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The Shanghai Matchmaking Association has recently released a survey report, outlining the trends and struggles that dominate the city#39;s single individuals#39; attitudes in dating and marriage.近日,上海婚介协会发布了一项旨在反映上海单身青年婚恋观的调查。Based on research of some 2,000 singles aged between 10 and 40 years old in Shanghai, the survey results highlight only 3 percent of the interviewees have expressed the willingness to accept a partner from the Northern provinces.该调查选取了2000名年龄在10-40岁的上海人,结果显示仅3%的受访者愿意接纳另一半是北方人。Over 77 percent of single Shanghai interviewees want to marry local people, while 19 percent hope their partner could be from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, or even from overseas, data shows.数据显示:超过77%的单身受访者表示结婚只考虑本地上海人,而19%的受访者则希望他们的伴侣是香港人,人,台湾人,抑或是洋人。A single, 28-year-old advertisement company employee Lily Wan explained people#39;s different living habits, life styles, and temperament in south and north regions is the major reason leading to this preference.28岁的广告公司单身女员工Lily表示:在两性相互选择的过程中,不同的生活习惯、生活方式以及南北方地域的差异都是导致这一偏好的主要因素。In addition, most interviewed single individuals said, if they could not find a local partner, a person from neighboring provinces is also acceptable.此外,绝大多数的单身受访者表示,如果在当地找不到合适的伴侣,周边省份也可以纳入考虑范围。The emotional intelligence ient (EQ) is another key factor valued by those surveyed in finding an ideal partner, although details of desirable characteristics are varied between men and women.虽然男人和女人对性格的要求不尽相同,但是情商是男女双方寻求完美伴侣的又一重要指标。The top priority that men considered before rushing into a relationship is appearance, which is followed by personalities, age, living habits and family background, based on the research findings.调查结果显示:在男人冲进一段婚恋关系之时,首当其冲考虑的是女性的外貌,然后依次是性格、年龄、生活习惯和家庭背景。While the preference order for women is personalities, economic conditions, living habits, capability or potential, and appearance.而对女人而言,考虑的优先顺序则是性格、经济条件、生活习惯、能力或潜力,最后才是外貌。Another dilemma that grabs the limelight in the report is careers#39; influence on single people#39;s dating experience.报告也集中反映了另一个问题,即不同的职业背景也会影响着人们的恋爱经历。According to the survey, respondents who work in areas such as technology and research and development, seems to have less love experience and narrower social circle than those involved in the communication industry.调查显示,技术/研发从业人员其人际圈子较窄,恋爱经历较少。而那些需要和人打交道的职业,其人际圈子较广,恋爱经历也比较丰富。 /201611/478561

When I was young, my household consisted of my mother, my grandmother, and my uncle. I had no contact with my father. My mother took a passive role in my upbringing causing my grandmother to raise me primarily. I lost her to severe pneumonia when I was 10.在我小的时候,家庭是由妈妈、外婆和舅舅组成的。我没有关于父亲的任何音讯。主要是外婆带我,母亲在我的成长过程中所扮演的角色非常被动。(可惜)在我10岁的时候外婆就因患上急性肺炎去世了。My mother tried to continue my grandmother#39;s efforts; although, began to fall short. She did not work and withdrew most days leaving me to my own actions/thoughts. My uncle, who was providing all financial support passed when I was 11 leaving my mother and myself with no financial support.母亲试图接下外婆的角色(来带我)然而好景不长。她不去工作,也不管我,大部分时间让我想做什么就做什么。11岁以前我和母亲生活,生活费都是舅舅出的,在我和母亲分开以后,就再也没有经济柱了。With my mother’s withdrawal from life, little financial skills, and poor organization. I did not have food, clothes, or discipline. After an investigation by child services, I was placed in foster care. Upon returning to my mother#39;s care, I had lost hope of a ;normal; life.母亲从我的生活淡出,而我也不具备任何挣钱的技能,收容机构的条件也很差,所以我吃不饱、穿不暖,也没有约束。在儿童务机构调查以后,我被加入了领养儿童名单。想到母亲对我的“照顾”,我对于“正常”的生活也不抱什么希望了。Prior to placement in foster care, I had volunteered at the local hospital to gain hospital experience, since I had wanted to be a doctor. After the foster home experience, I felt alone and destitute. I saw no hope of obtaining such a grand educational journey.在被领养之前,我在当地的一家医院参加志愿者活动,累计了一些医院务的经验,在那以后我想成为一名医生。在领养家庭的生活让我感觉到孤独与贫困,想到要求学路的漫长和花销,我感到非常的无望。At the age of 20, my son was born and I began working long hours. I continued to work; although, had many ups and downs along the path. My mother passed away when I was 23 leaving me with no close family.20岁那年我的儿子出生了,我开始延长工作时间。我一直不停地工作,其中也是波折不断。23岁那年母亲去世,除了我没有什么亲密的家人。I struggled with the gap in my life and felt alone, but continued on and was married at the age of 24. My daughter was born and I promised myself to strive higher in life. I took a chance and applied for a better job, which would double my salary —I was accepted!我感到人生的无常,感到孤独。但是生活依然继续24岁那年我结婚了,我的女儿出生了,我暗自许诺要过更好的生活。我抓住机会申请到了一个更好的工作,工资翻倍,而且被录用了!My life was again changed due to divorce and a lay-off at 27 years old. For my children, I decided to pursue college and my dream. Succeed or not, at least I tried. I began at the local community college and was then able to transfer to a 4-year college for a degree in Biology. I applied to 5 medical schools in the area to stay close to my children. I was accepted in 2006.27岁那年我的人生又发生了转折,我离婚还失业了。为了我的孩子,我决定去上学。不管成败与否,最起码我尝试过。我开始在当地的社区大学学习然后才能转入四年制的大学生物专业获得学位。为了和我的孩子们离得近,我申请了5所医学院。2006年我接到了入学通知。I dedicated myself and did not let anything distract me from my goal. I am now a practicing physician and could not be happier. I did eventually become close to my father only to lose him a few months before my medical school graduation. I am close with my son, who is now 22 and my daughter, who will soon be 18.我全心投入来达到自己的目标,不想让任何事情分心。现在我是一个职业医师,心愿达成,感觉圆满。在医学院的毕业典礼之前的几个月我的父亲去世了,这是我第一次了解他。现在我和孩子关系很近,儿子已经22岁,女儿也快成人。I continue to be inspired by those I meet who have gone through much worse than I and have achieved success. We can all obtain so much in our lives. I hope this story provides you hope.那些与我相比更加经历人世悲苦最终实现自我获得成功的人的故事,总是能打动激励我。生活教会我了我们这么多。如果我的故事也能给你带去希望那便好。 /201704/502841

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