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The point of articles such as these isn't to dictate how you're supposed to live. The point is to offer you different perspectives to consider, so you can make more conscious and deliberate choices for yourself。   这些观点并不是要指示你如何生活,而是提供不同的思路供你参考,从而使你自己做出更为深思熟虑的选择。1. Get to know your authentic self. 认清真实的自己。  Discover the real you. Don't blindly accept the role you were conditioned by others to fill. You have your own path to follow. Be your own independent person. Don't allow peer pressure to force you into an inauthentic role。  发现真实的自己。不要盲目接受别人习惯施加给你的角色。你有自己的路去走。成为独立自主的个体。不要在压力的屈从下扮演不真实的自己。 /200911/88786New York Times reports end to Iraq warThe ed States has ended the war in Iraq and indicted President George W. Bush on treason charges, The New York Times reported Tuesday. OK, well not really.An elaborate spoof hit the streets of New York on Tuesday: a convincing fake of The New York Times announcing not just the withdrawal of troops from Iraq but a raft of other US liberal fantasies.Bush is indicted, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice apologizes that the fuss about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was invented, and Americans are finally getting national health insurance.And that's just on the front page.The only problem? The free, 14-page "special edition" newspaper is phoney.Website www.gawker.com has identified the pranksters behind the stunt as The Yes men, a liberal group famous for practical jokes.The newspaper was a vision of what Americans would love to see under Barack Obama after he takes power in January.Dated July 4, 2009, its front-page motto s: "All the news we hope to print" -- a play on the Times' famous "All the news that's fit to print."A Times spokeswoman said: "This is obviously a fake issue ... We are in the process of finding out more about it."One of the newspaper's own online commentators had a wittier retort:"Sorry, folks, the paper isn't free. And the Iraq war isn't over, at least not yet."It's not the first time the venerable newspaper has been parodied. One was published during the 1978 newspaper strike.Another came out on April Fool's Day 1999, printed by British business tycoon Sir Richard Branson and titled "I Can't Believe It's Not The New York Times." 据《纽约时报》本周二报道,美国日前结束伊拉克战争,并以叛国罪起诉总统乔治#8226;W#8226;布什。可惜,这不是真的。一个精心策划的恶作剧于本周二引爆纽约街头:当日的一份“高仿真版”《纽约时报》不仅宣布了美国从伊拉克撤军的消息,还刊载了其它很多大快人心的报道。其中包括布什总统被指控;国务卿赖斯承认布什政府在发动伊拉克战争前就知道伊拉克没有大规模杀伤性武器;美国的全民保险制度终于建立等等。这还只是头版的内容……只可惜,这份免费的、14版的《纽约时报》“特刊”是假的。Gawker.com网站通过调查发现,这份假《纽约时报》的幕后操手是一个名叫“应声虫(The Yes men)”的以恶搞而著称的自由组织。这份报纸反映了美国人希望在奥巴马明年1月接任总统后能看到的一些新变化。这份日期为2009年7月4日的《纽约时报》在其头版打出了宣传口号,“我们刊登所有我们希望看到的新闻”,而正版《纽约时报》的宣传语则是“我们刊登所有有价值的新闻”。《纽约时报》的一位女发言人说:“这显然是个恶作剧,目前我们正在对该事件进行调查。”《纽约时报》的一位网络员的反驳则更加诙谐幽默:“不好意思,各位,报纸并不免费,伊战也未结束,至少现在还没有。”《纽约时报》遭恶搞已不是第一次,其中一次是在1978年报业罢工之时。另一次是在1999年的愚人节,当时英国商界大亨理查德#8226;布兰森印刷了一批假报,当时报纸的头条是“我不相信这不是《纽约时报》。” Vocabulary: phoney:赝品;骗人的东西 /200811/56131Actor Nicolas Cage may want to brush up on his accounting skills. The IRS is going after the 45-year-old actor for .2 million, according to the Daily Mail. The problems stem from 2007, a year in which he made four films, including "National Treasure" and "Ghost Rider."   演员尼古拉斯·凯奇可能是想重新复习下他的财会技能了。美国国税局追缴这位45岁的男演员的时候,搞到620万美元的税收款,据《每日邮报》报道。漏税时间要从2007年开始算起,他当年接拍了4部影片,包括《国家宝藏》、《鬼骑士》。 /200909/84169

"Hair reflects internal changes--things like sickness, nutrition and stress," says dermatologistParadi Mirmirani, M.D., a faculty member of the American Academy of Dermatology. There arethree parts to your hair: the hair shaft (the fiber), the hair bulb (the root) and the hair cycle (theperiod of rest and regeneration). Most problems are related to one of these three things, saysMirmirani.美国皮肤学会教员、皮肤科医学士马诺莫尼表示:“头发可以反映出身体内部的变化——比如疾病、营养和压力。” 我们的头发包含三个部分:毛干(纤维),毛球(根部)和毛发周期(休息和再生的周期)。马诺莫尼表示,大多数的头发问题都与其中的某个部分相关。1 Issue: Excessive hair shedding 脱发严重 Each individual strand of hair has its own cycle, growing for six toeight years, resting for a few months, and then shedding. "About 10percent of your hair is shedding at any one given time," Mirmiranisays, pointing out that many things can interrupt the cycle and cause more hairs to shed earlier,including stress, fever, weight loss or low iron levels. If you're noticing more shedding thanusual, examine your lifestyle to see what might have changed or consult your dermatologist fortests.每根头发都有它自己的生长周期,生长6-8年后,停止生长几个月,然后脱落。马诺莫尼说:“百分之十左右的头发会在任何一个特定的时间脱落。”她指出,压力、发烧、体重减轻或缺铁等因素都会打断头发的生长周期,并使更多的头发提早脱落。如果你发现头发脱落比平时更多,检查一下自己的生活方式,看看发生了什么改变或者咨询一下皮肤科医生。 /200912/92120

Get off that couch and begin the more productive life you should be living.别赖在沙发上了,做事变得高效一点吧,那才是应该过的生活。 /201006/106065

最新研究发现,短时间的过度食用垃圾食品会对身材以及人体储存脂肪的方式造成永久影响……   A short period of gorging on junk food has a more permanent effects on body size and the way it stores fat – even after the initial weight is lost, the study found. The gluttony changes fat mass – the percentage of fat in the body – for more than two years making it harder to keep weight off.  最新研究发现,短时间的过度食用垃圾食品会对身材以及人体储存脂肪的方式造成永久影响——即使最终减掉了因贪吃而增加的重量,结果还是如此。暴饮暴食会改变脂肪量——身体所含脂肪的百分比——两年有余脂肪量都无法回到正常水平。  A team of researchers from Linkping University, Sweden, asked 18 individuals to stop exercising and eat excessively for four weeks – increasing their energy intake by an average of 70 percent. A separate control group ate and exercised as normal.  来自瑞典林雪平大学的研究人员让18个受试者停止锻炼,连续四周过量饮食——这样他们的能量摄入平均增加了70%。另一个小组的饮食和锻炼则保持正常。 /201008/112549

永葆青春用哪招?整容手术成首选Cosmetic surgery helps make 60s new middle age?A woman is undergoing a cosmetic surgery.Cosmetic surgeryis altering not just how people look but how they feel by changing perceptions of middle age, a study showed Monday.Global research group AC Nielsen surveyed people in 42 countries and found 60 percent of Americans, the world's biggest consumers of cosmetic surgery and anti-aging skincare, believe their sixties are the new middle age.On a global scale, three out of five consumers believed forties was the new thirties."Our forties are being celebrated as the decade where we can be comfortable and confident in both personal and financial terms. The majority of global consumers really believe life starts at forty," AC Nielsen Europe President and CEO Frank Martell said.But that doesn't mean they want to look their age.Healthier eating, longer lifespans and higher disposable incomes have helped to hold back the years. However, for many people the biggest boost is coming from the surgeon's scalpel, the survey found.Confirming Russians' status among the world's biggest consumers of luxury goods, 48 percent of them, the highest percentage globally, said they would consider cosmetic surgery to maintain their looks. One in three Irish consumers, 28 percent of Italians and Portuguese, and one in four U.S., French and British consumers felt the same. 本周一公布的一项调查显示,整容手术不仅改变着人的容貌,而且还通过改变人们对中年的理解使人的心理发生变化。AC尼尔森国际调查集团共对42个国家进行了调查,结果发现,60%的美国人认为60岁才是中年的开始。美国堪称世界上最大的整容手术和抗衰老护肤品消费国。从全世界范围来看,五分之三的消费者认为40来岁正值壮年。AC尼尔森集团欧洲区总裁兼首席执行官弗兰克·玛特尔说:“四十岁被认为是人生的黄金时期,这一阶段我们在性格和经济实力方面都变得成熟自信。所以,大多数全球消费者认为40岁才是美好生活的开始。”但是人们又不希望自己的外表看上去有40岁。虽然健康的饮食、寿命的延长和较高的收入对于人们延缓衰老起到了一定的作用。但调查显示,很多人认为整容手术才是永葆青春的最佳途径。对世界上最大的奢侈品消费国之一俄罗斯的调查显示,48%的俄罗斯消费者表示会考虑通过做整容手术来保持青春,这一比例为全世界最高。此外,三分之一的爱尔兰人,28%的意大利人、葡萄牙人,四分之一的美国人、法国人和英国人也有同样的想法。 /200803/31195

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