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2020年01月20日 10:38:42 | 作者:光明乐园 | 来源:新华社
President Barack Obama is going to give his wife the birthday present that many parents can only dream of - time off, alone, without the children.美国媒体报道,奥巴马将送给妻子一份许多母亲梦寐以求的生日礼物——无需照顾孩子,继续在夏威夷逍遥度假。The White House said on Saturday first lady Michelle Obama would stay in Hawaii, where the family has been on vacation for the last two weeks, rather than return home with her husband and their two girls.1日晚9点,奥巴马和他的两个女儿乘坐“空军一号”离开州首府檀香山的珍珠港小时后,飞机降落在华盛顿,但他的妻子米歇尔并未同机返回;As part of her birthday gift from the president, the first lady will remain in Hawaii to spend time with friends ahead of her upcoming 50th birthday,; a White House official said.“第一夫人将马上迎来她0岁生日,作为来自总统的礼物,第一夫人将呆在夏威夷和朋友们在一起,”白宫的一份简短声明称。米歇尔将在本月17日迎来自己的生日。The president was leaving Honolulu late on Saturday after a vacation that was filled with several games of golf and dinners out. He and his children are scheduled to arrive in Washington on Sunday morning.奥巴马送给米歇尔的这项逍遥假期大礼价值不菲,米歇尔单独旅行意味着额外的安保费用,可能部分将由纳税人承担。在此前的度假中,因为米歇尔先于奥巴马出发前往夏威夷,给财政部增加的额外成本估计至少有6.3万美元,并且有可能高0万美元。The Associated Press compiled a list of how President Obama spent his last day of vacation in Hawaii on Saturday:米歇尔一直因度假饱受争议,从2010年和朋友在西班牙奢华度假开始,她先后在巴哈马、马撒葡萄园岛和缅因州海岸度假 WEEKLY ADDRESS: Obama used his weekly radio and Internet address to urge Congress to reinstate job benefits for more than 1 million Americans. The president said failing to do so will cause the economy to slow.201321日,奥巴马又携妻子米歇尔,带着12岁的女儿萨莎5岁的女儿玛莉亚到夏威夷度假。美联社汇总了奥巴马在夏威夷度假最后一天的日程安排:A Senate proposal would extend the benefits for three months. Obama says he will sign it if it passes.演讲:在每周广播演讲和互联网演讲中,奥巴马要求国会恢复00万人的就业福利。奥巴马称,不这样做会导致经济增长减速 HIKING: Obama and his wife went on a brief morning hike Saturday, visiting a popular trail near their Kailua vacation home that overlooks the ocean.散步日早晨,奥巴马和妻子在所居住的海景房周边散步 GOLF: The president played one last round of golf at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, having hit the links frequently during his trip.高尔夫:奥巴马在夏威夷海军基地打了最后一杆高尔夫,度假过程中他经常从事这项运动 DINNER: For their final dinner in Hawaii on this trip, the Obamas went to Buzzs Lanikai, a steakhouse and seafood restaurant across the street from Kailua Beach Park that has been a regular stop for the family on previous vacations.大餐:奥巴马假期的最后一餐去了Buzzs Lanikai。这是一家以牛排和海鲜为主的餐馆,它在卡鲁瓦海滩公园的对面,奥巴马全家过去也经常在那儿吃饭 DEPARTURE WITHOUT MICHELLE: Obama and his daughters departed Honolulu on Saturday night to go back to Washington.之后,奥巴马总统挥别夏威夷,和两个女儿乘机离开,返回华盛顿。来 /201401/2721611.惯用口语句子:It nearly time class. Hurry up!要上课了,快点!Class begins in a half hour.再过半个小时就要上课了.nearly ad. 几乎,差不多Ive got to play truant. I gotta skip classes.我得逃课truant n. 旷课者skip v. 略过,逃play truant“逃学,旷课”have got to(have)gotta意为“不得不,得”Will the bell ring soon?快要打铃了吗?Did the bell ring?打铃了吗?Hey, have you previewed Two? Hey. have you prepared Two?嘿,你预习第章了吗?preview v. 预习Everyone I attend this class, I feel very sleepy.每次我上这课,就犯困attend v. 出席,参加sleepy a. 困倦的,欲睡的This afternoon class isnt going to be very interesting.今天下午的课没意思His class is boring.他的课没意思Could you say ;yes; me when the teacher calls the roll?老师点名时帮我喊一声“到”行吗?call the roll“点名” 35BILL Gates is once again the worlds richest person.比尔盖茨再次成为世界首富。The 57-year-old co-founder of Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Corp recaptured the title from Mexican investor Carlos Slim on Thursday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as the software maker hit a five-year high. It is the first time Gates has held the mantle since 2007. His fortune is valued at US.7 billion, up 16 percent year-to-date.这位57岁的总部设在华盛顿州雷蒙德的微软公司联合创始人周四从墨西哥投资者卡洛斯#8226;斯利姆那夺回了这一宝座,据彭亿万富翁指数显示,随着软件制造商飙上五年来高点。这是自2007年以来盖茨第一次重回这一排名。他的财富价27亿美元,比去年同期上涨了16%。Slims America Movil SAB, the largest mobile-phone operator in the Americas, has dropped 14 percent this year after Mexicos Congress passed a bill that could quash the billionaires market dominance.斯利姆的墨西哥美洲电信公司,美洲最大的移动电话运营商,在今年墨西哥国会通过一项法案以打击这位亿万富翁的市场垄断地位后,股价已下跌14%。Microsoft shares have surged 28 percent this year, buoyed by cost controls and sales of business and server software amid weak demand for personal computers running the new Windows 8 operating system.在对运行新的Windows 8操作系统的个人电脑需求疲软之中,凭借成本控制和商业、务器软件的销售,微软股价今年上涨8%。Berkshire Hathaway Inc Chairman Warren Buffett is the worlds third-richest person with US.7 billion, according to the Bloomberg ranking. He is US.7 billion ahead of Spaniard Amancio Ortega, Europes wealthiest person.伯克希尔#8226;哈撒韦公司董事长沃伦#8226;巴菲特以597亿美元的财富排名全球第三大富豪,据彭排名。他比欧洲最富有的人Spaniard Amancio Ortega7亿美元财富Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, ranks fifth with a US.6 billion fortune.宜家的创始人英瓦坎普拉德56亿美元财富排名第五。来 /201305/240402必背句型:A:What does the prosecution do in a criminal case?在刑事案件中控方要做什么?B:The prosecution in a criminal case has to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime.在刑事案件中,控方必须毫无疑义地确认被告犯了罪The prosecution in a criminal case has to establish no doubt that the accused committed the crime.在刑事案件中,控方必须毫无疑义地确认被告犯了罪The prosecution in a criminal case has to establish undoubtedly that the accused committed the crime.在刑事案件中,控方必须毫无疑义地确认被告犯了罪You have to know it beyond reasonable doubt.你必须毫无疑义地了解它延伸阅读:A:The judicial process deals not with abstract questions or hypothetical situations.司法程序解决的不是抽象问题或假想情形B:Yes,it deals with actual controversies between real parties.是的,它解决的是真实的当事人之间的事实争端The judicial process deals not with abstract questions or hypothetical situations.司法程序解决的不是抽象问题或假想情形The judicial dispose of abstract questions or hypothetical situations.司法程序解决的不是抽象问题或假想情形The judicial process deals not settle abstract questions or hypothetical situations.司法程序解决的不是抽象问题或假想情形 37

1.Can you tell me how to apply a job on the Internet?你能告诉我怎么在网上找工作吗?.How do I know if there is a vacancy in a company?我怎么知道一个公司有没有职位空缺呢?3.How did you know about this position?你是怎么知道这个职位的?.You just need to send an application.发封求职信就行了5.You are expected to know the e-mail address of the company.你得知道公司的电子邮箱6.View the home page of the company, and see if they are in need of staff.浏览公司网站主页,看看有没有人才需求7.It will be safe if you log on some mal websites.只要登录的是正规网站,就不会有危险8.You can e-mail your application materials to the websites enrollment in their database.把你的求职资料通过电子邮件发给报名网站,加人他们的人才库9.I will give it a try.我会试试的.You are the leading company in IT industry and one of the most profitable enterprises of the year in this field.贵公司是IT界的领跑者,也是今年IT行业盈利最多的企业Dialogue 1对话一A: Can you tell me how to apply a job on the Internet?A: 你能告诉我怎么在网上求职吗?B: You just need to send an application.B: 发封求职信就行了A: Do I have to send one by e-mail?A: 非得用电子邮件吗?B: Yes. You arc expected to know the e-mail address of the company.B: 是的你得知道公司的电子邮箱Dialogue 对话二A: How do I know if there is a vacancy in a conpany?A: 怎么才能知道一个公司有没W职 位空缺呢?B: Easy. View the home page of the company, and see if they need stafi. Many websites offer two-way service, such as job-hunting and talent hunting.B: 很简单浏览公司网站主页,看看有没有人才需求很多网站提供求职和猎头双向务A: Which websites are most popular?A: 哪个网站比较火呢?B: 1st Talent Website, 51 Job,and Zhao- pin. com are most popular.B: 1世纪人才网、前程百忧网和 智联招聘网是最受欢迎的 3689

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