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lf you insist on your original offer, it will reduce our profit con-I siderably?如果您还坚持原来的价格,我们的利润将会减少很多。We hoped you will e your rock-bottom price, otherwise we have no alternative but to place our orders elsewhere.我们希望你方能给出底价,否则我们只好选择其他的合作伙伴。If you insist on your original offer it will reduce our profit considerably.如果您还坚持原来的价格,我们的利润将会减少很多。We didnt expect that the discount you offer would be so low.我们没有想到您要的折扣那么低。We wish you will reconsider your price and give a new bid so that there could be a possibility for us to meet halfway.我们希望你们能够再考虑一下你们的价格,重新出价,让我们有可能找到一个中间价。If you double the order, we may consider giving you an 8% discount.如果你方的订单数量加倍,我们会考虑给你方8%的折扣Can you consider it as a special case?能给我们一个特价吗?Ifyou double the order, wc may consider giving you an 8% discount.如果你方的订单数加倍,我们会考虑给你方8%的折扣。Thats attractive.这很吸引人。If you increase your initial order to 30,000,1 suppose we could consider reducing the price to per unit.如果你方的初始订单增加 到30000件,我们会考虑每件降价到80美元。The best we can do is to allow you 2% off our ation.我们的最低限度是给你们提供2%的折扣。 /201504/372579。

不用课本学商务英语口语第72期接听外商电话你能应对自如吗? 面对外商谈判你能应对自如吗? 面对外籍上司谈论商务问题你能应对自如吗? 商务场景→英语句子 你本来口语还不错,可面对突然而遇到的商务场景,你却找不到合适的句子,怎么办?《 NO-BOOK 商务英语口语》的“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。。

Please remind me to phone Alice before I go out. 请提醒我在出去之前给爱丽丝打电话。Please remind me to phone Alice before I go out.请提醒我在出去之前给爱丽丝打电话。All right.好的.知识扩展: Please remind me that I must call him up before noon.请提醒我需要 在中午之前给他打电话。Hello, this is Mark returning your call. 我是马克,您给我打过电话。Hello, BM Company.你好,这里是BM公司。Hello, this is Mark returning your call.你好,我是马克,您给我打过电话。知识扩展: This is Marie calling back.我是马克,回您的电话。 /201405/300867。

Problems with samplesA: John? Can you come over here for a second?B: Certainly, Mr. Emory. What can I do for you?A: I need you to take a look at these samples. I think there are a few problems.B: Sure. Let me look over them and I’ll bring them back this afternoon.样品问题A:约翰,你能到这来一下吗?B:当然可以,埃莫里先生。有事吗?A:我需要你看一下这些样品。我觉得这里有些问题。B:好,让我来检查一下,我下午带回来。 /200705/13018。

1.Round up everyone 召集大家 A: Do we have everybody?B: No, we're still missing a few guys.A: Go and round them up.B: Okay.A:大家都到齐了吗?B:还没有,还缺几个人。 A:去把他们叫来吧。B:好的。2.Short notice 晚接到通知A: Thanks for meeting with us with such a short notice.B: No problem.A:谢谢你们在我们通知得这么晚的情况下来参加会议。B:没问题。3.Think loud 广开思路A: Please think loud; think out of the box.B: Right. This is the way of brain storming.A:请广开思路,不要太受限制。B:是的,这就是头脑风暴的方式。4.If we are squared on this one 如果这个(问题)谈清楚了的话A: If we are squared on this one, let's go to the next topic.B: I'm all set on this topic.A:如果这个问题谈清楚了的话,咱们来讨论下一个问题。B:我对这个问题谈完了。5.Jumping up and down 反应强烈A: The audience was jumping up and down, asking me all kinds of questions.B: That was good. They were at least intersted in your topic.A:听众们反应强烈,提出各种各样的问题。B:那好啊,至少他们对你的话题感兴趣。 /200808/46267。

feet on the street 干将英文释义People actively engaged in supporting a business activity by working directly with the public.例句We need more feet on the street when we launch our new product next month, so our company wants to hire a lot of new sales representatives immediately.下月发布新产品的时候,我们需要更多的干将,因此公司想要马上新招大量的销售代表。 /201307/246040。

部门经理Fay找手下Steve来,讨论他的年度中期工作表现,除了上班迟到,Steve还有哪些缺点呢?S: OK...what other issues are there with my performance?F: Well, like I said before, you are very enthusiastic and we appreciate that, but sometimes you can be a bit over-the-top.S: What do you mean by that?F: Well, sometimes your co-workers feel that you are too loud, or you tell inappropriate jokes during office hours.S: Who said that about me? Tell me their name!Fay说Steve有时热情得over-the-top, 有点过头,办公室同事觉得Steve太吵,而且还开一些不合时宜的玩笑。Steve气得不行,问是谁在背后打他的小报告。F: You know I cant do that and I dont think its important who feels this way. The truth is that maybe you could try to tone down your volume and be more careful of what you say.S: I think people are too sensitive.F: That could be true, but we all have to work together so its probably best not to step on peoples toes.S: OK...I guess I can try to tone it down.F: Can you handle another criticism?S: Sure...why not? Bring it on!Fay表示,谁说的并不重要,她也不能告诉Steve,但她建议Steve还是要tone down your volume说话小声点,Dont step on peoples toes. 别踩到别人脚指头,意思是不要冒犯别人。F: I would recommend that you work on following through with projects. You have a lot of good ideas and you start quite a few different projects, but many times you dont follow through. Then all these ideas are just floating around but nothing is really getting done.S: But Im really more of an idea person. I come up with concepts and start them, but the legwork is really not my style.Fay建议Steve做项目要follow through. 做事有始有终。 Steve好主意虽然多,可nothing is really getting done.没有什么是真正落实了的。Steve说自己就是擅长出点子,Im more of an idea person. 但是具体跑腿儿、落实就不是他的风格了,the legwork is not my style. Legwork意思是跑腿儿的活,具体工作。F: Honestly Steve, You have a lot of talent, but if you dont complete tasks, you wont get promoted.S: Well, thanks for the advice. Ill try to work on that.F: Again, I cant stress enough how grateful we are for all the work you do. Overall, you are a quality employee and were glad to have you.S: Thanks for saying that, Fay. I appreciate it.F: Sure. Thanks for stopping by and well do this again in six months.S: See you then!Steve保,他会努力改正。Ill try to work on that. 谈话结束前,Fay 再次强调,Steve是优秀员工,a quality employee,公司能有他这样的员工很高兴。Were glad to have you. /201202/170523。

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s acting director has contradicted Donald Trump over the firing of James Comey, denying the ousted chief had lost the support of employees as he insisted the FBI’s Russia probe would not be knocked off course.联邦调查局(FBI)代理局长在詹姆斯·科James Comey)被解职的问题上发表了与唐纳德·特朗Donald Trump)抵触的说法,否认被炒的前局长失去该局员工的持,并坚称FBI的俄罗斯调查不会受到影响。Andrew McCabe, the FBI acting director, also told the Senate intelligence committee that the probe into alleged collusion between Moscow and the Trump election campaign was “highly significantas a senior Democrat accused Mr Trump of trying to obstruct investigators.FBI代理局长安德鲁?麦凯Andrew McCabe,上图左)还告诉参议院情报委员Senate intelligence committee),针对莫斯科和特朗普竞选阵营之间据称有勾结嫌疑的调查是“非常重大的”。民主党一位资深人物指责特朗普试图阻挠调查人员。Mr Trump doubled down on his claim that he had fired Mr Comey because of his performance, telling N: “He’s a showboat. He’s a grandstander. The FBI has been in turmoil?.?.?.?Everybody knows that.”特朗普进一步强调他是因为科米的工作表现而炒掉科米,他对全国广播公司(N)表示:“他是个爱炫耀的人。他是个哗众取宠的人。FBI近来一直处于混乱状态……大家都知道这一点。”The atmosphere in Washington grew more feverish when the committee’s two top lawmakers broke off from the hearing for a previously unannounced meeting with Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney-general.参议院情报委员会的两名级别最高的议员在听会期间突然离席,以便与司法部副部长罗德?罗森斯坦(Rod Rosenstein)举行事先未宣布的会议。这一事态让华盛顿的气氛变得更加躁动不安。His visit to Capitol Hill followed reports that he had come close to resigning after White House officials had implied that the president fired Mr Comey on Mr Rosenstein’s recommendation. Mr Trump told N, however: “I was going to fire regardless of [his] recommendation.”在罗森斯坦访问国会山之前,有报道称他已接近辞职,因为白宫官员曾暗示,总统是根据罗森斯坦的建议炒掉科米的。但特朗普告诉N:“无论他作出什么建议,我都打算炒人。”Mr McCabe’s testimony to the committee, on only his second day in the job, further challenged the White House account of why Mr Comey was terminated on Tuesday.麦凯布在出任代理局长的次日向参议院情报委员会作出的词,进一步挑战了白宫对于科米为什么在周二被终止职务的说法。The White House said on Wednesday that Mr Comey had “lost the confidenceof rank-and-file FBI employees, but Mr McCabe said that was inaccurate. “I can confidently tell you that the majority the vast majority of FBI employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection with director Comey.”白宫周三表示,科米失去了FBI各级员工的“信任”,但麦凯布表示那种说法不属实。“我可以有信心地告诉你,多数——绝大多数——FBI员工与科米局长之间有着深层和积极的关系。”Mr Trump’s decision to sack the man overseeing a Russian election interference investigation appeared designed to quell controversy over alleged ties between the president’s campaign and Moscow, but it has backfired by only intensifying scrutiny of the president’s motives.此前科米负责领导针对俄罗斯干预美国选举的调查,特朗普炒掉他的决定,看起来意在平息围绕他的竞选阵营与莫斯科之间据称存在联系的争议,但此举已起到反效果,反而强化了各方对总统动机的密切关注。Mr Trump said Mr Comey had told him he was not under investigation three times: once at “a very nice dinner at the White Hous—- arranged at Mr Comey’s request and twice during two separate phone conversations.特朗普表示,科米曾三次告诉他,他没有受到调查:一次是在“白宫的一顿非常美好的晚餐期间”,而那次晚餐是应科米的请求安排的;两次是在电话交谈期间。Mr McCabe said the FBI’s investigation into potential ties between Trump associates and Moscow was continuing unimpeded, so far, despite Mr Comey’s dismissal.麦凯布表示,尽管科米被解职,但FBI对特朗普阵营的人与莫斯科之间潜在联系的调查照样展开,至少迄今为止是这样。“There has been no effort to impede our investigation to date. Simply put, you cannot stop the men and women of the FBI from doing our job,he said. He vowed to inform the committee if the White House attempted to put political pressure on the FBI or on him personally over the agency’s probe.“迄今没有人企图妨碍我局的调查。简单地说,你不能阻止FBI的男女人员做我们的工作,”他表示。他誓言,如果白宫试图就该局的调查工作对FBI或他个人施加政治压力,他将告知参议院情报委员会。来 /201705/508855。

I think we may be able to work together in the future. 我想也许将来我们可以合作. /201001/94926。