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Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the upcoming Second World Internet Conference (WIC) in the river town of Wuzhen in east China#39;s Zhejiang Province, an official announced on Wednesday.周三的官方新闻称:第二届世界互联网大会(WIC)将在中国东部浙江省的水乡乌镇举行,国家主席习近平将出席大会。Xi is expected to deliver a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the conference, which is scheduled to be held between Dec. 16 and 18, said Lu Wei, minister in charge of the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC), at a press conference.国家互联网信息办公室(CAC)主任鲁炜在一个新闻发布会上宣布,第二届世界互联网大会将于12月16日至18日在乌镇举行,国家主席习近平将出席并在开幕式上发表主旨演讲。More than 2,000 attendees from over 120 countries and regions will participate in the conference, with foreign guests accounting for roughly half, Lu said.鲁炜表示,来自120多个国家和地区的2000多名嘉宾将参加本次大会,外国嘉宾人数几乎占到一半。Conference participants include representatives of governments, international organizations, Internet companies, academics, experts, think tanks and foreign and domestic college students.与会嘉宾包括政府代表,国际组织,互联网企业,专家学者,智囊团以及国内外的大学生。The representatives also include the prime ministers of Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, as well as senior officials from the ed Nations, Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Lenovo, Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent.代表人物还包括俄罗斯总理梅德韦杰夫、巴基斯坦总理谢里夫、哈萨克斯坦总理马西莫夫、吉尔吉斯斯坦总理萨里耶夫、塔吉克斯坦总理拉苏尔佐达,以及联合国高级官员,和互联网企业的领军人物苹果,微软,诺基亚,联想,阿里巴巴,百度和腾讯。The conference will cover 22 topics, including Internet cultural transmission, Internet innovation and development, digital economy cooperation, Internet technology standards and cyber space management.本次大会将会覆盖22个主题,涉及网络文化传播、互联网创新发展、数字经济合作、互联网技术标准、网络空间治理等前沿热点问题。Ten sub-forums will be held during the conference on topics such as the ;Internet Plus; strategy, digital China and Internet innovation.大会将设置10场小论坛,商讨如“互联网+”战略,数字中国和网络创新等问题。An expo and more than 80 press conferences will be held during the second WIC, showcasing cutting-edge technology and the latest achievements from about 260 enterprises from all over the world.第二届世界互联网大会上还新设了互联网之光览会以及80多场新闻发布会,展示来自世界各地的约260家企业的前沿科技和最新成果。Local officials from Zhejiang Province praised the changes the WIC has brought to Wuzhen and provincial economic development. They vowed to provide high-quality services for the conference.浙江省地方官员称赞WIC给乌镇、给整个浙江省的经济发展带来了变化。他们决心为会议提供高质量的务。Lu also defended the CAC#39;s role in Internet management when responding to questions about access to some foreign websites, saying their business activities should abide by China#39;s laws and regulations.在回应一些外国网页的访问权限的提问时,国家互联网信息办公室的鲁主任称外国的商业活动应该遵守中国的法律和规章制度,以此维护中国互联网管理权威。;China adheres to reform and opening up to the outside world,; said Lu, adding that ;for those foreign firms that want to enter China, there is a basic rule: they must abide by Chinese laws and regulations.;“中国将坚持改革开放的基本国策。”鲁说,并补充道:“对那些想要走进中国大门的外国企业,我们有一条基本原则:他们必须遵守中国的法律和规章制度。”Lu proposed joint efforts to build a ;peaceful, safe and transparent; Internet for the welfare of people worldwide.鲁主任倡议各方共同努力来构建一个“和平,安全和透明”的国际网络空间,让互联网更好的造福全世界人民。Guo Weimin, deputy head of the State Council Information Office (SCIO), said the SCIO will provide on-the-spot press release service during the second WIC.国务院新闻办公室(SCIO)副主任郭卫民说,SCIO将在第二届互联网大会期间提供现场新闻发布务。The conference will be co-hosted by the CAC and Zhejiang provincial government.本次大会将会国家互联网信息办公室和浙江省政府联合主办。The first WIC was held in Wuzhen in November last year.第一届互联网大会于去年11月在乌镇举办。 /201512/415366Google is planning to expand its presence in China, Eric Schmidt, chairman of the search giant#39;s holding company, has said.搜索引擎巨人——谷歌董事长埃里克·施密特表示,谷歌计划将扩大其在中国的现有规模。Google search left the Chinese mainland in 2010, after the company said it would no longer self-censor results.谷歌搜索于2010年离开中国大陆。之前,谷歌公司称将不再发布任何自我审查结果。It also accused the Chinese government of being behind a cyber-attack on it and many other tech companies.当时,该公司指控中国政府是网络攻击谷歌和其他技术公司的幕后黑手。Mr Schmidt echoed comments by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who said last week some services would return.上周,谷歌的共同创始人谢尔盖·布林表示,谷歌的一些务将会重回中国。施密特也针对该表明自己的态度。During a speech at the Tech Crunch Beijing conference, Mr Schmidt said Google had a lot of partners in China and was in regular contact with the country#39;s government about its presence and services.在北京国际创新峰会上,施密特先生说谷歌在中国有许多合作伙伴。谷歌同中国政府也保持联络,交流谷歌的现状和务。;The interesting thing is that Google never left China,; he said.“有趣的是,谷歌从来没有离开过中国。”他说。Its presence in the country helped it maintain contact with Chinese companies keen to advertise on Google#39;s services outside the country, Mr Schmidt said.施密特说,之前谷歌与许多中国公司建立合作,他们都希望可以通过谷歌在中国以外的国家发布广告。He did not provide details of what Google planned to expand or launch on the Chinese mainland.但是,他没有透露在在中国扩大市场或者实施的具体细节。However, industry watchers said it was likely that a Chinese version of Google#39;s Android Play store for apps would be one of the first.然而,产业观察家表示,谷歌所提供下载的安卓游戏商店很可能成为其在中国的第一步棋。China is a key market for many companies because of its large population and its appetite for hi-tech goods.因为中国的人口众多,又热爱高科技产物,许多公司都将中国列为主要市场。Mr Brin said last week that Google#39;s recent re-structuring had given the company#39;s units more independence, which might mean some launch in China before others.布林先生在上周表示,谷歌近期将会再次调整结构,让公司的部门能够更加独立,力图赶超其他公司,在中国优先发展项目。Each Alphabet business could now make its own decision about where it operated, he told the Wall Street Journal.他告诉华尔街日报的记者,现在Alphabet公司已经决定好下一步的发展方向。 /201511/407875Tapping an iPhone’s touchscreen to take a photograph or make a phone call is as familiar as the traditional cameras and mobile phones that it replaced. Medical researchers hope to use the same simple interactions to study diseases from Parkinson’s to asthma.点击iPhone的触摸屏来照相或打电话,如今已变得跟被iPhone取代的传统相机和手机一样令人熟悉了。医学研究人员希望使用同样简单的互动,去研究从帕金森氏综合症到哮喘的各类疾病。Apple began its move into the digital health industry last summer when it unveiled HealthKit, a software platform that developers can use to pool data about workouts, calorie intake and weight. Apple touted its potential to alert doctors about changes to the user’s wellbeing, and several US hospitals have begun to pilot the system. Less than a year later, almost 1,000 fitness apps are plugging in to HealthKit, giving Apple a strong base upon which to launch its health-centred Watch device.去年夏天,苹果(Apple)开始进入数字医疗行业,推出了HealthKit软件平台,开发人员可以使用该平台汇集健身锻炼、卡路里摄入和体重数据。苹果宣称该系统有潜力提醒医生关注用户健康状况变化,几家美国医院已开始试用该系统。不到1年之后,接入HealthKit的健身应用app已达近1000个,为苹果推出以健康为核心的苹果手表(Apple Watch)装置奠定了坚实的基础。Apple’s longer-term plans became clearer with the launch earlier this month of ResearchKit, a way for medical researchers to transform the iPhone into a tool for conducting clinical research.随着本月ResearchKit的推出,医疗研究人员获得一种将iPhone变成临床研究工具的途径,苹果的更长期计划变得明晰起来。“All you have to do is stick the iPhone in your pocket, walk out 20 steps and back, and the iPhone’s accelerometer and gyroscope precisely measure gait,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s senior vice-president for operations, of an app studying Parkinson’s, at this month’s launch.“你只需要一直把iPhone放在口袋里,走上20步再返回,iPhone的加速计和陀螺仪就能精确测量您的步态,”苹果运营高级副总裁杰夫#8226;威廉斯(Jeff Williams)在本月发布会上提到一款研究帕金森氏综合症的app时表示。Apple is not planning to make money directly from these apps, which also track diabetes and cardiovascular health. But ResearchKit is building goodwill with the medical community that could help to sell more iPhones or Watches.苹果不打算直接通过app赚钱(此类app还可追踪糖尿病和心血管健康状况)。但ResearchKit正在医疗界打造良好声誉,可能有助于提高iPhone或Apple Watch销量。“Having a common platform is a godsend to researchers at the university, hospital, clinical and government level,” says Richard Doherty, research director at Envisioneering, a technology consultancy.“拥有一项共同平台,对于大学、医院、临床和政府方面的研究人员来说是天赐之物,”技术咨询公司Envisioneering的研究总监理查德#8226;多尔蒂(Richard Doherty)表示。Guaranteeing users’ data security and privacy will be essential. Mr Williams has said that customers will opt into any ResearchKit programmes and promised that Apple “will not see your data”.确保用户数据的安全与隐私将是不可或缺的。苹果的威廉斯表示,顾客将自愿选择加入任何ResearchKit计划,他承诺,苹果“将看不到你的数据”。He concluded: “Apple has always believed that amazing things can happen when you put technology in the hands of the many.”他断言道:“苹果始终相信,当你让众人掌握科技手段时,可能会有奇迹发生。” /201503/365906

阅读提示:英文原文在下,对应译文在上,并非直译,敬请谅解无人驾驶汽车最受哪国青睐?世界经济论坛日前公布一项最新行业调查显示,发展中国家更加青睐这项技术,85%的印度受访者和75%的中国受访者表示愿意尝试无人驾驶汽车,发达国家如德国和日本对无人驾驶汽车则兴趣平平。超过半数的全球受访者表示愿意尝试无人驾驶汽车,但是仅有35%的人表示会让无人驾驶汽车独自载着孩子上路。看来把生命能够托付给电脑,乘坐无人驾驶汽车,道阻且长。Which countries around the world have the greatest enthusiasm for self-driving cars? A survey carried out bythe World Economic Forum in conjunction with the Boston Consulting Group has revealed that developing nations are most eager to try self-driving cars. 85 percent of people in India and 75 percent of Chinese respondents said they were very likely or likely to try one. People in Germany and Japan were far less enthusiastic.Interestingly, while 58 percent of global respondents stated they would try a driverless car, only 35 percent would let their children ride alone in one.首先,无人驾驶汽车可有效避免因人为失误造成的交通意外,没了”马路杀手“,从此告别交通意外!Increased safety is the most well-known, as self-driving cars would not suffer from the human error that contributes to most of motor vehicle accident.其次,无人驾驶让你体验飞一般的感觉,可提升城市交通效率、减少拥堵,并降低环境污染。Then there#39;s improved travel efficiency, as self-driving cars could travel in tight clusters, leading to less idling at traffic lights, no stop-and-go slogs during rush-hour, no endless circling for parking. All of that leads to an improved environmental impact, too.无人驾驶汽车解放司机双手,在车里办公、睡觉、玩游戏随你挑,还可以小酌一杯,酒驾问题不复存在!In the future, motorists will be able to work and sleep, you name it. Watching a game on TV will replace listening to the game on the radio. Enjoying a glass of wine will replace grabbing a burger with one hand. Drinking and driving won’t be a crime. /201512/413751

PayPal is on the hunt for international acquisitions to drive growth and fend off predators, as it prepares to separate from eBay and become an independent company in the first of several big technology split-ups this year.PayPal正在物色国际收购目标以推动增长并防止自己被收购。该公司眼下正准备脱离eBay成为一家独立的公司——这将拉开今年数家大型科技公司分拆的序幕。Chief executive Dan Schulmantold the Financial Times that acquisitions would be a priority, as PayPal uses the bn war chest that is a legacy of the split.PayPal首席执行官丹#8226;舒尔曼(Dan Schulman)向英国《金融时报》表示,收购将会是公司的优先考虑事项,因为此次分拆给它带来60亿美元的现金储备。“The balance sheet affords us the opportunity to look opportunistically where it makes sense to acquire,” he said. “I think there is a tremendous opportunity to look across the world.”他说:“当前的财务状况给我们带来了物色有价值的收购标的的机会。纵观全球,我们有着巨大的收购机遇。”The strong balance sheet would also support PayPal’s lending programmes, he noted.舒尔曼指出,强劲的资产负债表也将持PayPal的贷款项目。PayPal will pass a milestone towards independence today as pricing begins for its shares. Shareholders of eBay will get one share in PayPal per share they hold when the formal split takes place on July 17.今日PayPal将会启动股票定价,从而向成为一家独立公司跨出里程碑意义的一步。7月17日正式分拆时,eBay的股东每持有1股eBay股票将获得1股PayPal股票。The company’s enterprise value could be about bn, roughly two-thirds of eBay’s valuation, analysts at Wedbush estimated.Wedbush的分析师估计,PayPal的企业价值大约为400亿美元,大约是eBay估值的三分之二。PayPal’s rapid growth — revenues were up 19 per cent last year, with customers rising 13 per cent — has come increasingly from outside the eBay empire.PayPal的迅速增长——去年收入增长19%,客户增长13%——越来越来自eBay帝国的外部。Last week PayPal announced it would spend nearly bn to purchase Xoom, a growing international remittances company, which will leave about bn in net cash on its balance sheet.PayPal上周宣布,将斥资近10亿美元收购Xoom,这将让公司资产负债表上剩下约50亿美元现金。Xoom是一家正在成长中的国际汇兑公司。Other recent acquisitions include Braintree, which bolstered PayPal’s presence in processing software used in mobile apps. That deal included Venmo, a money transfer app for splitting the cost of meals or paying rent, which has seen total payment volumes quadruple in the past year.PayPal最近的收购还包括Braintree公司,后者让PayPal加大进军移动应用中的处理软件。该交易包括了Braintree旗下转账应用Venmo,该应用可用于分担餐费或者付租金。Venmo在过去一年里的付总额增长了3倍。Even as PayPal looks for acquisitions, it is considered a takeover target itself, particularly when cashed-up companies such as Apple and Google are trying to bolster their own payments businesses.就在PayPal寻求收购目标之际,它本身也被视为收购目标,尤其是在苹果(Apple)和谷歌(Google)等资金充沛的公司努力提升自己的付业务之际。 /201507/384363HONG KONG — China has suspended a policy that would have effectively pushed foreign technology companies out of the country’s banking sector, according to a note sent by Chinese regulators to banks.香港——中国业监管机构给下发的通知文件显示,中国暂停了一项事实上会将外国科技企业赶出中国业的政策。Dated Monday, the letter called for banks to “suspend implementation” of the rules, which have been at the center of a brewing trade conflict between the ed States and China. The rules, put into effect at the end of last year, called for companies that sell computer equipment to Chinese banks to turn over intellectual property and submit source code, in addition to other demands.周一下发的文件要求“暂停实施”相关规定,这些规定在中美不断发酵的贸易冲突中成了一个核心问题。去年年底开始实施的规定除了提出其他要求,还规定那些向中国的出售计算机设备的公司,必须移交知识产权并提交源代码。At stake is billions of dollars of business for major American companies that make the advanced computing hardware and software that crunches numbers for banks across China. Trade groups representing companies including Microsoft, IBM and Apple have complained that such policies are protectionist.这项规定涉及研发先进计算机硬件和软件的大型美国企业,价值数十亿美元的业务,中国各地的都利用这些软硬件来处理数据。代表微软(Microsoft)、IBM及苹果(Apple)等公司的行业组织抱怨称,此类政策属于保护主义政策。Yet the development is only a small reprieve for American tech companies. The suspension is temporary as authorities revise the rules. It’s unclear how regulators will change the rules, but industry officials say a new version — even if it avoids more contentious issues like forcing the disclosure of source code — will still be problematic to multinational tech companies.但事态的这一步进展,对于美国科技企业来说只是暂时的缓解。相关机构正在修改规定,延后举措只是暂时的。目前尚不清楚监管机构会对规定做出何种修订,但业界人士表示,对于国际科技企业来说,修订后的新版本——即便避免了迫使公司提交源代码等争议较大的问题——仍旧会存在问题。The recent trade debate is part of a wider clash between China and the ed States over online security and technology policy. The ed States has accused Chinese military personnel of hacking American companies to gain commercial advantages for Chinese companies. And the Chinese maintain that disclosures from the former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden of American online espionage across the globe are reason enough for the country to wean itself off foreign technology, which may have been tampered with by ed States intelligence agencies.最近的贸易争端是网络安全及技术政策在中美两国间造成的广泛冲突的一部分。美国指责中国军方人员攻击美国企业,以便为中国企业赢得商业优势。中国则坚称,前美国国家安全局(National Security Agency)承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)揭露了美国在全球开展的网络间谍活动,这让中国有充分的理由放弃使用外国技术,美国情报机构可能对这些技术做过手脚。In the letter, which was reviewed by The New York Times, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said that since the rules were passed, financial institutions and other parties had “amendment suggestions.” The regulations will be reissued after they are revised, according to the letter.《纽约时报》查阅的通知显示,中国业监督管理委员会及工业和信息化部表示,自规定获得通过以来,金融机构和其他各方提出了“修改建议”。通知称,规定在经过修订后,将会重新发布。After a meeting between Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew and top Chinese officials last month, ed States officials said that the rules would be suspended. But this week, a letter signed by American, European and Japanese trade groups said the policies were continuing, and they called for Beijing to put in writing that it would stop carrying them out. With the note issued this week, the Chinese government appears to have done that.美国财政部长雅各布·J·卢(Jacob J. Lew)和中国高层官员上个月举行了会谈,美国官员在会后表示,相关规定会暂停实施。但本周,美国、欧洲及日本行业团体签署的一封信件称,中国仍在继续推行相关政策,它们要求北京方面通过书面文件确保中国将停止实施相关政策。从本周下发的通知来看,中国政府似乎已经做到了这一点。Such backpedaling is rare for Chinese policy makers, yet there is a precedent. In 2009, China said all computers imported to the country must come with filtering software called Green Dam-Youth Escort preinstalled. After heavy international pressure, China suspended the rule indefinitely.虽然中国政策制定者撤回决策是非常罕见的举动,但之前有过先例。2009年,中国表示,所有进口到中国的电脑都必须预装名为绿坝-花季护航的过滤软件。在国际社会施以重压后,中国无限期暂停了这项规定。Still, the banking regulations are less likely to share the fate of Green Dam. Although the Chinese appeared to have backed down on the regulations, China will most likely use “overt and covert” means to favor domestic tech companies over foreign ones, an American industry official said.但上述规定的前景应该不会与绿坝一样。美国的一名业界官员表示,虽然中国似乎在相关规定上做出了让步,但中国可能会通过“公开或隐蔽”的方式偏袒国内科技企业,而非外国科技企业。“On the overt side would be to use the cyber-review testing regime, which is in formation now and where the focus will be on blocking American companies on security grounds,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.“明面上会采用目前正在制定的网络安全审核机制,重点是以安全为由限制美国公司,”这名要求匿名的官员说。The government will almost certainly use covert means by quietly instructing Chinese banks not to procure from foreign companies, the official said.该官员称,政府几乎肯定会使用隐蔽的手段,悄悄指示中国的不要从外国公司采购。“Most people here believe the Chinese policy will be to boost domestic I.C.T. manufacturers and kick out foreign companies, particularly American ones,” said the official, referring to information and communications technology.“这里的大部分人都认为,中国的政策将是持国内的信息与通讯技术厂商,把外国公司,特别是美国公司踢出去,”这名官员说。The government may have decided to scuttle the regulations because they were poorly drafted and contained language about industrial policy that flew in the face of World Trade Organization rules, the official said.该官员表示,可能是因为起草仓促,并且含有与世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)的规则相违背的行业政策,政府才决定叫停相关规定。The Chinese technology rules, which Beijing says are intended to strengthen online security in the government and critical industries, are the first of a series of policies expected to be unveiled in the coming year. A proposed antiterror law that seems to have the backing of China’s security apparatus mandates that foreign companies give up encryption keys or use Chinese encryption in all devices sold in the country.未来一年,中国预计会出台一系列政策,前述科技政策就是最早实施的一项。北京方面表示,该政策旨在加强政府及关键行业的网络安全。一份反恐法草案要求外国公司交出加密秘钥,或者在所有在华销售的设备中,使用中国的加密工具。该草案似乎得到了中国安全系统的持。Foreign trade groups representing multinationals like Microsoft, IBM and Apple say the security concerns are a pretext to pass protectionist policies shutting foreign companies out of one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing information technology markets.代表微软、IBM和苹果等跨国企业的外国行业团体称,安全担忧是推行保护主义政策的借口。中国是全世界最大、增长最快的信息技术市场之一,相关政策将使外国公司被这个市场拒之门外。In a statement on Thursday, Josh Kallmer, senior vice president for global policy at the Information Technology Industry Council, a trade group that represents 60 tech companies including Microsoft and IBM, said that the rules suspension was welcome and that he hoped “this announcement means that Chinese financial institutions will have full access to the best technology — whether made domestically or globally.” The group wants “the Chinese government to embrace a globally leading role in undertaking open and transparent consultative processes among stakeholders in developing cybersecurity measures,” he said.在周四发表的一则声明中,代表微软和IBM等60家科技企业的行业团体信息技术产业协会(Information Technology Industry Council)负责全球政策的高级副会长乔希·卡尔默(Josh Kallmer)对暂停相关规定表示欢迎,并表示希望“这则通知意味着中国的金融机构将能完整采用最好的技术——不管是国内还是国外研发的”。他说,该组织希望“中国政府在制定网络安全政策时,能承担起全球领导者的角色,以公开透明的程序咨询利益相关方”。As the ed States and China spar over technology concerns, the ed States has also said that telecommunications and computing equipment made by the Chinese company Huawei could have so-called back doors — allowing monitoring by third parties — making it virtually impossible for Huawei to sell higher-end networking equipment in the ed States. And more recently, President Obama warned that countries found to be responsible for online attacks against American companies might be subject to sanctions, a comment that analysts said was aimed in part at China.随着美国和中国围绕技术问题争论不休,美国也表示,中国公司华为生产的通讯和计算设备可能存在所谓的后门,允许第三方进行监视。这导致华为几乎不可能在美国销售较为高端的网络设备。而且就在最近,奥巴马总统警告称,被认定应对美国企业遭受的网络攻击负责的国家,可能会受到制裁。分析人士称,奥巴马的此番在一定程度上针对的是中国。In addition to raising concerns after Mr. Snowden’s revelations, high-ranking Chinese security analysts have called vociferously, in a movement trumpeted in China’s state-run media, for China to get rid of high-end computing equipment made by companies like IBM and Oracle and used in critical industries like energy, banking and telecommunications.除了在斯诺登泄密事件后表示担忧外,级别颇高的中国安全分析人士还极力呼吁,在能源、和通讯等关键行业,摈弃IBM和甲骨文(Oracle)等公司生产的高端计算设备。这场运动得到了官方媒体的极力赞扬。“I think the direction is clear,” said Adam Segal, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. “There will still be some type of regulation that in the Chinese mind addresses their security concerns and gives greater transparency into U.S. technology companies. I don’t think that’s going to change.”“我觉得方向很明确,”对外关系委员会(Council on Foreign Relations)的高级研究员亚当·谢加尔(Adam Segal)说。“依然会有某种在中方看来,既能解决安全顾虑,又能更清晰地窥视美国科技企业的监管规定。我觉得这一点不会变。” /201504/370890

Barack Obama has declared cyber threats from abroad a “national emergency”, as he took action to impose sanctions on overseas actors engaging in cyber attacks that threaten the US’s national security or economic health.美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马(Barack Obama)宣布来自国外的网络威胁是“国家紧急状态”,他采取行动,对发动网络攻击、危及美国国家安全或经济健康的海外行为主体实施制裁。The US president’s executive order gives his government new powers to #173;target significant cyber threats that affect critical infrastructure, disrupt the availability of websites or networks, or steal trade secrets or financial information, such as large troves of credit card data.美国总统的行政命令赋予其政府新的权力,打击那些影响了关键基础设施、扰乱网站或网络的可用性、窃取商业机密或财务信息(比如大量信用卡数据)的严重网络威胁。US officials declined to name potential targets of the new sanctions but said, as an example, that the executive order could be used against individual hackers hired by companies or countries.美国官员不愿指明新制裁的可能目标,但表示举例来说,该行政命令可被用于打击受公司或国家雇佣的个体黑客。The US has aly ratcheted up its response to cyber breaches, imposing additional sanctions in January on agencies and officials in North Korea, which it blamed for the breach at Sony Pictures Entertainment last year. In May 2014, it indicted five Chinese soldiers for hacking into six US companies.美国已经逐步加大了针对网络侵入的回应力度,今年1月美国向朝鲜的机构和官员施加额外制裁,指责他们要对去年索尼影视(Sony Pictures Entertainment)受到的网络攻击负责。2014年5月,美国对5名中国军人提出刑事罪名,称其非法侵入6家美国公司的计算机系统。It is unclear whether the new authority will be used in cases that could raise political tensions, such as sanctions against Chinese officials.目前还不清楚这项新的权力会不会被用于可能引发政治紧张的情况,比如对中国官员施加制裁。The new authority closes gaps that have posed a challenge to US law enforcement, such as cyber threats from countries that do not have extradition treaties with the US, lack strong cyber security laws or turn a blind eye to such attacks.这项新的权力弥补了对美国执法部门构成挑战的空白,比如网络威胁的发源地国家与美国没有引渡条约,缺乏强有力的网络安全法律,或者对此类攻击视而不见。The US hopes the executive order will encourage other countries to consider such sanctions, said Michael Daniel, special assistant to the president and cyber security co-ordinator. Potential punishments include freezing assets under US jurisdiction, such as bank accounts, and prohibiting US citizens or entities from engaging in transactions with those under sanctions.美国总统特别助理兼网络安全协调员迈克尔#8226;丹尼尔(Michael Daniel)表示,美国希望这项行政命令将鼓励其他国家考虑此类制裁。可能的惩罚包括冻结在美国管辖范围的资产,如账户,以及禁止美国公民或实体与受制裁目标进行交易。A spate of devastating cyber breaches at JPMorgan Chase, Target, health insurer Anthem and others has prompted the Obama administration to encourage more information sharing on cyber threats between government agencies and with the private sector.根大通(JPMorgan Chase)、Target公司、医疗保险公司Anthem等企业接连遭到的破坏性网络攻击,促使奥巴马政府鼓励政府机构与私营部门分享更多网络威胁信息。Legislation that would encourage such exchanges is again being considered in Congress. Similar bills have stalled in the past because of privacy concerns but lawmakers are hoping recent hack attacks will give new momentum to the proposals.美国国会正再次考虑关于鼓励此类信息交流的立法。出于隐私担忧,过去类似法案曾不了了之,但立法者们希望近期的网络攻击将给予相关提案新的动力。“Cyber threats pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges to the ed States, and my administration is pursuing a comprehensive strategy to confront them,” Mr Obama said in a statement.奥巴马在一份声明中表示:“网络威胁对美国经济和国家安全构成最严重的挑战之一,我的政府正在推行一项综合策略来应对这些威胁。”Dmitri Alperovitch, co-founder of cyber security firm CrowdStrike, said he was optimistic the new sanctions would “raise the cost to our cyber adversaries and establish a more effective deterrent framework to punish actors”.网络安全公司CrowdStrike的联合创始人德米特里#8226;阿尔佩罗维奇(Dmitri Alperovitch)表示,他看好新的制裁措施,它们将“增加我们的网络对手的成本,建立一个更有效的威慑框架来惩罚那些行为主体。” /201504/368046ShenzhouVn Spacecraft神舟七号载人航天飞船The Shenzhou VII spacecraft, as China#39;s third manned mission, was launched on a LM-2F launch vehicle at 21:10 0n September 25 , 2008. ; will be the first to carry a full complement of three astronauts, Zhai Zhigang, Liu Boming and Jing Haipeng. At 16:30 0n September 27, 2008, Chinese astronaut Zhai Zhigang opened the hatch of the Shenzhou 7 spacecraft and went outside. Zhai, who became China#39;s first-ever space walker, waved to the camera at this historic moment. For his 20 minute space walk, Zhai wore a Chinese-made Feitian suit, which is being highlighted as the first indigenous space suit. Liu Boming who did not actually exit the craft, wore a Russian-made Orlan space suit. With the successful space walk, China has become the third country, after the ed States and Russia, to do so. At 17:37 September 28, 2008, the Shenzhou VII spacecraft landed in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.“神舟七号—毪船是中国第三个载人航天器,是中国神舟号飞船系列之一,在北京时间2008年9月25日21时10分由长征2F火箭发射升空。神七上载有三名宇航员分别为翟志刚、刘伯明和景海鹏。北京时间2008年9月27日16点30分,景海鹏留守返回舱,另外两人分别穿着中国制造的“飞天”舱外航天和俄罗斯出品的“海鹰”舱外航天进入“神舟七号”载人飞船兼任气闸舱的轨道舱。翟志刚出舱作业,刘伯明在轨道舱内协助,实现了中国历史上第一次的太空漫步,令中国成为第三个有能力把太空人送上太空并进行太空漫步的国家。飞船于北京时间2008年9月28日17点37分成功着陆于中国内蒙古四子王旗。 /201603/430106Ford has quietly scrapped a project to develop driving seats that can detect heart attacks, blaming cheaper and more accurate wearable technology on a move that underlines the rapid pace of innovation carmakers need to maintain in the era of the connected car.福特(Ford)悄悄地取消了一项能探测到心脏病的驾驶座椅开发项目,将其归因于更便宜、更精准的可穿戴设备。此举凸显出汽车厂商在汽车互联时代需要维持的快速创新步伐。The US carmaker and its rivals are jostling to be seen as leaders in new car technologies. Ford, which opened an expanded research office in Silicon Valley this year, recently launched a people carrier that can speed limit signs and adjust the throttle accordingly.这家美国汽车公司及其对手正争相成为人们眼中的汽车新技术领导者。今年,福特在硅谷设立了一个庞大的研究办公室。不久前,福特推出了一款能察觉超速迹象并相应调节油门的小客车。The wider motor industry is fighting to keep up with demands from consumers for greater connectivity inside the vehicle while heading off the threat posed by new entrants such as Tesla, Google and, potentially, Apple .整个汽车行业正在努力跟上消费者对于提高车内互联程度的需求,同时抵挡来自特斯拉(Tesla)、谷歌(Google)——可能还有苹果(Apple)——等新进入者造成的威胁。Ford said in October that it was working on a seat that could monitor a driver’s cardiovascular system for irregularities. Using a camera and sensors on the steering wheel, the technology could potentially spot a heart attack and engage steering and braking systems to bring the car safely to a halt.福特去年10月表示,该公司正在研制一款能够监测驾驶员心血管系统是否异常的座椅。通过方向盘上的一个摄像头和多个传感器,该技术可能发觉心脏病症状,并接管驾驶和刹车系统,让汽车安全地停下来。But the company told the Financial Times it was “transitioning away” from the research project, saying advancements in wearable technology meant it was “looking at different avenues for health and wellness monitoring”.但福特对英国《金融时报》表示,其正从该研究项目“转移”。福特表示,可穿戴技术的进步使其正在“考虑健康和安全状况监测的不同途径”。It declined to say how much it had spent on the project — out of a total research and development budget of .5bn in 2014.福特拒绝透露已在该项目上投资的金额。2014年,福特的总研发预算金额为55亿美元。“New sensor technology and wearables will provide more precise measurements that will improve the experience we can offer,” the company said. “We need to be smart and move at the pace of technology#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;to stay ahead of consumer trends.”“新的传感器和可穿戴技术将提供更精准的测量手段,将改进我们所能提供的体验,”福特表示,“我们必须敏锐,跟上技术发展的速度……以走在消费者趋势的前面。”Carmakers fear that the future value of the car will be in the electronic technology and software “brains” linking the functions, rather than the steel they have been engineering for decades.汽车制造商担心,未来汽车的价值将体现在联接不同功能的电子技术和软件“大脑”上,而不是他们设计制造了几十年的钢铁制成品。“What the tech sector sees is a legacy industry that is slow to move,” said one senior industry insider.“技术行业看到的是一个移动缓慢的老迈行业,”一位汽车业内资深人士表示。Thilo Koslowski, automotive practice leader at consultancy Gartner, said: “Automotive companies are clearly still figuring out their role in a consumer electronics-dominated world.”咨询公司高德纳(Gartner)的汽车业主管蒂洛#8226;科斯洛夫斯基(Thilo Koslowski)表示:“很明显,汽车公司仍在思考自己在以消费电子为主导的世界里能扮演何种角色。”He said some investments would prove fruitless but added: “That’s a small price to pay when compared to the other option of being reduced to a simple device maker and being at the mercy of other industry leaders.”他表示,有些投资将是毫无成果的,但补充道:“与降格为简单的设备制造商、自身命运被其他行业的领导者所掌握的另一个结局相比,这是个很小的代价。” /201505/372982

The US has been handed a proposal that would end the last vestiges of its control over the internet, sparking a potentially contentious political debate in Washington over the future of cyberspace. 美国接到一项提议,该提议将结束其对互联网域名的管控权,这可能在华盛顿引发围绕网络空间未来的激烈政治辩论。 Under the proposal put forward yesterday by ICANN, the international body that oversees the internet’s addressing system, the US would hand over its role as the ultimate authority for internet naming. ICANN’s governance arrangements would be overhauled to protect it from government meddling in future. 根据监管互联网域名系统的国际机构——互联网名称与数字地址分配机构(ICANN)——昨日提出的建议,美国将让出其在管理互联网域名方面的最高主管角色。ICANN的治理安排将被彻底整改,以保护其未来免受政府干预。 Washington offered two years ago to give up its remaining internet oversight, in response to the international outcry over the Snowden revelations about illicit US internet surveillance. 两年前,华盛顿方面提出放弃手中剩下的互联网控管权,以回应国际上针对斯诺登(Snowden)爆料的、美国对互联网进行非法监听的强烈抗议。 It had promised full privatisation of the internet in 1998, but the idea was put on hold over concerns in Congress that ICANN could become captive to repressive governments. 美国曾在1998年承诺对互联网进行全面私有化,但由于美国国会担忧ICANN可能受制于专制政府,这一想法被搁置。 Stirrings in Washington suggest that such opposition could resurface. Ted Cruz, one of the Republican presidential candidates, and two other senators fired a shot across ICANN’s bows last week with a letter questioning its contacts with China and the risks if it was cut free from US control. 华盛顿方面的迹象似乎表明,此类反对声音可能将重现。上周,共和党总统竞选人之一特德#8226;克鲁兹(Ted Cruz)与另外两名参议员通过一封公开信向ICANN开火,他们质疑该机构与中国的接触以及脱离美国控制可能带来的风险。 Approving a Chinese internet registrar was a sign of the body’s “desire to build a close relationship with the Chinese government which could continue to move in a troubling direction once the US government ends its oversight”, they wrote. 他们写道,批准中文网络域名注册标志着该机构“渴望与中国政府建立密切关系,而一旦美国政府不再进行控管,中国可能继续朝着令人不安的方向前进”。 ICANN has clashed with several countries over how much control they should have over its operations. But despite worries that China and Russia would lead a push for more government control, opposition centred on a wider group of countries that included Argentina, Brazil and France. ICANN曾与好几个国家就后者应在多大程度上对其运营进行管控发生过冲突。但是,尽管人们担心中国、俄罗斯将带头推动更多的政府管控,但反对态度实际上集中于一个更广泛的国家集团,包括阿根廷、巴西和法国。 /201603/431229As I follow Neil Shen into the head office of DJI, the largest drone company in the world, its staff greet him with bowed heads. Wearing a black shirt, grey slacks and black Italian-made loafers, the 47-year-old is no stranger to this kind of reception.沈南鹏身着黑色衬衫、灰色长裤,脚上穿一双意大利制造的黑色平底皮鞋。我跟在他身后走进全球最大无人机制造公司——大疆创新科技有限公司(DJI)的总部,员工们低着头向他致意,而他显然已经习惯了这种打招呼的方式。Shen is one of China’s most successful investors — Forbes magazine puts his personal fortune at bn — and head of China operations for the Silicon Valley venture capital outfit Sequoia Capital. At home his rise at a western firm is widely seen as emblematic of the country’s growing status.现年47岁的沈南鹏是中国最成功的投资者之一,《福布斯》(Forbes)估计他个人财富有10亿美元,他也是硅谷风险投资公司红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)中国业务的负责人。中国国内普遍认为,他在一家西方公司身居高位,也象征着中国地位的上升。Indeed, some believe it to be only a matter of time before Sequoia Capital China produces more returns than its parent. But on the day of our meeting, in early July, the volatile Chinese stock market is in meltdown (it will fall eight per cent on that day alone). Although he has “only” bn under management in his China funds, Shen has, according to a recent estimate from Chinese state television, stakes in companies with a market capitalisation of more than 0bn. The downturn means this figure will have taken a substantial dip.实际上一些人相信,红杉资本中国基金(Sequoia Capital China)创造的收益早晚超过其母公司。但就在今年7月初我们见面的那一天,跌宕起伏的中国股市大幅下跌(仅在当天就暴跌了8%)。尽管沈南鹏旗下中国基金所管理的资金“仅”有60亿美元,但据中国国家电视台最近的估计,沈南鹏持有的上市公司股票总市值超过4000亿美元。股市下跌意味着该数字会大幅缩水。Shen, who has a reputation for coolly machine-like calculation, seems unperturbed. Though he admits to carrying three smartphones — to monitor the various service-providers, he says — he hardly glances at the screens.沈南鹏对此很淡定,他有着像机器一样冷静计算的名声。尽管他坦承自己随身带着3部智能手机——他说这是为了紧盯各个务提供商——但实际上他很少去看这些手机屏幕。“Things have not settled yet,” he says. “We need to wait for a few weeks. At the moment, the situation is not market-driven. There are thousands of companies that need money and only five per cent are public. If the valuations come down, that is good for us. The expectations of entrepreneurs were too high.”他说:“现在还没有稳定下来,我们需要等待几周。目前的形势并不是市场驱动的。千万家公司需要资金,上市的只有5%。如果估值下降,那对我们来说是好事。创业家们以前的期望太高了。”A decade ago, you wouldn’t have found many Chinese internet entrepreneurs on a list of global billionaires. Today, they are numerous, from Jack Ma, founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, and Pony Ma, founder of Tencent, which began life as a gaming site and is now a social media behemoth, to Robin Li of Baidu, the mainland equivalent of search engine Google, and Lei Jun of smartphone maker Xiaomi. And, while Shen is now primarily known as an investor, he, too — as one of the founders of Ctrip, the hugely successful Chinese travel website — was an internet entrepreneur.十年前,在全球亿万富翁排行榜上看不到多少中国互联网企业家的名字,如今却冒出了一大批,比如电商巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)创始人马云,先是做游戏网站、后来发展为社交媒体巨擘的腾讯(Tencent)的创始人马化腾,“中国内地的谷歌(Google)”搜索引擎公司百度(Baidu)的李彦宏,还有智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)的雷军。尽管沈南鹏主要以投资闻名,但他也是一名互联网创业家,他是做得非常成功的中国旅游网站携程网(Ctrip)的创始人之一。In a technology landscape more complex, concentrated and fast-moving than even Silicon Valley, one or more of the key players Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu has a stake in every one of the top 10 apps in China. Moreover, both of the Mas (who are unrelated) have large family offices that alternately co-operate and compete with investment firms such as Sequoia and its big rivals Hillhouse Capital and Tiger Global Management. So, in addition to the direct competition that exists between all of them, there are numerous proxy rivalries that play out through the companies that receive money from them.在简直比硅谷还要复杂、集中度更高而且日新月异的中国科技业,前十大App中的每一款App都得到了阿里巴巴、腾讯和百度三大互联网公司中至少一家的参股。此外,马云和马化腾(两人并无亲戚关系)都有庞大的家族理财室(family office),这些理财室与投资公司——如红杉资本及其主要竞争对手高瓴资本(Hillhouse Capital)和老虎环球基金(Tiger Global Management)——时而合作,时而竞争。因此,除了各方彼此之间的直接竞争以外,还有通过各自注资的公司展开的代理竞争。There are about five private Chinese technology companies with a value of more than bn and many others with a value of more than bn. Shen is an investor in most of them. As a venture capitalist, his role is to get involved in the earliest stages of a company’s life, when the technology is still untried and the ability of a founder to execute on their vision remains uncertain. To use the analogy of another, admiring tech investor: “Neil Shen would have invested in [Chinese basketball superstar] Yao Ming when he was five, and I would not have had the courage to invest in him even when he was 20!”大约有5家中国民营科技公司的价值超过100亿美元,还有多家公司的价值超过10亿美元。沈南鹏在这些公司大多都有投资。作为一名风险投资者,他对一家公司的投资通常从最早期开始,在这个阶段,技术尚未经过实践明,创始人落实自己的构想的能力依然不确定。一位对沈南鹏很是钦佩的科技业投资者比喻说:“沈南鹏会在(中国篮球巨星)姚明5岁的时候对他进行投资,而我即便在姚明20岁的时候也没有勇气对他进行投资。”“You have to totally change your mindset when you are a venture investor,” Shen explains. “When you do private equity, you have so many reference points. The companies are basically static. In buyout investments, globally, you just improve the operating efficiency, put on a lot of borrowed money and you could make money. VCs in China can’t do that. The situation is much more dynamic. It is all about giving small and fast fish money so they can compete successfully with bigger, slower fish.”沈南鹏解释称:“如果你是一名风险投资者,你就必须彻底改变自己的思维方式。当你做私募的时候,你有那么多参考点,公司基本上是静态的。如果在全球进行并购投资,你只需提高运营效率,投入大量借来的资金,然后就能赚钱。在中国,风投不可能这么做。这里的形势更加变化多端。你要给规模小、行动快的公司资金,这样它们就能成功地与更大型却行动迟缓的公司竞争。”Shen was the first outside investor in the drone company we are visiting. Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI), he tells me, is aly making money (he estimates 0m profit this year) and is valued at bn. It commands 70 per cent of the world’s consumer drone market and is becoming omnipresent: the drone that crashed on the White House lawn in January was made by DJI.沈南鹏是大疆公司的第一位外部投资者。他告诉我,大疆已经在赚钱了(他估计今年能有2亿美元利润),估值达到100亿美元。大疆在全球消费者无人机市场占据70%的份额,其产品正变得无处不在:今年1月坠毁在白宫草坪上的无人机就是大疆制造的。Outside the conference room where lunch has been ordered in for us from the restaurant chain Spaghetti House, models of DJI’s latest drones, with names such as Phantom and Ronin, are being shown to a parade of visitors, both local and international. The room itself is sparsely furnished and decorated, save for one piece of framed calligraphy on a whitewashed wall. It s: “Great Ambition Lacks Borders”: the last character — jiang (“border”) — is the same character as the “jiang” in the company’s title.我们订了连锁餐厅Spaghetti House的午餐,预备在会议室用餐。会议室外面摆放着精灵(Phantom)、如影(Ronin)等最新款大疆无人机模型,一些来自国内外的访客正在参观。会议室内没有多余家具和装饰,一堵白墙上挂着一幅装裱好的字:“大志无疆”。Shen lines his phones up on the table, where, for the next two hours, they periodically beep to the rhythm of plunging share prices. He tells me that he uses WeChat, the Tencent messaging app, far more than email. “Western companies don’t have the right mindset for China in many ways,” he says. “When you register for a western app, they always ask for your email address. But your mobile phone number is your identity in China.”沈南鹏把三部手机依次摆在桌子上,接下来的两个小时里,它们不时随着股价暴跌的节奏而响起。他告诉我,他使用微信(WeChat,腾讯的通信APP)的时间远多于电子邮件。他说:“西方公司在许多方面都没有正确理解中国。当你注册一款西方APP时,它们总是要你的电子邮件地址。但在中国,手机号才是你的身份。”Shen’s success is a lot to do with understanding the local environment and adapting to it. He recently put money into LinkedIn and Airbnb, with plans to bring both into China. Last year he hired a CEO for LinkedIn China — he is on its board — and plans to introduce locally available products such as Red Rabbit, a networking app aimed at a less sophisticated audience than the wealthy English-speaking professionals who tend to use LinkedIn China.沈南鹏的成功与他理解并适应国内这种环境不无关系。他最近投资了领英(LinkedIn)和Airbnb,并计划将两家公司引入中国。去年他为领英中国(LinkedIn China)聘请了一位首席执行官——他是该公司董事——并计划推出本土化产品,比如赤兔(Red Rabbit),这款社交APP针对中低端人群,而不是富裕、讲英语的专业人士,后者往往使用领英中国。Generally, Shen dislikes coming in at such a late stage of a company’s development. “I don’t feel as deeply involved,” he says. “When I come in early, it’s more of an adventure. I feel more like an entrepreneur again. Of course, you make more money, but you are so closely knitted. You say to yourself, ‘Hey! I identified this company when it had only 15 people camped out in some shabby office in Shanghai.’ You grow with them and they grow with you.” Just for a moment, the persona of a dispassionate investor seems to disappear.一般来说,沈南鹏不喜欢在公司发展到后期才参与进来。他说:“我感觉没有深度介入。当我早期进入时,更多的是一种冒险。我感觉更像又成了一位创业家。当然,你会赚更多的钱,但主要是你与公司紧密联系。你对自己说,‘嘿!在这家公司只有15个人挤在上海那间简陋的办公室里的时候,我就发现它了’,你和它们一起成长,它们和你一起成长。”就是那么一瞬间,一个冷静客观的投资者的形象荡然无存。Our lunch boxes have arrived, along with some cheap plastic utensils. Elegant porcelain cups, however, are produced for the hot coffee and steaming jasmine tea. The meal comes to us thanks to a service called Ele.me (translated as Hungry!), in which, I am unsurprised to learn, Shen has also invested. The company, he explains, started in his home city, Shanghai, delivering food to university students who found their dormitory fare insufficiently appetising. It now operates in major cities across the mainland (an average order costs about , with restaurants paying the delivery service).我们订的午餐到了,一起送来的还有廉价的塑料餐具。不过,精美的瓷制杯子用来盛放热咖啡和热气腾腾的茉莉花茶非常合适。我们使用了一款名为“饿了么”的订餐务APP叫餐——不出我所料,沈南鹏也是这款软件的投资者。他解释称,“饿了么”创办于上海——他本人在那个城市长大——主要面向那些不爱在学校食堂吃的高校学生提供送餐务。现在该公司的业务遍及中国内地各大城市(平均订单金额大约为4美元,餐馆承担送餐成本)。It is also part of a chain of mobile internet companies that, in such an opportunistic environment, inevitably trespass on each other’s turf. This poses problems for investors such as Shen. “It isn’t that it starts out as a conflict of interest,” he explains, as DJI staff run around making sure we have everything we require. “It is that they converge because the borders between their models are often times vague.”它也是一系列移动互联网公司中的一部分——在这样一个充满机会主义的环境中,这些移动互联网公司的业务领域不可避免地出现了交叉。这给沈南鹏等投资者带来了一个问题。在大疆公司的员工忙着准备我们需要的各种东西时,沈南鹏解释说:“并不是一开始就有利益冲突,而是它们逐渐趋同,因为不同模型之间的界限往往随着时间推移而模糊。”Shen has chosen a lunch box that contains spaghetti with an unidentifiable meat sauce, while I am handed a suspiciously bright pilau rice with chunks of seafood and avocado in a cream sauce. We are both given another box containing a salad of cut tomatoes, eggs, olives, chunks of sausage and chopped ham. Since I don’t eat meat, I put that one aside. There are containers with soup with bits of meat as well. Shen, not known for a big appetite even when he is dining at Hong Kong’s fanciest restaurants, regards his box with a wary lack of enthusiasm.沈南鹏选了一份不知浇了什么肉羹的意大利面条,递给我的则是一份色泽亮得可疑的奶油酱汁海鲜鳄梨盖浇饭。我们各自还有另外一个餐盒,里面是西红柿、鸡蛋、橄榄、几块香肠和碎火腿做成的沙拉。因为我不吃肉,便把这个放在了一边。盛汤的盒子里也有一些肉。即便在香港最高档的餐厅,沈南鹏也不以胃口好闻名,看起来他对那份午餐也没多大兴趣。Shen’s role at Sequoia is not the first time he has bridged east and west. Born in the province of Zhejiang, Nanpeng Shen grew up in Shanghai and attended Shanghai Jiao Tong University, where, according to friends, he was considered a maths genius. He ended up in the US at Yale School of Management and, after graduating in 1992, became one of the first people from mainland China to work on Wall Street.沈南鹏在红杉资本的角色是为东西方牵线搭桥,这并非是他首次扮演此类角色。沈南鹏出生于中国浙江省,在上海长大,后来考上了上海交通大学,据他的朋友说,沈南鹏在校时被认为是数学天才。他后来前往美国耶鲁大学管理学院(Yale School of Management)留学,1992年毕业后成为最早在华尔街工作的中国内地人之一。“When I graduated from Yale, I spoke English OK, but at that time Neil Shen was not good at making pitches or presentations,” he says, momentarily slipping into the third person. “I needed a different angle. Because of my math, I had good analytical skills, so I could do derivatives. Lots of Chinese bankers on Wall Street started that way.”他说:“从耶鲁毕业的时候,我英语说得还不错,但当时的沈南鹏还不擅长推销或者演讲。”他突然用了第三人称。“我需要转换角度。由于数学很好,我有着很强的分析技巧,因此我能够做衍生品。在华尔街的许多中国家都是这么开始的。”By the mid-1990s, the Chinese market was coming alive as people’s wealth grew and, for the first time, they had money to invest. Shen was among a group of so-called “sea turtles”, Chinese who, having studied overseas, chose to return home. “I only became a real banker when I went back to China,” he says, putting down his plastic fork. “There, the cultural disadvantages disappeared. I could pitch to the Bank of China and pitch to the Ministry of Finance. I didn’t have weaknesses any more.”上世纪90年代中期,随着中国人财富增加,并且首次有钱投资,中国市场开始焕发生机。沈南鹏成了所谓的“海龟”中的一员——“海龟”是指在海外留学,然后选择回国的中国人。沈南鹏放下自己的塑料叉子说道:“回到中国后,我才成了一名真正的家。在中国,文化上的劣势消失了。我可以向中国(BoC)推销,可以向财政部推销。我不再有弱点。”By the end of that decade, when the first waves of the new tech economy reached the mainland, Shen was running China capital markets for Deutsche Bank. Internet companies such as Sina and Baidu were in the headlines and the race was on to create the Chinese equivalent of Google. Many of Shen’s classmates from high school, university and Yale were becoming involved, and he, too, decided to jump in.到上世纪90年代末,新科技经济的第一波浪潮刮到中国内地,当时沈南鹏在德意志(Deutsche Bank)负责中国资本市场业务。新浪(Sina)和百度(Baidu)等互联网公司出现在新闻头条位置,争当中国谷歌的竞赛已经展开。沈南鹏的许多高中、大学和耶鲁的同学都参与这股浪潮,而他也决定投身其中。In December 1999, together with James Liang, whom he had known since they were both 15 and had been nominated by teachers to take part in the first Shanghai computer programming competition, and two others, he founded Ctrip. “There was no Lonely Planet for China,” he recalls. “We knew Expedia was doing well in the US and we thought, ‘There is no information about travel in China, and an internet application for information and online booking would do well’. The internet was the perfect tool.”1999年12月,沈南鹏与梁建章(James Liang)及另外两人一起创办了携程网——沈梁两人15岁相识,当时他们均被老师推荐参加在上海举办的首届计算机编程竞赛。他回忆道:“那时还没有《孤独星球》(Lonely Planet)中国版,我们知道Expedia在美国非常火,因此我们想,‘现在没有关于在中国旅游的信息,开创一个旅游信息和在线预订的互联网应用会很不错’。互联网是完美的工具。”The contrast with his former corporate life was stark: “I went from sleeping in five-star hotels and meeting with bank heads to a very different life.” Some security came from the fact that his wife remained an investment banker, he says.这与他以前的企业生活形成鲜明对比:“我以前住5星级酒店,与高管会晤,那时的生活则完全不同。”他说,还算有些安全感的是,他的妻子依然是一名投资家。But, by 2005, with Ctrip valued at more than bn, Shen was beginning to realise that, “It was natural for me to combine the roles of investment banker and entrepreneur by taking the role of an investor.” When he received a call from Sequoia later that year, he was y to listen. The summons came as the mobile internet in China was taking centre stage, and Tencent had recently listed. Shen decided to join, attracted by the promise of “independent investment decisions from day one”.但到了2005年,随着携程估值超过10亿美元,沈南鹏开始认识到,“通过充当投资者的角色,我可以将投行家和创业家的角色结合起来”。在那年晚些时候接到红杉的电话时,他准备接受聘请。当时移动互联网在中国正成为大家瞩目的焦点,腾讯也刚刚上市。被“从头起就可以独立作出投资决定”的承诺所打动,沈南鹏决定加入红杉。A decade on from that decision, Shen is as fiercely competitive as ever. During China’s traditional spring festivities, Shen often invites investors to the tropical island of Hainan, where he owns a mansion on the beach, adjacent to Jack Ma’s. Unlike his guests, however, Shen himself rarely indulges in golf or cards. Instead, according to guests, he is constantly on the phone to entrepreneurs: both because he can’t bear to lose a deal, and to stop rival investors getting through to those same entrepreneurs.自做出那个决定以来已经过去了十年时间,沈南鹏依然同以往一样极其好胜。在中国春节期间,沈南鹏通常会邀请投资者到位于热带地区的海南岛度假——他在那里有一座海滨别墅,与马云的别墅毗邻。然而,与他的客人不同,沈南鹏本人并不沉迷于高尔夫或者打牌。相反,据他的客人说,他不断地与创业家们通话:这既是因为他无法忍受失去一桩交易,也是因为不想让其他投资者联系上那些创业家。When I say to Shen that this quality of drive and competitiveness is something I more generally associate with people from China’s previous generation, those who endured the bitter hardships of the Cultural Revolution and are trying to make up for lost time, he appears puzzled. But he pauses to think about it, and then tells me he plans to go to Scotland later in the month for some golf, as if to demonstrate that he does lead a balanced life.我向沈南鹏表示,这种富于干劲和竞争意识的品质通常更容易出现在中国上一代人身上——那些受过文革磨难,并努力弥补失去的时间的人——他听到这句话后显得有些困惑。但他想了一会儿,然后告诉我,他过段时间要去苏格兰打高尔夫,似乎在表明,他的确注重生活与工作的平衡。“It isn’t about the money,” he says haltingly, as if he has never thought about this. “It’s so exciting. If some of the top companies in China were funded originally by Sequoia, wouldn’t you be excited if you were me?”沈南鹏犹豫地说道:“不是为了赚钱。”似乎表明他从未想过这个问题。“这份工作非常令人兴奋。如果中国一些最优秀的公司最初是由红杉提供资金的,如果你是我的话,难道不会感到兴奋吗?”One of the things that complicates Shen’s job most is the tension that exists today between investors and entrepreneurs in China. In the eyes of some backers, entrepreneurs are spending too much money as they compete with one another for the attention and patronage of customers, subsidising users in the process. Shen tries to use his own experience to see it from both sides.沈南鹏的工作中遇到的最复杂的情况之一是,在当今中国,投资者与创业家之间的关系有些紧张。在一些“金主”看来,创业家在彼此竞争的过程中,为了吸引眼球、争夺消费者而大肆补贴用户,烧钱烧过头了。沈南鹏从自己的经验出发,试图从两个方面来看待这个问题。“Sometimes, there are tough decisions to be made,” he explains. “When you identify an entrepreneur to back, you have to live with their weaknesses. You reason with him, you argue with him, but you seldom go against the entrepreneur.”他解释称:“有时候需要作出艰难的决定。当你确定要持某位创业家的时候,你不得不容忍他们的弱点。你向他们解释,与他们争论,但你很少会与他们作对。”Along the way, he acknowledges, there are bound to be stumbles. He recalls that he originally rejected overtures from JD.com, the Chinese equivalent of Amazon, and now one of the most valuable companies in his portfolio. “That delay was very costly,” he says, shaking his head as he closes the lid on his half-eaten food. It is not clear which he mourns most: the poor quality of our lunch or the cost of his hesitation.他承认,犯错是免不了的。他回忆道,他最初曾拒绝京东(JD.com)——相当于中国的亚马逊(Amazon),而现在京东已经成为他的投资组合中最有价值的公司之一。他说:“这种延迟代价非常大,”他摇着头,盖上吃了一半的米饭。不知道他更加遗憾的是哪件事:是我们午餐的质量还是他犹豫的代价。It is getting late. After prodding doubtfully at a bright yellow jellylike substance that turns out to be mango salad dressing, the smartphones on the table begin to vibrate and beep once more. “Venture capital is a regret business,” concludes one of China’s most successful investors. And with that he finally turns his attention back to the gyrations of the market.对话临近结束。在他困惑地戳了戳一个黄灿灿的果冻一样的东西之后——后来发现是芒果沙拉酱——桌子上的手机再次震颤着响起。这位中国最成功的投资者之一总结道:“风投是一个让人抱憾的行业。”他随之将注意力重新转向市场的波动上。 /201510/403552

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