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Last week Harris Wittels, the man who coined the phrase “humblebrag”, died at the unconscionable age of 30. In his memory I’ve been sifting through some of the finest examples of this specious genre — the boast that pretends not to be one — and have come up with two favourites.近日,“谦虚的自夸”(humblebrag)一词的创造者哈里斯#8226;维特尔斯(Harris Wittels)英年早逝,年仅30岁。为了纪念他,我把一些最符合这种表面上看不出来的自夸方式——假装不是自夸的自夸——的例子筛选了一番,并挑选出两个我最喜欢的例子。My second best is Stephen Fry’s tweet from 2013: “Oh dear. Don’t know what to do at the airport. Huge crowd, but I’ll miss my plane if I stop and do photos#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;oh dear don’t want to disappoint.”我挑选出的次佳例子是斯蒂芬#8226;弗莱(Stephen Fry)2013年发的一条推文:“噢天哪。我现在在在机场不知道该怎么办。粉丝太多了,但如果我停下来和他们合影的话,我会错过航班的……噢天啊,真不想让他们失望。”But my runaway first choice is from Oprah Winfrey. “OMG! Just had a SURPRISE date with Jackie Jackson. My teen idol heartthrob. Tried not to talk too much or eat too much. Succeeded at neither!”但我认为最佳例子毫无疑问来自奥普拉#8226;温弗里(Oprah Winfrey)。“噢我的天啊!刚和杰基#8226;杰克逊(Jackie Jackson)结束了一次意外约会。我年少时的梦中情人。我一直尽力让自己不要话太多或者暴露出吃货的一面。结果都没做到!”As Wittels put it: “Oprah, you don’t gotta brag. You’re Oprah.”正如维特尔斯所说:“奥普拉,你用不着自夸。你可是奥普拉啊。”However, there is another sort of boasting that needs exposing even more than the humblebrag as it is more widesp and more lethal. For want of a snappier name, I’m calling it the thirdpartybrag: when you pass on favourable remarks made about you by someone else.不过,还有另一种形式的自夸甚至应该比“谦虚的自夸”更需要被揭露,因为这种自夸更普遍且更具杀伤力。因为想不出更俏皮的名字,我就叫它“他夸”好了(thirdpartybrag):即传播别人对你的赞扬。The rampant popularity of this sort of bragging is for three reasons: it involves minimal queasiness as you don’t have to make the boast yourself; it sounds almost objective; and Twitter makes it a doddle. It is as easy as hitting the retweet button and, far from looking crass, it has the further beauty of seeming almost good manners, as a retweet is a self-serving sort of thank you.这种自夸方式之所以如此受欢迎,原因有三点:它所引起的反感度最小,因为你不需要自吹自擂;听起来差不多是客观的;Twitter使之实践起来易如反掌。这种自夸做起来十分简单,只要点击“转发”按钮,不仅看起来一点也不愚蠢,而且还几乎显得挺有礼貌,因为转发本身就是一种说“谢谢”的方式。A particularly prolific thirdpartybragger is the British scientist Richard Dawkins, who engages in the practice several times a day. During the time I have been writing these paragraphs he has failed to resist the urge to retweet the following from @jamiesaboyname: “Such an amazing experience last night, to be in the presence of two of the worlds most beautiful minds @RichardDawkins @LKrauss1”.英国科学家理查德#8226;道金斯(Richard Dawkins)是一位格外高产的“他夸”践行者,他每天都要实践数次。就在我写到这里时,他没能抵抗住这样做的冲动,转发了@jamiesaboyname的如下:“昨晚面对面见到了世上最具才智之人中的二位——理查德#8226;道金斯(@RichardDawkins)和@LKrauss1,真是令人难忘的经历”。Channelling Wittels, I want to shout: Richard Dawkins, you don’t gotta brag. You’re Richard Dawkins.借用维特尔斯的话,我想大喊道:理查德#8226;道金斯,你用不着自夸。你可是理查德#8226;道金斯啊。I have become so allergic to thirdpartybragging that I am unfollowing everyone who engages in it. So it is farewell Dawkins. It’s also farewell Jack Welch, who one might have thought didn’t gotta brag either. He recently retweeted the following from @SPPresents “@jack_welch Just wanted to say THANK YOU for selecting me to narrate your new book Real Life MBA. It’s well written, funny, and engaging!”我现在对“他夸”非常敏感,取关了所有这样自夸的人。所以,拜拜了道金斯,拜拜了杰克#8226;韦尔奇(Jack Welch)。韦尔奇也是一个人们或许会觉得没必要自夸的人。他最近转发了@SPPresents的如下:“杰克#8226;韦尔奇(@jack_welch),只是想说‘谢谢你’选择让我来朗读你的新书《现实生活中的MBA》(Real Life MBA)。这本书写得很好,既有趣又引人入胜。”Various colleagues have also been removed from my following list, though there are two who are getting a second chance. In one case, the thirdpartybragging was done by the man’s wife; the other retweeted comments about himself that were insulting rather than complimentary. Even though this is merely a thirdpartybrag with a bit of humblebrag thrown in, I’m forgiving him as the insult — that his column was “ludicrous bilge” — was quite funny.许多同事也被我从关注列表中移除了,不过我给了两个人第二次机会。其中一个人,他转的夸奖来自他的妻子;另一个人转发了的是批评,而非赞美自己的话。尽管这“批评”不过是掺杂着些许“谦虚自夸”意味的“他夸”,但我还是原谅了他,因为这条——把他的专栏称为“荒唐的废话”——很有意思。The popularity of thirdpartybragging raises the question: why do people demean themselves in this way? Partly it is because such retweeting administers a stroke to the ego.“他夸”的普遍流行引发了一个问题:人们为什么要这样降低自己的格调?部分原因是这种转发满足了自尊心。However, stroking egos is not what the internet is there for: it is what mothers are for instead. When mine was alive I would ring her up every time anyone said anything nice about me and hold forth at some length. From the other end of the phone would invariably come pleased noises.然而,要满足自尊心,我们不应找互联网,而应该找妈妈。我妈妈在世的时候,每次有人夸我时,我都会给她打电话详细转述。而电话那头的妈妈,必定会开心得大喊大叫。To follow someone on Twitter is not at all like being their mother. When the historian Simon Sebag Montefiore retweets “@SimonMontefiore J’lem one of the best books I’ve . Can’t wait for your next tome!” I don’t make pleased noises; I make vomit ones and hit unfollow.在Twitter上关注某人,决不是要表现地像他们的妈妈一样。当历史学家西蒙#8226;塞巴格#8226;蒙蒂菲奥里(Simon Sebag Montefiore)转发“西蒙#8226;蒙蒂菲奥里(@SimonMontefiore),《耶路撒冷》(Jerusalem)是我读过最棒的著作之一。等不及要看你下一部大作!”时,我没有开心得大喊大叫,而是大喊恶心,随后点击取关。A bigger reason for the thirdpartybrag is not to feed egos, but to flog books, talks and so on. But can something so blatant really work?“他夸”之所以流行,更主要的原因不在于满足自尊心,而是为了推销书籍、讲座等。但如此裸的推销真的能奏效吗?The depressing answer is that it seems to. Seth Godin, a marketing pundit, has just devoted an entire blog post to reproducing gush from a third party. I fear I am the only person who responded badly — 876 people liked the boast post so much they retweeted it.令人沮丧的是,是似乎真的可以。营销大师塞思#8226;戈丁(Seth Godin)不久前刚用一整篇文记录来自别人的恭维之词。恐怕我是唯一感到反感的人——有876人非常喜欢这篇自夸贴,以至于转发了它。Thirdpartybragging shows followers as brainless and perpetrators shameless. In the case of Mr Godin, who is both in marketing and from America — where there is a more robust attitude to boasting in general — it may make sense. But what about Mr Dawkins? Has thirdpartybragging damaged the scientist’s considerable brain?“他夸”显示出粉丝无脑,这种行为的实施者也没有节操。戈丁来自营销界和美国——总体来说对自吹自擂之风态度更为包容的地方,他搞这一套或许还说得通。但道金斯呢?“他夸”难道也损坏了这位科学家聪明的大脑吗?To find out last week I composed a tweet that went roughly: “Didn’t realise @richarddawkins invented the meme. He’s even more of a god than I thought he was.” I sat back and waited for him to retweet, but several days passed and nothing happened. I feel better about Mr Dawkins as a result. But now I am vaguely offended. Didn’t he like my message, or something?为了找出,不久前我发了一条推文,内容大致如下:“没想到是理查德#8226;道金斯(@richarddawkins)发明了“摹因”(meme)一词。他甚至比我之前认为的更牛。”接着我就往椅背上一靠,等待他转发,但很多天过去了,什么都没发生。因此,我对道金斯的看法有所好转。但现在我有了一种模糊的被冒犯的感觉。他是不喜欢我的还是怎么着? /201503/362170

Spellchecks are turning us into a nation of dunces with a third of adults failing to reach the expected spelling ability of an 11 year-old child, a shock study reveals.拼写检查功能正将英国变成一个傻子的国度。一个研究惊人地发现,该国三分之一的成年人拼写水平达不到11岁儿童的标准。Research involving 1,000 adults aged between 16 and 77 found that only 67 per cent would reach Level 4 in Standard Assessment Tests (SATs), while less than half (44 per cent) would achieve Level 5.有1000名16到77岁的成年人参加了这次调查,结果显示仅有67%的人拼写水平能达到能力评估测试(Standard Assessment Tests )的四级,能达到五级的更是不到一半(44%)。Fifteen per cent of the adults tested failed to even reach Level 3, which is below the level expected of children at age 11.甚至有15%的受访者未能达到三级,也就是11岁儿童的标准。Experts blamed the poor showing of adults on the prevalence of tools such as spellcheck and auto-correct, which both play a prominent role in modern-day living.专家把成人们拼写能力下降归咎于现代生活中无处不有的拼写检查和自动纠错功能等工具。The study asked adults to complete Key Stage 2 spelling tests designed to gauge the performance of children aged 10 and 11, as they reach the end of primary school.Key Stage 2拼写测试本是面向10-11岁小学生的毕业能力测试,受访者参与了这次测试。But the test spelled trouble for many of the adults tested.结果令人忧心。#39;Phenomenon#39;, #39;unnecessary#39; and #39;broccoli#39; were among the words spelled wrong by more than half of those who took part.超过半数受访者不能正确拼写;Phenomenon;,;unnecessary;和;broccoil;这几个词。Other words which few were able to spell included rhythmic and jewellery.正确率较低的词还有;rhythmic;和;jewellery;。Susie Dent, lexicographer and resident word expert on TV show Countdown, believes the results were partly down to the prevalence of tools such as spellcheck and auto-correct.辞典编撰学家,电视节目《倒计时》(Countdown)的常驻专家苏西#8226;登特认为,这种现象源自于拼写检查和自动纠错等工具的流行。#39;Modern tools like spellcheck and autocorrect encourage us to switch off from learning, leading to complacency or, at worst, indifference.#39;“拼写检查和自动纠错这些现代工具使得人们懒于学习,变得自满甚至冷漠。”THE TOP FIVE MISSPELT WORDS正确率最低的五个词语:1. Phenomenon (25% correct)2. Unnecessary (32% correct)3. Disappearance (36% correct)4. Correspondent (37% correct)5. Synchronised (37% correct) /201506/379732

A:What do you have there?A:你在那做什么呢?B: A hissy!B:吵死了。A: Can you remember what you did on every hole you played?A:你能记住你每一次打的位置?B:Absolutely.B:当然。A:That’s truly amazing.What did you do...say,on number five?A:O太疯狂了,那第五颗球的位置?B: Number five?B:第五个?B: I hooked it into the pond.B:池塘边。B:On number six, I shanked my third shot into the galleryand cold-cooked some little old lady. On number seven, I overshot the dogleg and wound up in the beer tent.B:第六杆,打晕了一个小老太太。第七杆我用尽全力超过了啤酒棚。A: Let’s skip to number 15. What did you do there?A:中间跳过,第十五杆在哪?B: 15...15....Aahh...B:15啊~额·~B: Is that hole where I caught the old geese in the sternum...or the one with the mayor’s cat?B:打到了大雁的肋骨或者是市长的猫。 /201505/375867

People are divided in this throwaway society where things get abandoned easily and deleting anything is as easy as pressing a button.这是个“且用且扔”的社会,一切都可以轻易丢弃,只要点击一下按钮什么都能删除。但这并非人人所愿。While digital cameras have taken hold of the art of photography due to their ubiquity, some shooters still hold a tight emotional connection to film cameras.虽然使用数码相机的摄影爱好者人多势众,把控着摄影艺术界,但还是有一些摄影师执恋于胶片相机。In a disposable society, the choice between cameras also reflects people’s lifestyle choices.在这个用一次就扔的社会里,对于相机的选择也是人们对于生活方式的选择。Enjoying the process享受过程Shooting in film can be labor intensive, and it never offers the instant gratification of seeing the image after clicking the shutter. But vintage camera lovers view shooting film as a fun and meaningful process.用胶片拍摄是一件“苦力活”,即使在按下快门之后也不能即刻欣赏“成果”。但是,在胶片相机爱好者眼中,摄影更多的是一个过程,它趣味盎然、意义非凡。James Alan Figy,the staff writer and photographer at Angie’s List in the US sees shooting film as an exercise in surprising oneself.詹姆斯#8226;艾伦#8226;菲戈是美国本地务点评网站Angie’s List的撰稿人兼摄影师。对他而言,摄影就是一场不断取得惊喜的练习。“It’s fun because I have to adjust the shutter speed and aperture manually,” Figy said. “Seeing which photos will turn out well once developed is always a surprise.”他说:“(使用胶片相机拍摄的)乐趣在于我必须要手动调整快门速度和光圈大小。拍完后,想想哪些照片洗出来也许会成为佳作也是件不错的事。”Craftsmanship磨练技艺Digital cameras provide unprecedented efficiency. People set them to auto mode and click the shutter before, all of a sudden, hundreds of ideal photos appear on the screen. Additionally, by utilizing imaging software, photos can be easily manipulated as well as displayed online.数码相机带来了前所未有的拍摄效率。只要调整到自动模式,按下快门,分分钟就有成百上千张完美之作出现在相机屏幕中。再加上图片软件,处理和上传图片更是轻而易举之事。As a result, people see thousands of photos on social media, like they walk by all kinds of restaurants on the street, but only a few can truly impress them.于是乎,人们看见网上数以万计的照片,就像路过街上各式各样的餐馆,但真正让人印象深刻的作品少之又少。Student photographer Zhou Yuting, 25, thinks shooting on film helps him slow down.在今年25岁的学生摄影师周宇庭眼中,胶片摄影让他的生活慢下来。“This digital age makes photography relatively cheap, which deprives people of the enjoyment of the process of photography,” said the graduate business administration student at Zhejiang University of Technology. “Shooting in film allows me to put in all my thoughts and life experience before clicking the button, which gives me the feeling of being a craftsman.”作为浙江工业大学企业管理专业的一名毕业生,周宇庭说:“在这个数码摄影的时代,摄影相对不再费力,而人们却再也享受不到摄影过程所带来的乐趣。胶片摄影让我在按下快门之前,倾注思考与人生的体验,而这个过程让我觉得自己更像是一个工匠。” /201501/355244

The top-billed star of “The Search for General Tso” gets its close-up in the opening scene: the staging of that namesake chicken dish for a photo shoot. But like so many “in search of” documentary journeys before it, Ian Cheney’s roundabout talking-heads film has bigger quarry in mind; it looks at Chinese-American assimilation, the useful adaptability of cuisine and the complicated cultivation of heritage.《寻找左宗棠》(The Search for General Tso)的头号明星在影片一开始便得到一个特写镜头:为了给菜单拍摄照片,人们把这道以左宗棠命名的鸡肉菜端上来。不过,和之前的很多“寻找”类纪录片一样,伊恩·切尼的这部迂回曲折、采访了大量人物的纪录片有着更宏大的目标;它审视了华裔美国人如何融入美国、异国烹饪法的有益适应性以及文化传承复杂的形成过程。Mr. Cheney does get around to explaining the origins of General Tso’s chicken, but what’s more rewarding than the spoon-fed history — which covers the gold rush, the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and Nixon in China — is the film’s glimpses of history as lived. Shot around the ed States, with surprising stops in New Orleans and elsewhere, the story benefits from the reminiscences of restaurateurs, who are often interviewed in multigenerational pairs. How to cook chicken seems at once a minor detail against backdrops of racism and economic struggle, and a key to finding a foothold among strangers.切尼用很大篇幅解释了左宗棠鸡的起源,片中的历史回顾有点像灌输——包括淘金热、1882年排华法案以及尼克松访华——更有意义的还要算是活生生的人们讲述的历史。该片在美国各地拍摄,包括对新奥尔良等地的意外探访,故事从餐馆老板们的回忆中获益良多,他们通常是好几代夫妇共同接受采访。在种族主义和经济斗争的背景映衬之下,鸡肉烹饪方法似乎一度成为次要细节,成了在陌生人中找到落脚点的一个方法。General Tso’s namesake museum back in China also gets an amusing visit, as does Peng Chang-kuei, a nonagenarian chef with a strong claim to having invented a certain recipe. But Mr. Cheney’s movie, while teasing at times, does its celebrating and debunking in mild-mannered fashion, making points without seeming to try to score them. It also lacks any of the zest or cinematic skill of, say, a Les Blank jaunt involving food, but this easily digestible format proves an apt vessel for the mystery dish at its center.该片也饶有兴致地探访了中国的左宗棠物馆,还采访了彭长贵——这位九十多岁的大厨坚定地声称是自己发明了这道菜。不过,切尼的电影虽然时而戏谑,但总是用温和的方式进行赞美和批判——它提出观点,但似乎不想评判。它还缺乏莱斯·布兰克(Les Blank)的美食旅行纪录片中的热情或电影拍摄技巧,但是这种易于理解的形式被明是盛放这道神秘主菜的合适器皿。Opens on Friday周五上映Directed by Ian Cheney伊恩·切尼(Ian Cheney)导演1 hour 13 minutes; not rated1小时13分;未分级 /201501/353616

We all know of course that results are the cause of action. But how do you develop the habit of taking action? In order for us to successfully implement the habit of taking action, we have to learn how to use our imagination and independent will to overcome our conditioning.我们都知道结果的起因是行动。但是我们该如何去养成“开始行动”的习惯呢?为了让我们成功地贯彻采取行动的习惯,我们要学会如何运用自己的想象力和自由意志去克我们心理作用。We have a unique endowment as humans, we are responsible. When we take a closer look at the word responsibility we find its roots come from the two words; response and ability. We have the ability to respond, or the ability to take action.作为人类,我们有一个得天独厚的优点,那就是责任心。假如我们仔细地考量下responsibility(责任心)这个词的话,我们会发现它的词根是由两个词组成:response(反应)和ability(能力)。我们有能力去做出回应,我们也有能力采取行动。When we make the decision of becoming response-able, we accept that our lives are the product of our choices. The choice to take action, or not will ultimately determine your results. If you want results in life, you must master the habit of taking consistent action.当我们决定要开始负起责任心时,就意味着我们已接受了“生活就是我们所做出的决定的结果”这个事实。是否采取行动最终会决定你的人生的方方面面。假如你想要生活得有意义,那么你必需得要掌握采取相一致性的行动的能力。The reason most people don’t take action is because they think they are a product of their environment. This is a classic case of determinism and a distorted view of reality.许多人没有采取行动的原因是因为他们认为他们的一切都是拜他们所处的环境所赐。这是一个典型的对现实的曲解。This thinking gets us nowhere as it leaves our fate beyond our control. If our circumstances are beyond our control, naturally, we’ll lack motivation to take action. What’s the point when we’re a product of our environment?这样的思维方式会让我们一事无成,因为它让人相信自己无法掌控自己的命运。假如我们的处境超出了我们的掌控范围,那么我们会自然而然地丧失采取行动做出改变的动机。当我们被环境所主宰时,问题的关键在哪呢?Here’s what this type of thinking look likes:下面就非常形象地描述了这种思维方式:As you can see, this is a linear thinking process.如你所见,这是一种线性的思维方式。Here’s what is actually happening in reality:而在现实生活中,实际情况如上图。You might ask “Jonathan, why did you make the arrows rainbow colored?” Good question. I think diagrams are boring in general, which is why I hesitated to use them. However I think for this purpose, it’s good to be able to see the difference. The rainbow colors are just for added effect. If you really need a meaning though, perhaps it’s because life is much more colorful when you see things clearly.你也许想问“Jonathan,为什么你要用色的箭头呢?”这个问题问得好。总的来说,我觉得图标有点无聊,这正是我不愿去使用它们的原因。然而,这样做的好处可以让你看到不同之处。虹色的箭头仅仅是为了增强效果而已。假如你真的想要问个究竟的话,我想它代表的可能就是当你看到事物的本质时,你就会发现生活原来是如此的丰富多。When we can see that this is a continuous cycle, we realize that our environment is a product of us. If our environment is a product of us, well jeez, that means we have to take responsibility for it, don’t we? If you want to give up that responsibility, fine, live a determined life. But at least make that decision consciously.当我们看到了这个持续循环的圆圈,我们就能够意识到环境其实是由我们一手创造的。假如外部环境是由我们所创造的,这就意味着我们要担起责任心来,不是吗?假如你想要放弃这个责任,好吧,那你一定要过一种决绝坚定的生活。至少,你应该是有意识地做出这样的决定的。This may seem like a no-brainer, but most people go for exactly the opposite. They go for security, safety and comfort. They spend more time acquiring outer resources, then developing inner ones.这听上去是个很简单的事,但是大部分人所做的却恰恰相反。他们所追随的是一种安全、稳妥和舒适的生活。他们花费更多的时间去获取外部的资源,然后再去提升内在的品质。If you’re going to develop the habit of taking action, you need to be motivated.假如你想要养成雷厉风行的习惯的话,你需要被激励去那样做。If you’re doing what you love to do every day, you’re likely to take consistent and massive action.假如你每天所做的是你所热爱的事的话,你就会持续不断地采取大量的行动。If you’re working in a job you hate, slaving yourself away in a cubicle, you’re less likely to take action. You’re just going to do the bare minimum to get by.假如你所做的是一件使你囚禁在小房间并且被你憎恨的工作的话,你采取行动的可能性就会小得多。你只是做了最少的事来敷衍了事。To develop the habit of action, we need to make goals that inspire us. When we’re inspired, we’ll be motivated and the natural result is that we’ll take lots and lots of action.想要养成雷厉风行的习惯,我们需要设定一些能够激励我们的目标。当我们被激励的时候,我们就会有动机,然后我们就会自然而然地采取一系列行动。Find a way to start doing what you love, even if you have to start small. You’re more likely to develop your talents in something you love, rather than something that gives you a false sense of security. If you feel like you don’t have enough time, consider making time for the important. If we don’t make time for the things that really matter to us, when will we? Who wants to go from the cubicle to the casket?开始去做你所热爱的事,即使那件事是不值得一提的你也要去尝试。与其去做给你安全感的事,你更应该去开发做你所热爱之事的潜能。假如你觉得你没有足够的时间去做你热爱的事,那就设法腾出时间来去做重要的事吧。假如我们不为对自己来说是重要的事腾出时间去行动的话,何时我们才会去那样做?有谁想要这辈子就这样从囚禁自己的小房间走向棺材呢? /201411/343947

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