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2019年09月18日 01:18:37

A British man has been sentenced to 12 months and one day in prison over his attempt to grab a gun in a bid to kill Donald Trump.一名企图抢杀掉唐纳德·特朗普的英国男子于日前被判处监禁一年零一天。Michael Sandford, 20, pleaded guilty in September to being an illegal alien in possession of a firearm and disrupting an official function.今年20岁的迈克尔·桑福德月认罪,罪名包括携带非法入境以及抢夺警。He was accused of grabbing a policemans gun at a rally in Las Vegas in order to shoot at the candidate. His mother says ;he is remorseful over what he did;.他被指控在的竞选集会上抢夺警并意图杀总统候选人特朗普。桑福德的母亲表示:“他对自己的所作所为非常后悔”。The defence team said their client is autistic and suffers seizures and obsession-compulsion anxiety.辩护律师团表示,他们的委托人是自闭症患者,还患有癫痫症和强迫症。Michael Sandford appeared in court in orange prison garb, looking pale and slight, his ankles shackled.审判当天,迈克尔·桑福德出现在法庭上时穿着橘色的囚,面色苍白,身形瘦削,脚踝上戴着脚镣。He smiled as members of his family waved to him and mouthed: ;I love you.;当他的家人向他挥手并说出“我爱你”的时候,他笑了。Sandford then broke down in tears as he apologised for what he had done and for taking up time and costing the taxpayer money. ;I just feel terrible about it,; he said.随后,在为自己的行为道歉并为占用了大家的时间以及浪费了纳税人的钱而道歉的时候,桑福德崩溃大哭。他说:“我就是觉得非常非常不好。”The judge James Mahan appeared sympathetic, telling Sandford: ;I dont think you harboured malice in your heart.;法官詹姆斯·马汉对他表示同情,他告诉桑福德:“我觉得你的内心里不是满怀恶意的。”Sandfords mother said that she had lost contact with her son after he left home to travel around the US in 2015. He had previously shown no interest in politics, and she was unable to explain why he would want to shoot Mr Trump.桑福德的母亲表示,自从儿015年离开家去环游美国之后就和他失去了联系。他之前从未对政治表现出兴趣,她也不能解释为什么儿子会想要杀特朗普。来 /201612/485015广东佛山市治疗男性不育哪家医院最好In the referendum campaign on Britain’s membership of the EU, each side has one trump card that they will play repeatedly until voting day on June 23. The Remain camp will talk about the economy. The Leavers will talk about immigration.在决定英国是否留在欧EU)内的公投前的造势活动中,双方各有一张王牌;3日的投票日之前,双方都会反复打出自己的那张王牌。留欧阵营会谈经济。退欧阵营则会谈移民。Many diehard Remainers regard the Leave campaign’s stress on immigration as proof that it is a movement that ultimately rests on racism and xenophobia. But immigration is a legitimate issue in this campaign. Indeed, the Leave side would be stupid not to use it since, when voters are asked to name their concerns, they regularly put immigration at the top of the list. In 2015, net migration to the UK hit 333,000, the second-highest number on record, with about half that number coming from the EU.许多死忠的留欧派人士认为,退欧运动对移民问题的强调,明退欧运动归根结底根植于种族主义和仇外心理。但移民是这场“去留之争”中的一个合理问题。事实上,退欧阵营如果不利用这个问题就太愚蠢了,因为选民们在被问到担忧哪些问题时,通常会把移民问题放在问题名单的首位015年,进入英国的净移民人数达到3.3万,这是有纪录以来第二高的数字;这个数字中约一半来自欧盟。For the Leave campaign, immigration from Europe is a gift because it perfectly captures three of the themes that the “Outersmost like to stress: loss of sovereignty, the faulty judgment of elites and the difficulty of achieving meaningful reform of the EU.对退欧运动来说,来自欧洲的移民是天赐的良机,因为这些移民完美地体现了三个主题:主权的丧失,精英的错误判断以及欧盟很难实现有意义的改革。这3个主题正是退欧派人士最喜欢强调的若干主题中个。Hardcore Eurosceptics in the Conservative party have been complaining about loss of sovereignty for decades. But the things that enraged them, such as the EU’s working time directive, are not the sorts of issues that normal people lose sleep over.保守党中的铁杆疑欧论者数十年来一直在抱怨英国丧失了主权。但激怒他们的事情,比如欧盟的《工作时间指令working time directive),并不是会让普通人夜不能寐的那种问题。By contrast, immigration provides a meaningful practical example of what “loss of sovereigntyactually entails. After the arrival of more than 1m migrants from eastern Europe over the past decade, some British voters wanted to call a halt. That put David Cameron, the prime minister, in the awkward position of having to explain that the UK government is powerless to control the flow of migrants from the rest of the EU. The EU’s rules on the free movement of people mandate that all EU citizens have the right to live and work anywhere within the 28-country bloc.相反,移民则提供了一个有意义的现实例子,反映出“丧失主权”实际上到底意味着什么。在过去10年超00万东欧移民来到英国以后,一些英国选民如今想要对移民叫停。这让英国首相戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)处于一种尴尬的境地,他不得不向民众解释,英国政府其实无力控制来自欧盟其他地方的移民流入。欧盟的人员自由流动规则规定,所有欧盟公民都有权在欧8个成员国中的任何地方生活和工作。One of the basic characteristics of a nation state has traditionally been the right to decide who can live in the country and enjoy the benefits of citizenship. Many voters instinctively feel that this is the way it should still be. But that traditional sovereign right has indeed been sacrificed (or pooled, if you prefer) by EU members.民族国家的一个基本特征就是,有权决定谁能在这个国家生活并享有公民福利。许多选民本能地认为事情如今仍应如此。但欧盟成员国实际上已经牺牲了(如果你愿意,也可以说是共享了)这种传统的主权。The British government’s failure to anticipate the scale of migration from eastern Europe has also fed the public’s scepticism about official pronouncements on the EU. Just before the enlargement of the EU in 2004 to include 10 new members, the government predicted that an average of 13,000 migrants a year would move to Britain from the newly extended bloc. In the event, the figure was more than 10 times that. After this miscalculation, it is hardly surprising if the public now reacts sceptically to government figures about the economic impact of leaving the EU.英国政府当年未能预料到东欧移民的规模,这也催生了公众对有关欧盟的官方意见持怀疑态度。就在欧004年扩大,纳入10个新成员前不久,英国政府还曾预言,平均每年只会有1.3万名来自欧盟新成员国的移民进入英囀?在政府的这次误判后,公众对其公布的有关退欧经济影响的数据抱以怀疑也就并不奇怪了。Once the scale of the immigration into Britain became clear, the UK government tried to secure changes in the EU’s rules on the free movement of people. In October, in the early stages of his attempted re-negotiation with the EU, Mr Cameron promised to “sortthe issue and insisted, “I will not take no for an answer.”看清进入英国的移民规模后,英国政府曾试图促使欧盟改变有关人员自由流动的规定0140月,在刚刚开始尝试与欧盟重新谈判时,卡梅伦曾承诺将“厘清”这个问题,并称将“不达目的决不罢休”。But the Cameron re-negotiation merely highlighted a third Eurosceptic complaint about the EU: that it is an organisation that finds it all-but-impossible to reform itself.但卡梅伦的重新谈判不过是凸显了疑欧论者对欧盟的第三条抱怨:这个组织几乎不可能对自身进行改革。The rules on free movement are one of the “four freedomsthat are regarded as basic to EU membership. But even if there had been leaders around the negotiating table who agreed with Mr Cameron that something needs to change, it was always going to be impossible to secure the agreement of each of the other 27 member states, many of which were under strong domestic pressure to fight for continued free movement of people. Instead, Mr Cameron had to settle for a much weaker reform: delays in the payment of welfare benefits to EU migrants.有四项自由被视为欧盟成员资格的基础,人员的自由流动就是其中之一。即使在谈判桌上有一些领导人认同卡梅伦的观点(即,某些事情需要改革),获取其7个成员国中每一个国家的认同也始终是不可能的(这些国家中许多都承受着强大的国内压力,要求争取延续人员的自由流动)。于是,卡梅伦只得满足于一项力度弱得多的改革:推迟向欧盟移民付福利津贴。Of course, it is also true that there are elements of dishonesty and xenophobia in the way the Leave campaign has used immigration. The Leavers have sometimes deliberately blurred the distinction between legal immigrants from the EU and asylum seekers fleeing the Middle East a powerful tactic, given the current refugee crisis in Europe. Nigel Farage, one of the most prominent Leave campaigners, has even evoked sexual assaults by migrants in Germany as a reason to quit the EU.当然,退欧运动利用移民问题的方式也的确存在不诚实和仇外的成分。退欧派人士有时会故意模糊来自欧盟的合法移民与寻求庇护的中东难民之间的区别——考虑到当前的欧洲难民危机,这是一种强大的战术。退欧运动的旗手之一奈杰#8226;法拉Nigel Farage)甚至曾援引德国移民性侵案作为退出欧盟的理由。At the same time, the Leave campaign has appealed to UK voters with roots outside Europe by suggesting that if Britain leaves the EU it could adopt an immigration policy that allows in more migrants from India and Pakistan. That idea is unlikely to delight the Leaverscore vote in the white working class.同时,退欧运动还暗示,如果英国离开欧盟,英国就可以实施让更多印度和巴基斯坦移民进入英国的移民政策,试图通过这一想法,吸引原籍在欧洲以外的那部分英国选民的持。但退欧阵营在白人工薪阶层中的核心持者不太可能喜欢这个想法。As far as I can see, large-scale migration from Europe has benefited Britain. And many important institutions, from the National Health Service to my local coffee shop, would struggle to get by without it. But then again, as an affluent Londoner, it is predictable that I would take a relaxed view of immigration.在我看来,来自欧洲的大规模移民让英国受益。如果没有移民,从英国国家卫生务体NHS)到我家附近咖啡店的许多重要机构,都将很难维持运转。不过话说回来,像我这样生活殷实的伦敦人,对移民抱着从容的态度也是可以预料的。However, at a time when real wages are stagnant, house prices are rising and public services are creaking, many British people are susceptible to the argument that high immigration is making such problems worse.然而,在实际工资停滞不前,房价越来越高,公共务不堪重负之际,许多英国人容易接受这样的观点:大规模移民正在让这些问题雪上加霜。Are these concerns about immigration real and imagined enough to overwhelm the economic and strategic case for staying inside the EU? Not as far as I am concerned. But I will not be remotely surprised if Britain decides differently on June 23.这些有关移民的顾虑(无论是切实存在的还是子虚乌有的),是否足以压倒留在欧盟内的经济和战略上的理由?在我看来不会。但如果英国3日做出了另外的选择,我也一点儿都不会感到惊讶。来 /201606/448767佛山泌尿医院在哪Ted Cruz matched Donald Trump with victories in two states on Saturday, positioning the Texas senator as main rival to the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. 特德#8226;克鲁Ted Cruz)上周六与唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)各拿下两个州,令这位得克萨斯州参议员成为共和党总统候选人提名领跑者的主要对手Mr Trump narrowly beat Mr Cruz in Louisiana and Kentucky, while the Texan scored more convincing wins over the property developer in Kansas and Maine. 特朗普在路易斯安那州和肯塔基州险胜克鲁兹,而得克萨斯州参议员在堪萨斯州和缅因州以压倒性优势胜过这位房地产开发商Marco Rubio, the Florida senator, had a very disappointing night, coming third in three states and last in Maine, where he failed to win a single delegate. 佛罗里达州参议员马尔#8226;鲁比Marco Rubio)遭遇了一个非常令人失望的夜晚,在三个州名列第三,在缅因州不但垫底,而且未能获得一张选举人选票In the Democratic race, Hillary Clinton secured a resounding victory in Louisiana. But her rival Bernie Sanders again demonstrated the resilience of his campaign by defeating the former secretary of state in Kansas and Nebraska. 民主党方面,希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)在路易斯安那州获得大胜。但她的对手伯尼#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)再次明了其竞选的韧性,在堪萨斯州和内布拉斯加州打败了前国务卿While the outcomes of the latest round of primaries and caucuses did not dramatically alter the landscape of the race, they highlighted the Herculean task facing Mr Rubio who is struggling to gain traction among voters despite being the current establishment favourite. 最新一轮初选和预选结果并未显著改变竞选形势,但它们凸显了鲁比奥所面临的艰巨任务。尽管他目前获得党内体制内人士青睐,但很难争取到选民Mr Trump now leads with 382 delegates while Mr Cruz has 300. Mr Rubio lies in third place with 128, while Mr Kasich rounds out the field with 35 delegates. 特朗普现在拥82张选举人票数,克鲁兹为300张。鲁比奥28张位居第三,俄亥俄州州长约翰#8226;卡西John Kasich)垫底,共获得35张选举人票数。来 /201603/430550The UN Security Council adopted a resolution on last Wednesday that imposes new sanctions on the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) in order to curb the countrys nuclear and missile programs.联合国安理会上周三通过一项决议,即为了遏制朝鲜的核导弹计划,将对朝鲜实施一系列新的制裁措施。The resolution was unanimously adopted by the 15 members of the council in response to DPRKs nuclear test on Jan. 6 and a satellite launch on Feb. 7.理事5名成员国一致通过了该决议,该协议是对朝鲜日进行的核试验和2日卫星发射做出的回应In the statement, the council condemned in the strongest terms the nuclear test on Jan. 6 and the satellite launch on Feb. 7, which it said used ballistic missile technology banned by previous UN resolutions. Pyongyang insisted it was a peaceful satellite launch.在该声明中,安理会强烈谴责了1日的核试验和2日的卫星发射。安理会表示,朝鲜发射卫星使用了联合国先前已明令禁止的弹道导弹技术。但是平壤方面坚持认为,这是一次和平的卫星发射。The resolution includes a ban on all exports of strategic materials from the DPRK. It also puts out a ban on supplying aviation fuel to the DPRK. Moreover, it requires member states to inspect all cargo going to and from the DPRK.该决议中包含禁止朝鲜战略物资出口、禁止向朝鲜提供航空燃料和联合国成员国必须对进出朝鲜的货物进行强制检查等条款。UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday welcomed the Security Councils move, saying the DPRK ;must return to full compliance with its international obligations.;联合国秘书长潘基文上周三对安理事会的这一行动表示欢迎,并表示:“朝鲜必须完全履行其国际义务。”Stressing that sanctions are not the objective, Liu Jieyi, Chinas permanent representative to the UN, said the resolution itself cannot offer a fundamental solution to the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, and dialogue is the only viable way to resolve the issue.中国常驻联合国代表刘洁仪强调制裁不是目的,并表示这一决议本身不能为朝鲜半岛核问题提供根本性的解决办法,而对话是解决这一问题的唯一可行途径。U.S. President Barack Obama also welcomed the UN resolution , calling it ;a firm, united, and appropriate response by the international community; to halt DPRKs nuclear and missile programs.美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马也对联合国这项决议表示欢迎,并称其是国际社会遏制朝鲜的核计划和导弹计划做出的强硬的、一致的和适当的回应。来 /201603/430016南庄里水九江丹灶镇男科医生

禅城区男科最好的医院佛山顺德区医院网上预约咨询In 1989, a few months before the Berlin Wall fell, I visited a frozen food factory in Grimsby, on the north-east coast of England. 1989年,在柏林墙倒塌前几个月,我拜访了英格兰东北海岸格里姆斯比的一家冷冻食品厂。It was run by Birds Eye Wall’s, then owned by Unilever, and it had just won an award for industrial harmony.这家由当时隶属联合利Unilever)旗下的Birds Eye Wall’s运营的工厂,当时刚刚因劳资关系和谐得到了奖赏。The workers had agreed to job cuts and to work in teams, retraining and raising productivity in return for higher wages. 该工厂的工人们当时同意以工作裁减、组队工作、再培训和提高生产率,换取涨薪。Employees of Birds Eye in Kirkby, Merseyside, had rejected the same challenge and their factory was being shut.Birds Eye在默西塞德郡柯比市的雇员拒绝了同样的挑战,他们的工厂被关闭。Grimsby’s escape did not last. 格里姆斯比工厂并未幸免多久。Unilever finally declared the factory too small and inefficient and closed it in 2005; the abandoned building later caught fire.联合利华最终宣布,该工厂规模太小、效率太低,005年将其关闭;遭废弃的工厂后来失了火。Unilever went on to sell Birds Eye to Permira, a private equity group, which merged it with other European frozen food businesses.联合利华接着将Birds Eye出售给了私人股本集团Permira,后来Permira将Birds Eye与其他欧洲冷冻食品企业合并了起来。I thought of that ruined factory in June when the citizens of Grimsby voted by one of the highest majorities for Britain to leave the EU, and again last week as Donald Trump was elected US president. 今年6月格里姆斯比以位居全国前列的高得票比例持英国退出欧盟时,以及不久前唐纳特朗Donald Trump)当选美国总统时,我都想到了那座废弃的工厂。Its experience has been repeated in many places since 1989 with the loosening of barriers to trade and migration, and the unleashing of globalisation.989年以来,随着贸易和移民壁垒放松以及全球化的发展,该工厂的经历在许多地方重演。Among them are the former steel towns of western Pennsylvania, which rejected Hillary Clinton. 其中包括宾夕法尼亚西部那些曾经的钢铁城镇,那些城镇没有持希拉里.克林Hillary Clinton)。Take Johnstown in Cambria County, east of Pittsburgh, where there was once a Bethlehem Steel plant making railroad carriages. 拿匹兹堡以东的坎布里亚县来说,这里曾有一家制造铁路车厢的伯利恒钢Bethlehem Steel)工厂。More than 12,000 people worked there in the late 1970s but by the time it closed in 2007 only 390 were left.在上世纪70年代末,.2万人在这里工作,但到2007年关闭的时候,该厂仅剩90人。Pittsburgh, which voted for Mrs Clinton, is a shining example of how a cosmopolitan city can recover from the loss of manufacturing. 投票持希拉里的匹兹堡是一个极好的例子,表明一个国际大都市如何能从制造业的衰败中复苏。Steelmaking has been succeeded by health and other services, clustered around Carnegie Mellon University. 钢铁制造业被聚集在卡耐基梅隆大学(Carnegie Mellon University)周围的医疗和其他务行业取代。But small town Pennsylvania still hurts and Mr Trump won Cambria County easily.但宾夕法尼亚的小城镇仍在承受伤痛,特朗普轻松地拿下了坎布里亚县。Trump voters had many motives, from hostility to immigration, to anger at wage stagnation, to rejection of social liberalism. 持特朗普的选民们动机各异,从敌视移民、对薪资停滞不满到拒绝社会自由主义。Most were not poor: a majority of those earning less than ,000 per year backed Mrs Clinton.大多数人并不穷:绝大多数年收入不万美元的人都持希拉里。But much of their resentment, and othersenthusiasm for Brexit, seems to me to originate on the factory floor, especially manufacturing plants in places such as Johnstown and Grimsby that are now gone. 但在我看来,他们的怨恨以及其他人对英国退欧的热情持在很大程度上似乎起源于工厂,尤其是约翰斯敦和格里姆斯比等地方如今已不复存在的制造业工厂。It speaks to the loss not only of jobs but agency: the control that mid-tier employees used to have over their working lives.他们的怨恨反映的不仅是工作的失去,还有手段的失去:中层雇员曾经拥有能够掌控自己职业生活的手段。They once had greater bargaining power: it was harder for companies to impose changes in how they worked when many factories were unionised and moving production to other places was difficult. 他们曾经拥有更强的讨价还价的能力:在那个许多工厂建立了工会,并且生产很难转移到其他地区的时代,公司更难迫使他们改变工作方式。When the walls came down, capital became more powerful and more mobile; there was always a y alternative.当一道道墙倒塌,资本变得更有力量、更机动灵活,就总是不缺现成的替代选择了。The experience of those two factories was typical: a steady intensification of managersdemands on workers with limited or obsolescent skills, with the threat of work being taken to a greenfield site, or the far side of the world. 那两个工厂的经历非常典型:管理者对技能有限或过时的工人要求得越来越严格,同时威胁要把工厂迁往一个全新厂址或世界另一边。If they could not get what they wanted, private equity restructuring loomed.如果他们得不到自己想要的,私人股本就有可能介入,对工厂实施重组。The world split into those for whom mobility was a threat and those for whom it was an opportunity. 世界分裂成两派,一派认为机动性是威胁,另一派则认为是机遇。Birds Eye is now owned by Nomad Foods Europe. Birds Eye现在隶属Nomad Foods Europe旗下。Its executives are elite nomads of various nationalities, who have worked from Athens to Houston. Nomad Foods Europe的高管是国籍各异、辗转世界的国际精英,在从雅典到休斯顿等不同地方工作过。People not educated at business schools or trained to run global supply chains have had a tougher time, losing jobs and having benefits stripped. 没有念过商学院或接受过全球供应链管理方面训练的人们经历了一个较困难的时期,失去了工作,福利减少。Their losses have torn through communities, making them receptive to Mr Trump’s fierce gospel of social conservatism and economic restoration.他们的损失导致社区分裂,让他们容易接受特朗普宣扬的社会保守主义和经济复苏的极端信条。There are many holes in his signature plan to employ Americans to build a southern border wall and make Mexico pay for it but it has a brute symbolism. 特朗普的标志性计划,即雇佣美国人在南部边境建造高墙并让墨西哥买单,是个有许多漏洞的计划,但它有着极具冲击力的象征意义。To people who experienced the opposite US consumers paying for jobs and facilities in Mexico it is justice.对那些经历过相反事情(即,美国消费者为墨西哥的工作和设施买单)的人来说,这就是正义。Most economists would say that taking back control by building walls and ending international trade deals will not have the intended effect. 大多数经济学家会说,通过建起高墙和取消国际贸易协议来夺回控制权将事与愿违。It will not return steelmaking to Pennsylvania or food processing to Grimsby. 这种做法不会让钢铁制造业回到宾夕法尼亚,也不会让食品加工业回到格里姆斯比。Mr Trump is a showman, not a magician.特朗普善于作秀,但他不是魔术师。But part of his message made sense, and companies would be foolish to ignore it. 但他传达出的部分信息是明智的,企业忽视这一点将是愚蠢的。Capital and labour mobility have produced big benefits for consumers, and for citizens in low income economies, in the past three decades. 在过0年里,资本和劳动力流动极大地造福了消费者和低收入经济中的民众。They have given less to non-elite workers in wealthy economies, and have sapped their sense of security.这种流动带给富裕经济体中非精英工人的好处则较少,而且削弱了他们的安全感。Building walls is a bad idea but making capital work more productively for those in abandoned places is a good one. 建起高墙是一个糟糕的想法,但让资本更有效地务于那些被遗弃地区的人们是个好主意。It is essential if people whose economic voices have been muted are not to wield their political votes against liberalism.重要的是,要保经济上失去话语权的人不会利用他们的政治投票反对自由主义。The yearning for companies to create decent jobs for local citizens is not nativism or prejudice: it is what those in Pittsburgh, London or New York aly enjoy, alongside immigration. 渴望企业为当地居民创造体面工作不是本土保护主义或者偏见——在匹兹堡、伦敦或纽约,这一愿望已经得到了满足,这些城市同时还享受了移民带来的好处。It is a founding purpose of business, lost in the rush to globalise.实现这一愿望是企业成立的目的,在急匆匆奔向全球化的过程中,这个目的却丢失了。How companies and communities achieve this aim is, of course, the hard part. 棘手的问题当然是企业和社区如何实现这个目标。Intelligent rules and incentives are needed to generate and to keep productive work, not to wall it off. 需要的是设计明智的规则和激励措施来创造和留住生产性工作,而不是建起高墙。But it is dangerous that many employers no longer consider this their role. 但危险的是,许多雇主不再将这视为自己的责任。Until they do, expect more Trumps.在雇主们认识到这是他们的责任之前,预计还会有更多特朗普式人物出现。来 /201611/480028高明区妇幼保健院龟头炎症Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s president, has signalled she is willing to resign next year or accept the decision of an impeachment vote this Friday.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)已表示,她愿意明年辞职或接受本周五弹劾表决得出的决定。This development follows six weeks of massive civilian protest in response to a corruption scandal that has riveted the nation.韩国民众已举行了六周的大规模抗议,以回应一桩举国瞩目的腐败丑闻。Ms Park told leaders of the ruling Saenuri Party that she will either agree to resign in April or accept the decision of the constitutional court following an impeachment vote, according to local media reports.据当地媒体报道,朴槿惠对执政党“新国家党Saenuri Party)的领导人表示,她同意明年4月辞职,也会接受宪法法院在一项弹劾表决后作出的裁决。Last Tuesday, Ms Park told the nation in a televised address she would step down in accordance with a schedule drawn up by parliamentarians. That was dismissed by opponents as a stall tactic, and the following day they vowed to push forward with an impeachment motion.上周二,朴槿惠在电视讲话中向韩国民众表示,她会按照国会议员们拟定的时间表下台。反对派认为这是一种拖延战术,并在次日发誓要推进弹劾动议。The announcement of Ms Park’s resignation comes as the heads of nine of South Korea’s biggest family-controlled conglomerates (chaebol), including Samsung and Hyundai, were today dragged before a parliamentary inquiry into their role in the nation’s corruption scandal.朴槿惠宣布辞职意愿之际,包括三星(Samsung)、现Hyundai)在内的韩国九大财阀的领导人今日都应要求出席了国会听会,以阐明他们在这桩腐败丑闻中扮演的角色。来 /201612/482064佛山市第四人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

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