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Im just looking around.当你还不知道想买什么,这是对;Can I help you find anything?;最佳回答。 /201302/223747Situation 13 It isnt much.Mrs.Jones,thank your for your hospitality to me and to my family.Youre welcome,Mr.Yi.We have a small gift for you.Oh,thank you,but it isnt necessary to do that.It isnt much,but we hope you like it.Oh,I do.Thank you.Mrs.Jones,thank your for your hospitality to me and to my family.Youre welcome,Mr.Yi.We have a small gift for you.Oh,thank you,but it isnt necessary to do that.It isnt much,but we hope you like it.Oh,I do.Thank you.Hi,girls.What are you doing?Were selling raffle tickets.Whats the prize?A trip to Miami.How much are the tickets? Not much,just .00 each.Hi,girls.What are you doing?Were selling raffle tickets.Whats the prize?A trip to Miami.How much are the tickets?Not much,just .00 each.Whose dog is that?Mine,why?He sure barks a lot.I know,Hes really loud.Hes not very attractive,either.He doesnt look like much,but hes a good watchdog.Whose dog is that?Mine,why?He sure barks a lot.I know,Hes really loud.Hes not very attractive,either.He doesnt look like much,but hes a good watchdog. /201208/196412

Helen: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. Im Helen.海伦:大家好,欢迎收听地道英语节目。我是海伦。William: Hi, Im William. Today Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is opening.威廉:大家好,我是威廉。今天汉普顿宫廷花卉展开幕了。Music, birdsong音乐声,鸟鸣声Helen: Oh, Hampton Court Palace Flower Show–the worlds largest flower show! Ive seen it on the news before. If only I had a garden!海伦:哦,汉普顿宫廷花卉展,这可是世界上最大的花卉展览!我之前在新闻上看到过。我要是有个花园就好了!William: Ah yes, you live in an apartment, dont you Helen?威廉:是啊,海伦,你住在公寓里,是吧?Helen: Yeah. So William, let me guess, today we are going to do a phrase relating to flowers and gardening?海伦:对。威廉,让我来猜猜看,今天我们要学习和花朵还有园艺有关的词组吗?William: Exactly.威廉:完全正确。Helen: So...? Whats the phrase?海伦:那……?是什么词组呢?William: Er... Well, how about... how about... er. No, its gone. Its no good. I cant think of a phrase right now.威廉:额……嗯,这个……那个……嗯。不行,不好。我现在想不出来。Helen: Oh well. Lets just have a chat instead. Im tired of learning new phrases anyway.海伦:好吧。那我们就用聊天代替好了。不管怎样我已经厌倦总是学习新词组了。William: OK. Well, how are you Helen? How are the kids?威廉:好吧。海伦,你怎么样?孩子们怎么样?Helen: Oh they are both really well. My little boy eats too much chocolate though!海伦:哦,他们都非常好。不过我的小儿子吃的巧克力太多了!William: Oh really? Well, you want to nip that in the bud.威廉:哦,真的吗?嗯,你要防患于未然。Helen: Eh? Nip it in the bud?海伦:什么?Nip it in the bud?William: Nip it in the bud. If you nip something in the bud, you stop it before it becomes a problem. Listen to this example from a business context:威廉:对,防患于未然。这个意思是你要在发生问题前阻止这件事。来听一个来自业务环境的例子。Man: The last few deliveries weve had from this company have all had broken parts in them.男:最近这家公司给我们发的货几乎都有破损。Woman: Well, we need to nip that in the bud. Tell them that unless their service improves, were going to look for another supplier.女:嗯,我们需要防患于未然。告诉他们,如果他们的务质量还不改善的话,我们会另找供应商。Helen: So in that example, the man was complaining about poor service from a supplier. The woman wanted to nip it in the bud.海伦:在这个例子中,男子在抱怨供应商的糟糕务。而那名女子则希望防患于未然。William: Thats right. She wanted to take steps to improve the service before it got even worse.威廉:没错。她希望在问题更严重前采取措施改善务。Helen: So where does this phrase come from William–to nip something in the bud?海伦:那威廉,这个短语来自哪里呢?Birdsong and music鸟鸣声和音乐声William: Well, it comes from gardening, actually. A bud is the part of a plant that becomes a flower, a leaf or stem. If you nip something in the bud, you cut the bud off the plant before it has time to grow.威廉:嗯,实际上是来自园艺。植物的蓓蕾会生长成花朵、叶子或是花茎。而这个短语就是指你在植物成熟前把蓓蕾剪掉了。Helen: Oh. Thats not very nice.海伦:哦,那不是很好。William: Well, gardening is a tough game, Helen. You have to nip things in the bud sometimes. You also have to kill slugs and snails.威廉:嗯,海伦,园艺是件很难做的事。有时你必须要剪掉蓓蕾。你还必须要消灭蛞蝓和蜗牛。Helen: Eugh! Im glad I dont have a garden.海伦:啊!我真庆幸我没有花园。William: Bye!威廉:再见!Helen: Bye!海伦:再见! /201407/309930

a tongue-lashing 斥责、训斥When I was ten years old, mother caught me smoking a cigarette in the backyard. She gave me such a tongue-lashing that Ive never touched another cigarette all my life.我十岁的时候躲在后院抽香烟时给妈妈抓到了。她狠狠地训了我一顿,我一辈子再也没碰过香烟。 /201206/185533


  今天分享的这个词组是“dont get attached ”,意为“别套近乎,少跟我套近乎dont get connected ”.精台词:Caroline: I m Caroline, by the way.andyou re Max? 我叫Caroline顺便说下,你是Max吗?Max: Dont get attached !别套近乎!双语例句:Hey girl , have we met somewhere before ? 美女,咱们是不是再哪里见过呢?Dont get attached !别套近乎! Dont get attached to Susan ! 别和苏珊套近乎! 今天分享的这个词组是“bucket list ”,意为“遗愿清单A list of things to do before you die. ”.精台词:Well, I can cross that off my bucket list.恩,我现在可以把这条从我的遗愿清单上划除了。双语例句:Whats on your bucket list ? 你的遗愿清单上都有什么愿望吗?I shall add skydiving to my bucket list .我要把跳伞放进我的遗愿清单里! /201411/341787。

  当地时间4月30日,美国菲律宾举行了两国首次“2+2”高层磋商。在此次会议上,美国拒绝就黄岩岛问题站队,呼吁各方通过外交途径解决争端。请看《中国日报》的报道:The ed States said on Monday that it would not take sides in the Huangyan Island standoff between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea and reiterated support for a diplomatic resolution to the territorial dispute.美国于本周一表示,不会在中菲黄岩岛问题上站队,并重申希望通过外交途径解决领土争端。上述报道中的take sides就是我们平时常说的“站队”,即在有两方发生争议的时候表明自己持某一方。例如:Whatever you do, Ill take sides with you.(无论你做什么,我都会站在你这边。)这里的take sides in the Huangyan Island standoff则告诉我们,如果想表达“在某件事上站队”就可以用take sides in something来表示。在这个词组中,side也可以单独做动词用,表示“站在某一边”的意思,比如:She always sided with my brother.(她总是带在我哥哥那边。)或者Why do you always side against me ?(你为什么总站在我的对立面?) /201205/180351

  A:大家好! 我是王怡茹欢迎来到……B:欢迎来到美语训练班!我是Kat, 我来介绍一下节目内容。今天……A:Kat! Why did you steal my line? 你怎么抢我台词啊?B:Oops! 被你发现了。A:行吧,你要是愿意,就来介绍今天的节目吧!B:好! 今天,咱们要去健身, 买些有机食品,要去试试手气,还要告诉大家用美语怎么说“崩溃”。A:行啊 Kat, 介绍得不错!B:Thanks!A:不过在节目一开始,咱们先来学个词儿!Learn A Word #1445 powerhouse学个词 for 02/19/2012 YangL/Lin今天我们要学的词是powerhouse. Powerhouse is spelled p-o-w-e-r-h-o-u-s-e, powerhouse. Powerhouse 强大的集团或组织。本周中国国家副主席习近平访美。奥巴马提出了两国间贸易不平衡的问题 。Obama said that with Chinas rise as an economic powerhouse came a responsibility to ensure balanced trade flows. 奥巴马说,随着中国崛起为经济强国,中国有责任确保贸易流的平衡。Illinois remained an agriculture powerhouse in 2011. 2011年,伊利诺依州保持农业大州的地位。哈佛大学毕业生林书豪在NBA掀起了一场旋风。不过,Harvard is not a basketball powerhouse. 哈佛大学并不是篮球球星的高产地。好的,今天我们学习的词是powerhouse, powerhouse, powerhouse.B:See Yiru, you cant blame me for stealing your lines. Im just a radio powerhouse! I cant control myself when it comes to being an amazing host! Why are you so upset?A:我就是不喜欢老被人打断。 I have a friend who never lets me finish a sentence- shes always talking right over me.B:Ah, I understand. I could see how you would have a bit of a chip on your shoulder from always having someone cut you off.A:Chip on my shoulder? chip 不是指什么东西碎了,破了么?Kat, 她只不过是打断我的话而已,她可没把我打坏呀!B:Hahaha, thats not the kind of ;chip; were talking about here. Youll understand once you listen to this episode of Words and Idioms!Words and Idioms Chip on ones shoulder现在播送lt;美国习惯用语gt;第 956讲。我是杨琳。 /201207/191922Todd: Hey, Lois, why dont you have a plum!托德:嗨,洛伊丝,来个李子吃吧!Lois: Oh, thank you very much. Lovely!洛伊丝:哦,非常谢谢你。好吃!Todd: You like plums?托德:你喜欢吃李子?Lois: I love all fruits, but plums especially.洛伊丝:所有的水果我都爱吃,不过特别喜欢李子。Todd: Oh, there goes the water.托德:哦,它们富含水分。Lois: Its very juicy.洛伊丝:有很多果汁。Todd: It is juicy. How does it taste?托德:有很多果汁。味道怎么样?Lois: Mm, it tastes sweet, very refreshing.洛伊丝:嗯,是甜的,非常清新的味道。Todd: Mm, I love plums.托德:嗯,我喜欢李子。Lois: Yeah, me too.洛伊丝:我也喜欢。Todd: Guess how much this box cost?托德:你猜这盒李子要多少钱?Lois: Im thinking its probably quite expensive, so in yen, maybe 1,000 yen.洛伊丝:我想可能会非常贵,大概1000日元吧。Todd: Ah, yeah, pretty close. It cost 900 yen for 8 plums.托德:对,差不多。这8个李子就要900日元。Lois: Very expensive in Japan.洛伊丝:日本的价格真的很贵。Todd: I know its crazy. In America you can get this for like maybe 200 yen. Not even that, maybe 100 yen.托德:我知道,这很让人抓狂。在美国的话,这些大概200日元就能买到。可能都不用,100日元就能买到。Lois: In England its cheap but probably not as cheap as in America. I think maybe because we have to import everything. Its slightly more expensive.洛伊丝:在英国李子很便宜,不过不像美国那么便宜。我想,可能是因为我们所有的东西都要靠进口。所以会有些贵。Todd: Actually, thats a good question. What fruits do you grow in England?托德:实际上,这是个很好的问题。英国种植什么水果?Lois: Apples and Apples and maybe pears and...洛伊丝:苹果,可能还有梨……Todd: No coconuts?托德:没有椰子吗?Lois: No coconuts. No bananas. and maybe we grow plums. I dont know.洛伊丝:没有椰子。没有香蕉。可能我们种李子,我不清楚。Todd: It looks like a very English fruit.托德:那看上去像英国的代表水果。Lois: But definitely apples.洛伊丝:那绝对是苹果。Todd: Or strawberries?托德:或者草莓?Lois: Strawberries, oh yeah. Lots of strawberries and tomatoes but maybe theyre a vegetable some people say fruit. Some people say vegetable. But lots of tomatoes. And Im sure lots of other things but, I just know about apples.洛伊丝:草莓,对,没错。英国种植很多草莓和土豆,不过可能它们属于蔬菜,有些人说它们是水果,有些人说是蔬菜。不过英国种植大量的土豆。我确定还种植大量的其他作物,不过我只知道苹果。Todd: Whats your favorite fruit?托德:你最喜欢的水果是什么?Lois: My favorite fruit! I really like pineapples, and I also like strawberries. Strawberries and cream. Its one of my favorite desserts.洛伊丝:我最喜欢的水果!我非常喜欢菠萝,我还喜欢草莓。草莓奶油是我最喜欢的甜点之一。Todd: Yeah, so have you ever been to Wimbleton and had strawberries and cream?托德:嗯,你去温布登吃过草莓奶油吗?Lois: I havent. Id love to go. But strawberries and cream at Wimbleton are so expensive. I dont know how much but really, really expensive.洛伊丝:没有。我很想去。不过温布登的草莓奶油非常贵。我不清楚具体的价格,不过真的很贵。 /201312/270940






  Hoodie---------连帽卫衣大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。盼望着盼望着,北风来了,冬天的脚步近了。天气转冷,很多小伙伴呢会穿上连帽卫衣,比如小强君。那“连帽卫衣”用英语怎么说呢?那就是hoodie。当然呢,你也可以把它叫作hooded sweatshirt或者hoody。其实,这里的hood就是后面的那顶帽子!我们来听一下下面这段关于hoodie的介绍,可以学到很多哦!Hoodies often include a muff sewn onto the lower front, a hood, and (usually) a drawstring to adjust the hood opening, and may have a vertical zipper down the center similar to a windbreaker style jacket.我们来一句句地学习,它说Hoodies often include a muff sewn onto the lower front,连帽卫衣在前下位置经常缝有一个暖手筒,就是咱冬天可以两只手伸进去来暖手的东西,英语叫做muff。好,我们继续,a hood, and usually a drawstring to adjust the hood opening.这里的hood刚才说了,是帽子,而drawstring呢是“拉绳”,大家都很熟悉,咱可以用拉绳来调整hood opening,也就是帽口的大小。最后,Hoodies may have a vertical zipper down the center similar to a windbreaker style jacket. 说,连帽卫衣呢也可能在中间有垂直的拉链,就像风衣款夹克一样。这也是没错。好,这期我们学习了连帽卫衣的英语,那就是hoodie。它后面的帽子叫做hood,经常有drawstring“拉绳”来调整hood opening,帽口的大小。除此之外呢,在它正面靠下的位置可能还会有缝进去的muff,暖手筒。听起来萌萌哒棒棒哒!By the way, hoodies are my favorite clothes.连帽卫衣可是我最喜欢的。What about you?本期的小强英语就是这样,我们下期再见!获取更多英语资讯,请关注新浪微@小强英语,@小强爱英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201411/343971

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