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西电集团医院胃病科专家地址电话西安交大第二附属医院肠胃科网上挂号Learn to turn down an invitation graciously with the right response and enjoy your time by yourself, guilt free.以得体的方式优雅地拒绝邀请,毫无愧疚地享受独处的时间。You Will Need你需要Manners礼貌A prior engagement提前约会Future plans未来的计划Steps步骤STEP 1 Be truthful1.坦诚If youre dealing with a close friend, be truthful. If you dont want to go, say you dont want to go. A good friend will understand.如果是亲密的朋友,坦白一点。如果你不想去,直接说自己不想去。真正的朋友会理解你的。STEP 2 Dont offer an excuse2.不要给出理由If the asker is not a close friend, say thank you for the invitation. Then, simply say you cannot attend, without offering an excuse.如果要请你的人并不是亲密的朋友,告诉对方感谢他的邀请。然后简单地说自己不能去,不需要给出理由。Dont use a lie as an excuse. Lies lead to more lies, and, if you get caught, it can lead to embarrassment.不要用谎话作理由。一个谎话需要更多谎话来圆。如果被抓住的话会很尴尬。STEP 3 Stand firm3.坚定立场If the inviter asks why you cant attend, simply answer that youre not free that day. Its not a lie, but it should satisfy their question.如果对方问你为何不能参加,简单地回答当天没有空。这并不是谎言,但是可以回答他们的问题。STEP 4 Show empathy4.表示遗憾Express how you are sorry about missing out on the event.表示自己对错过聚会感到非常遗憾。STEP 5 Plan another engagement5.安排另外一场约会Explain how you are excited to see them at a different event, or make other plans for just the two of you.解释你在另外一场活动中看到他们会非常高兴,或者为你们两人安排其他的计划。视频听力译文由。201410/336736陕西省森工医院萎缩性胃炎反流性胃炎食道炎 UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。Im an award that was established in 1895 and first given in 1901, a name for the inventor of dynamite, and I am awarded in several different fields, including medicine, physics and peace. 我是在1895年建立、首次在1901年颁发。我是炸药的发明家。我在不同领域颁布,包括医药、物理和和平。Im the Nobel Prize, established by the will of Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel.我是诺贝尔奖,是根据瑞典化学家阿尔弗雷德 · 诺贝尔的遗愿建立的。AZUZ: We are expecting the 2014 Nobel Prize winners to be announced all this week, at a ceremony in the Swedish capital of Stockholm yesterday. 我们期待2014年诺贝尔奖得主能在本周宣布,也就是在昨天瑞典首都斯得哥尔举办的仪式上。There were three winners named for the prize in physiology or medicine. 诺贝尔生理学或医学奖的获得者有三名。Professors John OKeefe, May-Britt Moser and Edward Moser are all neuroscientists. 分别是国科学家John OKeefe(约翰-欧基夫),挪威科学家May Britt Moser(梅-布莱特-莫索尔);以及挪威科学家Edvand Moser(爱德华-莫索尔),他们都是神经系统科学家。Theyll split the .2 million Nobel Award. 他们平分了120万美元诺贝尔奖奖金。They discovered brain cells that help us keep track of where we are and where we are going. 他们发现了帮助我们记录我们在哪、我们要去哪儿的脑细胞。Its kind of like a GPS built into our heads. 这就像是我们脑子里的GPS一样。It allows us to make repeat trips to previous places. 它使我们能去到以前去过的地方。And one reason why the discoveries are important, Alzheimers research. 这项发现之所以重要,是因为老年痴呆症的研究。People with Alzheimers disease become lost more easily as parts of their brains breaks down.患有老年痴呆症的人会更容易迷路,因为他们大脑部分失灵了。Understanding the brains GPS could help scientists understand how these patients become disoriented. 了解了大脑的GPS能帮助科学家了解这些病人为什么会失去方向感。 /201410/335217西安交通大学第一附属医院消化病地址在哪

陕西西安交大第一附属医院胃病胃肠专家预约UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。Im a nation thats the worlds largest producer of platinum. 我是世界最大的铂金生产国。I have three capitals including Pretoria. 我有三个首都,其中包括比勒陀利亚。Youll find me in the southern most part of Africa. 你能在非洲最南部看到我。Im South Africa, and Ive been governed by President Jacob Zuma since .我是南非,从年开始我就由雅各布·祖马统治。Even though 79 percent of South Africas population is black, the country didnt have its first black president until 1994. 尽管南非79%的人口都是黑人,这个国家直到1994年才有了第一位黑人总统。The reason - Apartheid. 原因在于种族隔离制度。South African government policy of segregation. 南非政府政策有隔离制度。It discriminated against people who werent white. 它歧视一切非白人。It was officially over by 1994 when Nelson Mandela was elected, and his political party was expected to do well in Wednesdays election. 当1994年纳尔逊·曼德拉当选时这一制度正式结束,他的政党在周三的选举上被寄予厚望。Though scandals surround the countrys current leader. 尽管这个国家的现任领导人被一些丑闻缠身。 /201405/295478渭南妇幼保健院肠胃科地址 一位被授予权力的女人该是怎么样的?她可以是戴布卡,希贾布或穿莎丽吗?Kavita Ramdas将会探讨关于三位不同凡响的女性,三位致力改革压制她们的文化,同时拥抱她们文化传统的女性。201409/331697陕西正和医院胃病胃肠怎么预约

西安航天总医院肠胃科电话号码是多少Fans on the pitch to celebrate with their heros.球迷冲到场中跟他们的英雄一起庆祝。重点词汇: pitch 球场例句:They couldnt play because the pitch was waterlogged.因球场泡水他们未能进行比赛。 视频介绍:曼城队夺得冠军,球迷的兴奋之情溢于言表,纷纷冲入场中庆祝,这是近年来最惊心动魄的决定冠军归属的一场比赛。201404/285693 宝鸡第一人民医院消化病属于几级平凉市第一人民医院胃肠科在哪



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