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打鼾遇天敌!6种食物减少打呼噜 -- 1:5:1 来源:chinadaily 经常打鼾的人会影响身边的伴侣休息,造成对方失眠甚至提出分房要求经常打鼾的人也可能影响到自己休息,因为打鼾的声音太大也会把自己吵醒 Snoring often causes a disturbance the snoring person's partner, causing restless nights and even the need a separate rooms. But it can also create a problem the snorers, creating noises so loud it wakes them up in the night. 为了避免打鼾,很多人尝试购买昂贵的防打鼾仪器,或者去做手术,但是事实上有更方便的解决方法看看下列的饮食建议,可以帮助你和你的伴侣不再受打鼾的困扰 Though some go to extremes to try to prevent snoring, buying expensive anti-snore kits or even going as far having surgery, there are other much more convenient solutions. Check out the list below of diet tips and foods that to help you or your partner snore no more. 1. 牛奶的替代品 Cow Milk Alternatives 即使轻微或未察觉的乳糖过敏都会引起过敏反应,导致包含打鼾在内的肿胀牛奶和其他乳制品还可能导致呼吸系统疾病、痰多,从而增加打鼾的几率所以,打鼾的人可以尝试食用豆奶、杏仁乳甚至是羊奶 Even a slight or undetected lactose sensitivity can cause an allergic reaction that leads to snore-inducing swelling. Cow's milk and other dairy products can also m respiratory ailments and create phlegm that brings on congestion, again increasing the likelihood of snoring. So, try opting some soy, almond or even goat milk. . 鱼 Fish 减少摄入富含饱和脂肪的红肉有助于减少饱和脂肪和花生四烯酸,饱和脂肪和花生四烯酸会产生组织扩大脂类化合物,这是打鼾者应该避免的红肉可以用鱼肉和豆类等优质蛋白食物来代替这种健康的替换还利于生成减少组织发炎的脂肪酸 Minimizing the consumption of red meats, full of saturated fat, will help cut out the saturated fats and arachidonic acid that generates the tissue enlarging lipid compounds snorers should be avoiding. Red meat can be replaced with fish and legumes that are great alternative sources of protein. These healthy replacements also contain fatty acids that actually help reduce tissue inflammation. 3. 洋葱 Onions 洋葱具有抗炎和解充血的特性,有助于通顺鼻腔并让空气自由地进出,从而减少打鼾 Onions have anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties that can help clear your passages and let air flow more freely - thus reducing snoring. . 茶 Tea 茶具有消炎的作用薄荷茶效果最好,因为薄荷是天然的解充血药 Having a cup of tea can also help reduce inflammation. If it's peppermint, even better, since mint is a natural decongestant. 5. 蜂蜜 Honey 睡前喝一杯加入蜂蜜的茶或是直接喝一勺蜂蜜都可以减小呼吸道组织,从而减少打鼾、舒缓喉咙蜂蜜还有抗菌的特性,减缓喉咙的肿大 Add some honey to your tea, or even just having a scoop on its own bee bed can also help reduce snoring, soothing the throat to reduce tissue size. Honey also has antibacterial properties that can reduce the crowding of the larynx. 6. 姜黄粉 Turmeric 姜黄粉具有抗炎的作用,从而可以减少打鼾睡觉之前食用加入姜黄粉的饭菜,或是饮用加入姜黄粉的果汁 This spice's anti-inflammatory characteristics can also help reduce snoring. Add the spice can to a meal or even create a cold-pressed juice to drink bee bed.全球十大最好吃泡面名单出炉 -- ::6 来源:sohu 泡面达人今年一共尝试了357种方便面的新口味,并成功完成他第二千篇泡面报告他只希望能够尝试来自世界各地、不同品牌的方便面新发布的名单是今年精选的泡面快来看看今年出版的全球十大最好吃泡面名单 The author reviewed 357 new instant noodle varieties and hit his 00th review. He wanted to try flavors from around the world and have been able to do just that. This new list is a compilation of the best of the best. let's have a look at The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Instant Noodles Of all Time Edition. 第十位: 缅甸妈妈牌-椰奶味方便面 . MAMA Instant Noodles Coconut Milk Flavor – Myanmar 甜甜的(不是太甜)椰子和鸡味汤底加上面条, 这特别的味道令人不可抗拒这是它第一次打入十大最好吃泡面的排行榜 Great noodles enjoy their time in a sweet (but not overly sweet) sea of coconut and chicken flavor. It is very unique and compelling. This is Myanmar's first time on the top ten instant noodles list. 第九位: 台湾曾拌面-香葱川椒味拌面 9. Zeng Noodles Scallion With Sichuan Pepper Flavor – Taiwan 宽面条很有嚼头,酱料分量适中,能完全拌均面条 The noodles have a broad, flat character with a very nice chew to them. The sauce coats the noodles completely – not too much, not too little. 第八位:斯里兰卡新加坡佳食面- 奶油鸡汤面 8. Prima Juzz's Mee Creamy Chicken Flavor – Sri Lanka Singapore 汤底像奶油鸡汤,但味道更浓郁 The broth is very elegant; more like cream of chicken soup – but with a rich and thick flavor. 第七位: 中国五谷道场-西红柿牛腩紫薯面 7. Wugudaochang Tomato Beef Brisket Flavor Purple Sweet Potato Noodles – China Via http:sanwen8.cnpaLRFK.html 西红柿味的汤底配上口感一流的牛肉, 味道不错这是第一次有中国品牌的泡面上榜 The broth is very good – excellent tomato flavor with beef notes and a very gourmet texture. This is China’s first appearance in the top ten instant noodles list. 第六位:马来西亚-槟城白咖哩汤面 6. MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle Authentic Taste – Malaysia 它巳经连续第三年登上十大最好吃泡面宝座! This is its third year in a row on the top ten instant noodles list. 第五位: 新加坡百胜厨- 咖哩全谷拉面 5. Prima Taste Singapore Curry Wholegrain La Mian – Singapore 面条厚且有嚼劲,汤头浓郁,最精的不得不说是它的酱料和椰子粉 Noodles are thick and chewy, the broth thick and strong, especially with their wonderful paste and coconut powder. 第四位: 马来西亚-槟城红东炎汤面 . MyKuali Penang Red Tom Yum Goong Noodle Authentic Taste – Malaysia 浓郁的冬阴功作汤底–配上大虾、柠檬草和西红柿味道, 新配方有更浓的蘑菇味 The broth is a thick tom yum goong – strong shrimp, lemongrass and tomato notes abound as well as a lot more mushroom taste in this new recipe. 第三位:马来西亚佳珍-娘惹咖哩叻沙汤面 3. CarJEN Nyonya Curry Laksa Improved Taste – Malaysia 这是它第二年打进十大最好吃泡面排行榜 This is its second year on the top ten instant noodles list. 第二位:马来西亚- 香辣虾汤面 . MyKuali Penang Spicy Prawn Soup Noodle Authentic Taste – Malaysia 从去年的第七位升至今年的第二位,而跃升的真正原因是它正宗的新口味配方丰富的甜虾味浓汤,不错! Up from seventh place last year, MyKuali really upped their game with this new Authentic Taste recipe. The broth is just amazing – good thickness and so rich and flavorful with a sweet prawn flavor. 第一位: 新加坡百胜厨- 叻沙全谷拉面 1: Prima Taste Singapore Laksa Wholegrain La Mian – Singapore 汤头的配方看来没有改变味道依旧浓郁, 辣度也在大众容易接受的范围内 The broth seems unchanged. The flavor is rich and spiciness very accessible to most folks. 还记得我们以前也发布过类似的文章吗? 但它是介绍全球十大难吃的泡面,快以下连结,看看哪些是属于泡面界的地狱! http:mt.sohu.comn6866 快留言分享一下你们觉得好吃的泡面吧! English Source: The Ramen Rater科学家成功把二氧化碳变成“石头“ -- :3:39 来源: 研究人员成功把二氧化碳和水注入地下变成火山石,或成为控制大气中二氧化碳含量的办法 The researchers report an experiment in Iceland where they have pumped CO and water underground into volcanic rock.研究人员发表了一项在冰岛的实验:把二氧化碳和水注入地下变成火山石Reactions with the minerals in the deep basalts convert the carbon dioxide to a stable, immobile chalky solid.与深层玄武岩的矿物反应后,二氧化碳转化成稳定不动的白垩质固体Even more encouraging, the team writes in Science magazine, is the speed at which this process occurs: on the order of months.该团队在《科学杂志上写道,更振奋人心的是该过程发生的速度:以月的量级"Of our tonnes of injected CO, 95% was converted to limestone in less than two years," said lead author Juerg Matter from Southampton University, UK.“我们注入的吨二氧化碳,有95%在不到两年内转化成石灰石,”来自英国南安普敦大学的首席作者Juerg Matter说"It was a huge surprise to all the scientists involved in the project, and we thought, ’Wow! This is really fast’," he recalled on the B’s Science In Action programme.“对于在这个项目中的科学家来说这是一个巨大的惊喜,我们想,‘哇!这真是快呀,’”他在B自然行动节目上回忆道With carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere marching ever upwards and warming the planet, researchers are keen to investigate so called "carbon capture and storage" (CCS) solutions.大气中的二氧化碳浓度不断上升使全球变暖,研究人员都热衷于探讨所谓“碳捕获和储存”(CCS)的解决方案Working with the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant outside Reykjavik, it combined the waste CO with water to make a slightly acidic liquid that was then sent hundreds of metres down into the volcanic basalts that make up so much of the North Atlantic island.雷克雅未克郊外的Hellisheidi地热电站,结合了二氧化碳废气与水形成弱酸性的液体,然后被送到几百米下的火山玄武岩里,北大西洋岛屿的地质由许多这样的岩石构成"In the future, we could think of using this power plants in places where there’s a lot of basalt - and there are many such places."“将来,我们会考虑在其他有大量玄武岩的地方通过热电站使用这种方法——有许多这样的地方”Dr Matter added: "You can find basalts on every continent and, certainly, you can find them offshore because all the oceanic crust - so below the seafloor - is all basaltic rocks.Matter士说:“每个大陆都有玄武岩,而且毫无疑问,近海也有很多这样的岩石,因为在海床下面的所有海洋外壳全是玄武岩In terms of the availability of basaltic rocks to take care of CO emissions globally - no problem."要处理全球二氧化碳排放,在玄武岩的可供性方面,没有问题”There is, however, the issue of cost.然而,费用是个问题Capture of the CO at power stations and other industrial complexes is expensive, and without incentives it is currently deemed to be uneconomic.捕获二氧化碳到热电站或其他工业设备是昂贵的,没有这样做的动机的话,目前这是不经济的”The infrastructure needed to pump the gas to the burial site also has to be considered.充气到埋藏点的所需设施也要被考虑到And in the case of the Carbfix approach, a substantial amount of water is required.而且碳固定的办法,需要相当的水量Only something like 5% of the mass sent underground is CO.输送到地下的质量只有大概5%是二氧化碳Christopher Rochelle is an expert on CCS at the British Geological Survey and was not involved in the Iceland experiment.英国地质调查的碳捕获和储存方面的专家Christopher Rochelle没有参与冰岛这项实验He said Carbfix underlined the importance of moving beyond modelling and lab studies to real-world demonstrations.他说碳固定强调把模型和实验室研究转移到真实世界的重要性Only by doing this can the technology iness be properly assessed.只有这样,这项技术是否准备就绪才能得到适当的评估"We need to do more field-scale tests, like this one in Iceland, to better understand the types of processes that are ongoing and how fast they work," he told B News.“我们需要做更多的实地测试,就像冰岛的这一项,以更好的认识这个过程中的类型,以及其速度,”他告诉B里约奥运会谁将成为中国举旗手?(双语) --30 18::9 来源:sohu 里约奥运会开幕式中国旗手公布在即, 谁会成为代表中国的幸运儿,再次成为了社会媒体的热门焦点担任开幕式举旗手对任何运动员来讲,都是一个至高无上的荣誉︰引领中国奥运代表团走进体育场,高举中国国旗接受全世界的见举旗手象征着国家体育方面的旗帜性人物例如曾经的刘长春,姚明,易建联等,都是全国乃至世界上十分有影响力的运动员但在老一批运动健儿们相继退役后,今年的奥运谁将为中国举旗手?不少健儿们都具备举旗的资格 China's flag bearer the opening ceremony at the Rio Summer Olympics is expected to be announced soon, and this has once again become a hot topic on social media. Flag bearing is a huge honor any athlete: leading the parade of China's Olympians into the stadium and carrying the national flag while being witnessed by a huge global audience. 在 年,篮球运动员易建联光荣担任了伦敦夏季奥运会引领中国代表团的举旗手 In , basketball player Yi Jianlian carried China's flag in front of Team China at the London Summer Olympics. No.1 易建联 Yi Jianlian 难道又是他?很有可能! Him again? Very likely! 事实上,中国篮球运动员最容易成为举旗手,因为他们符合担任这份工作的三个标准︰高大,英俊,有影响力,有利于树立亚洲体育强国的积极形象 As a matter of fact, Chinese basketball stars are favored to carry the national flag as they match three standards the job: tall, handsome and influential, so as to provide a positive image of the Asian sporting superpower. 现在里约奥运已经开始倒数计时,只剩最后几天,我们列出了历届举旗手的名单 Now with the Rio Olympic countdown whittled down to justa few days, we have put together a list of deserving candidates. No. 周鹏 Zhou Peng 目前,周鹏担任了中国男子篮球队的队长米零6的身高(6英尺9英寸)的周鹏是队里的前锋,被认为是中国篮球界未来一颗冉冉升起的新星 Currently Zhou Peng is the captain of China's men's national basketball team. At . meters (6 ft 9 in), Zhou plays ward in the team, and is considered to be a pillar in the new era of Chinese basketball where hyped young stars are beginning to m. No. 3 孙杨 Sun Yang 孙杨被认为是亚洲乃至世界和奥运会中国最优秀的游泳运动员他出生于1991 年 月 1 日,身高1米98(6英尺6英寸)——他的父亲是一名排球运动员,孙杨遗传了他的身高这次奥运将是孙杨的第三次奥运征战 Sun Yang is widely known as the most successful Chinese swimmer in history with World, Asian, Olympic,. Sun was born December 1, 1991, and stands 1.98 meters (6 ft 6 in) – he inherited his height from his father, who was a volleyball player. This will be Sun Yang's third Olympic adventure. No. 宁泽涛 Ning Zetao 宁泽涛作为中国竞技游泳运动员,尤其擅长短距离自由泳 Ning Zetao is a Chinese competitive swimmer who specializes in sprint freestyle events. 他曾被评为仁川亚运会最有吸引力男运动员他健壮的身材,帅气的相貌和得体的举止,都吸引了大批网友的追捧 He was voted as the most attractive male athlete at the Incheon Asian Games. With his muscular body, good looks and great manners, he has attracted a huge number of online followers. No. 5 林丹 Lin Dan 周所周知“超级丹”林丹是两届奥运会的羽毛球冠军 Also known as 'Super Dan', Lin Dan is a two-time Olympic champion badminton player. 他也是五次世界冠军、六次全英赛冠军得主岁的林丹被认为是最优秀的羽毛球运动员,完成了;超级大满贯;,成为第一个也是唯一的一个取得这一傲人成绩的运动员 He is also a five-time world champion, and a six-time All England champion. Considered to be the greatest badminton player of all time, by the age of Lin had completed the ;Super Grand Slam;, becoming the first and only player to achieve this feat. Editor's note: 到目前为止,中国还没有女性运动员担任举旗手或者候选人 To date, no female Chinese athlete has ever carried the flag or been in serious contention the role. 还有其它你认为可能成为举旗手的运动员吗?给我们留言吧! Do you think another athlete has flag-bearing potential? Please let us know in the comments!

里约奥运,还没开就要完的节奏? -- :9:56 来源:chinadaily With just a few weeks left until the start of the Olympics, Brazil is still suffering from serious economic problems. The acting governor of Rio de Janeiro warned that the games could be a ;failure; if his state doesn't get its finances in order. 距离年奥运会开幕只有几周时间了,但巴西仍深陷于严重的经济问题之中里约热内卢州代理州长警告说,如果财政问题不解决,比赛或面临“失败” Brazil hasn't followed through on a promise to provide Rio with extra funding security and transportation, according to Dornelles. Police officers in the city aren't being fully paid and may not even have enough money gas. 根据多内莱斯的说法,巴西尚未兑现承诺为里约提供额外资金以解决安全和交通问题里约市的警察还没有拿到全部薪金,而且甚至可能连买天然气的钱也付不起 The missing funds are just the tip of Brazil's iceberg of turmoil. 未到位的资金只是巴西混乱的冰山一角 Crime 犯罪 A functioning police ce and transportation system are necessary, given the rising crime in Rio. Murder and robbery are up percent and 30 percent, respectively, since last year, NPR reports. The city is trying to get new buses off the ground to help tourists avoid the favelas — areas vulnerable to violence, theft and gang activity. 从里约上升的犯罪率来看,必须要有高效的警力和交通系统据NPR报道,自去年以来,谋杀和抢劫案件分别上升了%和30%城市正在努力引进不在地面运行的新公交车,以便帮助游客们避开贫民窟——那里太容易出现暴力案件、盗窃和帮派活动 Political Unrest 政局动荡 After months of protest from angry Brazilians, the Senate last month voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff over allegations that she lied about the country's economic issues. Rousseff and several members of her cabinet are also accused of making billions off of the state-run oil company Petrobras. 在愤怒的巴西人民进行了数月抗议之后,上个月参议院终于投票弹劾总统迪尔玛;罗塞夫,因其遭到指控称其在国家经济问题上说谎,罗塞夫及其内阁数位成员还被控告涉嫌贪污国有石油公司Petrobras数十亿元资产 Wealth Gap 贫富差距 Economic inequality has long been an issue in Brazil. Recent figures indicate that the unemployment rate topped percent last month. Wages are also down. Meanwhile, those involved in the Petrobras scandal are said to have made over billion from bribes, kickbacks and money-laundering. 经济上的不平等问题长期以来一直困扰着巴西最近的数据显示上个月失业率已高达%,工资水平也非常低与此同时,据说与巴西石油公司Petrobras丑闻相关的人还通过贿赂、回扣、洗钱等手段贪污了50亿美元 The Worst Recession In Decades 几十年来最严重的经济衰退 Brazil is facing one of the worst recessions the country has ever faced. The economy shrank 5. percent in the first three months of the year, the government said. Additionally, as FT points out, export prices have shrunk, household debt has increased, and inflation has risen even more than expected. 巴西正面临着前所未有的一次最严重的经济衰退政府称今年前3个月经济缩水了5.%此外,正如FT指出的:出口萎缩,家庭债务增加,通货膨胀程度之高也超乎意料之外 Zika Fears 寨卡引发恐惧 The recent outbreak of the Zika virus has lead to athletes, journalists and other travelers vowing to skip the August games. Although the symptoms of Zika aren't serious, the virus can lead to severe birthdefects if contracted by a pregnant woman. There are currently no effective treatments or vaccinations. 最近爆发的寨卡病毒疫情使得诸多运动员、记者和其他游客发誓不会参加8月的赛事尽管寨卡症状并不严重,但如果期妇女感染却会导致严重的新生儿出生缺陷,而目前尚无有效的治疗手段或疫苗

英文如何称呼“书呆子”? -- :5:7 来源:chinadaily 读书用功努力、一点不关心周围发生的事,你身边有这样的人吗?他们通常被冠以“书呆子”的绰号英文里,又是怎么称呼他们的呢? 1. He is a perfect type of pedant. 他是个十足的老夫子 . He looked kind of nerdy. 他看着就是个书呆子 3. I guess I’m old school. 我想我是老派的 . At university he had a reputation as a swot. 上大学时,他刻苦学习是出了名的 5. Mr. Smith is of a scholarly turn of mind. 史密先生是个有书生气质的人 6. She was always a bookworm when she was a kid. 她小时候就一直是个书虫 7. Their teacher was a bookish fellow. 他们的老师是个书呆子 8. He dismissed all scientists as a bunch of eggheads. 在他看来,所有的科学家都是一群书呆子

应习近平邀请 俄罗斯总统普京本周将访华 --1 :59: 来源: 中国官方媒体确认,俄罗斯总统普京应习近平主席的邀请,将会于本周六访问北京 Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Beijing on Saturday at the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, Chinese state media has confirmed.中国官方媒体确认,俄罗斯总统普京应习近平主席的邀请,将会于本周六访问北京The two leaders are expected to ink a . billion high-speed rail deal as well as discuss extended military cooperation. Up to 30 trade agreements could also be signed, reports the South China Morning Post.两位领导人有望签署价值6亿美元的高铁项目,并讨论深化军事领域方面的合作根据南华早报的报道,此次会面有望签署超过30项贸易协议One deal on the cards would govern the supply of Russian wheat to China. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin told reporters in Moscow, “We are talking about the construction of a grain terminal in the [Russian] Trans-Baikal region” and may “sign a contract this kind of serious, large supplies of wheat to China.”其中一项有可能签署的协议是有关俄罗斯谷物对华出口俄罗斯副总理德米特·里罗戈津在莫斯科告诉记者,我们现在正在商讨,在俄罗斯外贝加尔修建粮食码头,并有可能会为此类大型谷物对华出口签署相关协议The meeting is also seen as the latest attempt of President Xi to drum up support his “One Belt, One Road” development strategy. Beijing wants to revive the iconic land and maritime Silk Road, which date back to the days of Marco Polo in the th century, by building a trade and infrastructure network stretching all the way to Western Europe and Africa. Geopolitically, it is seen as a rival to the Washington-led Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade pact, which Beijing opted not to join.此次会面,也被媒体认为是习近平在竭力为“一带一路政策”争取持北京正通过构建直通欧洲和非洲的基建以及贸易网络,试图恢复海上以及陆上丝绸之路,这两条丝绸之路的历史可以追溯到马可波罗所在的世纪从地理上说,“一带一路”被认为,和美国领导的跨太平洋伙伴关系协定是竞争关系,中国未加入TPPXi has been traveling all over Central Asia and Eastern Europe in recent weeks — including stops in Poland, Serbia and Uzbekistan — but Russian support One Belt, One Road is seen as particularly important, given Moscow’s sway over key Balkan states. Putin will be keen to bolster a bilateral relationship that remains robust despite widesp international censure at the Kremlin’s annexation of Crimea in , which resulted in the U.S. and E.U. imposing economic sanctions on Russia.最近几个星期,习近平出访了中亚和东欧很多国家,包括波兰、塞尔维亚以及乌兹别克斯坦,但是俄罗斯对于“一带一路”政策的持被视为至关重要,鉴于俄罗斯对巴尔干半岛诸国的配地位而普京也想进一步加强已经较为牢靠的双边关系,尽管年俄罗斯兼并克里米亚导致了大范围的国际批评,并且为此,欧盟和美国还对俄罗斯采取了经济制裁措施

印度3D斑马线提醒减速慢行 --9 :1:5 来源:中国日报   The Indian government may use 3D paintings as virtual speed-breakers on major highways and roads, in a bid to check speeding and rash driving, and ultimately make its deadly roads a little safer.  为了抑制超速、变灯冲刺等驾驶行为,并最终提升事故多发地的安全性,印度政府可能要在主要公路和街道设置3D图案,作为虚拟减速装置  ;We are trying out 3D paintings used as virtual speed breakers to avoid unnecessary requirements of speed breakers,; India's transport minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted.  印度交通部长尼廷;格德卡里发推文称:;我们尝试绘制3D图案作为虚拟减速装置,以降低对不必要的减速带的使用;  The optical illusions are supposed to encourage drivers to slow down automatically. Earlier this month, India had ordered the removal of all speed breakers from highways, which are considered to be a safety hazard high-speed vehicles.  这种视觉幻象手法有望让司机自动减速本月早些时候,印度下令拆除公路上的所有减速带,此举被认为造成了机动车行驶的安全隐患  India has the highest number of road accident deaths in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, over 0,000 people are killed by road accidents due to poor implementation of road safety laws. This is considerably higher than its official figures of 1,56 .  印度是世界上交通事故死亡人数最多的国家根据世界卫生组织的数据,由于道路安全法规实施不规范,印度有多万人死于交通肇事该数字远远高于印度年官方公布的6的死亡人数  The use of optical illusions as speed breakers was first pioneered in the American city of Philadelphia in , as part of a campaign against speeding motorists. The technique has also been tried out in China to create floating 3D crossings.  年,作为防止机动车超速的举措之一,美国费城最先将视觉幻象用作减速装置中国也曾试行悬浮的3D标志线  In India, cities such as Ahmedabad and Chennai have aly experimented with 3D zebra crossings in the last one year. In Ahmedabad instance, a mother-daughter artist duo has painted 3D crosswalks in the first few months of . The artists say their motto is ;to increase the attention of drivers;, and that the concept has been successfully tested in accident-prone zones on a highway.  艾哈迈达巴德和金奈等印度城市去年已开始试行3D斑马线以艾哈迈达巴德为例,今年前几个月,一对艺术家母女就绘制出了3D人行道她们表示,此举能够;增加司机的(安全行驶)意识;,而且这种概念已在事故多发的路段测试成功  However, critics argue that once drivers know that these speed breakers are visual illusions, they may ignore them. Others also point out that India's decision does not consider the safety of a large number of pedestrians. In the end, the new policy may be just one step towards improving road safety.  不过,批评者认为,一旦司机知道这种减速带是眼睛的幻觉,那么他们就可能会忽略这些装置还有人指出,印度政府的决定没有考虑到广大行人的安全最终,这种提高道路安全的新政策或许只是一时有效而已  Vocabulary  speed breakers:减速带  zebra crossings:斑马线

年美国各校毕业演讲精集锦 -- ::59 来源: 又是一年毕业季,以下是一些年不可错过的毕业演讲 It’s that time of year again ... when college graduates put on those awkward gowns and head off to commencement, where they sit in the sweltering sun or a stuffy stadium, waiting to grab their diplomas and meet up with their families while half-listening to distinguished speakers dispense timeless wisdom and advice. Here are the don’t-miss graduation speeches of .又到一年毕业季……毕业生们穿着奇怪的大袍子,前往毕业演讲现场,或坐于烈日下,或坐于闷热的体育馆内,与家人一同等待着把毕业书紧紧抓在手中的那一刻,耳边是那些杰出人士传授的至理名言以下是一些年你不可错过的毕业演讲1. President Obama at Rutgers: “ignorance is not a virtue”1.奥巴马罗格斯大学演讲:“无知绝非美德”Obama threw shade at Donald Trump without naming him in his address to Rutgers:在罗格斯大学的演讲中,奥巴马影射特朗普:“It’s not cool to not know what you are talking about. That’s not keeping it real or telling it like it is. That’s not challenging political correctness. That’s just not knowing what you are talking about.”“不知道自己在说着什么并不是一件很酷的事这表明没有说出真相或事实这并非在挑战政治正确性这只是你不知道自己说的是什么”. President Obama at Howard: “you’ve got to have a strategy”. 奥巴马霍华德大学演讲:“要有策略”At Howard University, Obama had some tough love young people with passion, saying that’s just not enough:在霍华德大学,奥巴马对这群满怀的年轻人有着严厉的爱,他认为有是不够的:“Change requires more than righteous anger. It requires a program and it requires organizing. Passion is vital, but you have got to have a strategy.”“改变需要的不仅仅是愤慨它需要计划,需要组织很重要,但是你们必须要有策略”3. Graduate student Donovan Livingston at Harvard: “Lift off”3. 哈佛毕业生多诺万·利文斯顿:“起飞”This grad’s unique and powerful spoken-word-poem-as-speech has gone hyper viral.这名毕业生独一无二的、强有力的诗歌演讲迅速走红起来“I belong among the stars. And so do you. And so do they. Together, we can inspire galaxies of greatness generations to come. No, sky is not the limit. It is only the beginning. Lift off.”“我融进了星河你们也是如此他们也是如此让我们携手,激发出系中的伟大,以待后辈不,天空并不是极限天空只是开始起飞吧”. Steven Spielberg at Harvard: “empathy every soul”. 斯蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格哈佛演讲:“同情每一个灵魂”Master filmmaker Spielberg got thoughtful about hatred and discrimination:电影制作大师斯皮尔伯格对仇恨和歧视很有想法:“To me, the only answer to more hate is more humanity. We have to replace fear with curiosity.”“对我来说,面对更多的仇恨的唯一处理方式是更多的人性我们需要以好奇来替代恐惧”5. Richard and Mary Templeton at Southern Methodist: “when life throws you a curveball”5. 理查德和玛丽·坦普尔顿南卫理公会大学演讲:“当生活扔给你们一个曲线球”“Small and steady steps can be quite big and spectacular. They move you to a bigger place.”“稳健的、小小的进步有可能变得巨大而惊人它们让你有了更大的发展空间”6. Sheryl Sandberg at Berkeley: “choose joy and meaning”6. 谢莉尔·桑德伯格伯克利大学演讲:“选择快乐和意义”As the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg is one of the most high-profile people in tech. Last year, her husband, Dave Goldberg, suddenly died. In a speech at Berkeley a year later, Sandberg spoke about his death and her experience the first time in public:作为脸书的首席运营官,谢莉尔·桑德伯格是科技行业备受瞩目的人物之一去年,她的丈夫戴夫·戈德伯格突然去世一年后,在伯克利的毕业演讲上,她首次在公众面前谈起丈夫的过世和自己的感受:“My hope you is that you can find that gratitude—not just on the good days, like today, but on the hard ones, when you will really need it.”“我希望你们能够学会感恩——不仅要感谢那些美好的日子,就像今天,而且也要感谢那些艰苦的岁月,当你们真正需要的时候”7. Michelle Obama at Santa Fe Indian School: “ask help”7.米歇尔·奥巴马印第安高中演讲:“寻求帮助”“I want you to keep pushing ward. Just keep pushing ward. And I want you to reach out and ask help. I know your teachers tell you that all the time, but please understand that no one gets through college—or life, that matter—alone. No one. I certainly didn’t.”“我希望你们不断向前,勇往直前我希望你们伸出手去寻求帮助我知道你们的老师一直都这样告诉你们但是请你们知道:事实上没有人能够独自上完大学或过完一生没有人能做到我当然也做不到”8. William Foege at Emory: “avoid a life plan”8. 威廉·福奇艾莫利大学演讲:“不要制定人生计划”“When I was your age, everyone was telling me to develop a life plan. My advice? Avoid a life plan. You cannot imagine what will be invented in the future. You cannot imagine the opporties that will be presented. You enter a world of infinite possibilities, confusing ideas, continuous changes. But a life plan will limit your future.”“当我在你们这般年纪时,每个人都要我制定一个人生计划我的建议?千万不要这样做你无法预知将来会发生什么你无法预知你将会有什么样的机遇这个世界有着无穷的机会、各种各样的想法以及不断的变化而人生计划则会限制你的未来”9. Sonia Sotomayor at University of Rhode Island: “the uh-oh memories”9.索尼娅·索托马约尔罗德岛大学演讲:“噢哦回忆”Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor revealed some of the moments she is less proud of—and why those moments matter:美国最高法院大法官索尼娅·索托马约尔讲述了那些并非值得骄傲的回忆,并解释了它们的重要性“The ‘uh-oh’ moments are worth cherishing just as much as ‘ah-ha’ moments: Mistakes, failures, embarrassments and disappointments are a necessary component of growing wise. We can learn more from our not-so-good experiences than we can learn from our good ones.”“这些‘噢哦’回忆应当同‘啊哈’时光一样被珍惜:错误,失败,尴尬以及失望都是增长智慧的重要组成部分相比美好的回忆来说,我们能从那些不太愉快的经历中学到更多的东西”. Elizabeth Warren at Suffolk: “you have to be willing to fight what you believe in”. 伊丽莎白·涡轮萨弗克大学演讲:“你必须要愿意为你所相信的而奋斗”“Knowing who you are will help you when it’s time to fight. Fight the job you want, fight the people who mean the most to you and fight the kind of world you want to live in. It will help when people say that’s impossible or you can’t do that. Look, if you take the unexpected opporties when they come up, if you know yourself, and if you fight what you believe in, I can promise that you will live a life that is rich with meaning.”“奋斗之时,了解自己是谁能给予你助力为你梦想的工作而奋斗,为你生命中最重要的人而奋斗,为你想要生活的世界而奋斗当他人告诉你:这是不可能的,你做不到,了解自己是谁同样能够帮助你你瞧,当机会来临时,如果你能抓住这些意想不到的机会,如果你了解自己,如果你为你所相信的而奋斗,我保,你会成就一个充满意义的人生”

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  • 地铁时代常青城暂无房源可售(图)
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