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Long March: Comrade, Where's My Car?The opening day of China's legislative session is one of the hottest political dates of the calendar. Despite the mostly ceremonial role of the roughly 3,000-member National People's Congress, China's military, political and business elite fill up the marble corridors of the Great Hall of the People.One star this year is Mao Xinyu, grandson of China's founding father, Chairman Mao Zedong. The roly-poly grandson is now a researcher in a military academy specializing in his grandfather's political theory, Mao Zedong Thought.The younger Mao is a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, a sort of council of elders filled with celebrities, sports stars and scientists who meet at the same time as the legislature. Mao proposed his grandfather's thought should be applied to modern military strategy.Dressed in his military uniform and carrying an extra-large manila folder filled with documents, wherever Mao went, he was quickly surrounded by reporters who peppered him with questions and fans posing for photographs alongside the Great Helmsman's progeny. (OK, we did it, too.)After the opening speeches were over, he walked out between the massive pillars of the hall and down onto Tiananmen Square, temporarily turned into a parking lot filled with the identical black cars ferrying VIP delegates.Only catch, Mao couldn't find his car. As he wandered around the square trying to dodge a growing crowd of reporters - following a circuitous route - similar to his Grandfathers windy Long March in shape if not form or duration - firefighters in helmets and orange-jump suits tried to block the media while radioing for help.Defeated, eventually he retreated back up the steps and into the hall for a strategic regrouping. /201003/98157面试英语口语Lesson51:About Reasons Leaving经典对话:9.Untunately I have had to leave my position on of the discoutinuance of the business.由于公司停业,我不得不离开而另寻工作99.The only reason why I am leaving the present position is to gain more experience in a eign trade company.本人离开现职的惟一原因是打算到外贸公司获得更多的经验930.Im leaving that company to be with my aged parents and care them here.因本人需要与年迈的父母一起生活并照料他们,故而离开了那家公司931.My reason leaving my present employment is with the desire of improving my position.我打算离开现职,意欲寻求更好职位93.I left the company just a week ago,because I disagree with the general manager.由于与总经理意见不一,我于一周前离开那家公司933.I prefer working in private enterprises to public sector because the mer is more energetic while the latter is rather stable.我较喜欢在私营机构工作,因私营机构比较有活力,尽管公营事业比较稳定9.Untunately I have had to leave my position,as my employers have been ced to liquidate their business due to the worldwide economic adversity.很不幸,由于这次世界性的经济危机,我的雇主不得不结束业务,我不得不离职935.I left them solely because they made a reduction in their establishment.由于该公司裁减编制,我离职936.My reason wishing to make a change at this time is that there seems no opporty advancement in my present position,and I feel that my ability and training,as well as my interest in my work,should lead to advancement and a higher salary.目前打算离职的缘由是我似乎没有晋升的机会,以我的工作能力、所受训练,以及我对工作的热情,应该获得晋升和较高薪水937.I am leaving my present position because I can use my capabilities more fully in a position with wider scope.My pre-sent employer knows of my ambition and is helping me to find a new place.我希望有机会充分展现自己工作能力,从事更大范围工作之需要,这是我急于离开现职的主要原因本人现任职公司老板对我的工作雄心颇为赞许,愿协助我另谋他职938.The reason why I wish to leave my present employer is that I hope to widen my experience and take a new turn in the development of my career.我希望转职的原因是想有一个新的发展方向和扩展自己的接触层面939.The reason leaving my present employment is that I see no chance further advancement.由于目前的工作缺乏发展的机会,故本人打算离开90.I left my work because I think my potential and ability could be better employed in a large,high-grade corporation like yours.我离职的原因是认为自己的潜力在如贵公司一样具规模的机构中更能进一步发挥91.I am desirous of leaving the office in order to gain more experience in advertising business.我希望转职的原因是打算在广告行业发展9.My desire at this time is to get into the publishing industry because I believe it has a bright future.我目前的愿望是要加入出版行业,因为我相信这一行业的前景非常光明93.I left them a tnight ago,owing to a disagreement with the president Mr. Liu.由于本人和总裁刘先生意见不一,两星期前辞职了9.I enjoy my tenure at A company but I feel it is time to move on to a new challenge.我十分喜欢在A公司的工作,但我认为现在应该是接受新的挑战的时候了95.I left my job two years ago because I wanted to further my study abroad.我两年前离职的原因是想到国外深造96.I left the company due to the closing down of the company business.由于本人务的公司结束经营,故本人需另寻工作Notes 注释:1.discontinuance n.停止,停业.aged a.年老的3.private a.私人的.enterprise n.事业,企业单位5.public sector 公营机构6.stable a.稳定的,平稳的7.liquidate their business结束业务, liquidate v.清理,清算 35666 Snack if you must. 6 选择低脂肪、低卡路里的零食A snack now and then may satisfy real hunger and may help you feel less deprived psychologically.Air-popped popcorn,at 5 fat-free calories per cup,has been the salvation of many a long-term dieter.Even popcorn with a little oil and salt (0 calories and grams of fat) is better you than,say,corn chips(5 calories and 9.1 grams of fat per ounce).Choose low-fat,low-calorie snacks like rice cakes (35 calories and 0.3 grams of fat each)or wheat or rye crackers (9 calories and 0. grams of fat per ounce).偶尔吃点零食也许可以满足真正的饥饿感.而且在心理上或许也可以帮助你较不会有被剥夺的感觉用爆米花机爆出来的爆米花含脂肪,每杯只有二十五卡路里的热量,.是许多长期节食者的救星即使爆米花加了一点油和盐(四十卡路里和两克的脂肪),也比玉米脆片(一百五十五卡路里和每盎司九点一克的脂肪)对你的身体更有助益要选择低脂肪、低卡路里的点心,像米糕(每有三十五卡路里和零点三克的脂肪)小麦或黑麦饼干(每盎司九卡路里和零点四克的脂肪)都是不错的点心健身短语:1.many a ... dieter 许多……节食者=many... dieters.now and then 偶尔,有时 361985

Juan Antonio Samaranch, a former International Olympic Committee president, died Wednesday. He was 89.The Quiron Hospital in Barcelona said Samaranch died after being admitted with heart problems.Samaranch headed the IOC from 1980 to 2001. He retired as the second-longest serving president in the history of the IOC. He was succeeded by current president Jacques Rogge.Samaranch was a reserved but shrewd dealmaker whose 21-year term was marked by the unprecedented growth of the Olympics and the Salt Lake City corruption scandal.The former Spanish diplomat was considered one of the defining presidents of the IOC for building the committee into a powerful global body and firmly establishing the Olympics as a world force.The Samaranch era spanned political boycotts, the end of amateurism, the explosion of commercialization, a boom in the popularity of the games, the scourge of doping, and the Salt Lake crisis.Ten IOC members resigned or were expelled for accepting improper inducements from the Salt Lake bid committee. Samaranch then pushed through a series of reforms to clean up the IOC, including a ban on member visits to bid cities.When Samaranch came to power in 1980, the IOC was virtually bankrupt and the Olympics were battered by boycotts, terrorism and financial troubles.When he left, the IOC's coffers were bulging from billions of dollars in commercial revenues, the boycott era was over, and the games were entrenched as the world's favorite sports festival.Even in retirement, Samaranch remained active in Olympic circles and tried to help Madrid secure the 2012 and 2016 Games. Madrid finished third behind winner London and Paris for the 2012 Olympics, and second to Rio de Janeiro for 2016.Despite the advancing age and medical troubles, Samaranch continued to travel to IOC meetings around the world. He looked increasingly frail in recent months. Attending the IOC session at the Winter Games in Vancouver in February, he walked with the aid of a female assistant. /201004/102071

Cashing a eign Check外国票兑现Toshio Murata has received a dollar check from his friend in San Francisco.村田俊夫收到了他的朋友从旧金山寄来的美元票He is asking the clerk at the eign Exchange Department of the Higashi Bank to cash it .他正在要求东外汇部门的职员将这张票兑现Clerk :May I help you ,sir ?职员:可以为您帮忙吗,先生?Murata:Yes,please .My frind in San Francisco sent me this check .5 .I would like to cash it and get yen it .村田:谢谢我在旧金山的朋友寄给我一张3美元5美他的票,我想把它兑换成日元C:Yes,sir .This check is drawn on a bank in San Francisco .It will take about ten days to clear.职员:好的这张票是从旧金山开出的,大约要花天时间才可清算M:You mean I cant get the money right away?村田:您是说,我不能马上得到钱吗?C:No,we have to send the check to San Francisco collection .We can give you the proceeds as soon as we collect the funds.职员:是的,我们必须把票寄到旧金山去取款我们一收到这项专款,就会马上付给您的M:Then ,you can pay me in yen?村田:那时,您就能够付给我日元了吗?C:Yes,we will change the proceeds to yen you .We will deduct a collection service charge from the proceeds ,of course .职员:是的,我们将把款项为您换成日元当然,我们要从中扣除取款的手续费M:How much is that?村田:那要多少钱?C:Normally just a few hundred yen.We can ask a cable remittance from San Francisco if you would like .职员:通常,只需几百日元如果您愿意的话,我们可以要求从旧金山为您电汇,We could then cash it you very quickly ,but you would have to pay the charges the cable .那样我们就可以很快地将票兑现,但是您需要付电汇费用M:No,I can wait the ten days.Will you notify me when you receive the proceeds?村田:不用了,我可以等天你们收到款子后,可以通知吗?C:Yes,well call you .Will you please endorse the check on the back ?职员:是的,我们会给您打电话的,请您在票的后面签个字,好吗?M:You mean sign my name?村田:您是说签上我的姓名吗?C:Yes.And please fill out this eign remittances m .职员:是的,另外,请填写一张外汇表

81.Id like to have crisps.81.我想要一些炸马铃薯片8.I wonder if I can have some rice.8.我可以要一些米饭吗?83.Is this dish very spicy?83.这道菜会很辣吗?8.Would you like to order a dessert?8.您要来份甜点吗?85.Ill have some ice cream dessert.85.我想要冰淇淋当甜点86.What flavor would you like?86.您要什么口味的?87.Would you like something to drink?87.您想喝点什么吗?88.What do you want, coffee or tea?88.你要喝茶还是咖啡?89.Could we have two coffees, please?89.请来两杯咖啡好吗?90.Which would you rather have, black coffee or coffee with cream and sugar?90.您喜欢黑咖啡,还是要加奶油和糖91.Only sugar, no milk or cream, please.91.请加糖就好,不要鲜奶或奶油9.Tea will be fine.9.茶就可以了93.How do you like your tea, with sugar and lemon?93.您的茶要加糖和柠檬吗?9.May I have a cup of tea with a slice of lemon?9.可以给我一杯柠檬茶吗?95.What wine would you recommend?95.你建议我们喝什么酒?96.How do you like it?96.你的酒要怎么喝?97.Please switch that to Budweiser.97.请把它换成百威啤酒98.Can I have coffee instead?98.我可以换成咖啡吗?99.Ill take it anyway.99.我就点这道菜0.Make it two, please.0.请来两份1.The same me, please.1.我也点同样的菜1.Is there anything else you would like to have?1.您还要点什么吗?1.Anything else?1.还要点什么吗?1.I think that enough.1.我想这些足够了1.I dropped my k. Could you bring me another one, please?1.我的叉子掉了,可以再给我一吗?1.My order hasnt come out yet.1.我点的菜还没来1.We ordered a half hour ago.1.我们已经点了半小时了1.I didnt order this.1.我没有点这个1.This meat is still raw.1.这肉还是生的1.There is something in my soup.1.我的汤里有怪东西1.This dish is too salty.1.这道菜太咸了1.This dish is too greasy.1.这道菜太油了1.This dish is too spicy.1.这道菜太辣了1.This dish is tasteless.1.这道菜没味道1.May I cancel my order.1.我可以取消餐点吗?6.Could you bring me some more water, please?6.请帮我加些水好吗?7.Have you finished?7.请问您吃完了吗?8.Not yet.8.还没有9.Could you clean the table, please?9.请帮我收一下桌子0.Please pack the leftovers me.0.请帮我把剩下的打包1.When do you close?1.你们几点打烊?.Check, please..买单3.What this ?3.这笔费用是什么? 399801

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