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Once in a while, you will need to encounter sentences that make you smile as you will need more inspiration and motivation to go on with your life. Which sentences do you think will make you smile the most?总有那么一段时日,我们需要一些激励人心的话来获得动力,让自己微笑着继续生活。那么哪些句子能让我们笑对生活呢?Here are ten of them:在这里:1.Yes, today, everything is going to be great!1.是的,今天,一切都会很好!Your thoughts can heavily influence your actions and also your mood for the day. Choose to sentences that make you smile. Be grateful for another day that you’re alive. Choose to spend your life with optimistic thoughts and refreshing beliefs, and get rid of any thought that says otherwise. Indeed, every day can be a great day if you want it to be.我们的想法在很大程度上会左右我们的言行,甚至是一天的心情。阅读一些让人开怀的句子。感谢曾活过的每一天。带着积极地心态和信仰生活,摒弃与之相反的思想。事实上,只要一心希望自己会生活得很好,它就会真的很不错。2.You are here in this world to make a positive difference.2.你的存在会对这个世界产生积极的影响。You were given a gift—a talent or a skill—that you can use to help empower yourself and eventually empower others. Make the most out of it by touching lives and influencing people to change for the better.我们天生就有一种能力–可以鼓励自己,也可以鼓励他人。多多接触他人,尽可能的影响他人,使他们的生活变得更好。3.You have the power to spend your life with people who truly matter to you.3.你有权利和那些对你真诚的人共度一生。You don’t have to spend the rest of your life with people who don’t treasure you! Yes, you can quit your job if you’re working in a toxic environment. Yes, you can close your business if your business partner is a cheater. Yes, you can get out of your romantic relationship if your lover doesn’t accept you for who you are. You have the power to do so, remember?不必与那些并不真心待你的人浪费自己的生命。当然,如果你的工作环境很糟,你也大可辞掉那份工作。同样,如果你工作伙伴是个小人,你也大可结束你们之间的工作关系。此外,如果你所爱的人不能接受你这样一个人,你也大可结束你们之间的感情。你有权利那么做,记住了吗?4.It doesn’t matter how many times you fail; what matters is how many times you stand up and try again.4.失败多少次都不重要,关键是要在失败后站起来,再试一次。Don’t be discouraged by your failures! Learn from the successful people and use failures as life’s way of teaching us valuable lessons. Want to know a secret? Successful people fail a lot more than unsuccessful ones.失败后不要灰心!与成功人士交流经验,把失败当做生活教会我们积累经验的有用方式。想知道一个秘密吗?那就是成功的人失败的次数往往比那些不成功的人失败的次数更多。 /201311/265179Sausage wrapped in glutinous rice大肠包小肠Average price: 10 yuan均价:10元Places: Taipei and Taichung美食地:台北和台中When Zhao Yanjun, 22, a chemistry major at the University of Science and Technology Beijing, looks back to her exchange days at Tunghai University in Taiwan, the first thing she remembers is sausage wrapped in glutinous rice. Just as the name suggests, it’s a carb-loaded rice mixture wrapped around a baked sausage. “The baked sausage looks oily, but doesn’t tastegreasy, and the rice is soft with a crispy skin,” Zhao says. Among the different flavors, which include spicy, black pepper and wasabi, Zhao recommends the wasabi flavor. “It’s a little strange at first, but it’s very refreshing.”北京科技大学化学专业22岁的赵艳君(音译)每每想起她在台湾东海大学交换的日子,首先在脑海中浮现出的都是大肠包小肠。正如其名,大肠包小肠是由混着蟹肉的米肠将烤好的台湾香肠包裹而成。赵艳君说,“里面的烤肠看似油光闪闪但丝毫不腻,而外面的米肠则内软外脆。”大肠包小肠有香辣、黑胡椒、芥末等各种口味,而赵艳君则特别推荐芥末味,她说“虽然入口有点怪异,但是十分爽口。” /201408/317989

Researchers have shed light on the chemistry that bonds one person to another by taking brain scans of men being stroked while in their underpants.据英国《卫报》报道,研究者在对大脑进行扫描时发现,当男性穿着内裤被女性抚摸时,大脑皮层会分泌一种化学物质,增强双方关系。The Finnish study found that gentle stroking – which was not in sexually arousing areas – changed levels of opioid brain chemicals which work behind the scenes to form lasting bonds in animals.芬兰科学家研究发现普通程度的抚摸——不触及性敏感地带——将会改变大脑内阿片类化学物质( opioid brain chemicals)的分泌程度,这些分泌物会在动物体内起到促成长久联系的作用。The findings suggest that opioids might be the critical chemicals that enables human brains to distinguish between strangers and people who are closer to us, such as friends, families and lovers.研究表明,阿片类物质可能作为一种非常重要的化学物质,帮助人类大脑区别陌生人以及关系亲密的人,诸如朋友、家人和恋人。;We know this is hugely important for humans because we have these strong, lasting bondings with friends and relatives and so on. But what kind of system maintains these bonds, and makes them last?; said Lauri Nummenmaa who studies the neural circuitry of emotions at Aalto University in Finland.芬兰阿尔托大学(Aalto University)情绪神经回路研究员,劳瑞·努曼玛(Lauri Nummenmaa)表示:“这个发现对于人类而言相当重要,因为我们与我们的朋友,亲属等都有着深刻,持久的关系。但究竟是什么样的生理系统在维持这种联系,使得这种关系得以长久保持的呢?”Studies in animals have shown that opioids can play a crucial role in pairing up. Prairie voles are monogamous in the wild, but when given a drug that blocks opioid in their brains, they seek out other partners. If opioids are blocked in monkeys, they groom others less and neglect their babies.动物实验中发现,阿片类物质将在两性关系中起到至关重要的作用。野生的草原田鼠属于单配型生物,但当实验组给草原田鼠用药物,脑中阿片类物质分泌被抑制以后,它们开始寻找其他的伴侣。倘若猴子脑内的阿片类物质被抑制分泌,它们梳理其他同类毛发的次数减少,也不再看护自己的小孩。To see whether opioids were important in human bonding, the researchers invited nine couples into the lab. The men stripped off to their underpants and lay under a blanket in a PET scanner. The first scan was taken while the men were alone. For the second, their partners touched them gently all over, but avoided anywhere likely to arouse them sexually.为了研究阿片类物质对于人类关系是否具有重要的作用,研究人员邀请了九对伴侣参加实验。所有男性要求脱去衣物,只保留内衣,然后让他们平躺在正子扫描仪下,盖上毛毯。在他们处于单人环境下时,进行第一次扫描。接着邀请他们的伴侣轻柔的抚摸其全身,但尽量避免触碰他们的性兴奋区,然后对所有男性进行第二次扫描。;I#39;m really proud of the Finnish general public,; said Nummenmaa. ;We had no problem whatsoever in recruiting people for the experiment.;努曼玛表示:“我为芬兰大众感到非常骄傲。”“我们不费力气就找到了愿意参与本次实验的志愿者。”When the researchers compared the men#39;s scans, they noticed that gentle stroking caused a drop in natural opioids in brain areas called the ventral striatum and the anterior cingulate cortex, which are mainstays of the brain#39;s reward circuitry. This was counter to expectations: they had expected levels to rise.当研究人员对比两次扫描结果后发现,轻柔的抚摸导致大脑内部腹侧纹状体与前扣带脑皮质分泌自然阿片类物质,而二者正是大脑奖励回路机制的重要区域。但这一发现与之前的预测相违背:研究人员本期待阿片类物质在分泌浓度上有所提升。Nummenmaa said that opioid might work in a similar way to a painkiller, with the body needing less the more comfortable it was. ;The opioid system is typically engaged during pain, so you get a boost in painful situations. The social touching might be doing exactly the opposite. You can think of it as pain alleviation. That might be the underlying mechanism for why hooking up with others makes us feel so good in the first place,; said Nummenmaa. Details of the study were given at theSociety for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego.努曼玛声称,阿片类物质也许在某种程度上与止疼片起着类似的作用,当身体需求减少时,人就会感到更加舒。努曼玛称:“阿片类系统传统上会在出现疼痛时被分泌出来。所以当你感到疼痛时,它就会被大量分泌出来。而社交性的触碰或许与之完全相反,你可以把它当成缓解疼痛的物质。它或许可以被看成一种基本机制,用于解释为什么当去勾引别人的时候会首先让我们感觉如此棒。”圣地亚哥举行的神经科学学会会议(Society for Neuroscience meeting)上给出了关于此次实验的详细信息。Opiate drugs have the same effect as the body#39;s natural opioids, and just as people build up tolerances to drugs, develop cravings, and suffer withdrawal symptoms, similar processes play out with relationships.阿片类药物与人体分泌的自然阿片类物质有着相同的效果,就像人体对药物产生的耐药性曲线一样,会遭遇脱稳状态(withdrawal symptoms),人类的关系也会经历相同的过程。;If something similar happens when you are establishing social bonds that would make perfect sense. You would need your daily fix, or at least a fix now and then, and unless you got that you would start to feel pain,; said Nummenmaa.努曼玛表示,;如果你与别人建立某种联系,在你感觉相当好的时候出了点事,除非你不再感到痛苦,否则你就需要来一个日常调整,或者至少时不时需要调整一下你自己。; /201403/278446

A bride has been left ;heartbroken; after her hand-made engagement ring was stolen - on her wedding day. A cold-hearted thief is believed to have swiped a black handbag containing the sapphire and diamond-encrusted platinum band from a secluded village church in Sussex as Caroline Marshall, 32, and James Granshaw, 29, said their vows.32岁的卡洛琳·马歇尔( Caroline Marshall)和29岁的詹姆斯·格兰沙(James Granshaw)在苏塞克斯(Sussex)乡村的一家偏僻的教堂进行婚礼宣誓时,一个冷血的窃贼盗取了卡洛琳的黑色手袋,其中就有她的镶钻蓝宝石铂金戒指。Distraught family members said the bride was left in floods of tears when she realised her beloved ring was missing following the service in Saturday afternoon.双方亲属都很烦乱,他们透露,星期六下午,新娘得知心爱的戒指丢失时不禁泪如泉涌。They are desperately trying to track down the #163;6,000 ring, which they say has ;priceless; sentimental value as it was lovingly hand-designed by her husband at an ethical London jewellers.大家都急切的想要追回这枚价值六千英镑的戒指,詹姆斯满怀爱意亲自在伦敦珠宝商处手工设计了这枚戒指,因此这枚戒指有“无价”的情感意义。James#39; father Mervyn, a retired airline pilot from Guildford, said: ;It is just appalling to do this to a bride on her wedding day.詹姆斯的父亲莫文( Mervyn)是吉尔福德(Guildford)的退休飞行员,他说:“婚姻当天新娘丢了婚戒,这实在是太可怕了。”;This was not a drive-by or a walk-by theft, someone has walked up to the church and targeted it. I just despair. To steal a bride#39;s engagement ring from a church - how low can you go?“小偷不是路过这里顺手牵羊,而是以此为目标进教堂行窃的。我简直要绝望了。竟然在别人婚礼当天偷人家的订婚戒指,实在是太卑鄙了!;It put a cloud over the whole day. They are totally heartbroken at what has happened. We are trying to reassure them, but Caroline has been in floods of tears on her honeymoon because she is so upset.;“我们一整天都愁云笼罩。事情发生时大家都很伤心。我们都努力安慰这对新人。但是蜜月期间,卡洛琳一直在不停地哭,因为她实在很伤心。”James, a qualified barrister and legal adviser at Waverley Borough Council, spent months painstakingly researching ethical jewellers to design an engagement ring that did not contain so-called #39;blood diamonds#39; - which are mined in conflict zones - and only used ethical materials.詹姆斯是韦弗利镇理事会( Waverley Borough Council)的挂牌律师和法律顾问,他花了好几个月努力钻研环保珠宝设计,终于设计出了这枚订婚戒指。戒面上并未镶嵌所谓的“血钻”——因为血钻需要在战争冲突爆发的地区开采——詹姆斯只使用来源正当的材料。And he helped to design the ;irreplaceable; ring himself.他自己设计了这枚“无可替代”的钻戒。After getting engaged on the snowy ski slopes in Switzerland in 2012, the couple and their family and friends gathered at the parish church of St Peter ad Vincula in Wisborough Green, West Sussex last Saturday for the nuptials.2012年,卡洛琳夫妇在瑞士的某个滑雪场举行了订婚仪式,上周六,他们又在西苏塞克斯郡,威斯布罗格格林市(Wisborough Green)的圣彼得维克拉(St Peter ad Vincula)教堂举行了婚礼,双方亲友均出席。But moments before the ceremony was due to start, Caroline, who works in compliance for an investment firm in the City of London, realised she still had her engagement ring on. She slipped it off her finger and gave it to her best friend and bridesmaid, who put it in her black LK Bennett handbag for safekeeping.卡洛琳是伦敦一家投资公司的员工,在婚礼快开始前,她才发现自己还戴着订婚戒指,于是就把戒指摘了下来交给她最好的朋友和伴娘保管,后者便把戒指放进了她的黑色班尼特(LK Bennett)手袋里。After the service they realised the ring was missing and called the police.仪式结束后他们才发现戒指不见了,并报了警。The stolen handbag also had an iphone in it, and the frantic couple were able to track the device for a couple of hours and saw it was making off towards Haywards Heath before the signal went dead that evening.新娘遗失的手袋里还有一部苹果手机,这对夫妇现在无比焦急,运用设备对手机连续追逐了好几个小时,信号最终在海沃兹希思(Haywards Heath)方向消失。Caroline and James have jetted off for a two week honeymoon in the borders of Tuscany, Italy, but their family say the theft ;blighted; what should have been the happiest day of their lives.卡洛琳和詹姆斯已搭乘飞机去度蜜月了,他们将在意大利托斯卡纳(Tuscany)边境处逗留两个星期,但是双方亲属却表示那个盗贼“摧毁了”本该属于这两人的一生中最幸福的时刻。Mervyn, 60, said: ;The bridesmaid feels so guilty - it is her best friend. My son and Caroline have gone on their honeymoon, but it has cast a huge shadow over the day.莫文今年六十岁了,他说“女傧相感到很愧疚——最好的朋友遭遇了这样的事。我儿子和卡洛琳已经出发去度蜜月了,但今天的事给我们每个人的心上都蒙上了巨大的阴影。”;The engagement ring is unique. It is not worth #163;10 million, but it has huge sentimental value.“被偷的订婚戒指可谓独一无二。戒指并不值一千万英镑,但意义巨大。”;James put in a lot of effort to create that ring because he knew she would appreciate it. They go to great lengths to make sure it is ethical. It is not some off the shelf ring, it took months of organisation and she loved it. Now it is gone.;“詹姆斯花了很多心血,因为他知道卡洛琳一定会喜欢,他们花了很大的功夫,确保戒指材料的来源正当的。这可不是那种一买就能买到的货色,詹姆斯花了好几个月来设计样式,卡洛琳也很喜欢。现在它被偷了。”The couple fear the thief intends to sell their prize possession to one of the dozens of famous jewellery shops in the Lanes in Brighton, and they are urging anyone who has any information about the ring to get in touch.新婚夫妇害怕盗贼会把这枚珍贵的戒指卖给某家著名的珠宝店,布莱顿(Brighton)的小巷子到处都是这种店,这对夫妇希望任何知情人士能与他们取得联络。A Facebook page called #39;Help us find the ring#39; has been set up to help the search and has received almost 200 likes, and friends and family are using the twitter hashtag carolinesring.他们特地设了一个脸书主页“帮我们找戒指”,已收到约有两百个赞,亲友的推特上都加了“卡洛琳的戒指”这个标签。A spokesman for Sussex police was not immediately available to comment but the force have re-tweeted the appeal.苏塞克斯郡的警方发言人表示,警方虽不能立即破案,但有关部门也转发了相关推特消息。 /201407/309519

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