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“彬格莱告诉我,”吉英说,“他从来不爱多说话,除非跟知已的朋友们谈谈。他对待知已朋友非常和蔼可亲。” "Upon my word! Well, that is very decided indeed--that does seem as if--but, however, it may all come to nothing, you know. " "MY overhearings were more to the purpose than YOURS, Eliza, " said Charlotte. "Mr. Darcy is not so well worth listening to as his friend, is he?--poor Eliza!--to be only just TOLERABLE. " "I beg you would not put it into Lizzy's head to be vexed by his ill-treatment, for he is such a disagreeable man, that it would be quite a misfortune to be liked by him. Mrs. Long told me last night that he sat close to her for half-an-hour without once opening his lips. " "Are you quite sure, ma'am?--is not there a little mistake?" said Jane. "I certainly saw Mr. Darcy speaking to her. " "Aye--because she asked him at last how he liked Netherfield, and he could not help answering her; but she said he seemed quite angry at being spoke to. " "Miss Bingley told me, " said Jane, "that he never speaks much, unless among his intimate acquaintances. With THEM he is remarkably agreeable. " Article/201012/120354Inmates released two correctional officers they had held for a week in the tower at the state prison complex. The inmates captured the officers a week ago after the two officers tried to quell a food fight in the main dining room. The food fight erupted when the prisoners discovered that their candy ration had been cut in half. The candy is a popular bartering item. Inmates trade it for cigarettes, cigars, magazines, stationery, legal dictionaries, and other items. Prison officials said it was necessary to cut back on this luxury item in order to provide basic items, like soap and razors and toilet paper. The prisoners went berserk over the reduction. They threw food, plates, and silverware at the doors, windows, and guards. Then they grabbed two guards and hauled them up to the tower. Once they had the tower door secured, they sent messages to prison officials demanding big bags of candy in exchange for sparing the guards’ lives. The warden complied with their demands. After a week of negotiations, the prisoners approved a deal which restored their candy ration, but in return the administration said they would have to reduce daily soap allotments by 75 percent. Article/201106/141257In thisperturbedstate of mind, with thoughts that could rest on nothing, she walked on; but it would not do; in half a minute the letter was unfolded again, and collecting herself as well as she could, she again began the mortifying perusal of all that related to Wickham, and commanded herself so far as to examine the meaning of every sentence. The account of his connection with the Pemberley family was exactly what he had related himself; and the kindness of the late Mr. Darcy, though she had not before known its extent, agreed equally well with his own words. So far each recital confirmed the other; but when she came to the will, the difference was great. What Wickham had said of the living was freshin her memory, and as she recalled his very words, it was impossible not to feel that there was gross duplicity on one side or the other; and, for a few moments, she flattered herself that her wishes did not err. 她就这样心烦意乱地往前走,真是千头万绪,不知从哪里想起才好。可是不到半分钟工夫,她又按捺不住,从信封里抽出信来聚精会神地忍痛读着写述韦翰的那几段,逼着自己去玩味每一句话的意思。其中讲到韦翰跟彭伯里的关系的那一段,简直和韦翰自己所说的毫无出入;再说到老达西先生生前对他的好处,信上的话也和韦翰自己所说的话完全符合,虽说她并不知道老达西先生究竟对他好到什么地步。到这里为止,双方所述的情况都可以互相印,但是当她读到遗嘱问题的时候,两个人的话就大不相同了。韦翰说到牧师俸禄的那些话,她还记得清清楚楚;她一想起他那些话,就不免感觉到,他们两个人之间总有一个人说的是假话,于是她一时之间,倒高兴起来了,以为自己这种想法不会有错。But when she and re- with the closest attention, the particulars immediately following of Wickham#39;s resigning all pretensions to the living, of his receiving in lieu so considerable a sum as three thousand pounds, again was she forced to hesitate. She put down the letter, weighed every circumstance with what she meant to be impartiality--deliberated on the probability of each statement--but with little success. On both sides it was only assertion. Again she on; but every line proved more clearly that the affair, which she had believed it impossible that any contrivance could so represent as to render Mr. Darcy#39;s conduct in it less than infamous,was capable ofa turn which must make him entirely blameless throughout the whole.接着她又极其仔细地一读再读,读到韦翰借口放弃牧师俸禄从而获得了三千磅一笔款项等等情节的时候,她又不由得犹豫起来。她放下那封信,把每一个情节不偏不倚地推敲了一下,把信中每一句话都仔仔细细考虑了一下,看看是否真有其事,可是这样做也毫无用处。双方都是各执一辞。她只得再往下读。可是愈读愈糊涂;她本以为这件事任凭达西先生怎样花言巧语,颠倒是非,也丝毫不能减轻他自己的卑鄙无耻,哪里想得到这里面大有文章可做,只要把事情改变一下说法,达西先生就可以把责任推卸得一干二净。The extravagance and generalprofligacy which he scrupled not to lay at Mr. Wickham#39;s charge, exceedingly shocked her; the more so, as she could bring no proof of its injustice. She had neverheard ofhim before his entrance into the ----shire Militia, in which he had engaged at the persuasion of the young man who, on meeting him accidentally in town, had there renewed a slight acquaintance. Of his former way of life nothing had been known in Hertfordshire but what he told himself. As to his real character, had information been in her power, she had never felt a wish of inquiring. His countenance, voice, and manner had established him at once in the possession of every virtue. She tried to recollect some instance of goodness, some distinguished trait of integrity or benevolence, that might rescue him from the attacks of Mr. Darcy; or at least, by the predominance of virtue, atone for those casual errors under which she would endeavour to class what Mr. Darcy had described as the idleness and vice of many years#39; continuance. But no such recollection befriended her. 骄奢淫逸的罪名加在韦翰先生身上,这使她极其惊骇……何况她又提不出反,于是就越发惊骇。在韦翰先生参加某某郡的民兵团之前,伊丽莎白根本没有听到过 他这个人。至于他所以要参加民兵团,也只是因为偶然在镇上遇见了以前一个泛泛之交的朋友,劝他加入的。讲到他以前的为人处世,除了他自己所说的以外,她完全一无所知。至于他的真正的人品,她即使可以打听得到,也并没有想要去追根究底。他的仪态音容,叫人一眼看去就觉得他身上具备了一切美德。她竭力要想起一两件足以说明他品行优良的事实,想起他一些为人诚实仁爱的特性,使达西先生所指责的诽谤可以不攻自破,至少也可以使他的优点遮盖得住他偶然的过失。她所谓他的偶然过失,都是针对达西先生所指责的连年来的懒 惰和恶习而说的,可惜她就想不出他这样的一些好处来。She could see him instantly before her, in every charm of air and address; but she could remember no more substantial good than the general approbation of the neighbourhood, and the regard which his social powers had gained him in the mess. After pausing on this point a considerable while, she once more continued to . But, alas! the story which followed, of his designs on Miss Darcy, received some confirmation from what had passed between Colonel Fitzwilliam and herself only the morning before; and at last she was referred for the truth of every particular to Colonel Fitzwilliam himself--from whom she had previously received the information of his near concern in all his cousin#39;s affairs, and whose character she had no reason to question. At one time she had almost resolved on applying to him, but the idea was checked by the awkwardness of the application, andat lengthwholly banished by the conviction that Mr. Darcy would never have hazarded such a proposal, if he had not been well assured of his cousin#39;s corroboration.达西竟毫不迟疑地把她眨下眼睛就可以看到他出现在她面前,风采翩翩,辞令优雅,但是,除了邻里的赞赏之外,除了他用交际手腕在伙伴之间赢得的敬慕之外,她可想不起他有什么更具体的优点。她思考了好一会儿以后,又继续读信。 可是天哪!接下去就读到他对达西的企图,这只要想一想昨天上午她跟费茨威廉上校的谈话,不就是可以实了吗?信上最后要她把每一个细节都问问费茨威廉上校本人,问问他是否真有其事。以前她就曾经听费茨威廉上校亲自说起过,他对他表兄达西的一切事情都极其熟悉,同时她也没有理由去怀疑费茨威廉的人格。她一度几乎下定了决心要去问他,但是问起这件事不免又要有多少别扭,想到这里,她便把这个主意暂时搁了下来。后来她又想到,如果达西拿不准他表弟的话会和他自己完全一致,那他决不会冒冒失失提出这样一个建议,于是她就干脆打消了这个主意。1.in one’s memory在某人记忆中What he said was engraved in my memory 他的讲话在我记忆中留下了深刻印象。2.be capable of能够……Only human beings are capable of speech. 只有人类才具有说话的能力。3.hear of 听说We#39;re sorry to hear of your father#39;s death. 我们获悉令尊去世,非常难过。4.at length最后I arrived at that city at length. 我最终到达了那个城市。 Article/201111/162277

Homebuyers nationwide are watching housing prices go up, up, and up. “How high can they go?” is the question on everyone's lips. “As long as interest rates stay around 5 percent, there's no telling,” remarked one realtor in Santa Monica, California. “It's crazy,” said Tim, who is looking for a house near the beach. “In 1993, I bought my first place, a two-bedroom condominium in Venice, for ,000. My friends thought then that I was overpaying. Five years later, I had to move. I sold it for 0,000, which was a nice profit. Last year, while visiting friends here, I saw in the local paper that the exact same condo was for sale for 0,000!” It is a seller's market. Homebuyers feel like they have to offer at least 10 percent more than the asking price. Donna, a new owner of a one-bedroom condo in Venice Beach, said, “That's what I did. I told the owner that whatever anyone offers you, I'll give you ,000 more, under the table, so you don’t have to pay your realtor any of it. I was tired of looking.” Tim says he hopes he doesn't get that desperate. “Whether you decide to buy or decide not to buy, you still feel like you made the wrong decision. If you buy, you feel like you overpaid. If you don't buy, you want to kick yourself for passing up a great opportunity.” Everyone says the bubble has to burst sometime, but everyone hopes it will burst the day after they sell their house. Even government officials have no idea what the future will bring. “All we can say is that, inevitably, these things go in cycles,” said the state director of housing. “What goes up must come down. But, as we all know, housing prices always stay up a little higher than they go down. So you can’t lose over the long run. Twenty years down the road, your house is always worth more than you paid for it.” Article/201106/141683

Feeling oddly as though his legs had turned to lead, Harry got into line behind a boy with sandy hair, with Ron behind him, and they walked out of the chamber, back across the hall, and through a pair of double doors into the Great Hall.哈利感到自己的双腿像是灌了铅一样,十分奇怪。他排在一个沙土色头发男孩子的后面,罗恩紧跟着他。他们这一队人重新穿越大厅,走进一扇对开的大门,进入到了大会堂。Harry had never even imagined such a strange and splendid place.哈利从未见过有哪个地方如此奇怪且辉煌。It was lit by thousands and thousands of candles that were floating in midair over four long tables, where the rest of the students were sitting.其他高年级的学生都坐在四张长桌子前,他们头顶上方竟有数以千计的蜡烛在半空中飘浮,将整个大会堂照得灯火通明。These tables were laid with glittering golden plates and goblets. At the top of the hall was another long table where the teachers were sitting. Professor McGonagall led the first years up here, so that they came to a halt in a line facing the other students, with the teachers behind them.桌上摆满了闪闪发光的金制的碟子和高脚杯。大会正前面的台上还有另一张长桌子,老师们都坐在那里。麦康娜教授将新生们领上高台,叫他们面向师兄,背对老师,一字排开地站好。The hundreds of faces staring at them looked like pale lanterns in the flickering candlelight.那千百张注视着他们的脸就好像闪耀的烛光中苍白的小灯笼。Dotted here and there among the students, the ghosts shone misty silver.分散在学生中的鬼魂将原本模糊的银器变得闪亮。Mainly to avoid all the staring eyes, Harry looked upward and saw a velvety black ceiling dotted with stars.为了避开台下的目光,哈利抬头仰望,恰巧看见点缀着星星的天鹅绒般美丽的黑色天花板。He heard Hermione whisper, ;Its bewitched to look like the sky outside. I about it in Hogwarts, A History.;他听见荷米恩在他耳边低语:;有人曾对它施了魔法,使它看上去更像外面的星空。这是我在《霍格瓦彻故事》中得知的。It was hard to believe there was a ceiling there at all, and that the Great Hall didn#39;t simply open on to the heavens.;真难以想象其实大会堂并不是露天的,堂顶上还有一层天花板。Harry quickly looked down again as Professor McGonagall silently placed a four-legged stool in front of the first years.当麦康娜教授静静地将一个四脚凳摆在新生们的面前时,哈利赶忙又平视前方。On top of the stool she put a pointed wizard#39;s hat. This hat was patched and frayed and extremely dirty. Aunt Petunia wouldn#39;t have let it in the house.教授在那四脚凳上放上一顶尖尖的魔法师的帽子。这顶帽子又破又旧又脏。帕尤妮亚姨妈是绝对不会让这顶帽子进入她的家门的。Maybe they had to try and get a rabbit out of it, Harry thought wildly, that seemed the sort of thing ; noticing that everyone in the hall was now staring at the hat, he stared at it, too.也许是要从里面变只兔子或者什么吧,哈利正在胡乱猜测,发现大会堂里的每个人都盯着那帽子看,他也很想看个究竟。For a few seconds, there was complete silence. Then the hat twitched.一片死寂。突然,帽子一阵抽动.A rip near the brim opened wide like a mouth ; and the hat began to sing:;Oh, you may not think I#39;m pretty,but don#39;t judge on what you see,I#39;ll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me.;在它边缘的地方裂开了一道像人的嘴巴一样的缝。接着,帽子竟开始唱起来:;噢,也许你认为我并不美丽,但不要只信任你的眼睛,如果你能找到一顶帽子比我更聪明,你把我怎样都行。You can keep your bowlers black,your top hats sleek and tall,for I#39;m the Hogwarts Sorting Hat and I can cap them all.你的圆顶礼帽黑且亮,你的高顶礼帽滑且高,因为我是霍格瓦彻分配帽,所以它们都没我好。There#39;s nothing hidden in your head.The Sorting Hat can#39;t see,so try me on and I will tell you where you ought to be.你脑子里想什么我最清楚,所以把我戴上,你该到哪儿就很清楚。You might belong in Gryffindor,where dwell the brave at heart,their daring, nerve, and chivalry,set Gryffindors apart;你也许该去格林芬顿,那里的勇士特别多,勇气、精神和扭力,无惧挑战与风波;you might belong in Hufflepuff,where they are just and loyal,those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil;要是你住在海夫巴夫,那里忠诚、正直又杰出,人们耐心又诚恳,无惧工作的劳苦;or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you#39;ve a y mind,where those of wit and learning,will always find their kind;如果你住卫文卡罗,那可实在真是好,学者、智者一大堆,其他地方不易找;or perhaps in Slytherin,you#39;ll make your real friends,those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends.或者住在交林德林,你会找到朋友与真情,那里的居民有本领,那里的美景很吸引。So put me on! Don#39;t be afraid!And don#39;t get in a flap!来戴上我,千万别胆颤又心惊!You#39;re in safe hands (though I have none).For I#39;m a Thinking Cap!;The whole hall burst into applause as the hat finished its song.有我保护安全得很,因为我思想之帽并不蠢。;当帽子表演完他精的歌唱,整个会堂报以热烈的掌声。It bowed to each of the four tables and then became quite still again.它对着四张坐满学生的桌子各鞠了一个躬,然后又变得纹丝不动了。So we#39;ve just got to try on the hat!Ron whispered to Harry. ;I#39;ll kill Fred, he was going on about wrestling a troll.;;看来我们只需戴一戴那顶帽子就行了。;罗恩低声对哈利说,;该死的弗来德,他才要去和巨人摔跤呢。;Harry smiled weakly. Yes, trying on the hat was a lot better than having to do a spell, but he did wish they could have tried it on without everyone watching.哈利暗自窃笑。确实,戴帽子可比变魔法容易多了,不过他还是觉得台下没有观众就更好了。The hat seemed to be asking rather a lot; Harry didn#39;t feel brave or quick-witted or any of it at the moment.帽子似乎要问不少问题,而哈利也从不觉得自己很勇敢或是很聪明。If only the hat had mentioned a house for people who felt a bit queasy, that would have been the one for him.但愿帽子能对身体不适的人网开一面,直接告知结果了事,如果真是这样的话,那他一定能成为幸运儿。

丽萃,让我老实告诉你吧;如果你一碰到人家求婚,就象这样拒绝,那你一生一世都休想弄到一个丈夫。瞧你爸爸去世以后,还有谁来养你。;Aye, there she comes, ; continued Mrs. Bennet, ;looking as unconcerned as may be, and caring no more for us than if we were at York, provided she can have her own way. But I tell you, Miss Lizzy--if you take it into your head to go on refusing every offer of marriage in this way, you will never get a husband at all--and I am sure I do not know who is to maintain you when your father is dead. I shall not be able to keep you--and so I warn you. I have done with you from this very day. I told you in the library, you know, that I should never speak to you again, and you will find me as good as my word. I have no pleasure in talking to undutiful children. Not that I have much pleasure, indeed, in talking to anybody. People who suffer as I do from nervous complaints can have no great inclination for talking. Nobody can tell what I suffer! But it is always so. Those who do not complain are never pitied. ;Her daughters listened in silence to this effusion, sensible that any attempt to reason with her or soothe her would only increase the irritation. She talked on, therefore, without interruption from any of them, till they were joined by Mr. Collins, who entered the room with an air more stately than usual, and on perceiving whom, she said to the girls, ;Now, I do insist upon it, that you, all of you, hold your tongues, and let me and Mr. Collins have a little conversation together. ;Elizabeth passed quietly out of the room, Jane and Kitty followed, but Lydia stood her ground, determined to hear all she could; and Charlotte, detained first by the civility of Mr. Collins, whose inquiries after herself and all her family were very minute, and then by a little curiosity, satisfied herself with walking to the window and pretending not to hear. In a doleful voice Mrs. Bennet began the projected conversation: ;Oh! Mr. Collins!; Article/201108/151611

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