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安康市妇幼保健院消化病好不好陕西胃泰好不好西安消化科医院 A pair of R-rated new releases ruled the North American box office, demonstrating that adults are still eager to head to the movies when presented with attractive options.两部最新上映的R级电影在上周末的北美票房排行榜上占尽了风光,这说明如果有吸引人的片子可供选择的话,成年人还是很愿意去影院看电影的;Ted,; from Comcast Corp. Universal Pictures, and ;Magic Mike,; from Time Warner Inc. Warner Bros. Pictures, respectively earned .1 million and . million, according to early studio estimates. It the first time two R-rated movies have both opened over million in the same weekend, according to Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. president of domestic distribution.根据早期票房估计,康卡斯特公司(Comcast Corp.)旗下环球影业(Universal Pictures)出品的《泰迪熊(Ted)和华纳公司(Time Warner Inc.)旗下华纳兄弟影业(Warner Bros. Pictures)出品的《魔力麦克(Magic Mike)分别获得了5,万美元和3,9万美元的票房收入华纳兄弟负责影片国内发行的总裁费尔曼(Dan Fellman)说,同一个周末上映的两部R级电影票房均超过,0万美元的情况尚属首次出现;It one the books,; said Mr. Fellman.费尔曼说,这将载入史册R-rated films tend not to perm as well as films that are open to a wider number of patrons. instance, this year top-grossing film, Walt Disney Co. and Marvel Studios ;The Avengers,; is rated PG-, as are the coming superhero films ;The Amazing Spider-Man; and ;The Dark Knight Rises.;R级电影的票房表现往往不如受众面更广的电影例如,今年票房收入最高的电影──由Marvel Studios和华特-迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)制作和发行的影片《复仇者联盟(The Avengers)的分级是PG-,与即将上映的两部超级英雄电影《超凡蜘蛛侠(The Amazing Spider-Man)和《蝙蝠侠前传3:黑暗骑士崛起(The Dark Knight Rises)分级相同;Ted,; about a man and his foul-mouthed talking teddy bear, is the first live-action feature from writer-director Seth MacFarlane, best known creating the animated television show ;Family Guy.;《泰迪熊讲的是一个男人和他会说话但脏话连篇的泰迪熊的故事,也是该片导演作家麦克法兰(Seth MacFarlane)第一部自编自导的非动画电影麦克法兰最知名的作品是动画剧集《居家男人(Family Guy)The opening of the roughly million film, which was financed by Media Rights Capital and sold to Universal, is the biggest debut an original R-rated, non-sequel since ;The Hangover,; which opened at million. Overall, it is the eighth-highest opening an R-rated film and third-highest opening an R-rated comedy, according to the box office division of Hollywood.com.《泰迪熊的制作成本大约为5,000万美元,由Media Rights Capital出资拍摄并出售给了环球影业该片是《宿醉(The Hangover)之后上映周末票房最高的R级原创非系列电影《宿醉上映周末的票房为,500万美元根据Hollywood.com票房部门的数据,从整体上看,《泰迪熊的上映后票房收入在R级电影中排名第八,在R级喜剧电影中排名第三Relativity Media LLC is also a partner in the film.Relativity Media LLC也是该片的合作方之一Nikki Rocco, Universal president of distribution, credits much of the success of ;Ted; to the film clever marketing campaign and the film itself, as indicated by the broad audience demographic that bought tickets. According to exit poll data provided by the studio, ;Ted; appealed primarily to males, who made up 56% of the audience, and ticket-buyers over the age of 30, who made up 5% of the audience.环球影业负责影片发行的总裁罗科 (Nikki Rocco)认为,该片观影人群范围很广,从中可以看出,《泰迪熊的成功应主要归功于巧妙的营销策略和影片本身环球影业提供的观影后的调查数据显示,《泰迪熊吸引的主要是男性观众,男性观众的比例为56%,年龄超过30岁的观众的比例为5%In second place, the male stripping drama ;Magic Mike; grossed . million from ,930 locations. The film was directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Channing Tatum as a male exotic dancer living in Tampa, Fla.上周末北美票房榜上排名第二的是讲述脱衣舞男经历的《魔力麦克,该片在,930家院线共获得了3,9万美元的票房收入该片由索德伯格(Steven Soderbergh)执导,钱宁#86;塔特姆(Channing Tatum)在片中扮演一名居住在佛罗里达州坦帕市(Tampa)的脱衣舞演员 1888Cumberbatch becomes a dad本尼迪克特当爸爸了;Sherlock; star Benedict Cumberbatch and wife Sophie Hunter welcomed their first child in June.《神探夏洛克中的;卷福;本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇和妻子苏菲·亨特6月迎来了他们的第一个宝宝A spokesman the couple said: ;Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are delighted to announce the arrival of their beautiful son.;这对夫妇的发言人称:;本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇和苏菲·亨特很高兴地宣布,他们漂亮的儿子诞生了;The news means it is a double celebration the British actor, who has been named a CBE in the Queen Birthday Honors List.这消息对于卷福来说可谓喜上加喜,他不久前刚刚被列入女王寿辰授勋名单中,将获得大英帝国司令勋章(CBE) 388陕西省第四人民医院预约挂号肠胃科胃病专家

西安胃泰胃病科医院挂号商洛妇幼保健院胃病胃肠正规吗 Investors controlling about $.6tn in total assets have made commitments to cut back or sell out of their holdings in fossil fuel companies, campaigners say, signalling the growing momentum of the divestment movement.活动人士称,合计控制着约.6万亿美元资产的投资者承诺,将缩减或出清他们在化石燃料公司持有的股份此举标志着,“撤资运动”(divestment movement)的势头正日益高涨Campaigners concerned about the threat of climate change argue that investors have a moral responsibility not to finance activities that lead to high emissions of greenhouse gases, and that thcoming climate policies are likely to make those activities unprofitable.关心气候变化威胁的活动人士认为,投资者在道德上有义务不资助导致较高温室气体排放的活动,而且即将出台的气候政策很可能会使这类活动变得无利可图Ellen Dorsey of the Wallace Global Fund, a foundation that works on environmental and social issues, said the divestment campaign had evolved from “a few scrappy students” into a global movement.”聚焦环境和社会问题的华莱士全球基金会(Wallace Global Fund)的埃伦多尔西(Ellen Dorsey)称,撤资运动已从“一些冲动的学生(搞的运动)”发展为一场全球性运动The actor Leonardo DiCaprio on Tuesday lent his name to the campaign of more than ,000 individuals and 00 institutions who are committed to pulling money out of fossil fuel companies. His Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports conservation projects around the world.演员莱昂纳多迪卡普里奥(Leonardo DiCaprio)周二公开向这场运动表示持在这场运动中,有逾00名个人和00家机构致力于从化石燃料公司撤资迪卡普里奥的“莱昂纳多迪卡普里奥基金会”(Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation)持世界各地的环保项目The total value of the holdings that investors are selling is not known, but Ryan Strode at Arabella Advisors, the research firm that calculated the $.6tn figure, said a sample of just 7 per cent of the investors involved had between them sold or promised to sell about bn worth of fossil fuel investments.投资者正在出售的股份的总价值尚不得而知,但估算出.6万亿美元这个数字的研究机构“阿拉贝拉顾问公司”(Arabella Advisors)的瑞安斯特罗德(Ryan Strode)称,一个仅包含7%所涉投资者的样本,已出售或承诺出售价值约60亿美元的化石燃料方面的投资The largest investors that have sold or made commitments include Norway’s state pension fund, Axa, the French insurance group, Nordea Asset Management, the largest Nordic fund manager, and the University of Calinia.已出售或承诺出售投资的大型投资者包括,挪威国家养老金基金、法国保险集团安盛(Axa)、北欧最大的基金管理公司“北欧资产管理公司”(Nordea Asset Management)、以及加州大学(University of Calinia)These funds have sold or pledged to sell their shares in coal companies, which have permed very poorly in recent years.这些投资者已出售或承诺出售其在煤炭公司持有的股份最近几年,煤炭公司的表现非常糟糕 example shares in Peabody Energy, the largest US coal group by production, have dropped 98 per cent since April , under pressure from environmental regulations, competition from cheap natural gas, and a slump in world markets caused by falling demand in China.例如,自年月以来,面对环境监管、廉价天然气带来的竞争以及中国需求下滑导致全球市场低迷等因素构成的压力,美国产量最大的煤炭集团皮迪能源(Peabody Energy)的股价已下跌了98% 0西安胃泰医院招聘

西安市第九医院肠胃科正规的吗When Twister opened in 1996, I called it the loudest thing youre liable to hear without sticking your head inside a jet engine. Given the evolution of sound systems since then, it not surprising that Into the Storm is much louder. What remarkable about this long-belated and low-rent knockoff, however, is the velocity of its cheerful idiocy, the blithe vacuity of its narrative downtime between tornado touchdowns.1996年影片《龙卷风(Twister)上映的时候,我曾称它是“在不把头伸进飞机引擎的情况下,你能听到的最大的声音”鉴于那之后音响系统的发展,《不惧风暴(Into the Storm)的声音更大就毫不意外了不过,这部姗姗来迟、质量低劣的影片的惊人之处在于它的弱智搞笑情节之多,以及龙卷风来袭的空档叙事的苍白The main storm-chaser, a dislikable crackpot named Pete ( Matt Walsh ), courts disaster that he clearly deserves, though he does have an amusing epiphany. The vice principal of the local high school, Gary (Richard Armitage), fails to cancel outdoor graduation ceremonies in the face of ominous weather ecasts, though he succeeds at becoming a hero in the teeth of multiple storms. Sometimes the intentional silliness pays off, sometimes it falls flat. Still, the proof of this pudding is in the whooshing, and the digital effects-the animation, really-may well make the movie a hit. Everything gets sucked up into the vortex (even a fleet of 77s that unably appear at the local airport), and every vortex is followed by a bigger one until Mother Nature finally remembers where she put sunshine and blue sky.片中的主要风暴追逐者是一个名叫皮特(Pete)的令人厌恶的怪胎,由马特#539;沃尔什(Matt Walsh)饰演他喜欢追逐灾难,这也算是求仁得仁,不过他确实拥有一种有趣的顿悟能力尽管天气预报称将出现恶劣天气,但理查德#539;阿米蒂奇(Richard Armitage)饰演的当地中学副校长加里(Gary)没有取消室外毕业典礼,不过他成功地从多次风暴中侥幸逃生,成为一位英雄有时候,片中故意安排的弱智情节产生了效果,有时候则反响平平不过,影片的亮点在壮观的龙卷风,而数字效果(也就是动画制作)则可能使该片大卖龙卷风将所有东西都吸入其中(甚至是莫名其妙出现在当地机场的几架波音77客机),每次龙卷风之后都有更大的龙卷风袭来,直到大自然终于记起把阳光和蓝天放到了什么地方To give the film its full due, the people who made it-the writer, John Swetnam, and the director, Steven Quale-got wind of a genuine trend and ran with it. Everyone on screen is busy filming everyone else. It a shakier-camera version of The Blair Witch Project in the era of YouTube. When disaster strikes-and disaster keeps striking with numbing repetitiveness-it always under the watchful eye of someone cellphone that in the process of shooting someone else shooting someone else. In this vision of immortality, nothing is ever lost unless it deleted.一言以蔽之,包括编剧约翰#539;斯韦特纳姆(John Swetnam)和导演史蒂文#539;奎尔(Steven Quale)在内的影片制作者顺应了以纪录片手法拍摄影片的潮流片中的每个人都在忙着拍摄别人影片可以说是YouTube时代用晃得更加厉害的摄影机拍摄的《女巫布莱尔(The Blair Witch Project)当灾难来临时(而灾难一再降临,让人都麻木了),总是会被正在用手机拍别人的人拍摄下来在这种永生的幻境中,没有什么会丢失,除非是被删掉了 377 The third installment of the Iron Man franchise is to be in co-production with China, Disney has announced, B reported.据英国广播公司报道,迪士尼公司已宣布将与中国合拍《钢铁侠3In a joint agreement, DMG — a Chinese entertainment and marketing group -- will invest in Iron Man 3 and manage the co-production process on the Chinese side. Along with Disney China , DMG will also distribute the film in the country.联合声明称,中国传媒集团DMG将投资制作《钢铁侠3,管理其在中国拍摄的过程,并与迪士尼中国公司一起在中国发行该片;We know Chinese audiences love Iron Man. So we are going to add Chinese elements and a Chinese story to Iron Man 3,; Stanley Cheung, Disney General Manager Greater China, said.迪士尼大中华区总裁张志忠说:“中国观众很喜欢《钢铁侠,所以我们将在《钢铁侠3中加入中国元素以及一个中国故事”Iron Man 3, starring Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Don Cheadle, will begin filming this year, with a US release date penned in 3 May .《钢铁侠3星光熠熠的演员阵容将强势回归,小罗伯特·唐尼、格温妮丝·帕特洛以及唐·钱德尔将领衔出演据悉,该片将于今年开拍,预计年5月3日在美国上映 89西安市中心医院看胃肠胃痛胃病西安交大医学院第一附属医院胃肠症状口臭胃胀便秘胃下垂



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