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铁东经济开发区女性不孕长春市一院大概需要多少钱Following the earthquake that hit Japan and claimed 42 lives, employees at a monument to the Nanjing Massacre shook up discussions on social media with their message expressing sympathy to Japan#39;s citizens.在地震侵袭过后,日本官方宣布了遇难人数已经达到了42人。与此同时,南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆的工作人员表达了对日本民众的同情,此举在社交媒体上引起了广泛的讨论。The Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders posted the message to the official Sina Weibo feed of the Kumamoto Japan-China Friendship Association shortly after the magnitude-7.3 quake struck the southwestern prefecture of Kumamoto.日前,一场里氏7.3级地震袭击了日本熊本市西南地区。在这之后不久,侵华日军南京大屠杀遇难同胞纪念馆方面就在其新浪官方微上表达了对熊本市中日友好协会的关注和鼓励。;Right now our hearts go out to our friends with the Friendship Association, are you all OK?;“此刻,我们挂念着中日友好协会的朋友们,你们还好吗?”The Association is mainly comprised residents of Kumamoto, the home of the Japanese Sixth Division, one of the major forces that carried out the Nanjing Massacre nearly 80 years ago.该友好协会的主要成员是熊本市的居民。在第二次世界大战中,熊本人组成了日本的第六师团,他们更是80年前南京大屠杀的元凶之一。The post, which garnered 40,000 engagements as of press time, also pointed out the mutual support between the two institutions.这篇微表达了大屠杀纪念馆和熊本市中日友好协会之间的互助持。截止发稿时为止,已有4万余回复讨论该文。;For the past 20 years, the Friendship Association has visited our monument to express their condolences … Every December, members invite survivors of the massacre to speak at events in Japan, at their own expense.;“在过去的二十年里,熊本市中日友好协会每年都坚持来我馆吊唁遇难的南京同胞。每年十二月,协会成员都要自己掏腰包邀请南京大屠杀幸存者赴日举行言集会。”The majority of comments on Weibo supported the monument for the magnanimous post, adding that compassion does not ;go against patriotism.;微上大多数都是持纪念馆的这篇宽宏大量的文,认为向受灾民众表示同情并不是“不爱国”。Others said that despite the Association#39;s efforts, the organization does not represent the sentiments of the Japanese government.不过也有人表示,尽管该协会为中日友好付出了努力,但他们不能代表日本政府的态度。According to official estimates, more than 300,000 Chinese soldiers and civilians died during the 40-odd-day slaughter that began on December 13, 1937.据官方统计,在始于1937年12月13日、全程长达40天的南京大屠杀中,日本士兵一共屠杀了超过30万的无辜士兵和平民。 /201604/439218乾安县白带异常多少钱 One of the first things we learned about Omar Mateen, the gunman in the nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida, was that his ex-wife said he had beaten her severely until she left him in 2009.关于佛罗里达奥兰多夜店屠杀事件中的击者奥马尔·马廷(Omar Mateen),我们最初所了解的几件事中,就包括他前妻的说法:她曾经遭受严重的家暴,直至2009年两人分手。If it sounds familiar that a gunman in a mass shooting would have a history of domestic violence, it should.大规模击事件中的行凶者通常有家暴史,这是一种耳熟能详的说法,事实也的确如此。In February, Cedric Ford shot 17 people at his Kansas workplace, killing three, only 90 minutes after being served with a restraining order sought by his ex-girlfriend, who said he had abused her. And Man Haron Monis, who holed up with hostages for 17 hours at a cafe in Sydney, Australia, in 2014 — an episode that left two people dead and four wounded — had terrorized his ex-wife. He had threatened to harm her if she left him, and was eventually charged with organizing her murder.今年2月,堪萨斯州的锡德里克·福特(Cedric Ford)在自己工作的地方开击中17人,其中三人丧生,而90分钟前,他刚刚收到前女友针对他申请的禁制令,她称福特虐待她。2014年,曼·哈伦·莫尼斯(Man Haron Monis)在澳大利亚悉尼一家咖啡馆扣押人质长达17小时,导致两人死亡,四人受伤,他也曾经恐吓过自己的前妻。他威胁说,如果前妻离开自己,他就会伤害她,最终他因为策划谋杀她而遭到起诉。When Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group, analyzed FBI data on mass shootings from 2009 to 2015, it found that 57 percent of the cases included a spouse, former spouse or other family member among the victims — and that 16 percent of the attackers had previously been charged with domestic violence.控组织Everytown for Gun Safety对FBI从2009年到2015年关于大规模击案的数据进行了分析,发现在57%的案例中,受害者包括了行凶者的配偶、前配偶或其他家庭成员,还有16%的案例中,行凶者曾经因家庭暴力遭到起诉。Social scientists have not settled on an explanation for this correlation, but their research reveals striking parallels between the factors that drive the two phenomena.社会科学家尚未对此项相关性做出,但他们的研究揭示出,家庭暴力与大规模击的成因之间有极高的的相似性。There are, of course, a tangle of factors behind every murder, especially terrorism inspired by foreign groups. But research on domestic violence hints at a question that often arises from seemingly inexplicable events like Mateen’s massacre of 49 people at an Orlando nightclub — what drives individuals to commit such mass attacks? — and sheds light on the psychology of violence.当然,每一起谋杀事件之后都有着复杂的成因,特别是由外国组织煽动的恐怖主义事件。但是对家庭暴力的研究揭示出这样一个问题,它通常在马廷在奥兰多夜店屠杀49人这类那些看似无法解释的事件中出现——个体做出大规模攻击事件背后的驱动力是什么?这个问题有助于人们了解暴力的心理学。‘Intimate Terrorism’“亲密恐怖主义”Domestic violence often follows a pattern in which an abuser seeks to control every aspect of a victim’s life. The scope and intent of this are hinted at in one name experts use for it: “intimate terrorism.”家庭暴力经常遵循这样一种模式:虐待者谋求控制受害者生活中的方方面面。专家们称之为“亲密恐怖主义”,从中不难看出这种控制的范畴与内容。“The perpetrator is engaging in a general pattern of control over the victim — her finances, her social contacts, the clothes she wears,” said Deborah Epstein, who runs Georgetown University Law Center’s domestic violence clinic.“施害者对受害者施行一种普遍的控制模式,力图控制她的钱,她的社会交往,乃至她的穿着打扮,”乔治城大学(Georgetown University)法律中心家庭暴力诊所的负责人黛拉·爱泼斯坦(Deborah Epstein)说。Violence is the perpetrator’s means of enforcing that control — and of punishing any attempts to break it.暴力是施害者施行控制的方法之一,也是对受害者试图摆脱控制的惩罚手段。Mateen’s brief marriage to Sitora Yusufiy seems to fit this model. She has said that he forced her to hand over her paychecks to him, forbade her to leave the house except to go to work, and prevented her from contacting her parents. Even small perceived infractions were met with a violent response.马廷与西托拉·优素菲(Sitora Yusufiy)的短暂婚姻似乎正符合这个模式。她说马廷曾经逼迫她把自己的薪水交给他,除非上班,否则禁止她离开家,还阻止她与父母联系。如果马廷认为她违背了禁令,哪怕极为轻微,都会向她施以暴力。“He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that,” Yusufiy told The Washington Post.“他回到家里就打我,只因为我没洗完衣之类的事情,”优素菲在接受《华盛顿邮报》采访时说。Take this dynamic of coercive violence to its most horrible extreme, and it looks an awful lot like how the Islamic State treats women in its self-proclaimed caliphate. As my Times colleague Rukmini Callimachi has reported, the group has created a vast infrastructure of rape and slavery in which women are held captive and bought and sold by its fighters. It is intimate violence on an industrial scale.这种强制暴力发展到最恐怖的极致,似乎就很像伊斯兰国(Islamic State)在其自称的哈里发国(caliphate)中对待女人的方式。据我在《纽约时报》的同事鲁克米尼·卡利马基(Rukmini Callimachi)报道,这个组织制造了一个大型的强奸与奴役体系,受害女性被其战士囚禁和买卖。这种亲密暴力达到了一种产业规模。Domestic violence, experts say, is also often a way for male abusers to impose their view of “traditional” gender roles. Epstein said such “traditions” in the ed States were rooted in the idea of men having control over women.专家称,家庭暴力通常是男性虐待者把自己对“传统”性别角色的看法强加于人的方式。爱泼斯坦说,在美国,这种“传统”深深植根在男人必须控制女人的观念之中。“That’s our culture: It’s all about men controlling women in their lives,” she said. “Intimate terrorism stems from that desire to control.”“这就是我们的文化,男人必须掌控女人的生活,”她说。“亲密恐怖主义就发源于这种对控制的渴望。”This bears striking similarities to how the Islamic State presents its treatment of women as a recruiting tool, promising young men abroad — particularly in Europe — that its caliphate will allow them to restore “traditional” gender norms of male dominance. This dominance is exercised in part through violence including systematic rape and the threat of rape. The group often presents this violence as a means to measure and protect men’s honor.这又与伊斯兰国对待女人的方式相吻合,他们以女人作为招募新人的工具,向海外(特别是欧洲)的年轻男人承诺,他们的哈里发国会恢复“传统”性别规范中男性的配地位。这种配地位部分是通过暴力来实现的,包括系统的强奸和强奸威胁。伊斯兰国经常把这种暴力当做一种衡量与保护男性荣誉的方式。It seems natural, then, that the Islamic State might appeal to men who desire that sort of control over the women in their lives, separate from any ideological draw — the kind of men who might have domestic violence in their past.因此,除去意识形态方面的吸引力,伊斯兰国自然对那些希望控制女人生活的男人们格外有吸引力,而这样的男人过去是可能有家暴经历的。Nimmi Gowrinathan, a visiting professor at the City College of New York who studies women’s roles in insurgent and terrorist conflicts, said that restrictive norms about gender and sexuality could be a “pull” factor for terrorist organizations — but that people who are drawn to them are also often “pushed” by their own pre-existing attitudes or desires.纽约市立大学(City College of New York)的访问教授尼米·高里纳森(Nimmi Gowrinathan)专门研究妇女在暴动与恐怖主义冲突中的角色,他说关于性别与性取向的限制性规范可以成为恐怖主义组织中的一个“推动性”因素,但是受他们吸引的人也通常受到自身早已形成的态度或欲望所“推动”。Personal and Global Grievances个人与全球的不幸处境Terrorist attacks and mass shootings garner attention and frighten the public much more than episodes of domestic violence. But domestic violence has a much higher death toll in the ed States.恐怖袭击与大规模击远比零星的家庭暴力事件更能获得大众的关注,并且更能引发公众的恐惧。但是在美国,家庭暴力导致的死亡率远比恐怖袭击高。According to the Violence Policy Center, 895 women in the ed States were murdered by their current or former intimate partners in 2013 (and this does not include those killed amid mass shootings). That single-year tally is more than nine times the 92 people the New American Foundation has counted as killed in jihadi attacks on U.S. soil in the past decade.根据暴力政策中心(Violence Policy Center)公布的数据,2013年,有895名女人被现任或前任亲密伴侣杀死(其中不包括在大规模击事件中遇害的情况)。根据新美国基金会(New American Foundation)统计,过去十年里,在美国本土,有92人死于同圣战分子有关的袭击,换言之,仅仅在2013年一年里,死于家庭暴力者的数字就高出这个数字九倍之多。But there are striking parallels between the intimate terrorism of domestic violence and the mass terrorism perpetrated by lone-wolf attackers like Mateen seems to have been. Both, at their most basic level, are attempts to provoke fear and assert control.但是家庭暴力中的亲密恐怖主义与马廷这种孤狼袭击者带来的大规模恐怖主义似乎存在惊人的相似之处。二者在最基本的层面都是旨在引发恐惧,主张自己的控制权。Domestic violence, experts say, often occurs when an abuser concludes that violence is the best tool to solve his or her grievances. That might mean a husband who perceives his wife’s failure to do the laundry as a challenge to his rightful authority, leading him to try to reimpose his will through violence.专家称,当虐待者认为暴力是解决自己不幸处境的最佳工具时,家庭暴力往往随之发生。这可能意味着,丈夫把妻子没有洗好衣视为对自己权威的挑战,因而诱发他再度通过暴力来实现自己的意志。Clark McCauley, a professor at Bryn Mawr College who studies the psychology of mass violence and terrorism, said he was not aware of research finding a causal relationship between domestic violence and terrorism. But he has found that a characteristic common to mass killers is a sense of grievance: a belief that someone, somewhere, had wronged them in a way that merited a violent response.布林莫尔学院(Bryn Mawr College)研究大规模暴力与恐怖主义心理学的教授克拉克·麦考利(Clark McCauley)说,他不知道是否有研究表明发现家庭暴力和恐怖主义之间存在因果关系。但他发现,大规模杀人凶手中往往存在一种典型的共同之处——有怨气,认为某个人或某个地方错待了他们,因而他们做出暴力的回应是正当的。Gender Norms, Gender Panic性别规范,性别恐慌A domestic abuser’s desire to impose, by force, supposed traditional gender roles also sometimes includes sexuality. Such abusers, experts say, may see homosexuality as a threat to their masculinity.家庭暴力的施害者喜欢把传统性别角色强制施加于人,有时也包括传统性取向。专家称,有些施害者认为同性恋是对他们的男子气概的一种威胁。“There is an idea that what it means to be masculine is to be vigilant of your sexuality, and hypervigilant towards keeping anyone from perceiving you as gay,” said Gillian Chadwick, a fellow at Georgetown University Law Center.“有种观点认为,有男子气概就是要对自己的性取向保持警惕,要非常当心,不让任何人认为你是男同性恋,”乔治城大学法律中心的吉莉安·查德维克(Gillian Chadwick)说。Intimate terrorism, in that sense, rests on a broader spectrum of violence meant to preserve the traditional dominance of heterosexual men, and coerce those who are perceived as threatening that order. That spectrum, at the extreme end, includes mass shootings.在这种意义上,亲密恐怖主义依赖于一种更为广义的暴力,它旨在保持异性恋男性传统的配地位,并把这种秩序强加给那些被视为威胁的人。这种广义暴力的极端形式就包括大规模击。This connection makes it somewhat easier to understand an apparent contradiction: that Mateen targeted a gay nightclub and that his father and ex-wife have said he had a history of homophobic remarks, but that he also had been seen visiting Pulse, the gay nightclub he targeted, and, according to some news reports, used a gay dating app.这种联系有助于我们理解一个看似矛盾的事实;马廷选择一家同性恋夜店作为攻击目标,他的父亲与前妻都说他曾经发表恐同言论,但是根据一些新闻报道,有人目睹他光顾他所袭击的这家夜店Pulse,而且还使用一款同性恋约会手机应用。Could Mateen have been trying to use violence to reimpose rules about gender and sexuality that he himself was troubled about violating? If so, he would not be the first.马廷是否违背了性别与性取向的传统规则,因而才试图使用暴力来恢复这种准则?如果是这样,他并不是第一个这么做的人。Chadwick said there was an entire category of legal argument, called “gay panic” and “trans panic” claims, in which defendants say that they turned to violence because they were so upset about being perceived as gay, or about discovering they were attracted to a transgender person.查德威克说,在法律上,有一个类别就叫做“同性恋恐慌”与“跨性别恐慌”主张——在这种情况下,被告称, 他们被视为同性恋,或者发现跨性别者对自己感兴趣,因此感到不安,所以才会采取暴力行为。 /201606/449935The world#39;s first functional 3D printed building was inaugurated in Dubai by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, vice-president and prime minister of the ed Arab Emirates (UAE) and ruler of Dubai, Dubai daily Gulfnews reported.据迪拜的《海湾时报》报道,阿联酋的实际统治者、副总统兼总理谢赫·穆罕默德主持了世界上首个功能完善的3D打印建筑的开幕礼。The 3D printed building is an office space covering up to 250 square metres, with its exterior design reflecting ;the most innovative forms of the future workplace,; said the report.据悉,这座3D打印建筑占地面积为250平米,其外观设计反映了“未来办公空间的最先进的理念”。Innovative features adopted in the office building to reduce energy consumption include window shades for protection from direct sunlight and keeping the building cool. The latest technology was used in information systems management in the building, said the report, and the design offers space for exhibitions and workshops as well as other events.该办公楼采用了创新技术以减少能耗,比如设计了百叶窗避免阳光直射,保持室内凉爽。此外,根据报道,大楼的信息系统管理也运用了最先进的技术,其设计提供了展示空间,工作室以及其他活动场所。A 3D printer measuring 20 feet high, 120 feet long and 40 feet wide was used to print the building. The printer uses an automated robotic arm in the printing process.一台高20英尺,长120英尺,宽40英尺的打印机打印出了该建筑。打印过程还使用了自动化机器人手臂。The office building, located in the Business Bay area, only has one ground floor, surrounded by a small park. The design was conceived with the aim of shifting the traditional work environment in order to improve innovation and communication in the workplace.这座办公楼只有一层楼,位于商务湾区,被一个小公园环绕。其设计宗旨是改变传统的工作环境,以提高在工作场所的创新和沟通。The 3D printed office building was constructed using a special mixture of cement and a set of building materials designed and made in the UAE and the ed States. The building materials underwent a range of tests in China and Britain to ensure their reliability, and the arc shape adopted for the building is for safety purposes as it ensures the building#39;s stability.这座3D打印办公楼是用水泥和一系列建筑材料的特殊混合物所建成的。这些材料是在阿联酋和美国设计生产出来的。为了确保其可靠性,这些建筑材料在中国和英国进行了一系列测试,并且,建筑所采用的弧度也是出于安全考虑,它保了大楼的稳定性。 /201606/448391长春阳光妇科医院在什么位置

辽源第一人民中医院做人流好吗长春哪个医院打胎好 Sherlock Holmes has had many incarnations since he was first brought to life by the pen of Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. This summer, that most British of detectives, who has appeared as everything from a vampire hunter to a crime-fighting teenager, is being immortalised in Japanese manga.自1887年阿瑟·柯南·道尔创作出夏洛克·福尔斯这个人物以来,有关福尔斯形象化身的作品便层出不穷。从吸血鬼猎人到惩恶扬善的少年,几乎无所不有。今夏,这位最具英伦风范的侦探将在日本漫画中成为不死之身。Out in June, Sherlock: A Study in Pink adapts the B series, which started in 2010, transforming Benedict Cumberbatch#39;s Holmes and Martin Freeman#39;s Dr John Watson into classic manga images. Publisher Titan Comics said the release would be the first time the manga series, illustrated by manga illustrator Jay, would be printed in English. It launched in Japan four years ago, and according to io9 its popularity has meant there have been a plethora of fan translations since.日本漫画《神探夏洛克:粉色的研究》将于六月登陆英国。该漫画改编自2010年B出品的英剧《神探夏洛克》,其中由本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇饰演的福尔斯和马丁·弗瑞曼饰演的华生医生以经典日漫风格登场。出版商泰坦漫画公司表示,由插画师杰伊创作的这部系列漫画,将首次被译成英文出版发行。该漫画于四年前登陆日本。据每日科幻信息网消息,该漫画自出版以来大受追捧,有众多民间译本流传。;It#39;s really interesting seeing such a British thing being reinterpreted in Japanese manga,; said Titan Comics editor Andrew James, who acquired the manga series for the publisher. ;It#39;s still dynamic and full of action, but compared to American comics, there#39;s often a quietness and reflectiveness about manga.;泰坦漫画编辑安德鲁·詹姆斯为公司争取到了该系列漫画的发行权。他表示:;如此经典的英国侦探故事被重塑为日本漫画,真是件有意思的事。改编后的故事依然惊险刺激,精连连。但与美国漫画相比,日本漫画会更为平和,引人深思。;Titan is offering extended page counts, as well as new art and covers by artists including Alice X Zhang, in its manga series, the first issue of which opens with Holmes and Watson#39;s first meeting and ends with the pair moving in together.在这部系列漫画中,泰坦增加了印刷页数,并邀请了艾丽斯·X·张在内的多位艺术家设计新封面。该漫画首卷以福尔斯与华生的初次会面开篇,最终在这对好友一同迁居的故事中落幕。The pair#39;s relationship, James said, is ;not made any more explicit than it is on the television, but it#39;s certainly something the television has hinted at ... so [the manga] is not a thing with love hearts appearing, but it#39;s definitely something in which the subtext is just as strong;.詹姆斯表示:;这对好友的关系在漫画中并没有比电视剧里表现得更直白,但漫画中确实包含了电视剧里暗示的那层意思。所以这部漫画并未直接呈现两人的‘基情#39;,但在潜台词中就很明显了。;Danie Ware, from retailer Forbidden Planet, said the manga series was ;pitched just right;, and an ;interesting crossover;. ;It#39;s a very new thing, putting something which is very British into the manga format. It#39;s very unusual,; she said. ;But ever since Benedict appeared on the television, Sherlock has been on the up and up. [And] there#39;s a huge following for manga amongst young women of around 21, and I think the same group follows Benedict, so there is a crossover.;来自零售商;禁忌星球;的丹妮·韦尔说:;该漫画找准了定位,是一次有趣的交叉融合。将非常英式的故事融入日本漫画中,这是个别出心裁的尝试,很不平常。自从本尼迪克特饰演夏洛克以来,该剧受到了越来越多人的欢迎。许多21岁左右的年轻女性会追捧这部漫画,我想这群人也同样会追捧本尼迪克特本人,这就是交叉融合。;Titan is also the publisher of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series, in which the detective variously deals with alien attacks and vampires, as well as James Lovegrove#39;s forthcoming Cthulhu Casebooks series, in which he takes on occult forces. In Mycroft Holmes, by the basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the life of his older brother is imagined.除这部漫画外,泰坦也是《福尔斯再历险》系列和《克苏鲁案卷》的出版商。前者讲述了大侦探福尔斯破解外星人袭击和吸血鬼之谜的故事,后者是詹姆斯·洛夫格罗夫的一部即将发行的作品,书中展现了超自然力量。篮球运动员卡里姆·阿布杜尔·贾巴尔一直是福尔斯迷,他在《麦考夫·福尔斯》一书中,构想了夏洛克哥哥麦考夫的生活故事。;As a core starting place, Holmes is the detective – the first one, the one everyone references,; said Titan Books editor Miranda Jewess. ;It#39;s nice to have that point of familiarity, then you can have writers from any genre playing with it ... We#39;ve had Holmes fighting everything – even Frankenstein#39;s monster.;泰坦图书编辑米兰达·朱伊斯说道:;这些书籍都围绕着一个核心展开,都以福尔斯这位人尽皆知的大侦探的故事为出发点。从这样一个熟悉的点切入,任何流派的作家都能借此发挥加以创作,这是很好的。这些作品中的福尔斯所向披靡,甚至可以打败弗兰肯斯坦的怪物。;(注:弗兰肯斯坦是英国女作家玛丽·雪莱1818年所著小说中的主人公,他发明了一个最终毁灭了自己的怪物。)According to book sales monitor Nielsen BookScan, hundreds of Holmes-related titles were published in 2015. The most popular was Anthony Horowitz#39;s authorised sequel, The House of Silk, followed by a miniature edition of Conan Doyle#39;s Essential Mysteries. Other popular titles included Andrew Lane#39;s Young Sherlock Holmes books, Tim Dedopulos#39;s Holmes puzzles, and psychologist Maria Konnikova#39;s Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes.据尼尔森图书调查机构显示,2015年有数百部与福尔斯相关的图书出版发行。其中最受欢迎的是安东尼·霍罗威茨所著的《丝之屋》,其次是柯南·道尔所著的《终极奥秘》的袖珍版。《丝之屋》是柯南·道尔产权会唯一认的福尔斯新故事。另一些受欢迎的图书包括安德鲁·莱恩所著的《年轻的福尔斯》,蒂姆·戴多普洛斯所著的字谜图书《福尔斯》,以及心理学家玛丽亚·柯妮可娃所著的《天才大脑:如何像福尔斯一样思考》。Jewess speculated that Conan Doyle himself probably wouldn#39;t have approved of the industry his creation has spawned. ;Luckily, he#39;s out of copyright, because I don#39;t think he#39;d like it,; she said. ;He tried to kill Holmes off once, and I#39;d think he#39;d want him to die again. But on the other hand, perhaps the fact that he has become more than a character, that he#39;s an icon, might help ease his mind.;朱伊斯推测,如果柯南·道尔还活着,他本人很可能并不赞成自己的创作衍生出的福尔斯产业。她说:;我觉得他不会喜欢这些,幸运的是,他的图书版权已经失效。他在书中曾试图把福尔斯杀死,我想他也许还想让福尔斯再死一次。不过从另一方面说,福尔斯不再只是书中的一个角色,他还是位人人喜爱的偶像,或许这点能让道尔觉得慰藉些。; /201603/434512吉大二院多久了?正规吗

中国人民解放军四六一医院贵不贵Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka took to the stage in Bethpage, New York on Wednesday, detailing how her father would make “an excellent president”, negotiate “tough new trade deals” and “bring jobs back to America”. 唐纳德#8226;特朗普(Donald Trump)的女儿伊万卡(Ivanka)周三登上纽约贝斯佩奇的讲台,详细描述了她的父亲将如何成为“一名优秀的总统”、就“艰难的新贸易协议”进行谈判以及“让就业岗位回到美国”。 Yet hours earlier Ms Trump was under pressure for the same thing her father has spoken out against in his speeches: manufacturing many of her products overseas, and producing items of questionable quality. 然而,几个小时之前,伊万卡因她父亲在演讲中公开反对的事情面临压力:她的很多产品系海外制造,产品质量存在问题。 On Wednesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced it was recalling 20,000 scarves made by Ms Trump’s fashion line, Ivanka Trump, because they did not meet the federal flammability standards for clothing in the US and posed “a burn risk” for the people wearing them. 周三,美国消费产品安全委员会(Consumer Product Safety Commission)宣布,将召回伊万卡个人品牌Ivanka Trump生产的2万条围巾,因为它们没有达到美国联邦纺织品阻燃标准,对佩戴这些围巾的人构成了“烧伤风险”。 While the scarves were being sold at US retailers including Century 21, Lord amp; Taylor, Marshalls and TJ Maxx, as well as online at Amazon, all of the scarves were produced in China, the commission said. 该委员会表示,这些围巾在包括21世纪(Century 21)、Lord amp; Taylor、Marshalls和TJ Maxx在内的美国零售商销售,也在亚马逊(Amazon)在线销售,但所有围巾都是在中国生产。 “Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled scarves and return them to the place where purchased for a full refund,” it said. 该委员会称:“消费者应立即停止佩戴这些被召回的围巾,并到购买商家退货和全额退款。” Throughout the campaign, Mr Trump has used many of his speeches to lambast US groups such as Ford, Apple and Nabisco who have moved some or most of their manufacturing overseas. 在整个总统竞选期间,特朗普曾利用多次演讲抨击福特(Ford)、苹果(Apple)和纳贝斯克(Nabisco)等美国企业将一些或多数制造业务迁往海外。 “We have to bring jobs back to this country,” he told an audience of more than 10,000 people in Bethpage on Wednesday night. “We have to stop making terrible trade deals.” “我们必须让就业岗位回到这个国家,”周三晚,他在贝斯佩奇对1万多名观众说,“我们必须停止达成糟糕的贸易协议。” However, critics of Mr Trump have noted that both he and his daughter have been guilty of the same practice. 然而,批评特朗普的人士指出,他和他的女儿都这样做过。 In an interview with CNN last year, Mr Trump admitted that most of his ties are produced in China. Donald Trump dress shirts, sold on Amazon, are manufactured in countries including China and Bangladesh, the website shows. 在去年接受美国有线电视新闻网(CNN)采访时,特朗普承认,他的个人品牌的多数领带都是在中国生产的。亚马逊网站显示,在亚马逊销售的Donald Trump品牌正装衬衫是在中国和孟加拉国等国生产的。 Robert Lawrence, a Harvard professor who has analysed which of Mr Trump’s products are made overseas, found that Donald J Trump eyeglass frames, cufflinks and sports jackets were all made in China. 哈佛大学(Harvard)教授罗伯特#8226;劳伦斯(Robert Lawrence)在分析特朗普的哪些产品是在海外生产之后,发现Donald J Trump品牌的镜框、袖扣以及运动夹克都是在中国生产的。 In an analysis of 832 clothing items and accessories sold by Ivanka Trump, Mr Lawrence found that at least 628 items were imported, 354 of which were made in China. 在分析Ivanka Trump的832款装和配饰时,劳伦斯发现,至少有628款是进口的,其中有354款在中国生产。 /201604/436329 梅河口中医院支持刷信用卡吗长春南关区治疗妇科疾病好不好



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