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9.What brings you here?你怎么在这里?What brings you here?你怎么在这里?What are you doing here?你在这里做什么?I just dropped by to say hello.我只是来跟你打个招呼I was just in the neighborhood,thought Id stop by.我在这附近,想说就来这儿一下Well,I have a favor to ask of you.我有事想拜托你I think we have a problem....我想我们遇到问题了Hey!I didnt expect to see you here!嘿!没想到会在这里遇见你!What a surprise! Im here shopping.What brings you here?真是意外!我在这里买东西,你怎么会在这儿Im meeting a friend here.What are you doing here?我跟朋友在这碰面,你在这里做什么?It so nice to see you!Im here a wedding.How have you been?见到你好怎好!我来这儿参加婚礼,你最近好吗?What brings you here?Hey! I didnt expect to see you here.你怎么在这里?嘿,没想到会在这里遇见你What are you doing here?Hey! I didnt expect to see you here.你在这里做什么?嘿,没想到我会在这里遇见你What brings you here?Well,I have a favor to ask of you.你怎么在这里?我有事想拜托你What are you doing here?Well,I have a favor to ask of you.你在这里做什么?我有事想拜托你What brings you here?I think we have a problem....你怎么在这里?我想我们遇到问题了What are you doing here?I think we have a problem...你在这里做什么?我想我们遇到问题了What brings you here?你在这里做什么?Im meeting a friend here.What are you doing here?我想我们遇到问题了What are you doning here?你在这里做什么?Im meeting a friend here.What are you doing here?我跟朋友在这里碰面你在这里做什么?What brings you here?你怎么在这里?I was just in the neighborhood,thought id stop by.我在这儿附近,想说就来这儿一下What are you doing here?你在这里做什么?I was just in the neighborhood,thought Id stop by.我在这儿附近,想说就来这儿一下What are you doing here?你在这里做什么?It so nice to see you! Im here a wedding.How have you been?见到你真好!我来这里参加婚礼,你最近好吗?What brings you here?I just dropped by to say hello.你怎么在这里?我只是来跟你打个招呼What are you doing here?I just dropped by to say hello.你在这里做什么?我只是来跟你打个招呼What brings you here?你怎么在这里?What a surprise! Im here shopping.What brings you here真是意外!我在这里买东西,你怎么在这里?What are you doing here?你怎么在这里?What a surprise!Im here shopping.What brings you here?真是意外!我在这里买东西,你怎么在这里?A:Hi!Amanda,what a surprise! What brings you here?A:嗨,阿曼达,真是意外!你怎么来这儿?B:Hi!John.I was just in the neighborhood and I thought Id drop by.B:嗨,约翰我在这附近,我想那就过来这一下A:It good to see you.Wont you come in?看到你真好你不进来吗?B:Thanks.A:What time is it?B:It 5:5谢了现在几点了?现在5:5分A:Why dont you stay dinner? I think Ill make pasta.What do you think?何不留下来用晚餐?我想我会煮意大利面你觉得如何?B:Sound good to me.Im really hungry now.听起来很好我现在好饿哦A:Good.Ill get started in the kitchen.那好我去厨房开始弄了B:Ill help you,but first,where the bathroom?我来帮你但要先问你,洗手间在哪儿?A:Go donw the hall,to the left.B:Thanks.走到走廊底,往右手边谢啦A:What day is it today?今天星期几?B:Friday.星期五A:What time is it?现在几点了?B:It quarter past six.6:分A:Oh,no,Im late.See you later.哦不,我迟到了,再见了B:Where are you going?你要去哪?A:I have a date.What it like outside?我和人有约外面天气如何?B:It chilly today.Wear a coat.今天很冷哦穿件外套吧A:Im going to wear this jacket.我要穿这件夹克What do you think?Does it look good? Is it warm enough?你觉得呢?这个好看吗?它够暖吗?B:Looks good,but I dont think it warm enough.看起来很好,但我不认为这个够暖A:Fine,Ill bring a sweater.Bye-bye!好吧,我就带件毛衣好了再见咯!B:Be careful and take care!小心点,再见!Let me think about it.让我想想看Let talk about it later.我们待会再说吧Sounds great!太棒了I think it OK.我觉得可以I get it.我懂了Once again,please.请再说一次What did you say?你说什么?It this way.Ill show you.这里走,我带你去Im on my way to work.我正要去上班Shopping.购物It half past seven.现在七点半It almost one.快一点了It raining.It a beautiful day天气很好Hey! I didnt expect to see you here!嘿!没想到会在这里遇到你!。

  • Register a trademark 注册商标A: Hi, Lily. How are you doing?嗨,丽丽最近怎么样?B: Great. Id like to have the trademark of my new product registered. But I am not clear about the procedures.很好我想给我的新产品注册商标,但具体程序不是很清楚A: It not complicated.那不复杂B: Is there a time limit trademarks?那商标有年限吗?A: Yes, by law the trademark should be renewed in one year time.当然有,据法律规定,商标每一年要更新一次B: Does that mean the protection is limited to one year?那就是说商标有效期为一年吗?A: Exactly. It must be renewed every year. Our county follows the priority of use principle.没错,每隔一年必须更新我国实行先使用,先拥有的原则B: What should I prepare the register?申请注册商标需要准备什么?A: Some relative documents and the fee.一些相关材料和费用B: I see. Thank you your explanation.我明白了,谢谢你的解释A: You are welcome.不客气1. ;follow the priority of use principle;意思是;遵循使用优先权原则;,其中;follow;是;遵循;的意思,;priority;是;优先权;的意思;. ;be clear about;是;清楚某事;的意思例如:Are you clear about this? (这件事你清楚了吗?) 769。
  • A: Hi. Im looking pots and pans.您好,请问炊具柜台在哪边?B: That section is right over there.就在那边A: Thank you so much.谢谢B: Perhaps youd like to sign up our store credit card.您要不要申办一张本店的会员卡?A: No, but thank you. I have plenty of credit cards.不用了,谢谢我有好多会员卡呢B: Our credit card saves you percent instantly on all purchases.我们的卡在这里消费可以打九折哦A: Well, that does sound nice.那倒是挺划算B: Just fill out this m and youll get your discount immediately.只要填写这张表格就可马上享受优惠A: You know, Ill pass on it today.现在先不用B: No problem. These ms are also at the front of the store on your way out.没事儿,您一会儿出去的时候也可以在前面拿 80。
  • Conversation 1A: What can I do you?A:能为您效劳吗?B: May I have a look at these wooden products?B:我可以看看那些木制品吗?A: Certainly. Here you are.A:可以,看吧B: How beautiful they are! Look, these birds with multicolored feathers are so natural and realistic.B:多美呀!瞧,那些有着多羽毛的鸟儿是多么的自然和逼真啊!A: Yes, you are right.A:是,您说的很对B: Look at these wooden cranes, magpies and phoenixes. How lovely they are!B:看这些木制的鹤,喜鹊以及凤凰,它们多可爱啊!A: In China, they symbolize longevity, happiness and auspiciousness and make an attractive addition to a table.A:在中国,这些鸟儿象征着长寿,幸福,吉祥,而且摆在桌子上能增色不少B: Very interesting. Ill take them.B:真有趣,我全买了。
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