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16. Calling a Traffic School 16.给驾校打电话A: Hello. I need to make an appointment.A:你好。我需要预约。B: Were you mandated by the court to go to traffic school?B:交通法庭强制要求你去驾校吗?A: Yes, I was. Does that matter?A:是的,我是。那有什么关系吗?B: Yes, it does. Let me have your full name.B:是的,有关系。告诉我你的全名。A: Its David Johnson. What days do you have available?A:我是大卫约翰逊。你哪天有空闲?B: We have Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.B:我们周二,周四和周日有空。 A: Oh, okay. I can make it on Thursday. What time should I be in?A:哦,好的。我可以在周四去。我应该什么时候进去?B: Come in at 9 a.m. if you cant make it during that time, please call.B:9点进来。如果你不能按时来,请打电话。A: Great. I will see you this Thursday.A:好的。我们这周四见。B: Remember to bring your court papers. We will need to sign those.B:记得带上你的法庭文件。我们需要签那些。A: I seem to have lost them. Could I go to court to get another copy?A:我好像已经把它们弄丢了。我可以去法庭再拿一份吗?B: Yes, go to the court and print them out before you come over. B:是的,过来之前去法庭把它们打印出来。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/415526maverick------ 特立独行的人大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。生活中,有些人很特立独行。比如,一个人有事没事都泡在图书馆,看书累了就仰望星空、放眼宇宙、思考人生。这样特立独行的人怎么用英语来形容呢?我们可以用一个词,叫maverick。这词用来指那些思想、行动独立自主、与众不同的人,可以作名词,也可以作形容词。比如:He was considered as something of a maverick in the publishing world.在出版界,他被认为是有几分特立独行的人。再比如:He is a maverick scientist. He opposes the prevailing medical opinion on the disease.他是一位特立独行的科学家。他反对医学界中关于这种疾病的主流观点。在这个从众现象盛行、模仿之风猖獗,“打出头鸟”的时代,做一个特立独行的人可不是一件容易的事。所以抛开具体想法和做法的对错,这精神还是挺可嘉。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。 小强在微:@小强英语。小强在微信:englishonair。本栏目由原创,。 /201501/35484913. Asking about Car Insurance 13.询问汽车保险A: Hello, I wanted to ask you about car insurance prices.A:你好,我想问汽车保险的价格。B: Sure thing. Please, have a seat.B:没问题。请坐。A: Thank you. I just bought my first car.A:谢谢你。我刚买了我的第一辆车。B: Great, congratulations! What kind of car is it?B:很好,祝贺你!是什么类型的车?A: Its a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme.A:是1994年的至尊奥尔兹莫比尔卡特拉斯汽车B: Oh, so its an older make.B:哦,这是一个老牌子。A: Yes, but its in good condition. So, how much would the payments be?A:是的,但是性能很好。那将付多少钱?B: Depends. Have you been in any accidents?B:不一定。你出过车祸吗?A: No, I have not.A:没有,我没有出过车祸。B: Have you gotten any driving tickets?B:你得到过驾驶罚单吗?A: Nope. That can affect the insurance rate?A:没有。那会影响保险费率吗?B: At times. Well, everything seems in order. You would have to pay monthly.B:有时会。好的,一切就绪。你要每月付75美元。A: That sounds great. A:听起来很棒。译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/411825on purpose 故意地例句:Im sorry, I didnt do it on purpose.对不起,我不是故意这么做的。You smashed my watch on purpose.你故意把我手表打碎了。A:I failed my exam, thats good.我考试不及格,真是太棒了。B:Wait, you did it on purpose, thats stupid.等一下,你故意这么做的,你真是太愚蠢了。背景音乐:StarGate——Eaise Said Than Done更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201606/448887

Todd: Hello, Mike.托德:你好,迈克。Mike: Hey.迈克:你好。Todd: Now, Mike, you are diabetic.托德:迈克,你是糖尿病患者。Mike: That's right.迈克:没错。Todd: OK, so that means you have diabetes.托德:好,这表明你患有糖尿病。Mike: That's right.迈克:没错。Todd: Can you explain what diabetes is?托德:你能解释一下什么是糖尿病吗?Mike: OK, basically, your body... everybody has an organ in their body called a pancreas. Your pancreas produces a hormone called insulin and insulin coverts your body — the sugar you take into your body — it converts it into energy. Now all food you eat, all sugar.... all drinks you drink, they all are basically sugar. They have sugar in them, and they come into your body, it's digested and it changes into plain sugar. The insulin changes that sugar into energy, and then for diabetics their pancreas stops making insulin, so you body just collects all this sugar and it can't get rid of it, but it has no energy, like no fat, so diabetics would typically start to lose weight, and they're peeing... going to the bathroom all the time, and the reason is cause the excess sugar that's building up in their body.迈克:好,基本上来说就是你的身体……每个人身体里都有胰腺这个器官。胰腺产生一种名为胰岛素的激素,胰岛素会将你身体摄入的糖分转化成能量。你吃的食物和喝的饮料都含有糖分。这些都含糖,你的身体摄入这些糖分,经过消化后转成原糖。胰岛素会把这种糖转化成能量,而糖尿病患者的胰腺不再产生胰岛素,所以他们的身体只摄入糖分,可是不能分解糖,所以没有能量,没有脂肪,这样一来糖尿病患者的体重就会开始下降,他们就会小便……他们就会一直上厕所,这是因为他们在过分摄取糖分,而且这些糖分一直在身体里堆积。Todd: Now this is something you've had since you were a child?托德:你是从小时候就得了糖尿病吗?Mike: That's right. I've had it for over 25 years. I got it when I was about twelve years old.迈克:对。我已经得糖尿病25年了。我是12岁时得的糖尿病。Todd: Wait a minute! So you're not born with it? It just suddenly one day, you became diabetic.托德:等一下!你不是出生就有糖尿病?你是突然有一天发现自己得了糖尿病?Mike: That's right. Yeah. It's... They're not sure why. They still don't know but it's probably partly genetic, so I think if you have it in your family there's a chance you can have it yourself and these days, people are, you know, getting it more and more.迈克:对,没错。他们也不知道原因。他们现在都不知道原因,可能部分原因是因为遗传,我认为如果你家族中有人得糖尿病,那你就可能会得糖尿病,最近得糖尿病的人越来越多。Todd: Right, so how is your life different, that being a diabetic?托德:对,那你得糖尿病以后生活有什么改变吗?Mike: Well, of course, I have to be much more careful with my diet. I think probably the most important thing, if anybody's diabetic, listening to this, the most important thing is to make sure you're always checking your blood sugars, and making sure that your blood, that your blood sugar levels are controlled. That's the most important.迈克:当然有了,我在饮食上必须要更小心。糖尿病病患者一定要认真听我下面的话,我认为最重要的是一定要随时检查血糖,确保血糖水平在控制范围内。这是最重要的事情。Todd: So, that's the main thing you have to do?托德:这是必须要做的事?Mike: Yeah, absolutely.迈克:没错。Todd: And how do you check that?托德:那你如何检查血糖呢?Mike: Well, I have a.... it's called a glucometer, and you prick your finger with a little needle and the blood comes out, you put it on a little strip, and the strip goes in the glucometer and it gives you a ing of your blood-sugar level.迈克:我有个血糖仪,你用针扎一下手指,出血以后放在一个条状物上,它会把血吸进血糖仪,然后血糖仪就会报出你的血糖值。Todd: But basically you still have a normal life. You know, your life isn't different compared to normal people — other people's.托德:基本上来说,你依然过着正常的生活。和正常人相比,你的生活并没有什么不同。Mike: Yes.迈克:对。Todd: Right.托德:好。Mike: Of course. Yeah, things are pretty much normal, except for me in general, but my lifestyle and everything else is the same.迈克:当然,一切都很正常,总的来说除了我有些变化以外,我的生活方式等等都和以前一样。Todd: Thanks, Mike.托德:谢谢你,迈克。Mike: Sure.迈克:不客气。 译文属 /201512/417725

14. Neighbors and Help (2) 14.邻居和帮助(2)A: Are you my new neighbor?A:你是我的新邻居吗?B: Yes, I am. Its nice to meet you.B:是的,我是。很高兴认识你。A: Nice to meet you, too.A:也很高兴认识你。B: How is your day going so far?B:到目前为止过得怎么样?A: Its going just fine. Thank you for asking.A:进展很顺利。谢谢你的关心。B: Do you think you can help me with something?B:你认为你可以帮我个忙吗?A: Sure, I would be glad to help, whatever I can.A:当然,很高兴能帮到你,只要是我能做的。B: Its nothing big. I just need help carrying my old couch to the curb.B:没什么大事。我只是需要有人帮我把我的旧沙发搬到路边。A: Alright, do you want me to help you right now?A:好的,你想让我现在就帮你吗?B: If its not a problem.B:如果没有问题的话。A: No. Ill come over right now.A:没问题。我马上过来。B: Thank you for the assistance.B:谢谢你的帮助译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201512/413650

讲解文本:work overtime 加班If you ask your employees to work overtime, be there too.如果你要求自己的雇员加班,那么你也留下来。She earns about 0 a month, including overtime pay.包括加班费在内,她每月能挣230美元。Hurry up man, otherwise we have to work extra hours.加油啊哥们,不然我们得加班了。疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201604/436707

栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容: It’s monkey business, monkey business 来捣乱的 (本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201605/441433

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