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2019年11月14日 14:13:28 | 作者:家庭医生资讯 | 来源:新华社
Representatives of the five BRICS nations - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa - are gathering in the Russian city of Ufa Thursday for their annual summit, amid tight security.巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非等金砖五国的代表星期四在俄罗斯城市乌法出席年度峰会,会场周围戒备森严。The group is to begin this month operating a 0 billion currency pool seen as an alternative to the International Monetary Fund.金砖国家这个月将开始运作其1000亿美元的资金。金砖国家发展被视为国际货币基金组织之外的一个选择。The BRICS New Development Bank is expected to start financing infrastructure projects in the five BRICS nations next year. Representatives from the five nations finalized their plans and contributions at a pre-summit meeting on Tuesday.金砖预计明年开始为金砖五国的基础设施项目提供融资。五国代表星期二在峰会前的会晤中最后敲定了相关计划和各国的出资额。The BRICS nations have in common the fact that they are relatively newly industrialized nations with fast-growing economies and considerable clout on the international stage.金砖五国的共同之处在于这几个国家都是新兴工业化国家,经济增长迅速,在国际舞台上占有重要地位。Attending the summit are Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and South African President Jacob Zuma.俄罗斯总统普京、中国国家主席习近平、巴西总统罗塞夫、印度总理莫迪和南非总统祖马出席了这次峰会。来 /201507/384967U.S. lawmakers have expressed a mix of reactions to President Barack Obamas State of the Union address, with a particular focus on his economic policies and the ongoing international negotiations on Irans nuclear program.美国国会议员们对奥巴马总统的国情咨文演讲反应不一,而奥巴马的经济政策以及围绕伊朗核项目的国际谈判是议员们的关注焦点。After the speech Tuesday night at the Capitol in Washington, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called Mr. Obamas speech a ;powerful vision of opportunity and prosperity; for American families, and highlighted his plans to help those in the middle class.奥巴马星期二晚间结束在华盛顿国会山的演讲后,国会众议院少数党领袖佩洛西说,奥巴马在演讲中极其关注为美国家庭提供机会和繁荣,并强调他计划帮助中产阶级。But Republicans in the Senate, who reclaimed a majority this year, questioned how the president would fund those initiatives.但今年赢得多数席位的共和党参议员们对奥巴马如何为实施有关计划提供资金提出质疑。Senator Cory Gardner expressed opposition to raising money through new taxes.参议员加德纳表示,反对通过增税筹集资金。On Iran, Mr. Obama said enacting new sanctions would ;all but guarantee; the negotiations would fail, but some members of Congress are pushing for more economic pressure.奥巴马在谈到伊朗问题时说,对伊朗实施新制裁几乎等于宣告谈判失败,但一些议员主张对伊朗施加更大经济压力。Senator Gardner said the current effort has given too many concessions to Iran, while not getting enough in return.加德纳说,目前的做法对伊朗做出太多让步,同时却没有从伊朗得到足够的回报。Democratic Representative Eliot Engel also wants more sanctions, which have hurt Irans economy during the past few years.民主党参议员恩格尔也主张对伊朗实施更多制裁。几年来,制裁使伊朗经济受到损害。Representative David Scott, a Democrat, expressed similar dissatisfaction with the presidents counterterror policies.民主党众议员斯科特也表示,对奥巴马的反恐政策感到不满。Others backed Mr. Obama, including Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer, who said he ;showed his leadership when he talked about America leading a united world in confronting the threat of terrorism.;一些议员持奥巴马,包括民主党参议员克瑟。她说,奥巴马在谈到美国领导团结一致的国际社会对抗恐怖主义威胁时,展示了领袖风范。来 /201501/355719

The toughest anti-smoking legislation in Chinas history came into effect on Mondayin Beijing, with unprecedented fines and a hotline to report offenders butfears of weak enforcement.中国历史上最严厉的禁烟法律周一开始在北京生效,罚款额度之高前所未有,而且还提供电话热线举报违反者,但是人们担心在执行上可能无法到位。The law makes smoking in offices, restaurants, hotels and hospitals illegal, withvenues where the ban is flouted subject to fines of up to 10,000 yuan (,600).该法律禁止人们在办公室,餐馆,酒店以及医院里吸烟,违反该法律的场所最高面万元的罚款。Venues which repeatedly ignore the law could have their licenses revoked, while individuals caught smoking in prohibited zones could be fined as much as 200yuan.一再违反该法律的经营场所可能被吊销营业执照,而那些在禁区吸烟的个人,一旦被抓住,将被罚00元。As well as indoor smoking, the law prohibits lighting up in some open-air spacesdose to schools, hospita Is, and sports venues.除了禁止在室内吸烟外,该法律还禁止人们在靠近学,医院和运动场所附近的露天地带吸烟。A barrier to imposing similar measures across the country is the continued cloutof Chinas state-run toba cco industry, which provides the government with colossal amounts of money 911 billion yuan in taxes ar d profits in 2014, an increase of 12 percent year-on-year.之所以无法在全国实行这样的禁烟措施,是因为中国国有的烟草行业所具有的巨大影响力,该行业为政府提供巨大的税收和利润014年税收和利润就达110亿元,同比増2%。来 /201506/378530

The terrorist attacks on France were a shock. The ensuing wave of mostly uninformed foreign opining about France was not. Even more than other countries, France has a distorted international image.对法国的恐怖袭击令人震惊。随之而来的一波外国人对法国不着边际的却并非如此。相对于其他国家,法国的国际形象更为扭曲。Perversely, that’s because foreigners tend to feel they know France. After all, it’s the world’s most visited country. It used to foist its “civilisationon other people. It still takes up disproportionate global mindshare. It rejects many international shibboleths on how to run a country. Many foreigners speak a bit of French. So the temptation is to feel that they understand France, and disagree with it. Hence the phenomenon that the French call le French bashing (something at which they themselves excel). I live in Paris and collect misunderstandings about France. Here are a few:变态的是,造成这种状况的原因是外国人往往觉得自己了解法国。毕竟,法国是世界上游客到访最多的国家。它过去常把自己“文明”强加到其他民族。它在全球意识中仍占有重要一席。它拒绝很多国际上通行的治国套路。许多外国人能说一点儿法语。所以,他们忍不住觉得自己了解法国,但不与其苟同。于是就出现了法国人所称的“敲打法国”现象(其实法国人自己也擅长此道)。住在巴黎的我,收集了一些有关法国的误解。以下列出其中一些:“France is sliding back into anti-Semitism.”Many French Jews are rightly scared. This month’s murder of four people in the kosher supermarket was only the latest anti-Semitic attack here. But it’s the anti-Semitism of a small jihadi cluster, a tiny minority within French Muslims. Meanwhile mainstream anti-Semitism looks weaker than ever: 89 per cent of French people polled by Pew Research last year expressed positive attitudes towards Jews. France today is neither Vichy nor Eurabia.“法国正在倒退至反犹太主义。”许多法国犹太人有理由害怕。本月发生在巴黎一家犹太超市的4人被杀事件只是最新一起反犹太袭击。但这是一小撮圣战分子的反犹太主义,他们在法国的穆斯林中只占极少数。与此同时,主流反犹太主义看起来空前虚弱:在皮尤研究中心(Pew Research Centre)去年调查的法国人中,89%表达了对犹太人的积极态度。今天的法国既不是维希政Vichy),也并非“欧拉伯Eurabia)。“France is a museum, stuck in the past.To the contrary, just before the terrorists attacked, France was having a very creative moment. Fed up with economic stagnation, the French were borrowing ideas from abroad.“法国是一个物馆,被钉在过去。”与此相反,在恐怖分子发动袭击前,法国正处在一个很有创造力的时期。受够了经济停滞的法国人,正在从国外借鉴经验。People across France have become “open to the world argues French economist Robin Rivaton. The Pisani-Ferry report, commissioned by the government to set national targets for 2025, obsessively benchmarks France against other countries, notes Helen Drake of Loughborough University. The report’s aspirations for instance, for France to have 10 “world-class multidisciplinary universitiesreflect the national belief that France should always be number one and cutting-edge.法国经济学家罗宾#8226;里瓦Robin Rivaton)认为,法国人已经开始“对世界开放”。拉夫堡大学(Loughborough University)的海#8226;德雷Helen Drake)指出,法国政府为了设025年国家目标而委托制定的皮萨费里(Pisani-Ferry)报告,念念不忘地将法国与其他国家进行基准对比。报告列出的各项抱负——例如,法国要拥0所“世界级的综合大学”——反映了一种国民信仰,即法国应该永远是第一,永远站在最前沿。International thinking is changing France: les start-ups in the tech sector venerate Silicon Valley; restaurant chefs have brought home ideas from stints in the Anglosphere; and, as French schools wonder how to emulate Finland, there’s a national debate about dumping France’s brutal grading system. Or French novelist Patrick Modiano’s speech accepting the 2014 Nobel Prize for literature: it’s a eulogy to foreign role models from Osip Mandelstam to Alfred Hitchcock.国际上的思维正在改变法国:法国高科技初创企业膜拜硅谷;餐厅厨师从英语文化Anglosphere)的工作经验带回了创意;而且,在法国学校研究如何模仿芬兰时,该国开展了一场关于取消残酷评分制度的辩论。或者,读一下法国小说家帕特里克#8226;莫迪亚诺(Patrick Modiano)接受2014年诺贝尔文学奖时的演讲稿:那是一篇对外国榜样——从奥斯#8226;曼德尔斯塔姆(Osip Mandelstam)到阿尔弗雷德#8226;希区柯克(Alfred Hitchcock)——的颂词。Is France a museum? Economist Jean Tirole just won a Nobel too, Thomas Piketty is changing the global economic debate and on January 11 million marched for freedom of expression.法国是一个物馆吗?经济学家#8226;梯若Jean Tirole)刚刚也获得了诺贝尔奖;托马斯#8226;皮凯Thomas Piketty)正在改变全球经济辩论1日,数百万人为捍卫言论自由而游行。“The French reject change because they want to hang on to their privileges.It’s true that whenever any government timidly proposes a reform, some group shouts it down: farmers, notaries, pilots, trade unions, etc. But these are small privileged interest groups. Only 8 per cent of French workers belong to a union fewer than in the US. Ever more French people are unprivileged outsiders on temporary contracts. Most of them want change.“法国人拒绝改变,因为他们想保住自己的特权。”没错,每当政府(无论由谁主政)胆怯地提议一项改革,总会有一些群体强烈抗议:农民、公员、飞行员以及工会等等。但这些都是小范围的享受特殊待遇的利益集团。只%的法国工人加入了工会——比例小于美囀?越来越多的法国人签订临时合同,成为享受不到特权的局外人。他们中大多数人希望改变。来 /201504/367506

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