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万安县除晒斑多少钱吉安注射美白针价格是多少While I flew to Barcelona last week to speak at a conference, my iPad was at breakfast at a restaurant in Cambridge. That, at least, is what I deduced from the device’s location, transmitted to me after I activated the Find My iPhone app on my mobile phone.最近,当我飞往巴塞罗那出席一个会议并发言的时候,我的iPad正在剑桥的一家餐厅里用早餐。至少,这是我根据手机上“查找我的iPhone”应用传给我的设备位置信息推断出来的。I was relieved: the tablet was neither lost nor stolen; it had been accidentally picked up by the organisers of a meeting I had attended the previous day. If, however, another app had found me at the airport and started to badger me with offers, based on my movements, prior purchases and reputation as a loyal or fickle customer, I might have felt a little uneasy.令我宽慰的是:我的平板电脑既没丢也没被偷;我前一天参加的会议的主办方偶然捡到了它。但是,如果另一款手机应用发现我在机场,并根据我的移动路线、之前的消费记录以及客户忠诚度高低等信息频频向我推销,我可能会觉得有些不舒。Here is a question companies increasingly need to answer: what is the creepiness ient of your product, or marketing campaign, and how would you know? The problem is no secret. Public examples abound. They include embarrassing personalised marketing gaffes — encapsulated in the popular, but possibly apocryphal, tale of the retailer Target, which outed a pregnant teenager to her parents by pitching certain products to her — and the more recent suspension of sales of Google Glass, amid queasiness about the device’s potential misuse. “Problem” may even be a misnomer. While Julia Angwin’s recent book Dragnet Nation describes the dark side of surveillance by companies and governments, a new book by Michael Fertik, founder of Reputation.com, which offers ways of enhancing online reputations, sees it as a simple fact of modern life, which we can exploit for advantage.如今有个问题越来越需要企业来回答:你们的产品或者营销有多令人恐惧不安?你们又如何知道?这个问题已经不再是秘密。公开的例子比比皆是,包括令人难堪的个性化营销失误——一个广为流传但可能不足为信的故事把这一点体现得淋漓尽致:零售商Target由于给未成年少女推销相关产品,向其父母暴露了她怀的事实;还有最近暂停销售的谷歌眼镜(Google Glass),人们担忧该设备可能遭到滥用。用“问题”这个词甚至都可能不恰当。朱莉娅#8226;安格温(Julia Angwin)的新书《天罗地网》(Dragnet Nation)描写了企业和政府的监视活动的黑暗面。告诉客户如何提高网络信誉的Reputation.com,其创始人迈克尔#8226;费蒂克(Michael Fertik)的新书更提出,监视是现代生活中的一个基本事实,我们可以加以利用。In The Reputation Economy, he and co-author David Thompson lay out plenty of examples that I find creepy. They include Facedeals, which aimed to combine facial recognition and your Facebook profile to push special offers to you when you arrive at a shop. Another is Moven, a mobile payment app, which originally set out to score customers’ social media credibility alongside traditional credit measures.在《信誉经济学》(The Reputation Economy)一书中,费蒂克与合著者戴维#8226;汤普森(David Thompson)阐述了许多在我看来令人毛骨悚然的案例。比如Facedeals,旨在将面部识别和Facebook上的个人资料结合起来,这样当你去商店的时候,可以向你推送特别优惠活动。再如手机付应用Moven,该应用最初打算给用户的社交媒体可信度评分,与传统信用衡量标准一同作为参考。“Future legal cases will have to decide at what point digital stalking gets just too creepy,” Mr Fertik and Mr Thompson write. They recommend, instead, that you publicise recent job promotions on social networks, tweet about your forthcoming purchases (“Looking for new SUV, considering @BMWUSA or @MBUSA, any experiences?”), and reconcile with bitter ex-partners who have badmouthed you online — all in the interests of making algorithms think you are a successful, luxury-car-loving, perfect date.“将来的法律诉讼案将不得不断定,数字化追踪在什么程度上会变得过于可怕,”费蒂克和汤普森在书中写道。然而,他俩仍推荐人们在社交网络上公开自己最近的工作晋升,为你想购买的东西发条tweet(“想买辆新SUV,正犹豫是买@BMWUSA还是@MBUSA,有什么建议么?”),与在网上说你坏话、与你怨恨颇深的前任和解——这一切都是为了让算法认定你是一个事业有成、热爱豪车的完美约会对象。Research used to show personalised marketing was persuasive and well received. But Lisa Barnard, who once worked in advertising and is now assistant professor at Ithaca College, ran some experiments aimed at identifying the creepiness ient (she calls it the “creepiness factor”) in ad campaigns. Tailoring online advertising to individual behaviour still works, she found, but “perceived creepiness” makes customers 5 per cent less likely to make the purchase. That is 5 per cent of the budget that could be spent elsewhere, if a campaign’s CQ could be cut to zero.过去的研究常常认为,个性化营销既有说力又容易被接受。但是曾在广告界任职,现任伊萨卡学院(Ithaca College)副教授的莉萨#8226;巴纳德(Lisa Barnard)进行了几项试验,旨在确定广告宣传的可怕程度(她称之为“可怕因子”)。她发现根据个人行为进行定制的网络广告依然有效,但是“觉得可怕”会让顾客购买的几率降低5%。这意味着,如果广告的可怕程度可以降低到零,就可以将消费者可能花到别处的5%消费预算赚回来。Even pioneers recognise personalisation has its limits. Facedeals has become Taonii, an app which still offers tailored deals, without face recognition. “Consumers were just not quite y,” a spokeswoman said via email. “They wanted the benefits but in a slightly friendlier [way].”甚至那些最先试水的商家也意识到个性化营销的局限性。Facedeals现在变成了Taonii,该应用依然提供定制推送务,但是去除了面部识别功能。“消费者还没怎么准备好,”一位女发言人在电子邮件中说,“他们想要优惠,但是要以一种更友好的(方式)。”Keith Weed, chief marketing officer of Unilever, the consumer products company, says digital personalised marketing is “a bit like when you to go to your local shop and they know you and perhaps even have what you want waiting for you”. But cosy as that sounds, he concedes that getting the online and mobile version right is “a fine balance”. For now, giving customers an easy opt-out and ensuring they know what will be shared, where and with whom, are the keys to not creeping them out, he says.消费品企业联合利华(Unilever)的首席营销官基思#8226;威德(Keith Weed)说,数字化个性营销“有点像你到当地的商店买东西,店家认识你并且可能还准备好了你要买的东西”。虽然那听起来很暖心,但他也承认,在网络和移动端做好这一点,是很难把握的“微妙平衡”。他说,就目前而言,让顾客可以方便地退出,并确保他们了解哪些信息将被共享、将在何处共享以及和谁共享,才是不把顾客吓跑的关键。Going back to William Lever, Unilever’s founder and early adopter of persuasive advertising, marketing has a history of constant experimentation, in which you and I are the guinea-pigs. Rapid evolution is inevitable, because the line between creepy and friendly is always shifting. A user may willingly give up information for one purpose, only to react with disgust when it is used for another. But companies owe it to their customers to come up with a better way of defining their creepiness ient. Otherwise, deciding where “cool” becomes “eeugh” will continue to be a matter of trial and uncomfortable error.回溯到威廉#8226;利弗(William Lever)——联合利华的创始人和劝说性广告的早期采用者,营销的历史就是持续不断的试验,而你我就是其中的小白鼠。迅猛的转变是不可避免的,因为可怕和可爱之间的界线总是摇摆不定。用户可能情愿为了某个目的共享信息,而在信息被挪作他用时却满心厌恶。但是,企业要想找出一种更好的办法来确定广告的“可怕程度”,还需要求助于它们的客户。否则,确定“爽”何时变成“不爽”依然将是一个不断试验和令人难堪的错误反复出现的过程。 /201504/370429吉安保仕柏丽整形美容医院去眼袋好吗 Eight new planets have been discovered in the #39;Goldilocks#39; zone of their stars, orbiting at a distance where oceans and life could exist.科学家已经发现了8个新的可能有海洋和生命的行星。它们位于这些行星的恒星的适居带内。The discovery doubles the number of small planets less than twice the diameter of Earth which are believed to be in the habitable zone of their parent stars.该发现使直径不到地球两倍、被认为位于它们母恒星可居住带内的小行星数量翻了一倍。Among these eight, astronomers say there are two that are the most similar to Earth of any known exoplanets to date.天文学家说,在这8个行星中,有两个是迄今已知所有外行星中和地球最像的。#39;Most of these planets have a good chance of being rocky, like Earth,#39; said lead scientist Dr Guillermo Torres, from the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics in Cambridge, US.美国剑桥大学哈佛-史密森天体物理学中心首席科学家吉列尔莫·托雷斯士说:“这些行星中的大多数都很可能像地球一样有岩石。”The two most Earth-like planets, known as Kepler-438b and Kepler-442b, both orbit red dwarf stars that are smaller and cooler than the sun.那两个最像地球的行星分别是Kepler-438b和Kepler-442b。它们都绕红矮星轨道运行。这些恒星(红矮星)不仅比太阳小,还比太阳冷。With a diameter just 12 per cent bigger than Earth, Kepler-438b has a 70 per cent chance of being rocky, the scientists have calculated.科学家估计,直径只比地球长12%的Kepler-438b有岩石的几率是70%。Kepler-442b is about one-third larger than Earth, and the likelihood of it being rocky is around 60 per cent.Kepler-442b只比地球大三分之一,有岩石的几率约是60%。To be in the habitable zone, also known as the #39;Goldilocks zone#39;, a planet must be not too hot or too cold and receive roughly as much sunlight as Earth.如果一个行星处在可居住带内,就必然不太热或不太冷,还会像地球一样受到充沛阳光的照射。Too much heat from its star, and any water would boil away as steam. Too little, and the water would freeze solid.如果行星从恒星那里得到过多热量,行星上的任何水都会像蒸汽一样蒸发。如果得到的热量太少,水就会冻成固体。#39;For our calculations we chose to adopt the broadest possible limits that can plausibly lead to suitable conditions for life,#39; Dr Torres added.托雷斯表示:“为了计算,我们选择使用了似乎都可以导致适和生命存在条件的最广泛的限制标准。”Kepler-438b receives about 40 per cent more light than the Earth giving it a 70 per cent probability of having a habitable zone orbit. In comparison, baking hot Venus has twice as much.考虑到Kepler-438b有一个可居住带轨道的几率是70%,这个行星受到的太阳照射可能比地球多了约40%。相比之下,非常炎热的金星受到的太阳照射可能是地球的两倍。Co-author Dr David Kipping, also from the Centre for Astrophysics, said: #39;We don#39;t know for sure whether any of the planets in our sample are truly habitable. All we can say is that they#39;re promising candidates.#39;研究负责人之一同时又是哈佛-史密森天体物理学中心科学家的大卫·基平表示:“我们不能确定我们样本中的任何行星是不是适于居住。我们只能说它们是很有希望的候选者。”Neither of the planets are our close neighbours. Kepler-438b is located 470 light-years from Earth while the more distant Kepler-442b is 1,100 light-years away.这两个行星都不是地球的近邻。Kepler-438b距地球470光年,而更远的Kepler-442b距地球1100光年。The team, whose findings were presented at the American Astronomical Society#39;s annual meeting in Washington DC, studied planetary candidates first identified by Nasa#39;s Kepler space telescope.这个科研组研究了美国宇航局开普勒太空望远镜最早识别的行星候选者。改组的科学家还在华盛顿举行的美国天文学会年会上提出他们的发现。All the planets were too small to confirm by measuring their masses. Instead, they were validated using a computer program that determined they were statistically likely to be planets.所有这些行星都太小,所以不能通过测量它们的质量进行确认。但科学家用一个决定它们在统计学上可能是行星的电脑程序进行了这项工作After the analysis, follow-up observations showed that four of the planets were in multiple star systems.分析后,后续的观测结果显示,这些行星中有4个处在多重星系中。The research is also published in the Astrophysical Journal.《天体物理学杂志》刊登了该研究。 /201504/369105Apple is working on new ways to strengthen the encryption of customers’ iCloud backups in a way that would make it impossible for the company to comply with valid requests for data from law enforcement, according to people familiar with its plans.苹果(Apple)正在研发新的方法来强化对用户iCloud备份的加密。据熟悉该计划的人士称,这将使得苹果在面对执法部门发出的有法律效力的获取数据的请求时,无法提供任何帮助。The move would bolster Apple customers’ security against hackers but also frustrate investigators who are currently able to obtain data from Apple’s servers through a court order. Apple has complied with thousands of such orders in the past.此举不但可以提升苹果用户享有的安全性、防范黑客攻击,而且会让调查人员徒劳无功。调查人员目前可以借助法庭令从苹果务器获得数据。过去,苹果已遵照执行了几千个这样的法院令。Developing such technology is in some ways more complex than adding the kind of device-level security that Apple introduced to the iPhone in 2014 with its iOS 8 update.从某种角度讲,研发这类技术要比添加那种设备层安全更复杂。2014年,苹果利用其iOS 8更新将设备层安全引入iPhone。Building new protections that mean Apple no longer has access to iCloud encryption keys may inconvenience some customers. Such a change would most likely mean that customers who forget their iCloud password may be left unable to access their photos, contacts and other personal information that is backed up to Apple’s systems.建立新的防护措施意味着,苹果不再能够访问iCloud加密密钥,这可能会为部分用户带来不便。这种变化最可能导致的是,如果用户忘记iCloud密码,可能就无法访问他们的照片、联系人以及备份到苹果系统上的其他个人信息。The plan adds a new twist to Apple’s legal fight with US authorities over access to the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. The case has divided US public opinion between those who believe that Apple should help investigators trying to unlock Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone, and others who agree with chief executive Tim Cook that doing so would create a dangerous precedent that threatened customer security.该计划为苹果与美国当局围绕是否该解锁圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手的iPhone手机而爆发的法律战增添了新的波折。这宗击案使美国舆论出现了分歧,其中一方认为苹果应帮助调查人员尝试解锁赛义德#8226;里兹万#8226;法鲁克(Syed Rizwan Farook)的iPhone,另一方则赞同苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)的主张,即这么做将树立一个危险的先例、对用户享有的安全性构成威胁。In an interview with A News on Wednesday, Mr Cook said that complying with the FBI’s demand to create a new version of its operating system, which would allow investigators to break into the iPhone, would be like writing “the software equivalent of cancer”.库克周三接受A News采访时表示,听从美国联邦调查局(FBI)的要求开发一个新版本的操作系统(这将让调查人员能够侵入那部iPhone),就像是编写“等同于癌症的软件”。“There are many things technology should never be allowed to do. The way you do not allow it, is to not create it,” Mr Cook said.他说:“有很多事情是技术永远不该去做的。不允许它去做的办法就是别去创造它。“Security gets better with every software release that we have. Encryption gets more advanced. It has to, to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.”“我们每发布一个版本的软件,安全性就提高一级。加密变得更加先进。为了比那些坏家伙领先一步,不得不如此。”Last week, in a conference call with reporters, when asked if the iPhone maker would take further steps to harden its products, an Apple executive said that it was reasonable to expect that Apple would continue to strengthen its security.上周,在与记者们的电话会议上,当有人问到苹果是否会采取进一步举措来强化其产品时,一名苹果高管表示,认为苹果会继续加强其安全性的想法是合理的。The New York Times reported on Wednesday that Apple engineers had aly begun developing new security measures that would prevent authorities from accessing an iPhone, even if they were equipped with the kind of software tool that the company is fighting not to write.《纽约时报》(The New York Times)周三报道称,苹果工程师已开始开发新的安全措施,这些措施将使得当局无法获取iPhone的信息,即便它们搭载了该公司正努力抗争不去编写的那种软件工具。Apple declined to comment on its plans.苹果拒绝就其计划置评。Speaking to A, Mr Cook said that he would be prepared to take its current fight with the FBI to the Supreme Court if necessary.库克在接受A采访时表示,若有必要,他将准备把眼下与FBI的这场法律战打到最高法院(Supreme Court)那里。“If a court compels Apple to write this piece of software, to place a backdoor in the iPhone, we believe it does put hundreds of millions of customers at risk,” he said. “This is not about one phone, this is about the future.”他说:“如果法庭强迫苹果编写这种软件、为这部iPhone植入后门,我们相信这会使无数用户处于危险之中。这关乎的不是一部手机,而是未来。” /201603/428692峡江县妇幼保健人民医院做丰胸手术多少钱

吉安打美白针需要多少钱吉安市中医院激光去痘手术多少钱 Apple has trimmed the prices of its newest iPhones in a country where their cost is beyond the reach of most consumers, according to a news report.根据一项最新报告显示,由于印度多数国民的购买力与最新款iPhone的价格相差太远,苹果日前降低了其产品在印度的价格。The company has lowered prices on its iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus by up to 16 percent in India as demand for the devices fell, the India-based Economic Times reported Monday.据印度经济时代报道,由于对设备需求的下降,苹果公司在印度将iPhone 6s和iPhone 6s Plus的售价最多削减了16%。The 16GB iPhone 6S now sells for 52,000 to 55,000 rupees, down from 62,000 rupees two months ago, four large retailers told the Economic Times. The price cuts extend to all models and capacities.四大零售商告诉经济时代,16GB的iPhone 6S现在售价已经从两个月之前的62000卢比下降到大约在52000到55000卢比。并且降价的幅度已经扩大到所有型号和容量的机器。Apple apparently needs to be more price competitive in India, the world#39;s third largest smartphone market behind China and the US. Indian consumers typically gravitate toward phones priced under 0, such as those made by Chinese vendor Xiaomi and local brand Micromax. Apple has been grappling with weaker demand for its iPhone 6S lineup in India and just a 2 percent market share as chief rival Samsung leads the field with lower-cost phones manufactured in the country.苹果公司这一做法很明显是要让iPhone在印度更有竞争力,印度也是除了中国和美国之外的第三大智能手机市场。印度消费者愿意购买的手机通常在300美元以下,比如来自中国的小米手机和印度当地品牌Micromax。目前,苹果在印度的市场份额仅占2%,而其主要对手三星则凭借在当地生产的低价手机成为;行业大哥;。With a population of more than 1.2 billion people, India is a critical battleground for smartphone makers. It became the world#39;s fastest growing smartphone market last year, research firm IDC said in November 2014. India is expected to surpass the US as the world#39;s second-largest smartphone market behind China in 2017, Strategy Analytics said in July.拥有超过12亿人口的印度无疑是智能手机厂商极其重要的战场。2014年11月,IDC公司的报告指出,印度在该年已经成为了世界上智能手机数量增加最快的国家。而今年的7月份,Strategy Analytics表示,在2017年,印度将会超越美国,成为紧随中国之后的世界第二大智能手机市场。 /201512/417736吉安隆胸手术价格是多少

吉安保妥适多少钱Could smart watches make your sales teams or service agents more responsive to customer needs?智能手表能让你的销售或团队更敏锐地把握客户需求吗?Many businesses taking a chance on wearable technologies believe the answer to that question is “Yes,” suggests acorporate adoption study conducted by Salesforce in the weeks leading up to the Apple Watch release.在苹果手表发售的前一周,客户关系管理公司Salesforce就企业对这款产品的接受度进行了一项研究,最终发现许多把赌注押在可穿戴技术上的企业都作出了肯定回答。More than one-third of the roughly 1,400 respondents aly use wearable technologies on the job. A large majority (86%) plan to invest more in applications for smart watches, lanyards, bracelets, and eyewear over the next year.在大约1400名受访者中,超过三分之一已经开始在工作中使用可穿戴技术。绝大部分受访者(86%)都计划在明年花更多钱来购买智能手表、系带、手链和眼镜。Not surprisingly, watches are getting most of the attention, with almost half the survey respondents suggesting they’ll have the biggest impact within corporate settings. Among the most anticipated usage scenarios: real-time access to customer information, instruction guides for field service teams, real-time alerts about everything from pricing changes to average call-center wait times, and training materials.手表受到了最多的关注,这点并不令人意外。近半数受访者表示,它们将对工作环境产生极大的影响。包括实时获得顾客信息;指导现场维修人员;实时警示价格变动、呼叫中心平均等待时间等重要信息;提供培训资料等。“Think of this, in the case of retail, I’m a manager or service worker. Now, I can make sure everyone who walks into the store gets a personalized experience,” said Lindsey Irvine, global director of strategic partnerships for Salesforce, which will have its first Apple Watch application available Friday when the first orders make it to customers’ wrists. “[These devices] can give you the right intelligence and predictive information you need, at the time you need it.”Salesforce公司全球战略合作伙伴关系主管林赛o欧文表示:“可以想想它在销售中的作用,假设我是一名经理或务人员。现在,我可以确保每位进店的顾客都能得到定制化的体验。在你需要的时候,这些设备可以给你提供合适的情报和你所需的预测信息。” Salesforce的第一款苹果手表应用将在该产品开售时同步上线。In short, wearables could be an invaluable tool for creating happy customers. “Data intelligence derived from wearables allows employees to know their customer’s behavior and patterns in advance, to better serve and know them in that micro-moment,” said Eric Berridge, CEO of Bluewolf, a marketing and sales consulting company that works closely with Salesforce, Marketo and Oracle. “Wearables allow enterprises to optimize this. The interface is on the body, rather than in pockets and bags where opportunities might be missed.”简而言之,可穿戴设备可以成为让客户满意的超级工具。营销和销售咨询公司Bluewolf的首席执行官埃里克o贝里奇表示:“来自可穿戴设备的数据情报可以让员工提前得知顾客的行为模式,只需一刹那,就能更好地务和了解顾客。可穿戴设备让企业得以优化自己的务。它的界面就带在身上,而不是放在不易被注意到的口袋或提包里。”该公司与Salesforce、Marketo和甲骨文公司有密切合作关系。Digital badges and “lanyards” such as the Nymi heart-monitoring device beat out eyewear (although only slightly) as the second most active area of interest. (Fitness bands were categorized separately.) These sorts of devices are being considered for applications such as access control for office buildings or hotel rooms, or as the payment conduit in resorts or theme parks. Disney’s MagicBands, which are RFID-enabled wristbands, are great example of a system that’s aly up and running.数码胸卡和“系带”,比如Nymi的心率监测设备,超过了眼镜,成为人们第二感兴趣的领域,尽管优势十分微弱。(健康腕带被单独分为一类。)人们正打算将这类设备当作进入办公室大楼或酒店房间的权限卡,或是度假地和主题公园的付途径。迪斯尼公司的无线射频识别腕带MagicBands,就是一个已经开始运转的优秀系统。“We want more killer apps, and we want our customers to be building these things,” Irvine said, when asked about Salesforce’s motivation for the corporate adoption study. The company’s Salesforce Wear apps-creation software is meant to kickstart that creativity.当被问到Salesforce为何热衷于做企业接受度的研究时,欧文表示:“我们想要有更多热门应用,我们希望让自己的客户来开发这些东西。”为推动这种创造性,该公司已经发布了一个旨在帮助开发人员创建可穿戴产品应用的软件平台Salesforce Wear。Here are five other things you should know:以下是你应当了解的其他五件事情:1. After Apple Watch, survey respondents were most interested in applications for Google Glass1. 受访者表示,在苹果手表之后,他们最感兴趣的是谷歌眼镜应用。2. Data collection is considered one of the largest adoption obstacles; only 8% indicated they’d be able to make use of metrics collected via wearables2. 数据收集被认为是采用可穿戴设备要面临的最大障碍之一,只有8%的受访者表示他们能够利用通过可穿戴设备收集的数据。3. While cost is the biggest motivator of purchases, business users also want devices that multitask3. 尽管价格是影响购买行为的最大因素,商业用户也希望可穿戴设备能够完成多重任务。4. Three-quarters of businesses that aly use wearables report a positive impact on performance4. 在那些已经使用可穿戴设备的企业中,有四分之三表示企业的业绩有所提升。5. More than half of companies expecting to make use of these gadgets expect employees to “bring their own”5. 超过半数想要利用可穿戴设备的公司,都希望员工能够“自带设备”。 /201505/375635 吉安县去红血丝价格井冈山哪家美容医院比较好



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