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14. People at the Printer 14.打印的人A: Why is the printer line so long?A:为什么打印的队这么长?B: Its finals week.B:这是期末考试周。A: Oh yeah, youre right.A:哦,对,你说的对。B: This happens every year, so I got smarter.B:每年都是这样,所以我变聪明了。A: What do you mean?A:你是什么意思?B: I printed my stuff for finals at home.B:我在家里打印好了期末需要的东西。A: Oh, that is smart. I have to get in line now.A:哦,太聪明了。我要去排队了。B: What do you have to print?B:你要打印什么?A: I have to print some notes.A:我要打印一些笔记。B: Good luck. Youll be waiting here for a long time.B:祝你好运。你会在这里等上很久的。A: I bet the ink and paper will go out.A:我敢打赌墨水和纸张会用完的。B: If that happens, youre in trouble. B:如果那样的话,你就有麻烦了。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201511/411833

Language Points(absolutely) delightedover the moonreally pleasedso happyI couldnt be happier.That is fantastic / wonderful / great / marvellous!What great / wonderful / fantastic news!Weve been waiting so long for this (moment).Thank God! / Thank God for that! /201603/428493

Nabeel: Actually, I remember that one time you had a party and you made that really nice pumpkin dip.纳比尔:我记得你有次办派对时,做过非常好吃的南瓜调味酱。Ginger: Oh, yeah, thats a popular one. Everyone loves that when I make it.金格:哦,那很受欢迎。所有人都喜欢我做的那个。Nabeel: What do you need for it?纳比尔:需要什么材料?Ginger: Its really easy. All you need is one can of canned pumpkin, one eight ounce block of cream cheese, powdered sugar, and few spices.金格:非常简单。你只需要一罐南瓜罐头,一块8盎司重的奶油干酪,糖粉还有一些调味料。Nabeel: Is it easy to make?纳比尔:做法简单吗?Ginger: It is. You just let the cream cheese melt a little, and then you blend it together with the pumpkin and the powdered sugar, and then after you get that really smooth and creamy, then you put in the nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon.金格:简单。你只需要让奶油干酪融化,然后和南瓜以及糖粉搅拌在一起,让它变得光滑细腻,然后加入肉豆蔻、姜和肉桂皮。Nabeel: Wow, that sounds yummy.纳比尔:哇,听起来好好吃。Ginger: It is. Its great. And then I usually put a few cinnamon sticks in for appearance and serve it with ginger snaps and with green apples cut into slices. Its good with both of those.金格:没错,味道非常棒。然后为了美观,我一般会放一些肉桂棒,搭配上姜汁饼干和绿色的苹果切片食用。非常美味。Nabeel: Cool, Im gonna try that sometime. What else can you make?纳比尔:太酷了,有机会我一定要做试试。你还会做什么?Ginger: Well, like I said, Im not much of a cook, so I dont cook much. I put things together. You know what, I have a blender and I do a lot of smoothies. I love making smoothies. I buy the fruit. And then keep the fruit in the freezer. Thats the trick. Youve got to freeze the fruit, and then you dont need ice so it doesnt taste watered down. So you take the frozen fruit. Put it in the blender, and then you just mix it with yogurt, or fruit juice and its delicious.金格:我说过,我不太擅长做饭,所以我不常做饭。我就是把一些食物混合起来。我有一个搅拌器,我经常做冰沙吃。我喜欢做冰沙。我把水果买回来以后放进冰箱里。这是个小诀窍。你要把水果冷冻起来,这样不用加冰块,水果尝起来也不会缺少水分。要把水果冷冻起来。然后把冷冻的水果放进搅拌器里,和酸奶或果汁一起搅拌,味道好极了。Nabeel: What kind of fruit do you like to use?纳比尔:你喜欢用什么水果做冰沙?Ginger: Well, my favorite is just really simple. Its just frozen strawberries, frozen banana, orange juice, and a little honey if you want, but you dont even need the honey, and then I have another I like with mango and papaya and pineapple and yogurt.金格:我最喜欢的非常简单。就是冻草莓、冻香蕉和橙汁做的冰沙,还可以加一些蜂蜜,不过不一定要加蜂蜜,我还喜欢用芒果、番木瓜、菠萝和酸奶做的冰沙。Nabeel: Well, between you smoothie and pumpkin dip and my eggplant curry we can throw quite a party.纳比尔:有了你的冰沙和南瓜调味酱,还有我的茄子咖喱,我们可以开个派对了。Ginger: Lets do it. Well have it on your rooftop with your cats.金格:我们这么做吧。我们可以在你家屋顶开派对,你的猫也可以参加。Nabeel: Sounds like a good idea.纳比尔:这主意听起来不错。 译文属 /201608/457827Language Points——《暮光之城》I love three things in the world, the sun, the moon and you. The sun for the day. The moon for the night and you forever.我爱你与日月同辉。——《追风筝的人》For you, a thousand times over.为你,千千万万遍。——《海上钢琴师》We laughed and kept saying ;see u soon;, but inside we both knew wed never see each other again.我们笑着说再见,却深知再见遥遥无期。——《小王子》It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.正因为你为你的玫瑰花费了时间,这才使你的玫瑰变得如此重要。——莎士比亚《仲夏夜之梦》The course of true love never did run smooth.真爱无坦途。 /201606/444512

Pay a visit to 拜访;访问pay a visit to sb/pay sb a visit 拜访某人pay a visit to sp 拜访某地例句:If you have time,pay a visit to the local museum.你若有空,参观一下当地的物馆。I have to pay a visit to the dentist.我不得不去看牙医。A:Where are you planning to spend your holiday?你打算去哪里度假?B:Im planning to pay a visit to Florida, I heard theres a very famous resort there.我打算去佛罗里达,我听说那里有一个著名的度假胜地。背景音乐:Jay sean—Maybe更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201607/453166

本期内容:When times become difficult, remember a moment in your life that was filled with joy and happiness. Remember how it made you feel, and you will have the strength you need to get through any trial.When life throws you one more obstacle than you think you can handle, remember something you achieved through perseverance and by struggling to the end. In doing so, youll find you have the ability to overcome each obstacle brought your way.当你身陷困境的时候,回想你生命中快乐和幸福的时刻。回想它是如何使你快乐,你便有了走出困境的勇气。当面对重重困难,你感觉举步维艰的时候,回想你以前是如何坚持到底战胜困难的最后时刻的。这样,你就会发现你有能力克每个障碍。单词及实用短语:Be filled with充满着; 怀着Get through到达, 做完, 通过, 度过, 打通Trial英 [tra#618;#601;l] 美 [tra#618;#601;l] n.审讯;试验;试用;尝试;预赛或选拔赛;讨厌的事Perseverance英 [#716;p#604;#720;s#618;v#618;#601;r#601;ns] 美 [#716;p#604;#720;rs#601;v#618;r#601;ns] n.不屈不挠;毅力;坚韧不拔Struggle to the end 奋斗到底关注微信公众号@ 口语侠(ID: xia2015) 查看更多英语资讯!好玩有趣有料,有外教,有英语大咖! /201611/476658

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