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Holding a baby in her arms, a woman visited a gynecologist. ;Is the baby breast fed or is he on bottle?; asked the doctor.一位妇人抱着BABY到一间妇产科。医生问妇人说:BABY是吃母乳还是牛奶啊? ;Breast fed, of course!; replied the woman.妇人:吃母乳!;Take off your clothes, please.; the doctor ordered.医生:那请你把衣脱下来。;What? ...But why?;妇人:啊?为什么?;Don#39;t worry. you#39;re in a gynecology clinic and I#39;ll just do a routine medical check for you.;医生:请你不用紧张,这里是妇产科,绝不会对你有任何侵犯的。The woman reluctantly took off her clothes.妇人半信半疑的脱去了上衣。The doctor carefully examined the woman#39;s breasts, groping his fingers around and pressing repeatedly. When finished, the doctor said to the woman:;No wonder the baby is malnourished. You have no milk at all!;医生用他的手在妇人的胸部上摸摸,下摸摸,左搓搓,右揉揉。对这妇人说:难怪BABY会营养不良,你根本就没有母乳嘛!The woman replied angrily:;Nonsense! Of course not. I am the baby#39;s aunt!;妇人:废话!我当然没有母乳,我是BABY的小姨! /201308/254653Transfusion of blood and blood products help save and improve life and health of people worldwide every year. It helps and support complex medical conditions improving health of patients suffering from life threatening circumstances. Various patients however do not get timely admission of safe blood. The shortage of blood can only be reduced by regular unpaid blood donation.每年,输血和血液产品会在世界范围内救死扶伤。对于病危的患者来说,它们就像黎明的曙光。然而也有太多人与安全输血失之交臂。库存血液的紧缺也只能靠常规的无偿献血来缓解。In the world today about 62 countries only have 100% blood supply from the unrewarded voluntary blood donors. With around 40 countries depending on the paid or family donors. Every year around 92 million units of blood is collected internationally from voluntary blood donations. Each year the countries celebrate world blood donor day on 14 June to raise awareness and thank the voluntary unpaid donors.目前全球仅有62个国家的输血血液全部来源为无偿捐血志愿者。还有40来个国家倚赖有偿献血或家庭成员捐助。每年国际上采集的志愿血液约合九千两百万份。各国之间将每年的6月14日定为世界献血日,其目的在于提升公民献血意识,称颂无偿献血者。The occurrence of blood borne infections is low among the voluntary blood donors which is the safe group. WHO encourages people both from urban or rural areas to continue donating blood and the young people who are in good health are encouraged to begin doing so. The goal of every country is to obtain their blood supplies from voluntary blood contribution.只要是捐血者属血液安全组,其传播疾病的概率通常较低:通过血液传播疾病的发生率很低,因为献血较安全。世界卫生组织鼓励城乡地区踊跃献血,同时也倡导健康青年积极参与。各国一致为采集志愿血液而努力奋斗。This year the world marks the 10th anniversary of the world blood donation. Blood donated acts like a gift that saves life and help individuals live longer and more industrious lives. The objective of this year campaign is to recognize and thank blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood. The silent and unrecognized heroes are those people who save lives every day.今年全球举行了世界献血日十周年庆祝活动。献血能够拯救他人,延续他人生命,帮助他人更美好地活着。这次的活动目标在于铭记献血精神,感谢志愿者给予的生命之礼。平日里这些默默无闻拯救苍生的人们才是真正的英雄。10. Other Focuses 献血日的其它目的The major intention of the World Blood Donor Day is to encourage more people to donate blood. It focuses on the countries to increase the safety supply of voluntary non-remunerated blood donors. Where emphasize is put on individuals to be regular blood donors. Convince ministries of health to commit in achieving self-sufficiency in safe blood based on the 100% voluntary non-compensated blood donations世界献血日最主要的目的是鼓励更多的人献血,致力于提升无偿安全血液来源,重点强调个人定期献血。说卫生部承诺在100%无偿献血的基础上达到安全血液自给自足。9.Facts supported by figures 相关数据Only 62 countries get 100% of the national blood supplies from the unpaid voluntary blood donors. The basic blood requirements a country is supposed to meet requires only 1% of its population. Statistics collected show that 92 million units of blood donated are collected internationally from voluntary donors.全球仅有62个国家的输血血液全部来源为无偿捐血志愿者。一个国家人口的1%就能满足其所需输血血液量。目前收集的数据显示国际上采集的志愿血液约合九千两百万份。8. Primary Intention 设定该纪念日的初衷The main aim of World Blood Day is to provide a chance for the world to bond in volunteerism and harmony globally and not to replace national blood days. To create awareness for the responsibilities people are supposed to fulfill in saving and improving lives. Put educational programs and operations to support blood transfusion services for long term. Encourage people to enroll as voluntary blood donors.世界献血日核心目标在于倡导志愿精神及和谐地球,而非取缔各国的国家献血日;提升公民责任意识,引导人们极力挽救、改善生命;普及教育项目和操作,长远推广输血务;鼓励人们积极参与志愿献血活动。7. Four core Agencies that Support World Blood Day 四大核心力量The four core agencies are the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations and the International Society of Blood Transfusion. The establishment includes 193 WHO member countries, 186 national Red Cross and Red Crescent societies, with more than 60 national blood donor organization and over 3000 blood transfusion specialists. The World Blood Donor Day movement is supported by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), Joint ed Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) with others like the Association of Donor Recruitment Professionals (ADRP),Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) also in the list is ed Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),World Council of Churches (WCC) and Rotary International.世界卫生组织,国际红十字和红新月联合会,国际献血组织联合会,及国际输血协会为世界献血日的四大核心力量。它们共由193个世界卫生组织成员国和186家国家红十字红新月联合会创建而成。其中红十字红新月联合会包括60个献血组织,拥有3000多名输血专家。世界献血日运动由美国血库协会联合联合国艾滋病规划署发起。其它协会组织如招聘专业捐助人员协会、联合国教科文组、联合国人口基金、世界基督教协进会以及国际扶轮社也在名单之内。6. Yearly Theme 年度主题Each year the World Donor Day operates under different theme which focuses on specialized issues related on blood donation. For example the theme set for the year 2011 is more blood more life.在每年的世界献血日那天,全球都会围绕献血这一特别活动开展不同的主题。例如2011年的主题为:捐献更多的血液,拯救更多的生命。5. A Day to Say Thank You 感恩之日This day takes place on 14 June every year worldwide which also honors birth of Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Prize winner for discovering the ABO blood group system. The day is devoted to thank and celebrate voluntary unpaid blood donors for their good work of ensuring easy availability of safe blood for transfusion. There are millions of people around the world who are happy to give blood and 14th of June is set aside to thank them and encourage them to continue doing so.每年的6月14号,是纪念卡尔.兰德斯坦纳诞辰的的日子,他因发现ABO血型系统而荣获诺贝尔奖。这一天也专门感谢和赞扬无偿献血志愿者的伟大功劳,因为有了他们,我们才能轻易安全地输取血液。世界上有不计其数的人乐意奉献出自己的鲜血,6月14日,就是为了感谢这群无私的人,并鼓励他们继续帮助延续生命。4. Target to save lives 拯救生命的使命It identifies humble blood donors who use some few minutes of their valuable time to donate blood and save lives of thousands of people worldwide in every year. The blood collected from donations help patients who are suffering from dangerous conditions live a higher quality and longer life. It also very important for playing a role in both perinatal and maternal care, and supports surgical and the complex medical procedures. It acknowledge the key role played by the regular, voluntary blood donors in ensuring that safe blood is ily available for patients who may need it.那些被谦虚的志愿者花掉的短暂且又宝贵的献血时间,每年能够在全世界拯救成千上万条生命。被献出的血液可以让病危之人脱离险境,活得更加美好,更加长寿。它们也在围产期、产期的保健中,外科手术和复杂的医疗程序中起到重要作用。同样重要的是那些定期献血志愿者保障了病患所需的安全血液的及时性。3. History and Foundation 成立历史In 2004 the World Health Organization and the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies started the world donor day. It takes place on 14th June every year where an opportunity is provided for the nation and global celebration to take place. This day has another significance as well since it marks the birthday of Karl Landsteiner who is a Nobel Prize winner for his discovery of the ABO group system. The national blood transfusion was established in 1983, and since then it’s been supporting research and education of advanced transfusion of blood that benefits patients and donors.2004年,世界卫生组织,红十字和红星月联合会开展了世界献血日。自此,每年的6月14号世界各国都会极力宣扬庆祝该节日。这一天也是诺贝尔得主卡尔.兰德斯坦纳诞辰纪念日,是他发现了ABO血型系统。国家输血成立于1983年,从那时起它已经持研究和有益于输血患者及捐赠者双方的先进输血教育。2. A Global Observance 全球庆祝日On world Donor day many events and activities are held globally to increase the awareness and knowledge about the significance of safe blood supplies. It is not a public holiday but instead it’s a worldwide observance. On June 14th a number of events which are held includes; blood donation clinics activities, football matches, concerts and many other fun activities.在世界捐赠日这天全球会大范围举办项目和活动,以便提高公民对安全血液供应意义的认知。这不仅是国定假日,还是世界性的庆祝。6月14号举行的活动包括:献血中心活动、足球比赛、音乐会以及其它有趣节目。1. Safe Blood 安全血液In developing countries safe blood supplies are scarce despite the 92 million units of blood donations. The demand of safe blood is increasing every day while the supply does not meet this demand especially in third world countries. For safety blood transfusions the ABO blood group system is used which was created by Karl Landsteiner on 14th June 1868.尽管世界上有9千两百万份的捐赠血液,发展中国家的安全血液还是相当稀缺。安全血液的需求每日递增,以至供不应求,第三世界国家最为显著。ABO血型系统的使用能够达到安全输血目的,这是由卡尔.兰德斯坦纳于1868年6月14日发明的。 /201306/245048

现如今,“找对象”、“相亲”逐渐成为了一些年轻男女和他们的家长(微)最关心的问题。对女孩们来说,“会不会嫁不出去变成剩女”似乎比找一份合适的、有前途的工作更为重要。健康、正确的婚恋观也许是我们最应该了解和学习的。40,000 people gathered on May 26th and 27th for Shanghai#39;s Matchmaking Expo.However, Yu Bin doesn#39;t expect to find a wife among them. Mr Yu, a 26-year-old policeman, describes himself as conservative and is looking for a woman with ;traditional virtues;. His attendance at the expo, the city#39;s largest yet, is a long shot; he would prefer a marriage set up by colleagues or by his parents. It worked for them 30 years ago, he says.5月26日至27日有四万人参加了上海婚恋览会,但余斌(音)并不期望在其中找到另一半。余先生今年26岁,是一名警察,自认为是一名保守的男人,正在寻找一位拥有;传统美德;的女性。他参加这次婚恋览会(尽管这是上海市最大的一次了),成功找到另一半的机会相当渺茫;他更希望通过同事或父母介绍对象。他说,30年前,父母们的婚姻就是这样建立起来的。On the other side of the vast expo park, Fancy Huang is arguing with her mother. At 25, Ms Huang (who chose her English name herself) is two years shy of the ded age at which she will be branded a shengnu, or ;leftover woman;. Her cousins are all married, so her parents are applying pressure. Ms Huang#39;s mother is stewing. ;Sometimes my daughter says she would rather buy a flat by herself and live alone,; she says. ;It#39;s so bizarre.;在宽阔世园的另一边,范希·黄正在与她的母亲争论。黄女士(她的英文名是自己取的)今年25岁,再过两年,她将会被人称为剩女。她的表兄们都已经结婚了,因此她的父母正在催她结婚。黄女士的母亲焦虑不安。她说:;有时我的女儿说她宁愿自己买一套房子一个人生活。这太奇怪了。;Mr Yu and Ms Huang are just two of the thousands of young people trying to navigate China#39;s modern marriage market. At the expo there is no shortage of assistance. On one stage, a glamorous woman in a fuchsia minidress is hosting a public matchmaking session. A bachelor comes onstage and sings a song to 12 female contestants who hold up paddles with either a smiley or a sad face. Elsewhere, mass speed-dating events are under way. Dating agencies vie for singles to sign up. Their websites are wildly popular in China. One such site, Jiayuan, is listed on America#39;s NASDAQ stockmarket.余先生和黄女士只是数千名年轻人中的两位,他们正在试图摸清中国的现代婚恋市场。在览会上并不缺少帮助。在一个舞台上,一位身穿紫红色短裙的美女正在主持一场大众相亲会。单身男子上台向十二名女嘉宾唱一首歌,然后女嘉宾要么举起笑脸的牌子,要么举起伤心表情的牌子。其他地方正在开展大众速配活动。婚恋公司相互竞争让单身们成为自己网站的注册用户。它们的网站在中国广受欢迎。一家这样的网站——世纪佳缘网已经在美国的纳斯达克股票市场上市。In the past 30 years the Chinese search for a spouse has, like so much else, been transformed. Confucian thought emphasised a match#39;s significance for society rather than for the individuals involved. Though formal arranged marriages were banned in 1950, parents and colleagues continued well into the new century to help couples pair up (some still do).在过去30里,与许多其他事情一样,中国人寻找另一半的方式已经改变了。儒家思想强调婚姻之于社会的意义而不是之于个人的意义。尽管在1950年已经禁止公开的包办婚姻,但父母和同事帮忙相亲一直持续到了新世纪(现在仍然是如此)。The recent decline of such practices, especially in cities, in favour of choosing your own mate, has coincided with huge demographic shifts. China#39;s skewed birth ratio (118 boys to every 100 girls) means that there will be a surplus of about 24m bachelors by 2020. And women#39;s increasing socio-economic freedom makes them pickier when choosing a husband.最近这种情况减少了,更倾向于自己找对象,在城市尤其是如此,这正好赶上了巨大的人口变迁。中国扭曲的出生率(男女出生比率为118比100)意味着,到2020年,近2400万名男子将成为光混。而随着女性在社会经济方面的自由度越来越大,她们在挑选丈夫时将更加挑剔。Mr Yu, the traditionalist, remains hopeful. ;We just haven#39;t been in the right place at the right time,; he says of his putative partner. Other bachelors are less patient. Last month, the ;Multi-Millionaire Seeking Spouses in Ten Cities Show; launched in the southern city of Guangzhou. Eleven Chinese millionaires are paying a luxury matchmaking agency 5m yuan (0,000) for assistance. One of them, a billionaire, has particular requirements: suitable candidates should be aged 20-26, weigh less than 50kg (110lb) and have no sexual experience. So far more than 5,000 young women have applied.传统的余先生仍然满怀希望。他在谈到自己今后的另一半时说:;我们只是缘分未到而已。;其他单身们就没这么沉得住气了。上月,南部城市广州发起了;亿万富豪十城求偶秀;。11位中国的百万富豪付500万元(合79万美元),向一家豪华的婚恋公司求助。其中一位亿万富翁开出了特殊的条件:年龄20-26岁、体重不超过50公斤(合110磅)、纯洁之身才可入围。到目前为止已有5000多名年轻女性报名申请。 /201208/195844

This is by far the longest I’ve ever been on a production. And uh… it started in August of 20… 2009, when Ang came over, and he… he asked uh… whether a digital character looks better or worse in stereo. And, we all kind of said, “We don’t know. So why don’t we give it a shot?”这是目前为止我所参与过最长的制作。而嗯…它从20…2009年八月开始,当时李安过来拜访,然后他…他问我…数字化的角色在三维效果下看起来会更好还是更差。然后,我们都大概是说:「我们不知道。所以为何不试试看呢?」So the… you know, the challenges for us were how to portray an ocean that’s as much a character as possible. And you know this is the first film in a while that’s really… right there in the ocean, non-stop for over 3/5 of the running time.所以…你知道的,我们的挑战就是如何尽可能地将海洋拟人化。你知道这是近期的第一部电影,有连续不断,超过五分之三的流程,真的…就在海洋之中进行拍摄。So we had to find the way to deal with the ocean and then the animals. Hmm… Even we did… even though we did use some practical tigers, there was no ways we’re putting… hmm… even the trained tiger on the life raft with the actual actor. Hmm… even on the tank, put it among this 26-foot boat would have uh… never flown with the insurance adjusters. So we had to make a digital tiger and make sure that it looked as real as the uh… back to back with the real thing.所以我们必须找出方法来处理海洋,接着是动物。嗯…我们甚至…虽然我们的确有使用一些真正的老虎,我们不可能有办法将…嗯…甚至是经过训练的老虎和真正的演员一起放在救生筏上。嗯..甚至是在储水池中拍摄,放在这26英呎长的船上也嗯…过不了保险专员那关。所以我们得做出一只数字老虎,并确保牠看起来像真的…依照实物绘制出来的。The whale breach — it has a slightly overcranked feel, a slight motion feel. And again to get that weight into that animal is… is tricky, and I think it works well. You know, for me, it was just really important that we could feel an animal weighing… tons of pounds. And that it was powerful enough to breach out of the water to that height, just to fit the drama and to make it spectacular.鲸鱼冲击–有些许高速摄影的感觉,慢动作的感觉。再次强调,将那样的重量感加在动物身上…是很需要技巧的,而我觉得它效果很好。你知道,对我而言,我们能够感受到动物重达…数千磅(1吨为2000磅)是非常重要的。而这力量强大,足以高高的破水而出,以使它符合戏剧性及壮观。We just pushed the height of the jump, and the whale comes out of the water completely, and it looks cool.我们只是提高跳跃的高度,让鲸鱼完全跳出水面,这看起来很酷。 /201301/220573

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