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Apple announced its new music streaming service on Monday, dubbed Apple Music, entering a hotly competitive market but offering a product that comes with tremendous strengths。周一,苹果公布了名为Apple Music的新音乐流媒体务。虽然这一务面临激烈的市场竞争,但它能提供优势显著的产品。Calling it a ;revolutionary music service,; legendary music industry figure Jimmy Iovine took the stage at the company#39;s annual conference for developers to unveil what had been widely expected ahead of the event. Apple Music includes a service to connect artists and fans and what the company described as a global radio station called Beats 1.音乐界传奇人物吉米·埃尔文在苹果年度开发者大会上登场,称这一此前广受期待的产品为“革命性的音乐务”。Apple Music中包括的一项务能将艺术家、乐迷和Beats1(苹果称之为全球广播之声)连接起来。While late to the streaming music business, Apple has strong advantages: deep relationships with music companies; a global brand; and hundreds of millions of customers — and their credit cards — through iTunes。虽然进入流媒体音乐产业的时间较晚,但苹果有着很大的优势:和音乐公司的深厚关系,全球性品牌,以及iTune里的上亿用户和他们的信用卡。Apple Music#39;s .99 US a month price takes effect after a three-month free subscription period. The company is also offering what it calls a ;family plan; for .99 US a month for up to six family members。Apple Music前三个月免费,之后每月9.99美元。苹果还提供每月14.99美元的家庭计划,可供最多6名家庭成员使用。The iOS 9 update coming this fall will have battery improvements and improved security, Apple says. Apple also announced new Mac-like features for the iPad, a news app, and public transit support for Apple Maps。苹果称,今年秋天的iOS 9升级将提升电池续航时间和安全性。它还宣布将在iPad上加入新的类似Mac的特性,此外,苹果还公布了一款新的应用,以及为苹果地图提供公共交通持。Health-related improvements to Apple#39;s mobile operating system include tracking for hydration and ultraviolet exposure, while smart-home features include supporting sensors for carbon monoxide. App developers would take advantage of these tools in building new apps and devices。苹果移动操作系统在健康应用方面的功能升级包括对水分和接受紫外线照射,另外智能家庭功能包括对一氧化碳探测器的持。开发者们将能够利用这些工具开发新的应用和设备。 /201506/379582Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor, opened his Twitter account with a joke on Tuesday. “Can you hear me now?” he wrote, in a short message that electrified the social network and made reference to his revelations about the agency’s spying on phone calls.本周二,国家安全局(National Security Agency)前承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)在Twitter上开设账户,并开了个玩笑:“现在你能听到我吗?”这条引爆Twitter的简短帖子调侃了国家安全局监听电话的行动。Mr. Snowden’s first words on his verified account were borrowed from an old television commercial for Verizon, in which an actor playing a technician tested the range of the company’s wireless network.斯诺登用认帐户发出的第一句话,借用了威瑞森(Verizon)以前的一则电视广告的台词。在那个广告中,一名演员扮成技术人员,对公司的无线网络覆盖范围进行了测试。When Mr. Snowden disclosed the scope of N.S.A. surveillance and the role of American communications companies by leaking a trove of classified documents in 2013, the first revelation was a secret court order compelling Verizon to give the N.S.A. information on all telephone calls in its systems, which was published by The Guardian.斯诺登在2013年泄露了大批机密文件,曝光了国家安全局的监控范围以及美国通信公司在其中扮演的角色。首当其冲的是一条秘密的法庭令,它迫使威瑞森将其系统中的所有电话记录提交给国家安全局。此事刊登在了《卫报》(The Guardian)上。As word sp that Mr. Snowden’s account was genuine, and he racked up more than 160,000 followers in his first hour on the network, several users noted that he was following only one account: that of the N.S.A.使用这个Twitter账户的是斯诺登本人的消息迅速传开。他开通账户刚一个小时,关注者人数就突破了16万。一些用户发现,斯诺登只关注了一个帐户:国家安全局。Among those welcoming Mr. Snowden was Glenn Greenwald, the former Guardian journalist who revealed Verizon’s role in the N.S.A.’s bulk domestic phone records program after meeting the former contractor in Hong Kong and obtaining the documents.不少人对斯诺登表示了欢迎,其中之一是前《卫报》记者格伦·格林沃尔德(Glenn Greenwald)。当年他在香港与斯诺登会面并拿到资料之后,向公众揭露了威瑞森在国家安全局大规模监听电话的计划中起到的作用。According to Dan Froomkin of The Intercept, Mr. Snowden was prodded to join Twitter by Neil deGrasse Tyson, the astrophysicist and television host, during an interview on his “Star Talk” radio show, “via robotic telepresence from Moscow,” where he has lived since winning temporary asylum in Russia in 2013.美国新闻网站The Intercept的丹·弗鲁姆金(Dan Froomkin)表示,斯诺登在Twitter上开账户是听从了天体物理学家、电视节目主持人尼尔·德格拉斯·泰森(Neil deGrasse Tyson)的建议。当时他“从莫斯科通过机器人远程连线”,在泰森的广播节目《星语》(Star Talk)中接受采访。自从2013年获得俄罗斯临时庇护之后,斯诺登就一直住在莫斯科。Dr. Tyson was among the many users of the network to welcome the whistle-blower, and the first Mr. Snowden responded to, striking up a brief conversation.泰森士是向这位泄密者表示欢迎的众多Twitter用户之一,也是斯诺登第一个回复的人,两人进行了简短对话。Mr. Snowden’s short Twitter biography s: “I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public.” It also mentions his role as a director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a nonprofit organization “helping support and defend public interest journalism focused on exposing mismanagement, corruption and law-breaking in government,” which has as one of its founders Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War.斯诺登Twitter帐户上的简介写道:“曾经我为政府工作。现在我为公众务。”其中也提到了他目前是新闻自由基金会(Freedom of the Press Foundation) 的一名总监。该基金会是非营利组织,旨在“帮助持和捍卫符合公众利益的新闻报道,侧重于揭露政府的管理不善、腐败和违法问题”,其创始人之一丹尼尔·埃尔斯伯格(Daniel Ellsberg)曾在越南战争期间曝光了五角大楼文件(Pentagon Papers)。 /201510/402132Earlier this year, Microsoft unveiled a viral tool that claimed to be able to guess your age from a single photo.今年早些时候,微软发布了一款能看照片猜年龄的工具,并疯狂传播开来。Outraged 20 year-olds took to social media when they were told they looked 40, while middle-aged men were given a boost when the software said they looked 30.20多岁的年轻人被告知看起来像40岁,气愤地诉诸社交媒体。而中年人则备受鼓舞,因为软件说他们看起来像30岁。Now, Microsoft is doing the same thing with emotions, with a new online tool that they say can reveal how a person is really feeling in their images.如今,微软正兴致勃勃地做着同样事情——发布一款能够显示图片中人真实感受的网络工具。When tested on celebrities, it found Kate Middleton was elated on her wedding day, with the Duchess of Cambridge scoring a 100 percent rating on happiness.经过对各位名人的测试,该软件发现凯特·米德尔顿在她的婚礼上非常开心,剑桥公爵夫人的开心度达到了100%。Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian#39;s #39;neutral face#39; in a photo snapped while with husband, Kanye revealed that she was around 70 percent happy.而同时,在偶然拍到的一张金·卡戴珊与老公坎耶的合影中,卡戴珊“平淡的表情”表明,她的高兴大约占70%。The remainder of her emotions range from contempt to anger and disgust.剩下的情绪则包括蔑视、愤怒和厌恶。And while Taylor Swift may appear elated, her image shows that she#39;s only around 40 percent happy.而尽管泰勒·斯威夫特看起来兴高采烈。照片表明,她的开心只占40%。According to Microsoft, when accepting the Video of the Year award for #39;Bad Blood#39;, the singer was also 10 percent surprised.根据微软的信息,在因《敌对》(Bad Blood)获得年度最佳视频奖时,这位歌手的情绪中还有10%的惊讶。Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump#39;s look at Senator Marco Rubio yesterday betrayed contempt mixed a degree of happiness.昨天,共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普看向参议员马可·鲁比奥的表情出卖了他。那是种蔑视混合着某种程度的开心。The software will take any photograph you upload, identify the faces, and then give each a score based on a series of different emotions.该软件能接受任何图片上传,识别面部,然后按照不同的情绪分别打分。It provides a rating for anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise - and anyone can test a trial version here.它可以评估愤怒、蔑视、厌恶、恐惧、快乐、悲伤和惊讶——任何人都可以用试用版进行测试。You can upload your own images of your own face, which must be at least 36 pixels square and smaller than 4MB.你可以上传自己的正面照,但图片必须至少为36正方形像素,小于4MB。To see how the software thinks you#39;re feeling, hover over the rectangle around face and you#39;ll see different emotions graded on a scale from zero to one.要获得软件对你感受的认知,请将鼠标悬停在面部周围的矩形区域内,就会出现从0~1的不同感情评分。A score of one suggests that you#39;re feeling that emotion 100 percent.1分表示目前这种情绪达到100%。Chris Bishop, head of Microsoft Research Cambridge, showed off the emotion tool earlier today in a keynote talk at Future Decoded, a Microsoft conference.在今天早些时候在微软会议Future Decoded的主题报告上,微软剑桥研究中心主任克里斯·毕修普展示了这款情绪测评软件。#39;The exciting thing has been how much interest there is and how diverse the response is,#39; said Ryan Galgon, a senior program manager within Microsoft#39;s Technology and Research group.“令人兴奋的莫过于其中的趣味性与回应的多样性,”微软技术研究部门高级项目经理赖恩·加尔贡(Ryan Galgon)说道。The software is based on machine learning, which means it gets smarter as it receives more data.这款软件基于机器学习原理,也就是说接受的数据越多,软件就越聪明。It#39;s the basis for major breakthroughs including Skype Translator#39;s real-time translation and Microsoft#39;s Cortana personal assistant.包括Skype Translator的实时翻译、微软小娜个人助手等重大技术突破都是建立在该原理之上。In the case of something like facial recognition, the system can learn to recognise certain traits from a training set of pictures it receives.在面部识别等情况下,系统能够根据此前输入的一整套训练图片识别某些情绪特征。It can then apply that information to identify facial features in new pictures it sees.随后,它便可以使用这些信息识别图片中的面部特征。Galgon said developers might want to use these tools to create systems that marketers can use to gauge people#39;s reaction to a store display, film or food.加尔贡说,研究人员希望用这些工具开发各种系统,供营销商测试人们对商品摆放、电影或食物的反应。They might also find them valuable for creating a tool, such as a messaging app, that offers up different options based on what emotion it recognises in a photo.他们可能还会用来开发应用,如消息传送app,这种应用能根据图片中识别的情绪提出不同选择。 /201511/410624Children love to play with new toys but hate disruption to their routines. These traits persist in adult life: innovation is ily adopted when it is incorporated in new gadgets but innovation that involves doing things differently is resisted.儿童喜欢玩新玩具,但讨厌习惯被打断。这些特性在成年后会一直保持下去:如果把创新融入新玩意中,人们很乐意接受,但涉及改变做事方式的创新,人们就会抵触。Look around a university. At a super#173;ficial level, modern information technology has changed everything. Most activities — communication, scheduling and presentations — are conducted electronically. At a deeper level, nothing at all has changed. The course structures, materials and the methods of pedagogy remain essentially the same.到一所大学四处转转。从表面看,现代信息技术已改变了一切。大多数活动——沟通、排课表和做报告——都是以电子方式完成的。但在更深层次上,一切都没有改变。课程结构、教材和教学法本质上还是老样子。As Richard Nelson, the economist of innovation, has pointed out while American children are much healthier than they once were they are not much better at learning to . Innovation that comes in a pill or injection is easily adopted: innovation that manages a process better is not.正如创新经济学家理查德#8226;纳尔逊(Richard Nelson)所指出的那样,当今的美国儿童比过去的儿童健康得多,但他们学习阅读的能力并不比过去强太多。以药丸或注射形式出现的创新很容易被接受,优化流程的创新则不然。It has always been so. Anaesthetics were developed in the mid-19th century and soon all surgeons were using them. However, when a Viennese physician discovered that the most important thing surgeons could do to keep their patients alive, especially those who were newborn infants, was to wash their hands, the profession resisted the innovation for half a century.情况一直是如此。麻醉剂是19世纪中期开发出来的,不久之后所有外科医生都开始使用麻醉剂。然而,当一位维也纳内科医生发现,要保住病人、尤其是新生儿的性命,外科医生所能做的最重要的事是洗手时,医疗界抵制这项创新的时间长达半个世纪。While doctors would ily experiment with new chemicals, they fought any acknowledgment that their procedures were defective.尽管医生们愿意试验新的化学制剂,但他们竭力拒绝承认自己的治疗程序存在瑕疵。Authors and editors use computers and software to write and compile, and eers are everywhere. Yet any suggestion that these developments imply a different and diminished role for publishers and booksellers is fiercely resisted, both by these businesses and by authors and ers.如今,写手和编辑使用电脑和软件进行写作和编辑,电子阅览器已无处不在。不过,任何人只要提及这些进展意味着出版商和书商的角色被改变和削弱,都会受到这两者以及作者和读者的强烈抵制。Airlines place orders for the latest models but established carriers find it hard to adapt to the market challenges set by low-cost carriers. Their response has been to set up distinct subsidiaries to implement[APE?] the new business model. Yet Delta’s Song was sung only briefly and British Airways’ Go went.航空公司会订购最新型的飞机,但老牌航空公司发现很难针对低价航空公司引发的市场竞争做出调整。它们的对策是设立完全不同的子公司,来执行新的业务模式。不过,达美航空(Delta)的Song只维持了很短时间,而英国航空(British Airways)的Go也已成过去式。Since even babies are more suspicious of new ways of doing things than of new toys, we might seek evolutionary explanations. But why would our ancestors have been more y to hunt new prey, or adopt new tools, than to adapt routines? Perhaps innovations incorporated in physical items are more plainly beneficial than process innovations. It is hard to argue that a smartphone is not an improvement on an instrument with a large rotary dial tethered to a desk.[DO WE FULLY ANSWER THIS QUESTION?]既然就连婴儿对新的做事方式也比对新玩具更怀疑,我们或许可以去寻找进化上的解释。但是,为何相对于调整习惯,我们的祖先更乐于捕捉新猎物或使用新工具呢?或许是,相对于流程创新,融入实物中的创新带来的好处更加一目了然。我们很难主张,相对于被电线固定在桌上、带着很大拨号盘的旧式电话,智能手机不是一种改进。Some gadgets that look like improvements are not: three-dimensional cameras meet a need we do not seem to have, and airships and supersonic passenger jets turned out to be a bust. These blind alleys in product innovation are sufficiently rare that they stand out in business and technological history.有些玩意儿看上去有改进,实际上并无改进:3D立体相机满足的是一项我们似乎并不存在的需求,飞艇和超音速客机后来被明是个失败。这些走进死胡同的产品创新罕见到了能在商业与科技史上占据突出地位。A low-cost airline, however, is not superior to a full-service one but rather the provider of a product better adapted to the needs of modern passengers. Establishing a new routine requires time and practice, and many new routines do not represent improvements; witness the fate of the majority of business re-engineering exercises. While transformational chief executives and management consultants chafe at the resistance they encounter, the problem is not just the lethargy of subordinates and the scale of their personal investment in established processes. It is often well-founded doubt as to whether the “change agents” actually know what they are doing. Political leaders, who seek office by claiming that everything their predecessors are doing is wrong, are even more frequently the advocates of useless process reorganisation.然而,不是说低价航空公司优于全业务航空公司,而是说它们提供了一种更符合现代乘客需求的产品。形成新习惯需要时间和实践,而许多新习惯不代表改进;看一看大多数业务流程改造的命运吧。尽管心向革新的首席执行官和管理顾问对遭遇的抵制感到恼火,但问题不仅仅在于下属们的慵懒懈怠以及他们对既定流程已投入个人努力的大小。人们常常有充分理由怀疑“改革推动者”是否真了解自己在做什么。有些政治领导人宣称前任所做一切都是错的,希望借此上台,他们倡导的流程改革甚至更可能是毫无用处的。So we are right to view such novelties with suspicion. And the behaviour of our children suggests this well-founded scepticism towards those who would re-engineer our routines has become hard wired in human responses.所以,我们以怀疑眼光看待此类奇思异想是正确的。我们的孩子的行为表明,对于那些想要改造我们习惯的人报以正当的怀疑,已经深深地植入了人类的反应心理中了。 /201503/365375

Solar Eclipse日食A long time ago, people noticed that the sun and the moon sometimes suddenly lost their brightness.People could not figure out the reason and feared that, once gone, the brightness would not return and would mean the end of the world.Because of this, the ancient Chinese began to observe solar and lunar eclipses, recording the time and size of the eclipse, and searching for the causes of eclipses.很久以前,人们注意到太阳和月亮有时会突然间丧失光芒。人们找不出原因,害怕太阳和月亮光芒一去不返,世界末日来临。于是,中国古人开始观察日月食,记录日月食发生的时间、食分,探索产生日月食的原因。Solar eclipses, especially total solar e-clipses, are eye-catching celestial events.As early as 3,000 years ago, the ancient Chinese people had made records on such astronomic phenomena. The earliest solar eclipse record that can be verified appears in The Classic of History (The Punitive Expedi-tion of Yin in Shang Shu) , about an eclipsetook place around 2043 during the Xia Dynasty.日食,尤其是日全食是最引人注目的天象之一。我国古人早在3000多年以前就对日食现象做了记载。最早的记载是《尚书·胤征》,据考,这次日食大概发生于夏代仲康元年。Excavated bone and tortoise shell inscriptions of the Shang Dynasty recorded five solar eclipses that took place beiween the 14th and 12th centuries .在出土的商代甲骨卜辞中,被认定的日食纪事有5次。这是发生在公元前14世纪至12世纪之间的日食纪事。In The Book of Son,gs , a solar eclipse was also recorded.It was verified that the solar eclipse took place on September 6, 776.《诗经》中也有日食纪事。据考,这次日食发生在公元前776年9月6日。By the Han Dynasiy, records on solar eclipse were no longer limited to the time of an eclipse, but also covered the sun#39;s position, the starting and ending times of eclipses, and the coverage size.到了汉代,不仅有日食发生时间记录,还有对日食时的太阳位置、起止时刻、食分等的记录。Statistics show that during the Spring and Autumn Period (770-446) a-lone, there were 37 solar eclipse records, among which 33 have been proven to be reliable. By the time of Emperor Gtianlong#39;s reign in the Qing Dynasty (1644~1911) , the total number of records had reached 1000. This number represents theworld#39;s most complete solar eclipse record, which is of great value to the astro-nomic research.据统计,仅春秋时代(770一446)记载的日食就有37次,其中33次已经被明是完全可靠的。从春秋时代起到清代( 1644~1911)乾隆年间为止,我国记录了大约有1000次左右,算得上是世界上最完整的日食记录,对天文研究具有很大的价值。 /201511/409360

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