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So what we are trying to do is to look more closely at the nature of the gold ore, to look at the objects, to try and relate the analysis of one with the other-in the hope that this will lead us back to the right type of geological background, the right type of geological environment, in which the gold was actually formed. And then, by doing extensive fieldwork, we hope that we may actually identify an early Bronze Age goldmine.我们只能尽力去了解金矿的自然状态,再研究这些物品,试图将两者关联起来,希望能从中找到黄金形成的正确的地貌背景和地质环境,然后在大量的田野调查之后,真正找到青铜时代早期的金矿。;Now, with regard to the Mold Cape, a very rich source of gold must have been available, because the quantity of gold used in making the gold cape is way above anything else of the period, so there had to be a very rich source-gold had to be collected over maybe a long period of time.当时的黄金来源一定十分充足,因为这一时代的黄金用里远超其他金属。这些黄金一定是在一个极长的时间内逐渐收集起来的。The object itself is made with exceptional skill.这件披肩的制作工艺极其高超,It#39;s not just the decoration of the object that is skilful, the shape of it, the form in which it#39;s made, so that it would fit on the body-we have to imagine that the goldsmith had to really sit down and work this out in advance.不只装饰精巧,形状和形式也很成熟,因此才能合身。我们不得不相信,金匠曾坐下来仔细规划了很久:How he was going to form the sheet-which is a very skilful matter in itself-how he was then going to decorate it, and how the whole thing would be brought together to make the cape.如何将黄金打薄成片,这本身就需要技巧,此外还得考虑如何装饰,如何把所有东西组合成披肩。And this really demonstrates more than anything the level of skill, and the sense of design, that the goldsmith who made it had.;可以说,这件物品表现得最充分的就是金匠的技术水平及设计感。But if the expertise of the maker of the cape is clear, virtually nothing is certain about the person who may have worn it.尽管披肩制作者的技艺之高超已确定无疑,但我们却无法了解其主人的身份。The object itself provides us with a number of clues.披肩本身给了我们一些线索。 Article/201407/315323襄阳市职业病防治医院能检查怀孕吗Wal-Mart, Gap refuses safety pact Philip Jennings of the UNI Global Union on the retailers#39; decision not to sign a deal to improve working conditions in Bangladesh. 世界最大零售商沃尔玛拒绝签署消费者和劳工团体敦促实施的工人安全协议,称它的工厂监督员将对其在孟加拉国使用的279家工厂“进行100%的深度安全检查”,并把结果发布在官方网站上。上个月,孟加拉国拉纳广场(Rana Plaza)工厂区发生坍塌,致超过1100人死亡。之后,血汗工厂话题再次成为热议焦点。美国劳工联合会发言人芬尼根表示,希望美国零售企业效仿Hamp;M,尊重公会以及劳动者,主动承担起责任。We started this process on Monday morning, and we didn’t have the signatories that you have mentioned. Since Monday, we have now over 25 signatories. We have a critical mass of companies that sourcing Bangladesh that had signed up for this agreement. There may well be more news in the next 3 hours and 33 minutes, I am not surprised of Walmart, they want to have their own flag of convenience; they want to present themselves to the world as the judge and the jury of their own behavior; they don’t past the test of independent governance, independent inspection or proper remediable measures. Well, this is … We appeal to Gap, you’ve got time. Gap, you’ve got 3 hours and 32 minutes to sign up for this safety accord. This is a moment where history is in the making, we want Gap to be part of this. I appeal to Glenn Murphy, the CEO, and to all the consumers that are loyal whom Gap to enter this agreement.Well, this is an interesting bid. Gap says that it doesn’t want dispute to be launched in court, into going through the courts. How big is the deal of that, really? Or is it just an excuse?For me, it looks some more paper thing, and they’re getting into details and trying to find the detail which provides an obstacle. For them, it’s not to sign up. We have a system of governance in place; we have a system of independent inspection in place; we have a way of dealing with the issues as they emerge as social partners in a dialogue. Going to court is the ultimate after a process of arbitration. We are going to try to resolve these issues on the basis of the reports we’ve received. We are talking about finding arbitration only when we need to do it. We will have a respective report that will be placed before the parties with a remediation measure. We hope this does not go to the court. A court is a last resort. We go there if we have to. So, Gap, come on. As I said before, get the lawyers out of the room. We have a critical massive companies signing up. This is a life-changing decision. Stand up, step up and sign this agreement. /201305/241239襄阳南漳县人民中心医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱Today in History: Sunday, April 21, 2013历史上的今天:2013年4月21日,星期天April 21th 1910 Writer and humorist Mark Twain dies of heart disease in Redding, Connecticut at age 74. Among his works: Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer and The Prince and the Pauper.1926 We can make sense of the future if we understand the lessons of the past.Britain#39;s Queen Elizabeth II who has ruled for more than a half century is born in London.1918 During World War I, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the German flying ace known as the Red Baron is killed in action.1977 ;Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you. Tomorrow, you#39;re always a day away...;In New York, the musical Annie based on the Little Orphan Annie comic strip opens on Broadway.Today in History, April 21st, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201304/235985It#39;s not always a good idea to lend money to family or friends, but there#39;s a way to get it right.借钱给亲人或朋友并不是好主意,但是也有办法让形势变得好一点。You Will Need你需要A loved one关爱的人Money钱Willingness意愿A contract合同A third-party collector (optional)第三方(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Determine your capability to lend the money, and do so only if your own finances are in order and your bills are paid.1.确定自己借钱的能力,只有在自己的经济宽裕,无外债的情况下才考虑借钱给别人。Step 2 Determine if you are uncomfortable with lending the money or feel pressured. It may come back and hurt the relationship.2.想一下借钱给对方是否会让你感到不舒或有压力。否则借钱反而会伤害你们之间的关系。Consider making the money a one-time gift instead of a loan if you are worried that payback might complicate the relationship.如果你担心让对方还钱会让你们的关系更加复杂,干脆把这笔钱当成送给对方的礼物,而不是借款。Step 3 Be upfront about interest payments and when the loan is due.3.提前说明利息和还款期限。Step 4 Put the agreed terms in writing and make sure both parties have signed copies of the contract.4.书面写下条款,确保双方都签署一份合同。Consider using a third party – a lawyer or other intermediary – to oversee collection of the debt.考虑第三方介入——例如律师或其他中介——监督债务执行情况。Step 5 Educate yourself about tax issues related to loan interest and gift-giving so that you are aware of any additional tax burden or write-off you might incur.5.了解与贷款利息相关的税收问题,这样你就对任何额外的税务负担或呆帐一目了然。In The Inferno, Dante described a special section of Hell that was reserved for usurers, money lenders who charge exorbitant rates of interest.在《但丁地狱之旅》中,但丁描述了地狱中一个关于高利贷者的特别的部分,放款人收取特别高昂的利息。视频听力由。 Article/201401/274424襄阳那个医院治疗湿疹炎症比较好

襄阳第四人民医院前列腺炎包皮手术多少钱襄阳东风医院专家The Life team had set themselves a tough challenge“生命脉动”制作团队 挑战艰拒的拍摄任务in trying to film exceptional hunting sequences,尝试拍摄一系列 相当罕见的猎食镜头but our teams were lucky enough但是在过程中 我们的队员很幸运to observe some of the world#39;s most charismatic predators.能观察到世上 最具领袖魅力的掠食动物It was the killer whales of the Falklands, though,然而,是福克兰群岛的虎鲸that brought the team closest to the action.带制作团队 来到猎食行动的核心Every year, off Sea Lion Island,每年在海狮岛的外海killer whales snatch young elephant seals from their nursery pool.虎鲸大口一张 从海象的育儿池里抢走小海象Filming most hunting sequences拍摄猎食的镜头involves a great deal of waiting and a slice of luck,通常必须花上长时间等待 还需要一点运气but here things were a little different.但是在这里,情况有点不同Cameraman Mike Pitts and producer Adam Chapman travelled to the Falklands摄影师麦克皮兹和制作人亚当查普曼 长途跋涉至福克兰群岛having heard that, for two weeks each year,他们听说每年有两个星期killer whales focus on one particular spot.虎鲸会聚集在某个地点The killer whales have learnt to target elephant seal pups虎鲸学到在小海象 首度大胆跃入海中之时as they first venture into the water瞄准猎物and this gives the team their best chance of filming a hunt.这给了摄影小组 拍摄猎食行动的最佳时机 Article/201310/258845Learn how to date older women from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips from Howcast.观看Howcast这段视频,跟随Rachel DeAlto一起学习如何约会年长的成熟女性。Guys, we#39;re going to talk about dating older women. So maybe you have that little cougar fetish going on. Go for it,absolutely. Just know what you#39;re getting into. So, you know, it depends on kind of how old you are and how old she is. If you#39;re dating somebody, you know, 15 years older and you#39;re in your 40#39;s you know, you need to realize that you guys are at two different places in your life. She might not be looking for anything serious, maybe she is. But it#39;s all about setting up your expectations.男士们,我们一起来探讨一下如何约会年长女性。或许你对她产生了一些迷恋。大胆地追求。只要明白你要的是什么就可以。所以,你知道,这取决于你和她的年龄。如果你约会的对象比你大15岁,而你已经40多岁了,你必须意识到你们两个人处于人生不同的阶段。她或许并不认真,或许是认真的。不过最主要的就是确定你的心理预期。So, most of the times, and this is a complete generalization so feel free to ignore me but, you guys are in two different places. She#39;s probably not interested in anything serious, and most of the time when women date considerably younger men,they#39;re kind of looking for one thing, and if that#39;s what you#39;re into, absolutely go for it. It can be a very educational experience.大部分时间,这只是一个概论,所以,你完全可以忽略我的说法。你们完全处于不同的阶段。她可能对追求认真的关系并不感兴趣。大部分时候,当女性约会比自己年轻的男性时,她们可能在寻找什么。如果你刚好符合的话,可以大胆地追求。这将是非常有教育意义的经历。If a 45 year old woman wants to date a 25 year old guy, you know, she#39;s probably looking to just, you know, get her rocks off and have a good time. And if, you know, they#39;re both consenting adults and they want to have a good time, and you know, they had a couple too many martinis at the bar, do what you got to do. But don#39;t expect to have a long term relationship because it typically doesn#39;t happen when there#39;s such a big difference. Especially if you guys have different goals. At 45 a woman is you know, kind of in her career path and, you know, might be done with the children part of her life, and at 25 you might be in a completely different situation. So just be honest with yourself and be honest with her, and then go have some fun.如果一名45岁的女性想要约会25岁的男性,她可能只是想要获得快感和快乐。如果大家都一样是成年人,都想要玩乐一下,在酒吧喝了许多酒,那你可以随心所欲。但是不要期待发展长期的恋爱关系,因为两人的差距如此之大,这是不可能的。尤其是如果你们的目标不同。45岁的女性已经事业有成,也有了孩子,而25岁的你则完全不同。所以,坦诚地面对自己,坦诚地面对她,然后适当地寻找一些乐趣就可以了。视频听力译文由。 Article/201406/303504樊城区妇幼保健中医院处女膜修复多少钱襄阳市中医医院割包皮怎样

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