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How To Find the Best Jeans For Your Butt on HowcastPut your best rear view forward by picking denim that gives your booty a boost.You Will NeedMirrors Patience Step 1: Fill out a flat fanny(选择背后带口袋的牛仔裤,充实臀部曲线)Fill out a flat fanny with jeans that have back pockets featuring colored stitching or flaps.Step 2: Downplay a bubble butt(选择高腰的深色系修饰腰身)Downplay a queen-sized keister with high-waisted jeans made of 2 percent spandex in a dark, solid wash.Step 3: Give it a lift(选择背后带口袋的铅笔裤显腿型)Get an instant butt lift with skinny jeans with back pockets — they make legs look longer, which in turn makes your bum seem higher.Squat when trying on jeans to make sure they’re comfortable when you’re sitting.Step 4: Tame a triangle bottom(选择斜纹的带高裤兜的裤子来修饰臀部曲线)Tame a triangle rump — one where your booty is widest at the bottom — with heavyweight denim that features high pockets to draw eyes upward.Step 5: Minimize a double-wide(臀部肥大的女性,可以选择背后裤兜距离较近的牛仔裤来扬长避短)Minimize a wide posterior with straight-leg or boot-cut jeans; wide-leg ones will just make your bum look broader. Choose ones with closely set pockets; they focus attention toward the center of your butt and away from the sides.In 2005, an anonymous bidder on eBay paid ,000 for a pair of Levis 501 jeans from the 1850s.201006/105348.W!7S53IT@,c^ySJj8B-*FUj5k1BxVDt2Xuf[euh.IbAujNyjA4qO(%Moving schools is a difficult time for kids. VideoJug gives you expert advice on how to make a school transition as easy and stress-free as possible for children.gB+,L%NvbJRyl_进入学校对于孩子们来说是一个困难的时期z%6E|6V|9dn6~V^1。VideoJug在这个视频中将教给你怎样方便进行学校过渡并尽可能减轻孩子压力的专业建议^D2+qyjQ!7v。9qE[gQb^*3@%]M%_5W1s.oec|3Ee@X~5H(#csbXlSj6]201205/180668

客革命发起之母,客发布系统Movable Type的Mena Trott谈她早期的客经历,她发现让普通人能够在线分享生活是使世界更友好,联系更紧密的关键。201205/184243

Get noticed by everyone with these sure-fire, attention-getting tactics.根据以下引人注目,吸引注意的策略,得到每一个人的关注。You Will Need你需要Eye-catching detail吸引眼球的细节Confidence信心Leadership ability领导能力Skills and knowledge技能和知识Focus焦点Happiness快乐Public speaking skills (optional)公共演说的技能(可选)Loud, commanding voice (optional)权威的声音(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Wear something eye-catching1.穿戴吸引眼球Wear one eye-catching detail. A funny or unusual T-shirt slogan, a dash of sequins, brightly colored shoes, or a bold,offbeat accessory will make people notice you immediately.穿戴一件吸引眼球的细节物品。一条有趣或不同寻常的T恤标语,一个金属圆片,颜色鲜亮的鞋子,或者显眼,不同寻常的饰品都可以让人们立即注意到你。Step 2 Be confident2.自信Carry yourself with confidence. Having good posture and outgoing body language will make you seem at ease with yourself and attract attention from others.充满自信。优雅的姿态和开放的身体语言会让你看上去很放松,吸引别人的注意力。Step 3 Lead, dont follow3.领导,不要盲从Act like a leader. Do your own thing and dont follow others. Youll automatically set yourself apart.作为领导者。做自己的事情,不要盲从他人。你可以自动地鹤立鸡群。Step 4 Display skills and knowledge4.展现技能和知识Display your skills at parties or become an expert on various subjects. Youll be able to talk at length and have people hanging on your every word.在聚会上表现自己的技能,或者成为不同学科的专家。你可以和别人进行详细的谈话,让人们仔细倾听你的每一句话。Work on public speaking if your current skills are lacking.如果现在技能不足,努力练习一下公共演说能力。Step 5 Focus on others5.关注他人Focus on the person youre talking to and maintain eye contact. If you look like you are absorbed in an interesting conversation, others will want to know what youre talking about.集中精力关注和你说话的人,保持眼神交流。如果你看上去专注于自己感兴趣的对话,其他人会很想知道你们正在谈论什么。Having a loud, commanding voice is a plus.此外,最好拥有比较洪亮权威的嗓音。Step 6 Have fun6.玩得开心Have fun wherever you are. People will be naturally drawn to you.无论在哪里都要玩得开心。人们自然而然会被你吸引。Red is the most attention-getting color in the spectrum -- it can raise blood pressure and make the heart beat faster.红色是最吸引眼球的颜色——可以让血压升高,心跳加快。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/232915



  How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy on Howcast Simple lifestyle modifications can help keep your vision sharp.You Will NeedAn eye-care professional Fruits and vegetables UV-protective sunglasses Family medical history Step 1: Have a comprehensive dilated eye exam(给眼睛一次专业的检查)Have your eyes checked under dilation by an eye-care professional.Step 2: Eat a healthy diet(多吃蔬菜和水果)Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Dark leafy greens and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like olive oil and flax seed, contribute to good eye health.Step 3: Watch your weight(均衡自己的体重)Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight raises your risk of developing diabetes, which can cause vision loss.Step 4: Don’t smoke(不抽烟)Avoid smoking, which has been linked to several diseases that can cause blindness.Step 5: Wear sunglasses outdoors(出门带太阳镜)Protect your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays with sunglasses.If you work at a computer, reduce eyestrain by looking off in the distance every 20 minutes for approximately 20 seconds.Step 6: Pay attention to your family history(注意家族的眼睛史)Determine whether you are at risk of developing a hereditary eye disease by tracking your family’s health history.201006/106483

  纽约客漫画家莉莎·唐纳利Liza Donnelly展现了一组她有关现代生活的诙谐和搞笑漫画,她谈到幽默漫画是如何赋予女人力量来改变一些规则。201301/219838Ever wonder how to prevent hair loss? This not only helps you prevent hair loss, but to actually gain back hair that was previously lost. Follow the advice in the to help get back a full head of hair.曾经想过怎样防止脱发?这段视频不仅可以帮助你防止脱发,还可以让曾经脱落的头发长回来。遵循视频中的建议,你将再次拥有茂密的秀发。How to prevent hair loss due to stress. Well, over time, the body actually gets used to a stressful environment, usually within three or six months time. Once the body is used to it, it no longer finds it stressful.怎样防止压力引起的脱发。久而久之,身体逐渐习惯了压力环境,通常在三到六个月之内。一旦身体逐渐适应,就不会觉得有压力。So if the hair loss is caused by stress, then the hair loss can actually rectify itself very often. Learning to deal with the stress, such as helping oneself out with proper nutrition, enough rest, eating healthily, and also yoga and meditation, have been known to lower stress levels and this would actually help. If within usually after 6 months, if the hair loss still continues, then there may be other reasons why the hair loss is actually happening.所以,如果脱发是由于压力引起的,就可以经常进行自我修正。学习怎样应对压力,例如通过恰当的营养,足够的休息,健康的饮食,瑜伽,冥想等等,都可以降低压力水平,防止脱发。如果六个月后脱发仍然继续,造成脱发的可能就是其他原因。Cutting out stress in your life actually helps a lot as well, most people know whats causing this stress, so cutting it out helps, and if you cannot obviously avoid it, then learning to deal with it would be the best thing to do. Once a person actually has cut out stress, and has dealt with the stress and the hair loss continues, it is most likely that its down to a different reason and not just stress, and in the majority of cases, its down to a genetic hair loss. So, for this, a person can actually look into treatment like Minoxidil and Propecia which are the proven medications for hair loss to help prevent and regain most of the hair that had been lost.减少生活中的压力还可以在许多方面有所帮助,大部分人都知道造成压力的原因,所以减少压力是有益的。如果不能避免,学习怎样应对压力是最好的方式。如果已经减少了压力,已经处理了压力的问题,而脱发的问题仍然存在,那么可能是由于其他原因,而不仅仅是压力造成。在大部分情况下,是遗传性的脱发。如果是这样,可以寻求米诺地尔或保法止等疗法进行治疗。这些方法已经明有助于防止脱发,并有助于脱落的秀发重新长出。Thanks for watching How To Stop Hair Loss Due To Stress.感谢收看“怎样防止压力引起的脱发”视频节目。 /201301/218093通用汽车副总裁Larry Burns展示了颇具个性的下一代汽车设计:流线型,可定制(计算机控制增强型),使用清洁的氢气能源,并且未使用状态下还能为电网供电。201212/213916

  How Can I Look More Confident?A short about looking more confident, with advice from Judi James our body language expert and author of 'Body talk At Work'. Here VideoJug shows you some simple tricks to looking confident in any situation.Step 1: Speak to inner gremlins(摆脱负面观念)Get rid of those negative thoughts that make you seem more shy and self-conscious. Telling yourself that you are great will reflect in your body language.Step 2: Realign posture(昂首挺胸)When you feel shy, you tend to curl up and do barrier gestures, which make your posture seem more negative. Stretch up to your full height, bring your shoulders back and down, arch your back slightly and make sure your weight is evenly divided on both feet.Step 3: Stress(说话字正腔圆)Stress can tighten jaw muscles, creating a rigid mouth which can affect your speech. Pressing the tip of your tongue into the roof of your mouth will relax your jaw and make your face look more relaxed.Step 4: Gestures(身体语言)Use more open and emphatic gestures and stop using body barriers, such as folded arms and legs and other fiddling and self-comforting gestures. Stand with your hands down around waist height, using them to gesticulate rather than fiddle.Step 5: Denial gestures(不要小动作)Combat the small little facial gestures, such as little shrugs and rolling of eyes that take the confidence out of your speech, especially when talking about yourself.Step 6: Eye contact(眼神接触)Increase eye contact, look a little bit longer when talking to people, but don't turn it into a stare because a stare looks aggressive.201106/141573You Will NeedAcceptance Frugality Happy thoughts Enjoyable experiences Environmentalism Step 1: Assume this is as good as it gets(快乐不是拥有的很多,而是奢求的很少)Assume you’ll never be richer. Research shows you’re more apt to be content with what you have if you’re not wishing and hoping and praying to get more. The more you buy into the idea that more money will make you happy, the less happy you’ll be.Embrace the sentiment that true happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you’ve got.Step 2: Know the truth(金钱买不来幸福)Don’t assume that more money would make you happier. As long as the bills are getting paid, there’s not much difference on the happiness scale between the rich and the rest of us.Step 3: Make frugality fun(勤俭也可以很快乐)Make frugality fun. Figuring out ways to save money can feel as satisfying as spending it.Step 4: Think happy thoughts(多想想好方面)Think happy thoughts: People who thought about positive events in their lives for eight minutes per day for three days felt better about their lives a month later, according to a study.Step 5: Focus on doing instead of spending(不要总想着怎么花钱买,想想自己可以怎么做到)Focus on things you can do rather than stuff you can buy. Experiences bring more pleasure than possessions, and the good feelings last longer, according to research.Step 6: Go green(环保)Every time you refrain from buying something you don’t need, make do with what you’ve got, or purchase something used, think of the good you’re doing the planet.Research shows that buying something doesn’t make us as happy as we think it will, or for as long as we assume it will.201001/95373


  Work out that helps you loose weight around the thighs by Georgina Barnette.在Georgina Barnette的帮助下进行锻炼,减掉大腿周围的脂肪。In this I am going to tell you how to loose weight in your thighs. Now its not actually possible to stimulate a particular area in your body to loose weight. What you need to do is loose fat overall.在这段视频中,我将教给大家大腿怎样减肥。要专门刺激身体某个特定的部位来减肥是不可能的。我们要做的是甩掉整体脂肪。When you are exercising any muscle group in your body it is important to stretch keep those muscles nice and lengthened but also keep them healthy.锻炼身体任何肌肉群的时候,最重要的一点就是伸展并延长这些肌肉,同时还要保持健康。So to stretch the back of the thighs first of all you need to have your feet with hips both a part one foot on front of the other and lean your bottom back and you should feel the stretch back there hold that for 20 t0 40 seconds. To stretch the front of your thigh lift your foot of at the back making sure your knees are together towards the bottom and if you do not feel the stretch move your hips forward as you tilt that foot to the bottom.所以,要伸展大腿后侧,首先一只脚向前伸出,大腿后侧倾斜,这样你能感觉到后部有拉伸感,坚持20至40秒钟。为了伸展大腿前侧,向后抬起脚,确保膝盖向下,如果没有感觉到拉伸感,臀部向前挺一点,这样你的脚就会进一步向下倾斜。Remembering to breathe through out the stretch and thats how to loose weight on the thighs.记住,在整个伸展动作期间保持呼吸均匀。以上动作就可以减掉大腿周围的脂肪。Thanks for watching How To Lose Weight In Your Thighs.感谢收看“怎样甩掉大腿周围脂肪”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。201306/242434。


  How To Give A Goodnight Kiss道晚安时如何吻别So, you've had a great date, and you know you want to kiss her, and you're hoping she feels the same way... Here are some pointers to a successful goodnight kiss.在约会吗亲?想Kiss她吗亲?想让她也有此想法吗亲?下面是几点建议,希望你如愿以偿!Step 1: Determine Her Interest (Or Lack Of It)看她是否感兴趣So, you've had a great date, and – because your parents raised you properly – you've walked your girl to her front door. You know you want to kiss her, and you're hoping she feels the same way - so you go for it. "“But how do I know if she wants to kiss me?,” you ask. William Cane, in his book, The Art of Kissing, says that 90% of men have no idea when a woman wants to be kissed. Relationship expert Dr. Joy Brown explains in Dating for Dummies that a woman's body language can tell you if she wants to be kissed or not. You should definitely learn that language of love…or face the ded turning of the cheek. If she's really disgusted by you, she'll turn her head so far, you won't even get the cheek…you'll get the ear. You've got yourself an extremely red light if she has her key out of her purse, in the front door lock, and you're saying goodnight to her back. Other red lights may include: Lips clamped so tight you'd need a crowbar to part them A stubborn refusal to make eye contact Getting the hand that says "stop right there"Step 2: Making The Move发起攻势In every goodnight kiss scenario, you've got a limited “Window of Opportunity – to make your move. So once you get the coveted “green light,” go in for the kiss.Step 3: The Kiss亲吧亲 Alright, Romeo, if you're y to close the deal with fair Juliet, all you have to do is create an “awkward pause” in the conversation. Studies show that people are uncomfortable with gaps of silence in conversation. So fill it with a smile…and get y for that kiss. Since this is your first kiss with this fine young lass, follow the K.I.S.S. acronym, and Keep It Simple, Stupid. Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of her fingers. Which means even a soft 'n sweet kiss will curl her toes. So, turn your head slightly to the side, lean in slowly and rock her world! So there it is. Another successful goodnight kiss.201108/149158

  随着人们生活水平的提高,新人们对婚礼的期待也越来越奢华,从豪华礼到婚礼设计,如今的新郎新娘们有了更多更好的选择... Luxury wedding boom in ChinaChina's wedding industry is booming thanks to higher standards of living and new fashion trends that appeal to young couples. From luxurious gowns to wedding planners, Chinese lovers have never had so much choice. Choosing the right wedding dress is never easy, no matter where you live. This young bride - Sally Jing - is shopping in one of Beijing's more up-scale bridal shops, and is literally spoiled with options. She has invited around 200 people to her wedding reception in Beijing, and is also planning a second reception in her boyfriend's home-town in south China. For many of China's upwardly mobile young people, a wedding is an opportunity to show-off their wealth and status, while conforming to traditions. Only a few years ago, many Chinese brides would rent wedding dresses. Now, one popular choice is to make a splash in one-of-a-kind hand-made gowns. Li Fei, a bridal ware designer, says today many couples shun cheap materials in favor of more luxurious fabrics. Li Fei said, "In the past, people used to rent their wedding dress, or buy a cheap ones because they would wear it only once. Nowadays, young couples have a very different attitude. Because it is a once in a lifetime chance to show off, they pay much more attention on the quality and character of the wedding dress." One of the people commenting on the spending habits of Chinese couples is Zhang Li, editor of Public Marriage Information, a monthly magazine specializing in bridal ware. She says, on average, Beijingers spend around 50-thousand yuan, or some 7,300 US Dollars for their wedding. Because of this lucrative market, a whole range of businesses have sprung up to cater to the wedding industry. In traditional Chinese culture, marriage is highly valued as an institution - this is reflected by the millions of weddings that are tracked every year by the state-run Wedding Industry Committee. And according to the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs, 11,458,000 couples were married in , a nine percent increase compared to the previous year.201003/100265

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