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US Defense Secretary Expresses Regret for Afghan Civilian Deaths美:美军需努力防止在阿误杀平民 U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says American forces need to do more to prevent killing civilians during military strikes in Afghanistan. While the secretary was in Kabul, U.S. military chief Admiral Mike Mullen visited Islamabad for talks with officials who have protested U.S. attacks on targets inside Pakistan. 美国国防部长盖茨说,美国军队需要做得更多,以防止在阿富汗的军事打击行动中杀害平民。就在盖茨在喀布尔时,美军将领马伦上将到访伊斯兰堡,与抗议过美国袭击巴基斯坦境内目标的官员举行会晤。Defense Secretary Robert Gates addressed the ongoing controversy in Afghanistan over civilian deaths by offering his apologies and vowing to do more to prevent them in the future. 国防部长盖茨发表讲话谈到目前在阿富汗有关平民死亡出现的争议。盖茨提出道歉,并且表示一定要做得更多以便在未来预防平民死亡。"I offer all Afghans my sincere condolences and personal regrets for the recent loss of innocent life as a result of coalition air strikes," Gates said. "While no military has ever done more to prevent civilian casualties, it is clear that we have to work even harder." 盖茨说,“我向所有阿富汗人表达我诚挚的慰问和我个人对最近联军空袭造成无辜生命被剥夺的歉意。虽然美军没有做得更多来防止平民伤亡,但是很明显我们要更努力去做的。”Top Afghan officials, including President Hamid Karzai have sharply criticized an increase in civilian deaths in recent weeks, in particular last months airstrike in Herat that Afghan and U.N. officials say killed more than 90 civilians - mostly women and children. The U.S. military says its investigation showed several civilians were among about 35 militants killed, but has promised to reopen an investigation.  包括阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊在内的阿富汗高级官员严厉批评最近几个星期平民死亡人数上升,特别是上个月在赫拉特省的空袭。阿富汗和联合国官员说,那次空袭造成90多名平民丧生,其中多数为妇女和儿童。美国军方说,军方的调查显示35名被打死的激进分子中有几名平民,但是军方说一定要重新调查。Secretary Gates blamed this year's spike in violence on Taliban fighters adopting terrorist-style attacks on soft targets and more attacks by a variety of militant and criminal gangs all working to undermine the government.  盖茨国防部长将今年暴力活动上升归咎于对非军事目标采取恐怖分子袭击方式的塔利班武装分子以及所有致力于破坏政府的各种激进分子和犯罪分子集团实施的更多袭击。He says Taliban militants have also used sanctuaries in Pakistan to launch attacks. But he said the Pakistani military has recently begun to crack down on fighters in the country's autonomous tribal agencies. 盖茨说,塔利班分子还利用在巴基斯坦的庇护点发动攻击。但是他说,巴基斯坦军方最近开始打击在巴基斯坦自治部落机构里的武装分子。"I think what we have seen and been pleased about is in recent weeks, the Pakistani army once again putting pressure in this area and it is my hope that we can work closely with the Pakistanis to prevent this from being a safe haven that threatens both Afghanistan and a democratic Pakistan," Gates. 盖茨说,“我认为,我们最近几个星期看到和感到高兴的是,巴基斯坦军队再次在这一地区施加压力,我希望我们能够与巴基斯坦人紧密合作,防止这个地区成为威胁阿富汗和民主巴基斯坦的安全庇护所。”The U.S. military chief, Admiral Mike Mullen, met with Pakistan's army chief and the prime minister in Islamabad for talks, including the security situation in the tribal areas.  美军将领马伦上将在伊斯兰堡和巴基斯坦陆军司令和巴基斯坦总理在伊斯兰堡举行会谈,会谈内容包括在部落地区的安全局势。Top military and civilian officials in Pakistan have strongly protested a U.S. ground raid last month against a suspected militant target on Pakistani territory near the Afghan border. The raid appeared to be the first of its kind, and drew rebukes from civilian and military officials vowing to defend Pakistan's sovereignty at all costs. 巴基斯坦军方和民事高级官员强烈抗议上个月美国对巴基斯坦靠近阿富汗边界领域里的一个可疑的激进分子目标发动地面突袭。这次突袭好像是类似袭击中的第一次,突袭引起民事和军事官员的强烈批评。他们发誓一定要不惜一切代价保卫巴基斯坦的主权。The U.S. embassy released a statement saying Admiral Mullen had an extremely frank, positive and constructive meeting with General Ashfaq Kayani and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. The statement said Mullen also vowed to respect Pakistan's sovereignty. 美国大使馆发布一份声明说,马伦上将和卡亚尼将军以及吉拉尼总理进行了一次极为坦诚、积极和建设性的会谈。声明说,穆伦还表示一定要尊重巴基斯坦的主权。200809/49069... that is wonderful, but what about richer? GMA, ...financial contributor Mellody Hobson, the president of Ariel Capital Management is here to tell us about this . All right, what is the~ what's the magic in here? it's not just two people coming together and pooling resources. No, it's not just that, it's not just situations where there are 2 incomes. It actually is about the other pre-person, often keeping you honest. They, you maybe have a different saving style than you do and they actually keep you on tracks (so it's), when it comes to money. A lot about savings and~and setting priorities and one person is more likely, one person alone is more likely expend it. That's exactly right, one person doesn't have that same discipline , as someone else telling you, you know, we really shouldn't do this. And children make that difference to them. Huge difference,having another person depend on you financially, either a spouse or a child, really makes you responsible when it become~when it comes to money. So what does a single person do to catch up? Well, it's interesting , one of my favorite es that I have of all time is from Judy Collins and she says, as women, we are raised to have rescue fantasies and I am here to tell you, no one is coming. There're 54 million single women in this country like me and oftentimes we delay saving or investing, because we think someone will come and my, ~my tip~to them, " start now, don't wait ". Go ahead and be your own friend. That's exactly right, (Love yourself. )love yourself. That's exactly. Love yourself and starts saving the money. I wonder, just though ur there's a statistic that interests me. On the average people are getting married 5 years later now than they used to , women at the age of 25, men at the age of 27. Does that mean that this marriage benefit is gonna go down a little bit, (well)does it matter that you marry later or earlier? Getting married, married later absolutely affects your finances for the reasons I've aly mentioned since we delay saving or investing for that husband or wife though come along. They'll keep us honest and doing the right thing. We end up not only not putting away that money , but missing those 5 years of that money compounding which leaves us~leaves us less well off. Well, who knew that you're not just marrying for love, you're marrying your conscience, (That's true. )sometimes, anyway. 200808/46900US Ships Food to North Korea Following Agreement to Expand UN Role美援助北韩首批小麦运抵北韩港口 Help is starting to reach hungry North Korea. A ship carrying tens of thousands of tons of grain from the ed States has arrived at a North Korean port. The shipment follows a North Korean deal with the World Food Program to expand its reach in the country.  援助物资开始进入饥饿的北韩。一艘满载数万吨粮食的货船从美国抵达北韩港口。此前的一项协议使世界粮食计划署得以扩大对北韩的援助行动。The American ship carrying 37,000 tons of wheat arrived Sunday in the North Korean port of Nampo. It is the first installment of half a million tons of food aid promised by the ed States to the impoverished North. 一艘装载著3万7千吨小麦的美国货轮星期天抵达北韩港口南浦。美国表示要提供给贫困的北韩50万吨粮食援助,这是第一批。Two days earlier, the ed Nations World Food Program signed a new agreement with Pyongyang to bolster its presence in North Korea. Paul Risley, spokesman for the WFP's Asia operations, says the deal is great news for North Korea's malnourished population. 两天前,联合国世界粮食计划署与平壤签订了一项新的协议,扩大在北韩的行动。世界粮食计划署亚洲行动发言人里斯利说,这个协议对北韩营养不良的民众来说是一个极好的消息。"It will allow for increased staff, it will allow for much larger amounts of food, and instead of feeding roughly one million people we feed presently, we will likely be able to feed close to the five million people we estimate are hungry," he said. 他说:“根据协议,可以增加工作人员,增加更多的粮食。我们可能能够为我们估计正在挨饿的将近5百万人提供食品,而现在我们大约只能帮助1百万人。”North Korea has experienced food shortages for decades as the result of self-imposed economic isolation and mismanagement of resources. The problem culminated in the mid-90s, when up to a million North Koreans are believed to have died in a famine. Last year's heavy flooding in the North, made worse by the population's clear-cutting of mountains for food and fuel, has severely impacted this year's harvest.  由于在经济上与外界隔绝和对资源的管理不当,北韩几十年来一直粮食短缺。这个问题到1990年代中期恶化到极点,据信那些年有1百万北韩人饿死。去年北韩发生严重水灾,北韩人为种粮食和获取燃料而将山上的树木全部伐光,使灾情进一步恶化,严重影响了今年的收成。Friday's agreement with the WFP will put 50 WFP workers in North Korea over the next year, up from the current ten people. It also allows the teams to distribute food in areas previously off limits. 根据上星期五北韩与世界粮食计划署签署的协议,相对于目前的10名工作人员,该机构今后一年可以派遣50名工作人员进入北韩。协议还允许这些人前往过去不得进入的地区分发食品。Risley says desperate times may have helped coax North Korea away from its usual reclusiveness. 里斯利指出,局势严峻,这可能是迫使北韩脱离通常那种与世隔绝状态的原因。"There is a growing awareness by the government of DPRK, and a growing openness toward an expanded international presence," he added. "In particular, when it comes to food assistance." 他说:“北韩政府越来越认识到这一点,而且越来越接受国际社会进入北韩,特别是在粮食援助问题上。”Risley adds, the U.S. shipment that arrived Sunday was contingent on the new WFP deal. 里斯利补充说,美国星期天运抵北韩的粮食是北韩与世界粮食计划署新协议的一部分。"The U.S. was reluctant to provide the first installment of its food aid until that agreement was reached by WFP and by the government," he said. 他说:“在世界粮食计划署和北韩政府没有达成协议之前,美国不愿意发送第一批粮食。”The World Food Program has a policy of only distributing food in areas where it can monitor distribution to ensure food reaches the most needy. Washington has expressed concerns in the past that unmonitored aid may be diverted to North Korea's military and political elite. 世界粮食计划署的政策是,只在能够实施监督、确保粮食发送最需要的人的地方分配粮食。华盛顿过去担心,如果没有监督,援助物资可能会落到北韩军队和政治特权者手中。South Korea has not yet sent food aid to the North, but that may change soon as the result of progress in negotiations on nuclear weapons. Even without sending food, Seoul is assisting the North in its crisis: the World Food Program says South Korea puts up most of the funding for the agency's operations in the North. 韩国还没有向北韩运送粮食援助,但是在有关核武器的谈判取得进展之后,韩国方面可能会有所改变。尽管没有运送粮食,首尔还是在北韩陷入危机的时刻提供了帮助。世界粮食计划署说,韩国为该机构在北韩的行动提供了大部分资金。200807/43140Hey, if you wanna get a raise at work, but you just don't know how to ask, our next guest has some helpful tips on how to boost you pay by helping you negotiate with the boss. With Teeki, he just threatens us. Well, to General Jackson(laugh). Badal joins us right now from San Francisco. Hi Jaclyne, how do we get a raise? Well, we found in our reporting that there are really five things that you could do. The first step was very helpful, was making sure your boss knew what you are up to. He can't see everything, and you have to make sure you know, he's here contributing to the bottom line.Well, that could be bragging though. So you have to shamelessly promote yourself then. Maybe not shame-free, you don't wanna be obnoxious, but every now and again if you did something that's really noteworthy, let them know (So if you are Teeki), or to get praised from somebody else. So should you just put together a bunch of clips if you're running the ball, you know, in...into the end zone and just hand it to Tom Coff? It doesn't work, and Tom doesn't make that decision. If you can prove it that contributed to the bottom line. He can raise... (laugh)Hey, Don't overstate your accomplishment. This goes for Teeki too. So don't overdo it, right? No.2. Right, definitely, cause the boss generally has a data to check up on you and if you lie, you are really gonna lose a lot of credibility on the things that you actually did do well. Ok, so what you wanna do is you wanna point out some of the things that you've done, but be honest about it, and, and only take credit where credit's due. That's correct. And third you say to think ahead. What do you mean by that? A lot of people procrastinate, that's kind of human nature. And a lot of people forget the things that they've done that are good, so one of the things that we found was that it was really helpful if you kept a diary of the things that you've done that works extraordinary. And then come with review time, you're prepared and you really should be preparing about, you know, three months in advance win your performance tributes. I don't have a lot of blank pages in my diary thing. No.4, num, No.4 is my favorite. Play both sides against the middle, get a competing job offer. Yeah, that's correct, you know, when, we found that one of the fastest ways to raise your salary was actually just to go out in competing job offer. But if you do that, you have to be willing to jump ship but not everybody is. Alright, then you also say lastly go online. You can research competitive wages for your, eh, particular job at either salary.com, salaryexpert.com or bls.gov, so that's some good advice and hopefully people will check it out. Yeah!I think I wanna go to see if the Redskins will take me. (laugh)Absolutely, Jack, you might not be the best test case (I know), with some great points. Thanks so much for joining us. Thank you for joining us. We appreciate it.Thank you very much. 200809/511164 价格太高3句英文任你选Your price is too high to interest buyers in counter-offer.您的价格太高,买方没有兴趣还盘。I must say the price is too high for me to accept.我必须说价格太高不能接受。Your ation is too high to accept.你方要价太高无法接受。半个句型要记牢too... to... (太……而不能)Tip: ;too +形容词/副词+动词不定式;结构简称为; too... to;结构。这种结构是英语中常用的一种句型,在大多数情况下表示否定意义,在翻译时,通常可译为;太……而不能……;、;太……无法……; 。too + adj. / adv. + to do这个句型是too... to的最基本的常用句型。 too+形容词或副词,有时too后也可眼一个起形容词作用的过去分词。例如: The boy is too young to go to school. (这男孩年龄太小,不能上学。 ) /201603/434079

They feasted on the supplies they captured. Genghis Khan turned Beijing into a prison. Within the walls, thousands starved to death. The survivors resorted to cannibalism. Finally, Genghis Khan's army was y to attack."All who surrender would be spared. Those who did not surrender but opposed with struggle and dissension would be annihilated."Despite enduring months of starvation, the commander of the Chinese army still controlled a formidable garrison with thousands of men and a powerful array of weapons. Genghis Khan knew that few in the first wave of the attack would survive. So he forced captured enemy prisoners to wheel the siege engine forward into the killing zone. It is said that each of his own warriors was given a silk shirt. If the arrow penetrated the body, it took the silk with it, making it easier to draw the arrow out and minimizing the wound.feast: gorge, devour, consumecannibalism: act of eating human fleshannihilate: destroy, demolish; exterminate200809/50119

4 装运时间3句英文任你选When is the earliest shipment we can expect?最早何时能装运?By the middle of June, I think.我想得在6月中旬。Well make it at the beginning of September.我们能在9月初装运。半个句型要记牢at the beginning of (在……开始的时候,在……的开头)Tip:at the beginning常与of连用,表示;在……之初;可以指时间的起初和地点的开始。还有一个短语in the beginning,也表示;开始,起初;的意思,但一般不与of连用。 at the beginning也可单独使用,表示;起初,开始这时可与in the beginning替换。 at first和at the start也有同样的意思。 /201604/434125

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