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74.登约会常用应急场景范例一:Three minutes dateWhat upsets you?My parents called. As usual, they reminded me again that I should have a plan to marry by my late 20s.Easier set them done.Who should I marry? I have no time to go on a date.It is not your mother finding one for you?I will find one myself, of course. I’m a modern girl.Perhaps you can try the three minutes date, the latest type.You mean dozens of the opposite sex meet each other for three minutes in a dimly bar serving alcohol, I hate that idea.No, there is an updated virgin, three minutes date. I know an online dating website providing such service with a microphone and webcam, you can sigh for it. You can be face-to-face with a guy talking for maximum three minutes.I don’t think it makes sense. Three minutes is such a short time. I think you can find out if there is a possibility of romance within the first second of meeting someone, so-called love at first sight.Anyway, I don’t want to post my face up for sale on the internet like that.Don’t worry. There are many other options using the internet as dating methods. Some sites operate at international standard even have got certifications.Of course, for these sites, you have to pay a membership fee. But all in all, it is more serious and professional. The chance of meeting a good and serious person who does not play games is higher.I don’t want to post my personal information on the internet. I’m not knowing who is ing it. /201003/99465职场社交英语 Lesson 8:我受不了电脑怪胎?SCENE③ B 吉娜一早进公司【我受不了电脑怪胎】Dave: Whoa. Now I'm awake! Zina has a secret admirer.戴夫: 哇。这会我可醒了!吉娜有暗恋者了。Zina: I really do not have time to deal with some 1) lovesick computer 2) geek.吉娜: 我真的没时间去应付爱昏了头的电脑怪胎。Dave: I know what you mean. I can't stand computer geeks.戴夫: 我知道你的意思。我也受不了电脑怪胎。Zina: Sorry, Dave, I didn't mean you. I am just not 3) in the mood for this. I have work to do.吉娜: 抱歉,戴夫,我不是说你。我只是没心情搞这玩意儿。我还有工作要做。Dave: Who do you think it is?戴夫: 你觉得是谁?语言详解A: Your friend seems to be in a better mood. 你朋友的心情看起来好多了。B: I gave her a pep talk. 我给她来了段精神讲话。【I can't stand... 我无法忍受……】stand这个字大家一定都知道,但它除了“站”这个意思之外,最常用的就是指“忍受”,可以用在人身上:A: Allison is my best friend. 爱丽森是我最好的朋友。B: I can't stand her. She is so fake! 我受不了她。她好假喔! 也可以用在事物身上:A: It must be 45 degrees in here. 这里一定有四十五度。B: I can't stand it anymore. It's too hot! 我再也受不了了。有够热的!用来表示动作也行:A: Let's go have a beer at Tom's. 我们去"汤姆的店"喝啤酒。B: I can't stand to go there. It reminds me of my ex-girlfriend. 我不能忍受去那里。那会让我想起我的前女友。1) lovesick (a.) 因爱而分神迷乱的2) geek (n.) 怪胎3) be in the mood for有心情去... /200602/4224

1.Asset 财富,资产,重要资源,重要人才A: Mike is really an asset of our company.B: I agree. We need to have an retain plan for him.A:迈克真是我们公司的重要人才。B:我同意,我们要有个留住他的计划。 2.Business card 名片A: May I have your business card?B: Sure, my pleasure.A:可以给我一张你的名片吗?B:当然,我很荣幸。3.Company culture 企业文化A: What forms company culture?B: Values, beliefs and behaviors inherent in a company.A:企业文化由什么因素构成?B:企业文化就是一个公司的价值观、信仰和固有的行为方式。4.Job offer 工作聘任,聘任书A: How many job offers have you got?B: I got only two offers. Not like you, offers are lining up.A:你拿到多少工作聘任书了?B:只有两个,不像你,聘任书排长队了。5.Job fair 招聘会A: How did you find our company?B: I met your HR representative at a job fair.A:你是怎么发现我们公司的?B:我在一次招聘会上见到了你们的人事代表。 /200809/47376

I would like to speak to your director of human resources, Ms. Jenkins, please.我想找你们的人力资源部主任詹金斯说话. /201002/96747

  Narrator: 上周 Anna 得到了 Tip Top 贸易公司的销售专员职位。这还得归功于 Anna 面对紧急情况头脑清楚,反应快,处理问题得当。今天是她上班的第一天。How are you feeling now, Anna?Anna: Excited, but a bit worried. I really want to make a good first impression.Narrator: 没事儿,我教你几句和别人初次见面时常用的一些表达,比如:你好,我们好像以前没见过面。Hello, I dont think weve met.你一定是 Tom. You must be Tom.我刚加入公司。Ive just joined the team.很高兴认识你。Nice to meet you.你在这儿工作有一些年头了吧?Have you worked here long?你看公司的销售经理 Tom Darcy 就在那边,你快去打个招呼吧。Tom: (On the phone) Yah, no, yah, yah, yah, OK. Ill seal the deal, yah, no worries. Yah, alright, see ya mate, bye. (Hangs up)Anna: Hello, I dont think weve met.Tom: No.Anna: You must be Tom. Im Anna. Ive just joined the team.Tom: Uh huh.Anna: Nice to meet you. Have you worked here long?Tom: Sorry, Im quite busy right now – Ive got a big deal just coming through. But lets get together sometime. Um... can you do lunch tomorrow?Anna: You want me to do lunch? Well, Im not very -(Telephone rings)Tom: Sorry, important client. Lunch tomorrow at 12.30 then?(On the phone) Tom speaking. Yah! Frankie! So whats the latest, are we on?Anna: Well, OK then.Narrator: 真棒!Anna, 你用了些挺好的表达来介绍你自己。遗憾的是 Tom 好像对你有点儿爱搭不理的。Anna: Im sure hes just busy. But Im a bit worried about tomorrow!(The next day…)Anna: (Struggling into the office carrying cooking implements) Good morning Paul!Paul: Good morning Anna, are you OK?Anna: Fine, the kitchens through there, isnt it?Paul: Er, yes.(Kitchen noises as Anna starts preparing lunch)Denise: Anna!Anna: Oh hi, Denise!Denise: What are you doing?Anna: Cooking lunch for Tom.Denise: You what?Anna: Tom asked me to have lunch y for 12.30.Denise: Did he indeed?Tom: Er, Anna.Anna: Hi Tom!Tom: What are you doing?Anna: Spring rolls, followed by crispy duck in black bean sauce.Tom: No, I mean, why are you cooking?Anna: Well, if I dont start now, it wont be y for you by 12.30.Tom: Oh, you misunderstood me, Anna. When I said ;Can you do lunch?; it didnt mean ;Can you make lunch?; It meant ;Are you available to come to lunch with me?; In a cafe or something.Anna: Oh!Paul: Mmm... something smells good, but whats going on here?Denise: Anna thinks its her job to cook for people!Anna: No, no, I misunderstood!Tom: Anna just got a bit confused.Paul: Well, never mind, it looks tasty.Anna: Theres enough for everyone if you want some.Paul: I think thats a splendid idea, we can have an office picnic!Anna: Yes!Paul: Mmm, that sauce looks delicious.Anna: Yes, its my favourite.Narrator: 看来 Anna 今天这个头儿还开的不错。让我们一起回顾一下她刚才用到的一些表达:Hello, I dont think weve met.You must be Tom.Ive just joined the team.Nice to meet you.Have you worked here long?Narrator: 记住如果有人对你说 ;Would you like to do lunch?; 意思可不是说让你给他们做午餐。这句话的实际意思是我们一起吃个午饭吧。好了,下次节目再会。听力挑战:Tom 在 Tip Top Trading 公司的的职称是什么?上期:为什么记忆棒是湿的?Because it had been in Pauls tea. 因为它掉到 Paul 的茶杯里了。 /201207/191734

  A:How do you get along with your co-workers?B:I get along pretty well with most of them.It seems there are always a few rotten apples in the bunch,though,Like Margaret.I don't know why management hasn't fired her yet.She's a terrible gossip.A:Do you think management should fire someone just because they gossip?B:It's not only that she gossips,but she also tries to start problems among other employees by sping rumors and telling lies about her co-workers.She's not trustworthy,and in my opinion,I think she's nuts.A:So how do you develop good relationships in the office?B:I think one of the important things is just to be considerate of your co-workers'feelings and needs.If you are aware of other people and do your part to make a good working environment,you should be able to get along with most of the people you work with.A: I think you're right,but it does seem that there are always a few co—workers that are harder to work with than others. /08/82780。

  high hopes 高期望英文释义Expectations of high achievement.例句Parents usually have high hopes for their children after they graduate from university.孩子们大学毕业后,父母通常对他们抱有很高的期望。 /201212/213047

  1.申请许可 Wouldn't it be possible for me to take the day off this Friday? 这个星期五,我是否可以休一天假?请休假用take the day off.如果是两天以上就用days off.老板会很干脆地答应说that'll be OK,或是会带有不悦意味回答will everything be all right?(一切都安排就绪了吗?),这些都要看你平时的工作表现而定. /201001/94321第一句:We wish to enter into direct business relations with you.A:In order to extend our export business to your country, we wish to enter into direct business realtions with you.为了扩大我们同贵国的出口贸易,我们愿意与贵公司建立直接贸易关系。B:Its our pleasure.这是我方的荣幸。A:Our hope is to establish mutual beneficial trading relations between us.我们希望能够建立互惠互利的贸易关系。第二句:That is what we are pursuing.A:That is what we are pursuing.这也是我们所追求的。B:We look forward to a further extension of our business relations.我们期盼着进一步扩大我们的贸易关系。A:A meeting will be arranged to negotiate the relevant stuff.我们会安排会议专门讨论这个事项。B:That will be good.那太好了。 知识点延伸:1.建立贸易关系应该以平等互利为原则,实现双方的共赢。其他表达法:Wed like to express our desire to establish business relations.我们愿意在平等互利的基础上和你方建立贸易关系。2.mutualbeneficial互惠互利的3.negotiatevi.谈判,协商,交涉同义词辨析:consult, negotiate, confer这些动词均含“协商,商量”之意。consult: 多指向权威或有识之士请教或咨询。negotiate: 正式用词,指双方通过争论或讨论最后达成协议等;也指通过商议从而解决问题。confer: 正式用词,强调对观点或意见的交换。 /201205/181575

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  even as we speak 转眼之间英文释义Adverb phrase describing something that is occurring immediately; referring to something happening while we are talking about it.例句 Our new restaurant will be a success when we open in a few minutes, because even as we speak, hungry customers are forming a crowd at our front door.我们的新餐厅开业几分钟即获得成功,因为就在转眼之间,餐厅的前门就挤满了饥饿的顾客。 /201407/311305

  to wing it 即兴发挥(俚语)英文释义To do something without any planning or preparation.例句Usually I prepare for a speech carefully, but yesterday I was asked to speak at the conference without any warning, so I had to wing it.我通常很认真地准备演讲,但昨天有人突然请我在会议上讲话,我只好即兴发挥。 /201301/221634。

  Asking for a client’s addressA: Excuse me, sir? I just need a little bit more information. Could you tell me your telephone number and mailing address?B: Sure. My number is 545-8897, and I live at 908 Mulbury Street.A: That’s 545-8897 and your mailing address is 908 Mulbury Street. The zip code is 20310, right?B: That’s right.询问客户地址A:对不起,先生。我需要再多了解一点情况。能告诉我您的电话号码和通信地址吗?B:当然。我的电话是545-8897,我住在莫布利大街908号。A:545-8897,通信地址是莫布利大街908号,邮编是20310,对吗?B:正是。 /200704/12043

  President Donald Trump has fired James Comey, the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in a dramatic move that comes as the law enforcement agency investigates contacts between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian officials.美国总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)已解除联邦调查局(FBI)局长詹姆斯?科米(James Comey)的职务。这一戏剧性举措上演之际,FBI这家执法机构正在调查特朗普总统竞选班子与俄罗斯官员之间的接触。The White House said Mr Trump “terminatedMr Comey with immediate effect following advice from Jeff Sessions, the attorney-general, and his deputy Rod Rosenstein. A White House aide personally delivered a letter informing Mr Comey of his dismissal on Tuesday afternoon.白宫表示,按照美国司法部长杰塞申Jeff Sessions)及其副手罗德?罗森斯坦(Rod Rosenstein)的建议,特朗普“终止”了科米的职务,且立即生效。周二下午,一名白宫助理亲自递交了一封信,通知科米他被解职了。In the letter to Mr Comey, Mr Trump wrote: “While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with [their] judgment?.?.?.?that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau.”在这封写给科米的信中,特朗普写道:“虽然我非常感谢您在三个不同场合通知我我并未受到调查,但我还是认同(他们的)判断……即您不能有效领导该局。”The dismissal marks the latest in a series of sensational episodes that raise questions about the relationships Mr Trump and his campaign aides may have had with Russia. Mr Comey in March revealed that the FBI was investigating ties between campaign members and Russian officials. Neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice, which oversees the agency, has publicly stated that Mr Trump is not under investigation.这一解职是一连串大戏中的最新一幕,这串大戏令人们对特朗普及其竞选助手可能与俄存在何种关系产生了怀疑。今月,科米披露FBI正在调查竞选班子成员与俄官员之间的关系。无论是FBI还是FBI的主管机构美国司法部(DoJ),都未曾公开表示特朗普未受到调查。Chuck Schumer, the top Senate Democrat, spoke for many in his party when he said that a special prosecutor should be hired to pursue the Russia investigation, and that failure to take that step would increase speculation about a cover-up. John McCain, an Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, said Mr Comey’s dismissal underscored the need for a special congressional committee.美国参议院民主党领袖查克?舒默(Chuck Schumer)代表众多民主党人表示,应聘请一名专门的检察官来开展这项涉及俄罗斯的调查,不这么做的话会令人们更加怀疑在掩盖什么。亚利桑那州参议员008年共和党总统候选人约翰?麦凯John McCain)表示,科米被解职凸显出成立国会专门委员会的必要性。“While the president has the legal authority to remove the director of the FBI, I am disappointed in the president’s decision to remove James Comey from office,Mr McCain said. “James Comey is a man of honour and integrity and he has led the FBI well in extraordinary circumstances.”麦凯恩表示:“尽管从法律上讲总统有权解除FBI局长的职务,我还是对总统决定撤掉詹姆科米感到失望。詹姆斯?科米是个高尚而正直的人,他在非比寻常的环境下很好地领导了FBI。”The ouster of Mr Comey comes less than three months after Mr Trump fired Michael Flynn, his first national security adviser, because of Russia-related activity. The FBI is investigating Mr Flynn, who lied to White House officials about the nature of phone conversations he held with the Russian ambassador during the transition.不到三个月前,特朗普还因与俄有关的活动解除了其首位国家安全顾问迈克尔?弗林(Michael Flynn)的职务。FBI正在调查弗林,后者曾向白宫官员说谎,未如实告知新老政府交接班期间他与俄大使电话通话的性质。来 /201705/508695

  High-divers plunged into the River Seine, trampoline athletes somersaulted inside the Petit Palais art museum and runners raced on a floating track as Paris turned some of its world-famous landmarks over to sports on Friday in hopes of wowing the International Olympic Committee.为了征国际奥委会,巴黎一些举世闻名的地标建筑23日变成了运动场。跳水运动员跃入塞纳河,蹦床运动员在小皇宫物馆里翻筋斗,赛跑选手在水上赛道竞速。With Paris competing against Los Angeles to host the 2024 Olympics, bid organizers hoped the two-day festival of more than 30 sports would help showcase the French capital’s suitability for the Games.这场为期两天的庆典包0多场比赛。巴黎和洛杉矶正争夺2024年奥运会的主办权,申奥组织希望借此明巴黎适合举办奥运会。Divers demonstrated their skills from boards installed on the Alexandre III bridge that spans the Seine, as kayakers also paddled on the river.横跨塞纳河的亚历山大三世大桥上安装了跳板,跳水运动员在此炫技。皮艇运动员在河里划船。In the Petit Palais, trampoline athletes bounced skyward toward the museum’s ornate ceiling murals. Olympic judo champion Teddy Riner and other French sports stars raced for fun in a 100m on a temporary track floating on the Seine.在小皇宫物馆里,蹦床运动员高高弹起,飞向物馆内华丽的天花板壁画。奥运会柔道冠军泰迪?瑞纳和其他法国体育明星在塞纳河上的临时漂浮赛道上进行百米赛跑。Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said the Olympic celebration is “a way to show how we want to party together, with the whole world, by welcoming the Games. We hope so!”巴黎市市长安娜?伊达尔戈表示,这场奥运庆典传递的是“我们希望通过奥运会和全世界一起狂欢的心情。我们希望会如愿!”But four people were injured, one seriously, when a double-decker sightseeing bus that took a detour to avoid the sports shows got stuck inside a tunnel, police and the bus company said.但是,警方和公交公司称,一辆双层观光巴士为了避开这场体育表演而绕道行驶,被卡在了一条隧道中,导人受伤,其中1人伤势严重。On Saturday, Parisians were also being given an opportunity usually reserved for Tour de France racers: to pedal around the Arc de Triomphe without its frenetic vehicle traffic, which will be stopped for three hours.24日,巴黎市民还有机会体验通常只有环法自行车选手才有的待遇:将禁行3小时,在没有拥堵的交通状况下骑车在这里环行。Parisshow comes ahead of a crucial IOC meeting in July that could decide to pick the 2024 and 2028 Olympic host cities both at once in a final vote in September in Lima, Peru. The only question would then be which city gets which Games. Paris says it is bidding only for 2024.在巴黎的体育秀之后月份将迎来一场至关重要的国际奥委会会议,会上将同时挑选出2024年和2028年的奥运会主办城市月份在秘鲁利马进行最终投票,决定每座城市分别举办哪届奥运会。而巴黎表示,他们只申024年奥运会。来 /201707/515799

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