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川普:非法移民待遇比美国退伍军人更好 --31 ::5 来源: 美国大选人们人物川普抨击美国政府,指责非法移民待遇要比退伍老兵更好,呼吁关注老兵生活状态 Illegal immigrants in the US often get better care than the nation’s military veterans, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said.共和党总统候选人川普曾表示,非法移民在美国受到的待遇经常要好于美国退伍军人"We’re not going to allow that to happen any longer," he told a bikers’ rally in Washington DC.在华府的一场骑行者集会上,川普说道:“我们不能够让那样的事情再继续下去了!”Mr Trump did not provide any evidence his assertion.川普并没有提供任何据来佐自己的这一断言Last year, the billionaire sparked anger by attacking the military record of Senator John McCain, a mer prisoner of war.去年,这位亿万富翁因为抨击约翰·麦凯恩议员的军事记录而惹得众怒约翰·麦凯恩议员曾是一名战俘Mr Trump said Sen McCain was only considered a hero because he was a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War.川普说麦凯恩议员之所以被当成英雄,仅仅是因为他曾是越战战俘He then added: "I like people who weren’t captured."随后他补充道:“我喜欢那些没有被俘虏的人”Since then Mr Trump, who never served in the military, has tried to repair the damage by frequently honouring veterans at his rallies and holding fundraising events them.自那以后,川普从未在军中役过,一直试图修复和军人团体破碎的关系在竞选集会上,川普经常表达自己对老兵的尊敬,还为他们举行筹款活动His latest comments came at the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally on Sunday, which was dedicated to remembering POWs and those missing in action.川普在上周日发表了这一讲话,当时现场正举行一年一度的滚雷托车集会,该集会的目的是为了纪念战俘和在行动中失踪的人Despite previous criticism, many in the crowd cheered Mr Trump.尽管之前川普曾对这群人有过批评,但是现场许多人都为川普欢呼"What I like about Trump is that he is one of us. He’s not a politician," 5-year-old Louis Naymik was ed as saying by the Associated Press news agency.美联社援引5岁的路易斯的话说:“我喜欢川普,他是我们的一份子,他不是一个政治家”Mr Trump - who has made controversial comments on a number of issues - was speaking ahead of the 7 June Calinia primary.据说,川普将在6月7日的加州初选中领先,(尽管)他曾就许多事件发表了有争议的He is running unopposed in Calinia after his Republican rivals pulled out and he reached the number of delegates needed to secure the nomination. It has yet to be malised.川普在加州没有对手了,因为他共和党内的竞争对手都弃权了,而他自己也得到了足够代表的持、从而获得共和党提名他的提名资格还没有被正式发表The Associated Press says Congress and many states have written an assortment of laws and policies designed to restrict government services to people in the country illegally.据美联社透露,美国国会和许多州已经制定了许多不同的法律和政策,以此来限制政府对国内非法移民的务《纸牌屋第四季:更精,更香艳 --7 3:50: 来源:i1st 导读:冷血狡诈、两面三刀的“下木总统”终于回来了经历了第三季登上总统宝座之后的百无聊赖,弗兰克遇到了自己最强劲的对手——妻子克莱尔权力、财富、亲情、道德交织下的政治阴谋,《纸牌屋第四季让你一次看过瘾~US TV dramas are known their seemingly endless seasons. In many cases, the longer a show is, the less creative and more tedious it gets. Viewers usually seek something new to binge on. But Netflix’s latest release, House of Cards season four, aims to avoid this fate.众所周知,美剧似乎总有拍不完的下一季大多数情况下,一部剧持续时间越长,就会变得越没创意,越乏味观众常常会转向新剧不过网飞公司最新发布的《纸牌屋第四季力图摆脱这种命运After its release this March, millions of subscribers from 190 countries and regions got hooked to this new season of political intrigue. Even the writer of the original B version of House of Cards, Andrew Davies, admits that he was engrossed by the new episodes. “I’m hooked on it,” Davies told The Guardian. “I’ll probably binge-watch the new season.”自三月上线以来,共有来自190个国家和地区的数百万名用户被新一季《纸牌屋中的政治阴谋深深吸引就连英国广播公司原版《纸牌屋的编剧安德鲁?戴维斯都坦言,自己被新剧集圈粉了戴维斯告诉英国《卫报:“我完全看入迷了我可能会一口气刷完第四季” many longtime viewers, the previous season was a letdown. Its plot lines were almost too pedestrian to be interesting. Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) was adrift in his new role as US president. He had beaten all of his rivals to reach the top political office, and there was almost no one worth fighting anymore. But season four aims to offer viewers the juicy twists they missed last season.对很多常年追此剧的观众而言,上一季《纸牌屋太令人失望情节老套,毫无趣味可言当上总统的弗兰克?安德伍德(凯文?史派西饰)变得百无聊赖他打败了所有竞争者登上最高政治宝座,几乎再无对手不过第四季致力于为观众提供上一季缺失的生动、曲折的剧情Underwood confronts his most potent enemy ever, his wife Claire (Robin Wright). Claire aims to amass power by becoming vice president. When Underwood thwarts her attempts, Claire moves back to Texas, her home state, to compete a seat in the US Congress. This move injects the storyline with spice and sexual tension. As a plot twist, it is “more effective than any previous murder or immoral ploy ever [was],” Indiewire’s Nikola Grozdanovic wrote.安德伍德遭遇了有史以来最强劲的对手——他的妻子克莱尔(罗宾?怀特饰)克莱尔试图竞选副总统来发展自己的力量当安德伍德挫败了她的计谋,她转战家乡德克萨斯州,争夺国会议席克莱尔的举动为情节增添了不少情趣和香艳的张力随着剧情的发展,这一招“比之前任何谋杀和道德阴谋更奏效”,影评人网的尼古拉?格罗兹戴诺维克写道Season four also dazzles viewers with an array of new faces. Through Claire’s mother (Ellen Burstyn), viewers get an idea of how little kinship means among the power-hungry. And Claire’s political consultant (Neve Campbell) reveals the relationship between power and wealth. Meanwhile, Underwood himself has to tackle another rival: aspiring president and New York governor Conway (Joel Kinnaman). Conway’s character showcases how duplicitous one needs to be in order to get to the top. These characters’ storylines are woven together with hot-button political topics, such as gun control and terrorism.第四季中出现的一批新面孔也让观众眼前一亮通过克莱尔的母亲(艾伦?伯斯汀饰),观众知道了在权力和欲望面前亲情一文不值克莱尔的政治顾问(内芙?坎贝尔饰)则裸地揭开了权力和财富的关系同时,安德伍德自己还要应对另一个对手:有当总统抱负的纽约州州长康威(乔尔?金纳曼饰)康威这个角色展现了一个人需要如何两面三刀才能登上权力巅峰热门政治话题,比如管控和恐怖主义等将这些角色的故事交织在一起On top of that, key characters from previous seasons return in the new season. The murdered journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) surfaces in Frank’s constant hallucinations. And the bamboozled writer Tom (Boris McGiver) determines to expose the Underwoods’ misdeeds no matter the cost. The reappearance of these characters makes the whole series “connected and encapsulated,” IGN’s Matt Fowler commented.此外,前几集的主要人物也陆续回归被谋杀的记者佐伊?巴尔内斯(凯特?玛拉饰)出现在弗兰克的幻觉中被欺骗的作家汤姆(鲍里斯?迈克基弗饰)决定不惜一切代价揭露安德伍德的罪行网站IGN的马特?富勒说,再现这些人物能让整部剧“更紧密、更精炼”With fresh surprises and horrors, House of Cards season four has received a wave of praise from critics its entertainment value. “House of Cards has always longed to be an opera, right down to the soprano who occasionally wails on the soundtrack,” Vox culture editor Todd VanDerWerff wrote. “Season four comes the closest the show ever has to realizing that ambition.”全新的惊喜和恐惧元素为《纸牌屋第四季赢得了家的阵阵好评,盛赞它的价值新闻网Vox的文化版编辑托德?万德维夫写道:“《纸牌屋一直渴望像歌剧那样,有一位女高音随时可能会在音轨上留下最强音第四季是这部剧最接近实现这一野心的时候”成都学校打麻将学英语 -- :: 来源: 成都一中学校长发明“英语麻将”,号召学生打麻将学英语 Learning a new language that’s not your mother tongue can be real daunting. A school in Chengdu, China, has made national news headlines its creative way of teaching its students English with mahjong tiles.学习一种非母语的语言真的是一件令人望而生畏的事情但是成都一所学校独辟蹊径,非常有创意地用麻将牌来教学生学习英语,此举迅速在中国引起了轰动Mahjong is a traditional Chinese card game that’s similar to the Western’s world rummy. It is usually played with four players and involves tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols.麻将是中国一种传统的棋牌类游戏,和西方国家流行的拉米牌很相似一般是四个人一起打麻将,共有张牌,牌面上印有中国字和各种符号Many Chinese children pick up on how to play mahjong from their parents from a young age, simply by observing the adults playing rounds of the game.仅仅通过观察他们的父母是如何打牌的,许多中国孩子在很小的时候就学会了打麻将But the mahjong sets used at Jitou Middle School are different and so is the objective.但是机投中学的麻将牌看起来和普通的麻将不一样,它们的作用也不一样Students play mahjong with modified tiles at Jitou Middle School in Chengdu City, the capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan Province. The game is usually played by four people with a set of tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. School headmaster Tian Jingyun has placed English letters on the tiles so players can m different words in playing. The school also has poker cards that have English letters on them to help students with their English study.成都机投中学的学生们打的麻将是经过改造过后的传统麻将一般是由个人一起玩,共张牌,牌上面印有汉字和各种符号机投中学的校长田静云(音)在麻将牌上写上英语字母,学生们在打牌的时候要把牌组成单词该校还使用写有英语字母的扑克牌来帮助学生学习英语The "English Mahjong" was modified by the school’s headmaster Tian Jingyun who replaced the original characters with English letters and numbering of each alphabet.这种“英语麻将”是由机投中学校长田静云发明的,他把麻将上原本的字符去掉,转而写上英语字母和相应的字母表位序As each student take their turn in a clockwise manner, students must make up words with the tiles they have on hand, writing them down in their notebooks. But that’s where the similarity to Scrabble ends. The winner of the game is the student who gets the most words, makes a complete sentence with the words and then tells a story using those words. Not easy!顺时针方向,每个学生轮流摸牌学生们必须用自己手里的牌组成单词,并把单词记在笔记本里这些玩法和拼字游戏很像要想取胜并不容易,胜者必须要能够组成最多的单词,用这些单词组成一个完整的句子,还要用这些单词讲一个故事Besides mahjong, the school also has poker cards and checkers with English letters on them. All these Tian’s way of making learning English a fun exercise the students.除了麻将之外,机投中学还使用印有英文字母的扑克牌和跳棋来帮助学生学习英语对于学生们来说,田静云的这些方法使得学英语变成了一件有趣的事Since news broke, netizens have praised Tian his dedication to teaching his students and his ability to think out of the box.新闻发表后,网民们盛赞了田静云对于教学的奉献精神,还称赞了他的创新思维

英国脱欧影响美国总统竞选走向 --30 18:5:9 来源: 英国退出欧盟,对此,美国如何看待?各大总统候选人说法不一 Brexit’s surprise victory left the Obama administration scrambling to put the best face on an outcome it didn’t want.英国出乎意料地成功退出欧盟,对于这个并不期待的结果,奥巴马政府只能尽力掩盖其不满“One country has made a decision. Obviously, it was a decision the ed States had hoped would go the other way. But it didn’t. And so we begin with a fundamental respect voters."“英国已经做出了退出欧盟的决定显而易见,美国希望英国能够继续留在欧盟,但公投结果并非如此所以,我们要给予投票者最基本的尊重”But Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to welcome the outcome.但是,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普看起来很欢迎这个结果“People want to take their country back. They want to have independence, in a sense. I really do see a parallel between what’s happening in the ed States and what’s happening here. People want to see borders.”“人们想把自己的国家夺回来在某种意义上来说,他们想要独立我真的认为,美国和英国的情况有一些相似之处人们想看到界线”In a volatile world, the last thing we need is a volatile president.在这个动荡的世界,我们最不需要的就是反复无常的总统Democratic presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign pounced on Trump’s assertion that British monetary turmoil might benefit his business venture in Scotland.民主党总统候选人希拉里·克林顿对特朗普的观点予以攻击,称特朗普在苏格兰的企业会从英国的货币动荡中受益“Every president is tested by world events. But Donald Trump thinks about how his golf resort can profit from them.”“每个总统都受到世界事件的考验但唐纳德·特朗普考虑的只是怎如何使高尔夫度假区受益”But if the Brexit vote illuminated public discontent on one side of the Atlantic, Republicans said similar sentiments exist on the other side, as well.但是共产党人认为,如果英国脱欧公投能够说明大西洋一岸(英国)公众的不满,那么这种不满的情绪也存在于大西洋的另一岸(美国)“What you saw in England, at least from what I , is that people got tired of being dictated to by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. And of course we have a lot of that here in this country. A lot of the president’s bureaucrats expanding regulations in a way that slows our economy and makes it difficult to have growth.”“在我看来,英国发生的事情说明:人们厌烦了被布鲁塞尔未经选举的官僚们指手画脚在美国,我们当然也能有很多这样的呼声很多政府官员的监管使经济增长缓慢,使其很难增长”A new poll shows Clinton leading Trump by points, but most voters want a new direction America. Democrats insisted the electorate is not blinded by unease and discontent.新一轮民调表明,克林顿领先特朗普个百分点,但大多数投票者希望美国有一个新的发展方向民主党人坚持认为,选民们没有被不安和不满蒙蔽“The differences between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump in terms of temperament, in terms of judgment, in terms of values couldn’t be more stark. And they are on display once again over the last two weeks.”“国务卿克林顿和唐纳德·特朗普的性格、辨别力和价值观完全不同在过去两周里,他们再一次公开竞选”A trans-Atlantic shockwave rattling a lackluster U.S. economic recovery could be a wild card in the election. The Obama administration is stressing the need to minimize disruptions stemming from Brexit.大西洋彼岸的这场风波使人们惊慌失措:低迷的美国经济复苏是总统竞选中的变数奥巴马总统强调,要尽量减少英国脱欧带来的混乱

iPhone 7长啥样?先来一睹为快 --31 ::01 来源:chinadaily With just four months to go until Apple's new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are released, leaks are definitely starting to pick up pace. It makes sense in light of the recent news that iPhone 7 production is now underway — Apple has never been able to keep a lid on things once workers at its manufacturing partners' plants get their hands on new iPhone parts. 距苹果新品iPhone 7和iPhone 7 Plus发布还有四个月,有关传闻也层出不穷据最近消息透露,iPhone 7的生产目前正在进行,这一消息比较靠谱——苹果从来没能成功地守住秘密,一旦与其合作的制造厂的工人们染指新iPhone的零件,消息就会泄露If you haven't aly seen them, be sure to check out all of the big iPhone 7 leaks you missed from this past weekend. Once you're done there, we have an even bigger treat all the eager Apple fans out there: In all likelihood, the leaked photo below is our first look at a genuine iPhone 7 in the flesh. 如果你还没有见过它们,那你一定要查看过去的一个周末你错过的所有泄露iPhone 7的重大消息一旦你看了这些消息,我们就可以给苹果死忠粉们爆个更大的料:十有八九,看到下面这张照片,就是我们第一次亲眼见到真正iPhone 7的时刻Apple news cycles in mainstream media bounce dramatically between positive and negative. Things were generally pretty downbeat as the company's iPhone business made its climb, but then things reversed completely following the record-shattering launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Now that reporters and analysts have come to terms with the fact that Apple's iPhone business couldn't grow at breakneck speed ever, things have gotten negative again. 主流媒体关于苹果的新闻总是一会儿积极一会儿消极,循环往复苹果公司的iPhone销量增长艰难时,报道普遍都非常悲观,但是之后iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus推出,打破了销售记录,彻底扭转了之前的消极评价现在既然记者和分析人士已经接受了苹果iPhone业务不可能永远高速增长的事实,报道又陷入了悲观As part of the overall negativity on Apple right now, the idea that the upcoming new iPhone 7 is going to be "boring" has begun to permeate through the media. This downbeat attitude is based solely on rumors surrounding the new iPhone's design. People in the know have suggested repeatedly that the new iPhone 7 will look a great deal like the current iPhone 6s and 's iPhone 6, but nothing has really been confirmed at this point. 目前在所有对苹果的消极评价中有这样一种观点,已经散布到整个媒体行业,说将要问世的新iPhone 7将会很“无趣”产生如此消极的态度仅仅源于有关新iPhone设计的传言知情人士已经多次暗示,新iPhone 7将会与现在的iPhone 6s和年出的iPhone 6的外观非常相像,但是这一点还没有被真正实Until now, perhaps.现在来看,可能是We've aly discussed why a "boring" new iPhone 7 design probably wouldn't be such a big deal. You can about why in our earlier post. Apple had better hope that most of its customers feel the same way because it looks like next year's iPhone 7 will indeed look strikingly similar to the current flagship iPhone. 我们已经讨论了为什么“无趣的”新iPhone 7设计很可能没什么大不了你可以读一下我们之前发的一篇文章,了解原因苹果最好希望大多数消费者也这样想,因为似乎明年的iPhone 7确实会长得很像现在的iPhoneBehold what is likely our first look at a real iPhone 7: 让我们抢先看一下iPhone 7的照片吧,很有可能是真的哦The photo of what is claimed to be an actual iPhone 7 was posted on Weibo by a user named "Qiu Han tie," and it came alongside images of two different internal components said to be destined inclusion in the iPhone 7. This iPhone 7 image aligns exactly with what we've seen in earlier leaks and heard from reliable sources, and it is believed to be authentic. 这张据说是真正的iPhone 7的照片,被一个叫“虬扎大汉”的网友发到了微上,还有两个内部组件的照片,据说肯定是iPhone 7里面的这张照片与之前泄露的照片上的iPhone一模一样,也与可靠消息来源的说法非常像,人们觉得它是真的In the image, we see an iPhone that indeed looks a great deal like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. On the plus side, the camera lens is huge compared to the one on the iPhone 6s, suggesting that we can expect a dramatically improved camera on the next-generation iPhone. On the flip side, the redesigned antenna lines follow a better path than the current ones, but they appear to be significantly thicker and still just as ugly. 照片上的iPhone确实很像iPhone 6和iPhone 6s只是摄像头比iPhone 6s要大一点,说明我们可以期待下一代iPhone的摄像头将有很大的改进在背面,天线带的设计已改,比目前的走线更好,但看上去厚了很多,依然那么丑Is this the real deal? Production is underway and all signs point to yes, but obviously nothing is 0% confirmed until Apple unveils its new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus this coming September. In the meantime, this photo likely gives us a good idea of what we can expect. Why would Apple release new iPhones that look just like old iPhones? That will be a much-debated topic over the coming months, but don't get that a completely redesigned iPhone is expected next year the iPhone's tenth anniversary. 这是真的吗?生产正在进行,所有的迹象都表明这是真的,但显然,在苹果九月揭开新款iPhone的面纱之前,没有什么是百分之百肯定的与此同时,这张照片给了我们启发,让我们知道应该期待什么为什么苹果要推出与老款iPhone长相一样的手机呢?接下来几个月大家一定会热烈地讨论这个问题,但不要忘了明年是iPhone推出的十周年,人们可都期待着苹果推出全新设计的iPhone呢Vocabulary: leak: 泄露 breakneck: 极快的 downbeat: 悲观的来源:雅虎新闻翻译:实习生孙美真编审:yaning台湾客车起火 名大陆游客全部遇难 -- 18:: 来源: 台湾一辆客车发生起火燃烧事故,车上名大陆游客、台湾司机以及导游共计6人全部遇难 Twenty-four tourists from China killed, plus Taiwanese driver and tour guide after bus caught fire on busy road.台湾一辆客车发生起火燃烧事故,车上名大陆游客、台湾司机以及导游共计6人全部遇难A tour bus carrying visitors from China has caught fire on a busy highway near Taiwan’s capital, killing all 6 people on board, officials said.据官方报道,7月19日,一辆旅游客车在台北附近一处繁忙路段发生烧车事故,车上6人全数罹难The accident took place on the No national highway in Taoyuan county, south of Taipei, where the island’s international airport is located, the county’s fire and rescue service said.台湾桃园县的消防部门表示,该起事故发生在台北南部桃园机场联络道“国道号”附近It said of those on board were visitors from Liaoning province who had been scheduled to fly home on Tuesday afternoon. The others killed were the driver and a tour guide, both Taiwanese.据悉,车上的名乘客来自辽宁旅游团,这些人原本计划在本周二下午返程剩下两位遇难人员分别是客车司机和导游,两人都来自台湾Lai Chi-chong, Taoyuan fire chief, said all of the victims died inside the bus. “There was not enough time them to escape,” he told reporters.桃园县的消防部长赖驰冲表示所有人悉数死在了车内,并无一人生还他告诉记者:“或许当时并没有时间逃生”Video from the scene showed both of the bus’s doors were pressed up against the highway’s guard rail, making them impossible to open.据现场拍摄的视频来看,由于客车两边的门都被公路的护栏卡住,导致车上人员无法逃生Many of the bodies were badly charred, some of them piled in front of the unopened emergency exit, Taiwan’s official Central News Agency and other media reported.台湾官方通讯社媒体以及其他媒体报道,车上许多具尸体都已被烧焦,其中一些尸体堆积在客车应急通道的出口处,显然是事故发生时未能逃离成功There was no official word on the cause of the fire, although Taiwan’s official CNA and others reported that the bus apparently burst into flames after spinning out of control and smashing into the highway’s guard rail.尽管台湾官方媒体中央通讯社以及其他媒体纷纷报道表示该客车是由于车辆失控自身撞上高速公路的护栏导致车内突然起火,但目前为止关于事故发生的原因还没有官方说明CNA cited eyewitnesses as saying the bus had been giving off smoke and swerving from lane to lane prior to crashing and bursting into flames.中央通讯社表示,有现场目击者目睹该车辆失控不断在路中转弯,并伴随有烟雾从车中冒出,随即车辆撞上护栏并起火燃烧The drivers of other vehicles pulled over and attempted to put out the flames with fire extinguishers, but the fire had grown too large them to put out, CNA said.中央通讯社报道,其他车辆的司机纷纷停车并赶来灭火,然而由于火势太过凶猛,最终还是未能灭火成功Photos from the scene showed flames and thick black smoke pouring from the front of the bus after the crash.从现场拍摄的照片可以看到,车辆撞上护栏之后,有火焰和浓密的黑烟从车辆前部冒出Thirteen firefighting vehicles and 30 firefighters were sent to the scene but the fire apparently sp too rapidly, and once the flames were extinguished, the vehicle was heavily blackened.事故发生之后,十三辆消防车和三十名消防员迅速赶到现场然而,由于火势蔓延迅速,当火焰完全被扑灭之后,该车已经被烧得面目全非The latest accident is likely to revive safety concerns surrounding the treatment of Chinese tourists, most of whom come on cheap group tours.这场事故也引起了人们对游客旅游安全方面的关注,其中大部分都是价格低廉的团体旅游什么仇什么怨?欧盟谷歌再撕逼 -- 19:51:5 来源: 近日,欧洲委员会再次指责谷歌公司滥用其行业优势地位,对其提出多项指控 The European Commission has stepped up pressure on Google, alleging that it abused its dominance in internet shopping and restricted competition.欧洲委员会进一步向谷歌公司施压,指控其滥用在互联网购物领域的优势地位,并限制竞争对手开展业务It also accused Google of stopping websites from showing adverts from the search engine’s competitors.委员会还指责谷歌公司在网站上屏蔽其搜索引擎竞争对手的广告And it strengthened an existing charge that Google favours its own comparison shopping services in search results.委员会重提旧案,称谷歌在搜索结果中总是优先显示经过筛选的购物商EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said Google had no right to limit its rivals.欧盟竞争委员会的玛格丽特·韦斯塔格表示谷歌公司没有任何权力阻碍竞争对手开展业务She said: "Google has come up with many innovative products that have made a difference to our lives. But that doesn’t give Google the right to deny other companies the chance to compete and innovate."她说:“谷歌公司带来了许多富有创意的产品,改变了人们的生活然而这并不意味着谷歌具有剥夺其他公司进行竞争和创新的权力”Google is aly facing mal anti-trust charges over claims that it abused the dominant position of its Android operating system.谷歌陷入了滥用安卓系统的反垄断官司The US company is accused of placing onerous requirements on firms using Android and stifling competition.该指控称谷歌对使用安卓操作系统的公司提出了苛刻的要求,并且抑制竞争行为A spokesperson Google said on Thursday: "We believe that our innovations and product improvements have increased choice European consumers and promote competition.谷歌公司的一位发言人于周四表示:“我们相信公司的创新和产品品质的提升为欧洲的消费者提供了更多选择,并促进了竞争”"We’ll examine the Commission’s renewed cases and provide a detailed response in the coming weeks."“公司将仔细评估委员会发起的案件,并于未来几周出具详细的回复报告”

“直升机兄弟”监视你的一举一动 -- ::38 来源: “直升机兄弟”监视你的一举一动Now 'helicopter siblings' are tracking their brothers and sisters on social media and even dropping in on datesFirst came the helicopter mum - now comes the helicopter sibling.前有直升机妈妈,后有直升机兄弟Older brothers and sisters are inflicting the overbearing behaviour they learned from their mothers on their younger siblings. They are following their brothers and sisters on social media, tracking them on phone apps and even dropping in on dates to check on them.受母亲的影响,哥哥和也学着母亲的样子,将专横强加给弟弟和他们关注弟弟的社交媒体,通过手机应用跟踪弟弟,甚至会在弟弟约会时实地查岗The term "helicopter mum' emerged in the last decade to refer to middle-class parents who hover over their offspring by interfering in every part of their lives. They have been known to take the same degrees as their daughters at university to make sure the course is suitable or book holidays their children whilst back home in a different country.“直升机妈妈”这一说法出现在近十年中,指对子女过度关注的中产阶级父母,他们干涉孩子生活的方方面面即便女儿上了大学,他们的干涉力度丝毫不减,要确保女儿学习的课程适宜;或者身在异国,却还要帮子女预定度假Now US therapists have identified the successor to the trend, the helicopter sibling. Madeline Levine, a psychologist in Kentfield, Calinia said that when parents focus too much on success and managing your life, their children end up doing the same. Smartphones are allowing them to carry out their surveillance covertly and relaying inmation back to parents without the sibling knowing.如今,美国治疗学家表示,直升机妈妈后继有人,直升机兄弟接班了玛德琳·莱文是加利福尼亚州肯特菲尔德市一名心理学家,她说,如果父母太过关注孩子的成功,掌控他们的生活,那么他们的孩子最终也会和父母如出一辙智能手机使他们能悄悄监控弟弟的行踪,并在弟弟不知情的情况下,将消息反馈给父母Among those who admit they are a helicopter sibling is -year-old Lillian Carone, from Milltown in New Jersey, who watches over her sister Willow, . Speaking to the Wall St Journal, Lillian said that she follows her sister on Facebook and Instagram hourly updates of what she is doing. She also follows her sister"s friends and checks their updates to see where Willow is. When Lillian sees that Willow is not where she said she would be, she sends a screenshot of the post to her sister and demands answers.来自新泽西州弥尔顿的岁的莉莲·卡罗那承认自己是直升机,她向《华尔街日报坦言,她监视着岁薇洛的一举一动,莉莲说她每小时刷新一次Facebook和Instagram,看看在做什么她还关注了的朋友,也刷新他们的动态看看薇洛在哪儿如果她发现薇洛不在她所说的地方,她会给薇洛发一个手机截屏去质问她Jonathan Caspi, a psychology professor at Montclair State University, in New Jersey, said that serious issues were behind the trend. He said that it occurs when one sibling wants to feel closer than the other, only they have overextended their reach.乔纳森·卡斯匹是新泽西州蒙特克莱州立大学的心理学教授,他表示,这一趋势背后有许多严重的问题当他(她)想跟自己的兄弟亲近的愿望比对方更强烈时,他(她)往往做过了头Being a helicopter sibling may be damaging and a study released in January found that children of helicopter parents are more likely to reject them in later life.做一名直升机兄弟或有危害,一月份发布的一份研究发现,来自直升机家庭的孩子在长大后会更加抗拒父母Vocabularydrop in on: 顺道拜访relay: 转告英文来源:每日邮报译者:FUN邱顺菁审校编辑:许晶晶羡慕别人生出双胞胎?科学家告诉你其中的奥秘 -- 19:56: 来源: 看到双胞胎宝贝,没有人不喜欢吧?多么盼望自己也能生出一对双胞胎呀今天小编就来告诉你,生出双胞胎的奥秘是什么Twins, and the reasons behind why some people have them and others donrsquo;t, has fascinated scientists centuries.双胞胎本身,以及为什么有的人能生出双胞胎有的人却不能,几个世纪以来一直是科学家感兴趣的问题They are relatively common - occurring once in 0 pregnancies - and while the cause of non-identical twins has been linked to genetics, the genes involved had not been identified until now.双胞胎近年来相对更加普遍了;;每0个产妇中就有1对以上双胞胎;;已经有据明异卵双生与遗传因素有关,但至今还没有人成功鉴别出自发性异卵双生的基因Researchers have pinpointed two gene varians related to twinning, and one can play a major role in the age of a girlrsquo;s first period, age at menopause and infertility.研究人员发现了两个与双胞胎有关的基因变异,其中一个基因对女孩的月经初潮年龄、更年期年龄与生育能力起着非常重要的作用The breakthrough was made by Dr Hamdi Mbarek and Professor Dorret Boomsma from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.阿姆斯特丹大学的Hamdi Mbarek士和Dorret Boomsma教授发现了这项重大突破The department established the Netherlands Twin Register nearly 30 years ago and questions about the etiology of twinning are among the most frequently asked by the participants.这个学院早在约30年前就建立了荷兰双胞胎注册中心,参与者询问频率最高的就是与双胞胎原因相关的问题The first gene variant is close to the gene coding the secretion of follicle stimulating hormone, called the FSHB gene.第一个基因突变与分泌卵巢激素的基因密码相近,被称为FSHB基因This hormone is released by the pituitary, the small brain region that governs almost all major hormonal events in the body这个激素是由脑垂体分泌的,它是小型的大脑器官,统治着几乎人体所有主激素的分泌This gene also has significant effects on fertility measures, including the age of a girlrsquo;s first menstruation, syndrome, which is a major cause of infertility in women.这个基因对生育能力以及女性月经初潮时间和多囊卵巢综合症有显著影响多囊卵巢综合症是女性不的主要原因The second variant relates to the so-called SMAD3 gene and is likely to be involved in the way the ovaries respond to follicle stimulating hormone.第二个突变与所谓的SMAD3基因相关,它可能与卵巢对卵泡刺激素的反应方式有关Both variants result in the multiple follicle growth needed the development of non-identical twins.这两个突变都会导致多重卵泡的生长,这是异卵双胞胎的基础条件Non-identical twins, medically known as dizygotic, develop from two separate eggs from separate follicles fertilised by separate sperm cells.异卵双胞胎,医学上是这样定义的:两个不同卵泡中单独的两个卵子,和两颗精子结合发育而成Whereas identical twins develop from one embryo that splits in half, dizygotic twinning thus starts with a multiple ovulation.与之相反,同卵双胞胎是由一个卵细胞一分为二发育而来的,异卵双胞胎的起因是超数排卵The researchers studied a sample of 1,980 mothers who gave birth to spontaneous dizygotic twins. The mothers were carefully selected to only include mothers who did not receive fertility treatments, such as IVF, which can also lead to twin pregnancies.这项研究总结了1980名自发异卵双胞胎母亲案例,这些人经过严格挑选,没有接受过试管受精之类的生育治疗,因为试管受精也会导致生育双胞胎Their genetic profiles were compared to those from a large group of people who were not related, either as mothers or as family members, to dizygotic twins.再将这些人的基因档案与大量的非异卵双胞胎母亲或异卵双胞胎的家属的人群作比较The findings were then were replicated using the deCODE group in another large population study in Iceland.冰岛的deCODE研究团队在对另一更大规模的人群进行研究时,也发现了同样的结果The relative chance of a mother having dizygotic twins is increased by 9 per cent if she has one copy of the twinning gene - or alleles - at both locations in the genome.如果一个母亲有在染色体两个参与位置有一个双生基因(或等位基因)的单拷贝,她生育异卵双胞胎的概率就会增加9%Discovery of the main genes behind the mystery of spontaneous dizygotic twinning was long awaited, and is of great scientific interest and clinical importance,rsquo; said Professor Boomsma.Boomsma士表示,;人类早就希望能解开自发性异卵双胞胎的秘密,这一直是科学界和临床研究中重要的课题;However, there are still more genes to be found that influence spontaneous dizygotic twinning.不过,还有很多与自发性异卵双胞胎有关的基因有待发现The findings appear in the international scientific journal The American Journal of Human Genetics.这个研究结果已经发表在国际科学期刊《美国人类遗传学上打屁股考核员工引热议 -- :: 来源: 长治漳泽农商员工因在培训当中的表现不佳而被当众大屁股的视频出现在网络上,引起网民愤怒 A has surfaced online showing staff at a Chinese bank being publicly spanked poor permance during a training session, sparking outrage.中国一家的员工因在培训当中的表现不佳而被当众打屁股的视频出现在网络上,引起网民愤怒The , first posted by the People’s Daily, shows a trainer asking eight employees why they did not "exceed themselves" at training.该视频最初由人民日报刊登,视频显示了培训者问8名员工,为什么他们没有在培训当中“超越自己”He then spanks them with what looks like a stick. Reports say he later also cut and shaved their hair.然后培训者用貌似一根棍子的东西打他们的屁股报道说其后他还剪了他们的头发The incident took place at a training session more than 0 employees at Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank in northern China on Saturday.该事件发生在周六,长治漳泽农村商业0多名员工的内部培训上The trainer, Jiang Yang, has issued an apology, saying the spanking was "a training model I have tried years" and had not been instigated by executives at the bank.培训者姜洋已道歉,称打屁股是“我使用了多年的培训模式”,从未被该的管理者调查过The , which first surfaced on Monday, appears to have been taken by someone in the audience on a smartphone.该视频于周日被传出,看上去像是观众用手机拍摄的Mr Jiang is seen reprimanding eight bank employees on stage, asking them why they received the lowest scores in a training exercise.视频中,姜洋训斥台上的8名员工,质问他们为什么在培训中获得低分The employees give answers including "failing to make a personal breakthrough", "I did not co-operate with colleagues" and "I lacked courage.”这些员工的回答包括“个人突破失败”,“我没有和同事配合”以及“我缺乏勇气”等Mr Jiang then says "get your butts y" and proceeds to spank them with what appears to be a thick piece of wood.然后姜洋说“屁股准备好了”,接着用厚木板打他们的屁股It shows at least four rounds of spanking, with one woman recoiling each time, apparently in pain.视频显示他打了四轮,每一轮中一位女员工都因疼痛而退缩At one point, that women places her hands over her behind, but is told to "take your hand off".到了有一刻,这个女员工双手盖着屁股,但被警告说“把手拿开”The spanking was followed by a "hair cutting punishment", a statement (in Chinese) by the Changzhi local government said.打完屁股后,接着是“剪头发惩罚”,长治当地政府的一份(中文)声明说Chinese media reports said the men had their heads shaved, while the women had their hair cut.中国媒体报道说男员工的头发被剃光,女员工则被剪短发According to the statement, the Shanxi Rural Credit Co-operatives Union, which regulates the bank, has set up a group to investigate the incident.据声明说,管理该的山西农村信用社联合社调动了一组人员调查该事件The bank’s chairman and deputy governor had been suspended "failing to strictly check the content of the course", the regulator said, while the bank would help the employees seek compensation from the training company.该董事长和副行长因“没有严格检查课程内容”而被免职,将帮助员工向培训公司寻求赔偿,该事件监管者称Mr Jiang has issued a apology, and said the spanking had "nothing to do" with the leaders at the bank. Such rumours "had severely harmed his clients and the leaders" at the bank, he added.姜洋发布了一个道歉视频,称打屁股的行为和领导“毫无关系”这些流言“严重伤害了他在的客户和领导”,他说道People online have been expressing outrage over the treatment of staff.网民表达了员工受到如此待遇的愤慨"Since when does beating employees become a way of raising permance?" one user asked on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like microblog used in China.“什么时候殴打员工成为提升业绩的方法的?”新浪微一位用户说Another user said he was dissatisfied because he felt Mr Jiang had focused on apologising to the banking executives.另外一位用户说他感到不满,因为他认为姜洋的道歉是被管理层逼迫的"In his apology, he kept emphasising that he had hurt the leadership at Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank! He spanked the employees, but apologised to the leadership? What sort of logic is this?"“在他的道歉视频中,他强调说他伤害了长治漳泽农商的领导层!他打了员工,却对领导层道歉?这是什么逻辑?”

你会是下一个“斜杠青年”吗? -- :6:57 来源:i1st 导读:白天他是格子间的上班族,晚上他是老板,经营着自己的淘宝店铺,周末他还是老师,教人乐器和绘画……他就是“斜杠青年”当人们越来越不满足枯燥、单一的工作模式,在互联网的帮助下,他们可以利用自己的知识积累,“斜杠”一下完成兴趣到工作的无缝对接你会是下一个“斜杠青年”吗?Liu Yang, 9, works as a business consultant at a Beijing-based listed company from 9 am to 6 pm. But her working hours don’t end there. She makes bow ties manually in the evening to sell at her own brand store, Winz. She is also operating a WeChat public .上午9点到下午6点,刘阳是北京一家上市公司的商业顾问不过6点后,她的工作时间还没有结束她晚上会做一些手工领结拿到自己的品牌专卖店卖她还运营了一个微信公众号Extra jobs, like the ones Liu juggles, used to be called sideline occupations. But now people like Liu have their own special title: slashers, a term coined by US columnist Marci Alboher in . Slashers balance multiple careers or vocations simultaneously.像刘阳做的这种额外工作以前被称为副业不过现在像刘阳这样的人有了自己的专属称谓——斜杠人斜杠人一词由美国专栏作家马尔奇?埃尔尔于年首创,指那些同时身兼不同工作的人Now the idea of having a “slash” career has also gained momentum in China. A survey conducted by 51job.com shows that four out of office workers have two jobs simultaneously.现在有份“斜杠”工作在中国也成为一种趋势年求职网站前程无忧曾做过一个调查,发现每个上班族中就有个人同时干着份工作This wave of “slashers” happened a number of reasons, according to Hu Xiaowu, deputy director of the Institute of Urban Science at Nanjing University. “In modern China, economic security no longer exists, unless you create it,” he said. “To some extent, having multiple income streams is one of the best ways to create stability.”南京大学城市科学研究院副院长胡小武认为,多种原因促成了“斜杠”潮的兴起他说:“如今,‘铁饭碗’在中国已不复存在,稳定的收入需要自己去创造从某种角度看,收入多元化是营造收入稳定性的最佳方式”He also pointed out that it’s becoming more common people to combine work that offers economic security with work that feeds a passion. “Since there is so much work that can be done flexibly now, it’s easy to do many kinds of work in the same workweek or even the same workday,” he said.他还指出,人们将提供经济保障的工作和满足爱好的工作相结合,这种趋势已经越来越普遍他说:“因为许多工作都可以在弹性时间内完成,在同一个工作周甚至工作日,人们就能轻松完成不同的工作”Experiences as advantages经验成为一种优势“Slash” careers reflect growing areas of expertise, according to Pang Jinhua (pen name Situ Zhengjin), a senior financial commentator and deputy chief editor of Teller magazine. Professional knowledge and specialized services have become the crux of China’s post-industrial society. Pang argues that “slash” careers are the best proof of that shift.高级财经员、《曰客 杂志副主编逄锦华(笔名:司徒正襟)认为“斜杠”职业反应出专业领域正在不断增加专业知识和专业化务正在成为中国后工业化社会的核心逄锦华觉得“斜杠”职业就是这种转型的最佳明In today’s mobile society, having a range of career experiences can be an advantage. They allow you to cultivate diverse fallback options, or compete jobs that require a wide range of skills.在今天的移动社会中,拥有丰富的工作经验是十分有益的它们能让你培养多元的后备选项,或者帮助你竞争那些需要多种技能的工作Having a broad knowledge base can help slashers perm better at any single job, Pang explained. “Many people who have ‘slash’ careers tell me that each career inms and illuminates the other. Being able to choose which thing they want to pour energy into keeps them from getting bored and restless. There is always something to work on, and inevitably some new challenge arises,” he said.广泛的知识基础能帮助“斜杠人”更好地完成任何一项工作,逄锦华解释说“许多有‘斜杠’工作的人告诉我,每一种职业之间都能互联和相互启迪能选择自己愿意倾注精力去做的事儿不会让他们觉得无趣和焦躁总会有事儿要忙,当然也一定会碰到新的挑战,”他说However, he warns that, while some people may thrive in ‘slash’ career, juggling jobs is not everyone. It can be a challenge to learn new skills, establish yourself in an unfamiliar field and find a balance between work and down time. “Only when a slash career fulfills your passions or makes you less anxious about finances does it help you lead a rewarding life,” he said.不过他提醒说,有些人能在“斜杠”职业中混得风生水起,但这并不适用于所有人学习新的技能,在自己并不熟悉的领域站稳脚跟,寻求工作和闲暇时间之间的平衡是个大挑战他说:“只有斜杠工作满足了你的兴趣或者让你不再为经济状况担忧,它才能引领你走向有益的生活”人体冷冻学能否将长生不老变为现实? -- :38:6 来源: 自古以来人类从未停止尝试长生不老的方法,“人体冷冻学”是否能够将长生不老变为现实? Since the beginning of time, humankind has been fascinated with the idea of what happens to us after we die. We deal with the question in innumerable ways, including through philosophy and religion. We also explore the idea through books, movies and music. Driven by the thought that it might be possible to live ever, some people have tried to figure out how to accomplish that.自古以来,人类一直对死亡后会发生什么这一话题非常痴迷我们尝试了无数的方法来解决这一谜题,包括哲学和宗教,当然还有书籍、电影和音乐被“长生不老”的可能性驱使,人们想方设法朝着这个目标迈进In 196, an American academic named Robert Ettinger published a book called “The Prospect of Immortality,” which would become the basis “cryonics.” Cryonics is the process of freezing a human body after death with the hope that, sometime in the future, science will find a way to bring the frozen body back to life. Intrigued by the idea of cryonics and the people interested in it, photographer Murray Ballard embarked on a nine-year journey into that world, which took him around the globe. He offers the results of his investigations in his new book, also called, ‘The Prospect of Immortality.” (Gost Books, )196年,一位名叫罗伯特艾丁格的美国学者出版了一本名为《永生的前景的书,在后来成为了“人体冷冻学”的基础人体冷冻学指在人死后将尸体冷冻起来,希望日后发达的科学能够找到复活尸体的办法这一概念以及对这一概念感兴趣的人引起了摄影师莫里巴拉德的好奇,由此他展开了一场长达九年的探索之旅,足迹遍布全球他在新书中向世人展示了自己探索的结果,书名也叫《永生的前景Ballard traveled everywhere from quiet seaside resort towns in the ed Kingdom to high-tech labs in Arizona where he met some of the people who want their bodies to be frozen along with the people who provide that service. There are aly some 0 people stored in liquid nitrogen and at least another ,000 who have signed up to be frozen after they die. Through his photos, Ballard offers us a glimpse into this seldom-seen world.巴拉德走过了很多地方,从英国安静的海边疗养镇到美国亚利桑那州的高科技实验室,他认识了想把自己的身体冷冻起来的人,也结识了能够提供这项务的人目前已经有0多人将自己贮存在液氮中,而且至少还有00人签订了协议,准备死后将自己的尸体冷冻巴拉德的照片带我们走进了一个鲜为人知的世界Catstat. Cryonics Institute, Clinton Township, Mich. March .Catstat人体冷冻机构,克林顿镇,Mich.年3月.DNA archive. Home of David and Ellen Styles, Macclesfield, Cheshire, Britain. February .DNA档案大卫和艾伦斯泰尔斯的家,麦克莱斯菲尔德,柴郡,英国年月Patient storage demonstration. Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Scottsdale, Ariz. August .病人存储示范 阿尔科生命延续基金,斯科茨代尔,亚利桑那年8月Temporary storage container, KrioRus facility, Alabushevo, Moscow. September .临时储存容器,KrioRus设备,Alabushevo,莫斯科年9月Cryostats, Cryonics Institute, Clinton Township, Mich. April .低温恒温器,人体冷冻机构,克林顿镇,Mich年月Murray Ballard is a photographer born and based in Brighton, the ed Kingdom. He graduated from the University of Brighton in with a degree in photography. His work has been exhibited around the world and published in the British Journal of Photography, Esquire and GQ among others.莫里巴拉德在英国的布赖顿出生和长大,年毕业于布赖顿大学,获得摄影学位他的作品在全球展出并发表在英国摄影杂志、Esquire和GQ等多项杂志期刊中百度拟转变“商业模式” -- ::38 来源:chinadaily 在国家网信办会同国家工商总局、国家卫生计生委联合成立的调查组公布调查结果后,百度公司高层先后两天接连做出回应并表态:“将重新审视公司产品的商业模式,强调今后不惜牺牲收入”A smartphone with an Android operating system and the Baidu Browser application is seen in this picture illustration taken February , . [PhotoAgencies]请看相关报道:The head of Baidu Inc has pledged to shift the company's business from a search-oriented model to one based on artificial intelligence, after a recent government probe on its core search business.政府部门对百度的核心搜索业务调查结束后,百度公司高层表示要将现在的以搜索为主的商业模式转向以人工智能为主的模式Baidu CEO Li Yanhong said in an internal letter on Tuesday that the shift will allow the company to develop such areas as voice search, automatic translation and driverless vehicles.百度首席执行官李彦宏在一封内部信中表示,此次转型后,公司将发展语音搜索、自动翻译以及无人驾驶汽车等领域的业务商业模式(business model)简单说来,就是一个公司靠什么来挣钱百度作为国内的搜索引擎巨头(search engine giant),其商业模式自然就是以搜索为主(search-oriented model),其中,竞价排名(paid listing)为其带来了不少收入此次调查后,李彦宏表示:“重新审视公司产品的商业模式,是否因过度变现而影响用户体验(damage user experience),对于不尊重用户体验的行为要彻底整改我们要建立起用户体验审核的一票否决制度(veto system),由专门的部门负责监督,违背用户体验原则的做法,一票否决(the department will have the final say to veto any behavior that is not in line with a good user experience),任何人都不许干涉”此外,对于商业推广结果,改变过去以价格为主的排序机制,改为以信誉度为主、价格为辅的排序机制(a new listing system that does not fully depend on the advertising price, but also considers advertisers' "reputation")其他整改措施还包括:对商业推广信息逐条加注醒目标识(place clear disclaimers on advertisements),并予以风险提示;严格限制商业推广信息比例,每页面不得超过30%(restrict the proportion of sponsored search results to 30 percent per web page);设亿元保障基金,先行赔付网民因推广信息遭受的损失(establish a 1 billion yuan fund to compensate netizens cheated by false promotions)(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

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