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星型典句:第一句:What is the purpose of your visit?你旅行的目的是什么?A: What is the purpose of your visit to the ed States?你到美国旅行的目的是什么?B: Business. I have a trade convention Im attending in Chicago.出差,我要到芝加哥去开商务会议A: This visa is good two weeks. Do you intend to stay longer than that?你的签期限是两个星期,你打算待更久吗?B: No, I will fly back twelve days from now.不会,我十二天之后就要回去了第二句:What the purpose of your trip?你旅行的目的是什么?A: What the purpose of your trip?你旅行的目的是什么?B: I have come sightseeing.我是来观光的相关表达法:What is the purpose of your visit? 你旅行的目的是什么?What the purpose of your trip? 你旅行的目的是什么?这是在海关时海关人员询问旅客旅游目的时最常用的说法 75

Always look bee you sit, especially on a toilet.在你坐下来之前一定要留意一下,特别是在上厕所的时候An 8-foot-long poisonous snouted cobra has been terrorizing an apartment building in Pretoria, South Africa.在南非的比勒陀利亚,一条8英尺长的剧毒眼镜蛇吓坏了整栋公寓的居民The snake was first spotted last Thursday morning inside a toilet in one of the building apartments.这条蛇最先是于上周四上午在该栋建筑的一间公寓的厕所里被发现的The residents quickly called Barry Greenshields, a snake catcher who attempted to remove the snake from the building, according to News .根据《新闻小时报道,居民急忙找来捕蛇人巴里·格林希尔兹,他试着把蛇从房子里赶走Untunately Greenshields and everyone else in the building, he was unsuccessful and the snake slithered back down the toilet.不幸的是,格林希尔兹和其他人都没成功,而且那条蛇蜿蜒着爬回了厕所Resident Anton Meijer posted a clip of the extraction attempt to YouTube, stating, ;we still have no idea where the snake is hiding.;一位名叫安东·梅杰的居民在YouTube上发了剪辑过的视频片段,描述道“我们现在依然不知道那条蛇藏在哪里”According to News , the snake has not been seen since the incident, freaking out residents in the building.据《新闻小时报道,自这起事件发生以来,就再没见过那条蛇的踪迹,楼里的居民都胆战心惊Some residents have considered pouring boiling water or pool acid down their drains to flush out the unwanted guest. But Greenshields cautioned against those tactics.有些居民想过向排水管倒开水或强酸来驱赶这位不速之客,但格林希尔兹反对这些手段;We have put cameras in the pipes to look it. Residents are still worried and some of them are feeling like if it comes up they want to kill it, which is something I dont want. I hope he has left through the pipes,; Greenshields told News .格林希尔兹在接受《新闻小时采访时表示:“我们已经在下水道里放置了摄像机,以便找到它居民们仍然很担忧,而且有些人想如果蛇出现了,他们就把蛇杀掉,这是我不希望的看到的我希望它已经离开了下水道” 8396

Enter into business relationsA: Good morning! My name is John White, import manager of the Garden Trading Company in New York.B: Oh, how do you do, Mr White? My name is Li Ming, here is my card.A: Nice to meet you, Mr Li. We have learned about that you specialize in the export business of electronic products. As you enjoy the highest reputation in the commercial circle wed be pleased to enter into business relations with your firm.B: We shared the same desire. Have you seen the display of our products in the exhibition hall downstairs?A: Yes. I had a look just now. I feel we can do a lot of business in this line.B: Sure, we can. You know, weve been in this line more than twenty years. And I think our price is competitive comparing with those in the world market.A: Our company enjoys a history of more than twenty years. We have wide connection with wholesalers and retailers all over the America. And we have good reputation in the commercial circle.B: Thank you your inmation. We can hold more talks later on business details.A: Sure.重点讲解:1. learn about 了解,知道例句:To study English, and to learn about the culture. 去学英语,学习他们的文化. specialize专门从事, 专攻,专门研究例句:Many students specialize in engineering. 许多学生专攻工程学3. in this line 在这个行业,在这个领域例句:Irsquo;d like to know that what you can offer in this line. 我想知道你们在这方面的供货情况. wholesaler n. 批发商5. retailer n. 零售商 60

A:I would like to exchange Chinese money into German currency please. 我想把人民币兑换成德国马克B:Certainly. How much will you be exchanging today? 可以您想换多少钱?A:How about 50,000 RMB. Would that be a problem? 五万人民币?可以吗?B:That’s a hefty amount. But that should have no problem at all. You should be aware that there is a ten-percent service charge, though.您兑换的钱很多,但是不成问题请注意我们要收百分之十的务费A:Ten percent! Now that’s hefty! 百分之十,大多了!B:Wait a minute… do you have an with us? 等等,您有我们的户头吗?A:Yes I do; here is my number. 有这是账户号B: members, there is a small transaction charge, but it’s only 5 dollars per transaction. Any particular denomination? 会员的话,业务费会少点,每笔5美元还需要其他币种吗?A:3,000 marks in hundreds and the rest in tens and twenty’s, please. 要三千一百马克的,其它的要十马克和二十马克的B:Here you are Mr. Lee. Will there be anything else? 给您,Lee先生您还需要其他的务吗?

A: I need to order new business cards.我要订制新的名片B: Do you have any idea how many youd like?你想好需要多少了吗?A: I think ,000 would be enough.我想00张就够了B: Would you fill out this m, please?你能填下这张表格吗?A: I dont want to make any changes to my old card.你想制作一个和旧的明信片一模一样的名片B: If you detect any difference, Ill take you out to dinner.如果你看到有什么不同,我就请你吃饭A: ...Okay, that it. Here the m, and here my old card to use as a model.;;好的,那就这样吧给你表格,和我旧的名片,给你做个参照B: Thank you. Your order will be y seven days from now.谢谢你的订单三天后将制作好A: I need it sooner. Let me have it in three days, okay?我很急着要三天后可以制作好吗?B: We can certainly give you faster turn around, but it will cost you extra.当然我们可以加快制作好,但是你要付更多 8755

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