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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。201511/399290Next we will talk about the two sections highlighting information about nutrients on the food label.下面我们要讨论一下食品标签上关于营养物质的两块显著信息In general you can think of the nutrient sections in two different parts.大体上你可以认为营养成分由两部分组成The first part which is highlighted in our example in yellow on the next slide,第一部分是下张课件例子中的黄色区域are the group of nutrients that you should limit.这部分是我们应该控制摄入的营养成分These nutrients are total fat,这些成分全部是脂肪which include saturated fat and trans fat, cholesterol and sodium.包括饱和脂肪,转化脂肪,胆固醇和钠In the united states most people consume adequate amounts or too much of these nutrients.大多数美国人过多食用这些营养物质And they are also linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases.它们还会增加慢性病的发病几率Such chronic diseases are heart disease high blood pressure and some cancers.如心脏病,高血压和癌症The other group of nutrients which are highlighted in blue on the next slide营养成分的另一部分就是下张课件中的蓝色区域are ones that you should be sure to get enough of.这些物质是我们必须充足获取的They are dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron.它们包括食用纤维,维生素A,维生素C,钙和铁Opposite to the first group,与上类物质相反this group of nutrients are ones that Americans tend to not get enough of.美国人对这些物质的食用有待加强So you should aim to consume adequate amounts.因此我们要注意注入足量的此类物质These nutrients can reduce risk of some diseases or conditions.它们能够减缓一些疾病的发病率和发病条件Examples are a lack of calcium that can lead to osteoporosis例如,缺钙会引起骨质疏松症and adequate fiber is linked to healthy bowel function.充足的维生素能够保健全的肠功能Now lets take a look at these nutrients on the food label.现在让我们看一下食品标签上的营养物Shown here in yellow total fat, saturated fat,这里黄色区域是脂肪总量,包括饱和脂肪trans fat, cholesterol and sodium are shown here with the amounts of each nutrient listed beside it.转化脂肪,胆固醇和钠,旁边分别列举了其含量Again you should aim to consume limited amounts of this group of nutrients.再次说明你应该有节制地食用这些物质The macaroni and cheese example has fairly large amounts of these nutrients in this section.例中的通心粉奶酪含有大量这些物质Highlighted in blue are the nutrients that you should aim to consume adequate amounts.蓝色区域是你应该食用足量的物质These are dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron.它们是食用纤维,维生素A,维生素C,钙和铁This example of macaroni and cheese is not a good source of dietary fiber,例子中的通心粉奶酪不能提供足量食用纤维as you can see there are zero grams of fiber in this product.你可以看到此产品中含有的纤维量是0克Understanding how to know if you are eating too much or too little of一旦你了解了每日摄入量百分比the nutrients mentioned is easier once you understand the percent daily value.你就能更容易的理解如何知道自己是否摄入过多或过少的上述物质了We will discuss the percent daily values just after the footnote section.我们在介绍完补充说明一栏后就会讨论每日摄入量百分比201603/430095

President Xi calls for targeted poverty alleviation习近平主席呼吁要切实做好精准扶贫工作Lawmakers and the political advisory body are holding discussions on major political, economic and social issues.立法者及政协委员们就政治、经济及社会重要问题进行讨论。Poverty alleviation was high on the agenda when President Xi Jinping joined a group of deputies to the National Peoples Congress from Hunan Province.习近平主席来自来到湖南代表团,非常仔细地聆听每一个代表的发言和意见,特别是有代表提到精准扶贫时。He noted Hunan is a populous province, and said poverty alleviation there is a tough battle.他指出,湖南是一个人口大省,那里的扶贫工作是一场艰难的战斗。 译文属201603/430634

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201509/398473

  Full-scale invasion by Japan on July 7, 1937七七事变78周年纪念Tuesday marks the 78th anniversary of the beginning of Chinas eight-year War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.今年的7月7日是抗日战争爆发78周年纪念日。On July 7th, 1937, a crucial access point to Beijing, Lugou Bridge, also known as Marco Polo Bridge, was attacked by Japanese troops.1937年的7月7日,对马可波罗桥, 即北京卢沟桥而言,日本军队袭击成为至关重要的转折点。Historians agree this signalled the beginning of Japans full-scale invasion of China, though Japan had invaded the northeast in September 1931.历史学家们认为这一事件标志着日本全面侵华的开始,尽管1931年9月日本就已开始入侵中国东北。Remembrance ceremonies will take place on Tuesday to mark the start of the War.周二将举行抗日战争的纪念仪式。Last year, Chinese lawmakers designated September 3rd as ;Victory Day; in the War of Resistance.去年,9月3日就被定为抗战胜利日。Its the day after the Japanese government officially surrendered in 1945.因为1945年的这一天之后,日本政府宣布无条件投降。 译文属201507/384407

  The auroras dancing displays of celestial light在天空中熠熠生辉的极光are caused by particles from the solar storm smashing是太阳风暴夹带的微粒through the magnetic field at the poles.撞击地球两极磁场的结果When they strike the upper atmosphere它们撞击高层大气时they light up the polar skies.会照亮极地天空In the strongest storms at the peak of the solar cycle在太阳周期达巅峰时产生的强烈风暴中the Northern lights can be seen连雅典和古巴as far south as Athens and Cuba.都看得到北极光But the buffeting of the magnetic field has other unseen effects.但对磁场的冲击还有其他肉眼看不到的影响Migratory animals that navigate using the magnetic field利用磁场导航的动物can lose their bearings.可能会迷失方向Racing pigeons dont come home.赛鸽回不了家And whale strandings have been鲸鱼搁浅的频率seen to increase with solar activity.会随着太阳的活动而增加But most worrying for us is the effect但最让我们担忧的是that the disrupted magnetic field can have on electronics.混乱磁场对电子系统造成的影响The strongest storms can damage强烈太阳风暴可能会破坏or destroy satellites with devastating effects.或摧毁卫星,造成严重影响Were sort of more sensitive to the sun我们对太阳的敏感程度than we probably realise也许超乎我们的理解because when the sun releases these,因为当太阳以太阳闪焰和this magnetic energy in the form of solar flares and,日冕物质抛射and coronal mass ejections,的形式释放磁力时maybe you dont notice it at first, but um,也许你一开始不会注意到the crackle on your cell phone但手机出现杂音or your cell phone going out或手机没信号may actually be caused by enhanced activity on the sun.很可能是因为太阳活动增强所致Mobile telephones, television,行动电话,电视airplane navigation even weapons guidance systems飞机导航系统,甚至武器导航系统all rely on satellite communication都仰赖卫星通讯and all can be disturbed by space weather.所以都会受到太空天气的干扰The more we are reliant on these systems我们越仰赖这些系统the more we will feel the effects of the suns tantrums.就越能感受到太阳发火的威力But we still dont understand但我们对太空天气all of the effects of Space Weather.造成的影响仍未透彻了解No-one can explain the effect on the climate.没有人能解释其对气候造成的影响Or why the disappearance of sunspots should cause an ice age.或是太阳黑子消失为何会引发冰河时期It may not matter.也许已经无所谓了The small effect that solar variation has on the climate太阳活动对气候造成的微小变化has long since been drowned out by man-made global warming.早就因人为的全球暖化而相形见绌201504/370085。


  I had made a mistake.我犯了一个错误I had been using too simple a model of the universe.我使用的宇宙模型太过简单Time will not reverse direction when the universe begins to contract.当宇宙开始收缩时 时间不会反转People will continue to get older人们还会继续变老so it is no good waiting until the universe recollapses to return to our youth.所以等着宇宙再次坍缩 回到我们的青春 这不现实Einstein once asked the question爱因斯坦曾经问了一个问题How much choice did God have in constructing the universe?在构建宇宙的时候 上帝有多少种选择If my proposal that the universe has no boundary is correct如果我的宇宙没有边界的假设是对的he had no freedom at all to choose how the universe began.那么上帝在创世上 毫无选择的余地He would only have had the freedom to choose the laws the universe obeyed.他唯一可以选择的是 宇宙所从的法则This, however, may not have been all that much of a choice.然而 这可能 也没有太多选择There may well be only one unified theory that allows for the existence of structures可能只有一种统一理论 这种理论允许各种复杂结构的存在As complicated as human beings who can investigate the laws of the universe像人类一样复杂 人类能研究宇宙法则and ask about the nature of God.能够探究上帝的本质201604/439972If youve ever been to a rock gig,假如你曾亲临摇滚现场youll probably recognize this screeching noise.大概不会对这样刺耳的噪音感到陌生Its feedback. What causes it is simple.这便是;反馈;,其道理浅显Sound enters the microphone.声音进入麦克风Its transmitted along the wires,随后通过电缆传播make louder by the amplifier.经扩音器放大and comes out at the speakers.最终由音箱发出But if too much of the sound from the speakers go back into the mike,但倘若有太多声音由音箱返回麦克风it goes round and round in a loop,声音便会在此回路中不停折返 getting louder each time.并被逐次放大If no one stops it, feedback can destroy the sound system.如不加阻止,反馈信号将毁坏音响系统I think the same thing will happen with a wormhole,我认为这也同样适用于虫洞only with radiation instead of sound.只不过传播的是辐射而非声音As soon as the wormhole expands, natural虫洞一旦开始张开radiation will enter it and end up in a loop.自然辐射便会进入其中并终结于回路The feedback will become so strong, it destroys the wormhole.反馈将足够强大以至将虫洞摧毁So, although tiny wormhoes do exist,因此尽管微型虫洞的确存在and it may be possible to inflate one someday,而且也可能某天被放大it wont last long enough to be of use as a time machine.其生命之短暂则无法被用作时间机器Thats the real reason no one came to the party.这正是无人光顾派对的真正原因In fact, I believe any kind of time travel to the past through事实上,我基本不相信可以利用虫洞wormholes or any other method is probably impossible.或者其他可能手段重返过去Otherwise, paradoxes would occur.否则便会导致悖论So, sadly,因此遗憾地说it looks like time travel to the past is never going to happen,回到从前似乎永远不会发生A disappointment for dinosaur hunters这对于恐龙猎手恐怕是个遗憾and a relief for historians.但对于历史学界却是种解脱But the storys not over yet.不过故事尚未结束This doesnt make all time travel impossible.这并不意味所有时间旅行都无法实现I do believe in time travel,我对时间旅行深信不疑time travel to the future.相信人们能够跨入未来Time flows like a river,时间如河水般流淌and it seems as if each of us is carried relentlessly along by times current.似乎人类也只能任由时间长河无情地摆布201507/385975We know this because hidden in a remote cave,我们知道这一点是因为在一个遥远的山洞里scientists found the fossilised remains of some of those elephants.科学家发现了那些大象的一些化石残余This was unlike any elephant walking the planet today.这和如今地球上的任何大象都不一样This is one of its actual bones.这些是真的骨头Now, it doesnt seem that strange until you realise that this is a leg bone.看起来没那么奇怪 但是如果意识到这是根腿骨就不一样了Now, compare this with the leg bone of a modern African elephant现在将这根腿骨和现代的非洲大象比一下and youll see that something is absolutely clear.你会发现的很明白This Sicilian elephant must have been tiny.这头西西里大象肯定很小Now, I know what youre thinking.现在我知道你在想什么Youre thinking this must have been a baby, but it wasnt.你在想这一定是小象的骨头Tests have proven that this is the leg bone测试明这是一个完成年的大象的腿骨of a fully grown adult, this elephant was the size of a goat.这头大象像山羊那么大The lack of space and food meant that over thousands of years由于缺少空间和事物在几千年的时间里the elephants evolved into a much smaller animal.大象进化成了那么小的动物Salt mines, crystal caves and dwarf elephants盐矿,水晶洞还有矮大象are just some of the extraordinary consequences这都是大海在面临灭绝的时候of a sea that lives on the edge of extinction.造成的出其不意的结果201511/410131

  And its amazing how people cant and dont care enough to try and redress some of those issues.惊异的是人们如此地不管不顾,也不试着去弥补那些问题。Those things make me very angry.那些事情让我非常生气。Jo Rowling has given away millions of pounds.乔·罗琳已经捐赠了数百万英镑。Shes never forgotten what it was like to have very little money.她从来不会忘记口袋空空是怎么样的感觉。Amidst all the fame and the trappings of success its probably quite easy to lose sight of who she was when she started out.身处名誉和成功的樊笼之中,她很可能会忽略那个刚刚出发的自己。So I wanted to take her back to her old flat in Leith where she finished the very first Harry Potter book and find out what her life had been like then.所以我想把她带到利斯的旧居。在那里她完成了第一本《哈利·波特》小说,并寻找她那时的生活是怎样的。Its only a few miles from her main house in Edinburgh but this is the first time shes been back.那里离她的爱丁堡住所仅仅数里之遥,但这是她第一次回去。201512/414674My plan is to make a fire using a method我准备用一种自人类取火伊始thats been around for as long as man has been making fire the hand drill.就使用的取火方法 钻木取火No matches, no flints, just two bits of wood.不用火柴 打火石 只用两根木棍Its even smoother once youve got the bigger bits off.等你把上面的树杈削掉 它就会变得光滑一些Its just to use some of this gravel,put it in your shirt,lay this in it,and it works like sandpaper.我等下要用到这些碎石 把它们放在衬衣里 把树枝放进去 它起的作用和砂纸一样Okay, thats then the spindle, made nice and smooth.好了 钻杆已经变得很光滑了And then, for the base,we just use the end of this solto.然后 钻板 就从这根木棍上弄一截就行了Make a small well in the base, called the hearth,在钻板上挖个小洞 叫做火床then carve a notch in the side to allow the embers to fall out.然后在边缘刻一个小槽 让余烬可以倒出来Just gonna use this bit of bone, as well,as an ember pan to put underneath this hearth.我们还要用这片骸骨 来接余烬 把它放在火床下面And so much of fire is about just good preparation.要生火 就得做好准备工作Plan it well,and hopefully it will work first time.做足准备 希望我能一次成功Okay, thats the rough shape of it,and then what you want is just a tiny, little pinch of sand,好了 弄成这样就大差不大了 接下来 在放一点沙子进去and thats gonna add a little bit more friction when youre spinning the spindle.这是为了在你转钻杆的时候 增加一些擦力201604/435569

  Rockefeller knows that drilling for oil is a gamble洛克菲勒知道 钻油井是一场filled with uncertainty.充满了不确定性And since he doesnt believe in luck,他不是一个喜欢碰运气的人he starts looking for a way to make money from oil without the risk.他开始寻找从石油中无风险获利的方法He had a mind for efficiency.他很有效率意识And there was probably something in him他有一种特质that looked at the production process and saw how wasteful that was.看不惯生产过程中的浪费In the first place you drill wells, and they turn up dry.钻井之后 没多久就干了And then you drill wells and they hit a gusher,钻井碰到喷油井and half the oil would be lost.半数石油都浪费掉了And that offended his sense of efficiency.这让充满效率感的他非常不舒Rockefeller knows theres a better way.洛克菲勒知道 肯定有更好的办法Today, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur.今天 每个人都想创业Theyve heard these great stories, you know, about Apple.关于苹果 他们听说过很多伟大的故事But, you know what, when you start a company,但在创办一家公司时you can think what the revenues are gonna be,除了考虑能赚取多少收入how much its gonna be worth to shareholders,能让股东获得多少价值之外but you always need a technical element.你还需要有技术元素的持You need somebody who knows how to do it and build the things.你需要找到知道如何去做 如何实现的人You need the scientists.你需要一些科学家Refining oil turns crude from the ground into kerosene,炼油将地下的原油转化为煤油a clean-burning fuel that can be used in lamps.一种可以被用于灯具的清洁燃料Once the oil gets to three-hundred and fifty degrees,温度到350度时the kerosene starts to vaporize.煤油就会开始蒸发Then once its cooled,冷却之后you have a stable, pure product.你就会得到一种稳定纯净的产物How much to produce a gallon?生产一加仑需要多少钱Fifty, sixty cents. I dont know.五六十美分吧Rockefellers insight puts him洛克菲勒的洞察力one step ahead of his competitors.让他比竞争对手们先行一步He believes that while gamblers drill for oil,他相信 钻油井是者的游戏businessmen refine it.商人应当炼油Whoever could control the refining process控制炼油工艺的人could very well have the whole industry.将能很好地掌控整个行业201603/429631

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201507/385397。

  Whilst Ken is cooking for the locals, 当老谭在为当地人做饭时Im at Guangdongs medicine market with physician Dr Shu. 我和徐医生正在广东的药材市场Ive been travelling for so long and Im really tired, 我的旅行太久了,真的累了so what can I take thats going to lift my spirits and boost my energy?所以什么药材可以振作我的精神,补充我的能量Shes going to help me make an energy-boosting tonic 她将帮我做一个补充能量的滋补品before I travel to Taiwan to see my family. 在我去台湾见家人之前I can introduce a kind of soup 我可以介绍一种汤OK. 好的Black chicken I think 乌鸡I can cook it in my home for you 我能在家里为你做一顿That would be wonderful, thank you. 太好了,谢谢Dr Shus a practising gynaecologist, 徐士是一个职业妇科医生but, like many Chinese doctors, she combines modern and traditional medicine. 但是,就像很多中国医生一样,她把现代医学和传统医学结合在一起Theres a big history and theres what, over 13,000 different herbs? Is that true?中草药的历史久远,而且有超过13000种,是吗Yes, thats right. 是的,是这样To go with the chicken, I need some fruit to help boost my immune system. 和乌鸡一起,我还需要水果来提升免疫This is Goji 这是枸杞This is goji, everyone in the West knows goji berries. 这是枸杞,西方每个人都知道枸杞子I love this just steeped with some tea. 我很喜欢这个,特别是它与一些茶叶相互混合My mum always says drink this cos its good for your eyes? 我妈妈经常说喝这些茶对眼睛有好处Yeah, its good for eyes. 是的,对眼睛有好处And it tastes sweet, you know? 它尝起来是甜的,你知道吗A little bit sweet. 有点甜So, were going to get just a small handful of the goji berries. 所以我们买了一小把枸杞子Now this is going to go into this stew with black chicken and dang gui.现在要将这个与乌鸡与当归一起拿去炖Dang gui is the root of a plant which we know in the West as Angelica. 当归是一种植物的根,这种植物在西方我们称之为AngelicaIts supposed to help circulation. 据称它有助于血液循环Apparently, this is the best herb for women. 显而易见,这个东西对女性有益Its going to keep all the organs down there working. 它能维持那些器官正常运转With all the key ingredients in the bag, 收获了一大袋食材主料Dr Shu takes me back to her home to make the soup. 徐士带我回到了她的家里烹饪201512/415195

  Everything You Know about Thanksgiving is WRONG 感恩节其实是个血腥节日?!And Im thankful for my kindergarten class who made these wonderful crafts to celebrate Thanksgiving.我很感谢我在幼稚园的班级做了这些美丽作品来庆祝感恩节。After the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims survive their first winter in America, the Puritans invited them to share the first Thanksgiving.印地安人帮助清教徒撑过他们在美国的第一个寒冬后,清教徒邀他们共度首个感恩节。Aww, these are adorably...wrong.啊,这些真是...大错特错得可爱啊。A five-year-old made that.一个五岁小孩写的。Based off of the lies that you taught them.根据你教他们的谎言。Excuse me?不好意思?Oh, its not your fault! These are full of half-truths and historical propaganda.噢,这不是你的错!历史课本充满半真半假事实和历史的宣传。I thought the Native Americans and the Pilgrims were, like, besties, or whatever.我以为印地安人和清教徒就像,好麻吉还是什么的。At best, the Pilgrims and Wampanoags could be described as ;political allies.; By the time the Pilgrims showed up, not only were two-thirds of the Massachusetts tribes completely wiped out by European slave owners and diseases, the Pilgrims were constantly at war with the indigenous people and routinely tortured them.充其量,清教徒和 Wampanoags 族人只能被形容成“政治盟友”。清教徒出现时,不只有三分之二的麻州部落被欧洲奴隶主和疾病完全摧毁,清教徒还不断和原住民交战,且经常折磨他们。But what about Squanto, the Native American who learned English to help out the Pilgrims?但史广多呢,那个学英文来帮助清教徒脱困的印地安人?He was actually a slave that was hauled off to Europe, and then he learned English so that he could escape.他其实是个被带去欧洲的奴隶,然后他学英文好让自己能逃跑。But they did celebrate it every year, right?但他们确实每年庆祝感恩节,对吧?Not exactly. The next one was 16 years later and, unfortunately, it was because the Puritans were celebrating the massacre of the Piqua tribe. Back then, Thanksgiving was also for families—specifically, murdering them.不完全正确。下一个感恩节是在十六年后,而且不幸地是,那是因为清教徒在庆祝 Piqua 部落大屠杀。那时,感恩节也是和家族有关——特别是去谋杀他们。Okay! We get it! Historys awful, the Puritans were terrible, and now we have to let our children know that the holiday started with tons of killings. Happy?好!我们懂了!历史很糟、清教徒很可怕,现在我们得让我们的孩子了解这节日是从一堆打打杀杀开始的。满意了吗?Well, we actually have just about everything wrong with the Thanksgiving myth. Definitely didnt wear these buckle hats. Didnt land on Plymouth Rock. And as for that turkey...这个嘛,我们其实几乎完全搞错了感恩节的传说。肯定没有戴这些钮扣帽子。没有在普里茅斯岩登陆。至于那只火鸡嘛...Oh no, not the turkey...噢不,不要是火鸡啊...More like venison, fowl, and eel.比较像是吃鹿肉、野禽还有鳗鱼。Oh!!!噢!!!Who cares about how this stupid holiday got started anyway?反正谁在意这蠢节日是怎么开始的啦?Exactly! In George Washingtons 1789 Thanksgiving Proclamation, the settlers arent mentioned, not even once. Thanksgiving wasnt celebrated nationwide until 1863 when this guy declared it a national holiday during the Civil War in order to bring the country together. Thats why all of our foods are from the 19th century.没错!在乔治·华盛顿 1789 年的感恩节宣告里,移民们根本没被提到,连一次都没有。感恩节到 1863 年才被举国庆祝,那时这家伙在内战期间宣布感恩节成为国定节日,好让整个国家团结起来。那就是为什么我们所有食物都是来自十九世纪的。So Lincoln came up with the whole Indian/Pilgrim story?所以林肯想出整个印地安人和清教徒的故事?Nope. That myth didnt catch on till the 1900s, after we had fought and killed all the Native Americans. And then we put it in textbooks as fact. Because...America! But...the food is really good. And if you ignore all the terrible history like, you know, the murdering, the raping, the pillaging—still kind of a great holiday. Mmmm!不。那迷思到二十世纪才流行起来,在我们打击并杀害所有印地安人后。然后我们才把这故事当作史实放到教科书里。因为...美国嘛!不过...这食物真的很美味。如果你不要理所有可怕的历史,像是,你知道,谋杀、强暴、掠夺啦--还算是个满棒的节日。嗯嗯嗯!So the Mayflower is a lie?所以五月花号是个谎言?Why do we eat cranberry sauce?我们为什么要吃蔓越莓酱?What about stuffing?那火鸡馅料呢?Is Black Friday really just a capitalist conspiracy to get poor people to buy things so we cant truly live out a populous revolt?黑色星期五是否真的只是资本家的阴谋,让穷人们去买东西,好让穷人没办法真的执行人数众多的起义?I am never telling you the truth ever again.我永远不要再告诉你们真相了。One historical narrative says that the Pilgrims were off firing their guns when the Wampanoag tribe just showed up, presumably to find out why the white folks were shooting up the place, which is a question that we still ask this very day.一则历史故事描述,清教徒们正在开,在 Wampanoag 族人跑出来那时,他们大概是要看看为什么白人在扫射那地方,这是个我们如今仍在问的问题。201512/419011

  My New Pet我的怪奇新宠物Well then, I suppose it all starts three years ago. It was the 15th of August, 2011. I received my A-level exam results and failed to get into the university of my choice. Its fair to say I was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I was pretty darn low. So the irrational part of my brain decided that the only way to solve this problem would be to buy a pet. Not a normal pet, though. No, it needed to be something different, something exciting.好吧,我想这一切都从三年前开始。那是 2011 年 8 月 15 日。我收到我的 A-level 测验成绩,且没能进入我理想中的大学。可以说我替自己感到满遗憾的。我心情该死的低落。所以我大脑不理性的那部分决定,要解决这问题只能买只宠物了。然而,可不是一只普通的宠物。不,牠必须要是个与众不同的家伙、一个令人兴奋的家伙。So I went online and did a bit of research and came across this: a bearded dragon. It was perfect. I paid a visit to my local pet shop, located the reptile section, and found exactly what I was looking for. I exchanged the money—25 pounds and 50 pence, 25 for the dragon and the 50 pee for a leftover bag of wood chips. Buckled the box into the passenger seat, not daring to look inside, and returned home.于是我上网并做了点研究,然后遇见这个: 一只髭颊蜥。它太完美了。我拜访我家附近的宠物店,瞄准爬虫动物区,然后恰恰找到我正在找的东西。我付了钱--二十五镑五十便士,二十五镑买蜥蜴,五十便士买剩下的一袋木屑。把盒子用安全带扣在副驾驶座上,不敢往里面瞥一眼,然后回家。I always remember that moment placing the box on my desk and opening it up. It was glorious. He was perfect. I called him Sid. Over the next two years, a beautiful relationship blossomed between me and Sid. We did everything together. We went everywhere together. We were like two peas in a pod.我永远记得将盒子摆在我的书桌上然后打开它的那一刻。那真是太棒了。他很完美。我叫他“喜德”。接下来的两年,我和喜德之间发展出一段美好的关系。我们什么事都一起做。我们到哪都在一块。我们形影不离地像豆荚里的两颗豆子。However, inevitably, the day came back around when I had to resit my exams for university. By the grace of god, this time I passed, meaning that I would be off to university, and Sid... Well, Sid would have to go. He was given away to a loving family, whom Im sure provided him the level of love and affection that we had shared over the past two years. But still, it was a sad day.不过,无可避免地,我必须重新参加我的大学考试的那天回来了。蒙上帝恩惠,这次我考过了,代表我将会离开去上大学,而喜德... 嗯,喜德得离开。他被送给一个慈爱的家庭,我相信他们会给予他我们过去两年来共享那种程度的爱和感情。但尽管如此,那还是个悲伤的日子。I think about him sometimes. I wonder whether he thinks about me, longing for the days that we used to spend together. And then the realization hits me that he is just a dragon, and hes probably far happier living a life of dragon luxury with a fancy cage, a warm heat lamp, and all the carrots and cucumber he can eat.我有时会想他。我想知道他是否想我,想望着过去我们混在一起的那些日子。然后我领悟到他只是只蜥蜴,而且过着蜥蜴的奢华生活他搞不好更开心,有一个高级的笼子、温暖的聚热灯,还有所有随他吃的胡萝卜和小黄瓜。After that, things were never the same. I felt empty inside. A relationship between a man and a reptile was something that cant be matched. And I guess I needed to fill the void. So off I went again on my travels across the Internet, searching, scouring the web for a new soul mate. I was looking for something mean, exciting, impressive, thrilling, a life-long companion, and then, suddenly, I found the perfect match.在那之后,一切再也不一样了。我感到内心空虚。一段一个男人和一只爬虫类动物的关系是一件无可比拟的事。我猜我需要填补那空虚的感觉。于是我又再次踏上漫游网路的旅程,查询、在网上四处寻找新的灵魂伴侣。我在找某个出色、令人激动、令人印象深刻、令人兴奋的,一个一辈子的伙伴,然后,刹那间,我找到完美的配对。So without further ado, Id like to introduce you to Herbert. Herbert is a tortoise at a ripe old age of one and he is a badass. Did you know that a tortoise has the same lifespan as a human, and in some cases, can live up to 150 years? That means that Herberts dad lived through two World Wars. He didnt do anything, but he was there nonetheless.废话不多说,容我介绍你“赫伯特”。赫伯特是只已届“一岁”高龄的乌龟,而他可是个超杀的家伙。你知道一只乌龟拥有和人类相同的寿命吗?而且有时候,可以活长达 150 年?那代表赫伯特的老爸经历过两次世界大战。他啥也没做,但无论如何他就是在那。Little Herbert is just a baby, but in time, hes gonna get bigger. At adult size, hell be around 280 millimeters in length, weighing around 2.5 kilos. And hes a herbivore, so he likes grass, ferns, flowers, tree leaves, and fruit. But his favorite thing ever is a dandelion. Herbert loves dandelions. We keep this for a special treat.小赫伯特只是只宝宝,但迟早,他会长得更大。在成年的尺寸,他的身长约会是 280 毫米,重量约 2.5 公斤。他是只草食性动物,所以他喜欢草、蕨类、花、树叶,还有水果。但他最喜欢的东西是蒲公英。赫伯特爱死蒲公英了。我们把蒲公英留作特别奖赏。But as is the same with any human, dandelions would never do. Dandelions cant hold your hand and kiss you good night and listen to your problems. Dandelions cant make your knees go weak and set your heart to flutter. So I figured that I dont need to be fair to get Herbert a Herbert, so heres Doris.但就像任何人类一样,蒲公英永远满足不了。蒲公英不能握着你的手、不能吻你道晚安、不能倾听你的烦恼。蒲公英不能让你激动到脚软,还有让你的心小鹿乱撞。于是我想我帮赫伯特找“一只赫伯特”是天经地义的事,所以“桃乐丝”就来啦。Herbert and Doris are in love, very, very much in love. Id like to think that one day they might have babies. But until then, its just me and them. Im excited for the future has in store for us, me and these two tiny tortoises. No one can ever beat Sid and I dont know if these two tiny prehistoric animals will ever be able to fill his jogging shoes. But I guess we have 100 years to find out.赫伯特与桃乐丝相爱,非常、非常相爱。我很乐意想像有一天他们可能会有群宝宝。但到那时之前,就只是我和他们。我对未来等待着我们的事感到兴奋,我和这两只小小的乌龟。没有人能够打败喜德,而且我不知道这两只小小的史前动物有没有可能取代他的地位(注一)。但我猜我们有一百年去找到。注一:fill someone’s shoes 为“取代某人地位”;影片为求幽默,所以故意说成 fill his ;jogging; shoes。201509/398278

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