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长春妇女儿童医院看产科需要多少钱无痛人流长春5.You Can#39;t Eat Melons in the US5.美国:不许吃西瓜!Our global dining taboo list has found its way back to the Americas. You#39;re probably thinking, I have American etiquette down packed, what else can you teach me? We bet you didn#39;t know that you could be arrested for eating a watermelon in Beech Grove, Indiana. The wacky law applies to Beech Grove#39;s parks. It was established after a bunch of watermelon pierced park trash bags, making a terrible mess. So when you#39;re in Indiana, you best be sure to mind your melons.好吧,看来美国也难逃这份全球风俗禁忌榜单了。大家或许会纳闷,从小就是听着各种规矩礼仪长大的,还有什么禁忌不知道?小编敢打赌你肯定不知道在印第安纳州Beech Grove市吃西瓜会被拘留吧。以前有段时间,公园的垃圾袋常常会被西瓜皮刺破,影响公园环境,于是政府就颁布了一项新奇的法律,规定在该州所有公园内都不允许吃西瓜。所以,如果到了印第安纳州,吃瓜果的时候最好小心些,别被逮住。We#39;re not finished with the U.S. of A. just yet. If you thought park-eating watermelon offenses were crazy, then don#39;t ever visit Gainesville, Georgia. To this day, it is illegal to eat fried chicken with anything but your hands. Passed in 1961, these crazy outdated taboos normally go overlooked. One lucky 91-year old#39;s friends thought it would be funny to have her arrested for eating her birthday meal with utensils. (Oh look, a heart attack- just what I always wanted!) Everyone had a good laugh and the charges were dropped.别急着惊讶,你不知道的美国禁忌可还多着呢。大家要是觉得印第安纳州的“禁瓜法律”已经把自己雷到了,那估计去了乔治亚州的盖恩斯维尔,你会被雷得外焦里嫩。直到今天,那里还明文规定,吃炸鸡只可用手拿着吃,如果借助任何餐具那都是犯法的。这项法律于1961年通过,不过因为年代久远,大家现在一般都无视它。有位91岁高龄的老朋友曾经打趣儿说,要是过寿的时候因为用餐具吃饭而被逮捕,那可就悲催了。(天呐,快看,心脏病发作了——正如我所愿!)4.Be Careful What The Baby Eats4.注意孩子的饮食!Jamaicans believe children should not be given chicken before they can talk or else the baby will never speak. They even believe that infants who drink milk from the bottle will grow up to be drunks. Intriguing superstitions can be found all across the Pacific. In Nigeria, children are not allowed to eat eggs out of fear that it will cause them to steal when they get older. Silly as it may sound to us, if this is what has been passed down from generation to generation, would you rather go with the flow or risk raising a sticky-fingered mute? Some even say that pregnant women should stay away from eggs for the same reason. Sweet food, snails, puffer meat, and kola-nuts are also added to an expectant Nigerian#39;s list of foods to avoid. The reasons behind this taboo vary from causing the baby to drool all over itself to having scaly skin.牙买加人一直笃信,如果在儿童会说话之前给他们吃鸡肉,会导致儿童失声。更甚者是,他们认为如果给婴儿直接用瓶子喝牛奶,那么这个孩子长大后肯定是个酒鬼。太平洋彼岸有趣的迷信可多着呢。在尼日利亚,大人不允许小孩吃鸡蛋,他们担心如果小时候吃鸡蛋,长大后会变成小偷。在我们听来,这些似乎很荒谬,可是转念一想,这些迷信都是一代一代传下来的,你敢冒着你孩子未来可能变成一个爱小偷小摸的哑巴的危险去挑战“权威”吗?!还有些人认为最好在怀期间就让妇远离鸡蛋,不怕一万,就怕万一啊。还有,尼日利亚人觉得甜食、蜗牛、河豚、可乐果等,妇也不宜食用。造成这些禁忌的理由也是多种多样,什么可能会导致婴儿以后容易流口水啊,或者生的孩子是鳞状皮肤之类。3.Eat With the Right, Wipe with the Left3.右手吃饭饭左手擦屁屁This taboo is respected in many different nations. African, Caribbean, and even Muslim countries all believe that only the right hand should be used for eating. For certain hygienic reasons, these customs teach that each of our hands serves its own purpose. The left is solely for wiping. We touched on it earlier but the eat with the right, wipe with the left taboo deserves further explanation. If overlooked, you pose great risk of offending others. Not only should you dine with your right hand, it is the only one to be used in greetings. When arriving for a meal, never offer the left for a shake. If you catch the right one on the wrong day, you might fall victim to a swift right hook.很多国家都有这个说法。不管是非洲、加勒比海、甚至还有一些穆斯林国家,他们都认为人应该用右手吃饭。出于某种卫生原因的考虑,这个习俗告诉大家每只手都应该各司其职。左手只能负责擦擦屁股啊、提提鞋之类的“脏活”。这一点我们之前谈到过,不过“右手吃饭饭,左手擦屁屁”这个禁忌,小编还得多给大家解释解释。因为如果忽视了这个习俗,你可能会冒犯到别人。不仅我们吃饭的时候要用右手,见面握手也要用右手。赴约用餐跟人打招呼时,千万不要伸左手跟对方握手。如果哪天你悲催地去握你对面的右手,那你就等着挨一记右钩拳吧。Some will give you a pass on holding a cup with your left hand, but never ever wipe your mouth with it. To be on the safe side, keep it under the table. Put it between your legs or even sit on it. Do whatever you need to do to keep from being offensive.有时候,人们可能不会介意你左手拿着水杯,但是一定不要左手持水杯喝水。为了保险起见,尽量把左手放在桌子下边,夹在腿中间,或者干脆压在腿下边。总之,要时刻留心自己的举止,别让别人觉得你很无礼。2.A Polite Goodbye2.礼貌的告别方式Hopefully you never get too thirsty in Kazakhstan. If you happen to order a cup of tea, don#39;t look as it as half empty. See the miniature portion of your steaming drink as a nice, warm, half-full hug. Never ask the server to pour you some more. In Kazakhstan, a full cup of tea is the most polite way we#39;ve ever heard of telling someone they#39;ve overstayed their welcome. The people of Kazakhstan drink tea about 6 times per day. Now we can understand why they use it as a form of communication. (And why they only give you half a cup!) Formally a nomadic society, the people of the Republic still carry deep superstitious beliefs. Tea is only consumed warm, they believe cold drinks will make you sick. Aside from telling you to get out, the half full cups of tea also show how much the guests wants to be able to serve you during your visit. The passing of an empty cup for a refill is a courteous act hosts love to participate in. Other taboos are a lot more common. Things like picking your nose… just don#39;t do it. Anywhere.但愿在哈萨克斯坦旅游的时候,大家别渴着自己。如果你点了一杯茶,端上来以后却发现只有半杯的量,请息怒。你就把这半杯热腾腾的“迷你茶”当作当地人友好而热情的“迷你抱抱”吧。千万别让务生给你续杯。因为在哈萨克斯坦,如果对方给你倒了满满一杯茶,就意味着他在礼貌地暗示你待的时间太久了。哈萨克斯坦人平均每人每天要喝六次茶,现在大家知道为什么他们以喝茶作为交流方式了吧。(既然喝茶是为了交流,为毛就只倒半杯呢!)哈萨克斯坦共和国算是一个典型的游牧民族,所以仍存有根深蒂固的迷信思想。当地人认为喝冷饮会使人生病,所以只喝热茶。此外,主人给你倒的茶的量也能表示出他们有多欢迎你。客人喝完茶后,主人一般都主动添茶,以示热情友好。哈萨克斯坦还有很多在其他国家也常见的禁忌,就比如说不要挖鼻孔……记住,不管在哪儿,都别挖~1.Don#39;t Eat With Your Hands1.不可直接用手吃东西Some customs tell you which hands to use but if you#39;re traveling to Chile you better grab your utensils. Chileans never eat anything by hand. Even the smallest French fry must be stabbed with a fork. Pizza, chicken nuggets, and whatever else you can think of, the people of Chile don#39;t believe in finger food at all. Usually, dinner is not served until 8pm or later. Even if you#39;re ravished with hunger, keep those hands out of your mouth. Licking your fingers or utensils is considered vulgar. Avoiding the temptation is obviously why they eat everything with utensils. Standard European manners are taken to the max to avoid being disrespectful. In Chile, you need to know which utensils are the correct ones to use for your meal. If we ever visit, we#39;ll need to write a few notes on the palm of our hands. To us, salad fork or dinner fork… they all work the same.有些习俗可能会规定什么场合用哪只手,但是如果到了智利,大家最好时刻备好餐具。因为智利人从来不直接用手吃东西,即使是小小的薯条,也必须用叉子叉着吃。不管是披萨还是炸鸡,还有任何你能想到的可以直接用手吃的东西,智利人都要用餐具吃。一般情况下,直到八点或者更晚才会吃晚餐。就算你已经饿到肚子咕噜咕噜叫,也别妄想进食口粮。当地人觉得舔手指或者舔餐具是很粗俗的行为。很明显,他们吃任何东西都要用餐具的原因是避免让别人产生想吃的欲望。为了尽量不冒犯到别人,智利人真是把标准化的欧洲礼仪发挥到了极致。在智利吃饭的时候,你需要搞清楚吃哪个菜要用哪种餐具。要是哪天大家去智利,估计还得提前在手上写个小抄啥的。毕竟对我们而言,吃沙拉用的叉子和吃正餐用的叉子没什么两样,不都是叉子么。翻译:毛志遥 来源:前十网 /201509/400752长春第一医院开展无痛人流吗 The Eastern Han was another strong and prosperous dynasty after the Western Han, and its economy went on booming.东汉是继西汉之后国力强盛,封建经济继续发展的一个王朝。Since its foundation by Emperor Guangwu, the empire lasted 196 years over fourteen generations.自光武帝建国起共传14帝,经历196年。The first 40 plus years of the Eastern Han witnessed the relative stability during the reign of the emperors Guang Wu, Ming and Zhang.汉光武帝、明帝和章帝统治的前40多年,东汉的社会比较稳定。After a civil war that had lasted from 25 A. D. to 36 A. D. , Emperor Guangwu finally reunited the country.公元25年至36年光武帝平定各地叛乱,重新一统天下。He tried to reinstate the central government, so the new dynasty was more autocratic than the Western Han.建国之初,光武帝重新加强中央集权,东汉政权较之西汉政权更为专制。Although the emperor re-established the princedoms and marquisates, and gave titles and fiefs to his followers, all of them were free from executive powers actually.光武帝大封功臣,却剥夺了他们的实权。He made a comprehensive reform on the policies made by Wang Mang, rectifying the bureaucratic system.全面改革王莽所实施的旧政策,整顿吏治。The power of the reputed three chancellors, i. e. , the chancellor of civil administration, the chancellor of military affairs and the great censor, was weakened.削弱三公即司徒、司空和太尉的权力。Being still in high positions, but in name only,they didn’t have any real power any longer.三公的职位虽高,徒有虚名,并无实权。Then all the power was centralized in the imperial board of ministries, which took orders from the emperor directly. This played an important role in the autocratic sovereignty, which sustained and further enhanced the centralization of the Western Han.权力集中于尚书台,尚书台则直接听命于皇帝, 这对皇帝的个人专制独裁起到重要作用,The inspection system was strengthened, and prefectural governor was appointed to each prefecture.这是对西汉武帝加强中央集权的继续和发展。He should go on an inspection tour around his administrative region in August every year, reviewing the lawsuits, inspecting the official achievements, and presenting a memorial of his inspection to the emperor at the end of the year.加强监察制度,每州设刺史一人。The local forces were also cut down step by step in order to enhance the central military power.刺史于每年8月巡行所属郡国,检阅刑狱情况,考察官吏政绩,年终奏于皇帝。Therefore, armies in prefectures and fiefdoms were too few to fight independently, and a big war had to resort to the central forces.一再削弱地方的军权,加强中央军权。Economic Policies:One crucial task for the Eastern Han Empire was the reconstruction of the economy.为此郡、国的军队很少,一般不能作战。大的战争要依靠中央军队。Long years of war and the flooding of the Yellow River rendered many peasant refugees roam around in the countryside.社会经济政策:东汉面临的首要问题是恢复经济。In order to control the population and to restrict the power of the local nobility, Emperor Guangwu tried to implement a system of “measuring fields”.由于常年战乱,加之黄河泛滥,各地流民甚多。In 39, he ordered a country-wide check-up on land reclamation and census.为控制人口,限制地方豪绅势力,光武帝实施“度田”政策。However the local officials shielded the landlords and cheated on figures in order to shift tax burden onto the peasants.公元39年,下令清查土地和人口。The emperor had a dozen magistrates executed, for being guilty of false measurement, and ordered to speed up measuring fields.然而地方官吏偏袒地主,谎报数据,将赋税转嫁到农民身上。The large land owners began to resist the property assessment with armed forces.光武帝以“度田不实”之罪诛杀了10余个郡太守,下令加紧度田。The deceived peasants also put up a violent resistance.这引起大地主的武装反抗,许多农民不明真象,也跟从反抗,这就是史称的“度田事件”。The emperor, who could do nothing effective, had to end the matter up with nothing definite. Therefore the counterattack was calmed down.后度田不了了之,反度田斗争也就平息下来。Later, he issues six prescripts to release bondservants, which helped to stabilize the social order, restore and develop economy effectively.光武帝6次颁布释放奴婢的诏令,对稳定社会秩序,恢复发展社会经济,都起了巨大的作用。After a series of reforms, the Eastern Han Dynasty had recovered its former prosperity under the reign of Emperors Guangwu, Ming and Zhang in the middle of the first century. This period of time is known as the Rule of Guangwu.经过一系列的改革,到公元一世纪中叶,经过光武帝、明帝(58 ~76年在位)、章帝(76?89年在位)三代的治理,东汉王朝已经逐渐恢复了往日汉朝的强盛,这一时期被后人称之为“光武中兴”。After Emperor Guangwu died in 57, Emperor Ming and Emperor Zhang came to the throne successively, and they all carried on the practice of the founder of the Eastern Han.公元57年,光武帝死后继承帝位的先后是明帝、章帝。This period of time was seen as days of peace and prosperity, when the economy found time to recover from the damage.二人皆遵奉光武之治, 为此这一时期国家繁荣、安定,社会经济得到恢复。The two emperors also attached importance to Confucianism.两位皇帝也都很重视儒家思想。In 59, Emperor Ming personally lectured in the imperial academy and discussed Confucian classics with scholars.公元59年,明帝亲自到太学讲学,并与士讨论儒家经典。Nearly 100 000 people are said to have attended.据说有近10万人 参加这一活动。In 79, since there were theoretical diversities existed within Confucianism, Emperor Zhang brought together the famous scholars in the White Tiger Hall in Luoyang to discuss the varieties and unities of the Five Classics. He ordered Ban Gu to incorporate the conclusions into a book, Bai Hu Tong Yi (Comprehensive Discussions in the White Tiger Hall), which served to deify and consolidate imperial authority.公元79年,因经学家多分歧,章帝集中诸卿、士等于洛阳白虎观讲议五经同异,并命班固将讨论结果整理成书,名为《白虎通德论》(又称《白虎通 义》、《白虎通》),为神化和巩固封建政权务。 /201512/413030长春市公立三甲医院是最好的泉州妇科医院

长春不孕症的三项基本检查Zhou Dynasty周朝General概况In the years around the 10th century , after defeating the last Shang ruler, King Wu with a family name of Ji founded the Zhou Dynasty,大约公元前10世纪,姬氏家族的武王在打败了商朝的最后一个统治者后,建立了周朝。making Haojing his capital city, near the present city of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province.他定都镐京,也就是今天的陕西省西安市附近。As a semi-nomadic tribe, the Zhou learned how to communicate with people of different cultures and gain the allegiance of disaffected city-states.作为一个半游牧的部落。周朝人学会了如何与来自不同文化的人交流以及如何获得心怀不满的城邦的忠心。The early Zhou system was proto-feudal, being a more sophisticated form of earlier tribal organization, in which effective control depended more on familial ties than on feudal legal bonds.周朝早期的制度就是具有封建制度模型的,而这较之早期的部落体系来说更加复杂。早期部落体系中的有效控制更多的依赖于家族的联系而不是封建法治的维系。Whatever feudal elements there may have been decreased as time went on,the Zhou amalgam of city-states became progressively centralized and established increasingly impersonal political and economic institutions.随着时间的推移,不管封建元素是否消退,有不同城邦组成的周朝变得日益集权并且建立了一个更加独立的政治与经济制度。These developments, which probably occurred in the latter Zhou period, were manifested in greater central control over local governments.这些发展,可能出现在周朝后期,表明了中央对于地方政府的掌控。The Zhou adopted much of the Shang lifestyle.周朝采纳了商朝许多的生活方式。In order to utilize the knowledge of the Shang artisans, they often imported Shang families or communities to the new towns they built.为了利用商朝工匠的知识,周朝让商朝的家族或团体居住在他们修建的村庄里。The Zhou also adopted much of the Shang writing system, rituals, and administration techniques.周朝还采纳了商朝很多的文字系统、仪式和管理技巧。Agriculture in Zhou Dynasty was more intensive.周朝的农业更加集中。All farming lands were owned by nobles, who then gave their land to their serfs,贵族拥有所有的土地,然后把这些土地给他们的奴隶。a piece of land was divided into nine squares in the shape of the character jing, with the grain from the middle square taken by the government and that of surrounding squares kept by individual farmers.一块地会被划分成“井”字型的九块,中间那块的粮食收归政府所有,旁边土地的粮食分给个体农户。This way, the government was able to store surplus food and distribute them in times of famine or bad harvest.通过这种方式,政府可以囤积足够的粮食并在饥荒或收成不好时分配粮食。Some important manufacturing sectors during this period include bronze making, which was integral in making weapons and farming tools.这个时期重要的生产部门包括青铜制造,而青铜是武器和农具制造中必不可少的一部分。Again, these industries were dominated by the nobility who direct the production of such materials.同样,这些产业由贵族掌控,他们管理着这些材料的生产。Historians divide the Zhou era into Western Zhou from late 10th century to late 9th century up until 771 and Eastern Zhou from 770 up to 221 .历史学家将周朝分为西周(公元前10世纪至公元前9世纪末,直到公元前771年)和东周(公元前770年至公元前221年)。The beginning year of Western Zhou has been disputed----1122 ,1027 and other years within the hundred years from late 12th century to late 11th century have been proposed.西周开始的年份存在争议。有可能是公元前1121年,公元前1027年或者是公元前12世纪至公元前11世纪100年之间的某一年。Chinese historians take 841 as the first year of consecutive annual dating of the history of China, based on the Records of the Grand Historian by Sima Qian.中国的史学家依据司马迁《史记》的记载将公元前841年定为连续纪年的元年。From the beginning of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty to the unification by Qin, China was marked by disunity and continuous conflicts.从东周的开始到秦朝的统一,中国一直处于割据战乱的状态。 /201509/395407吉林省长春一院专治 So, you’ve mastered the art of balancing and you can twist your legs in all sorts of ways. Now it’s time to put the two talents together to form some of the most difficult poses that yogis dare to try. But if you’re new to handstands, headstands and Gumby-like back bends, don’t pretend that you’re in Cirque du Soleil and attempt these poses on your own. Find an experienced yoga instructor who can guide you through the motions safely.既然你已经掌握了平衡的艺术,并且能够以各种方式弯曲双腿。那么现在是时间将两个技能结合起来,完成一些瑜伽者敢于尝试的高难度姿势。然而,如果你还不熟悉手倒立、头倒立和下腰,不要逞强,不要自己尝试这些姿势。找一个瑜伽教练,指导你安全的完成上述动作。1.Crane Pose1.鹤式The crane is a basic advanced pose that’s useful if you’re practicing arm-balance exercises. Instead of bringing your legs in front of you, like in the firefly pose, you tuck your knees into the back of your armpits. To get into this position, tuck yourself into a ball-like position, as if you were going to do a somersault. Put your hands on the ground, bend your elbows and rest the back of your upper arms on your shins. Shift your weight onto the balls of your feet and lean forward to transfer the weight to your hands. As you do this move, tuck your knees into the back of your arms. After finding your balance, straighten your arms and look forward with your head.如果你在练习手臂平衡,那么鹤式是一项基本的升级姿势,想必会对你有所帮助。在萤火虫式中,将双腿伸向前方,而鹤式是将双膝弯曲抵住双臂背部,步骤如下:把自己缩成球形,呈翻筋斗状;手放在地板上,弯曲双肘,将上臂背部放在小腿上;将重心转移到双脚;然后向前倾,将重心转移到双手,同时,将双膝弯曲抵住双臂背部;掌握平衡后,将手臂伸直,目视前方。2.Firefly Pose2.萤火虫式Despite its name, you don’t really look like a firefly when you do this pose. You look like a ninja. Start in a squatting position and place your feet on the floor so they’re less than hip-width apart. Tilt your body forward a bit so your weight is on your hands, like you’re going to play leap frog. While in this frog-like position, shift your center of gravity and weight more on to your hands while keeping your knees as close to your shoulders as possible. Stretch out your legs in front of your body so they’re parallel to the ground, and then straighten your arms.尽管名字是萤火虫式,然而做这个动作时,一点也不像萤火虫,看起来却像日本武士。步骤如下:首先蹲在地上,将双脚分开放在地板上,距离小于臀围。将身体向前稍倾,重心放在双手,成蛙跳状;然后将重心和重量转到双手,同时尽可能将双膝接近双肩;向身体前方伸直双腿,与地面平行,然后挺直双臂。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201509/401421长春二院阴道紧缩

长春女子医院在哪Oxford Dictionaries #39;Word Of The Year#39; Is . . . An Emoji?“笑哭”表情符成牛津词典“年度词汇”We all know that life without emojis, (the small digital icons that we use ad nauseam) would be extremely boring. Hence, it is only fitting that the editors of the prestigious Oxford English Dictionary chose - The emoji with the tears of joy as its #39;Word of the Year#39; for 2015.我们都清楚,如果生活中少了这些表情符号的调味,会变得多么无聊。那么词典界的权威——《牛津词典》的编写者把“哭笑”表情加入2015“年度词汇”这件事,就显得合情合理了。The company that announced its unusual word choice on November 16th said that it was picked over several other traditional contenders. Among them were #39;refugee#39;, #39;sharing economy#39; and #39;on fleek#39;. However, it was this simple emoji that resonated with the editors because it appeared to best describe the ;ethos, mood, and preoccupations of 2015.;11月16日,《牛津词典》对外公布了其对这个在其他传统竞争者中杀出重围的非传统词汇的选择。 而那些传统词汇包括:“#39;refugee(难民)”、“sharing economy(股份制经济)”和“fleek(连连)”。然而也正是这个简单的表情符号引起了编写者们的共鸣,因为它最好的体现了2015年的社会思潮、人们的心情和关注点。They also thought that this was a good year to pay homage to the emoji. For though they have been around since the late 1990#39;s, the use of the digital icons and the word that describes them, has escalated sharply this year. Besides, emojis are now used by people of all ages, not just teenagers.他们也觉得今年是关注表情符号的时候了。虽然这些电子表情符号在90年代末就出现了,但今年才开始在世界迅速范围火起来。除此之外,表情符号现在为各年龄段人群所使用,并不限于年轻人。Also, though the word stems from the Japanese language - e (picture), moji (character or letter), the digital icons can be understood by everyone regardless of the language they speak. Hence it only makes sense to acknowledge their importance to global communication.虽然这个词起源于日语,e(日语中“图片”词汇的发音),moji(日语中“文字或字母”的发言),这个表情符号却为各种语言的人群所理解和喜爱。那么现在把它的重要性上升到全球高度就不足为奇了。As to how they selected from the thousands of emojis that are available? The company says that they partnered with a leading mobile technology company SwiftKey to determine the most popular emoji. Turns out that #39;tears of joy#39; is the most used icon. According to SwiftKey, made up 17% of all emojis used in the U.S. A and an astounding 20% in the ed Kingdom!编写者们为何从上千个表情符号中选中了“哭笑”表情呢?《牛津词典》表示,他们是和电信公司领军者SwiftKey公司合作,一起进行了筛选,最终发现“哭笑”表情最受欢迎。据SwiftKey公司称,在美国所有的表情中该表情使用率为17%, 在英国则有20%之多。Though this is the first time the Oxford University Press has selected an image for its #39;word of the year#39;, it is not the first time they have tried to incorporate modern lingo into their 150-year-old publication. In 2013, in recognition of the growing popularity of self-portraits, the editors selected #39;selfie,#39; for the #39;Word of the Year#39;!虽然发行150年之久的《牛津词典》出版社第一次评选一个表情为“年度词汇”,但这并非他们第一次尝试在词典中加入潮词。早在2013年,“自拍”大幅流行之时,编写者们就把“Selfie(自拍照)”这个词选为了“年度词汇”。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/413366 A few weeks ago, I sat in a movie theater and grinned. Anne Hathaway was in ‘‘The Intern,’’ perched on a hotel bed in a hotel robe, eating from a can of overpriced nuts, having tea and freaking out. What would happen if she divorced her sweet, selfless stay-at-home dad of a husband? Would she ever meet anybody else? And if she didn’t, she would have no one to be buried next to — she’d be single for all eternity. And weren’t the problems in her marriage a direct result of her being a successful businesswoman — she was there but never quite present? ‘‘The Intern’’ is a Nancy Meyers movie, and these sorts of cute career-woman meltdowns are the Eddie Van Halen guitar solos of her romantic comedies.几周前,我坐在电影院里,脸上泛起笑容。《实习生》(The Intern)里的安妮·海瑟薇(Anne Hathaway)穿着客用浴袍坐在酒店床上,正喝着茶,吃一罐贵得离谱的坚果,显得六神无主。如果跟在家带孩子的无私甜心丈夫离婚会有什么后果?还能找到这么一个人吗?如果找不到,是不是得孤独终老了——就这么一个人度过余生。而她的婚姻问题,难道不正是作为一个成功女商人的下场吗——因为人在但心不在?《实习生》是南希·迈耶斯(Nancy Meyers)的电影,像这种可爱的职业女性崩溃戏,在她的浪漫喜剧中就如同埃迪·范·海伦(Eddie Van Halen guitar)的吉他华段落。But what’s funny about that scene — what had me grinning — is the response of the person across the bed from Hathaway. After listening to her tearful rant, this person has had enough: Don’t you dare blame yourself or your career! Actually, the interruption begins, ‘‘I hate to be the feminist, of the two of us. … ’’ Hate to be because the person on the other side of the bed isn’t Judy Greer or Brie Larson. It’s not Meryl Streep or Susan Sarandon. It’s someone not far from the last person who comes to mind when you think ‘‘soul-baring bestie.’’ It’s Robert freaking De Niro, portrayer of psychos, savages and grouches no more.然而这场戏最有意思的地方——让我发笑的地方——是在床另一头那个人的反应。听着她的飙泪吐槽,这人终于受不了了:你凭什么怪自己,怪你的事业!事实上,此人是用这么一句话打断她的:“我们两个人里,女性主义的居然是我,我可不想这样……”之所以不想,是因为在床另一头的那个人不是朱迪·格里尔(Judy Greer)或布莉·拉尔森(Brie Larson)。不是梅丽尔·斯特里普(Meryl Streep)或苏珊·萨兰登(Susan Sarandon)。你无论如何也想不到让这个人来担负“有话直说的闺蜜”角色。是罗伯特·德尼罗(Robert De Niro)啊妈妈,那个整天演疯子、狂徒和暴脾气的家伙。On that bed with Hathaway, as her 70-year-old intern, he’s not Travis Bickle or the human wall of intolerance from those Focker movies. He’s Lena Dunham. The attentiveness and stern feminism coming out of his mouth are where the comedy is. And while it’s perfectly obvious what Meyers is doing to De Niro — girlfriending him — that doesn’t make the overhaul any less effective. The whole movie is about the subtle and obvious ways in which men have been overly sensitized and women made self-estranged through bwinning. It’s both a plaint against the present and a pining for the past, but also an acceptance that we are where we are.作为一个70高龄的实习生和海瑟薇在一张床上的他,不是Travis Bickle(《的士司机》),也不是《拜见岳父大人》里那堵油盐不进的人肉墙壁。他是莉娜·杜汉姆(Lena Dunham)。他那一副倾听者的样子,嘴里吐出坚定的女性主义言论,正是本片的笑点所在。迈耶斯把他塑造成闺蜜的意图十分明显,但这并没有丝毫减弱这个角色的颠覆效果。整部影片就是要微妙而明显地表现男性的过度敏感,以及女人在成为家庭经济来源后的自我疏离。它既是对当下的哀叹,也是对往昔的怀恋,同时又有一种对现状的承认。And where are we? On one hand: in another of Nancy Meyers’s bourgeois pornographies. On the other: in the midst of a great cultural identity migration. Gender roles are merging. Races are being shed. In the last six years or so, but especially in 2015, we’ve been made to see how trans and bi and poly-ambi-omni- we are. If Meyers is clued into this confusion, then you know it really has gone far, wide and middlebrow. We can see it in the instantly beloved hit ‘‘Transparent,’’ about a family whose patriarch becomes a trans woman whose kids call her Moppa, or in the time we’ve spent this year in televised proximity to Caitlyn Jenner, or in the browning of America’s white founding fathers in the Broadway musical ‘‘Hamilton,’’ or in the proliferating clones that Tatiana Maslany plays on ‘‘Orphan Black,’’ which mock the idea of a true or even original self, or in Amy Schumer#39;s comedic feminism, which reconsiders gender confusion: Do uncouthness, detachment and promiscuity make her a slut, or a man?那么我们的现状是什么?一方面:我们身在南希·迈耶斯的又一部布尔乔亚色情片中。另一方面:我们正经历一场文化身份认同大迁徙。性别角色正在合并。种族在蜕变。过去大概六年里,尤其是2015年,我们看到我们就是一群跨性别、多性-兼性-全性恋者。如今连迈耶斯都插手来理这一团乱麻,你就知道它已经扩散到每一个角落了。我们可以在迅速蹿红的《透明家庭》(Transparent)里看到这一点,该剧讲了一个家族的族长成了一个跨性女,大家都管她叫“妈爸”;或者是今年在电视上频频露面的凯特琳·詹纳(Caitlyn Jenner);或者百老汇音乐剧《汉密尔顿》(Hamilton)中棕色皮肤的美国白人开国元勋;或者《黑色孤儿》(Orphan Black)中塔提阿娜·玛斯拉尼(Tatiana Maslany)饰演的众多克隆人,对真实甚或原始自我的概念进行了嘲弄;或艾米·舒默尔(Amy Schumer)的喜剧女性主义对性别困惑的重新思考:她的粗野、超然和放荡,让她成了一个,还是一个男人?We can see it in the recently departed half-hour sketch comedy ‘‘Key amp; Peele,’’ which took race as a construct that could be reshuffled and remixed until it seemed to lose its meaning. The sitcom ‘‘Black-ish’’ likewise makes weekly farcical discourse out of how much black identity has warped — and how much it hasn’t — over 50 years and across three generations. ‘‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’’ turns selfhood into a circus, introducing us to a lower-middle-class Native American teenager who eventually succeeds at becoming a rich white lady, and to other characters who try out new selves every 10 minutes, as if they’re auditioning for ‘‘Snapchat: The Musical.’’ Last month, Ryan Adams released a remake of Taylor Swift’s album ‘‘1989,’’ song for song, as a rock record that combines a male voice with a perspective that still sounds like a woman’s, like Lindsey Buckingham trying on Stevie Nicks’s clothes. Dancing on the fringes of mainstream pop are androgynous black men like Le1f, Stromae and Shamir.从最近完结的《Key amp; Peele》中也可以看到,这部半小时小品喜剧集把种族当成了一种构造,可以打乱、重混,直到失去其本身的含义。同样,情景喜剧《喜新不厌旧》(Black-ish)也用每周一集的滑稽言语,述说跨越50多年、三个世代的黑人身份出现了哪些的扭曲——又有哪些始终未曾改变。《我本坚强》(Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)将自我变成了一个马戏团,向我们呈现了一个最终如愿以偿成为富有白人女性的中低阶层美国土著少女,其他的人物也是每隔10分钟换一个新自我的类型,仿佛他们在给一个叫Snapchat的音乐剧试镜。上个月,瑞恩·亚当斯(Ryan Adams)发布了泰勒·斯威夫特(Taylor Swift)专辑《1989》的翻唱版,把所有歌曲都改成了男声摇滚乐,但听起来依然像一个女人在唱歌,就像林赛·巴金汉姆(Lindsey Buckingham)穿上了史蒂薇·尼克斯(Stevie Nicks)的衣。还有游走于主流流行乐边缘的半男半女黑人男性Le1f、Stromae和Shamir。What started this flux? For more than a decade, we’ve lived with personal technologies — games and social-media platforms — that have helped us create alternate or auxiliary personae. We’ve also spent a dozen years in the daily grip of makeover shows, in which a team of experts transforms your personal style, your home, your body, your spouse. There are TV competitions for the best fashion design, body painting, drag queen. Some forms of cosmetic alteration have become perfectly normal, and there are shows for that, too. Our reinventions feel gleeful and liberating — and tied to an essentially American optimism. After centuries of women living alongside men, and of the races living adjacent to one another, even if only notionally, our rigidly enforced gender and racial lines are finally breaking down. There’s a sense of fluidity and permissiveness and a smashing of binaries. We’re all becoming one another. Well, we are. And we’re not.这股洪流从何而来?过去十多年里,我们的手边有了和社交媒体平台这样的个人科技,可以帮助我们创造别样的或辅助的表象人格。此外,这些年我们每天都被那些“改头换面”类节目吸引着,这种节目会找一组专家来改造你的个人形象、你的家、你的身体、你的配偶。电视上还有最佳时装设计、身体绘画、易装皇后的竞赛。其中某些化妆易容的形式,现在已经见怪不怪——对此也有专门的电视节目去呈现。我们的重新发明有一种欢快和释放的感觉——这与某种本性中的美式乐观主义息息相关。千百年来女人靠着男人生活,各种族比邻而居,而现在——尽管只是名义上——我们坚守的性别和种族边界终于开始崩塌。我们能感到一种流动与包容性,二元论正在被瓦解。我们正成为彼此。是的,我们本就是彼此。但现在不是。In June, the story of a woman named Rachel Dolezal began its viral sp through the news. She had recently been appointed president of the local chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. in Spokane, Wash. She had been married to a black man, had two black sons and was, by most accounts, a black woman. Her white biological parents begged to differ. The ensuing scandal resurrected questions about the nature of identity — what compelled Dolezal to darken her skin, perm her hair and pass in reverse? She might not have been biologically black, but she seemed well past feeling spiritually white.6月,一个名叫蕾切尔·多尔扎尔(Rachel Dolezal)的女人频频见诸报端。她前不久被任命为有色人种协进会(NAACP)华盛顿州斯波坎市分会主席。她和一个黑人男性结了婚,有两个黑人儿子,她本人被大多数人认为是一名黑人女性。但她的两位白人生身父母提出了异议。随之而来的丑闻再次引发了有关身份本质的争论——是什么促使多尔扎尔加深自己的肤色,烫卷发,进行反向种族冒充呢?也许她生理上不是黑人,但精神上似乎早已不觉得自己白。Some people called her ‘‘transracial.’’ Others found insult in her masquerade, particularly when the country’s attention was being drawn, day after day, to how dangerous it can be to have black skin. The identities of the black men and women killed by white police officers and civilians, under an assortment of violent circumstances, remain fixed.有人称她为“跨种族”(transracial)。有人觉得她的伪装是种侮辱,尤其想到这个国家正日复一日地注意到,一身黑皮肤会带来怎样的危险。黑人男女被白人警察和平民在各种各样的暴力情境下打死,这样的身份认同始终牢不可破。But there was something oddly compelling about Dolezal, too. She represented — dementedly but also earnestly — a longing to transcend our historical past and racialized present. This is a country founded on independence and yet comfortable with racial domination, a country that has forever been trying to legislate the lines between whiteness and nonwhiteness, between borrowing and genocidal theft. We’ve wanted to think we’re better than a history we can’t seem to stop repeating. Dolezal’s unwavering certainty that she was black was a measure of how seriously she believed in integration: It was as if she had arrived in a future that hadn’t yet caught up to her.但在多尔扎尔的身上却又有一种奇怪的吸引力。她用一种疯狂而又恳切的方式,表达了超越我们的历史过往和种族化当下的渴望。这个国家在独立中诞生,却可以对种族霸权心安理得,这个国家一直费尽心机通过法律明确白与非白、借用与灭族盗取的区分。虽然总是无法避免重复历史,但我们曾认为自己没有看上去那么糟。多尔扎尔毅然决然地认定自己是个黑人,说明了她对种族融合有何等的信心:仿佛她已经抢先到达了某个未来世界。It wasn’t so long ago that many Americans felt they were living in that future. Barack Obama’s election was the dynamite that broke open the country. It was a moment. It was the moment. Obama was biological proof of some kind of progress — the product of an interracial relationship, the kind that was outlawed in some states as recently as 1967 but was normalized. He seemed to absolve us of original sin and take us past this stupid, dangerous race stuff. What if suddenly anything was possible? What if we could be and do whatever and whoever we wanted? In that moment, the country was changing. We were changing.这种置身未来的感觉,美国人不久前刚刚领略过。贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)的当选将这个国家炸得四分五裂。那是一个瞬间。无与伦比的瞬间。奥巴马为某种进步提供了生理据——他是一个跨种族关系的产物,而就在1967年,这样的产物在某些州还是非法的,只是被常态化了。他似乎赦免了我们的原罪,让我们可以把那些愚蠢而危险的种族问题抛诸脑后。要是突然之间一切皆有可能了呢?我们可以做任何事、成为任何人?那一刻,这个国家变了。我们变了。Before Obama ran for president, when we tended to talk about racial identity, we did so as the defense of a settlement. Black was understood to be black, nontransferably. Negro intellectuals — Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray and James Baldwin, for starters — debated strategies for equality and tolerance. Some of them asserted that to be black was also to be American, even if America begged to differ. For most of those many decades, blackness stood in opposition to whiteness, which folded its arms and said that was black people’s problem. But Obama became everybody’s problem. He was black. He was white. He was hope. He was apocalypse. And he brought a lot of anxiety into weird relief. We had never really had a white president until we had a black one.在奥巴马参选总统之前,每当试图展开种族身份的讨论,我们总是会为一种和解做辩护。我们懂得,黑人是黑人,是不可转换的。以拉尔夫·埃里森(Ralph Ellison)、阿尔伯特·穆瑞(Albert Murray)、詹姆斯·鲍德温(James Baldwin)为首的黑人知识分子曾探讨争取平等和宽容的战略。其中一些人提出黑人也是美国人的主张,尽管美利坚不以为然。在那几十年间,黑白基本上是保持对立的,白人一方双臂抱胸,说那是黑人的问题。但奥巴马成了所有人的问题。他是黑人。他是白人。他是希望。他是启示。他把许多的焦虑变成了奇怪的解脱。在有黑人总统之前,我们没有过真正的白人总统。This radical hope, triggered by Obama, ushered in a period of bi- and transracial art — art that probed the possibility that we really had transcended race, but also ridiculed this hope with an acid humor. During Obama#39;s past year in office, those works of art have taken on an even darker, more troubled tone as we keep looking around and seeing how little has really changed.这种被奥巴马触发的根本希望,开创了一个双种族和跨种族艺术时期——其间的创作探究了我们从真正意义上超越种族的可能性,同时又用尖酸的幽默嘲弄了希望本身。在奥巴马过去一年的执政里,这类艺术作品开始有了一种更阴暗、不安的气息,因为我们环顾四周,发现其实没有什么真正的改变。When the Dolezal story broke, I was partway through Nell Zink’s ‘‘Mislaid,’’ one of the four new satirical novels of race I this year — Jess Row’s ‘‘Your Face in Mine,’’ Paul Beatty’s ‘‘The Sellout’’ and Mat Johnson’s ‘‘Loving Day’’ were the others. (I also Fran Ross’s long-lost, recently reissued ‘‘Oreo.’’) But Zink’s was the only one that felt like an energy ing of Dolezal. Zink’s white heroine, Peggy, has run off with her daughter, Mireille, and decided to take the birth certificate of a dead black girl named Karen Brown and use it for Mireille, while changing her own name to Meg.多尔扎尔事件刚曝光时,我正在看奈尔·津克(Nell Zink)的《遗失》(Mislaid),那是我这一年看的四本新出版的种族讽刺小说之一——其他几本是耶斯·罗(Jess Row)的《我脸中的你的脸》(Your Face in Mine)、保罗·比蒂(Paul Beatty)的《出卖》(The Sellout)和马特·约翰逊(Mat Johnson)的《洛文日》(Loving Day)(我还看了弗兰·罗斯[Fran Ross]那本被遗忘多年、新近再版的《奥利奥》[Oreo])。但只有津克的书给我感觉像一本多尔扎尔的能量读物。津克的白人女主人公佩姬带着女儿梅瑞尔离家出走,并拿了一个名叫凯伦·布朗的已故黑人女孩的出生,作为梅瑞尔的身份明,同时把自己的名字改成了梅格。The next year, Karen was 4 years old going on 5 and still blond. Nonetheless registering her for first grade as a black 6-year-old was easy as pie.第二年,凯伦刚四岁多、快五岁,而且是一头金发。但她还是轻而易举地以一个六岁黑人孩子的身份入学,开始上一年级。Maybe you have to be from the South to get your head around blond black people. Virginia was settled before slavery began, and it was diverse. There were tawny black people with hazel eyes. Black people with auburn hair, skin like butter and eyes of deep blue-green. Blond, blue-eyed black people resembling a recent chairman of the N.A.A.C.P.可能只有南方人才能理解金发黑人是怎么回事。弗吉尼亚的定居先于蓄奴,因此是很多元的。那里有棕褐色皮肤、浅褐色眼睛的黑人。赤褐色头发、肤色似黄油、眼睛是深蓝绿色的黑人。跟近年的某任NAACP主席相似的金发、蓝眼睛黑人。 /201601/421921长春治疗子宫脱垂哪家比较便宜吉大第三医院打胎妇科整形宫颈糜烂



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