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  • He was supposed to be leading a revolt against America’s elites. In practice Donald Trump is laying out a banquet for their delectation. The Trump White House is drawing up plans for across-the-board deregulation, tax cuts and a new generation of defence contracts. The only question is at what speed.他本应领导一场对美国精英的反抗。但实际上,唐纳特朗Donald Trump)正在为这些精英准备一场饕餮盛宴。特朗普主政的白宫正在为全面放松管制、减税和签订新一代国防合同制定计划。唯一的问题在于以多快的速度进行。In contrast, Mr Trump’s middle-class economic plans, such as they were, are aly receding. The chances of a big infrastructure bill are rapidly dimming. In marketing they call this bait and switch. The effect of Mr Trump’s economic agenda will be to deepen the conditions that gave rise to his candidacy.相比之下,特朗普之前提出的中产阶级经济计划早已渐渐远去。出台大型基础设施建设法案的可能性正迅速变得渺茫。在市场营销中,他们将这称为“偷梁换柱”。特朗普的经济议程,将加剧人们当初给他总统候选人资格时原本希望他解决的种种状况。The biggest winners will be on Wall Street, in the fossil fuel energy sector and defence. Stephen Bannon, Mr Trump’s most influential adviser, last week described the bonfire of regulations as the “deconstruction of the administrative state For every new regulation, two will be scrapped. The first clutch will come this week with executive orders undoing Barack Obama’s “clean power planthat limits carbon dioxide emissions and a separate one on clean water. Anticipation of this has helped to fuel the boom in energy stocks since Mr Trump was elected. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose more in Mr Trump’s first month than for any president since Franklin Roosevelt.最大的赢家将出现在华尔街、化石燃料能源领域和防务领域。上周,特朗普身边最有影响力的顾问斯蒂芬?班农(Stephen Bannon)将这场火烧监管规则的“监管篝火”形容为“对行政国家的解构”。每出台一条新规,就将有两条旧规被废止。本周将打出第一记重拳——特朗普政府将颁布行政命令,取消巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)时期限制二氧化碳排放的“清洁能源计划”以及另一项清洁水计划。自特朗普当选以来,对此的期待已经助推了能源股的上涨。特朗普上任首月,道琼斯工业平均指数(Dow Jones Industrial Average)的涨幅比自富兰克罗斯Franklin Roosevelt)以后的任何一任总统上任首月都高。Financial stocks have also over-performed since the election. Many, if not most, of the protections included in the Dodd-Frank law after the collapse of Lehman Brothers are in Mr Trump’s sights. These include the Volcker rule that restricts banks from speculating with other people’s money, and possibly protections designed to shield the consumer what Mr Trump called the “forgotten Americanfrom reckless marketing. Such rules have inhibited Mr Trump’s Wall Street friends from lending money, he said earlier this month.金融股自特朗普当选以来的表现也相当强劲。雷曼兄Lehman Brothers)倒闭后通过的《多弗兰克法Dodd-Frank Act)中的许多(甚至多数)保护性规定都已是特朗普的眼中钉。其中包括限制利用他人资金进行投机的沃尔克规Volcker rule),以及旨在防止消费者——特朗普口中“被遗忘的美国人”——权益遭不计后果的营销侵害的保护性规定。特朗普本月早些时候曾表示,这些规定阻碍了他在华尔街的朋友发放贷款。Elsewhere the open season is well under way. Mr Bannon’s “deconstructionis aly touching most areas of US federal activity. Last week the stocks of private prison companies soared after the Department of Justice scrapped an Obama rule that ended the outsourcing of federal incarceration. They had aly jumped after the announcement the Trump administration would detain illegal immigrants in federal centres rather than release them.其他领域也在大举放松管制。班农的“解构”已经触及到美国联邦政府活动的大多数领域。上周,在美国司法部(Department of Justice)取消奥巴马时期一项终止联邦监狱外包的规定后,私营监狱公司的股价一路飙升。在特朗普政府宣布将在联邦拘留中心拘留非法移民(而非释放他们)之后,它们的股价早已大涨。Likewise, the new head of the Federal Communications Commission has purged key parts of the net neutrality rules put in place to shield consumers from discrimination. The FCC also scrapped plans to open the cable box market to competition. Expect similar field days in the for-profit higher education sector, defence industrial stocks and public housing contractors.同样,美国联邦通信委员Federal Communications Commission)新任负责人清除了旨在保护消费者不受歧视的网络中立规则的关键部分。该委员会还取消了有线电视机顶盒市场开放竞争的计划。预计营利性的高等教育业、防务工业股票及公共住房承包商都将迎来类似的好时光。来 /201702/494582。
  • The U.N. refugee agency said Tuesday it is concerned some parts of an EU-Turkey proposal to stem the flow of refugees and migrants into Greece, including a possible blanket return of individuals, may violate international law.联合国难民机构星期二表示,担心欧盟与土耳其达成的提案的部分内容可能违反国际法。这份提案是要阻止难民和移民涌入希腊,包括可能将这些人统统遣返。The U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) said aspects of the proposed agreement need to be clarified. However, it said it is concerned about any arrangement that involves the blanket return of all individuals from one country to another.联合国难民事务高级专员公署说,拟议中的协议有些方面需要澄清,不过表示其关注的是涉及将所有人从一个国家送往另一个国家的任何安排。EU leaders and Ankara said Tuesday they had reached a possible deal that would return the thousands of migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey. The leaders are confident a full agreement can be reached at a summit next week.欧盟领导人和土耳其政府星期二表示,双方已经达成了初步协议,将成千上万从土耳其抵达希腊的移民送回去。他们相信,双方在下星期的峰会上可以就此达成全面协议。After months of disagreements and increased bickering among the 28 EU nations, the leaders said they agreed to give Turkey more than billion in additional funds to help with the nearly 3 million Syrian refugees it is hosting.欧盟28个国家在数月的分歧和越来越激烈的争吵之后,各国领导人表示,他们同意给土耳其追加30多亿美元资金,帮助土耳其安排收容的近300万叙利亚难民。The EU leaders also agreed to swiftly ease visa requirements for Turks and speed up Ankaras EU accession talks in exchange for its help in stemming migration flows to Europe.欧盟领导人还同意迅速放松对土耳其人的签要求,并加速土耳其加入欧盟的谈判,以换取土耳其为遏制涌向欧洲的移民潮提供帮助。In addition, the deal calls for the EU to resettle one Syrian refugee from Turkey in return for every Syrian refugee Turkey takes back from Greece.除此之外,协议还要求土耳其每收回一名从希腊返回的难民,欧盟就重新安置一名来自土耳其的叙利亚难民。French President Francois Hollande said, ;The summit has created hope that the refugee question can be dealt with through solidarity in Europe, and efficiency in cooperation with Turkey.;法国总统奥朗德说,“此次峰会创造了希望,让难民问题可以在欧洲的团结和与土耳其的有效合作中得到处理。”However, UNHCR refugee coordinator for Europe Vincent Cochetel, who said he is did not know the details of the proposed deal, told VOA he worries it may lack safeguards to protect asylum-seekers.不过,联合国难民署的欧洲协调人科舍泰尔表示,他还不知道拟议中的细节,他对美国之音表示,他担心拟议可能缺乏对寻求庇护者利益的保障措施。“Collective expulsion of foreigners is prohibited under the European Convention of Human Rights,; Cochetel said. ;An agreement that would be tantamount to a blanket return of any foreigners to a third country is not consistent with European law, is not consistent with international law.”科舍泰尔说,“集体驱逐外国人是欧洲人权公约禁止的。”他说, “任何将外国人统统送往第三国的协议不符合欧盟法律,不符合国际法。”来 /201603/431090。
  • I posted a comment about 4 or 5 days ago saying. Richard its TPP not TTP. And I got about 70 likes. Some mofo removed it! Unbelievable. So Im gonna repeat it again. Richard its TPP not TTP我在四五天之前在另一个视频里说:Richard, (奥巴马他们谈的那个协叫TPP而不是TTP。那个被赞了70次,然后就给删掉了!难以置信。所以我要重复一次,Richard, (奥巴马他们谈的那个协叫TPP而不是TTPChina should be proud on how Lu Kang conducted himself in this interview.中国应该为陆慷在采访中的表现而骄傲。China has agreement in trade with USA. China has outsmart USA just the same way Lu Kang has done to Mr Engel. While USA has busy destroying, massacre in other countries, China being busy producing goods, cultivating good relation with other countries, and cooperating. China is a good example of enrichment as a nation while USA is in downward trend.中美之间已经有贸易协定了。中国在智商上碾压过美国,正如陆慷在采访里碾压了Engel先生。在美国忙于破坏和屠杀其他国家的时候,中国却忙于生产商品、构建良好的外交关系和团结协作之上。中国是个大国中兴的好例子,美国却在走下坡路了。This reporters intentions of getting Lu Kang to say negative things about Trump were disgustingly evident这个记者好几次撺掇陆慷说特朗普坏话,私货太多。Lu Kang deserves a medal for not bitch-slapping this insolent, uneducated, pathetic, pretender. I have not watched ANY television (including cable) news in over 30 years. This reinforces my decision.陆慷能忍住不扇这个粗鲁、无知、可悲的伪善者(记者),光是这一点就该给他一枚奖牌了。我都快30年没看电视新闻了,看完这个采访更明我是对的。with reporters like this, China must think Americans are the biggest dipshits in the world!有这样的记者,中国肯定觉得美国烂透了。Im envious of the wise and diplomatic leadership of China.还是挺羡慕中国有这种双商超高的领导人的。China is our neighbouring country....they r very peaceful with us ......China was very helpful during earthquake here in Nepal.......other country were just helping for political agenda but china is exceptional ..... Not able to use facebook n youtube is not oppression....Not able to elect good leader having those tools is real oppression....China economics helped more than half billion people out of poverty in their life time.....thats real government for people ......中国是我们的邻国...他们跟我们相处的很和..上次尼泊尔地震的时候中国特别热..别的国家只会干扰我们的内政,只有中国例外...(他们)用不了Facebook和YouTube不叫悲剧...倒是某些人用着这些app却选不出好领导人才是真的悲..中国经济让好几亿人在一代人时间里脱离贫..这才是真的为人民的政府This reporter is a joke. This is not journalism. He is an idiot and makes America look bad. Fire Him!!! Fake journalism. Idiot!!!!这个记者就是个笑话。这哪里是新闻报道。aside from this instigating reporter, anyone else notice this dudes name is lu kang? you know just like the mortal kombat character?先不提这个记者,有人注意到这个哥们儿的名字是lu kang吗?你懂的,跟《格斗之王》里那个角色一样?I finally witnessed what the fuss is about main stream media. They put their ideas in the heads of the viewer. China had nothing negative to say anout our prsident, so the repotor says it for him by ing es. But not the positive quarts. Only what can be viewed as negative.And they wonder why we dont trust our media.我终于见了主流媒体的伎俩了。他们把自己的观点置于观众脑子里。中国本来没什么负面的东西要去说我们的总统,所以记者借引用之名代他说了那些坏话。就这样他们还搞不明白我们为什么不信主流媒体。like an adult talks with a child成年人哄小孩的即视感。I didnt understand before why China always dont care about others countries .. they always do what best for china even if that mean other people get killed .. but when i a few books of their history for the last 100 .. i dont blame them for what they doing now, they build their country from zero for soooo many years, no one helped them, so they dont feel that they should help others .. and i they dont have that feeling for people who is in war ..我之前不理解为什么中国不关心其他国家..他们总是做对自己有利的事,即使这意味着别人的死.但当我读了一些有关他们近百年的历史以..我就不再责怪他们的所作所为了,他们花了这么长时间从零开始建立他们的国家,没人帮助他们,所以他们也不觉得他们应该帮助其他人..所以他们也无法对处在战争中的人们有同理. /201702/491485。
  • Yuan will stabilize人民币保持稳定Chinas central bank governor said the yuans exchange rate will naturally stabilize as the countrys strong economic fundamentals remain in place.央行行长表示,今年随着中国经济比较稳定,汇率自动就有一个稳定的趋势。Peoples Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said on Friday that the fluctuation in the forex market is quite normal and the market should not too much into the changes.中国人民行长周小川表示,外汇市场有波动很正常,市场不应对这些变化过度解读。Zhou said the central bank will enhance regulation of forex market in the future.他表示,央行未来将对外汇市场加强监管。China to strengthen financial asset management我国将加强金融资产管理China could update the level of financial asset regulation if necessary to tackle ;serious problems; in the countrys financial product market, Peoples Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said on Friday.央行行长周小川表示,如有必要,会将金融资产监管提高层次以解决金融产品市场的一些“严重问题”。He said the major regulatory bodies overseeing the banking, securities and insurance sectors, the central bank and the foreign exchange administration, have reached a consensus on a way forward with detailed management policies to come out later.他指出,人民、银监会、监会、保监会、外汇局之间已经在许多比较大的问题上初步达成了一致,可能会进一步细化以后,作出一些初步规范。Chinas monetary stance to remain unchanged我国货币立场保持不变Chinas prudent and neutral monetary policy will remain unchanged as such a stance is conducive to the countrys structural reform, Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the Peoples Bank of China, said.央行行长周小川表示,我国将继续实行稳健中性的货币政策,这样的政策有利于供给侧结构性改革。The central bank has many monetary policy tools available to it and the market should not too much into its every move, he said.他指出,央行有很多货币政策工具,市场不应对每一次操作过度解读;If the monetary stance is made more neutral while remaining prudent, it will benefit Chinas structural reform, because if the stance is too loose, enterprises will not face pressure to reduce leverage,; he said.他说:“货币政策在稳健方面适当做得更加中性一些,会有利于我们供给侧结构性改革。如果货币太松的话,企业去杠杆的压力就不够。”He also said the problem of small enterprises facing difficulty getting financing will gradually ease. ;Small enterprises have accounted for about one third of bank loans, much higher than before.;他表示,小微企业融资难的问题会逐渐有所缓解。“小型企业的贷款已经占到三分之一了,比原来高出很多。”Bond market will be opened further债券市场将进一步开放Zhou Xiaochuan, central bank governor, said progress made in the last year, referring to the yuans inclusion into the International Monetary Funds special drawing rights basket, has attracted foreign investors into domestic bond market.央行行长周小川表示,去年人民币被纳入SDR篮子,吸引了外国投资者对中国的债券市场的兴趣。Pan Gongsheng, vice-governor of the central bank, said China would improve the tax system to support the opening-up of the bond market.央行副行长潘功胜表示,我国将完善税收制度,为债券市场开放提供持。Deleveraging process cant be rushed去杠杆要稳步推进Yi Gang, vice governor of the central bank, said the deleveraging process cannot be implemented at a fast pace in order to fend off financial risks.央行副行长易刚表示,不能为了防止金融风险就快速实施去杠杆进程;The first step is to control the leverage level,; Yi said.易刚说:“第一步是要控制杠杆水平。”Central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said the financial sector should refuse support for enterprises with high leverage ratios.央行行长周小川表示,金融系统要考虑不能过多持杠杆率过高的企业。China plans tougher regulation of third-party payment platforms加强对第三方付行业的监管China will strengthen regulation of third-party payment platforms as serious problems, such as lack of protection of customer privacy and misuse of customer funds, have been reported, said Fan Yifei, vice-governor of the Peoples Bank of China, the central bank, on Friday.央行副行长范一飞表示,目前还存在消费者的个人隐私特别是关于付的敏感信息被泄露等突出问题,中国将继续加强对第三方付行业的监管。Chinas third-party payment industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with total transaction reaching 120 trillion yuan (.4 trillion) in 2016, up from 18 trillion yuan in 2013, Fan added.他补充说,中国的第三方付产业近年来快速发展。从2013年到2016年,付机构年处理业务金额从18万亿元增加到120万亿元。Mortgage loans projected to record slower growth住房贷款估计会适当放慢After increasing at a fast pace last year, mortgage loans are expected to record slower growth, said Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the Peoples Bank of China, the countrys central bank, on Friday.央行行长周小川表示,去年,房地产信贷里面增长比较快的主要是个人购房贷款。随着住房产业的政策调整,估计会适当放慢。Extension of mortgage loans will help to reduce real estate stocks in lower-tier cities, but it may lead to price rises in major cities, Zhou said, adding that mortgage loans can boost growth of related industries. ;We should adopt a relatively balanced policy (on mortgage loans),; he said.他表示,个人购房贷款的增长,在一些城市特别是三四线城市住房库存比较多,有助于降库存。但是反过来说,在一二线城市又容易使住房价格上升。个人购房贷款会促进相关产业链的发展。他说:“住房贷款确实要适当平衡。”Zhou said mortgage loans may continue to rise at a ;relatively fast; pace, although it may moderately slow in the coming years.他说,住房贷款在中国还会以相对比较快的速度发展。随着住房产业的政策调整,估计会适当放慢。China still backs foreign investment by domestic firms持鼓励企业“走出去”China still supports normal investment in foreign markets by domestic enterprises, said Zhou Xiaochuan, central bank governor, on Friday.央行行长周小川表示,中国将持鼓励企业“走出去”。But the country will control some ;blind; investment or investment that have ;dubious motives;.但中国将对盲目投资和一些“动机不良”的投资现象进行一定管理。Forex reserves adequate to maintain financial stability外汇储备足以保持金融稳定The current trillion foreign exchange reserves level is adequate for China to maintain financial stability, Zhou Xiaochuan, central bank governor, said on Friday.央行行长周小川表示,目前万亿外汇储备水平足以让中国保持金融稳定。Zhou said a decline in forex reserves is not a bad thing.他说,外汇储备适当的有所下降,也没有什么不好的。Yi Gang, vice-governor of the bank, said using forex reserves to stabilize the currencys exchange rate does more good than harm.央行副行长易纲表示,使用外汇储备和维护人民币汇率基本稳定的整个过程利大于弊。China-US interest rate gap not big factor on yuan rate中美利差不一定会影响人民币的稳定The interest rate gap between China and the US will not necessarily have a major impact on the exchange rate of the yuan, said Zhou Xiaochuan, governor of the central bank, on Friday.央行行长周小川表示,中国和美国在利率方面的差异不一定会影响人民币的稳定。Interest rate gap is a factor that drives short-term international capital flows, but in the middle term, a countrys economic fundamentals, such as growth rate, investor confidence, and inflation level, determine the direction of cross-border capital flows, he told a news conference during the ongoing legislative and political advisory sessions.他在记者会上说,利率差异往往是导致一些短期操作方面的动因,钱是会朝着利率高的方向移动。但是,从中期的角度来看,各国的利率水平主要由国内经济的情况所决定的,而国内的经济情况既包括经济增长、对本国经济的信心以及通货膨胀率。He cited the case of Japan, which has ultra-low interest rates for years.他以日本为例,日本多年来利率都很低。来 /201703/497237。
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