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诸如猫王,惠特尼#8226;休斯顿,艾米#8226;怀恩豪斯和迈克尔#8226;杰克逊等特色名人的财产和纪念品在洛杉矶举行的音乐偶像拍卖会上被用于拍卖活动。Top singing stars Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson are among the featured celebrities whose possessions and memorabilia that are making up a musical icons auction in Los Angeles.A lock of Elvis Presley#39;s hair or Whitney Houston#39;s passport were just two of the hundreds of items up for grabs in the Music Icons and Sports Legends Auction held at Julien#39;s Auctions in Beverly Hills.A highlight from the auction was a collection of 43 Houston items, including several dresses, which are expected to sell well above their 2,000 dollar starting price. Other legends represented are Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and John Lennon.And in an Olympic year, an item that should attract a lot of interest is the torch from the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, signed by boxing great, Muhammad Ali. Elvis Presley#39;s crypt was recently pulled off the auction block after fans requested that the item be kept at the Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis in memory of the great singer.The Music Icons and Sports Legends Auction took place in Beverly Hills and online over the weekend. Article/201206/188519Jane Furnival (Author) gives expert advice on: Where are the best bargains located in the supermarkets? and more...作家Jane Furnival在本视频中为我们提供了专业的建议:超市里最物美价廉的商品摆放在什么地方?以及更多其它问题……How do supermarkets try and make us spend more money?超市怎样试图使我们消费更多?Supermarkets are just big machines to make us spend more money than we intended. They have enticing smells of new cooked b; they#39;re very warm, they#39;re very smiley, they make you feel good. Never shop when you#39;re hungry. Supermarkets know this, and you can add up to £30 per trolley in snacks - the sort of things you buy that you can eat on the way home. Then you can eat in the supermarket cafe as well, which adds even more to your spend. Look at the end of the shelves and walk straight past the treats there. That#39;s one way that supermarkets have of getting you to spend a lot of money: the most expensive stuff is always at the end of every aisle.超市就是试图让我们消费超出预期的大型机器。它们散发出刚烤好的面包的诱人香味,它们非常温暖,味道香浓,使你感觉非常好。永远不要在你饥饿的时候购物。超市非常清楚这一点,你手推车中零食的费用可能高达30英镑——你在回家的途中就可以食用。你也可以在超市的咖啡馆就餐,这样你的消费就更多。看一下货架最末端,直接越过这里的商品。这是超市让你花费大量金钱的地方:最贵的商品总是摆在走廊的最末端。How do supermarkets lure us in to start with?超市用什么方法诱惑我们走进去?Supermarkets lure us in with shopping tricks such as the promise of free parking and lots of special offers. We always tell ourselves that we are going to save money if we set foot in that supermarket because we have been lured in, but the absolute opposite is the case. Very few people can walk out of a supermarket and feel that they have really saved and bought nothing that they didn#39;t intend to buy when they walked in.超市通常使用免费停车的承诺和大量特价商品等伎俩来诱惑我们。当我们走进这间超市的时候,我们总是告诉自己在这里购物会省钱,因为我们是被诱惑进来的,但是实际情况恰恰相反。很少有人走出超市的时候感到自己真的省了钱,没有购买走进来的时候没打算购买的物品。Where are the best bargains located in the supermarkets?超市里最物美价廉的商品摆放在什么地方?You have to look high and low for bargains. I don#39;t mean scour the supermarket, I mean look high and low on the shelf for bargains. The middle of the shelf is where you#39;ll find the most expensive things. Makers can pay supermarkets sometimes to place high-value items right in your eye-line?你必须上下仔细观察来寻找物美价廉的商品。我并不是说走遍整个超市来寻找,我的意思是要看货架的高处和低处。货架的中间通常是最贵的商品。制造商通常会付给超市一定的资金,将最贵的商品摆放在顾客视线范围之内。Thanks for watching Identifying Shop Tricks For more how to s, expert advice, instructional tips, tricks, guides and tutorials on this subject, visit the topic Eat Well For Less.感谢收看鉴别超市伎俩视频。要了解关于更多专业建议,指导意见,指引和教程,请登录我们的网站查看。 Article/201209/198153

and the birth of another.但同时也宣告着另一种生活的开始1876, a century of government policies target native Americans.1876年,针对印第安人的政策已经延续了一个世纪371 treaties keep them separate, isolated, remote.总共371项条约迫使他们分散到边远的隔绝之地Most of America#39;s 300,000 tribes people now live on government assigned lands, reservations.美国30万原住民中的绝大多数 已经生活在了政府指定的区划或保留地里But resistance is still fierce.但仍然有强烈的反抗行动I think probably the darkest spot in our history,for me at least is what happened to native Americans.我认为美国历史上最黑暗的一页就是对原住民的压迫,至少我是这么看的We came here and confiscated their homeland.我们来到这片土地并侵占了他们的家园I think we have a real sense now of what our part was in that,one that I would love to see redefined and rewritten.我想我们现在对自己在这中间扮演的角色已经有了比较客观的认识,我希望这段历史能被重新定义和重新叙述Across the Great Plains.The federal government acquires millions of acres of the Native Americans#39; traditional hunting ground to make way for the iron horse.从北到南,联邦政府获得了大平原数百万英亩印第安人用作传统猎场的土地,用来为工业铁骑开辟道路The Sioux are forced deep into the Black Hills.苏族被迫转移至黑山深处As a young boy. Black Elk witnesses the coming of the railroad and the destruction of the buffalo herds.小时候,巴拉克·艾尔克亲眼见了铁路入侵草原和白人对野牛群的大肆屠杀Now aged 12, he#39;s about to be part of the Sioux nation#39;s last triumph.现年12岁的他将会成为苏族最后的凯旋勇士White men come in like a river.白人像河水一样涌入They told us that they wanted only a little land.他们说只想要一点点土地 But our people knew better.但族人们都很清楚这只不过是幌子Gold is discovered in the Black Hills.黑山里发现了金子100,000 prospectors rush in to seek their fortune.10万人的淘金者队伍蜂拥前来寻找宝藏The federal government wants to clear the area.联邦政府想扫清这一带的障碍On a reconnaissance mission with the 7th cavalry, Lieutenant Colonel George Custer stumbles across the Sioux camp near the Little Bighorn river.在率领第七骑兵团的一次侦察途中,乔治·卡斯特中尉意外地发现了小大角河附近的苏族营地Custer makes a fateful decision.卡斯特做了一个致命的决定with 700 soldiers Custer charges the camp, with 7,000 Native Americans.他率领700名士兵朝着,有7000名印第安人的营地发起了进攻Within three hours all the men in Custer#39;s regiment are dead.不到三个小时 卡斯特的骑兵团全军覆没The Sioux win the battle, but will lose the war.苏族打赢了这场战斗,但输掉了整个战争 /201211/211304

How To Tell Someone You Love Them如何向某人说你喜欢她VideoJug is here to show you how to lay your heart on the line and summon up the courage to tell someone you love them. Conquer your fears and proclaim your love with VideoJug's help! Step 1: Be sure确定她就是那个人It's unlikely you'll know immediately after meeting your beloved, if they really are The One. Bide your time, to check you find those quirks of hers charming, and not more and more irritating as time goes on.Only say those three little words if you mean them, and remember once you've said it, you can't take it back.Step 2: Be sincere要真诚Whether you decide to let her know the wimps way, or tell her spontaneously, or plan a romantic event around it - you need to be sure she knows you're being serious. So NEVER tell her when you have drunk a little too much, when you've had some fantastic news, or when you've had some terrible news. You may be far too over-emotional, and she may doubt your sincerity.Step 3: Advice for wimps给笨蛋的建议If you a pathetic, lily-livered weed, wait until you know she won't answer her phone in person, and then leave a message that professes your love. This way, she isn't under pressure to respond right then.... but be aware it may give her time to buy a one way ticket to Brazil.Step 4: Be spontaneous真情的自然表露 Once you know you're in love, an opportunity to express this will probably present itself naturally. You may find yourself overcome by a wave of emotion, and blurting out 'I love you', regardless of how suitable the occasion is for romantic gestures.Step 5: Be organised实现计划好 If you want a more controlled approach, plan a special occasion, in a special place, with some special food, and some special music for that special someone. But let the specialness end there. When it comes to the Big Moment, keep it simple. So avoid distracting her from the meaning of your words with an over-elaborate delivery.Don't hesitate, procrastinate or cogitate. Always remember that less is more.Step 6: Her reaction她的反应 Congratulations. You've done it. But hang on, she's not saying anything. And now she's just said 'ahh, thanks'. Don't panic. This is NOT the time to say 'Do you love me too?'Be patient. It may take a while for it to sink in. Just because she doesn't say anything straight away doesn't mean she doesn't love you as well. Hang on, she's immediately said it back. What do you do now? Don't panic. This is great, remember? This is what you wanted to happen. But it's probably a good idea to have a few follow-up conversation topics at hand to keep things flowing. Samples might include: Shall we tell all our friends- now we're in love? Shall we buy a kitten- now we're in love? Now we're in love, can you dye your hair blonde? Article/201109/154036

To divert the raging Colorado,为了让水流湍急的科罗拉多河改道four massive tunnels are drilled through 3 miles of solid rock.需要钻透长达3英里的岩石,建成4条巨大的隧道Each tunnel is as wide as a four lane highway and is tall as a 5-story building.每条隧道的宽度堪比四车道高速公路,高度则有5层楼A million and a half gallons of water每秒钟有150万加仑的水flow through here every second.从这些隧道中奔腾而过The Hoover Dam was a statement about what America is all about.胡佛水坝是美国最好的写照Nothing is too big to take on.不惜一切代价We are going to change this country.我们必将改变这个国家If Frank Crow was in a hurry before,now the pressure is double.弗兰克·克罗本就分秒必争,现在更是压力倍增Time and money.无论时间还是资金The tunnels can only be dug when the river is low.隧道只能在枯水季节挖掘That#39;s only four months in a year.而枯水期每年只有四个月And the money.There is a ,000 fine for every day the project falls behind the schedule.资金也是个问题,工程每延期一天就要罚款3000美元The clock is ticking.时间不等人Frank#39;s answer is as bold as he is.弗兰克的解决之道 一如既往地大胆Gigantic mobile drilling rigs.巨大的移动钻孔机4 stories of scaffolding mounted on the backs of trucks.4层脚手架搭在卡车上面Up to 30 men drill into the rock around the clock, 24 hours a day.多达30名工人一天24小时不停地钻They move ten times faster than normal drilling.比通常的钻孔进度快上10倍Temperatures hit 140 degrees in the tunnels.隧道内温度高至华氏140度--60摄氏度Frank just pushes harder.弗兰克还是催得更急The drilling crews compete against each other.他要求钻孔工人们相互竞争Which will drill the furthest every day?哪队每天能钻更多As drill man Marion Allen puts it:正如钻孔工人马里昂·艾伦所言It didn#39;t make any difference what you did,but you had to beat that other crew.其实干多干少并不会怎么样,但你必须要比其他人多干 /201301/220002

【视频欣赏】How To Make Watermelon Sorbet on Howcast【听力文本】Make use of that extra watermelon this summer by creating some yummy sorbet.You Will Need3frac12;-4 lb. watermelon 1 c. sugar frac14; c. lemon juice 2 tbsp. rum Food processor or blender Ice cream maker Dessert bowls Toppings Step 1: Cut watermelon(将西瓜切成片)Cut a ripe watermelon into bite-sized pieces and remove the seeds.Step 2: Puree(搅成西瓜泥)Puree the watermelon in the food processor.Step 3: Cook with sugar(用中火,加糖煮1杯西瓜汁)Cook 1 cup of the puree with the sugar in a saucepan, over medium heat, until the sugar has dissolved.Add the sugar gradually and taste it to judge when the mixture is sweet enough.Step 4: Mix the remaining ingredients(将剩下的西瓜泥加上柠檬汁,糖进行搅拌)Mix the rest of the watermelon puree, the lemon juice, and the rum into the sugar and watermelon mixture.Adding alcohol to the sorbet mixture keeps the sorbet from freezing solid and will allow you to serve it easily.Step 5: Cover and cool(搁置冰箱冷却)Cover the saucepan and place the mixture in the refrigerator until it is cold.Step 6: Freeze(让结冰)Freeze the watermelon mixture in the ice cream maker.Step 7: Let firm up and serve(结成冰之后就可以拿出来享用了)Allow the mixture to freeze until firm, not hard — for at least 2 hours. When it is y, scoop the sorbet into dessert bowls and enjoy with toppings or all by itself.The home ice cream freezer was invented by Nancy Johnson of Philadelphia in 1843. Article/201005/104574

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