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福建省厦门市中心医院门诊怎么样厦门欧菲整形美容中心地址厦门省中医医院几点下班 “And so with Magellan we’ve got the first chance, one of the first chances, ok, to really get a complete map and view of it.”The Venusian landscape has a desert-like appearance, but it’s a good deal hotter than any desert on earth.“On Venus it’s about 500 degrees centigrade, due to that green house effects. So it’s far too hot for life to exist. In fact we think that that green house has existed for a very, very long time, so that even if we could get samples back on Venus, we don’t think we’d find any fossil evidence of life. Here on earth, there was abundant water and that’s where life began.”Temperatures and pressures on parts of our own ocean floor are similar to those on Venus, not especially hospitable, in fact, downright hostile. Yet even in these conditions where there is no oxygen, life flourishes around smoking, hydrothermal vents. All over the earth, there are amazing examples of life surviving even thriving in harsh environments. These hardy life forms on earth add power to the argument that life may once have existed, may still exist, in forbidding environments elsewhere in the solar system. The first humans to land on Mars may yet discover the imprint of life.“We don’t know that life originated on earth. It could have come here from elsewhere in a meteorite or comet or something. Now from time to time, asteroids and comets hit Mars and splash Martian material around the solar system. And we know that some of this material comes to earth because there are about a dozen meteorites that have been identified that come from Mars. One of these meteorites could have brought life here to earth.”This is no ordinary rock. It was found on earth but it came from Mars, one of at least a dozen alien rocks from the Red Planet. 13,000 years ago a rock fell to earth. In 1984, it was found in Antarctica, at a place called Alan Hills. For over a decade, this Mars meteorite stayed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It had been mistaken for a piece of the moon. But in 1996, NASA scientists took a second look. Inside the meteorite, there appeared to be microscopic fossils, possible signs of life. The meteorite made front-page news around the world. But the initial euphoria was replaced by doubt when the evidence proved to be inconclusive.“The Alan Hills Meteorite is a very important find. It, the things that we do know for sure is that this meteorite is very old. It’s one of the oldest objects in the solar system. It had fractures that were filled with carbonates precipitated from environments, perhaps not unlike this one. I mean we think perhaps they were hydrothermal.”Even if the Alan Hills Meteorite shows evidence of possible microscopic fossils, this is still not proof of life on Mars.“So really, where we rest on the Alan Hills Meteorite is that it’s an important find but not indicative of biology.” “What a time to be alive! In the last year we’ve discovered planets around nearby stars, and today….” NASA Administrator Dan Golden.words in this passage: abundant: more than enough 丰富的, 充裕的downright: (especially of something bad) extremely or very great 完全地;彻头彻尾地hydrothermal:热水的, 热液的forbidding:unfriendly and likely to be unpleasant or harmful:可怕的, 令人难亲近的meteorite : a piece of rock or other matter from space that has landed on Earth 陨星asteroids: one of many rocky objects, varying in width from over 900 kilometres to less than one kilometre, which circle the sun 小行星front-page : describes information that is so important that it deserves to be printed on the front page of a newspaper:重要的, 轰动的euphoria: extreme happiness, sometimes more than is reasonable in a particular situation:兴高采烈precipitate: If a liquid precipitates, substances in it become solid and separate from the liquid:沉淀;(空气中水汽)凝结200808/46407Bush, Lee Hopeful of North Korea Nuclear Declaration美国韩国对北韩公布核清单抱希望 President Bush and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak say they are still hopeful that North Korea will disclose the details of its nuclear weapons program, as required under a 2007 six-party accord. Pyongyang is more than three months late in disclosing the details of that program. The U.S. and South Korean leaders met at the presidential retreat at Camp David. 美国总统布什和韩国总统李明说,他们仍然期待北韩会像2007年六方会谈协议规定的那样公布其核武器项目的细节。平壤在公布自己核项目清单方面已经拖延了三个月以上。美韩两国领导人是在布什总统的度假地戴维营举行会谈的。 President Lee said the international community needs what he called persistent patience with North Korea, that it will be difficult to convince the reclusive nation to give up its nuclear weapons, but not impossible. 韩国总统李明说,国际社会需要对北韩有持久的耐心,他认为,尽管说这个闭关自守的国家放弃它的核武器将有很多困难,但也不是不可能的。President Lee and President Bush spoke to reporters at Camp David, reaffirming their commitment to the multi-lateral effort to end North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Speaking through a translator, President Lee said South Korea, the ed States, China, Russia, and Japan are determined to reach that goal. 李明和布什总统在戴维营对媒体强调了他们致力于旨在结束北韩核武器的六方会谈的努力。韩国总统李明说,韩国、美国、中国、俄罗斯和日本都决心达到目的。"Both of us reaffirmed once again that under no circumstances would we allow North Korea to possess nuclear weapons," he said. "Also, we agreed to work together closely within the six party talks so that North Korea can fully and completely give up all their nuclear weapons programs as soon as possible." 他说:“我们双方都再次强调,任何情况下我们都不会让北韩拥有核武器。另一方面,我们同意在六方会谈框架内密切合作,以便北韩能尽快充分和完全地放弃所有核武器计划。”As part of the six-party deal, North Korea agreed to provide by last December a full declaration of all its nuclear activities, including uranium enrichment and proliferation. In exchange for giving up its nuclear program, including weapons, Pyongyang is to get economic aid and diplomatic benefits. 作为六方会谈协议的一部分,北韩同意在去年年底前提交完整的核活动清单,包括铀浓缩项目和核扩散的内容。北韩放弃核项目,包括武器项目,因此平壤可以得到经济援助和外交利益。But the declaration has not been delivered. President Bush said North Korean leader Kim Jong Il may be stalling for time. 不过核清单到目前为止还没有公布。布什总统说,北韩领导人金正日可能是在拖延时间。"One thing about a non-transparent society where there is not a lot of free press, for example, or a lot of opposition voices it is hard to tell what is going on," he said. "He has made declarations and he is testing the relationship. He is wondering whether or not the five of us will stay unified." 他说:“不透明社会的一个特点就是没有什么新闻自由,或者没有很多反对派的声音,这就很难了解到底在发生着什么。金正日做出了声明,他在试探我们的关系,他很想知道我们另外五方是否会保持团结。”The president is hearing criticism from within his own political party, including from former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, who has accused the administration of capitulating to Pyongyang on what North Korea must disclose. 布什总统受到了来自本党共和党的批评,包括来自美国联合国常驻代表尔顿大使的批评,他批评布什政府在北韩必须公布的核清单的问题上向平壤有条件的投降。Mr. Bush said the burden of proof remains on Pyongyang. 布什说,仍然只有平壤才能挑起明核问题的重担。"They've made some promises and we will make a judgment as to whether they have met those promises," he added. "And then we and our partners will take a look at North Korea's full declaration to determine whether or not the activities that they promised they could do can be verified, and then we will make a judgment of our own about our own obligations." 他说:“他们做出了一些承诺,我们还要判断他们是否兑现了这些承诺。到时候我们和我们的同伴就要看看北韩公布的清单,来决定它是否兑现了自己的承诺,该公布的项目是否都公布了,然后我们就要根据自己的义务做出自己的判断了。”President Bush said people should wait and see what North Korea says before judging the deal. On Sunday, the U.S. is sending a team to North Korea for more talks on the declaration.  布什总统说,各方在就协定做出判断之前,应该等待并观察北韩怎么说。星期天,美国向北韩派遣了一个代表团,以便就核清单问题展开更多的会谈。At the news conference, President Bush also said Congress should approve a free trade agreement with South Korea this year. He told Mr. Lee the agreement is a priority for his administration. 在新闻发布会上,布什总统还表示美国国会今年应该通过一个和韩国进行自由贸易的协议。他对李明说,这个协议是他这届政府优先考虑的议题。 200804/35849湖里区痘痘医院

厦门祛除皱纹nip and tuck ------ 势均力敌的 英文释义An adjective phrase describing any close race in which each competitor is even with the other competitors. 例句No one knows who will win the nip and tuck election for mayor because all the candidates are equally qualified and popular.没有人知道谁会赢得这次势均力敌的市长选举,因为所有的候选人都同样的优秀和受人爱戴。 /201610/466498海沧区去除眉间纹手术多少钱 Bush Urges NATO Enlargement, More Troops for Afghanistan布什敦促北约东扩和在阿富汗增兵  As NATO leaders gathered in Romania for summit talks, U.S. President George W. Bush urged the alliance to continue to expand eastward and to increase its presence in Afghanistan. In a speech in Bucharest, Mr. Bush laid out his NATO policy. 北约领导人聚集在罗马尼亚参加北约首脑会议,与此同时,美国总统布什敦促北约继续向东扩大其区域范围,并增加北约驻阿富汗的军队。布什总统在布加勒斯特发表的一次讲话中展示了他的北约政策。As he prepared to attend his final NATO summit, President Bush outlined his goals for the alliance. 美国总统布什做好准备参加他在总统任期内的最后一次北约首脑会议,并且给北约列出了他的一些目标。In a speech to a group of security experts, broadcast live on Romanian television, he touched on familiar themes: the benefits of NATO expansion, the terrorist threat and the importance of the NATO military operation in Afghanistan. 布什总统给一个安全专家小组发表了讲话,罗马尼亚电视台对这次讲话进行了现场直播。布什在讲话中提到几个人们熟悉的话题:扩大北约组织的好处、恐怖分子的威胁以及北约军队在阿富汗采取军事行动的重要性。Mr. Bush noted that during his time in office NATO has expanded to include new members from the Baltics to the Black Sea. He said Ukraine and Georgia should be given a chance. 布什总统指出,在他执政期间,北约组织扩大了其成员范围,包括增加了从波罗的海到黑海范围内的新的成员国。他说,乌克兰和格鲁吉亚也应该得到这样一个机会。"Here in Bucharest, we must make clear that NATO welcomes the aspirations of Georgia and Ukraine for their membership in NATO and offers them a clear path forward to meet that goal," he said. 布什说:“我们在布加勒斯特必须把这件事说清楚,北约欢迎格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约组织,并且为他们实现这个目标提供一条明确的途径。”But Russia is vehemently opposed. And France and Germany suggest now may not be the time to start the process of bringing the two former Soviet republics into the alliance. 但是,俄罗斯对此表示强烈反对。法国和德国说,现在还不是启动让两个前苏联共和国加入北约组织成员过程的时候。Differences may also be looming at the summit over NATO troop levels in Afghanistan. In his speech, President Bush said more forces are needed. 这次北约首脑会议在北约驻阿富汗军队人数问题上也出现了一些意见分歧。布什总统在他的讲话中说,需要增加驻阿富汗的军队人数。"Afghanistan needs security, and that is what NATO is helping to provide," he said.布什说:“阿富汗需要更多的安全部队,北约正在帮助提供这些安全部队。”Later, Mr. Bush met with Romanian President Traian Basescu at his presidential retreat on the Black Sea. 布什总统晚些时候与罗马尼亚总统伯塞斯库在罗马尼亚总统在黑海的度假地举行了会晤。At a joint news conference, he cited Romania's commitment to Afghanistan and again urged the alliance to bolster the current 47,000-troop level. 布什总统在一个联合新闻发布会上提到罗马尼亚致力于阿富汗的军队部署,同时再次敦促北约持目前驻阿富汗的4万7千名军队数量。"We expect our NATO allies to shoulder the burden necessary to succeed," he said. 布什总统说:“我们期望北约同盟国共同担负起战争胜利所需要的重担。”President Basescu picked up the theme. 罗马尼亚总统伯塞斯库也谈到了这个问题。"Any lack of success of NATO in Afghanistan will diminish dramatically the credibility of our organization," he said. 他说:“北约在阿富汗造成的任何失败都将严重影响北约的信用。”The two returned to Bucharest shortly before the summit began. Mr. Bush conferred privately with NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer before joining other alliance leaders for an official working dinner.  布什和伯塞斯库在北约首脑会议开始前不久返回布加勒斯特。布什总统在和北约秘书长夏侯雅伯私下会晤后,和其他北约领导人共进了工作晚餐。Both the president and the secretary-general predicted positive summit outcomes on Afghanistan and plans to put a missile defense system in Europe. 布什和夏侯雅伯都预计,这次峰会将在阿富汗问题上产生积极成果。双方还计划在欧洲建立一个导弹防御系统。"I am, like you, optimistic that this is going to be a very successful summit," he said. 布什说:“我和你一样乐观,相信这次峰会能够取得成功。”At the end of the week, Russian President Vladimir Putin will join the NATO summit for a discussion of issues of keen interest to Moscow, most notably missile defense. 俄罗斯总统普京将于本星期末参加这次北约首脑会议,讨论有关俄罗斯的关键利益问题,很明显,这主要指的是导弹防御问题。President Bush will also meet privately with Mr. Putin on Sunday at his home in Sochi - a Russian resort town on the Black Sea, just across from Romania. Mr. Bush says he expects it will be a frank discussion, noting they will be meeting for the last time before Vladimir Putin leaves office in May.  布什总统将于星期天在普京总统在索契的家中私下会晤普京。俄罗斯度假城镇索契座落在黑海上,位于罗马尼亚对面。布什说,他期望这次会谈将是真诚的。布什还指出,他们两人还将于今年5月普京总统离任之前举行最后一次会晤。200804/33228厦门激光除皱

福建省厦门市妇女医院激光去掉雀斑多少钱Host: And now the year in movies. There were good films, there were bombs. Our own Joel Siegel's sat through all of them and then let's come up with the 10 best of 2005, and joins us to share his picks. I love this more than any of your hits of the year.Joel Siegel: Well, what was your favorite movie of the year?Host: I really love "Crash".Joel Siegel: Made the list!Host: Excellent! Joel Siegel: Everybody's agreed with that.Host: We will, we have an impeccable taste! Joel Siegel: Oh, yes we do. Even though it wasn't a great year at the movies on either side of the screen: On Hollywood's side, box office was down for a lot of reasons; on our side of the screen, there really weren't that many great films, better performances in direction than there were great films in 2005. Examples, Philip Seymour Hoffman's great performance wasn't enough to put "Capote" on my 10 best list; Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, terrific in 'Walk the Line", but not enough to push the movie over the line. And the one that hurts, No. 11, "March of the Penguins", didn't make the cut. But here are the 10 that did. Why am I being investigated?Joel Siegel: George Clooney, mumbled his lines, grew a beard, put on 30 pounds, the anti-movie star, makes my 10 best twice this year, first for "Syriana". I'm thinking of your health. No, you're not. They've asked you to ring me and you're doing it.Joel Siegel: Brazilian director Fernando Meirelles makes my 10 best 2 years in a row: last year "City of God"; this year, "The Constant Gardener".Now.Joel Siegel: Yet it could've been a contender, an Oscar contender. I think "Cinderella Man" could've been the champ. But the studio opened it way too early and way too close to last year's Oscar winner, "Million Dollar Baby". But hold the phone, even if the twice-overlooked Paul Giamatti just gets an Oscar nomination, it's a Cinderella's story come true. And the film is a knock-out.Did we know each other?Joel Siegel: This year's best movie with the worst title award goes to "A History of Violence". They could've called it "A History of Violins", would have made it as much sense.Joel Siegel: I don't know anyone who's seen "King Kong" who hasn't loved it. It's like being 9 years old and the movie's all over again. It's that thrilling, that exciting. I ain't gonna smell it, if that's what you want? It's a talking beaver!Joel Siegel: Two incredible facts about "The Chronicles of Narnia": None of the animals are real and there is no blood in the battle scenes. The third incredible fact: Christmas week it sold more tickets than "King Kong".Just outside the Olympic Village in Munich, 8 or 9 athletes of the Israeli team are being held prisoner…Joel Siegel: Steven Spielberg's "Munich"--brilliant, mixing A's actual coverage of the killing of 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team with the breathtaking fiction of Israeli hit team that sought revenge. And what the film asks is the real cost of revenge. This pitch-perfect cast is one reason Oscar needs a best ensemble acting category.You see that?Why, she's cold. She got colder as soon as she saw us now.Joel Siegel: And the amazing cast in "Crash" is another. A dozen disparate lives crash together in Charlie Gibson's bid for the best film of the year.We are going with the story that says......Joel Siegel: George Clooney's second appearance on my 10 best—"Good Night, and Good Luck". And this one he acted in, he wrote, he produced and directed. And he could be Oscar nominated for 3 out of 4, because he gave the best part to David Strathairn.This thing grabs hold of us again, in the wrong place, in the wrong time, we are dead.Joel Siegel: And "Brokeback Mountain"--Heath Ledger's acting, Ang Lee's direction, and the story you have never seen before. It's the best film of the year.Joel Siegel: My original review of "Brokeback Mountain", I said it's gonna lead the league in Oscar nominations. I still think that's true, but it's not a sure thing to win an Oscar in any of the categories. This year, there are no sure things come to Oscar title. 200808/46404 海沧区中医院祛疤痕多少钱厦门上眼皮下垂做手术贵吗



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