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Nobody likes waking up in the morning to the nagging, electronic bleep of regular alarm clocks or smartphones, but the smell of just-baked croissants and freshly roasted coffee? Now you#39;re talking.没有人喜欢早晨普通闹钟或智能手机里闹铃发出的吵闹不休的声音,那刚烤好的羊角面包和刚煮好的咖啡的味道呢?这还差不多。The Sensorwake, currently debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, takes a vastly different approach to getting your attention when it#39;s time to wake up. Instead of using sound to stir you, the clock uses smell, thanks to the ;timed release of an aroma of your choice;.气味闹钟最近在举行的消费电子展上首次登台亮相,它采用一种完全不同的方式喊你起床。比起利用声音来刺激你,这个闹钟会利用你事先选择好的香味喊你起床。The brainchild of 19-year-old Guillaume Rolland, an engineering student from France, the Sensorwake was successfully crowd-funded last year to the tune of US0,000, and Rolland is now taking pre-orders for retail units that will ship in the first half of 2016.法国19岁的工科学生纪尧姆·罗兰德想出了气味闹钟这个主意,去年他成功地利用这个想法众筹到了20万美元。现在罗兰德接受零售单位预定,第一批产品将在2016年上半年陆续发出。The device functions a little bit like a toaster, with reusable scent capsules inserted into a slot along the top edge of the clock. Each capsule lasts for ;30 awakenings;, meaning you#39;ll get about a month out of a scent before you need to replace it.气味闹钟的工作原理有点类似烤面包机,人们需在闹钟顶部插入能重复使用的气味胶囊。每个胶囊能叫醒你30次,意味着你在需要替换气味胶囊之前,可以闻一个月的香味。At launch, there will be six aromas available via the Sensorwake website, with plans to sell them via retail outlets later (provided the product is enough of a success, we#39;re guessing).该闹钟面世之后将在气味闹钟网站上推出六种香味胶囊,罗兰德打算随后通过零售商来出售香味胶囊(如果产品足够成功的话)。Aromas are bundled in packs. There#39;s the delicious-sounding #39;Continental Breakfast Pack#39;, which comes with one Espresso aroma capsule and one Hot Croissant capsule. The #39;Enjoy the Break Pack#39; includes Seaside (monoi, tiare flower) and Lush Jungle (cut grass, leaves). There#39;s also the #39;Vitalisation Aromatherapy Pack#39;, which offers a Chocolate aroma plus Invigorating Peppermint. Mmm!香味胶囊以组合套装的形式出售。有听起来很美味的“欧式早餐套装”,使用者们能闻到浓缩咖啡和热羊角面包的香味。“享受休憩时光套装”则能让你闻到海的味道(诺伊油、提亚蕾花)和热带丛林的味道(草和树叶割开的味道)。还有“活力香味套装”,能让你闻到巧克力和让人精力充沛的薄荷气味。But do scents work as well as a regular audio alarm in terms of waking you up? While we might hate the sound of conventional alarms, they seem to be jarringly effective for most regular sleepers. Rolland claims that the Sensorwake is just as good as audio alarms, with internal testing showing his scent-based alarm wakes 99 percent of people in 2 minutes.但气味真的能像普通闹钟一样把你叫醒吗?虽然我们很厌恶闹钟的声音,但其实对于大部分沉睡者来说它们才是最有效的闹钟。罗兰德宣称气味闹钟和发出声音的闹钟一样好,内部测试表明他的气味闹钟能在两分钟内叫醒99%的人。While the Sensorwake could be as effective as Rolland claims, previous research on the rousing abilities of scents hasn#39;t been so positive. A 1997 study by fire and rescue workers in Irondale, Alabama was designed to test whether adults woke up in the presence of smoke, water and citrus odours. Of 10 sleeping participants, only two woke up when exposed to the aromas.气味闹钟的效果如何我们尚无法判定,不过先前有研究发现气味叫醒人们的能力不容乐观。1997年一项测试了阿拉巴马州艾昂戴尔消防员的研究,利用烟味、水和柑橘味来叫醒他们。在十名参与者中,仅两人在闻到味道之后醒了过来。A subsequent study at Brown University in 2004 also found that scents were not particularly effective at waking sleepers. Pepperment and pyridine scents were presented in different concentrations to sleepers at different stages of sleep. The odours scored mixed results, while audio tones played over a speaker were significantly more effective at rousing the sleepers, leading the researchers to conclude that ;human olfaction is not reliably capable of alerting a sleeper;.2004年布朗大学一项后续研究也发现,气味并不能有效地叫醒沉睡者。他们给陷入不同睡眠阶段的参与者闻不同浓度的薄荷味和氮苯味,参与者们的反应不一,但发出声音的闹钟效果明显更好。这促使研究人员们得出“人类的嗅觉并不足以叫醒一名沉睡者”的结论。The Sensorwake comes with an insurance policy for any sleepers who aren#39;t roused by its primary feature. For extra-heavy sleepers or those with stuffed noses who don#39;t register the scent, there#39;s a backup audio alarm that#39;s triggered to go off if the aroma hasn#39;t woken you up within 3 minutes.气味闹钟还为每个沉睡者们准备了保险措施,避免他们出现醒不来的情况。对于那些酣睡者或闻不到气味的鼻塞者,如果气味闹钟在3分钟内还没有叫醒你,那么备用的声音闹钟就会被触发。 /201601/420836

Robots will replace a growing number of jobs in industries including automotive and electronics in the next few years, particularly in east Asia, according to new research.一项新研究显示,未来几年,机器人将取代自动化和电子产品等行业越来越多的工作岗位,尤其是在东亚地区。Worldwide sales of industrial robots rose 23 per cent last year and are on course to double by 2018, driving radical change in many manufacturing sectors, Boston Consulting Group said.波士顿咨询集团(G)表示,全球工业机器人销量去年增长23%,到2018年将翻一番,这将令很多制造业领域发生彻底变革。Although robots have been used in industry for decades, recent advances in technology have cut their costs and increased their capabilities, as a new generation of reprogrammable, multipurpose machines comes into service.尽管机器人在工业中的使用已有几十年时间,但最近科技的进步降低了机器人成本并提升了其性能,此际新一代可再编程的多用途机器人正投入使用。The prices of industrial robots have been falling steadily, dropping about 14 per cent in the past four years to 3,000 for a typical system, while capabilities have been expanding.工业机器人的价格一直在稳步下降,过去4年已累计下跌14%左右,至13.3万美元,同时性能一直在提升。Some robots are even cheaper: the Baxter robot from Rethink Robotics has a listed base price of ,000, making it accessible to smaller companies that might have found it difficult to invest in earlier generations.一些机器人的价格甚至更低: Rethink Robotics的Baxter机器人基础定价为2.5万美元,让那些可能很难投资于之前几代机器人的较小公司也能买得起。Five countries — China, the US, Japan, Germany and South Korea — are expected to account for about 80 per cent of investment in industrial robots over the coming decade.预计中国、美国、日本、德国和韩国5国将占到未来10年工业机器人投资的80%左右。Advanced robots are set to cut costs and raise productivity, reducing employment in manufacturing in developed countries, while raising the skill levels demanded of the staff that remain.先进的机器人旨在降低成本并提升生产率,从而减少发达国家制造业就业,同时提高现有员工所需的技能水准。They are also likely to make labour costs a less significant factor for manufacturers making decisions about where to invest.它们还可能会在制造商在做出投资目的地决定时,让劳动力成本的因素不那么重要。About 200,000 industrial robots were shipped last year, G estimates, up from 163,000 in 2013, and in three years#39; time the number could rise to 400,000.G估计,去年工业机器人销量达到20万台左右,高于2013年的16.3万台,到2017年,这一数字可能会升至40万台。In the manufacturing sectors that are the most ily automated, including cars and other transport equipment, computers and electronics and electrical equipment, about 85 per cent of tasks can be performed by robots, according to G.在最容易实现自动化的制造业(包括汽车和其他运输设备、电脑、电子产品和电器设备),约85%的工作可能会由机器人完成。Those sectors are likely to use the most robots over the coming decade, but other areas such as chemicals and metals are also likely to see increasing adoption of the newer, more flexible machines.未来几十年,这些行业使用的机器人可能会最多,但化工和金属等其他行业使用这种更为新颖灵活的机器的做法可能也会越来越多。The uptake of industrial robots will vary between countries as well as between industries, depending on factors including wage costs and labour regulations that could limit employers’ ability to replace workers with robots. G expects the fastest adoption will come in South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, which have heavy concentrations of the industries that are capable of high levels of automation, higher labour costs than some of their low-wage competitors, and limited employment protections that would prevent job cuts.工业机器人的使用情况将会因国家和行业的不同而不同,这取决于很多因素,包括薪资成本以及劳动力监管规定——这些规定可能会限制雇主用机器人取代员工的能力。G预测,韩国、台湾和泰国将是最快使用机器人的国家,这些国家拥有大量能够实现高度自动化的行业,劳动力成本高于一些低薪资竞争国家,而且就业保护有限(就业保护将阻止裁员)。Other relatively rapid adopters are expected to be China, Japan, the US, the UK and Canada.预计其他使用工业机器人相对迅速的国家将是中国、日本、美国、英国和加拿大。The countries likely to be slowest to embrace the new robots include more heavily regulated economies of Europe including France, Italy and Spain, as well as Brazil and India, according to G.G称,最慢接纳新一代机器人的国家可能是那些欧洲监管较严的经济体,包括法国、意大利和西班牙等,还有巴西和印度。 /201502/359373

There are few literary mediums that Julian Fellowes has not dabbled in.朱利安·费罗斯(Julian Fellowes)未曾涉足的文学领域已经不多了。Mr. Fellowes, the creator of the hit historical British melodrama “Downton Abbey,” has worked on screenplays, stage plays, novels and a children’s book. He wrote the book for “School of Rock,” a raucous new Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber adapted from the 2003 Richard Linklater movie, and he is working on his new N series “The Gilded Age,” set in New York in the late 19th century.费罗斯是英国热门的通俗历史剧《唐顿庄园》(Downton Abbey)的编剧,他写过电视剧本、舞台剧本、小说和一本童书。他还为《摇滚校园》(School of Rock)写了一本书,这部喧嚣的新百老汇音乐剧是安德鲁·劳埃德·韦伯(Andrew Lloyd Webber)根据理查德·林特莱克(Richard Linklater)2003年的同名电影改编的。目前费罗斯正在忙于创作N新剧《流金岁月》(The Gilded Age),该剧背景发生在19世纪末的纽约。Now, for his next project, “Belgravia,” Mr. Fellowes is marrying an old narrative form — the serialized novel, in the tradition of Charles Dickens’s “The Pickwick Papers” — with the latest digital delivery system: an app.而在他的下一个项目《贝尔格莱维亚》(Belgravia)中,费罗斯采用了古老的叙事形式——查尔斯·狄更斯(Charles Dickens)创作《匹克威克先生外传》(The Pickwick Papers)时延续下来的连载小说传统;而且采用了全新的数字传播方式——手机应用。“Belgravia” takes place in London in the 1840s and opens decades earlier during the Battle of Waterloo. It explores the class divisions between the established aristocracy and newly wealthy families who made their fortunes through the Industrial Revolution. But instead of having the sweeping narrative arc of a novel, it will unfold more like a new network TV series, in 10 weekly digital installments that will arrive automatically on ers’ phones, tablets or computers. The chapters cost .99 each, and .99 all together. The app will also incorporate an audio version, music, , character portraits, family trees, images of period fashion and maps of Belgravia.《贝尔格莱维亚》发生在19世纪40年代的伦敦,故事开始于几十年前的滑铁卢战役。它探索旧有贵族阶层与工业革命期间发家的新富家族之间的的阶级差异。但是它并没有给出小说完整的叙事弧,而是像一部新电视剧一样徐徐展开。小说将做10个星期的网络连载,届时电子下载会自动出现在读者的手机、平板设备或电脑上。每一章价格是1.99美元,共计13.99美元。这个手机应用还将结合语音版、音乐、视频、人物画像、家族树、时代风情画和贝尔格莱维亚地图。“To marry the traditions of the Victorian novel to modern technology, allowing the er, or listener, an involvement with the characters and the background of the story and the world in which it takes place, that would not have been possible until now, and yet to preserve within that the strongest traditions of storytelling, seems to me a marvelous goal and a real adventure,” Mr. Fellowes said in a statement released through Grand Central Publishing, which will publish the novel in hardcover in July.“把维多利亚时代小说传统和现代科技结合起来,让读者或听众可以参与到人物和故事背景之中,乃至小说里的世界当中,这种事只有到了如今才能实现。而对于我来说,保持最有力量的讲故事传统是最宏伟的目标,也是真正的冒险,”费罗斯先生在通过Grand Central出版社发表的声明中说,该出版社将于7月出版这本小说的精装本。With “Downton Abbey,” an addictive series about an upper-class British family and its household servants, Mr. Fellowes has aly proven himself adept at fashioning soap opera-worthy cliffhangers. On Sunday, PBS’s “Masterpiece” will begin airing the show’s sixth and final season. The show drew an average of more than 13 million viewers in its fourth season, and became the top rated PBS drama of all time.《唐顿庄园》是一部会让人上瘾的电视剧,讲述一个英国上层家庭及其佣仆们的故事,通过这部剧,费罗斯先生已经明自己擅长创作扣人心弦的、适合肥皂剧形式的连载剧集。星期日,PBS台的“杰作”(Masterpiece)栏目将播放《唐顿庄园》的第六季,也就是最后一季。这部剧的第四季平均吸引了1300多万名观众,成了PBS台有史以来收视率最高的剧集。The first chapter of “Belgravia” will arrive in April, shortly after the last season of “Downton Abbey” concludes. The app will be available through a website and individual chapters can be purchased for download through major e-book retailers like Amazon.com and Barnes amp; Noble’s website.《贝尔格莱维亚》的第一章将在4月推出,也就是《唐顿庄园》最后一季完结后不久。这个手机应用将通过一个网站推出,每一章节都可以通过Amazon.com和Barnes amp; Boble等主要的图书零售商网站购买下载。App-based novels remain a relatively new and unproven format, but they could begin to catch on as some prominent authors experiment with the interactive possibilities of apps.通过手机应用推出的小说是相对新鲜而且未经检验的形式,但是随着一些著名作家开始试着运用可供互动的手机应用,这种做法可以变得流行起来。Last year, the British novelist Iain Pears released his new book “Arcadia” as an app that allowed ers to toggle among 10 different story lines, and Eli Horowitz published his comic dystopian novel “The Pickle Index” as a hardcover, paperback and interactive app simultaneously. This spring, the best-selling novelist Wally Lamb will publish a new novel, “I’ll Take You There,” exclusively as an app via the digital publishing company Metabook.去年,英国小说家伊恩·皮尔斯(Iain Pears)以手机应用的形式发表了自己的新书《阿卡迪亚》(Arcadia),读者可以在10个不同故事线之间切换,伊利·霍洛维茨(Eli Horowitz)同时以精装书、平装书和互动手机应用形式出版了自己的滑稽反乌托邦小说《泡菜目录》(The Pickle Index)。今年春天,畅销小说作家瓦利·兰姆(Wally Lamb)将出版新小说《我会带你去那儿》(I’ll Take You There),通过数字出版公司Metabook,只以手机应用形式发行。With its episodic delivery schedule, “Belgravia” will test whether “appointment ing” can become as habit-forming as a recurring TV show or serialized podcast. Jamie Raab, the president and publisher of Grand Central Publishing, said the concept behind “Belgravia” appealed to her because of Mr. Fellowes’s television background and his knack for keeping audiences engaged in a story over months and even years.《贝尔格莱维亚》有着松散的发行计划,它将检测“预订阅读”是否能够同电视连续剧与系列podcast广播一样,培养人们的习惯。Grand Central出版社的总裁兼出版人杰米·拉布(Jamie Raab)说,她对《贝尔格莱维亚》的概念感兴趣,是因为费罗斯先生的电视背景,以及他可以让观众长达几个月乃至几年都沉浸在一个故事之中的能力。“I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of publishing a novel in short episodic bites,” she said. “He gets how to keep the story paced so that you’re caught up in the current episode, then you’re left with a cliffhanger.”“我一直对以短篇连载形式出版一本小说感兴趣,”她说。“他明白该怎样保持故事的节奏,让你沉浸在当下的这一集里,然后还能保持悬念。”The thematic overlap with “Downton Abbey,” and the timing of the release, as “Downton Abbey” comes to an end, could help attract fans of the show who are experiencing withdrawal, she said.本书与《唐顿庄园》主题上有所交叉,而且出版的时间正赶在《唐顿庄园》播出结束之后,可以吸引怅然若失的剧迷来看这本书,她说。“ ‘Belgravia’ deals with the different classes in England, and I think that’s what people like so much about ‘Downton Abbey’ and before that, ‘Upstairs Downstairs,’ ” she said, referencing a show that ran in the 1970s. “There’s a lot of drama and melodrama.”“《贝尔格莱维亚》涵盖了英国的不同阶层,我觉得这也是为什么人们如此喜爱《唐顿庄园》,以及之前的《楼上楼下》(Upstairs Downstairs),”她说。《楼上楼下》是20世纪70年代的一部剧集。“书中有很多有戏剧性的、伤感的情节。” /201601/422691

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