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Yves Behar 和 Forrest North共同推出了一款外观时尚、动力强劲的电动托车。他们分享了当初他们是怎么从一起分享遥远的(但是相似的)的童年进而建立起友谊及合作关系启动梦想计划的经历。201404/291679Like Brett Ratner, Quentin Tarantino was another high-profile Hollywood director that has been inspired by Bruce Lee.跟Brett Ratner一样 Quentin Tarantino是好莱坞另一位受到李小龙启发的大腕导演。When he wanted someone to do the sound track for the movie Kill Bill,he approached Rza to draw on his vast knowledge of Bruce Lee films.当想找人给;杀死比尔;配乐时,他找到Rza 对李小龙电影的了解滔滔不绝。Doing music for Kill Bill was something that was a great opportunity for me.为;杀死比尔;配乐是个很好的机会Im... Im a hip-hop producer,and Tarantino was a Wu-Tang fan,asked me to become the first composer he ever hired.我是... 我是嘻哈音乐制作人,而Tarantino是;武当派;迷,邀我作为他第一个聘用的作曲家。And we actually met like two guys throwing out baseball cards, naming kungfu films,who knew the most films, and we became friends.我们的碰面就像俩炫耀棒球卡的小孩 当然说的是功夫片,谁知道的电影更多 我们成为了朋友。Like Rza, Damon Albarn from the British band Gorillaz saw Bruce Lee at an early age and was blown away.跟Rza一样 英国街头顽童乐队的Damon Albarn,在很小的时候就看过李小龙的电影并为之折。His band has sold over 15 million albums, and their latest project,a circus opera called Monkey Journey To The West has been staged around the world.他们的专辑卖出了超过1千5百万张 最近的作品,名为;西游记;的音乐剧已经开始全球巡回上演。When creating the music for the opera,Damon Albarn drew on the soundtrack to Enter The Dragon.为音乐剧作曲时,Damon Albarn参看了;龙争虎斗;的配乐。I definitely thought about that when I was doing the music for...当为... 为这出猴戏配乐时 我立马想到了这个for the monkey opera, the strong use of orchestra,and its just really exciting.It never became dull, you know?强烈的管弦乐,激荡人心。绝不无聊 知道吗?Bruce Lees influence has been apparent in much of the Gorillazs work since they launched in 1998 as the worlds first virtual band.从1998年 这个世界上首个虚拟乐队诞生之日起,街头顽童作品就明显带有李小龙气息。You always say that too.They created their own Game of Death animation and dressed monkey in Bruce Lees signature yellow tracksuit.你也常这么说,他们创作了自己的;死亡游戏;动画,让猴子穿上李小龙标志性的黄色战衣。You put me monkey in a Bruce Lee...Yeah, well, exactly, monkey has a Bruce Lee tracksuit.Yeah, you cant really... its so iconic.你让猴子穿李小龙的...是 没错 猴子穿李小龙的连体衫,是的 你没法... 太深入人心了。The Gorillaz arent the only artists to capitalize on Bruce Lees image.街头顽童不是唯一利用李小龙形象的艺术家The international appeal and strong brand identity is something advertisers and marketers have also been keen to exploit,creating a wave of Bruce Lee inspired commercials, comics,and games around the world.国际影响力和品牌形象是广告商和市场营销者追逐的焦点,他们在世界各地掀起了一股李小龙广告 动画,电玩的风潮。201403/280071Woz and jobs became inseparable friends,沃兹和乔布斯成为了形影不离的伙伴,But their first venture was not a computer.但是他们的第一项冒险举动并不是电脑The pair developed an electronics kit这对组合开发了一个电子小工具Mimicking telephone router codes用模拟电话交换码的方式To make free calls around the world.来拨打全球免费电话.you know, when you make a long distance phone call你知道,当你在拨打长途电话的时候,In the background you hear, ;do do do do do;你会听到耳朵里有;嘟嘟嘟嘟嘟;的声音Those are the telephone computers actually signaling each other,那是电话交换机的电脑在向其他电脑发送信号Sending information to each other to set up your call.通过这信号来完成你拨打电话的指令.And there used to be a way to fool所以那会儿有一种方法The entire telephone system into thinking通过欺骗整个电话系统使之认为You were a telephone computer.你是一台电话交换机.You could, you know, call from a pay phone,你可以,你知道吗,从一个付费电话拨打到Go to white plains, new york, take a satellite to europe,White plains,纽约,或者通过卫星拨打到欧洲Take a cable to turkey, um, come back to los angeles,或者通过海底电缆拨打到土耳其,嗯,再拨打回洛杉矶And youd go around the world 3 or 4 times and call你可以在你家门口附近的付费电话里喊一喊,The payphone next door, shout in the phone,拨打三四次全世界的长途电话号码And be about 30 seconds, it would come out the other phone.然后30秒后,那边就接通了.the pair quickly moved on from phone-jacking for fun这对年轻人很快把他们对于通过电话黑客找乐子的兴趣To creating computers,转移到了建造电脑计算机上,building the prototype of the very first apple.也就是第一台苹果电脑上.Its a fond memory for steve wozniak.对于沃兹来说那是一段美好的回忆.Wozniak: he was always thinking about certain technology,他总是在思考这些技术The early products that got developed, the building parts,这些正在制作的部分或者已经完成的早期产品What those might lead to in our future,将如何引领我们的未来And he was always pushing me as an engineer他一直在敦促我把我变成一个工程师;could you possibly add this someday,;你能在某个时候加入这个(功能)吗?Could you possibly add that someday?;你能在某个时候加入那个(功能)吗?;;yes, yes, yes, I could,;;可以,可以,可以,我能.;Thinking, ;no. Its way, way off,;其实我心里在想, ;不,还早着呢.;But eventually we all did.但是最后我们全部做到了.in those early days, woz and jobs took their creation在早期,沃兹和乔布斯带着他们的发明To the homebrew computer club,参加了;个人电脑俱乐部;,an early computer club, an early computer users group in silicon valley,一个早期由硅谷电脑用户们自发组建的电脑俱乐部Where it quickly attracted attention from their peers.在那里他们很快引起了其他人的注意 /201309/254783

Ever hear that what counts is not what you know, but who you know? Practice networking and before long youll know just whats what and whos who.是不是曾经听过这种说法:重要的不是你知道什么,而是你认识谁?建立人际关系网,不久之后你就会认识许多人。You Will Need你需要Trade organizations to join加入贸易组织Good social skills优秀的社交技能And persistence坚持Steps步骤STEP 1 Practice ;Four F rule;1.遵循四个原则Practice the ;Four F rule;—family, friends, family of friends, and friends of family. In other words, talk to everyone you can think of about your career goals.遵循四个F的原则——家人,朋友,朋友的家人,家人的朋友。换句话说,向你能想到的每一个人讲述你的职业目标。STEP 2 Have business cards made2.制作名片Have business cards made so you have something professional to hand out when you meet people.制作一些名片,这样当你遇到别人时就有一些职业的自我介绍资料递给别人。STEP 3 Join organizations3.加入组织Join professional organizations related to your field. For example, if you are a woman working in the media world, you could join the not-for-profit womeninfilm.org.Websites likewww.linkedin.comcan help you find out what professional contacts your friends have.加入与你的领域相关的专业组织。例如,如果你是在媒体领域就职的女性,你可以加入非营利的womeninfilm.org。www.linkedin.com等网站可以帮助你了解你的朋友们都有哪些职业关系。STEP 4 Listen to mentors4.倾听指导Listen attentively to potential mentors. As the saying goes, ;You can make more contacts in two hours by showing interest in people than you will in two years of trying to get them interested in you.;认真倾听潜在的导师的教导。就像别人经常说的,“通过对别人表现出兴趣在两小时内建立的联系远远超过试图让别人对你感兴趣在两年内得到的联系多。”Maintain eye contact when you are speaking with someone. Theres nothing more insulting than a person who is looking over your shoulder for someone more interesting!跟别人说话时保持眼神交流。没有什么比跟你说话时却越过你的肩膀看更有趣的人让人感到羞辱了。STEP 5 Do them a favor5.帮忙Listen for how you might be able to help someone else. Doing a favor for them is the fastest way to make them want to help you.认真听一下,看看自己是否能帮助别人。帮他们一点忙是让他们想要帮你最快捷的方法。Do your research on the speakers at trade events, and have a pitch prepared for them.在贸易交流会上对发言人员做一些调查,提前准备一些推销的语言。STEP 6 Contact former bosses6.联系以前的老板Contact former bosses. Research shows that one in three job seekers gets job search help from a previous employer.联系以前的老板。调查显示,大约三分之一的求职者找工作时从以前的雇主那里得到帮助。Seventy-nine percent of college graduates responding to a 2007 survey said they found networking an effective job search tool.2007年一份调查中,79%的大学毕业生表示,人际关系网是一个非常有用的求职工具。201411/343840

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