些能提醒她们现实有多糟糕的东西中寻找。 15. If a man goes on a seven-day trip, he'll pack five days worth of clothes and will wear some things twice;if a woman goes on a seven-day trip she'll pack 21 out fits because she doesn't know what she'll feel like wearing each day.   如果一个男人要出门7天,他会带够5天穿的衣,并且会将一些衣物穿两次。如果一个女人要出门7天,她会带够21天穿的衣,因为她不知道自己每天喜欢穿什么。 16.Women brush their hair before bed.   女人在睡觉前梳头。 /200902/63249

By now, almost everyone is aware of the powerful benefits of meditation. When we become conscious of our breathing and direct our awareness inward, our body relaxes, our blood pressure and heart rate drop, and our brain state shifts from anxiety producing beta waves to the smoother experience of alpha waves.  如今,几乎所有人都知道冥想的好处。当我们关注自己的呼吸和意识时,我们的身体会放松,血压和心率会降低,大脑发出的电波也会从焦虑的β波转为平缓的α波(小编注:β波,人的四种基本脑波之一,在清醒时出现,伴有需努力能够达到的注意力集中。α波,四种基本脑波之一。是连接意识和潜意识的桥梁,是有效进入潜意识的唯一途径,能够促进灵感的产生,加速信息收集,增强,是促进学习与思考的最佳脑波。)  But here's the problem – who has the time? Most of us have jobs to go to, families to care for, and errands to run. In the midst of the chaos of daily life, we simply don't have the luxury of meditating all day like monks in a monastery. There is, however, a simple solution to this problem. It requires that we rethink the very nature of meditation.  问题在于,哪里来的时间?我们中的大部分不仅要上班,要照顾家人,还要料理各种生活琐事。在繁杂的日常生活中,像僧侣们那样冥想实在是一种求之不得的奢侈。但其实,这个问题很好解决!只是需要我们重新反思冥想的真正本质。  1. It's All About the Breath 一切在于呼吸  You can get lost in the details of meditation. You can become obsessed with posture, mantras (repeated phrases), and mudras (finger locks). But reduced to its essence, meditation is all about the breath. We always breathe, but, when we meditate, we breathe consciously. We bring our awareness to each inhale and exhale. So while you may not be able to sit in lotus pose during a board meeting, that doesn't mean that you can't meditate.  你可能被冥想的种种细节弄的摸不着头脑,也可能纠结于姿势、祷文、马德拉舞这样的细节。但是说到底,冥想只与呼吸有关。我们每时每刻都在呼吸,但当我们冥想时,我们的呼吸是有意识的。我们把意识带入每一次吸气和呼气。所以,开会时,你也许没法打坐,但不意味着你没法冥想。  2. Finding the Gaps 见缝插针  All of us, no matter how busy, have small gaps in our day that are perfect for meditation. It might be the five-minute wait in line at the grocery store, the 10-minutes you spend stuck in traffic, or the two minutes you spend waiting for your computer to start up. In these moments, try shifting from frustration to meditation.  不论我们有多忙,也总能见缝插针的找到一些零碎的时间来冥想。也许是在杂货店排队时的5分钟,也许是堵车时的10分钟,也许是等电脑开机时的2分钟。在这些空隙中,试着从“沮丧模式”调整为“冥想模式”。  3. Meditative Multitasking 一心多用  You can also bring meditation into almost any workday task. Take meetings. In my experience, most meetings only require about 50% of our attention. So this leaves about 50% of your attention open for meditation. So rather than getting bored, try meditating. Experiment with bringing your attention to the breath as you follow the flow of the meeting. With practice, you can learn to meditate while doing just about any task – while checking emails, talking on the phone, or commuting to work.  你几乎可以在做任何日常工作时进行冥想。就拿开会来说,大部分会议只需要我们付出50%的注意力。也就是说你可以用剩下的50%来冥想。所以,不要陷入无聊,开始冥想吧。试着将注意力放在呼吸上同时还能跟上会议的进度。多多练习,你将变得能在做任何工作是进行冥想——处理邮件、接电话、在上下班路上等等。 /201109/153869

As the cosmetics world goes global, how will it affect individual nations#39; ideas of beauty? Now that anyone with internet access can check out the latest catwalk trends and advertising campaigns in international fashion magazines, will make-up trends become homogenised? Will a Mad Men-inspired red lip catch on in China, as it has in New York and London? Will women from Mumbai turn their backs on Bollywood glamour in favour of ;the new nude;? Here, industry insiders from major cities around the world report from the front lines of beauty today. 风靡全球的美容业,对世界各国的美容概念有何影响?如今网络上随处可以看到的最新时尚资讯,以及时装杂志上激烈的广告竞争,会让美容趋势变得越来越单一吗?灵感来自《广告狂人》的口红在中国是否也跟在纽约和伦敦一样受欢迎?孟买的女性们是否又会从宝莱坞范儿转投;裸色主义;的怀抱?现在,世界各大主要城市的业内人士为大家带来美容界的最新播报。 London 伦敦 ;Catwalk trends take time to trickle down, but when key celebrities wear a look, it can have an instant influence,; says make-up artist Cassie Lomas – and the celebrity does not have to be UK-based. ;The statement lips we saw on Angelina Jolie at the Oscars is a trend that London girls are sporting,; says Lomas, who credits the Kate Middleton effect as well: when the Duchess of Cambridge wore a particular Bourjois nail polish (Rose Lounge), sales soared. ;It is still their bestseller,; says Lomas, who is also a consultant for the brand. But the influence of New York shouldn#39;t be underestimated, says Nicky Kinnaird, founder of Space NK. ;You can#39;t get away without having a manicure and tidy nails any more, and that#39;s the influence of the US.; ;T台上的时尚风潮流行起来需要时间,而一旦名人们有个什么新妆容,则能取得立竿见影的效果。;妆艺术家卡西#8226;洛马斯(Cassie Lomas)说,并且这些名人不一定非要是英国本土的。;我们在奥斯卡红毯上看到的安吉丽娜#8226;朱莉用的口红,伦敦的女孩儿们也涂得正欢。;洛马斯说,他同样也认同凯特#8226;米德尔顿(Kate Middleton)效应:当这位剑桥公爵夫人(Duchess of Cambridge)涂了一款别致的Bourjois指甲油(Rose Lounge),卖场里立马卖到脱销。;这款指甲油仍旧是该品牌最畅销的。;洛马斯说,他同时兼任这家品牌的顾问。而来自纽约的影响也不应该被忽视,Space NK的创办人尼基#8226;金纳德(Nicky Kinnaird)说:;如果没修剪好指甲,你是绝对不会出门的,这正是受了美国的影响。; Paris 巴黎 ;Parisians do not in any way follow fashion trends that come from the shows – they have their thing and stick to it,; says Lloyd Simmonds, creative director of make-up at Yves Saint Laurent. French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt is a likely influence on French women, says make-up artist Lisa Eldridge: ;She has that typically French, easy, effortless look with the glossy hair, fabulously cut jacket, no make-up except for a bit of bronze – the most I#39;ve seen her with is a bit of black smudged pencil.; ;不太会受秀场的影响——他们有自己的风格并且非常坚持。;Yves Saint Laurent妆部的创意总监劳埃德#8226;西蒙斯(Lloyd Simmonds)说。《Vogue》杂志法国版的编辑艾曼纽#8226;奥特(Emmanuelle Alt)或许就是受了法国女性影响,妆艺术家丽莎#8226;艾尔德里奇(Lisa Eldridge)说:;她的样子非常法式、简单、不费力气,配上有光泽的头发、剪裁极好的外套,除了一点点眼妆之外,根本不化妆——我见到她的大多数时候她都只用了一点点黑色眼影。; Bright splashes of red, orange and pink lipstick featured heavily at the shows but red is aly a Parisian classic. ;I have seen a lot of Parisian women wearing bright red and I can see them continuing to wear a lot of bright orange or fuchsia red lips,; says Simmonds. YSL#39;s current bestselling lipstick is Rouge Laque: a rich, glossy red stain (pound;22.50). ;The rest is still always very minimal. That#39;s just a very Parisian approach,; says Simmonds. ;Their mothers teach them how to do it properly,; says Eldridge. 醒目的红色、橘色还有粉色口红在秀场上层不出穷,但实际上红色一直都是的经典唇色。;我看过许许多多巴黎女人都涂着鲜艳的红唇,并且我能想见她们会用上更多鲜艳的橘色或者紫红色。;西蒙斯说。YSL目前最为畅销的口红是Rouge Laque:丰盈亮泽的红色(售价22.50英镑)。;库存非常少。这是非常巴黎式的。;西蒙斯说。;她们从妈妈那里学到如何将之使用得最为恰当。;艾尔德里奇说道。 New York 纽约 ;In New York City, summer is about shy;natural-looking make-up, glowing skin and eye shadows in warm neutrals,; says Bobbi Brown, whose summer bestsellers include long-wear make-up, in particular a brilliant dark brown gel eyeliner (pound;17). Yet the New York make-up artist Kabuki, who is also artistic director of the British cosmetics company My Face, thinks the red lip will catch on. Indeed, a sheer, blood red lipstick stain by Lipstick Queen is Space NK#39;s bestseller. Meanwhile, ;Unusual nail colours are bigger than ever,; says Kabuki. The bestselling colour at Space NK in New York is The Darkest Emerald (pound;12) and Hip Pop (a shimmer coral) by British nail company Rococo. ;Maybe that is an extension of the now classic navy and dark, vampy colours,; says Eldridge, ;but I still don#39;t see it working in the average New York office.; ;在纽约,夏天便是自然风格的妆容、容光焕发的皮肤还有中性暖色的眼影。;鲍比#8226;布朗(Bobbi Brown)说,他的夏季畅销款包括长效妆,尤其是一款光泽感十足的深棕色眼线胶(售价17英镑)。不过纽约的妆艺术家,同时兼任英国化妆品公司My Face艺术总监的Kabuki却认为红唇即将流行。的确,一款清透醒目的红色Lipstick Queen红色口红成为了Space NK的热卖商品。同时,;颜色别致的指甲油也比以往更受欢迎。;Kabuki说。纽约Space NK里卖得最好的一款是英国指甲油品牌Rococo的The Darkest Emerald(售价12英镑)和Hip Pop(发着微光的珊瑚色)。;或许这是目前经典的海军蓝、暗色,还有粉色的一个延伸,;艾尔德里奇说,但是我在纽约的办公室里还是很少见到。; Milan 米兰 ;Milanese women still like all that sexy stuff: you see a lot of blondes – with the lashes, the smoky eye, that Donatella plumped-up nude lip. It#39;s almost Kim Kardashian,; says Lisa Eldridge, who adds that the classic Hollywood look is popular too. Photographer and former creative director of British Vogue Robin Derrick points to two distinct beauty looks in Milan: ;Miuccia [Prada]-style, minimal yet very well done during the day, and then the less fashiony people, who are, if anything, quite evening in their look: they will wear a cocktail dress for work, with the smoky eyes and beige lips.; ;米兰女人依旧热爱所有性感的事物——你会看到许许多多尤物——浓密的睫毛、烟熏眼妆,多纳泰拉(Donatella,范思哲掌门人)般丰盈的嘴唇,像极了金#8226;卡戴珊 (Kim Kardashian,美国名模)。;丽莎#8226;艾尔德里奇说,她又补充说经典的好莱坞风格也同样流行。摄影师、《Vogue》杂志英国版前创意总监鲁宾#8226;德里克(Robin Derrick)指出米兰有两种典型的女性装扮:;缪西娅#8226;普拉达(Miuccia Prada)风格,简约但是非常适合日间活动;还有一种就是什么时候都像是在过晚上:她们会穿着晚礼去上班,还带着烟熏的眼妆和褐色的唇妆。; Sao Paulo 圣保罗 ;We end up mixing US and European summer references with our fall/winter,; says Victoria Ceridono, beauty editor of Vogue Brazil. ;This season a great influencer is the feminine, pastel trend: its delicate and perfect for day. Louis Vuitton and Chanel showed beautiful looks,; she says. Indeed, the bestselling MAC cosmetic in Sao Paulo is a pale fuchsia lipstick called Snob (pound;13.50), which has a waiting list. Yet, it#39;s now winter in Brazil, albeit mild. According to Ceridono: ;Deep red and wine lipstick is big – Brazilians are used to wearing bright reds and pinks, so it is a natural evolution for the colder weather.; Overseas influence is increasing as more brands move in (Sephora launched last month), but for now MAC lipsticks and Benefit primers are popular foreign brands – and ;BB [blemish balm] cream fever is starting to grow,; says Ceridono. Brazilian model Gisele is still a reference, as is the model Isabeli Fontana, but a big influences on women#39;s beauty is the Brazilian telenovela, or soap operas, with its glamorous look. ;在我们的秋冬流行里,已经不再参考混搭欧美夏季潮流了。;《Vogue》杂志巴西版的美容编辑维多利亚#8226;赛瑞多诺(Victoria Ceridono)说。;这一季最受欢迎的是女性、柔和的风格:非常精致,适合日间。路易威登(Louis Vuitton)和香奈儿(Chanel)都有着很好的示范。;她说。的确,在圣保罗最畅销的MAC化妆品是一款名为Snob的浅樱红色口红(售价13.50英镑),供不应求。然而,虽然天气还算暖和,但现在巴西仍然是冬天。按照赛瑞多诺的说法:;深红色和酒红色的口红很畅销——巴西女人之前喜欢涂亮红色和粉色,因此这也算是天气转凉之后的一个自然变化。随着更多品牌的进入(丝芙兰就在上个月在巴西开业),海外影响也在增加,但是目前MAC的口红和Benefit的妆前液是最畅销的外国品牌商品—— 人们对BB霜的兴趣也在渐渐变得狂热。;赛瑞多诺说。巴西名模吉赛尔(Gisele)和伊莎贝莉#8226;芳塔娜(Isabeli Fontana)是人们模仿的对象,但更能影响女人们的则是那些美艳的电视明星或者肥皂剧演员。 Moscow 莫斯科 ;This summer the most popular trends are graphic eyeliner, coral lipstick, wet gloss on eyelids and lips and pastels,; says Elena Petrova, beauty and living director of Vogue Russia. ;My friends and colleagues tend to follow more or less the same make-up routine from day to day. They pick what looks good on them and are less likely to experiment than women in Europe or the States.; Still, she says, ;Russians love nail polish, especially in summer ... the brightest and trendiest shades.; Maria Taranenko, beauty director of Elle Russia, adds: ;They will match the make-up with their look, with nail polish and shoes of the same colour.; ;今夏最流行的是醒目的眼线、珊瑚色的口红、润泽的眼睑和嘴唇,柔和的颜色;《Vogue》杂志俄罗斯版的美容与生活编辑伊莲娜#8226;佩特洛娃(Elena Petrova)说,;我的朋友们和同事或多或少地会一直追随同一种化妆风格。她们会挑选那些适合自己的,跟欧美女性相比,她们较少尝试新事物。;她还讲到:;俄罗斯人喜欢指甲油,尤其是在夏天……还有最醒目和时髦的墨镜。;《Elle》杂志俄罗斯版的美容总监玛莉亚#8226;塔拉年科(Maria Taranenko)补充说:;她们会将妆容、指甲油还有鞋子的颜色搭配起来。; Mumbai 孟买 ;Peach, pink or coral lip stains are popular. Cheek stains and cream blush in bronze, apricot or peach are on trend. And for evening red lips are still big news, with flashes of orange showing up,; says Parizaad Khan, beauty editor of Vogue India. ;Kohl will always be popular with Indian women, no matter the current season or trend,; she says. Little wonder MAC#39;s three bestselling cosmetics are black eyeliners. ;We#39;re doing winged liner for evening and a lot of neon and bright pops of colour on fingers and toes,; Khan continues. ;Bollywood is probably the single largest influencer ... but Indian women are extremely aware of international make-up trends, which trickle down via make-up artists and also hairstylists. I#39;ve seen a number of girls with bright coloured panels in their hair, which they may or may not be aware was seen on the spring/summer runway at DSquared,; says Khan. ;桃红色、粉色还有珊瑚色的口红是很受欢迎的。此外还有偏棕色、杏黄色和有桃红色的腮红也很流行。对于晚妆来说,红唇加上一点橘色依旧是不二之选。;《Vogue》杂志印度版的美容编辑帕里扎德#8226;可汗(Parizaad Khan)说,;眼影粉一直是印度女性的最爱,无论什么季节,无论怎样的流行趋势。;她说。奇妙的是MAC排名前三的畅销化妆品都是黑色眼线。;我们会为晚妆花上飞翘的眼线,以及为手指和脚趾涂上亮丽的颜色。;可汗补充说,;宝莱坞或许是最大的影响源……但印度女性们在妆艺术家和美发师的推广下已经意识到了国际的美容潮流。我看到许多的女孩子挑染她们的头发,这或许是从DSquared的春夏T台上学来的。;可汗说。 Beijing and Shanghai 北京和上海 ;Vogue is saying sky blue or bright red nails – the Chinese have beautiful hands and feet and they love decorated nails,; says Kathy Phillips, international beauty director of Condé Nast Asia Pacific. Yet, she continues: ;I don#39;t think they think in terms of trends. Make-up is not a big thing and you very rarely see women in lipstick; there is more interest in skincare.; The weather plays a part in this: ;In most places summer is too hot to wear make-up; it is important to look clean,; says Helena Hu, beauty director of Elle China. And Chinese actresses are a reference point. ;Fan Bing Bing is the most popular beauty idol today,; says Hu. The most popular received trend of the summer? ;The Chanel trend with the pearls in the hair is hugely popular. The Chinese love hair accessories and the idea of putting decoration in your hair as a way to get it out of the way and look pretty,; says Phillips. ;《Vogue》杂志预告了天蓝色或艳红色的指甲油将会成为流行——中国人的手脚都很漂亮,他们也热衷于装饰指甲。;康泰纳仕亚太区国际美容总监凯西#8226;菲利普斯(Kathy Phillips)这么说道。不过,她又继续说:;我不认为他们考虑过流行趋势。妆并非一件不得了的事,你很少会看到涂口红的女性;她们更关注护肤。;气候因素对此有部分影响:;在许多地方,夏天化妆实在是太热了;看起来干净清爽才是最重要的。;《Elle》杂志中文版美容总监Helena Hu说。而中国的女明星们成为了参照对象。;范冰冰如今已经成为最红的美容典范。;Hu说。那么最流行的夏季趋势是什么?;发间点缀珍珠的香奈儿(Chanel)风最受欢迎。中国人喜欢发饰,头发上的饰品会让人看起来很俏丽。;菲利普斯说。 Tokyo 东京 ;In the spring it was pink cheeks and lips and for summer it will be coral,; says make-up artist and creative director for RMK Cosmetics, Tolu. This ties in with Vogue Japan#39;s 1950s pink and coral summer beauty message, set to feature on its beauty pages. ;I think those slightly cold colours work with their skin,; says Phillips, ;but, as a whole, Japanese women are very unmade-up. They are much more concerned with the shape of their face, their eyes being big and skin being dewy.; Though Phillips does not think western trends have much effect on the Japanese beauty market, make-up artist Shinobu Abe disagrees: ;Japanese women copy western girls#39; eyes, to make them look bigger and rounder. They curl lashes, apply layers of mascara, then false lashes,; he says. ;春天流行粉色的腮红和口红,而夏天则会是珊瑚色当道。;妆艺术家以及化妆品牌RMK的创意总监Tolu说。这与《Vogue》杂志日本版美容专题所做的粉色与珊瑚色的五十年代风格极为吻合。;我认为这些稍微有点冷色调的颜色很衬她们的皮肤。;菲利普斯说,;但是,总的来说,日本女性还是不太爱妆。她们更多关注的是自己的脸型,眼睛要大,皮肤要滋润。;虽然菲利普斯认为西方的妆趋势对日本化妆品市场影响不大,但妆艺术家阿部忍(Shinobu Abe)却持有不同观点:;日本女性们模仿西方女孩儿的眼妆,好让自己的眼睛看起来又大又圆。她们把睫毛夹得翘翘的,涂上一层层的睫毛膏,还装上假睫毛。;他这么说道。 /201208/194740

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