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and historical materialism as its world outlook.己所不欲勿施于人 -- ::7 来源: 己所不欲勿施于人  Directions:  Understanding is a drop of golden sun, is wellspring of life, and is a bridge between man and the soul of man. Understanding is tolerance, is a kind of se  lf restraint. The world needs understanding.   Write an essay which should cover:   1) describing the drawing below,   ) stating its main idea, and   3) giving your comment.    The human being differs from the wild beast in that the latter is liable to have a hostile view of others and interact in an unreasonable and aggressive manner. Primitive humans might have acted in such fashion, but civilized humans should cultivate more appropriate behaviors.  In the drawing above, a man carrying a large load accidentally steps on a woman's foot. Given that he gracefully apologizes, the woman both accepts his apology and assures him not to worry.   The man and woman depicted interact with each other in a courteous and compassionate manner. The woman understands the man did not intentionally step on her foot, and theree whether or not she is in pain, she does not attack or blame him. Because she is able to view the situation from his perspective, conflict is diverted. Mutual understanding such as this is a fundamental aspect of civilized society.   Some people tend to think the worst of others and become angry over even the smallest of matters, regardless of how their own actions are disturbing in turn. Such intolerance only leads to more conflict. Disrespecting or mistreating people not only inflicts pain upon others, but can also harm one's own conscienceand attitude.   Having compassion others is an important facet of social intercourse. Once one strives to understand the experience and perspective of another, one can avoid much trouble and conflict, thus making life more peaceful and just all.  译文:  人类和野兽的区别就在于后者倾向于相互仇视,交往时不讲道理且好斗原始人也许会如此行事,但文明人应该养成更得体的举止  上图中,一个手里捧着很多东西的先生无意中踩了旁边女士的脚在他有礼貌地道歉后,这位女士不仅接受了他的道歉,还让他不必在意  上图中的先生和女士诠释了在与人交往时应有的礼貌和富有同情心的态度这位女士知道他并不是有意要踩她的脚,所以无论疼不疼,她都不会攻击或是埋怨这位先生因为她能设身处地地看待这件事情,一场冲突就避免了像这样的相互理解是构成文明社会的基本方面  一些人往往把别人想得特别坏,为点鸡毛蒜皮的事就大发雷霆,而全然不顾他们自己的行为是多么让别人讨厌这种偏狭只会导致更多的冲突,对人无礼或粗暴不仅会给别人带来不愉快,而且会损害自己的道德水准和仪态宽厚是社交中重要的一面,一旦一个人努力去理解别人的做法和看法,他就会避免许多麻烦和冲突,而这会让所有人的生活都变得更美好

英语能力>英语作文>初二英语作文 My Dream我的梦想英语作文 -01-1 19::9 来源: My Dream我的梦想英语作文I believe everyone has his own dream,to be a police,a teacher or a scientist and so on.我相信每个人都有他自己的梦想,当警察,老师或者科学家等等 me ,my dream is very simple.Idon't seek being richor go after fame and profit. I just hope to study hard ,and get an ideal job in the future,and spend my lifepeacefully and happily. You may think my dream is too flat,but i think it's enough.对我来说,我的梦想很简单我不追求财富,也不追求名利我只希望努力学习,将来找份理想的工作,平安快乐地度过一生你可能会觉得我的梦想太过平凡,但是我觉得这已经足够

写作模板大全 -- :6:5 来源: 写作模板大全纵使作文千万变,“三段式”写作无需变无论是传统的三条中文提纲式作文,还是年月那样给一句名人名言要求阐释,或者是年6月的漫画作文,都可以用“三段式”作文来解决所谓“三段式”作文,第一段最关键要开篇点明自己的观点如果是名人名言,可以转述名人名言的意思,并结合这一意思,找出一个论点;如果是漫画、图片、图表作文,简单1-句话对漫画描述后,一定不忘从漫画中给出一些看法和与实际生活相关联的现象、问题、争议点围绕当年题干中一长串的“Nothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will by commenting on the humorous saying, ”Quitting smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I‘ve done it hundreds of times“名人名言,最核心地表达出”要想获得成功,必须要有毅力“ 这句话就可以用”To achieve things successfully, a strong will is essential“来对原句更简单的阐释,切忌照抄紧接着,用一些自己熟悉的例子来展开论即可第二段要围绕自己的观点进行有意义地展开展开方式有以下几种:1. 举例论举例论时,结合你自身的例子是最容易有话说的论方式. 引用论引用论就是可以用来自书籍Once I a book,…;There is an old saying …“俗话说……”;或者中外名人曾说过3. 道理论道理论即用日常生活中所有人都熟悉的一些话语来论一般主要从对引起某现象的原因略述一二分享一个可用的模板:What has brought about this effect? I believe there are three main reasons. To begin with, ____________________ (原因一). It is believed that ____________________(进一步稍加说明). In addition, ____________________(原因二). Finally, ____________________(再次总结原因)最后,结尾段再次重申观点 + 问题解决方法;避免某一现象的措施;向学校(the school),机构( XX administration),政府(the government),每个人(every citizen every individual)发出呼吁( I appeal to…),给出建议(My suggestion is that …)漫画、图表近年常考,常用句型来招图表类:1) As is shown in the table, ________________(正如表格显示)) This is a chart which demonstrates depicts illustrates ________________(这一表格展示)3) Obvious from the graph is that ________________. (很显然从图中得出) ) It must be pointed out that + 图中明显特征(必须指出)5) It is worth mentioning that + 图中明显特征(值得一提)漫画类:1) Today I saw an interesting cartoon, in which ________________. (轻松、活泼,真实感带入,意思为:今天我看到了一幅有趣的漫画,其中……)) As is vividly depicted in the drawing above, ________________(严肃、准确、客观描述,意思为:正如图中形象描绘出……)3) The picture cartoon drawings talking about …(拟人化,意思为:图中谈论了……)) The cartoon describes an interesting phenomenon(总起句,意思为:漫画描述了有一个有趣的现象)注意:这种封闭式提法后面,一定还要有一句结合图片细节的话考前准备要充分,细节功夫勿轻心作为考前冲刺的最后一发“磨刀粉”,温馨提示大家考前一定要备好准考、B铅笔、橡皮擦、好用的签字笔、收音机等考场必备物品尤其是好用的签字笔这一条,直接关系到作文字迹是否清晰、漂亮!考场上,作文要想拿高分,一定要注意的细节就是:一要字迹清晰漂亮,二要语法、拼写错误少

  考研英语 考研英语:必考核心词汇坚持练(第十八天) -- :50: 来源: 我们知道,复习贵在持之以恒,尤其像考研英语这种学科,单词、翻译、作文都需要坚持定时定量的练习,才会有效果具体每天该如何复习、复习多少,考研的同学们应该根据自身的实际情况来制定,我们可以定期给你提供一些小练习,坚持读下去,也会对你有不小的帮助 mergev.(使)结合,(使)合并,(使)合为一体That will continue to merge traditional animation and computer animation.它将继续使传统动画与电脑动画相结合We have decided to merge these small firms into one large company.我们已经决定把这些小公司合并成一家大公司merg(沉没)+e→吞没incorporate, conflate normn.准则,规范Criminal behavior seems to be the norm in this neighborhood.犯罪行为似乎是这一带的正常现象The need y is a well-accepted norm in the conduct of war.上阵杀敌必须团结,这已是一个被广泛接受的准则standard, criterionnormal a.标准的,正常的 repressionn.压抑,压制,镇压Sometimes, sudden cessation of speech or a thought process without an immediate observable cause considered a consequence of repression.说话或思绪偶尔无意识地突然中断,可能是感情压抑的结果We are determined to aid their struggle against violent repression.我们坚决援助他们反对残暴镇压的斗争re+ press(压)+ion→压抑restraint, suppression, inhibitionrepressive a.镇压的,压抑的,压制的 shrewda.机灵的,敏锐的;精明的His skill in negotiating earned him a reputation as a shrewd tactician.他的谈判技巧使他赢得了精明战略家的名声smart, bright, clever, intelligent academica.学院的,大学的;学术性的;理论的At one time, this view was dominating over the academic circles.这种观点在学术界一度占据着配地位Academic freedom and university autonomy are the centralized reflection of cultural orientation.学术自由与大学自治是大学制度文化取向的集中体现Mr. McWhorter’s academic specialty is language history and change, and he sees the gradual disappearance of “whom,” example, to be natural and no more regrettable than the loss of the case-endings of Old English. McWhorter先生研究的学术领域是语言历史和演变,例如他将“whom”一词的 逐步消亡看作正常现象,同古英语尾格消失一样不值得惋惜耐心之树,结黄金之果前进的路看似曲折,但只要认准方向,并抱着坚定的信念“耗”到底,就终会得到自己想要的,怕就怕半途而废马克思说过一句话:生活就像海洋,只有意志坚强的人,才能到达彼岸考研也一样,祝各位考生都能成为最后的胜者

  兵势篇 NO.1:孙子曰: 凡治众如治寡,分数是也;斗众如斗寡,形名是也;三军之众,可使必受敌而无败者,奇正是也;兵之所加,如以瑕投卵者,虚实是也。这句啥意思:治理大军团就象治理小部队一样有效,是依靠合理的组织、结构、编制;指挥大军团作战就象指挥小部队作战一样到位,是依靠明确、高效的信号指挥系统;整个部队与敌对抗而不会失败,是依靠正确运用“奇正”的变化;攻击敌军,如同用石头砸鸡蛋一样容易,关键在于以实击虚。英文这么说:Sun Tzu said: The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a few men:it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers.Fighting with a large army under your command is nowise different from fighting with a small one:it is merely a question of instituting signs and signals.To ensure that your whole host may withstand the brunt of the enemy#39;s attack and remain unshaken--this is effected by maneuvers direct and indirect.That the impact of your army may be like a grindstone dashed against an egg--this is effected by the science of weak points and strong. 《词语解释——奇正》 古时兵法术语。古代作战以对阵交锋为正,设伏掩袭等为奇。 孙子曰:“战势不过奇正,奇正之变,不可胜穷也。” 《孙子·势》:“三军之众,可使必受敌而无败者,奇正是也。” 《孙子·势》:“战势不过奇正,奇正之变,不可胜穷也。”李筌注:“邀截掩袭,万途之势,不可穷尽也。” 张 预 注:“战陈之势,止於奇正一事而已。及其变而用之,则万途千辙,乌可穷尽也。” 《旧唐书·突厥传上》:“臣少慕文儒,不习军旅,奇正之术,多媿前良。” 明冯梦龙《东周列国志》第三十九回:“一连操演三日,奇正变化,指挥如意。” Article/201307/248290。

  英语四级写作谚语佳句推荐(1) --9 3:51:5 来源: 有些考生在英语四级写作中喜欢用一些谚语,下面我们一起来看一下小编为大家整理的英语谚语佳句推荐,供各位考生参考  he is lifeless that is faultless.  只有死人才不犯错误  he is not fit to command others that cannot command himself.  正人先正己  he is not laughed at that laughs at himself first.  自嘲者不会让人见笑  he is wise that is honest.  诚实者最明智  he knows most who speaks least.  大智若愚  he laughs best who laughs last.  谁笑到最后,谁笑得最好  he sets the fox to keep the geese.  引狼入室  he that climbs high falls heavily.  爬得越高,摔得越重  he that will not work shall not eat.  不劳动者不得食  he who does not advance loses ground.  逆水行舟,不进则退  he who makes constant complaint gets little compassion.  经常诉苦,没人同情  he who makes no mistakes makes nothing.  想不犯错误,就一事无成  he who risks nothing gains nothing.  收获与风险并存  history repeats itself.  历史往往重演  honesty is the best policy.  做人诚信为本  hope the best, but prepare the worst.  抱最好的愿望,做最坏的打算  i cannot be your friend and your flatterer too.  朋友不能阿谀奉承  if a man deceives me once, shame on him, if he deceives me twice, shame on me.  上当一回头,再多就可耻  if you make yourself an ass, don‘t complain if people ride you.  人善被人欺,马善被人骑  if your ears glow, someone is talking of you.  耳朵发烧,有人念叨  if you run after two hares, you will catch neither.  脚踏两条船,必定落空  if you sell the cow, you sell her milk too.  杀鸡取卵  if you venture nothing, you will have nothing.  不入虎穴,焉得虎子  if you want knowledge, you must toil it.  要想求知,就得吃苦  industry is the parent of success.  勤奋是成功之母  it is better to die when life is a disgrace.  宁为玉碎,不为瓦全

    Monitor your body language to make sure you don't seem too desperate the job, or too eager to please. Keep a Poker face in business situations. Inappropriate smiling is the most common example of a nonverbal behavior that undercuts verbal messages -- making you appear weak and unassertive. Good eye contact is also important. One study found that job applicants who make more eye contact are perceived as more alert, dependable, confident and responsible.    (98 words)英语专业四级 专四听力新闻热词: 智囊团 -- :55:33 来源: 专四听力新闻热词: 智囊团  智囊团:Brain trust  美国当选总统奥巴马已于上周在芝加哥召开新闻发布会,正式提名新政府经济团队主要成员同时,奥巴马过渡小组成员称,他将于感恩节后提名希拉里出任国务卿,并组建外交政策“智囊团”  请看外电的报道:  Obama, who rolled out the key components of his economic team this week, plans to announce his eign policy brain trust after the Thanksgiving holiday.  奥巴马已于本周宣布了其经济团队的主要成员,并计划于感恩节后公布他的外交政策“智囊团”  在上面的报道中,brain trust就是我们常说的“智囊团”,有时也被称为think tankBrain trust是在富兰克林?罗斯福(Franklin Roosevelt)总统执政时期流行起来的193年,罗斯福竞选总统时,曾请了三位哥伦比亚大学的教授为他撰写演讲稿,大学教授的智慧结晶果然使罗斯福旗开得胜,当选为美国第3届总统尝到甜头的罗斯福上任后,继续使用政府以外的专家来提供咨询,记者们把这些知识分子顾问称为brain trust,后来这种用法就逐渐流行起来了  现在,凡是一个组织的领导人在他手下工作人员之外请一些人来给他出主意,做顾问,都可以称为brain trust如:The director of our institute makes us feel useless because he only listens to his own brain trust. He totally ignores the ideas from those who work him in the institute.(我们研究所的主任只听取他的智囊团的意见这使得我们感到好像我们都是没有用的人他把所里工作人员提出的意见完全不当一回事)

  新词汇辅导:熟练使用词汇() -- 18::01 来源:qnr 如何熟练使用新词汇()逻辑辨记忆提示:由lus, luc, lud演化而来的英文单词围绕着“bright(光亮的)”造词这组词难理解的是以下两条造词思维:1)英文把“物理上的光亮”和“思想上的明亮”不分,如enlighten(v.启发,启蒙)就来自“light”,实际上“light”本身就有“light(明白,理解)”,“bright”的“聪明的”之意就是指理解能力强的;)英文把“物理上的光亮”和“心情上的快乐”不分,如lust, lusty, delight, bright(快乐的,愉快的)重点词经典例句:It is not surprising that a bird in heavy molt often seems listless and unwell.(01.R)若严重脱毛的一只鸟通常看上去总是没精打采而又病恹恹的话,那是不足为怪的While the Census Bureau and the ed States government used the term SMSA (by 1969 there were 33 of them), social scientists were also using new terms to describe the elusive, vaguely defined areas reaching out from what used to be simple "town" and "cities".(97.R)当人口调查局和美国政府用了SMSA(到1969年为止存在33个不同用法)这个术语的时候,社会科学家们也在用新的术语去描述晦涩而模糊的定义范围,这些新的属于是“town”和“cities”这些简单术语使用的延伸The plan impressed the university officials, and in time many of its recommendations were implemented.(.R)这个方案打动了这个学校的官员们,并且这个方案中的很多建议都及时地被实施了 词汇 词汇 熟练 新 考试年(TOEFL)备考词汇分类归纳:学生用语 --30 19:: 来源:qnr  be down and out:疲惫不堪,一蹶不振  EX: After about ten years of no business at all, they are practically down and out.  EX: I don't think you realize that I am down and out.  double date:两对伴侣的约会  EX: Sometimes it's more fun to go on a double date.  go off the deep end:鲁莽行事,感情用事  EX: He surely went off the deep end when he bought that restaurant.  go the whole hog:全力以赴  EX: When Bob became interested in model airplanes, he went the whole hog.  jump out of the frying pan into fire:每况愈下(from bad to worse)  EX: You're jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. By trying to straighten out with Mr.Bagnell, you're getting your self in trouble with Mrs. Bagnell.  jump down one's throat:横加指责  EX: I don't mind being corrected when I am wrong, but you don't need to jump down my throat.  lick into shape:塑造,训练整顿  EX: Two years in the army will lick him into shape.  EX: The inspection was announced at two o'clock, and they had the place licked into shape.  look down one's nose at:嗤之以鼻,瞧不起  EX:The man is a snob. He looks down his nose at most people  EX:He looks down his nose at the offer. (meaning he doesn't care about the offer.)  make heavy weather:发觉某事有困难  EX:Though the investment is at present making heavy weather, the future is regarded withconfidence.  make head or tail of: 弄清楚,懂得  EX:Can you understand this letter? I've it through twice and I juse can't make head of tail of it.  Stand to reason 清楚而且合乎逻辑  Ex:It stands to reason that too many shopping choices can be as bad as too few.  Ex:If you drink too much coffee a day, it stands to reason that your health will suffer.  kick around 私下讨论一下  Ex: We haven't decided where to go on vacation. I think we'd better kick it around a while.  put two and two together 找出解决之道  Ex: At first, he couldn't understand the directions assembling the bookcase, but later on he was able to put two ond two together.  fake steps 采取必要措施 词汇 归纳 用语 词汇 学生 TOEFL

  年(TOEFL)词汇分类辅导:艺术 --30 19:: 来源:qnr  gossip 闲谈  rumor 传闻,谣言  comic a.使人发笑的  a comic song b.喜剧的  a comic opera  poetic 诗意的,诗的  narrative 叙事的  irony 讽刺  vignette 小品文  sermon 训诫,说道  astute 精明的,狡黠的  observation 观察,观测  prospector 探矿者  beacon 烽火灯塔,灯标  prodigious 惊人的,奇妙的  protagonist 主人公  despise 鄙视  opera 歌剧  symphony 交响乐  chamber music 室内音乐  oratorio 清唱剧  soloist 独唱者  vogue 时尚,流行  choral society 合唱团  wane 变小,减少  libel 诽谤  pretentious 自命不凡的  contemporary artistic development 当代艺术发展  vibranay 活跃  metropolis 大都市  linger 徘徊  relic 遗迹,废墟  discern 看出,识别  mirage 海市蜃楼  prolific 多产  humanitarian 人道主义者  philanthropist 慈善家  repertoire 戏目  dialect 方言  mural 壁画  sanctuany 神殿  anthen 国歌  constellation 星座 词汇 词汇 艺术 TOEFL


  考研英语 考研英语一阅读理解 -- :: 来源: 考研英语一阅读理解 1. explain American’s tolerance of current security check  . an increase in the number of travelers  3.faster  .an unreasonable price enroll  5.Getting stuck in the security line  6. the importance of astronomy in ancient Hawaii society  7. its geographical features  .it reminds them of humiliating history  9.may uncover the origin of Hawaii culture  30.passive acceptance  31. had a low opinion of GDP  3.GDP as the measure of success is widely defied in the UK  33.Its results are enlightening  .It is essential to consider factors beyond GDP  35.high GDP but inadequate well-being , a UK lesson  36.was contemptuous of McDonell’s conduct  37.concrete returns gift-givers  38. justifying in addressing the needs of the constituents.  39.guarantee fair play in official access  0. supportive

  考研英语 考研英语作文预测范文:学生减压 -01- ::31 来源: 考研英语作文预测范文:学生减压  As is depicted in the picture, a schoolboy, whose foot is tied by a chain to a pile of homework, desires to playfootball. Obviously, the boy is rather unhappy and eager to play just a while.  What the picture is intended to conveyis a much concerned social phenomenon of over-burden on students. example,senior middle school students are heavily burdened with all kinds of homework. Theyspent about 6.5 hours in their classroom a day. At home, it takes them 5 hoursto finish their homework. So they only get less than 7 hours’ sleep. Their freetime is only three hours. As a result, their health is badly damaged. Toughschools are urged to reduce students’ burdens, and some schools actually aremaking efts, students are still under heavy pressure from extra-curricularclasses.  Based on what is analyzed above, thecurrent situation must be changed the benefits of students. Teachers couldtake effective approaches to improve students’ learning efficiency and effectsin class, rather than assigning too much homework. And parents should alsoreturn their children more freedom from the extracurricular classes. When theseare done, students would experience greater intellectual, physical andpsychological development.

  年6月点评:感谢老师(沪江网校版) --1 :53: 来源: A Letter to My Teacher此次大学英语四级写作部分考查应用文——书信的写作本道试题则是要求考生写一封感谢信给一位大学老师本题难度适中,与大学生活联系紧密难点在于考生需要填充感谢老师的理由,并用恰当、正确的语言表达出来还要提醒广大考生,不应忘记了书信体区别于短文写作的格式要求,字数应在0至180之间既然是书信,就应当有完整的书信格式,包括称呼语、署名由于是写给尊敬的师长,还应加上祝福语,文章语气应当谦恭自然正文部分:第一段:表明写信目的开门见山的方式比较适合应用在书信体首段当中(I am writing this letter to present…)第二段:说明感谢理由考生应找出感谢老师的适当理由,可以说老师知识渊(It was your profound knowledge that led me on the road of literature.),也可以说老师教学耐心细致(Your description of various kinds of essays and novels was so vivid that…),还可以说老师讲课幽默风趣(…your sense of humor added plenty of fun to our class)第三段:总结重申考生要就上述感谢理由做一个总结陈述,并再次表达对老师的谢意(I would like to thank you again your incomparable enlightenment on my academic career.)本封书信是应用文,应考虑它的实用性,建议考生能够在结尾处送上对上级的祝愿以上为年6月大学点评

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