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运城第一人民医院消化病电话预约西安北环医院胃溃疡幽门螺杆菌反流性胃炎 糜烂性胃炎西安胃肠医院 They#39;re the butt of jokes and the target of stern laws. Now a study shows cousins run few risks in mating.他们是众人取笑的对象和法律严厉制裁的目标。现在一项研究表明近亲联姻并无妨。Paul had taken his cousin Donna on a long trek through a remote part of Colombia. They had missed the day#39;s meals and had only a jar of pickled vegetables and a bottle of drinks. So they repaired to hammocks strung up under the moonlight--and began a love story that has lasted 14 years and produced two children.保罗带领表唐娜出发去哥伦比亚的一个偏远地区徒步旅行。他们白天没有赶上吃正餐,现在只有一罐泡菜,一瓶饮料。无奈之下,只能在月光下搭起了吊床,双双就寝,从而开始了一个已持续14年,拥有两个子女的爱情故事。;I was shocked that I had fallen in love with my first cousin and surprised that this miracle had fallen on me, ; says Paul. ;My only real concern was the medical issue.;保罗说:“我非常惊讶自己竟会爱上表,这一奇迹会发生在自己身上简直是不可思议。我惟一担心的是从医学角度看此事会产生的问题。”Paul, a graduate student in New York City, and Donna, a financial adviser, are just two in a long, flourishing line of kissin#39; first cousins. Charles Darwin wed his cousin Emma and spawned 10 children, including four brilliant scientists. Albert Einstein#39; s second wife Elsa was his first cousin. Queen Victoria said; I do; to hers. So have millions worldwide. In parts of Saudi Arabia, 39% of all marriages are between first cousins.保罗是纽约市的一名研究生,而唐娜是一名金融顾问。他们俩仅仅是无数结为夫妻的表兄中的一对。查尔斯·达尔文与其表爱玛结合,养育了10个子女,其中有四位杰出的科学家。阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦与他的第二任妻子埃尔萨是表亲。维多利亚女王曾在婚礼上对她的表哥说:“我愿意”。全世界有数以百万计说过“我愿意”的新人有血缘关系。在沙特阿拉伯,有39%的婚姻发生在有亲族关系的男女之间。In the U.S., though, the practice bears a stigma of inbreeding just this side of incest. The taboo is not only social but legislative: 24 states ban the marriage of first cousins; five others allow it only if the couple is unable to bear children. A major reason for this ban is the belief that kids of first cousins are tragically susceptible to serious congenital illnesses.然而在美国,同宗结亲的做法仍带有近亲繁殖的耻辱,并有乱伦之嫌。这种禁忌不仅是社会习俗方面的,而且有来自立法机关的:有24个州禁止近亲结婚;其他5 个州只有在一对夫妻不育的条件下才许可。颁布此禁令的一个主要原因是人们相信近亲结婚易导致下一代不幸地患上严重的先天性疾病。That view may have to change. A comprehensive study published recently in the Journal of Genetic Counseling indicates such children run an only slightly higher risk of significant genetic disorders like congenital heart defects--about two percentage points above the average 3% to 4%. Says the study#39;s lead author, Robin Bennett, president-elect of the National Society of Genetic Counselors, which funded the study: ;Aside from a thorough medical family history, there is no need to offer any genetic testing on the basis of consanguinity alone;.这种观点可能必须改变。最近发表在《遗传学咨询》杂志上的一份综合性研究表明近亲婚姻所生的小孩患上主要遗传性疾病如先天性心脏缺陷的可能性只比一般小孩略高--大约比平均的3%到4%高出两个百分点。全国遗传学顾问协会为此项研究提供了资金。罗宾·贝内特是此项研究的主要作者,也是该协会已当选、但尚未就职的主席。据他说,“除了需要一份详尽的家庭病史之外,没有必要仅根据有血缘关系这一条理由就进行任何的基因测试。”Publication of the study will do more than tweak public awareness; it will enlighten doctors who have urged cousin couples not to have children.;Just this week, ; says Bennett, ;I saw a 23-year-old woman who had had a tubal ligation because her parents were cousins and her doctor told her she shouldn#39; t have children.; The study cites the case of ;Amy;, who had been in a relationship with her cousin for two years when, in 1996, she became pregnant. Her doctor suggested an abortion, and after a fruitless search for more information, she had the procedure. This week Amy wrote to the cousincouples.com website that she planned to get many copies of the report--;one that I will personally deliver to my ex-gynecologist.;此项研究的公开发表将不仅会扭转公众对这个问题的认识,它还将促使那些力劝近亲夫妻不要生育的医生摆脱偏见。贝内特说:“就在本周,我遇见一位23岁的妇女,她刚做过输卵管结扎手术。原因是她的父母属近亲结婚,她的医生告诉她不应该生育孩子。” 研究报告中还引用了有关“艾米”的例子。她曾与表兄保持了两年的婚姻关系。1996年,她怀了。她的医生建议流产。在四处咨询无果的情况下,她遵从了医生的建议。这一周,艾米写信给近亲夫妻网站说她打算多准备几份报告的复印本,并将亲自送一份给她从前的妇科医生。The American proscription against cousin marriages grew in the 19th century as wilderness settlers tried to distinguish themselves from the ;savage; Indians, says Martin, author of the book Forbidden Relatives: The American Myth of Cousin Marriage. ;The truth is that Europeans were marrying their cousins and Native Americans were not.;美国人对近亲婚姻的排斥源自19世纪,原因是早期的拓荒者试图将自己同“原始的”印第安人区分开。《违禁姻亲--美国近亲结婚之谜》一书的作者马丁说:“真实的情况是欧洲人当时在近亲通婚,而印第安人却没有。”And doesn#39; t God have stern words on the subject? Christie Smith, 37, a Nevada writer, says she felt guilty when she fell in love with her first cousin#39; s son Mark. ;I was trying so hard to convince myself not to have these feelings, ; she recalls, ;that I went to the Bible looking for confirmation that it was wrong. And what I found was the exact opposite: support for cousin marriages.; The patriarch Jacob married two of his first cousins, Rachel and Leah.(The Roman Catholic Church has opposed cousin marriages for more than a millennium but gives dispensation to couples considered worthy.) Smith married Mark in 1999; this year she founded a group called CUDDLE- Cousins ed to Defeat Discriminating Laws through Education. wrong.上帝对此是否有严厉的谴责呢?一个来自内华达州的37岁作家克里斯蒂·史密斯说当她爱上表兄的儿子马克时她自感有罪。她回忆说:“我努力地说自己不要有这种情感,所以我求助于圣经,希望实这是错误的。但是我发现了正好相反的例。”族长雅各布娶了他的两个表雷切儿和莉尔。(罗马教会1000多年以来一直反对近亲结婚,但是对于它认为是相配的姻缘却给予特许。)史密斯于1999年与马克结婚;今年她创立了一个名为“通过教育手段改变近亲婚姻歧视法”的组织。As for Paul and Donna, they are doing fine. Their son, 9, and daughter, 8, are well adjusted and academically gifted. Still, the parents are protective of their family secret. (They declined to have their real names used for this story.) ;When our kids started school here, ; says Donna, ;I told them, #39;You don#39; t have to hide this from anyone. But you don#39; t need to go advertising it.#39;; The medical ban is lifted; the social stain may take longer to disappear.至于保罗和唐娜,正过着美满的生活。他们9岁的儿子与8岁的女儿身心健康,学业优异。然而,作为父母,他们对自己的秘密是守口如瓶(他们要求本文隐去其真实姓名)。唐娜说:“当我们的孩子开始上学时,我告诉他们:‘你们没有必要刻意对他人隐瞒什么,但也没有必要到处去大肆宣扬。’”从医学角度讲,禁令是解除了;但要消除社会上人们对近亲姻缘的歧视还需要更长的时间。 /201308/253507Britain’s ailing pig industry will be able to start exporting offal, trotters and other culinary delights to China, the world’s biggest pig meat market, under a breakthrough trade deal to be sealed as early as next week.根据最早将于下周签署的一项突破性贸易协议,英国境况不佳的养猪产业将开始向全球最大的猪肉市场——中国——出口猪内脏、猪蹄和其他中国人喜欢的食材。Jim Paice, the agriculture minister, is heading to Beijing this weekend to put the finishing touches to an agreement that has been five years in the making.本周末,英国农业大臣吉姆?佩斯(Jim Paice)将赴北京,为一项磋商了5年的协议敲定最后一笔。“I’m almost certain that during my visit we will be able to tie up the final loose ends and British pork can be on its way to China,” Mr Paice said. “We estimate we can easily sell £50m of pig meat almost at the drop of a hat.” 佩斯表示:“我几乎可以肯定,在访问期间,我们能够解决最后的未决问题,英国猪肉将进入中国。我们估计,英国很容易就可以在短期内向中国卖出5000万英镑的猪肉。”British pig farmers, abattoirs and processors are struggling in the face of high input costs and of pricing constrained by aggressive retailers trying to win over cash-strapped consumers. The industry, which generates a net contribution of £300m to the economy, has halved in the past decade. 英国养猪场、屠宰场和加工厂正在艰难应对投入成本高、售价低的问题。咄咄逼人的零售商为了赢得囊中羞涩的消费者,压低了猪肉价格。该行业对英国经济的纯贡献达3亿英镑,但规模在过去10年间已经减少一半。Sales of the “fifth quarter” – tails, ears and other parts spurned by British diners – would build on a healthy trade in chicken feet and hearts aly sold to China. 英国已经向中国大量出口鸡爪和鸡心,现在,“第五部位”——英国人餐桌上所摒弃的猪尾巴、猪耳朵和猪的其他部位——的出口将为此锦上添花。Selling the bits that would otherwise be binned, at a cost, should theoretically fatten the incomes of abattoirs and farmers, said Chris Jackson, export director at the British Pig Association. It should not result in pricier bacon at home. 英国养猪协会(British Pig Association)出口主管克里斯?杰克逊(Chris Jackson)表示,这些部位原本只能以较高的成本丢弃,现在销往中国,理论上可以增加屠宰场和农民的收入,而且应该不会导致英国国内培根价格上涨。Chinese farmers sell their pigs for twice as much as their British peers, partly because of the country’s insatiable appetite for all things pork and “because they are not being screwed by the supermarkets – yet”, said Mr Jackson.中国农民卖猪的价格比英国同行高一倍,这在一定程度上是因为中国对各种猪肉的胃口难以餍足,还“因为中国农民还没有被超市左右——至少目前没有”,杰克逊指出。According to the OECD, China produces and consumes half the global output of pig meat. Chinese demand is growing as more wealth translates into more meat on dinner tables. “There is no doubt at all – and the Chinese are quite open about this – that they cannot produce their own pig meat supplies for the foreseeable future,” said Mr Paice.经合组织(OECD)指出,中国生产和消费全球猪肉产量的一半。随着中国增长的财富转化成餐桌上更多的肉制品,中国人对肉类的需求还在继续增长。佩斯表示:“毫无疑问,在可预见的未来,中国生产的猪肉无法满足当地需求,中国人对此并不讳言。”British pigs have greater fertility, with the average sow producing twice as many piglets a year – up to 32 – as her Chinese cousin. That explains the next export agenda: pig semen. 英国猪的繁殖力更强,平均每只母猪的年产仔量是中国母猪一倍,达到32只。这就滋生了下一个出口计划——猪。The UK aly sells live breeding pigs to China but has struggled to jump through veterinary hoops on semen. Mr Jackson said he will invite Chinese vets next week to make inspections in late July.英国已经向中国出售活种猪,但猪还没有通过中国兽医的检验。杰克逊表示,下周他将邀请中国兽医在7月底对英国猪的作检查。He believes genetics is “what China really wants”. Despite the small size of the British industry Mr Jackson says it is a world leader. “Even America comes to us to buy genetics, mainly pigs but also sheep and cattle.” Genetics improves pig economics, he says. British pigs can be fattened up for the kill in just three months but Chinese pigs take a year – or about 260 additional days of 6kg of cereal-based feed for half-a-billion animals. “Take that away and you can see how the genetics industry can do such a wonderful job for planet Earth,” said Mr Jackson. 他认为,基因才是“中国真正想要的”。杰克逊表示,尽管英国养猪产业规模小,却是全球的佼佼者。“连美国人都跑过来向我们购买基因,主要是猪的基因,不过也有牛羊。”他表示,基因可以改善养猪经济。英国猪只要3个月就能养够膘,屠宰,但中国猪要用1年——即中国的5亿头猪,每头要用6千克谷物饲料多喂养260天左右。杰克逊表示:“减去这些额外投入,你会发现基因工业可以给行星地球带来如此美妙的变化。”While farmers app-laud Westminster’s efforts, even Mr Paice conceded the country has lost a head start. “The fact is we export more food to Belgium than we do to all the Bric countries [Brazil, Russia, India and China] together,” he said. “That’s a pretty damning indictment of our efforts.”尽管猪农欢迎英国政府的努力,但佩斯也承认,英国已经输在了起跑线上。他说:“我们出口到比利时的食品都比出口到金砖四国(巴西、俄罗斯、印度和中国)的总量还多。这真是我们工作不足的明。” /201205/182779十堰市中心医院消化病专家预约

陕西省人民医院消化病专家预约Along with eating dumplings and setting off fireworks, watching the annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala has been a Lunar New Year ritual for many Chinese families over the past three decades.在过去的三十年里,吃饺子、放烟花、观看一年一度的央视春节联欢晚会已经成为许多中国家庭的过年习俗。The nearly five-hour long show draws between 400 million to 700 million viewers every year, according to statistics from CCTV. The 2012 gala, with an average reach of 499 million viewers, set a new Guinness World Record for the “Most Watched National Network TV Broadcast”.据央视统计,时长近五个小时的春晚每年会吸引4至7亿的观众。2012年春晚的观众人数达到了4.99亿,成为“世界上观看人数最多的全国电视节目”,从而创下了一项新的吉尼斯世界纪录。Despite being a massively popular show, the CCTV gala is not merely entertainment.尽管央视春晚人气很高,但是它并不仅仅是一档节目。“It’s part of modern culture for Chinese people,” Huang Yihe, director of the first CCTV gala in 1983, told China Daily. “[People] have been working for a whole year and need an outlet to express their emotions.”“对于中国人来说,它是现代文化的一部分,”1983年第一届央视春晚的导演黄一鹤在接受《中国日报》采访时表示。“(人们)辛苦工作一整年,需要一个出口来释放自己的情感。”The first CCTV gala was broadcast live at a time when it was considered a luxury to have a TV in China. As TV sets became affordable for more families, the gala turned into an indispensable part of the Lunar New Year.第一届春晚直播时,电视机在国内还是件奢侈品。随着电视机走进寻常百姓家,春晚也变成了春节不可或缺的一部分。Times, of course, have changed. “The gala is much more complicated than before,” 78-year-old Huang said. “The gala was born at a special time in our nation’s history. Like our country, it developed fast.”当然,时代变了。“春晚比以往变得复杂多了。”78岁的黄一鹤说。“春晚诞生于我国历史上一个特殊的时期。同我们的祖国一样,它也在快速发展。”Changes can be both good and bad. The gala’s popularity has gradually declined in recent years, with the number of comments criticizing the show increasing. Many critics are from the younger generations, lamenting the show’s lack of creativity and fun.变化是把双刃剑,有好有坏。近年来,春晚人气逐渐下滑,批评声音增多。很多批评声来自年轻人,他们抱怨这个节目缺乏新意、毫无乐趣。“Organizers need to know the audience and understand what they like,” said Wu Xiao, 22, a senior in English at Qingdao University.“主办方需要了解观众,投其所好。”来自青岛大学英语专业的大四学生、22岁的吴晓(音译)说。Like many from the post-1990 generation, Wu is never short of entertainment choices on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Surfing the Internet and playing games on gadgets ― the CCTV gala is not a priority anymore.同很多90后一样,吴晓在除夕夜从不缺少方式。上网、玩游戏——春晚不再是首选。In order to attract viewers from a younger demographic, gala organizers have been putting much effort into finding out what they want. Months ago, director Ha Wen took her team to various cities to talk with young people and get feedback.为了吸引年轻受众收看春晚,春晚节目组花大力气来了解他们的喜好。几个月前,导演哈文带领团队前往不同城市与年轻人交流,寻求反馈。“We listened to them and hopefully they will get what they want from the show,” she said in an interview with Beijing Evening News last month.“我们听取了他们的建议,也希春晚能够满足他们的需求。”上个月她在接受《北京晚报》采访时表示。For the past few years, the gala has featured more pop stars, especially from Hong Kong and Taiwan. This year, international star Celine Dion is scheduled to make an appearance.过去几年里,明星阵容成为春晚的一大亮点,特别是一些港台明星。今年更是邀来国际巨星席琳#8226;迪翁助阵。“I certainly appreciate their effort. Balancing viewers’ interests and the show’s variety is no easy task,” Wu said.“我很感谢节目组做出的努力。平衡观众的口味与节目的多样性,这并非易事。”吴晓说。But one aspect of the gala has not changed, and that is the undeniable meaning it has for Chinese people.但是春晚有一点没有变,就是对于中国人而言,它蕴含了不可否认的意义。Despite the negativity, most Chinese people always watch CCTV on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Zhu Jun, who hosted the gala for 15 years, said in his book My Midnight Moment: “It is more like a habit for most Chinese people on that special night.”尽管负面声音不断,但是大多数中国人在除夕夜还是会收看央视春晚。主持了15届央视春晚的朱军在《我的零点时刻》一书中写道:“在这个特殊的夜晚,对于大多数中国人而言,看春晚更像是一种习惯。” /201302/226071西安胃泰胃病科医院怎样预约 I was standing in line at the McDonald#39;s in Delhi#39;s Vasant Vihar one day last week. It wasn#39;t lunchtime yet so there wasn#39;t a crowd. I stood at one of the counters, behind a woman who was being served, and waited. A minute later, two young ladies came in. As I watched, they nonchalantly came and stood in line in front of me. When I politely but firmly pointed out that I was in line, they first seemed surprised that I would have the bad manners to bring this up. Then, seeing the smoke emanating from my ears, they quickly apologized and went to stand at the back. 上周的一天,我来到德里市瓦桑比哈区(Vasant Vihar)的一家麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)。当时不到午餐时间,店里还没什么人。我站在一个柜台前等待,排在我前面的女士正在点餐。一分钟后,两位年轻的女士走进店里。在我的眼皮底下,她们若无其事地站到我前面。当我礼貌而坚决地告诉她们我正在排队时,她们一开始显得很惊讶,好像倒是我提出这件事很不礼貌似的;但马上,见我一副怒不可遏的样子,两人赶忙道歉,排到了我后面。 This is not the first time this has happened and I#39;m sure it won#39;t be the last. In India, I#39;ve had people butt in front of me in lines at stores, banks, hospitals, and airports. OK, so I may look like a patsy but I#39;m sure I#39;m not the only one who has experienced this. Most people also drive in this same way; instead of driving in lanes, we are constantly trying to edge ahead of the car in front. Why is it that so many Indians try to jump the queue? 这已不是我第一次遭遇这样的情况──而我也很确定这绝不会是最后一次。无论在印度的商店、、医院还是机场,我都有过排队时遭人插队的经历。好吧,也许我看上去是个挺容易欺负的人,但我相信自己绝不是唯一有过这种经历的人。大多数人也以同样的方式开车──我们总是想抢到前一辆车的前面,而不是老老实实行驶在自己的车道里。问题是,为什么有这么多印度人都在想方设法插队呢? We live in a hugely-populated, resource-constrained country. As a result of that, two things may be happening. One is that we#39;ve stood in so many queues during our lives, we#39;re tired of standing in queues and we just don#39;t want to do it anymore. The other is that we#39;ve seen that if we wait patiently in a queue, by the time our turn comes up, the item is sold out. Have you heard the saying, #39;Good things come to those who wait#39;? Not here, you haven#39;t. In this environment, he who hesitates is lost for sure. With 1.2 billion people eyeing the same McAloo Tikki, we can#39;t afford to stand in line. 我们生活在一个人口庞大而资源紧张的国家,正因于此,有两件事总有可能会发生:其一,在我们的生活中,我们已经排了不计其数的队,我们厌倦排队,我们只是不想再这样排下去;其二,我们见到过,假如我们耐心排队,在轮到我们之前,我们要买的东西就已经售罄。好事属于那些愿意等待的人──你听说过这句话吗?也许吧,但绝不是在这里。在这里,谁犹豫不决谁就将百分之百地失败。想想看,当12亿人都在盯着同一份McAloo Tikki汉堡包时,还要按顺序排队?我们可承受不起。 It could also be because our society is very hierarchical. We intrinsically believe in inequality. Thomas Friedman may have hallucinations of a flat world but ours is vertical based on money, influence, education, caste, skin color, and the list goes on. We#39;ve all had the experience of waiting in a long line and seeing someone ushered through before us; no doubt a friend of the DM, GM, or PM. #39;First come, first served#39; has little meaning here. It#39;s more like #39;VIP come, VIP served.#39; If I#39;m more important than you, why should I stand in line behind you? My time is more precious and my needs more valid. Surely I deserve it faster, and more of it too. 这种现象可能也归因于我们社会中很强的等级观念──因为我们笃信,人与人并不平等。或许托马斯#12539;弗里德曼(Thomas Friedman)会幻想世界是平的,但我们的社会却按财富、权势、教育、地位、肤色等要素把人分作三六九等。我们都有过这样的经历:我们排着长长的队等待,却看到一些人先于我们得到务──毫无疑问,这个人肯定是区域经理或是总经理的朋友,搞不好还是总理的朋友。“先到先得”的理论在这里可不大好使。这里的情况,更像是“大人物到,大人物得”。想想看,如果我比你更有权势,凭什么我要站在你后面排队?我的时间更宝贵,我的需求也更有说力,我当然应该先得──而且得到更多。 But what happens to those of us who are not VIPs, or even IPs? Maybe we are just Ps. Then the trick is to pretend we#39;re more important than the other guys. Berkeley professor Cameron Anderson suggests that #39;overconfidence provides adaptive social benefits#39; such as #39;higher peer-perceptions of ability and elevated social status.#39; More simply put, in the immortal words of some modern philosopher, #39;If you can#39;t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull─-.#39; If you look important, you may get away with jumping the queue most of the time. 但假如我们既不是达官贵人,也谈不上有什么权势,而只是最普通的人,我们又该怎么办?有个诀窍是,让我们看上去显得比其他人更重要。来自加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)的教授卡梅隆#12539;安德森(Cameron Anderson)表示,妄自尊大可以带来与其相应的社会收益,比如自认为有更强的能力才干和更高的社会地位。借用某些当代哲学家的箴言,简单地说就是:“如果你无法用才能说别人,就用废话迷惑别人吧。”假如你看上去位高权重,那么当你插队时,你一般都能成功。 A story I recently heard captures this well. In a busy airport, an airline check-in agent was trying to help a long queue of passengers. An important-looking man marched straight up to the counter and demanded to be served immediately because he had a flight to catch. The agent politely told him that all the people in line were waiting for the same flight so if he#39;d kindly stand in the queue, she#39;d be happy to help him. Angry, he asked her, #39;Do you know who I am?!#39; The agent looked at him, then switched on the intercom and made an announcement: #39;I have a gentleman here at the counter who does not know who he is. Could someone please help him?#39; This received roars of laughter from the passengers waiting in line. The man was furious and said to the agent through clenched teeth: #39;F─ you!#39; She sweetly replied, #39;You#39;ll have to stand in line for that, too.#39; 我最近听到的一个段子是个不错的例子:在一座繁忙的机场,一位航班检票员正在为排成长队的乘客提供务。一名看上去颇有地位的男子大步流星直奔柜台,要求立刻为他提供务,因为他要赶一趟航班。女检票员礼貌地告诉他,所有排队的人都在等候同一趟航班,如果他回去排队,她将很乐意帮助他。男子听后很恼火地问,“你知道我是谁吗?!”检票员看看他,随后接通对讲机,发布了一则通告,“这边柜台有一位先生,他搞不清楚自己是谁,哪位能过来帮他一下吗?”一席话引来排队人群中的一阵大笑。男子恼羞成怒,咬牙切齿,嘴里蹦出F开头的四字经。检票员笑着答道,“这件事,您也要排队。” Unfortunately, in India such egalitarian airline agents are mostly only found in joke, legend, and song. Often the self-important person gets away with it and for this, the service providers must also take the blame. I#39;ve had several experiences where store clerks have ignored the person standing in line in front of me and tried to serve me first, because I assume I looked higher up on the pecking order. I#39;ve had to again politely but firmly point out that they were in line before me. 遗憾的是,在印度,像这样奉行平等原则的检票员大多只出现在玩笑、传说和歌曲当中。多数情况下,妄自尊大的人总能获得成功──而提供务的人也必须为此承担责任。我曾在商店里有过几次这样的经历──大概因为我看上去显得社会地位更高,店员并未理睬排在我身前的顾客,而打算先为我务。我不得不再次礼貌而坚决地指出来,那些顾客排在我的前面。 Let#39;s face it: In India, jumping the queue can indeed be a useful survival skill. However, as India#39;s population continues to grow and resources become even more scarce, our ability to stand in a queue to await our turn whether on foot waiting for water, in a store waiting for service, or in a car waiting for the green light will not just grease the wheels of social interaction, it will allow products and services and traffic to flow more efficiently. 我们不得不承认,在印度,插队确实可以成为一项有用的生存技能。然而,在如今印度人口持续增长而资源越显紧缺的情况下,如果我们都能按顺序排队等待轮到自己──无论是站着排队接水,在商店等待务还是在车里等候绿灯──将不仅能让社会互动顺利进行,还能使产品、务和交通的流动更有效率。 It could also prevent queue rage, road rage, and one day, perhaps, even riots in the street. But we#39;ll only consider standing in line if we see that there is some value in it. We need to see VIPs doing it, consistently and proudly, and taking only what is their due at their turn. And we need to see that by doing it ourselves, we#39;ll receive our due at our turn whether that#39;s a place in school, a job, a hospital bed, an airline ticket, or a burger. 这种习惯也可以预防排队和道路交通中暴躁情绪的滋生,甚或有一天,它还能让街上的骚乱销声匿迹。我们会考虑自觉排队,但只有当我们看到蕴含其中的价值时我们才会这样做。我们需要看到那些达官贵人只有通过排队才能得到他们应得的东西,看到他们坚持不懈而自豪地这样做。我们也同样需要这样,等待轮到自己的那一刻──无论是为一个入学资格,一份工作,一个医院床位,一张机票,还是为一个汉堡包。 /201209/197945安康市中心医院胃肠科专家预约

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