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顺德区乐从医院地址查询佛山割包皮医院Thank you.谢谢。Thank you. Thank you.谢谢。谢谢。Chris Anderson: Ethan, Chris Anderson:Ethan,congrats quite the reaction.恭喜—反应相当的热烈。That was a powerful talk.真是个震撼的演讲。Not quite a complete standing, though,and Im guessing that some people here and maybe a few watching online,maybe someone knows a teenager or a friend or whatever who got sick,maybe died from some drug overdose. 虽然不是所有人都起立鼓掌了,而我猜测,在场观看的一些人或者一些在网络上在线观看的人里,会有人认识一些青少年或朋友或者不论是因毒品而生病,还是因为过量用药而去世。Im sure youve had these people approach you before.我敢肯定,之前有这些人找过你。What do you say to them?你是怎样跟他们说的?Ethan Nadelmann: Chris, the most amazing thing thats happened of late Ethan Nadelmann:Chris,is that Ive met a growing number of people who have actually lost a sibling or a child to a drug overdose,and 10 years ago, those people just wanted to say,lets line up all the drug dealers and shoot them and that will solve it.最近所发生最让人惊喜的事,就是我碰到越来越多的人,那些失去兄弟或者子女因为亲人滥用药物的人,在10年前的话,他们只是会说:把毒贩们排成一排拉出去毙了吧,这就会解决问题。And what theyve come to understand is that the Drug War did nothing to protect their kids.而现在他们渐渐明白的是禁毒战争并没有保护到他们的孩子。If anything, it made it more likely that those kids were put at risk.如果禁毒真的做了什么,那就是让这些孩子们更容易处于危险之中。And so theyre now becoming part of this drug policy reform movement.因此,他们现在成为了这个药物政策改革运动的一分子。Theres other people who have kids,ones addicted to alcohol, the other ones addicted to cocaine or heroin,and they ask themselves the question: 还有一些家长,有多个孩子,一个孩子嗜酒,另一个对可卡因或海洛因上瘾,他们问自己这样一个问题:Why does this kid get to take one step at a time and try to get better and that ones got to deal with jail and police and criminals all the time?为什么一个孩子可以一步一步努力变得更好;而另一个则要去面对监狱、警察和罪犯呢?So everybodys understanding,the Drug Wars not protecting anybody. 因此大家现在理解了,禁毒战争并没有保护任何人。CA: Certainly in the U.S., youve got political gridlock CA:on most issues.显然在美国,在大多数问题上,都存在政治僵局。Is there any realistic chance of anything actually shifting on this issue in the next five years?这些议题在5年内取得现实进展的机会大吗?Id say its quite remarkable. Im getting all these calls from journalists now who are saying to me,Ethan, it seems like the only two issues advancing politically in America right now are marijuana law reform and gay marriage.我得说这是非常引人注目的。我总会接到一些电话,记者现在会跟我说:Ethan,看起来如今在美国政治上,唯一在进步的两个议题就是大麻政策改革和同性恋婚姻了。What are you doing right?你现在在做什么吗?And then youre looking at bipartisanship breaking out with, actually, Republicans in the Congress and state legislatures allowing bills to be enacted with majority Democratic support,so weve gone from being sort of the third rail,the most fearful issue of American politics,to becoming one of the most successful.然后你会看到两党打破隔阂开始合作通过…实际上,共和党努力在国会,和各州议会让法案颁布,有赖于大多数民主党议员的持,所以,毒品这个议题,从一个不能踩的雷区,美国政治中最可怕的问题,变成了最成功的议案之一。Ethan, thank you so much for coming to TEDGlobal. Chris, thanks so much. CA:Ethan,非常感谢你来到TED Global。Thank you. Thank you.非常感谢。201503/363078芦苞镇大塘镇乐平白坭镇不孕不育收费好不好 We lost the next year, but we gained another heroic figure in Pat Riley. He was the man who brought four championships to Los Angeles. What a career, what glory, what fun to have you as my guardian angel. Jerry West decided another Hall of Famer, so he drafted James Worthy. Big Game James, certainly one of the nicest men anybody will ever meet. There were times when I would sit in the locker room, and I would be surrounded by five Hall of Famers. As a fan, you cant imagine how wonderful that feels. 第二年我们输了,但是我们获得了另一个英雄般的成员帕特·赖利。他的到来使湖人队获得四次冠军。多么辉煌的职业生涯!多么光荣!湖人拥有你这位守护天使是多么令人高兴的事啊!杰里·韦斯特决定了另一个名人堂成员的命运。他招进了詹姆斯·沃西,这个相当和善的人。有好几次,在更衣室里,聚集在我周围的是五个名人堂的巨星。我这个粉丝的兴奋之情难以想象。Still, it couldnt last. We had a few rough years. We missed the playoffs one year -- something unheard of in Lakerland -- and then the chapter two begins. Jerry West comes to me and says he has an eye on a 17-year-old phenomenon, Kobe Bryant. 这种状态没有持续多长时间。球队过了几年艰难的曰子。我们有一年竞然错过了季后赛,这是湖人队有史以来从未听说过的!之后,我篮球职业生涯的第二章掀开了。有一次,杰里·韦斯特到我这里来,说看上了一个17岁的叫科比·布莱恩的孩子。I said, ;Great, in three or four years, hell be good.; 我说:“好啊!三四年之后,他应该会很棒的。” He said, ;No. Now.; 他说:“不是!他现在就很棒。”I said, ;What?; 我说:“什么?”;Well, not only that, Jerry,; he was telling me, ;also Shaq has said he wants to come to Los Angeles. This could be the greatest one-two punch in the history of basketball.; “呃,不仅这样,杰里,”他告诉我说,“沙奎尔·奥尼尔也表示想到湖人来打球。这将是篮球历史上最棒的组合了! ”201401/272260阳痿早泄在线咨询 佛山

佛山市中医院男科专家挂号佛山割包皮医院 Its the same hunger that gave life to this university正是这份渴望让这所大学拥有了生命the same hunger that defined so many of our parents and grandparents正是这份渴望定义了我们的父辈和祖辈including my own包括我自己也是如此You see, my parents never went to college我父母从未上过大学but they were determined to see me and my brother and all the kids in our neighborhood但他们致力于让我 我弟弟以及附近所有的小孩get a good education获得良好教育So my mother volunteered at my school我母亲因此在学校去做义工helping out every day in the front office帮助办公室处理日常事务making sure our teachers were doing their jobs确保我们的老师尽到了他们的职责holding their feet to the fire if she thought they were falling short我母亲如果觉得他们不合格 就会向他们施压Id walk by the office and there shed be我从办公室走过 她在那里Id leave class to go to the bathroom, there shed be again我从教室出来去上洗手间 她又在那里roaming the halls, looking in the classrooms她会在教学楼游荡 往教室里看And of course, as a kid, I have to say, that was a bit mortifying当然 作为孩子 我不得不承认 这很让人痛苦having your mother at school all the time母亲总在学校盯着你But looking back, I have no doubt that my classmates但回头想想 毫无疑问 我和我的同学们and I got a better education because she was looking over those teachers shoulders能够获得良好教育 都得益于她对教师工作的监督You see, my mom was not a teacher or a principal or a school board member我母亲既不是老师 也不是校长或校董成员But when it came to education, she had that hunger但对于教育 她有这种渴望So she believed that our education was very much her business她坚信 我们的教育就是她的事业And we need more people who think and act like my mother我们需要更多像我母亲这样思考和行动的人and all those mothers out there在座的母亲们肯定也都是如此because the education of our young people is all of our business因为对年轻人的教育就是我们的事业Thats what Emperor Williams thought皇帝?威廉姆斯也是这样想的Thats what the folks here in New Orleans thought as卡特里娜之后重建校园的新奥尔良人也是这样想的they worked to rebuild this campus after Katrina卡特里娜之后重建校园的新奥尔良人也是这样想的And as graduates of Dillard University作为迪拉德大学毕业生thats how we need you to think every single day for the rest of your lives这也是你们在人生旅途的每一天中都不能忘记的You all have opportunities and skills and education你们获得了机会 技能和教育that so many folks who came before you never could have dreamed of这是很多前人做梦都无法想象的So just imagine the kind of impact that youre going to make永远不要低估你能产生的影响Imagine how you can inspire those around you你也能够鼓舞身边的人to reach higher and complete their own education让他们立志高远并完成自己的教育And you can start small你可以从小事做起201503/367135佛山市妇幼保健院男科专家

佛山男科专家Hi, everybody. 大家好!This week, I visited a company in Raleigh, North Carolina that helps make electric motors that save businesses money on energy costs and cut harmful carbon pollution.本周,我参观了北卡罗来纳罗利一家帮助制造电动马达的公司,这种马达节约企业能源开,削减有害的碳污染。And I stopped by N.C. State University, where engineers are set to develop the new technology that will make those motors even better.我还访问了北卡罗来纳州立大学,那里的工程师在开发使那些马达性能变得更加优越的新技术。Its part of my push not only to make America home to more high-tech manufacturing-but to make America more attractive for the good jobs that a growing middle class requires.这是我不仅使美国成为容纳更多高技术制造业的国家,还使美国能吸引更多壮大中产阶级所需好工作的努力的一部分。And increasingly, we are. 我们正日益向着这一方向迈进。Thanks in part to our all-of-the-above strategy for American energy, for the first time in nearly two decades, we produce more oil here at home than we buy from the rest of the world. 部分由于我们超越一切的美国能源战略,近二十年来第一次,我们在本土生产的石油,超过了从世界上其他地方购买的石油。We generate more renewable energy than ever, and more natural gas than anybody. 我们生产了比以往任何时候都要多的可再生能源。Health care costs are growing at their slowest rate in 50 years-due in part to the Affordable Care Act. 医疗保健费用以50年来最低的速度增加—部分由于《评价医疗法案》。And since I took office, weve cut our deficits by more than half.自我就任总统以来,我们的赤字已经削减了一半还多。So we are primed to bring back more of the good jobs claimed by the recession, and lost to overseas competition in recent decades. 我们准备把因经济衰退在近几十年转到海外竞争对手处的好工作更多的拿回美国。But that requires a year of action. 但这需要一个行动之年。And I want to work with Congress this year on proven ways to create jobs, like building infrastructure and fixing our broken immigration system.我打算今年在建设基础设施和修复我们破损的移民系统等得到验的创造工作方法上与国会展开合作。Where Congress isnt acting, Ill act on my own to put opportunity within reach for anyone whos willing to work for it.如果国会不采取行动,我将自己行动,为愿意为之工作的任何人提供可能的机会。Thats what I did in Raleigh by launching Americas second “manufacturing innovation institute.” 这正是我在罗利所做的事情—启动美国的第二所“制造创新学院”。Its a partnership between companies, colleges, and the federal government focused on making sure American businesses and American workers win the race for high-tech manufacturing and the jobs that come with it-jobs that can help people and communities willing to work hard punch their ticket into the middle class.这是企业、大学和联邦政府合作的结果,侧重确保美国企业和美国工人赢得高科技制造的竞赛,赢得与之相伴的工作——可以帮助愿意努力工作的人和社区步入中产阶级行列的工作。I firmly believe that this can be a breakthrough year for America. 我坚信,2014年可以是美国取得突破的一年。But to make that happen, were gonna have to act-to create good jobs that pay good wages, and to offer more Americans a fair shot to get ahead. 但是,要使这变成现实,我们将不得不行动起来—创造付丰厚薪水的好工作,为更多美国人提供享受更加美好生活的公平机会。Thats what Im focused on every day that I have the privilege of serving as your president.这是我有幸作为美国总统的每一天的关注焦点。Thats what Im going to be focused on every single day of this year.这是今年的每一天所关注的焦点。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家!祝你们周末愉快! 201401/274069 Thank you. Well, good afternoon. Thank you very much, Vinai. Appreciate the kind introduction. More importantly, I want to thank you for doing such a terrific job at SelectUSA. Thank you all for being here. Im honored to be the closing keynote speaker, I gather, which means that Im the guy who talks when everythings been said – but not by everyone. So Im here to add a little reinforcement to some very important messages, and Im really delighted to be here with you.I want to begin by thanking our absolutely extraordinary Secretary of Commerce – she is a delight to work with. Penny Pritzker and her team are making SelectUSA a great program. Penny, thank you. (Applause.) And I also want to thank the more than 2,600 people, I gather, from nearly 80 countries whove traveled here to be part of this summit. And you represent investors from all over the world, economic development organizations from every corner of the ed States, and officials from every level of government, who have come here to facilitate greater investment in the ed States. And your presence, I think, is evidence of the value of what we want to accomplish and of the very fulsome possibilities, the rich possibilities that were looking at and that we hope this summit will set in motion.Im particularly grateful to the dozens of U.S. ambassadors and chiefs of mission at posts all across the globe whove not only helped to bring so many international business people here today but who are in attendance themselves. I wont embarrass them by asking them to stand, but that also could be an attendance check here. (Laughter.) But I will thank them profusely for making the effort. I really am grateful for that.We have more than 50 chiefs of mission who are part of this summit, and that is a very significant deal. Its leading delegations – each of them are leading delegations from the countries to which theyre posted. And they – all of them, believe me – understand that in todays world, foreign policy and economic policy are not only linked, but theyre actually one and the same. And thats why business and economics, believe me, are top priorities at every single one of our posts. We have 275 embassies, consulates around the world, and at every single one of them, this is a top priority. And I think the sheer number of organizations and businesses that are represented at this summit are an indication of that fact.Now, some might debate it – I dont – I think the ed States of America, particularly at this moment of time is without doubt one of the best places in the world to invest, if not the best place. And I say that not with an ounce of arrogance, with some humility because theres a certain – theres a responsibility that falls in the hands of our entrepreneurs. I dont stand here as a principal in the government and suggest that we did it all. We didnt. Its a combination. You have to create the framework, the structure, and then people have to come along with good ideas, good businesses, and they have to be free to be able to go out and make those businesses work.But I am proud of what we have done since the moment of the economic crisis when I was in the ed States Senate. I could never forget the Treasury secretary coming up pale and literally shaking, quite agitated, as he told us that the financial system of the ed States of America was in jeopardy. And we have made an extraordinary return from that moment, and I believe President Obama, who came in at the transition of 2008 into , made the right decisions at the right time that literally pulled this country back from the brink of certainly a huge recession, if not depression. And he deserves credit for the choices that he made. (Applause.)Now weve – so much has happened, you kind of forget the tension of those moments and the reality of what was happening to businesses and to value in the marketplace. But I think youve heard a lot over the course of this week about the realities on the ground here in the ed States. But I just want to reiterate a couple things, few things. First of all, the ed States is the worlds largest market still. And it is the worlds richest market still. And we believe we can boast some of the worlds, if not the worlds, most productive workers, some of the worlds finest universities, and certainly some of its most innovative entrepreneurs, and the strongest intellectual property protections that you will find anywhere. And in many ways, there is no better time to invest than now. Were in the middle of the longest streak of private sector job growth on record: 5 straight years, 60 consecutive months, 12 million new jobs. And there is no question that the growth that were experiencing is directly tied to the creativity of ed States business leaders and the productivity of American workers.But its also thanks to the important choices that were made by the President from day one. Actually, it began even in the transition, as President Bush was transitioning out, that President Bush deferred to the President and in communications made sure that steps that were taken were exactly what he would have wanted. And so over the past six years, the President has been laser focused on supporting job growth in this country by giving innovators, entrepreneurs, and hardworking Americans the precise tools that they need in order to be able to flourish.Now when everybody was talking about the death of manufacturing in America – I know you remember that, not so long ago – the Administration, against the advice of many and against the votes of many, was doing all it could to make sure we saved that sector or helped that sector where it needed it. And today it is not only growing, it is growing at a much faster pace than the rest of the economy.Weve also focused on enhancing education and making sure that more American workers get the skills and the training that they need in order to effectively compete in todays workforce.201507/384389顺德区大良治疗男性不育多少钱佛山市顺德区均安医院男科医生



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