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Former U.S. Senator Robert Griffin, a conservative Republican from Traverse City, died last week, and if you arent at least in your fifties, you may never have heard of him. Carl Levin beat Griffin when he tried to win a third term thirty-seven years ago.Griffin pretty much vanished from the radar screen afterwards.He did serve one term on the Michigan Supreme Court, but that ended twenty years ago. He wasnt flamboyant; for a politician, he was shy. Nor did he have a compelling personality.But he had a moment at center stage of one of the greatest dramas in American history, and that deserves to be remembered.Even apart from that, Bob Griffin was a heavyweight politician in his day. In winning two terms in the Senate, he defeated two giants of Michigan politics, men who otherwise never lost an election – Soapy Williams and Frank Kelley.His major congressional accomplishment was seen as controversial and partisan. He was co-sponsor of the Landrum-Griffin Act, which gave the federal government new powers to intervene in union affairs and elections, something deeply resented by organized labor.Griffin also led a successful filibuster that prevented President Lyndon Johnson from making Abe Fortas, then on the Supreme Court, Chief Justice of the ed States. Not long afterwards, Fortas had to resign altogether because of a financial and ethics scandal.But the moment for which Bob Griffin deserves to be remembered happened on a weekend in August forty years ago, when he wrote a letter to one of his oldest friends and mentors in politics, a man who had campaigned for him in his very first election to Congress.He told that friend, who he learned had lied to him and everyone else, that he was going to be impeached. He pretty much told him that he needed to resign, and that if he continued to defy a subpoena from Congress, he too would vote to convict him.That friend, of course, was Richard Nixon.Griffins letter was a huge national sensation. A year before, nobody, including Bob Griffin himself, could have pictured him demanding that a President of his own party resign.But Watergate was a scandal like no other.Griffins letter was said to have shocked Nixon. Afterwards, according to Washington Post reporters Woodward and Bernstein, one of the Presidents sons-in-law called the Michigan senator, and said Nixon was drinking, irrational, incoherent, and might kill himself.A shaken Griffin asked Billy Graham to help the family.Within days, Nixon did in fact quit. We may never know how much Griffins letter speeded the end of what Gerald Ford called our ;long national nightmare,; but we do know this: When things seemed to be falling apart, Robert Griffin went outside his comfort zone, did the right thing, and took a stand. His career didnt blossom after that.He lost a race for Senate minority leader and seemed to lose interest in his job. He first said he wasnt going to run for reelection, but then changed his mind. But the damage had been done.He was defeated. Today, he is pretty much forgotten. But for one brief shining moment, he was indeed a profile in courage, and that deserves to be remembered.Jack Lessenberry is Michigan Radios political analyst. Views expressed in his essays are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Michigan Radio, its management or the station licensee, The University of Michigan.201504/371079

Every year, the American Lung Association looks at the state of air pollution in U.S. cities. This years State of the Air report is out.The group analyzes data from air quality monitors on two kinds of air pollution: ground-level ozone pollution (aka smog) and particle pollution—tiny particles from power plants and our cars and trucks.Lyndsay Moseley Alexander directs the American Lung Associations Healthy Air Campaign. She says both kinds of air pollution pose health risks.;Particularly ozone pollution, when inhaled, can cause coughing, it can trigger asthma attacks and also much more serious symptoms leading to premature death. And particle pollution is similarly ominous. When we inhale tiny particles into our lungs, they can lodge deep there and cause asthma attacks. They can also cause lung cancer, heart attacks, strokes and also premature death,; she says.But she says many parts of Michigan are making progress in reducing both ozone and particle pollution.;Only Grand Rapids remains ranked among the most polluted for ozone pollution. In fact, (its) ranked 18th in the nation among most polluted cities for ozone pollution.;The Detroit-Ann Arbor metropolitan area is ranked 44th most polluted for ozone. She says thats an improvement over previous years.;What were seeing is the average number of days when air is unhealthy to breathe have gone down.;But its not all good news.;The Detroit area is also in the top 25 most-polluted cities for year-round particle levels. Most cities in the nation improved. This area suffered worse levels.;She says the Detroit area did still meet federal standards for year-round particle pollution.From the report:The ;State of the Air 2016; found continued improvement in air quality in 2012-2014, showing lower levels of year-round particle pollution and ozone. Still, more than half of all Americans—166 million people—live in counties where they are exposed to unhealthful levels of these pollutants.Thanks to stronger standards for pollutants and for the sources of pollution, the ed States has seen continued reduction in ozone and particle pollution as well as other pollutants for decades.Overall, the best progress came in the continued reduction of ozone and year-round particle pollution, thanks to cleaner power plants and increased use of cleaner vehicles and engines. Continued progress to cleaner air remains crucial to reduce the risk of premature death, asthma attacks and lung cancer. However, a changing climate is making it harder to protect human health.Moseley Alexander notes there are a number of counties in Michigan (and around the country) that lack air quality monitors—which means there are gaps in the data they have to work with.201604/438777

Running shoes are carefully designed to cushion your feet and provide arch support and padding and all that stuff.凭借科学严谨的设计跑鞋能够缓冲脚部压力而且为足弓,鞋衬及衬垫提供撑。Run without shoes and youll tear up your foot on rocks and pebbles.如果在岩石及鹅卵石上光脚跑步,你的脚会被磨破。But studies have shown that running shoes can do more harm than good.但是最近研究表明跑鞋带来的危害大于益处。When you run wearing shoes, you tend to land on your heels.当你穿鞋子跑步时,你倾向于脚后跟着地。Somehow, thats what most running shoes make us do.某种程度上,大多数跑鞋都会使我们这样着地。But run barefoot, and youll naturally land on the balls of your feet.但是光脚跑步会使你自然而然用前脚掌着地。Striking the ground this way is less forceful than landing on your heel.这样着地远比用脚后跟着地带来的冲力小。So its likely that running barefoot may reduce injuries to the knee and lower back.因此光脚跑步可能会减少膝盖和背部下部受到的伤害。201503/362708

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