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泉州吸脂瘦身医院泉州欧菲整形是大医院还是小医院?China#39;s sperm banks are aly facing a shortage of donors, and the two-child policy may put more pressure on the institutions.中国的精子库本就面临捐献者不足的问题,而;全面二孩;政策或许将加剧精子库资源紧张。According to reports, a growing number of couples with fertility problems have visited local hospitals and sperm banks for consultations since the two-child policy announcement.据报道,;全面二孩;政策宣布后,越来越多的不不育夫妇前往当地医院和精子库咨询。;Actually, there has been a rise in the number of infertile couples who have come to ask about having a second child,; said Xue Jie, a head nurse with the reproductive center of the hospital affiliated with the Nanchang Research Institute of Medical Sciences.南昌市医科所附属医院生殖中心护士长薛洁表示,;实际上,来咨询生二孩的不不育夫妇有所增加。;According to statistics released by the China Population Association at the end of 2012, 40m people have fertility issues, accounting for 12.5% of the population aged between 20 and 49.根据中国人口学会2012年底的数据,我国不不育患者已达4000万人,占到20岁至49岁人口的12.5%。 /201511/410623泉州无痛脱毛医院排行 Three Departments and Six Ministries三省六部制The Three Departments and Six Ministries System was initiated during the Sui Dynasty (581—618).三省六部制首创于隋朝(581——618),Subject to some adjustments at different times, the system was employed by subsequent dynasties right up to and including the Qing (1644—1911).这个制度在之后的朝代包括清朝(1644——1911)都得以应用并根据不同时期做出调整。During the Sui Dynasty, the three departments were known as the Shangshu, Menxia and Neishi.隋朝期间,三省指“尚书省”、“门下省”和“内史省”。The Shangshu Department was in charge of the administrative affairs of the country.尚书省——负责执行国家的重要政令;The Neishi Department dealt with the issue of imperial orders.内史省——负责颁布皇帝的诏令;The Menxia Department handled the verification of orders and policies.门下省——负责审核各项政令和决策。The three boards restricted and oversaw each other.三个部门互相牵制并监督彼此。The senior official of each department was equivalent to Zaixiang, namely prime minister.各个部门的最高官员行使宰相的权力,被称为“纳言”、“内史令”和“尚书令”。“Six Ministries” referred to the six branches of the Shangshu Department.六部指尚书省下设的六个部门。The Ministry of Civil Affairs—responsible for the appointment, training and dismissal of officials.吏部——负责官员的任免、培训 和解雇;The Ministry of Rites— responsible for the emperor’s religious obligations and ceremonial, schools, examinations, reception of foreign guests, and selection of officials.礼部——负责皇帝的宗教事务和庆典、学务、科举、外国宾客的来访以及官员的选拔;The Ministry of Military Affairs— responsible for the military affairs, such as conscription, training army, declaring war, ordnance, and etc.兵部——负责军事,比如征兵、练兵、宣战、军械等;The Ministry of Punishments— responsible for law enforcement and judicature.刑部——负责法令的颁布与司法;The Ministry of Finance— responsible for household registration and finance.户部——负责户籍登记和财政事宜;The Ministry of Public Works— responsible for building new facilities and bringing wasteland under cultivation.工部——负责建造新的设施和开垦荒地。Of these, the Ministry of Civil Affairs ranked highest.在这些部门中,吏部是最重要的。The senior secretary of each ministry was called Shangshu and the assistant Shilang.每部设尚书为最高长官,侍郎为辅助。 /201511/398430在泉州地区美白祛色素斑哪家医院好

福建省泉州石狮市面部吸脂哪家医院好永春县中医院治疗效果 The Australia Broadcasting Corporation (A) reported a ;massive; hack on Wednesday, saying it had been told by ;multiple official sources; it almost certainly came from China.周三,澳大利亚广播公司报道了遭遇严重黑客攻击事件,称经过官方据表明,几乎肯定网络攻击来自中国。The BoM, which owns one of Australia#39;s largest supercomputers, said it would not comment on security matters. It said on Wednesday its systems were fully operational.澳大利亚气象局有澳大利亚最大的巨型计算机,称他们不会对安全问题做出任何回应。周三,澳大利亚气象局表示系统可以正常运行。Among other services, the BoM provides climate information for commercial airlines and shipping, analyses national water supplies, gathers climate information and works closely with the defence department.澳大利亚气象局还会提供其他务,例如提供给运输飞机和货船的天气信息、本国的供水分析、收集天气信息及同国防部门的紧密合作。The A report gave no further details on which systems had been affected, whether information was taken, or why China was seen as the likely culprit.澳大利亚广播公司并没有表明是哪个系统受到了袭击,信息是否泄露,还有为什么认为是中国黑客所为。A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, said late on Wednesday that China ;firmly opposes and cracks down on all forms of cyber-attacks; and that ;groundless accusations and speculation are not constructive;.中国外交部发言人华春莹在周三晚间表示,“中国坚决反对并打击任何形式的网络攻击”并表示“没有据的指控和猜忌是站不住脚的。”;We have consistently emphasised that the issue of internet security is a global problem. The parties concerned need to strengthen dialogue and cooperation to jointly solve the problem in a spirit of mutual respect.;“我们一直强调,网络安全是一个全球问题。双方应该加强沟通和合作,在互信的基础上共同解决问题。”Chinese officials routinely deny cyber espionage and say China is itself a victim of hacking.中国官方也否认网络间谍的指控,并表示自己才是黑客攻击的对象。 /201512/413922泉州福建医科大学第二医院专家咨询

泉州欧菲整形医院BEIJING — What if “womanwomanwoman” were the English word for rape, defilement, adultery?北京——如果英文中表示“强奸”(rape)、“亵渎”(defilement)、“通奸”(adultery)等意思的词是三个“女”字(womanwomanwoman),那会怎样呢?That is roughly how the Chinese character “jian,” or 姦, translates, as it is made up of three characters for “woman,” 女.汉字“姦”的英文翻译大致就是这些,这个字由三个女组成。(In mainland China, the character 姦 was simplified to 奸 after the 1949 Communist revolution as an aid to literacy, but the three-woman version is still standard in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas Chinese communities, and widely recognized on the mainland.)(中国大陆1949年的共产党革命成功后,作为帮助提高识字率的一种辅助手段,“姦”被简化成“奸”了,但三个女的写法仍是香港、、台湾,以及海外中国社区的标准,大陆人也大都认识这个写法。)Troubled by the word’s gender associations, curators made it the symbol of an art exhibition that had been scheduled to open in Beijing on Nov. 25, the ed Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.出于对这个字的性别关联的不安,一个艺术展的策展人把该字作为展览的主题,这个艺术展原定于11月25日的联合国国际消除对妇女和女童暴力日(International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women)在北京开幕。The exhibition, “Jian, Rape: Gender Violence Cultural Codes,” was to have run until Dec. 10, Human Rights Day, signaling 16 days of global activism against gender violence with the hashtag #orangetheworld.题为《姦:性别暴力伤害的文化符号》的艺术展原定要持续到12月10日的国际人权日(Human Rights Day),是为期16天的抵制性别暴力全球行动的一部分,该行动在网上使用#orangetheworld井号标签。The exhibition was canceled.艺术展被取消了。But curators, feminists and commentators say there is a pressing need for more awareness in China of the gender prejudices woven into the language.但是,策展人、女权主义者与员说,仍有迫切必要让更多的中国人认识到语言中存在的性别偏见。“Why did one woman become three, and such a symbol of political and moral imagination and an object of enmity in traditional Chinese society and political theory?” asked Tong Yujie, the academic convener of the canceled exhibition, in an essay prepared for the show.佟玉洁是被取消的艺术展的学术召集人,她在为展览准备的文章中写道,“为什么由一个女人变成三个女人的字是具有如此政治和道德想象的符号,是中国传统社会和政治理论仇恨的对象?”As evidence, Ms. Tong offered examples from ancient Chinese history and political texts:佟玉洁提供了一些中国古代历史与政治典籍中的例子作为据: In the “Zuo Zhuan,” or “Commentary of Zuo,” dating from the fourth century B.C., “jian” is used to mean “evil”: “To cast away what is virtuous and give honor to what is evil is the greatest of calamities.” 在出自公元前四世纪的《左传》中,“姦”的意思是“邪恶”:“棄德崇姦,禍之大者也。” In the “Guoyu,” or “Discourse of States,” from the same period, a “jian” is a traitor: “Rebels inside the country are scoundrels, while those outside the country are traitors.” 在同期的《国语》中,“姦”的意思是叛徒: “亂在內為宄,在外為姦。”Gender is written into all languages, but it is especially striking in Chinese because of the visual nature of the language, said David Moser, a linguist and the academic director of CET Beijing Chinese Studies at Capital Normal University. 汉语言学专家、首都师范大学CET对外汉语学习项目的负责人莫大伟(David Moser)说,所有的语言中都写进了性别,但由于中文的视觉特性,它在中文中特别引人注目。“In everyday language, how many Chinese speakers are aware that, in every set phrase with male-female gender reference, the male always comes first?” he said in an email.“在日常语言中,有多少中国人能意识到,在每个成语的男女性别指涉上,男性总是排在前面的?”他在一封电邮中说。“A married couple is 一对夫妇, a husband and wife. Your parents are your 父母, father and mother, never 母父, or mother and father. Even a phrase like 男女老少, meaning everyone, literally ‘men, women, old and young,’ subconsciously reinforces a supposedly ‘natural’ hierarchy — men over women, old over young,” Mr. Moser said.“比如‘一对夫妇’是丈夫和妻子,‘父母’是妈妈和爸爸,人们从来不会说‘母父’。甚至像‘男女老少’这种意识是所有人的短语,也下意识地强化了所谓的‘自然’的等级结构——男在女之前,老在少之前,” 莫大伟说。In Chinese, tradition weighs heavily, with a language capable of great beauty and subtlety also offering enduring discrimination.中文很重视传统,这门可以极具美感与微妙的语言,也夹带着经久不衰的歧视。“Reversing the order isn’t perceived as just a polarity flip in the interest of equality,” Mr. Moser said. “It would be simply perceived as ‘wrong,’ by most Chinese people.”“如果把它们顺序反转,人们不觉得这仅仅是为了平等的缘故进行的倒装,”莫大伟说。“大多数中国人都会直接将其视为 ‘错误’。” /201512/414442 “Move quickly to the closest usable exit, taking nothing with you.” Yet here again are images of passengers trundling suitcases and carrying hand luggage across the runway, after evacuating a British Airways aircraft that caught fire before take-off at Las Vegas.“快速走到离你最近的可用出口,不要携带任何物品。”然而,英国航空公司(British Airways)的一架飞机因在起飞前着火而进行疏散后,这样的情景又一次出现:飞机跑道上的乘客们拖着行李箱,拿着手提行李。The last time such safety breaches were publicised was after the fatal crash of an Asiana Airlines jet in San Francisco in 2013. Some commenters on social media even attributed passengers’ thoughtlessness to a Chinese tendency to put material things ahead of human lives (Chinese nationals accounted for half those on the flight).上一次媒体曝光这样的违反安全规定现象,是在2013年一架韩亚航空(Asiana Airlines)飞机在旧金山发生致命撞击事故后。一些社交媒体上的者甚至将乘客的轻率之举归咎于中国人把财物看得比人命重的倾向(航班上的乘客有一半为中国籍)。If nothing else, the BA accident has disproved that slur: under pressure, the British are just as capable of the same act of stupidity.撇开别的不谈,英国航空的事故至少驳斥了上述诋毁:在压力之下,英国人也会干出同样的蠢事。Jacob Steinberg, a Guardian journalist who was on the BA flight, gently admonishes critics: “If you weren’t there, how do you know how you would have reacted? People do odd things when they panic.”乘坐了此次航班的《卫报》(Guardian)记者雅各布斯坦伯格(Guardian journalist)温和地责备批评者:“如果你不在现场,你怎么知道你会作何反应?人们在惊慌的时候会做奇怪的事情。”True. One Asiana passenger recalled he had gathered his belongings out of habit. When we are allowed to carry so much, and of such material value, on to aircraft, it may be natural to grab those things before exiting. In the end, the Asiana accident report did not refer to the problem.的确。一名当时在韩亚航空航班上的乘客回忆,他收拾自己的东西只是出于习惯。如果我们被允许携带那么多的贵重物品上飞机,在离开前拿走这些东西或许也是自然而然的。最后,韩亚航空的失事报道并未提及这个问题。But plenty of other incidents are complicated, sometimes fatally, by bag-toting passengers. A study of 46 evacuations from June 2000 found half of passengers tried to take items with them, including large framed pictures and musical instruments.但乘客在事故发生时依然带走物品的行为让其他许多事故复杂化,有时这是致命的。有人研究了2000年6月以后的46次疏散,发现有一半的乘客试图带上个人物品,包括大相框和乐器。As pilot and author Patrick Smith has written: “Leave your stuff. It will all be returned to you later. [If] it winds up incinerated, well, you should be happy to have lost it. Lest it have been you in there.”飞行员兼作家帕特里克史密斯(Patrick Smith)写过这样的文字:“把你的东西留下。之后自会归还给你。(如果)它最终烧成了灰烬,你应该为失去它感到高兴。否则就是你在那里了。”Happily, there were no fatalities in the BA fire. But if I had been the last passenger out, I might well have asked those in front of me why their carry-ons came first.所幸英国航空的这次飞机起火事故中没有人死亡。但如果我是最后出来的乘客,我很可能要问问我前面的人,为什么他们的行李在我之前离开。 /201509/398772泉州那个地方做眼袋好泉州整形特色科医院



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