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上饶韩美整形医院光子脱毛多少钱上饶韩美整形医院玻尿酸隆鼻大城市设人口上限,你的户口往哪儿去? -- ::9 来源:sohu “户口”可能是最难向老外解释的中国词汇之一,它不仅是household registration, 更代表着教育、公共务等一系列福利又是一年毕业季大学生们,你们的户口去哪儿啦? Hukou determines where residents can access educational and social welfare services. 北上广深四个一线城市已经陆续公布了年的人口控制目标: China's four first-tier cities- Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen - have all set population targets by . 北京提出常住人口控制在300万人以内,上海的目标是控制在500万人以内,广州是50万人以内,深圳则是80万人 Beijing will cap its population at 3 million by . Shanghai is determined to keep its population at less than 5 million by ; Guangzhou .5 million and Shenzhen .8 million. 以北京为例:北京市去年的常住人口大约0万人;今年,首都的人口目标是0万换句话说,“余额”真的不足了! Last year, Beijing had 1.7 million permanent residents. The city aims to limit its population within million in . 早高峰时的北京天通苑北站 北京未来五年还将继续疏解核心城区人口,其目标是核心区常住人口和年相比要下降% Permanent population in Beijing's downtown areas will drop by percent from since the capital city will continue to relocate population from downtown areas to its suburbs in the next five years. 北京动物园区域 In ,Beijing transferred almost 50 labor-intensive industries deemed not suitable the city, such as a wholesale market near the Beijing Zoo. 核心区人口要下降,那周边区域是不是比较容易进一点呢?并不是! 通州区,北京市的城市副中心,已经采取措施限制户籍人口数量了 Tongzhou District, a suburb of Beijing and the capital's ;subsidiary administrative center,; has introduced new rules to control the number of its residents. 这个新规定有多严格呢?继续举例说明:就算你在北京买了两套房甚至更多房(传说中的壕啊这是!),其中一套在通州,可是只要你平时不住在通州,那也 不!许!落!户! Those who own two or more homes in the city will be given a local hukou only after confirmation that their Tongzhou home is their main residence, according to the new rules. 截至去年月,通州户籍人口超过了87万,未来设置的人口上限是0万 Tongzhou had over 870,000 registered residents in December. And the upper limit will be two million. 5月7日,通州区政府正式发布了《北京市通州区人民政府关于对本区户籍人口采取临时性限控措施的通知,从此想要在通州落户就更难了《通知中规定了8项户籍人口临时性限控措施,其中包括非住宅房屋一律不得落户、非直系亲属落户通州冻结办理等 BEIJING - district, a suburb of Beijing and the capital's ;subsidiary administrative center;, has introduced new rules to control the number of its residents. Since 7th May, new rules have applied to those who are aly registered in other parts of the capital and who desire a Tongzhou hukou. 附《通知条内容 一、冻结本市他区迁入通州区的非直系亲属投靠落户 二、对通州区现有废弃地址户籍人员进行清理,并冻结废弃地址落户 三、对通州区引进的人才,已在本市他区(不含城六区)购置房产的,应在实际购房居住地办理落户 四、对于在市内有两套或多套房产的本市居民,申请在通州区房产落户时,严格审查是否在通州区居住,对不在通州区实际居住的,不予办理落户 五、对现有通州区单位集体户进行清理,对其中已在本市他区(不含城六区)购置房产的人员,动员将户口迁走,对单位不配合的,集体户口予以冻结 六、冻结单位已不在通州区的集体户口落户 七、通州区不再受理未经市政府批准的单位集体户立户申请 八、通州区域内的商业、办公等非住宅房屋一律不批准落户 九、本通知相关内容由通州公安分局负责解释 十、本通知自发布之日起执行玉山县哪家美容医院比较好 为什么有的人就是不容易出轨呢? -- :: 来源: 即使你不生活在好莱坞生活中,你仍然会好奇为什么有的人可以数十年如一日地经营婚姻当被问到如何对妻子保持忠诚的时候,传奇人物演员兼创业者Paul Newman说:“当你可以在家吃牛排的时候为啥非要出去吃汉堡呢” Even if you don’t live in Hollywood, you’ve probably wondered how some people manage to stay married decades on end. When asked how he remained faithful to his wife, the late, legendary actorgodsalad dressing entrepreneur Paul Newman is said to have quipped something of, "Why go out hamburger when you could have a steak at home."即使你不生活在好莱坞电影里那样的生活中,你仍然会好奇为什么有的人可以数十年如一日地经营婚姻当被问到如何对妻子保持忠诚的时候,传奇人物演员兼创业者Paul Newman说:“当你可以在家吃牛排的时候为啥非要出去吃汉堡呢”But seriously -- with all the potential significant others out there, why are some people never tempted to hook up with, say, their shirtless lawn-mowing neighbor? I mean, what is their secret? No really, tell us.但是讲真,外面有那么多潜在威胁,比如隔壁穿着暴露的邻居,为什么还是有人能不为所动呢?我是说,他们的秘诀是什么?一定要告诉我们Well, researchers from Rutgers University have a theory: When you’re in a happy relationship, you subconsciously think that people who pose a threat to your bond are less attractive than they really are.好吧,罗格斯大学的研究员有一个理论:当你婚姻关系融洽时,你会下意识地将那些可能会威胁你婚姻关系的人看得不如原来那样吸引人In a new study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers told 1 undergrads that they would each be working with a new lab partner of the opposite sex. (Cue the excitement!) Next, the students were shown a picture of said mystery partner, and then asked to examine a series of images and select the one that most resembled the new lab mate.在一份发布在人格于社会心理学公报的新的调查研究中,研究员们告诉1名本科生他们每个人都将要和一个新的异性实验室搭档合作(想想还有点小激动!)接下来,给学生们展示了一张据说是他们神秘搭档的照片,然后再让他们从一系列的张图中选出一张觉得最像新搭档的But here’s what the students didn’t know: One of the photos was an accurate picture of the new lab partner. The other had been digitally altered -- five were tweaked to make the person look less attractive, and five were manipulated to make the person look more attractive.但是他们不知道的是:张图里面有一张就是新搭档,剩下张都是经过电脑修图之后的——5张拉了一下让人看起来没那么好看了,另外5张修美了一些The findings? When the students who had a boyfriend or girlfriend learned that the new lab partner was single (and thus, a threat to their relationship), they consistently chose the images that represented a less attractive likeness.结果是什么呢?当有男女朋友的学生知道这个新搭档是单身的时候(就是对他们的恋爱关系有威胁了),他们都会不约而同地选择一张不那么好看的照片A second experiment found that students in relationships also tended to view the future lab partner as less attractive when they were told the person was interested in dating. This was especially true if the students were happily coupled up.第二个实验发现,当他们知道这个新搭档可能想要跟他们约会时,恋爱中的学生也会更倾向于把他们的搭档想的不那么吸引人,特别是那些恋爱关系非常好的学生Cole and her fellow researchers weren’t totally surprised by their findings. The students were probably exerting a type of defense mechanism that’s known, in science-speak, as "devaluing temptation" -- or, in other words, thinking that something isn’t nearly as appealing as it might actually be.Cole和她的研究员同事们对于这个结果都表示并不惊讶学生们或许都会用上一种已知的防卫机制,在专业领域来说,叫做“贬值诱惑”,或者换句话说,就是把事物想得不如本来那么吸引人"There are many, many ways that people can effectively resist temptations," says Cole. "But devaluing temptations seems like a particularly good one. It basically makes it so that the temptation is no longer as strong a temptation. If people don’t experience a strong attraction to another person—or to a piece of chocolate cake, or cigarette, or new pair of shoes -- they won’t be tempted to give in to it."Cole说:“有许多方法可以让人们有效抗拒诱惑但是贬值诱惑应该是最好的一个它能让诱惑从本质上就不那么诱惑了如果没有经历过对另一个人的强烈倾慕,或者对一块巧克力蛋糕,对香烟,或者一双新鞋,人们可能根本不会对诱惑投降”Cole also conceded that there could be another factor at play. It’s possible these undergrads were just really into their SOs: "It could be that happy couples come to value the attributes their own partners have," she said. "And then any new person they see, they compare to their partner. So these effects could occur through multi-step processes of thinking first of one’s own partner, comparing the two, and then coming to the conclusion that the person isn’t as attractive as one’s partner."Cole也承认可能也和另一个因素有关,有可能这些本科生就是刻意注重他们的良心,“可能关系融洽的伴侣更倾向于重视另一半的付出,”她说,“任何进入视线范围的新人,都要先和伴侣进行比较,这些效应都会在先想过了他们自己的伴侣之后的一些复杂的过程中发生,将二者比较,再得出结论,这个人并不如我的另一半有吸引力”We think that’s the explanation Paul Newman would like.我们认为这可能就是Paul Newman的话的解释鹦鹉可能成为凶杀案目击者 -- :59: 来源: 一只非洲灰鹦鹉在主人被杀后一直以主人的声音重复“他妈的不要开”这是否能够成为法庭据? Parrot called Bud keeps repeating ‘Don’t fucking shoot’ in the voice of his owner Martin Duram who was shot five times in his Michigan home.一只名叫Bud的鹦鹉不停地用主人Martin Duram的声音重复叫着“他妈的不要开”而其主人在密歇根家里身中五死亡An African Grey parrot. Budd, a parrot of the same species, may have witnessed his owner’s death.图为非洲灰鹦鹉Budd即为该品种的鹦鹉,它可能目睹了主人的死亡现场The ex-wife of a western Michigan man believes a parrot is repeating something said just bee his fatal shooting but a prosecutor is downplaying whether that could be used in court.一位西密歇根男子的前妻认为他家鹦鹉一直在重复致命杀发生前主人说过的话然而,检察官不确定该据是否能够在法庭上使用,因而进行了低调处理“I’m not aware of any legal precedent that,” Newaygo county prosecutor Robert Springstead told the Associated Press on Monday.“我以前从未见过类似的判例”纽威哥县检察官Robert Springstead周一告诉美联社“Certainly, as we work our way through the case, that may be something to look at, but I highly doubt there is any precedent that.”“当然了,随着我们对案件调查的进展,我们也许会注意这一点,但我十分怀疑之前是否有过类似的先例”Also, Springstead said, when a judge asks a witness to raise his or her right hand, “to a parrot, are you raising a wing, a foot?”而且,Springstead说,当法官要求目击者举起左手或右手时,“对一只鹦鹉,你难道要它举起一只翅膀或一只脚吗?”Martin Duram, 5, was shot five times in his home in Ensley Township in May . Then-wife Glenna Duram had a head wound but survived.Martin Duram5岁,于年5月在恩斯利镇的家里身中五他当时的妻子Glenna Duram头部受伤,但幸存下来Duram’s ex-wife, Christina Keller, now owns Bud, an African grey parrot that has repeated “don’t fucking shoot” in Martin Duram’s voice, she told WOOD-TV.Duram的前妻Christina Keller现在收养了Bud,她告诉WOOD电视台,这只非洲灰鹦鹉不停地用它主人Marting Duram的声音重复“他妈的不要开”But Springstead said he hasn’t heard it. “I tried to on my smartphone and online. I couldn’t get the audio feed to work,” he said.但Springstead说他从没听到过“我试着用智能手机和联网在线,但一直没有听到过”他说No charges have been filed in the case and Duram’s death remains under investigation. Springstead said his injuries appeared not to be self-inflicted.这起案件一直没有控告记录,Duram的死亡也一直在调查中Springstead说他的伤口不像是自己造成的“As soon as I receive the investigation, I will make a charging decision,” he said. “I expect that to happen in the next few weeks.”“一旦我接到调查令,我会做出控告的决定”他说“我希望能在接下来的几周内有所进展”上饶地区人民医院疤痕多少钱

上饶光子脱体毛全球变暖导致美国鲨鱼袭击频发 --30 19::5 来源: 美国大学一教授声称全球变暖将导致今夏美国鲨鱼袭击事件激增铅山县人民医院激光祛斑多少钱 曼彻斯特德比鸟巢爽约 中国球迷内心很崩溃 --9 ::56 来源:chinadaily 曼联与曼城俱乐部原定于国家体育场“鸟巢”举行的比赛在开场当天宣布取消,从全国各地奔赴北京的球迷内心是崩溃的:“宝宝不能接受宝宝心里苦!”两家俱乐部的CEO表示,暴雨导致球场状况糟糕,此举是为保球员的安全鉴于中国庞大的商业市场和粉丝数量,两队未来都不会放弃再次前来踢球The chaos surrounding the cancellation of Monday’s Manchester derby in Beijing will not deter either club from touring the Far East in future, according to ed executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward and his City counterpart Ferran Soriano.原定于周一在北京进行的曼彻斯特德比被取消曼联的执行副主席艾德?伍德沃德和曼城的首席执行官费兰?索里亚诺都表示,由此造成的混乱并不会阻碍两家俱乐部未来继续来远东巡回比赛The game was called off less than five hours bee kick-off due to the awful state of the pitch at the Bird’s Nest Stadium following overnight downpours.因前夜暴雨导致鸟巢体育馆的球场状况不佳,比赛在距离开场不到五小时宣布取消It highlighted the problem of playing pre-season games during the rainy season here after ed and City both experienced severe problems with the pitch on their visit to Hong Kong three years ago.曼联和曼城队都在三年前造访香港时因球场而遭遇严重问题,本次更突出了在雨季进行季前热身赛的问题However, the huge commercial spin-offs in China make it more than worthwhile. ed have an estimated 1million fans here, while City’s decision to sell a percent stake in their parent company to a group of Chinese investors £65m in December underlined their bold plans in the Far East.然而,在中国产生的巨大商业效应明这一切是绝对值得的曼联在这里有大约有1.1亿球迷,而曼城去年月以.65亿英镑向中国投资者出售母公司%的股份,也显示了其在远东的大胆计划Theree, it was no surprise to hear both clubs insisting that they will be happy to return to the region in future despite the problems they have encountered over the past few days.,尽管过去几天里碰到一些问题,听闻两家俱乐部强调他们很愿意在未来重回此地也并不奇怪Woodward said: ‘The recent torrential rain would have caused problems anywhere in the world and has left the pitch unplayable.伍德沃德说:“最近的暴雨在世界任何地方都会带来麻烦,导致球场无法进行比赛”‘We know our fans in China will, like the players and staff, be saddened by the cancellation of the match, but I am sure they appreciate that the players’ safety has to be the top priority.“我们明白,我们的中国粉丝会因比赛取消而难过,球员和工作人员也是一样但我相信,他们理解球员的安全必须放在首位”‘I am sure we will return to the Bird’s Nest in the future to give them the chance to see the team in action.’“我可以肯定,将来我们会重返鸟巢,让他们有机会看到球队的比赛”While ed flew home from China on Monday, City will carry on to Shenzhen, where they meet Borussia Dortmund on Thursday.周一,曼联从中国返英,而曼城将继续开赴深圳,于周四对阵多特蒙德Soriano, City’s chief executive, said: ‘We know how much everyone was looking ward to the game, but we understand that this bad weather is beyond anyone’s control, and that the rain has made it totally unsafe to play on this pitch.曼城首席执行官索里亚诺表示:“我们知道大家对比赛有多么期待,但我们明白,糟糕的天气无人可以掌控大雨之后,在这个球场上踢球毫无安全性可言”‘It has been a pleasure and an honour to experience such a warm welcome from the people and supporters here in Beijing, and we remain committed to playing here in the future.’“在北京受到群众和持者们如此热情的欢迎,我们很高兴也很荣幸将来也会继续来这里踢球”The playing surface at the Bird’s Nest resembled a patchwork quilt after desperate attempts were made to ensure the first Manchester derby to be staged on eign soil went ahead.为确保首场在国外打响的曼切斯特德比顺利开展,主办方不顾一切进行了努力,但鸟巢的球场草皮还是有如拼布床单But the match was called off just after 7am UK time following a pitch inspection and 90 minutes of talks between delegations from clubs and organisers of the International Champions Cup.比赛在英国时间上午7点后宣布取消此前,国际冠军杯的主办方和俱乐部代表进行了90分钟的谈话并检查了场地The ICC insisted that the 50,000 fans who paid between £60 and £300 tickets will be reimbursed, but many were upset when they learned of the decision to cancel the game after reaching the stadium.国际冠军杯方面表示,花费了60到300英镑买票的5万名球迷将获得退款但许多到达场馆后得知比赛取消的粉丝感到非常失望ed fan Hu Mu Lin said: ‘I am angry because I had a ticket and now they can’t play the match. We drove here by car and it took six or seven hours with my father and my friend.’曼联的粉丝胡木林(音)说:“我很气愤,因为我买了票可现在他们不能比赛了我和我的父亲和朋友开了六七个小时的车到这里来”City supporter Sun Zhenbo, who had travelled 700 miles from Suihua, added: ‘We have come to Beijing especially this. I don’t know how this has happened. We cannot accept it. It took us eight hours by train to get here and then we walked two hours from Tiananmen Square to get to the stadium.’持曼城的孙振(音)从700英里外的黑龙江省绥化市赶来,他补充道:“我们特地为了比赛来到北京我不知道怎么就取消了这让人无法接受我们花了八个小时坐火车来京,又从天安门广场走了两个小时才到场馆”The bad weather also ced ed’s team flight to divert to Tianjin on Saturday night, while Jose Mourinho’s pre-match press conference was initially scrapped and then moved outside because of the intense humidity.糟糕的天气还迫使周六晚曼联队乘坐的航班转飞天津而何塞?穆里尼奥的赛前发布会一开始被取消,而后因新闻中心太过潮湿而转移到了室外*************************************许多中国球迷是特地跑来北京看比赛的,但是却等来了这一让人崩溃的结果来看看微上网友的反应:就爱巴蒂:北京欢迎你,用菜地感动你MuzicDog:鸟巢嘛 本来就是放鸽子的地方二分之一的双子星:球票还能退,外地球迷的机酒怎么办肯定还有不少学生党,存了大半年零花钱,就这么没了蒋天林Trevor:有些人可能抽调了一个月的休息时间赶来北京看比赛,却因草皮问题把比赛取消二沙小少爷:我觉得至少搞个见面会,全队出来和大家见见面说几句话也好然后主办方全额退票UlyssesCat:所以,整个北京城找不到第二块符合要求的场地了???Minsky-千江万湖都是水:场地不行,踢不了球,那改成演唱会也行啊你咬我吖77:这个主办方太业余了,场地如果不行应该好几天前就通知,下午才通知人家一句话不踢了,谁倒霉还是球迷呗从全中国各地跑过去就为了看场比赛,你们拿球迷当礼拜天过了?你大爷我叫小宇:我觉得两队最好直接踢点球Leon耶:真的心疼球迷CR7的小老太:这届天气不行,场地不行,俱乐部也不行不是我们的错安东毛-:球迷是最可爱的人,他们本不应该被这样辜负_瓦系乌暗熊:真的当初是有想着去看的,还好成本太高放弃了,要不现在肯定哭着回来公子姜_为了_楚宇潇_奋斗:说取消就取消 你咋不上天呢 诚意那 信誉那隔壁卢叔叔下面给你吃:一面懵逼的看着鸟巢*************************************各类比赛中的“德比大战”到底指什么?In many countries the term local derby, or simply just derby means a sporting fixture between two teams from the same town, city or region, particularly in association football.在很多国家,本地德比(local derby)或者德比(derby)都指来自同一个小镇、城市或地区的两队伍之间的体育比赛,尤多见于足球联赛A soccer game between two rival teams is also sometimes referred to as a "derby." A derby is the soccer equivalent of the sort of game that is called a "crosstown rivalry" in North American sports.两相互竞争的球队之间的足球比赛有时也叫做德比足球比赛中的德比相当于北美体育比赛中的“同城竞技”The phrase most likely originated from The Derby, a horse race in England, founded by the th Earl of Derby in 80, since at least as early as 180 'derby' has been used as a noun in English to denote any kind of sporting contest.德比这个说法很有可能来源于80年第世德比伯爵在英格兰开创的赛马活动The Derby早在180年时,德比一词就在英语里用作名词来指代任何一种体育比赛英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校#38;编辑:丹妮上饶市第二人民医院隆胸多少钱

上饶万年县祛除胎记要多少钱夏日炎炎不用怕,5种健康好方法 --7 :3: 来源: Between the diet-derailing barbecues and the scorching sunburns, seems like there can be a lot to avoid when summer rolls around.似乎除了营养不均衡的烧烤与灼热的日晒伤之间,想要安然度过夏季还有许多需要避免的东西But you might be surprised by some of the healthy perks of summer worth celebrating today, the official first day of the season. Of course, some of our favorite reasons to love spring carry over, like mood-boosting sunshine and stress-reducing time spent in nature.你可能会对某些夏至的健康福利感到惊讶——在这一天,真正意义上的夏季开始当然,我们也有一些喜欢春季的理由,比如那让人心情舒畅的阳光,以及在自然中减轻压力的时间But there are also a few special benefits unique to summer that we’re more than excited to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites.不过,也有一些让我们更为之兴奋的夏季专属好处,下面给大家举几个例子1. It’s Vacation Season1. 夏季是度假的季节Of course, you can take a vacation any time of the year. But with school out and the beach calling, many of us opt a little time off over the summer months. Doing so may be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Vacations ease stress and improve mood — even after returning to “real” life. They also seem to protect us from heart disease and heart attacks. And many people, a little time away brings some added perspective to life and boosts motivation to get back to their goals, US News reported.当然,你可以在一年里任何时间去度假但由于不用上学,海滩也在那里吸引着我们,许多人都会选择在夏季的几个月里找一些时间放假休息这样做也算是其中一份给自己最好的礼物了度假能够舒缓压力,改善心情——即使在你回归“现实”生活之后而且假期也能保护我们免受心脏病的损害并且对于许多人来说,离开一段时间能增添对生活的感悟,激发追求目标的动力,据US News报道. Your Heart Stays Healthier. 保护心脏功能更健康Speaking of heart problems: In , researchers noted a significant difference in heart attack survival rates during the winter and the summer. “People are 6 to 36 percent more likely to die in winter from a heart attack, a stroke, heart failure or some other circulatory disease,” the study’s lead author told N News. That doesn’t mean you can take a break from regular exercise or your nutritious diet. It’s more likely that you’ve gone full steam ahead on your healthiest habits in the summer, giving your heart added protection, N News reported.若谈及心脏健康的问题:在年,就有研究人员发现了冬季与夏季的心脏疾病存活率有着显著的差异“年龄介于6岁到36岁的人们更容易在冬季死于心脏病,中风,心脏衰竭或其他循环系统疾病”本项研究的首席作者在接受N News采访时表示但这不意味着你就能偷懒不做运动或保持营养均衡的饮食习惯了而是更多意味着你早已保持夏季的健康习惯,再为自己增添了一道健康的保护屏障,据N News报道3. You’re Sure To Get A Good Sweat3. 你确实得流流汗了Let’s face it: Summer is hot. Sometimes, it’s even too hot. But when conditions are safe enough outdoor exercise without risking heat-related illness, one thing’s certain: You’re most definitely going to sweat. That might sound more unpleasant than anything, but truth is a good sweat can be good you. While it doesn’t exactly detox you, sweating really can help fight infections, since sweat seems to help keep skin clear of bacteria and fungi, according to MSN. Sweating also gives circulation a boost and opens up the pores, which could help your face stay acne-free.面对现实吧:夏季是炎热的有时候甚至是非常炎热的但当一切户外活动的条件设施都是安全的,也不会遭受心脏疾病的困扰时,有一件事情是可以确定的:你绝对要流汗也许听起来一点都不值得高兴,但实际上好好地流一把汗对你的身体很有好处虽然流汗不能完全排出所有的毒素,但流汗确实能增强免疫力,因为汗液有助隔离细菌与真菌的侵害——选自MSN客的撰文流汗同时也能促进新陈代谢,扩张毛孔,免于脸部粉刺的生成. Fruit Abounds. 水果盛产期Summer wouldn’t be complete without heaping helpings of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon — the list of in-season fruit goes on and on. The best news is these summer picks are as nutritious as they are delicious. All are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins (and flavor!), very few calories. Blueberries have been linked to lower cholesterol and diabetes risk, raspberries and blackberries are excellent sources of fiber, cherries seem to speed recovery after exercise and curb pain and strawberries may slow cognitive decline with aging. Not to mention fruit is chock-full of water, helping you to stay hydrated on those hot, sweaty days. Fruit salad, anyone?没有堆得满满的草莓,蓝莓,覆盆子,樱桃,西瓜等水果的夏季是不完整的——夏季水果的清单还可以无限延长这些夏季精华所带来的最好的消息就是它们既营养丰富也非常美味可口它们都富含抗氧化物质和维生素(还有鲜美的滋味!),而且热量都非常低蓝莓有助降低胆固醇和肥胖症的风险,覆盆子和黑莓富含纤维素,樱桃加速运动后损伤及肌肉疼痛的复原,而草莓能减缓年龄增长带来的认知能力衰退更不要说富含水分了,水果能让你在如此炎热、冒汗的日子里保持水分平衡有没有人想要来一份水果沙拉?5. Swimming!5. 游泳!There aren’t too many opporties to take an outdoor swim during the other three seasons, and we plan to take full advantage. Swimming uses all the muscle groups with minimal impact and improves strength, since the water provides natural resistance, WebMD reported. People with joint pain or arthritis can often participate in water-based exercise more easily — and without worsening symptoms, according to the CDC. Swimming has also been shown to improve mood and alleviate depression. According to a study published in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, swimmers even have a lower risk of death than runners and walkers. Plus, is it just us, or is there something about swimming that just seems more fun than exercising on land?在其他三个季节里,能让我们出门游泳的机会真的不多,所以要好好利用这个季节的优势据WebMD报道,游泳的过程运用到了全身的肌肉群,以最低的影响增加强度,因为水能形成自然的阻力患有关节疼痛和关节炎的人们多参与水上的运动的难度更低,而且不会加重疼痛症状,据CDC的报道根据国际水产研究的《研究与教育期刊发表的一项研究表明,经常游泳的人与经常跑步或步行的人相比,他们的死亡率更低再者,这是不是只有我们,还是还有一些与游泳相关的事情比在陆地上的运动更有趣呢? 新西兰小镇:有房有产有工作,就差一个你 -- :3: 来源: 新西兰南岛的一处小镇最近火了,人们只需花上0万人民币即可移居至此有没有卖房子凑钱移居的想法? The southern New Zealand town of Kaitangata appears the prime example of the pastoral landscapes the island is known ; it’s lush, hilly, green, and peaceful. Only about 800 people live there, and it’s a mere eight minutes from the coastline.新西兰南岛素以田园风光驰名于世凯坦加塔小镇更是个中典范,树木郁郁葱葱,群山连绵起伏,气氛安宁祥和小镇距海滩仅有8分钟的路程,只有区区800名居民 those who prefer the rural, slow lifestyle and commy feel in their living environment, it’s basically perfect.乡村的悠闲生活方式,充满社区感的生活环境,对这些元素情有独钟的人来说,这座小镇乍听上去再完美不过了And here’s the best part: New Zealand desperately wants you to move there. Seriously.莫急,下面才是最精的部分:这里的人等待新居民搬来的心情可以说是望穿秋水啊!The small town is a heavily involved in necessary industries relating to dairy processing and freezing works, which more than fill the area’s economic needs. In this very unique case, that presents a real problem: there are around 1,000 vacant jobs and too much afdable housing the residents to fill.小镇从事与乳制品加工冷藏相关的产业,足以撑起镇上经济然而目前的小镇却面临着一道难题:镇上有近00个空闲的工作岗位,房子也已经多得住不完了"We have got youth unemployment down to two," Mayor Bryan Cadogan says. "Not percent —just two unemployed young people."“我们镇上的失业人数降到了”镇长布莱恩·卡多根说“不是%,而是只有两名年轻人失业”So in response to this peculiar crisis, Cadogan and the town’s bank, lawyers, and commy services are launching a recruitment campaign to try and lure candidates to the area with housing and land packages costing only 30,000NZdollars, or almost 5,000 dollars U.S. — a far cry from the million homes in the Bay Area.为了应对此次危机,卡多根和镇上的,律师和社区务部门联合发起了一项招募活动,寄望以此吸引到愿意搬进小镇的人希望搬入小镇的人仅需购买价值3万新西兰元的“房地套餐”,换算成美元仅需.5万美元--而湾区的房价已经达到0万美元According to the local residents, "Kai," as citizens call it, is warm and commy-oriented.当地居民称自己的小镇为“凯”,是一处温暖而又充满社区气息的地方"This is an old-fashioned commy, we don’t lock our houses, we let kids run free," a local dairy farmer and third-generation native named Evan Dick told The Guardian. "We have jobs, we have houses, but we don’t have people. We want to make this town vibrant again, we are waiting with open arms."“这座小镇是一个老式社区,我们的房门不上锁,孩子们自由奔跑,”当地第三代居民奶农伊万·迪克告诉《卫报“我们这有的是工作,有的是房子,就是没有人我们希望让小镇重新热闹起来,我们张开双臂欢迎大家到来”If that’s the sort of thing that sounds like a siren’s song when staring down the soaring Bay Area housing costs, you might want to get in touch with the mayor and the Clutha District Council soon —Cadogan and Dick have aly received thousands of inquiries.如果看看湾区高得吓人的房价,哪怕如此诱惑令人心存疑虑,你的心中也产生了联系镇长和当地的地区议会的想法--卡多根和迪克已经收到了上千条问询的信息"It’s gone nuts," Dick tells the New Zealand Herald. "A mother and her two children just flew in. I took them to their section and the look on her face was magical. ’Is this all ours?’ I can aly see positivity and vibrancy flowing through the town."“这变得有些疯狂了,”迪克告诉《新西兰先驱报“一位母亲带着两个孩子来进行实地考察看到将划给他们的房屋和土地时,母子三人脸上带着不可思议的神情问我:‘这些都将属于我们吗?’我能感到人们为小镇带入的积极和活力 ”武夷山打玻尿酸多少钱玉山县脸部抽脂价格



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