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7 Who stole the tarts?第7章 谁偷了果馅饼?The King and Queen of Hearts were sitting on their thrones when Alice and the Gryphon arrived.There was a great crowd of birds and animals,and all the pack of cards.当爱丽丝和鹰头翼狮赶到时,红桃国王和王后正坐在宝座上。那儿有一大群鸟儿和动物,还有所有的纸牌。Soldiers stood all around the Knave of Hearts,and near the King was the White Rabbit,with a trumpet in one hand.士兵们都站在红桃杰克周围,国王旁边站着白兔,手里拿着一个喇叭。In the middle of the room there was a table,with a large plate of tarts on it.;They look good,;thought Alice,who was feeling a little hungry.房子中间有一张桌子,上面摆了一大盘果馅饼。;看起来真不错!;爱丽丝心想,自己觉得有点饿了。Then the White Rabbit called out loudly,;Silence!The trial of the Knave of Hearts will now begin!;He took out a long piece of paper,and :这时,白兔高声喊道:;肃静!对红桃杰克的审判现在开始!;他拿出一张长纸,念道:The Queen of Hearts,she made some tarts,在夏日里的一天,All on a summer day.红桃王后做了果馅饼。The Knave of Hearts,he stole those tarts,红桃杰克,And took them all away.偷走了所有的果馅饼。;Very good,;said the King.;Call the first witness.;;很好,;国王说。;传第一人。;Alice looked at the jury,who were now writing everything down.It was a very strange jury.Some of the jurymen were animals,and the others were birds.爱丽丝看了看陪审团,他们正做着记录。这个陪审团奇怪极了,有些陪审员是动物,另外的一些是鸟儿。Then the White Rabbit blew his trumpet three times,and called out,;First witness!;白兔吹了三下喇叭,喊道:;传第一人!;The first witness was the Hatter.He came in with a teacup in one hand and a piece of b-and-butter in the other hand.;I#39;m very sorry,Your Majesty,;he said.;I was in the middle of tea when the trial began.;第一人是制帽人。他一手拿着茶杯,一手拿着一片黄油面包。;对不起,陛下,;他说。;审判开始时,我正在喝茶。;;Take off your hat,;the King said.;摘掉你的帽子,;国王说。;It isn#39;t mine,;said the Hatter.;帽子不是我的,;制帽人说。;Stolen!Write that down,;the King said to the jury.;那就是偷的!记下来,;国王对陪审团说。;I keep hats to sell,;explained the Hatter.;I don#39;t have a hat myself.I#39;m a Hatter.;;我的帽子是要卖的,;制帽人解释着。;我自己一个帽子都没有。我是做帽子的。;;Give your evidence,;said the King,or we#39;ll cut your head off.;;把据拿出来,;国王说,;要不然我们就砍了你的头。;The Hatter#39;s face turned white.;I#39;m a poor man,Your Majesty,;he began,in a shaking voice.制帽人的脸都变白了。;我是个穷苦人,陛下,;他说道,声音都打颤了。Just then Alice had a strange feeling.After a minute or two she understood what it was.这时爱丽丝觉得很奇怪。过了一两分钟,她明白是怎么回事了。;Don#39;t push like that,;said the Dormouse,who was sitting next to her.;I#39;m nearly falling off my seat.;;别推我,;睡鼠说,坐在爱丽丝旁边。;我都快从座位上掉下来了。;;I#39;m very sorry,;Alice said politely.;I#39;m getting bigger and taller,you see.;;对不起,;爱丽丝礼貌地说。;你看,我变大了,也长高了。;;Well,you can#39;t do that here,;said the Dormouse crossly, and he got up and moved to another seat.;好,可你在这儿这样可不行,;睡鼠生气了,他站起来,坐到别的座位上。The Hatter was still giving evidence,but nobody could understand a word of it.The King looked at the Queen,and the Queen looked at the executioner.制帽人还在做,但没人听懂他在说什么。国王看着王后,王后看着执行官。The unhappy Hatter saw this,and dropped his b-and- butter.;I#39;m a poor man,Your Majesty,;he said again.可怜的制帽人看到这些,面包片都掉下来了。;我是个穷苦人,陛下。;他又说。;You#39;re a very poor,speaker,;said the King.He turned to the White Rabbit.;Call the next witness,;he said.;你连话都说不清,;国王说。他转向白兔。;传下一个人,;他说。The next witness was the Duchess#39;s cook,who spoke very angrily and said that she would not give any evidence.The King looked worried and told the White Rabbit to call another witness.Alice watched while the White Rabbit looked at the names on his piece of paper.Then,to her great surprise,he called out loudly,;Alice!;下一个人是公爵夫人的厨子。她气呼呼地说不想做什么。国王有点担心,于是让白兔传下一个人。爱丽丝看着白兔查看着那张纸。正在这时,让她大吃一惊,白兔大声喊道:;爱丽丝!;;Here!;cried Alice,jumping to her feet.;在这儿!;爱丽丝喊道,一下子跳了起来。;What do you know about these tarts?;said the King.;你知道关于果馅饼的事吗?;国王问。;Nothing,;said Alice.;一无所知,;爱丽丝说。 Article/201203/175435George Gershwin: Rhapsody in BlueWritten by - Shelley Gollust (MUSIC)VOICE ONE:I’m Barbara Klein.VOICE TWO: George Gershwin And I’m Steve Ember with People in America in VOA Special English. Today we tell about the life and music of one of America's greatest composers, George Gershwin. (MUSIC: "RHAPSODY IN BLUE")VOICE ONE:That was the opening of "Rhapsody in Blue," composed by George Gershwin. Gershwin lived only thirty-nine years. Yet, in that short time, he wrote hundreds of unforgettable popular songs. He wrote.some concert works, such as "Rhapsody in Blue," that are still performed today. And he wrote what many consider to be the most beautiful American opera, "Porgy and Bess. "VOICE TWO:George Gershwin was born in New York City in eighteen ninety-eight. His parents were Russian Jews who had immigrated to the ed States. George and his two brothers and sister had a close, happy family life. George liked playing games on the streets of New York. He liked exploring the city. He did not like school or studying. While exploring the city, George heard jazz and blues music spilling out of public drinking places. However, he did not become seriously interested in music until he heard another boy playing the violin in a concert at his school. George began to take piano lessons. His teacher was a fine classical musician. He immediately recognized George's unusual ability. The teacher wrote about him to a friend: "I have a student who will make his mark in music, if anybody will. The boy is a genius, without doubt. "VOICE ONE:George studied classical piano. But his strongest interest continued to be jazz and popular music. At the age of fifteen, he left school and went to work in the music business. The New York City street where most music publishers had their offices was called "Tin Pan Alley."The phonograph and radio had been invented in the late eighteen hundreds. But it would be many years before there were musical recordings or regular radio broadcasts. Tin Pan Alley publishers needed another way to sell new songs. So, they employed people to play the piano to do this. VOICE TWO:The piano players played the songs all day long to interested singers and other performers. George Gershwin was one of the youngest piano players in Tin Pan Alley. Soon, he was considered one of the finest there. He was aly writing his own songs. He succeeded in getting one published when he was only eighteen years old. It had a long title: "When You Want 'Em, You Can't Get ‘Em, When You've Got 'Em, You Don't Want 'Em. "VOICE ONE:George Gershwin was now a real composer. The rest of his life was an unbroken record of success. He wrote song after song. His ideas were so endless that he was not even troubled when he once lost some music he had been writing. "There is plenty more where that came from," he said. George Gershwin had his first big hit in nineteen nineteen, when he was twenty-one years old. It was a song called "Swanee." A popular entertainer, Al Jolson, sang the song. "Swanee" was made into one of the first musical recordings. George Gershwin was suddenly famous. Here is Al Jolson singing what became his trademark song, "Swanee."(MUSIC: SWANEE)VOICE TWO:Music critics note that "Swanee" is not like most of George Gershwin's music. Later, he wrote true love songs. Some were light and funny. Some were full of intense feeling. Many of these songs were written for the popular musical theater. One of his most emotional love songs never became part of a musical play, however. It is called "The Man I love. " Here is a modern recording by Maureen McGovern. (MUSIC: THE MAN I LOVE)VOICE ONE:George Gershwin's older brother, Ira, wrote the words to that song. As George became famous, Ira wrote the words to more and more of his songs. George and Ira Gershwin with Fred Astaire. The two brothers were very different. Ira, the writer, was quiet and serious. George, the musician, was outgoing -- the life of any party. But George wrote better songs with Ira than with anyone else. It is impossible to imagine many of George's songs without Ira's perfectly chosen, often surprising words. One of many examples is the song "They Can't Take That Away From Me." The Gershwins wrote the song for dancer and actor Fred Astaire for the film "Shall We Dance." That was George and Ira Gershwin's first movie musical. Here is Fred Astaire, followed by a later version sung by Ella Fitzgerald. (MUSIC: "THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME")VOICE TWO:This program was written by Shelley Gollust. It was produced by Lawan Davis. I’m Steve Ember.VOICE ONE:And I’m Barbara Klein. Join us again next week as we continue the story of the music of George Gershwin on People in America in VOA Special English. (MUSIC: "THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME" JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL BY DIZZY GILLESPIE) Article/200803/292061 The dancers1.舞蹈演员们#39;Quick!Quick!Close the door!It#39;s him!#39;Annie Sorelli ran into the dressing-room, her face white.“快!快!关门!是他!”安妮·索雷丽跑进化妆室,脸色苍白。One of the girls ran and closed the door, and then they all turned to Annie Sorelli.一个姑娘跑过去把门关上,然后她们都转向安妮·索雷丽。#39;Who?Where?What#39;s the matter?#39; they cried.“谁?在哪里?发生了什么事?”她们叫道。#39;It#39;s the ghost!#39;Annie said.#39;In the passage.I saw him.He came through the wall in front of me! And…and I saw his face!#39;“有鬼!”安妮说,“在走廊上,我看到了他。他穿过墙壁来到我的面前。我还……还看到了他的脸!”Most of the girls were afraid, but one of them, a tall girl with black hair,laughed.绝大多数姑娘都很害怕,但她们中的一个高个子的黑发姑娘却大笑起来。#39;Pooh!#39;she said.#39;Everybody says they see the Opera ghost, but there isn#39;t really a ghost.“呸!”她说,“每个人都说他们看到了这个歌剧院的幽灵,但是这里其实并没有鬼。You saw a shadow on the wall.#39;But she did not open the door,or look into the passage.你看见的只是墙上的影子。”但是她没有去把门打开,也没有到走廊上去看个究竟。#39;Lots of people see him,#39; a second girl said.#39;Joseph Buquet saw him two days ago. Don#39;t you remember?#39;“许多人都看到过他,”又一个姑娘说,“约瑟夫·比凯两天前也看到过他,你们难道不记得了?”Then all the girls began to talk at once.随后所有的姑娘们立即开始谈论此事。#39;Joseph says the ghost is tall and he wears a black evening coat.#39;“约瑟夫说这幽灵是个高个子,他穿着黑色晚礼。”#39;He has the head of a dead man, with a yellow face and no nose…#39;“他有一个死人般的头颅,黄色面孔,没有鼻子……”#39;…And no eyes-only black holes!#39;“……而且没有眼睛——只是黑洞!”Then little Meg Giry spoke for the first time.#39;Don#39;t talk about him.He doesn#39;t like it.My mother told me.#39;接着娇小的梅格·吉丽第一次开口说话了:“不要谈论他。他不喜欢。我妈妈告诉我的。”#39;Your mother?#39; the girl with black hair said.#39;What does your mother know about the ghost?#39;“你妈妈?”黑头发姑娘问,“关于这幽灵的事儿,你妈妈都知道些什么?”#39;She says that Joseph Buquet is a fool. The ghost doesn#39;t like people talking about him,and one day Joseph Buquet is go ing to be sorry, very sorry.#39;“她说约瑟夫·比凯是个傻瓜。这幽灵不喜欢人们谈论他,总有一天约瑟夫·比凯会后悔的,会非常后悔的。”#39;But what does your mother know? Tell us,tell us!#39; all the girls cried.“但是你妈妈都知道些什么?告诉我们,告诉我们!”所有的姑娘都叫道。#39;Oh dear!#39;said Meg.#39;But please don#39;t say a word to any one.“哦,亲爱的!”梅格说,“但是请不要跟任何人说一个字。You know my mother is the doorkeeper for some of the boxes in the Opera House.你们知道我妈妈是歌剧院一些包厢的看门人。Well,Box 5 is the ghost#39;s box!He watches the operas from that box,and sometimes he leaves flowers for my mother!瞧!5号包厢就是这幽灵专用的!他用那个包厢看歌剧,并且有时候会留下一些鲜花给我妈妈!”#39;The ghost has a box! And leaves flowers in it!#39;“这幽灵还有包厢!而且在包厢里留下鲜花!”#39;Oh, Meg,your mother#39;s telling you stories!How can the ghost have a box?#39;“哦,梅格,你妈妈在给你讲故事吧!幽灵怎么会有包厢呢?”#39;It#39;s true, it#39;s true,I tell you!#39;Meg said.#39;Nobody buys tickets for Box 5, but the ghost always comes to it on opera nights.#39;“这是真的,这是真的,我告诉你们!”梅格说,“没有人买5号包厢的票,但是这个幽灵却经常在演晚场歌剧时到包厢里来。”#39;So somebody does come there?#39;“一些人也会来那里吧?”#39;Why,no!… The ghost comes, but there is nobody there.#39;“为什么,不!……只有幽灵来,但是那里一个人也没有。”The dancers looked at Meg.#39;But how does your mother know?#39; one of them asked.舞蹈演员们看着梅格。“但是你妈妈是怎么知道的?”其中一个问道。#39;There#39;s no man in a black evening coat, with a yellow face.That#39;s all wrong.“这里根本没有穿黑色晚礼、黄色面孔的男人。那都是瞎扯。My mother never sees the ghost in Box 5,but she hears him!我妈妈从来没有在5号包厢里看到过这个幽灵,但是她听到过!He talks to her,but there is nobody there!And he doesn#39;t like people talking about him!#39;他跟她说话,然而里面却没有人!而且他不喜欢人们谈论他!”But that evening the dancers could not stop talking about the Opera ghost.但是那个晚上舞蹈演员们却不能停止谈论关于歌剧院的幽灵的话题。They talked before the opera, all through the opera, and after the opera.她们在歌剧开演前谈论着,在歌剧整个演出过程中谈论着,在歌剧演出结束后还谈论着。But they talked very quietly, and they looked behind them before they spoke.但是她们谈话的声音很小,而且她们在说话前总要先看看她们的身后的动静。When the opera finished,the girls went back to their dress ing-room.当歌剧演出结束的时候,姑娘们回到了她们的化妆室。Suddenly,they heard somebody in the passage,and Madame Giry,突然,她们听到走廊上有人,原来是吉丽夫人,Meg#39;s mother, ran into the room. She was a fat,motherly woman,with a red,happy face.But tonight her face was white.梅格的母亲,跑进了房间。她是一个肥胖的、慈母般的妇人,有一张微红肤色的、快乐的脸。但是今晚她的脸色却是苍白的。#39;Oh girls,#39;she cried#39;.#39;Joseph Buquet is dead! You know he walks a long way down,on the fourth floor under the stage.“哦,姑娘们,”她叫道,“约瑟夫·比凯死了!要知道他是从高处掉下来,掉在舞台底下的第4层。The other stage workers found his dead body there an hour ago -with a rope around his neck!#39;其他的舞台杂工一个小时以前在那里发现了他的尸体——有一根绳子绕在他的脖子上!”#39;It#39;s the ghost!#39;cried Meg Giry.#39;The ghost killed him!#39;“是幽灵!”梅格·古丽叫道,“是那个幽灵杀死了他!” Article/201204/176580

“My period started today,” Ruth said. Brody could hear her sadness over the phone. “Oh, I’m sorry, honey. That’s too bad,” Brody said. Until now, they both had assumed that she was pregnant, because her period was supposed to start three weeks ago.Brody had mixed feelings about the news. On the one hand, he knew that Ruth wanted a baby more than anything else in the world. So, he naturally wanted her to be pregnant and happy. In fact, he wanted a kid as much as she did. He would love to have a son, so he could teach him how to avoid all the stupid mistakes Brody had made in his own life.On the other hand, he had just about a new study that said the cost of raising a child was now 5,000. And that was just through high school. College was an additional expense. Right now, the average cost of attending a public university was ,000 a year--if the student lived at home. Eighteen years from now, how much would it be?Brody and Ruth had only ,000 in savings, not even enough for a down payment on a nice house. Plus, neither of them had health insurance. Premiums for insuring themselves and the baby would cost at least 0 a month, not to mention the deductibles and co-pays.“You worry about money too much,” Ruth had once told him. “Look at you—your parents raised you and five more kids, and they were making much less than we are making now.”“That’s true,” Brody agreed. “But things were a lot different then.” Article/201108/149023

When I was a kid, I thought gangsters were really cool. I loved watching gangster movies. Al Capone was almost like a hero to me. I always wanted the gangster in the movie to escape from the police. The movies made gangsters look like heroes. Now I’m older, I think that’s shocking. How can they glamorize the life of gangsters. Of course, we all know gangsters are dangerous. They are involved in many crimes. They sell drugs, traffic children and run prostitution rings. Many gangsters control politicians and policemen. In fact, in many countries around the world, gangsters become politicians. The funny thing is, even now, when I look at gangster movies, I still think the gangster is the good guy. That’s a little worrying. Article/201104/133703“Why were you so rude to your brother?” Gladys asked. “He drove all the way over here to deliver that package to you. But you didn’t invite him inside your apartment. You didn’t offer him anything to drink or eat. Then, when he was talking to me, you kept telling him to speak faster. He was speaking slowly because he knows my English isn’t that good—he was just being polite. Finally, when he and I sat down in the living room, you just went to your computer and started typing away.”William tried to explain to Gladys that what she saw between him and his brother was their normal interaction. Roland was simply delivering a package; there was nothing for the two of them to chat about. Further, Roland felt that William's apartment had an odor; he usually didn’t even come inside the apartment when he visited. In addition, Roland was very picky about what he drank and ate—he wasn’t interested in eating William’s “junk food.”Finally, William argued, he had told Roland many times not to “talk down” to Gladys. “He talks to you like you’re a two-year-old,” William said.She said she didn’t mind; Roland was just trying to communicate. She just wished that William would be more polite to him. “When my sister visits me,” she said, “I hug her, I invite her inside, we eat and drink and talk, and we just have a good time with each other.”Well, William told her, he and his brother were different. “No,” she corrected him, “maybe you and I are different.” Article/201108/1502176 A footprint第6章 一个脚印Then,one year,something strange and terrible happened.有一年,古怪而且可怕的事情发生了。I often walked along the shore,and one day I saw something in the sand.我经常沿着海岸走,一天我看见在沙滩上有些东西。I went over to look at it more care-fully,and stopped in sudden surprise.我跑过去想瞧个仔细,但却在震惊中停了下来。It was a footprint;the footprint of a man!那是一个脚印;;一个人的脚印!Who could this be?这是谁的呢?Afraid,I looked around me.我害怕极了,环顾四周,I listened.我倾听着、I waited.我等候着,Nothing.却什么也没有,I was more and more afraid.我越来越怕。Perhaps this man was one of those wild people who killed and ate other men!也许,这是一个杀死并吃掉其他人的野人!I looked everywhere,but there was nobody,and no other foot-print.我到处看,但都没有人,也没有别的脚印。I turned and hurried home.我转过身匆忙赶回家。#39;There#39;s someone on my is-land,#39;I said to myself.;岛上有人,;我自言自语,#39;Perhaps he knows about me;Per-haps he#39;s watching me now from behind a tree;Perhaps he wants to kill me. #39;;也许他知道我;;也许他现在正从树后面观察我;;也许他想杀了我。;That night I couldn#39;t sleep.那一夜我不能入睡。The next day I got all my guns y and I put more wood and young trees around my house.第二天我把所有的备好并在房子的周围堆上更多的木头和小树。Nobody could see me now.现在没有人能够看见我。But,after fifteen years alone on the island,I was afraid,可是,岛上独自生活了十五年后,我还是害怕,and I did not leave my cave for three days.以至于一连三天没离开过我的山洞。In the end,I had to go out to milk my goats.最终,我还是不得不出去给我的山羊挤奶,But for two years I was afraid.但两年里我一直提心吊胆。I stayed near my home and I never used my guns because I didn#39;t want to make a noise.我呆在房子的附近,从来不使用我的因为我不想弄出声音。I could not forget the footprint,我忘不掉那个脚印,but I saw and heard nothing more,and slowly I began to feel happier.但由于再也没有听到其他什么,渐渐地,我的感觉开始好起来。One day,a year later,I was over on the west side of the is-land.一年以后的一天,我来到小岛的西侧,From there I could see the other islands,and I could also see a boat,far out to sea.从那儿我能看到其他岛和远处大海中的船。#39;If you have a boat,#39;I thought,;如果有一只船,;我想,#39;it#39;s easy to sail across to this island.;穿过海面来到这个岛是挺容易,Perhaps that explains the foot-print;it was a visitor from one of the other islands. #39;也许,这样可以解释这脚印;;是一个来自其他岛的来访者。;I began to move more freely around the island again,and built myself a third house.我又开始在岛上自由自在地走动并给自己建了第三所房子。It was a very secret place in a cave.它是在一个山洞里非常隐蔽的地方。#39;No wild man will ever find that,#39;I said to myself.;没有野人能够找到它,;我对自己说。Then one year something happened which I can never forget.然而有一年,有些事出现令我永远不能忘记。I was again on the west side of the island and was walk-ing along the shore.我又一次在岛的西侧沿着海岸散步。Suddenly,I saw something which made me feel ill.突然,我瞧见令我作呕的东西,There were heads,arms,feet,and other pieces of men#39;s bodies everywhere.那儿到处是人头、手臂、脚和一些人体其他部位的碎块。For a minute,I couldn#39;t think,and then I understood.那一刻,我简直无法思考,随即,我就明白了。Sometimes there were fights between the wild men on the other islands.以前另一个岛上的野人之间发生了一场战斗,Then they came here to my island with their prisoners,to kill them,cook them,and eat them.然后他们带着他们的俘虏来到了我的岛上,杀了俘虏,接着烹了吃掉。Slowly,I went home,but I was very angry.慢慢地,我走回家中,我愤怒。How could men do this?人怎么能够做这样的事?For many months I watched carefully for the smoke from fires,but I didn#39;t see anything.几个月来,我仔细观察火堆升起的烟,但我什么也没看见。Somehow the wild men came and went,and I never saw them.究竟野人如何来来去去我却从来没有发现过。I was angry and afraid.我又愤怒又害怕。I wanted to shoot them all,but there were many of them and on-ly one of me.我想把他们全都杀了,但他们很多人而我只有一个人。#39;Perhaps I can shoot two or three,#39;I said to my-self,;也许,我可以杀死两、三个,;我自言自语,#39;but then they will kill and eat me. #39;;可是,然后他们却会杀了我并把我吃掉。;Then,one morning in my twenty-third year on the island,此后,正是我在岛上的第23个年头的一个早上,I was out in my fields and I saw the smoke from a fire.我正在我的地里劳作,我看见一堆火上升起的烟,Quickly,I went up the hill to watch.飞快地,我爬上山去观察。There were nine men around the fire,有9个人围绕着火堆,and they were cooking their terrible food.正在烹煮着可怕的食物。Then these wild men danced round the fire,接着那些野人围绕着火堆跳起了舞,singing and shouting.唱着叫着。This went on for about two hours,这样整整持续了两个小时,and then they got into their boats and sailed away.然后他们上了小船离去。I went down to the shore and saw the blood of the dead men on the sand.我下到海滩上,目睹了沙滩上死人的淋漓鲜血。#39;The next time they come,I#39;m going to kill them,#39;I said angrily.;下次他们来,我一定会杀了他们,;我愤怒地说。 Article/201202/172496

有声名著之简爱Jene Eyer Chapter18 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47255柯林斯先生这所房子倒好象很舒适呢。我相信他初到汉斯福的时候,咖苔琳夫人一定在这上面费了好大一番心思吧 Elizabeth was sitting by herself the next morning, and writing to Jane while Mrs. Collins and Maria were gone on business into the village, when she was startled by a ring at the door, the certain signal of a visitor. As she had heard no carriage, she thought it not unlikely to be Lady Catherine, and under that apprehension was putting away her half-finished letter that she might escape all impertinent questions, when the door opened, and, to her very great surprise, Mr. Darcy, and Mr. Darcy only, entered the room.He seemed astonished too on finding her alone, and apologised for his intrusion by letting her know that he had understood all the ladies were to be within.They then sat down, and when her inquiries after Rosings were made, seemed in danger of sinking into total silence. It was absolutely necessary, therefore, to think of something, and in this emergence recollecting WHEN she had seen him last in Hertfordshire, and feeling curious to know what he would say on the subject of their hasty departure, she observed:;How very suddenly you all quitted Netherfield last November, Mr. Darcy! It must have been a most agreeable surprise to Mr. Bingley to see you all after him so soon; for, if I recollect right, he went but the day before. He and his sisters were well, I hope, when you left London?;;Perfectly so, I thank you. ;She found that she was to receive no other answer, and, after a short pause added:;I think I have understood that Mr. Bingley has not much idea of ever returning to Netherfield again?;;I have never heard him say so; but it is probable that he may spend very little of his time there in the future. He has many friends, and is at a time of life when friends and engagements are continually increasing. ;;If he means to be but little at Netherfield, it would be better for the neighbourhood that he should give up the place entirely, for then we might possibly get a settled family there. But, perhaps, Mr. Bingley did not take the house so much for the convenience of the neighbourhood as for his own, and we must expect him to keep it or quit it on the same principle. ;;I should not be surprised, ; said Darcy, ;if he were to give it up as soon as any eligible purchase offers. ;Elizabeth made no answer. She was afraid of talking longer of his friend; and, having nothing else to say, was now determined to leave the trouble of finding a subject to him.He took the hint, and soon began with, ;This seems a very comfortable house. Lady Catherine, I believe, did a great deal to it when Mr. Collins first came to Hunsford. ;;I believe she did--and I am sure she could not have bestowed her kindness on a more grateful object. ;;Mr. Collins appears to be very fortunate in his choice of a wife. ;;Yes, indeed, his friends may well rejoice in his having met with one of the very few sensible women who would have accepted him, or have made him happy if they had. My friend has an excellent understanding--though I am not certain that I consider her marrying Mr. Collins as the wisest thing she ever did. She seems perfectly happy, however, and in a prudential light it is certainly a very good match for her. ; Article/201110/159342George wore a pair of blue shorts around the house. They were old, faded, and ugly, but they were comfortable. And when you are at home, you want to be comfortable. It wouldn't be called "Home, Sweet Home" if you didn't feel comfortable there.But when he put on his blue shorts one morning, the button was just hanging on by a th. That single button was the only thing that held his shorts up.George could do two things. He could wait until the button fell off. When that happened, it would probably roll under the sofa and be lost forever. Or, he could sew the button on securely before it fell off.He found his sewing kit. He thed the needle and tied a knot at the end of the th. Then he started the needle through the cloth. He directed it through one of the holes in the button. Then he reversed direction. He put the needle back through a different hole, and then through the cloth again.He repeated this motion through all four button holes until the button was tight. Then he tied a bunch of knots in the last bit of th and snipped off the excess th. He put on the shorts and buttoned the button. It was strong.Good for another ten years, he smiled to himself. Article/201104/130294

Short-term Memory There are two kinds of memory: short-term and long-term. Information in long-term memory can be recalled at a later time when it is needed. The information may be kept for days or weeks. Sometimes information in the long-term memory is hard to remember. Students taking exams often have this experience. In contrast, information in short-term memory is kept for only a few seconds, usually by repeating the information over and over. For example, you look up a number in the telephone book, and before you dial, you repeat the number over and over. If someone interrupts you, you will probably forget the number. In laboratory studies, subjects are unable to remember three letters after eighteen seconds if they are not allowed to repeat the letters to themselves.Psychologists study memory and learning with both animal and human subjects. The two experiments here show how short-term memory has been studied.Dr. Hunter studied short-term memory in rats. He used a special apparatus which had a cage for the rat and three doors. There was a light in each door. First the rat was placed in the closed cage. Next, one of the lights was turned on and then off. There was food for the rat only at this door. After the light was turned off, the rat had to wait a short time before it was released form its cage. Then, if it went to the correct door, it was rewarded with the food that was there. Hunter did this experiment many times. He always turned on the lights in a random order. The rat had to wait different intervals before it was released from the cage. Hunter found that if the rat had to wait more than ten seconds, it could not remember the correct door. Hunter's results show that rats have a short-term memory of about ten seconds.Later, Dr. Henning studied how students who are learning English as a second language remember vocabulary. The subject in his experiment were 75 students at the University of California in Los Angeles. They represented all levels of ability in English: beginning, intermediate, advanced, and native-speaking students.To begin, the subjects listened to a recording of a native speaker ing a paragraph in English. Following the recording, the subjects took a 15-question test to see which words they remembered. Each question has four choices. The subjects had to circle the word they had heard in the recording. Some of the questions had four choices that sound alike. For example, weather, whether, wither, and wetter are four words that sound alike. Some of the questions had four choices that have the same meaning. Method, way, manner, and system would be four words with the same meaning. Some of them had four unrelated choices. For instance, weather, method, love, and result could be used as four unrelated words. Finally the subjects took a language proficiency test.Henning found that students with a lower proficiency in English made more of their mistakes on words that sound alike; students with a higher proficiency made more of their mistakes on words that have the same meaning. Henning's results suggest that beginning students hold the sound of words in their short-term memory, while advanced students hold the meaning of words in their short-term memory.短时记忆有两种记忆:短时记忆和长时记忆。处于长期记忆中的信息,在后来需要的时候能够回想起来。这一信息可以保持数天或数周。有时处于长时记忆中的信息很难记起。参加考试的学生经常会有这种经历。反之,短时记忆中的信息只能保持三两秒钟,通常还得再三复习这一信息。例如,你在一本电话号码簿中查到一个号码,在你还没拨号之前,你得再三复习这一号码。如果这时有人打扰了你,你也许会把这个电话号码忘了。通过实验研究表明,如果不准被测试的人复习,那么十八秒以后,被测试的人连三个字母都记不住。心理学家们以动物和人这二者做测试对象分别研究了记忆和学习的情况。这里这两类试验都表明了研究短时记忆的情况。亨特士研究了大老鼠的短时记忆。他用了一种特殊装置,这种装置上有个鼠笼和三扇门。每扇门上都有一盏灯。首先,把大老鼠放到一个关着的鼠笼里。接着,把其中一盏灯打开然后再关上。只有在这扇门那里才有给老鼠听的东西。在把灯关掉以后,必须让这个老鼠等候一段短时期,这才把它从鼠笼中放出去。接下来,如果这个老鼠走对了门,那么,门那里摆着的食物就是对他的奖赏。亨特士多次做过这种实验。他总是没有按固定顺序随便打开任何一盏灯。让老鼠等候的时间间隔也完全不同,然后才把大老鼠从鼠笼中放出去。亨特士发现,如果老鼠必须等候10秒钟以上才放出,那它就记不住哪扇门是正确的。亨特士实验的结果表明大老鼠能有大约10秒钟的短期记忆。后来,享尼希士研究了那些把英语作为第二种语言来学习的人,是怎样记生词的。他实验的对象是洛杉矶加州大学的75名学生。他们都是各种程度的英语学生中的代表人物:初级的、中级的、高级和以英语为母语的学生。开头,先让受试者们听一段以英语为母语的人所朗读的一小段英文文章的录音。听了录音以后接着让受试者参加一次共15个问题的考试,看看他们都记住了哪些生词。每个问题有四个选择项。受试者必须圈出他们在录音中所听到的单词。每个问题有四个选择项听起来很像是一样的。例如:weather天气,whether是否,wither枯萎,wetter润湿剂。有些问题的选择项的意义像是一样的:method,way,manner和system.有些问题的四个选择项之间没有任何关连:weather,method,love和result.最后,受试者们都参加一次语言熟练程度的测试。享尼希士发现,凡是英语熟练程度低的学生多在声音相似的单词中会弄错;凡是英语熟练程度高的学生多在意义相似的词汇上会出错。享尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆。享尼希的实验结果表明:初学者能把单词的声音保持短期记忆,而程度高的学生能把词汇的意义保持短期记忆。 Article/200802/27813I love the Olympics. It really is a unique and special world occasion. There's only one event in the world better than the Olympics, and that's the Football World Cup. Anyway, the Olympics really is a celebration of humanity. The whole world watches and gets excited. We love watching our heroes trying to win gold. I don't usually get excited about seeing my country's flag, but at the Olympics, I love it. I think the Olympics were better many years ago. Then, they had traditional Olympic sports. Nowadays we have professional tennis and baseball stars playing in sports that aren't really Olympic sports. I would love to see an Olympic games. Maybe I'll be lucky and get a chance to see the London games in 2012. Article/201106/141511A 36-year-old man stormed into the Ramona post office yelling at everyone to get out of his way. Carrying a shotgun, he climbed up onto the countertop and told everyone to lie on the floor. Then he pulled the trigger and fired a round into the ceiling. Plaster splattered onto the floor and the customers.The man ordered all the customers and employees to sit up and look at him. He said, "Repeat after me: I hate the post office!" Everyone repeated the words. He fired another round, but this one he aimed at the front plate glass window. Shattered glass went everywhere.Three minutes later, five police cars pulled up in front of the post office, lights flashing and sirens wailing. Using a bullhorn, a police officer told the man to walk out backwards with his hands up. The man fired another blast out the shattered window. The police officer and his bullhorn were uninjured. However, one police car had three little pit marks in it.The man yelled, "I'm not coming out until the post office pays me for pain and suffering. A postal truck ran into my car two years ago. My back is killing me. I can't work anymore. My wife left me. I can't take it anymore."After a while, the man calmed down. He released all the people inside. At 7:00 p.m., the man walked out backwards with his hands up. The police handcuffed him, put him in the back seat of the car, and drove him to the police station.A post office official said that they had tried to settle with the man out of court, but he refused anything less than a million dollars. "So the whole thing went to court," he said. "I guess he got tired of waiting for the trial to begin. He'll probably go to jail for a few years because of this stunt." Article/201106/142673

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