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Benjamin刚入职时经理答应他说一年后加薪,但到现在他工作已经将近两年了,而且工作业绩也很好,可是薪水却没有变化。后来经理和他谈起这个问题,说因为他工作中差错太多,所以影响了薪水,Benjamin一听就知道是托辞,站起来说:Cut it out! I think it's time for me to resign. Cut it out!少来这一套!cut it out是句俚语,意为“少来这一套”,表示让对方住嘴,或停止做某事。这个俚语可以用在生气的场合,也可用于朋友之间玩笑的场合。朋友之间说这句话相当于汉语里的“得了,少来”。例如: I'm sick of you two squabbling just cut it out! 你们两个吵来吵去真烦人--快打住吧! Boss: You deserve a salary raise, to be honest. But we are facing huge deficets, you know, so...老板:应该给你加薪的,确实是这样的。不过我们公司正面临着严重的赤字,所以……Benjamin: You might cut it out! I know what you're gonna say. I think it's time to resign.本杰明:你还是少来吧。我知道你要说什么。我想是时候该辞职了。背景音乐:Love Me Tender◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201101/122563长春南关区盆腔炎多少钱Drop it into the mailbox marked Out of Town at the corner.把信投到那个角上标有外埠的邮箱里。The zip code is 100096.邮政编码是100096。Dont worry. The postman collects the mail 4 times a day.别担心。邮递员每天取4次信。Mailboxes are emptied several times a day.邮筒每天要开好几次呢。Our business hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.我们的营业时间是从早上9点到晚上6点。The first delivery time is 9:30 am.第一次投递时间是早上9:30。We have many services for you to choose from.我们有很多种务可供您选择。You need to fill out a postal money order first.您得先填写一张邮政汇款单。Please go to window No. 6.请去6号窗口。Please line up.请排队。Offering a Consulting Service业务咨询务Can I help you, sir?先生,需要帮忙吗?Yes. I want to send a letter. Can you tell me where the mailbox is?是的。我想寄一封信。你能告诉我邮箱在哪儿吗?Just over there. Where is it to?就在那儿。您往哪儿寄?To Shanghai.我往上海寄。Drop it in the mailbox marked Out of Town at the corner.那您就把信投到那个角上标有外埠的邮箱里。By the way, how long does it take for a parcel to get to France?顺便问一下,寄个包裹到法国要多长时间?Its hard to say. That depends on what kind of service you choose. You can send it by sea, air, SAL ( Surface Air Lifted ), SURFACE, EMS, etc.这很难说。这取决于您选择什么样的务项目,您可以以海运、空运、宦运水陆路(水陆空)、水陆路、特快专递等方式投递。I suggest you choose SAL. The cost of SAL is between sea mail and airmail; the shipping time period is also between sea mail and airmail.我建议您采用空运水陆路方式。这种运输方式的费用和所需要的时间均介于海运和空运之间。It takes too long to get to France for sea mails, about 2 months.若用海运方式邮寄到法国所需要的时间太长了,大概需要两个月的时间。Well, thanks. Do you think I can catch the last mail collection today?好的,谢谢。您觉得我还能赶上今天最后一次收信吗?Of course. Mailboxes are emptied several times a day.当然了。邮筒每天要开好几次呢。Thank you. Goodbye.谢谢你。再见。 /201404/286000长春妇科医院那家好公司主管Andy又请专门研究肢体语言的Monica给公司销售员 Sara和James培训。Monica说:Monica: Okay, so we talked about composure. Lets go in the other direction now and talk about humor.J: Ah, thats something thats always puzzled me. Is it a good idea to make jokes?M: Research shows that people are more likely to accept an idea if its wrapped in humor. But the point isnt about finding a really funny joke. Laughter is actually about bonding.S: Yes....Ive noticed that many times people at a meeting are all laughing about something that really isnt all that funny.Monica接下来谈到了幽默在生意场上的作用。他说,有调查发现,用幽默的方式把一件事情说出来,更容易被对方接受。但关键不是要讲一个特别好笑的笑话,而是笑声能加强人与人之间的纽带。M: Thats right! They are not really joking....they are attempting to bond.A: So go ahead and throw in a funny comment or a clever remark...but theres got to be some minefields we should avoid as well, right?M: Yeah....dont make dirty, sexist or racist jokes or comments. And of course dont humiliate anyone.J: I have a question. Im never quite sure where to sit during a business meeting.M: The ancient Chinese art of ;Feng Shui; teaches that you should never sit with the door behind you - and actually theres a scientific reason for that.虽然及时讲个笑话,或是发表一点幽默的能有助于调节气氛,加强纽带,但讲笑话也有一些需要忌讳的地方,或者说是 minefield 雷区。Dont make dirty, sexist or racist jokes or comments. Monica说,不要讲黄色笑话、性别歧视的笑话和种族歧视的笑话,而且不要 humiliate 羞辱别人。James问了一个很简单的问题,那就是,开会的时候应该坐在哪儿。Monica 说,按照中国风水里的讲究,后背不要对着门,这是有科学道理的,为什么呢?M: When a persons back is placed towards an open space he becomes stressed; his blood pressure increases and his heart beats faster.S: That makes sense! People subconsciously worry about getting attacked if they dont know whats lurking behind them.J: Interesting. Ill be sure to sit facing the door from now on!A: Monica, thank you for another great class! I think we all learned a lot today.M: My pleasure! See you next time!Monica 解释说,如果后背对着开放的空间,那这个人就容易有压力,血压升高,心跳加速,因为他们不知道身后可能会隐藏着什么危险,They dont know whats lurking behind them. 所以会下意识地感到不安全,因此在选择座位时,最好是脸冲着门。怎么样,大家是不是也学到了一些以前不知道的事情呢? /201303/228652roughly speaking 大约英文释义 (INFORMAL) Approximately.例句The exact number is higher, and of course changes every day, but, roughly speaking, there are about seven billion people on earth today.目前全世界大约有70亿人,实际数字更高一些,当然每天都在变化。 /201406/305912长春铁西区做人流价格

长春哪家医院打胎安全吉林省长春第二医院可以用社保卡吗7 取消约会3句英文任你选 Im sorry I cant keep our appointment because something unexpected has come up.对不起,我们的约会我不能去了,因为出了一点意外的事。Im sorry to inform you that I have to cancel the lunch date with you.很抱歉告诉你,我不得不取消和你的午餐约会。It looks as if I wont be able to keep the appointment we made.看来我不能赴约了。半个句型要记牢keep ones appointment(遵守约定)Tip: keep是最常用的动词之一,其含义丰富,与其搭配的短语也很多,作及物动词时可表示;保留,保持,赔养,经营,使……处于某种状态(情况) ; 等,如 Wed better keep a seat for him. (我们最好给他留个座位),在例句中是;履行,遵守;的意思,如keep ones promise. (信守承诺)。 /201511/393398Catherine在和好友Jake聊天,谈到Catherine今天在公司的职位,以及所取得的优异成绩,Jake赞不绝口。于是Catherine就提到了之前的种种努力与艰辛,最后还说:I have had a hard time for many years. I have had a hard time for many years.我经历了很久的艰难日子啊。have a hard time意为“过得很艰难”,类似的词组还有很多,例如:have a good time玩得很高兴;have fun玩得很开心。完成时表示一种状态持续到现在,可能结束了也可能还在持续,在这里当然是指已经结束了的艰难日子,是一种成功后对艰辛努力的回顾。所以,如果有人以为你的成功来得很容易,你就可以跟他说:I have had a hard time for many years.我经历的很久的艰难日子啊。 Jane:I heard you were promoted today.简:我听说你晋升了。Shirley:Yeah! What I've done in the past time is worthwhile. I have had a hard time for a long time.雪莉:是的,过去我所付出的一切都是值得的。过去的艰难日子我已经过了很久了。◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎梨树县无痛人流手术多少钱职场社交英语 Lesson 20:我得要有动力SCENE③ B 吉娜去她老板的隔间看他 【我得要有动力】Vince: Your 3.5 percent 1) share is going to be worth at least a million.文斯: 你那百分之三·五的股权,将会值个百万以上。 Zina: I need to be 2) motivated, Vince. 3) Multi-motivated. As in multi-million.吉娜: 我得要有动力,文斯。多重动力,多重百万的多重。 Vince: What if I said no?文斯: 要是我说不呢?Zina: Ever hear of WebTracker?吉娜: 有听过“网路搜寻家”吗?Vince: You wouldn't! If you leave, you'll make nothing.文斯: 你不会那样吧!你若是离开,连半毛都赚不到。Zina: I might make nothing even if I stay. For that kind of risk, I want to get rich.吉娜: 我留下搞不好也赚不到半毛。 基于这种风险,我要发财。 Vince: OK. If you sign the Stars.com 4) account before WebTracker does, we'll talk next week.文斯: 好吧。若是你早“网路搜寻家”一步签下Stars.com这个客户,我们就等下星期再谈。语言详解A: Don't you want to go and exercise? 你不想在运动吗? B: Yes, but I can't seem to get motivated. 想,可是我没有动力。【用 as in... 做补述】as in这个短语是用来补述,好让意思能让人更明白,常用在解释拼字的时候: A: My name is Meg. 我叫做梅格。B: Is that M as in Mary, E as in elephant, and G as in girl? 那是Mary的m、elephant的e,girl的g吗?as in可以用来进一步解释情况,犹如中文里的“像……那种”:A: I just ate a Chinese buffet for only 2.99 dollars. 我刚只花了2.99美元吃了份中式自助餐。B: As in the all-you-can-eat kind? That's so cheap! 是吃到饱的那种吗?还真便宜!你也可以用as in来提问,以确定自己没有误会对方的意思: A: I made a million last year. 我去年赚了一百万。B: Is that as in dollars? 你说的一百万是美元吗? 1) share (n.) 股份2) motivate (v.) 给予……动力3) multi “多重的”字首4) account (n.) 客户,尤指生意上往来的客 /200602/4236长春看妇科病的医院哪个比较好

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