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Depart Date询问发团时间Which route are you interested in?您对哪个旅游路线感兴趣?I think the four days tour from New York to Atlantic City will be fine.我认为纽约到亚特兰大的四日游比较好That a good choice.好主意What is the depart date?什么时候发团?We have parties every Saturday trom June to October.六月到十月的每个星期六我们都会发团的。

  • U.S. President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney take their campaigns to the key political battleground state of Ohio Tuesday, as they seek to win over voters with four weeks left before the election.美国总统奥巴马和共和党总统竞选人罗姆尼星期二到选情尚不明了但对决定选举成败举足轻重的俄亥俄州竞选。美国大星期后举行。他们都希望在那之前争取更多选民的持。The latest polls indicate the two candidates are virtually tied ahead of the November 6 vote. Ohio is one of the few so-called swing states that are expected to decide who wins.最新的民意调查显示,两位候选人1号大选前的民众持率基本不相上下。俄亥俄州是投票走向难以确定的几个州之一。这些州可能会决定哪个候选人会胜选。Despite losing ground in the polls to Mr. Romney following a debate on domestic policy last week, Mr. Obama told supporters at a fundraising event Monday night that he ;very much; intends to win the election. He urged his backers to be ;almost obsessive; in their efforts until election day.奥巴马总统虽然上星期与罗姆尼进行国内政策辩论后民众调查的持率有所下降,但是他星期一晚上在一个竞选筹款活动上对持者说,他对赢得选举抱有相当大的信心。奥巴马呼吁持者在投票日到来那一天之前丝毫不要松懈。Earlier Monday, Mr. Romney accused the president of being a weak leader, especially with regard to the Middle East.罗姆尼星期一指称奥巴马是一名软弱的领导人,特别是在中东问题上。来 /201210/203427。
  • 1:Run it第1单元:跑出好身材Serious runners are renowed their slender physiques,thanks to the hundreds of calories a good run eats up.真的跑者皆以体态苗条著称,这都要归功于跑步可消耗好几百卡路里If youre a beginner,youll need to build up your endurance slowly.如果你是个初跑者,必须先慢慢培养耐力 starters,simply walk a block or two,then run a block,then walk again.对初跑者而言,刚开始先走一两个街区后,再跑一个街区,然后再走Slowly increase your distance.about percent a week.慢慢把距离加大,大约一个星期增加百分之十的距离Three times a week over a period of several weeks,try to run longer distances and walk less.先试跑几个星期.每周跑三次,每次试跑远一点,走少一点You may start out feeling like a sorry sack of potatoes,but youll probably be surprised at how quickly you can progress.刚开始你也许觉得自已活像是一大袋可怜的马铃薯,但慢慢地你可能会很惊讶自己竟能进步得这么快;A runner friend of mine spent a good year hounding me to try it,;recalls Linda McCall,a 35一year--old teacher from St.Louis.住在圣路易一位三十五岁名叫琳达.麦柯的老师回忆道:;我有一位跑步的朋友唠叨了整整一年叫我去跑步,;I couldnt imagine dragging my poor body down the street,but I did want to lose pounds,我无法想象自己拖着臃肿的身躯上街跑步会是什么模样,但是我真的想减掉十五磅so a couple of years ago I finally went out one day early in the morning.所以在几年前的某个清晨,我终于开始外出运动I walked a half mile,then ran a block,then walked home.我先走了半英里,再跑一个街区;然后就走路回家The next day, I ran a little farther,and the next day farther still.隔天,我跑得远一点,再接下来的一天,又跑得更远一点Bee long,I was running 30 minutes straight,which I continue to do three times a week.不久以后,我已可以一口气跑三十分钟,且每个星期持续跑三次Ill never run a marathon,but I feel great.我永远不可能去跑马拉松,但是我感觉很好And Ive lost pounds一not !;而且我现在已减掉二十磅,而非十五磅!” 369330。
  • Part 8 CARGO STOWESECURING第8部分 货物积载系固1.Check holds damage.1.检查航船是否损伤.Straighten hold ladders..拉直下舱梯3.Are hold ventilators operational?3.货船通风机能工作吗?.Lubricate blocks of cranes..给克令吊车上润滑油5.Cheek the safe stowage carefully.5.仔细检查安全货物积载6.Check the separation of different parcels carefully.6.仔细检查每堆货物准确隔离情况7.Close hatches if it rains.7.关舱以防下雨8.Refuse damaged cargo on board.8.拒绝货损情况9.Do not over stow cartons with other goods.9.不要将过多的纸盒与其他货物堆砌在一起.Do not use hooks handling bags..不要用钩子装卸袋装货物.Place dunnage between tiers..在两层之间填充垫舱料.Check correct interlock of stow pieces..检查箱内绑扎部件是否合理.Secure heavy lifts immediately..立即绑牢重件 3689。
  • Receiving Meals接收订餐Good morning.sir. Here is your breakfast.早上好,先生,这是您的早餐Thank you. Just put it on the table.谢谢,放到桌子上吧Is there anything I can do you?还需要其他务吗?En, would yoo please give me some b? l am hungry now.嗯,再给我些面包好吗?我现在饿了OK.I will get you some right now.好的,我这就给您拿去 369。
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