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襄阳什么医院割包皮好枣阳妇幼一二医院前列腺炎多少钱Excuse me waiter, there's a shark in my soup Some 200m years before dinosaurs made their appearance on earth and thus quite some time before Homo sapiens began celebrating nuptials at extravagant wedding banquets, sharks swam the oceans. Sharks are older than trees. They have survived at least four planetary mass extinctions. The link between these ancient predators and contemporary wedding receptions is that, among Chinese people, it is a sign of generosity and prestige to serve guests shark-fin soup. Since there are more than 1.3bn Chinese people, and since they are getting more affluent by the day, that is of no little consequence to the shark population. Some 70m sharks are killed each year for their fins. Much of the time, the fins are sliced off with a blade at sea and the bloody shark torso thrown back in the water to die. The California state legislature is debating a bill co-sponsored by Paul Fong, a Chinese-American Democrat, to ban the sale, consumption and trade of shark fin. Hawaii, Oregon and Washington state aly impose similar bans. California accounts for 85 per cent of shark fin eaten in the US. The bill sailed through the lower house assembly, but is being held up in the state senate because of concerns it discriminates against Chinese Americans. What people eat is, indeed, a sensitive topic and one that generates much hypocrisy. Different cultures have formed their own taboos about what is proper, and not proper, to eat. Muslims and Jews don't eat pigs, Hindus don't eat cows and most Americans don't eat snake or whale. Jains, and vegetarians of all cultures, don't eat any animals at all. Westerners are particularly prone to turning up their nose at what other people eat. Their position is mostly illogical and sometimes offensive. They tend to mentally divide animals into those you eat (like pigs, sheep and chickens); those you cuddle or stroke (cats, dogs and horses); and those too ugly, unusual or intelligent to eat (say beetles, zebras and dolphins). Many profess to loathe barbarity—think clubbing seals—yet are happy to eat veal or to ignore what goes on in their friendly neighbourhood abattoir. Michael Moore, the American documentary film-maker, brilliantly—if possibly inadvertently—exposed this self-delusion in Roger amp; Me. In a scene that was meant to highlight the poverty of Flint, Michigan, a woman selling rabbits is shown asking customers if they want "pets or meat". If the answer is "pet", the cuddly bunny is handed over to a delighted child. If "meat", the hapless creature is clubbed to death with a lead pipe and skinned on the spot.何必吃鱼翅? 在恐龙在地球上出现之前两亿年左右,也就是在现代人(Homo sapiens)开始举办奢华婚宴之前相当久远的时候,鲨鱼们就已经在海洋中游弋。鲨鱼比树还要古老。它们至少经历了四次地球物种灭绝,一直活到了今天。 这种古老的食肉动物和当代婚宴之间的联系在于,在中国人眼中,请客人吃鱼翅羹是慷慨与体面的标志。由于中国有13亿多人口,并且中国人一天比一天富裕,吃鱼翅对鲨鱼数量可谓影响重大。为了获取鱼翅,人类每年要捕杀约7000万条鲨鱼。大多数时候,人们在海上用刀把鱼鳍割下来,然后便将血淋淋的鲨鱼躯干扔入海里,任由它们死去。 加利福尼亚州立法机构正在讨论由民主党人、美籍华人方文忠(Paul Fong)联合提议的一项旨在禁止贩卖、消费和交易鱼翅的议案。夏威夷州、俄勒冈州和华盛顿州已经实施了类似的禁令。加州的鱼翅食用量占到美国鱼翅总食用量的85%。州众议院会议已通过了此项议案,但因担心法案有歧视美籍华人的嫌疑,州参议院还未对其投票表决。 人们吃什么确实是一个敏感的话题,也会催生许多虚伪的作风。对于可以吃什么、不可以吃什么,不同的文化有着各自的禁忌。穆斯林和犹太教徒不吃猪肉,印度教徒不吃牛肉,而大多数美国人不吃蛇肉或鲸肉。耆那教徒(Jains)和各种文化中的素食主义者都不吃任何动物。 西方人尤其看不惯其它文化社会的人们所吃的东西。他们的出发点大多不合逻辑,有时可能还会触犯众怒。他们往往在心里把动物分为好几类:吃的(如猪、羊和鸡)、搂抱或抚摸的(猫、和马)以及太丑、太怪或太聪明而不能吃的(比如甲虫、斑马和海豚)。许多人都公开对残暴行为表示憎恶——例如用棍子猎杀海豹——但却爱吃小牛肉,或佯装对自己居住的友好社区的屠宰场里发生的一切毫不知晓。 美国纪录片电影制片人迈克尔#8226;尔(Michael Moore)在《罗杰和我》(Roger amp; me)中绘声绘色地(也可能是不经意地)披露了这种自欺欺人的行径。在展现密歇根州弗林特(Flint)贫困状况的一个场景中,有个女人在卖兔子,她问顾客要买“宠物还是兔肉”。如果是“宠物”,她就把小兔子交给一个满心欢喜的孩子。如果是“兔肉”,她便当场用一根铅管把这个可怜的动物打死并把皮剥下来。 /201110/157208襄阳男科医院公立的吗 Flu to trigger hugs in British churches摘要:本周三有报道称,一些英国教堂建议教区居民用拥抱代替握手来传递“和平的信号”,以防止猪流感的传播。Some British parishioners are being advised to hug rather than shake hands "as a sign of peace" in measures by churches to try to stop the sp of swine flu, a report said Wednesday.The Church of England has introduced the measure in its Southwark diocese in southeast London as concerns mount about the sp of swine flu in Britain, the Financial Times said.Some churches have also begun to allow "intinction" or dipping b in communion wine rather than sharing the chalice, while others have stopped offering wine altogether, the newspaper said.A British bishop has aly advised his diocese to suspend holy water from churches in a bid to halt the sp of the A(H1N1) virus.The measures follow ones being introduced in other countries, including in Portugal where church goers are to take communion by having the host placed in their hands, not their mouth.Swine flu has now killed more than 700 people around the globe, the World Health Organisation said Tuesday, as experts debated whether schools should be closed to contain the pandemic. /200907/79087Switzerland is the best place to be born in the world in 2013, and the US is just 16th.瑞士是2013年世界上的最佳出生地,而美国只排在第16位。A new study produced by the Economist Intelligence says American babies will have a dimmer future than those born in Hong Kong, Ireland and even Canada.经济学人智库发布的一项新研究称,美国孩子的未来比香港、爱尔兰甚至加拿大出生的孩子更渺茫。The EIU, a sister company of The Economist, attempted to measure how well countries will provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life in years to come.经济学人智库是《经济学人》的公司,该公司试图估算出一个国家或地区能否在未来数年内提供让人们过上健康、安全、富裕生活的最好机会。People born in Switzerland will tend to be the happiest and have the best quality of life judged in terms of wealth, health and trust in public institutions, according to the analysis.根据该公司的分析结果,从人们的财富、健康和对公共机构的信任度来衡量,一般来说在瑞士出生的人是最幸福的,生活质量也最高。The Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark also all make the top five in a #39;quality-of-life#39; index highlighting where it is best to be born next year.依据“生活质量”这一指标评出的明年最佳出生地中,挪威、瑞典和丹麦这几个斯堪的纳维亚国家也跻身前五名。In 1988, the US came top of a rank of 50 countries, though has not achieved the top spot since.1988年,美国曾在评出的50个最佳出生地中排名居首,但自那以后再也没有获得过第一。The index links the results of subjective life-satisfaction surveys - how happy people say they are - to objective determinants of quality of life across countries.该研究的指标将对主观生活满意度的调查结果(即人们自称有多幸福)和各国生活质量的客观决定因素结合起来。One of the most important factors is being rich, but other factors come into play - including crime, trust in public institutions and the health of family life.其中最重要的一个因素是富裕,但其他因素——包括犯罪率、对公共机构的信任度以及家庭生活的健康——也有影响。In total, the index takes into account 11 indicators.总体来说,该指标以11项指数为基础。These include fixed factors such as geography, others that change slowly over time such as demography, social and cultural characteristics, and the state of the world economy.其中包括一些不可变因素,比如地理位置,还有一些变化缓慢的因素,如人口、社会文化特征和世界经济状况等。The index also looks at income per head in 2030, which is roughly when children born in 2013 will reach adulthood.该指标还预测了2030年的人均收入,到那时2013年出生的孩子基本都会步入成年。Small economies dominate the top 10 countries, with Australia coming second and New Zealand and the Netherlands not too far behind.排在前十名的出生地大多是小型经济体,澳大利亚排名第二,新西兰和荷兰也名列前茅。Half of the top 10 countries are European, but only one, the Netherlands, is from the euro-zone.前十名的国家有一半是欧洲国家,但其中只有荷兰是来自欧元区。The crisis-ridden south of Europe, including Greece, Portugal and Spain, lags behind despite the advantage of a favourable climate.欧洲南部的一些危机重重的国家,包括希腊、葡萄牙和西班牙,尽管气候条件很有利,但排名却很靠后。Interestingly, the largest European economies - Germany, France and Britain - do not do particularly well.有趣的是,最大的几个欧洲经济体——德国、法国和英国——在这一排行中表现并不佳。Nigeria has the unenviable title of being the worst country for a baby to enter the world in 2013.尼日利亚摘得了无人羡慕的头衔,成为2013年婴儿的最差出生地。 /201212/211866襄阳中医院阳痿早泄价格

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