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To remain fit and healthy, you need a balanced diet including essential vitamins and minerals. But what if your diet consists mainly of staples like rice, b, or corn because other foods are not available or affordable? If so, you will likely develop ;hidden hunger,; a deficiency in essential micronutrients.为了保持健康强壮,你需要含有基本维生素和矿物质的均衡饮食。但要是你的饮食主要以米、面包或玉米那些主食所组成,因为其它食物难以取得或负担时该怎么办呢?如果是这样,你很可能会得到“隐性饥饿”,一种基本微营养素缺乏症状。Although often invisible, hidden hunger negatively impacts health and development, and ultimately, economic well-being. About one-third of the worlds population suffers from hidden hunger, mostly in developing countries. This is more than the population of Europe, the Americas, and Australia combined.尽管常常看不见,隐性饥饿会对健康和发育造成负面影响,最终还会影响经济安全。大约有三分之一的世界人口受隐性饥饿所苦,大多位在发展中国家。这比欧洲、美洲以及澳洲加起来的人口数还多。Hidden hungers impact starts early. Nutritional deficiencies during the first 1,000 days, between the start of a mothers pregnancy and the childs second birthday, impede the childs ability to properly grow, learn, and ultimately reach his or her full potential. It can be devastating for long-term health, and ultimately, societys growth and prosperity.隐性饥饿的影响很早就发生。头一千天内的营养缺乏,母亲期开始到小孩两岁生日间的一千天,营养缺乏会阻碍孩童正常生长、学习、最后发挥他或她完全潜能的能力。这对长期健康会造成严重后果,最后甚至危及社会成长及繁荣。Fortunately, the world is fighting hidden hunger. And as part of this effort, DSMs Nutrition Improvement Program is an experienced and reliable partner, driven by our Quality for Life promise. We work with international and local partners, and develop safe, affordable, and nutritious products. They are of the highest quality and tailored to the needs of people in the developing world.幸好,全世界正在打击隐性饥饿。作为打击隐性饥饿的一份子,DSM的营养改善计划是有经验且可靠的伙伴,动力来自我们对“质量生活”的承诺。我们与国际和当地伙伴携手,研发出可靠、可负担且营养丰富的产品。这些产品有最优良的质量,且针对发展中国家人民的需求量身打造。An example of the many successful solutions provided by DSM is our micronutrient powders. Sprinkled over a meal, these powders are widely accepted because they are easy to use and do not change the foods color or taste. Studies show that these micronutrient powders are effective. We can also fortify both staples and processed foods, such as snacks and beverages. In addition, for people with specific nutritional needs, we developed tailor-made solutions, such as micronutrient blends used in therapeutic foods and dietary supplements.DSM 所提供许多成功解方的例之一是我们的微营养素粉。洒在餐点上,这些营养素粉广泛被接受,因为它们使用容易且不会改变食物的颜色或风味。研究显示这些微营养素粉能产生效果。我们还可以增加日常主食及加工食品的营养价值,例如点心和饮料。此外,对有特别营养需求的人们,我们发展出客制化解决方案,例如用在医疗食品及营养补给品中的微营养素混合剂。Leading global economists suggest that improving nutrition is the best investment that can be made in global health and development. We want a healthier life and brighter future for everybody. Together we can end hidden hunger.全球杰出经济学家们提出,改善营养,就是对全球健康和发展所能做出的最棒投资。我们想要所有人拥有更健康的生活以及更美好的未来。我们能齐心替隐性饥饿画下句点。201701/487858North Korea says its almost y to test its first intercontinental ballistic missile. 朝鲜表示准备测试第一枚洲际弹道导弹。North Korea gaining the technology to fire a long-range missile means a nuclear bomb could reach the continental U.S.朝鲜获得发射远程导弹的技术意味着核弹可以打到达美国大陆。The isolated nation has been threatening the U.S. for years, but North Korea leader Kim Jong-uns latest speech comes as Donald Trump prepares to take office on Jan 20. 这个孤立的国家已经威胁美国很多年了,朝鲜领导人金正恩最新讲话之际,唐纳德·特朗普正准备于1月20日就职。And the Norths other top adversary South Korea is dealing with political turmoil, as President Park Geun-hye was recently impeached.朝鲜的另一对手韩国正在处理政治动荡,朴槿惠总统最近被弹劾。Experts say Kim is taking advantage of this political unrest, trying to assert North Korea as a nuclear power.专家表示,金正恩正利用这一政治动荡,试图声称朝鲜是一个核大国。National Intelligence Director James Clapper called nuclear capability ;a ticket to survival; for North Korea and the Kim dynasty. 国家情报总监詹姆斯·克拉珀称核能力是朝鲜和金氏王朝的“生存之票”。译文属。201701/487186But I think the appetite grew with the eating.但在我看来 吃得越多 胃口就越大A year later, when the final verdict came through,一年后 最终裁决出来了Balliol did prove to have the better claim and was the clear choice of Scotland.贝列尔明了自己更加合适 是苏格兰王座的不二之选Edward did not force him on anybody.爱德华没有强迫任何人选他For his part once Balliol had acknowledged Edwards overlordship,对他而言 一旦贝列尔承认了自己的宗主统治权the English king agreed to keep the separate identity of Scottish institutions.英国国王将同意 保留苏格兰制度的独立性Only if their interest crossed would there be trouble.只有当彼此发生利益冲突时 才会引发争端Alas, they did, and trouble there certainly was.悲剧的是 冲突确实发生了Edward wasted no time in humiliating Balliol on every occasion over the next five years,在接下里的五年中的每一个场合 爱德华无时不刻不忘羞辱贝列尔Driving the Scots community of the realm the nobles, clergy, gentry and burgesses to stand against their own king.使得苏格兰社会上上下下 包括贵族 牧师 绅士和市民 都站出来反对他们的国王When war with France coincided with another Welsh rebellion,当英格兰受到对法战争与威尔士叛乱的夹击时Edward exercised his overlordship of Scotland and summoned their nobility to fight for him.爱德华对苏格兰运用了强权 召集苏格兰贵族为他而战They refused and then went one stage further.但遭到了拒绝 他们甚至更进一步They signed a formal treaty with France against England.与法国签订了正式条约 共同对抗英格兰To Edward, it was self-evidently a declaration of war.在爱德华看来 这无疑是在对他宣战The army he raised in 1296 put even the Welsh campaign in the shade.他在1296年召集的大军 甚至令威尔士战役中军队的规模相形见绌 /201610/473162

South Koreas Constitutional Court officially booted President Park Geun-hye from office.韩国宪法法院正式罢免总统朴槿惠。Parliament impeached Park in December and stripped her of her presidential powers. But it was up to the Constitutional Court to officially remove her from office.国会在十二月将其弹劾,并剥夺了她的总统权力。现在宪法法院正式撤销了她的职务。Park is the first democratically elected leader to be forced from office in South Korea.朴槿惠是韩国第一个被迫下台的民主选举领导人。She has been accused of sharing confidential information with her longtime friend, who critics allege secretly controlled parts of the government as a private citizen.她被指控与她的老朋友共享机密信息,批评者宣称她作为一个公民秘密操控政府部门。South Koreas prime minister has been filling in as acting president. Now, the country must hold an election within 60 days to replace Park.韩国总理已被任命为代理总统。现在,国家必须在60天内举行选举取代朴槿惠。译文属。201703/497080

栏目简介:The French childrens musical ;The Girl, the Devil and the Windmill; brought laughter to kids from both home and abroad at Lyceum Theater this week. Once again, our reporter Huang Yue was there and tells us more...201704/499936


There was a time before our ancestors smashed flint and steel together, when they felt the cold lack of fire in their lives.很久以前,我们的祖先还未将燧石和铁器互击,他们因生活缺乏火而时感寒冷。But anthropologists theorize that early hominids relied on lightning to cause forest fires,但人类学家推论原始人类依赖闪电引发森林大火,from which they could collect coals and burning sticks.由此他们能收集木炭和燃烧的树枝。Fire gave them the ability to cook food and clear land, and became central in many rituals and traditions.火让他们能够煮食和清理土地,并成为很多仪式和传统的中心。So instead of seeing forest fires as an exclusively bad thing, ancient humans may have learned to appreciate them.所以古代人类并不完全视森林大火为坏事,且可能已知道要感谢它们。Yet, it wasnt just humans who benefitted from these natural phenomena.但并不只是人类受益于这种自然现象。Even as they destroy trees, fires also help the forest themselves, however counterintuitive that seems.即使大火烧毁树木,但同时也帮助森林本身,这看来悖于常理。In fact, several forest species, such as select conifers, need fire to survive.事实上,许多森林树种,如高等的针叶树,都需要火来生存。But how can fire possibly create life in addition to destroying it?但火如何既毁灭生命,又创造生命?The answer lies in the way that certain forests grow.在于这些森林的成长方式。In the conifer-rich forests of western North America, lodgepole pines constantly seek the Sun.在北美洲西部的针叶树林,美国黑松总设法寻求阳光。Their seeds prefer to grow on open sunny ground,它们的种子偏好生长于空旷多阳的土地,which pits saplings against each other as each tries to get more light by growing straighter and faster than its neighbors.幼树互相竞争,试图挣得更多阳光,要比旁边的树生长得更笔直、更迅速。Over time, generations of slender, lofty lodgepoles form an umbrella-like canopy that shades the forest floor below.经年累月,一代代细长高耸的美国黑松形成伞状树冠,遮蔽下面的地面层。But as the trees pine cones mature to release their twirling seeds, this signals a problem for the lodgepoles future.但当这些树木的球果成熟,释放它们随风旋转的种子,这预示了美国黑松将面对一个问题。Very few of these seeds will germintate in the cool, sunless shade created by their towering parents.只有少数种子能在高耸母树下的阴凉地方发芽。These trees have adapted to this problem by growing two types of cones.为适应这问题,这些树木生长出两种球果。There are the regular annual cones that release seeds spontaneously,一种是一般的年生球果,会自发释放种子and another type called serotinous cones, which need an environmental trigger to free their seeds.而另一种是晚熟球果,需要环境诱因来释放种子。Serotinous cones are produced in thousands, and are like waterproofed time capsules sealed with resinous pitch.树木生长出数以千计的晚熟球果,它们被树脂封实,如同防水的时空胶囊。Many are able to stay undamaged on the tree for decades.多数能够留在树上数十年,不受破坏。Cones that fall to the ground can be viable for several years, as well.这种球果掉落地上后,也可独立存活数年。But when temperatures get high enough, the cones pop open.而当温度够高,这些球果便会裂开。Lets see that in action.让我们看看实际发生情况。Once its gotten started, a coniferous forest fire typically sps something like this.当一场针叶林大火开始,通常会如此蔓延开来。Flames ravage the thick understory provided by species like douglas fir,火焰烧毁茂密的灌木层,当中包括花旗松a shade-tolerant tree thats able to thrive under the canopy of lodgepole pines.花旗松耐荫,能在美国黑松的树冠下生长。The fire uses these smaller trees as a step ladder to reach the higher canopy of old lodgepole pines.大火利用这些小树,作阶梯向上蔓延至以老美国黑松为主的树冠层。That ignites a tremendous crown fire reaching temperatures of up to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit.引燃巨大的树冠火,火场温度高达华氏2400度。Thats well more than the 115-140 degrees that signal the moment when serotinous seeds can be freed.这远远高于华氏115-140度,即晚熟球果种子能被释放的所需温度。At those temperatures, the cones burst open, releasing millions of seeds, which are carried by the hot air to form new forests.达到那些温度时,球果裂开,释放出数以百万的种子种子,随热空气而飘散,形成新的森林。After the fire, carbon-rich soils and an open sunlit landscape help lodgepole seeds germinate quickly and sprout in abundance.大火之后,富含碳的泥土及空旷多阳的地形,促使满地的美国黑松种子迅速发芽生长。From the death of the old forest comes the birth of the new.老森林的死亡带来新森林的诞生。Fires are also important for the wider ecosystem as a whole.火对于整个更广泛的生态系统也很重要。Without wildfires to rejuvenate trees, key forest species would disappear, and so would the many creatures that depend on them.没有森林大火来更新树木,主要树木品种便会消失,很多依靠这些树木的生物亦会消失。And if a fire-dependent forest goes too long without burning, that raises the risk of a catastrophic blaze,而如果一个依赖火的森林,太久没有被燃烧,会提高灾难性大火的风险which could destroy a forest completely, not to mention peoples homes and lives.火灾足以烧毁整个森林,更不要说人类的居所和生命。Thats why forest rangers sometimes intentionally start controlled burns to reduce fuels这正是为何森林管理员有时故意进行可控制的火烧,藉此减少可燃物,in order to keep the more dangerous wildfires at bay.避免更危险的森林大火。They may be frightening and destructive forces of nature,森林大火或许是骇人的自然破坏but wildfires are also vital to the existence of healthy boreal forest ecosystems.但它们对于维持北方针叶林的健康生态系统必不可少By coming to terms with that, we can protect ourselves from their more damaging effects接受这样的事实,我们可保护自己,免于它们进一步的伤害while enabling the forests, like the legendary phoenix, to rise reborn from their own ashes.同时,让森林如同传说中的凤凰从自身的灰烬中浴火重生。201706/514202

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