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10. Discussing Test Results 10.讨论测试结果A: What brings you into my examination room today?A:你今天怎么进入我的检查室了?B: Im here because your receptionist told me I needed to come in to discuss my test results.B:因为你的接待员告诉我我需要进来讨论一下我的测试结果。A: Well, let me take a look at your file.A:好吧,让我看看你的文件。B: The receptionist made me nervous when she wouldnt tell me the results over the phone.B:接待员在电话里不告诉我结果让我感到很紧张。A: Legally she cant tell you the results.A:从法律上说她不能告诉你结果。B: So is it bad, doctor?B:那么糟糕吗,医生?A: Your cholesterol is a little high.A:你的胆固醇有些高。B: Does that mean Im going to die.B:那意味着我要死了吗?A: Lets not exaggerate.A:别太夸张。B; Im going to be okay?B:我还好吗?A: If you change your diet and exercise more, you will be fine.A:如果你改变你的饮食并且多锻炼,你会很好的。B: I will do whatever it takes to be healthy. B:我会做任何可以保持健康的事。 译文属仅供学习和交流使用,不得转载 /201601/420190have faith in 对...有信心,信念,信仰have no faith in 不信任I have faith in his ability to success.我相信他能够取得成功。Have faith in your judgement.要相信你的判断。A:I dont know if I can do this.我不知道我是否可以做这个。B:I have faith in you.我相信你。A:You do?是吗?B:Yeah,youre really hard-working.是的,你真的很努力。背景音乐:soulchef-endless summer更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号:SmethilyFM /201604/435611小咖实用英语口语 第135期:味道的英语 /201512/41377301. This website covers the latest celebrity gossip.这个网站报道最新的名人八卦。02. Its difficult to see him in public places.公众场合很难见到他。03. Don t be too gossipy.别太八卦。04. Its said that Madonna was previously married to US actor Sean Penn.据说麦当娜最早曾与美国影星肖恩·潘有过一段婚姻。05. Do you know that she has married to a film director?你知道她嫁给电影导演的事吗?06. Dont believe the gossip you heard from the paparazzi.不要相信从仔队那里昕来的八卦消息。07. You can find the latest celebrity gossip news from her.你可以从她那里打听到最新的名人八卦新闻。08. Actor Tom Cruise adopted two children during his marriage to Kidman.汤姆·克鲁斯与妻子基德曼曾领养了两个孩子。09. Faye Wong was named Asias sexiest vegetarian woman by the animal rights group PETA.王菲被善待动物组织PETA评为亚洲最性感素食艺人。10. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have been crowned ;Couple of the Year; by Us Weekly magazin.布拉德·皮特和安吉利娜·莱丽被《我们周刊》评为“年度模范情侣”。11. She is a newcomer.她刚刚出道不久。12. She was a fashion model before she entered entainment industry.她进军圈之前,曾是一名时装模特。13. Zhang Ziyi is the hottest film star in China.章子怡是中国最红的电影明星。14. Who is your favorite movie star?你最喜欢的电影明星是谁?15. When did he enter the entertain ment circles?他什么时候进的圈?16. These stories are all hypes.这也故事纯属炒作。17. I love ing entertainment news very much.我很喜欢读新闻。18. The news of their secret wedding began to make its way around the gossip circles.他们两人秘密结婚的消息迅速在八卦圈里散播开。19. Some entertainment reporters are fond of gossip.有些记者很八卦。20. Dont believe anything in the gossip magazme except its cover price.八卦杂志上唯一可信的就是它封面上的标价。 /201507/383367

01. Unable to login the account.无法登陆帐号。02. The password is incorrect.密码填写不正确。03. Sorry, this link has expired.该链接已过期。04. You must let ad timers expire before clicking on another!你必须等到前一个广告的等待时间过去,才能再点击下一个!05. Your account has been credited.你的所得已记人个人账户。06. Thank you for support, our sponsors!感谢你持,我们的赞助商。07. I am doing my business on the Internet.我自己在网上做生意。08. Having a website with a domain name will only cost a few dollars.申请一个有域名的网站只需要几美元。09. I hook up to the Internet everyday.我每天都在网上。10. Ive just added you to my contacts list.我已经把你加进了联系人名单。11. When I dont feel like talking to certain people online, I block them.如果我不想和某些人聊天,我就会把他们屏蔽。12. Jane will appear off-line whenever Paul is online.只要保罗一上线,珍妮就会显示为离线。13. We met in a chat room.我们是在聊天室里认识的。14. If you forget your password, you should remember your security question at the very least.如果你忘了密码,至少应该记住安全提示问题。15. Login for free.免费注册。16. Instant message is fast and inexpensive.即时消息既快捷又经济。17. SOHO is an ideal work style.SOHO是一种理想的工作模式。18. You can start your business on the Internet.你可以在因特网上做生意。19. As long as I have a computer and Internet access, I can start working.只要有台电脑能上网,我就可以工作。20. Ive rented a virtual office.我租了一间虚拟办公室。 /201508/392890

Todd: Hey, Marion, I like you outfit. Nice jeans and T-shirt.托德:嘿,马里昂,我喜欢你的衣。牛仔裤和T恤真漂亮。Marion: Oh, thank you.马里昂:哦,谢谢你。Todd: Where did you get it?托德:你是哪里买的?Marion: Actually, my T-shirt is a hand-me-down from a friend of mine whos leaving so she gave me some of her clothes.马里昂:实际上我的T恤是我朋友给我的二手衣,我朋友要离开了,所以她把她的一些衣给了我。Todd: Oh, really. Ah, OK. See, thats cool, like if I know the person who wore the shirt before, Ill wear it, but I will never go to a second hand clothing store or a used clothing store (Really) I think thats disgusting.托德:哦,是吗?这很酷,如果我知道以前穿这件衣的人是谁,我会穿这件衣,所以我从来不去二手装店或旧衣店(是吗),我觉得那很恶心。Marion: Why?马里昂:为什么?Todd: Well, I mean, you dont know who wore it before.托德:我的意思是,你不知道那些衣以前谁穿过。Marion: But theyre washed, Todd. You know!马里昂:可是托德,他们会清洗那些衣的。你知道的!Todd: Yeah, but, OK, first of all, what if the person who wore it was just the type or person you really hated. Theres something about the person that you just really didnt like, and then, now youre wearing that persons clothes. Doesnt that disgust you?托德:我知道,可是,首先来说,以前穿过那件衣的人可能就是你最讨厌的那种人。你真的非常不喜欢那个人的某些方面,可是现在你却穿着那个人穿过的衣。你不会觉得那很恶心吗?Marion: No, do think a persons personality rubs off on their clothes (No, but) and then it survives the wash cycle in your washing machine?马里昂:不,你是认为一个人的性格会传递到衣上吗?(不是,可是……)而且还会在你用洗衣机清洗后继续存在?Todd: OK. Right. Right. I see what youre saying, but Ill put it to you this way. Imagine that you work with somebody.托德:好吧。我明白你的意思了,我这样说吧。想象一下你和某个人一起工作。Marion: Yes.马里昂:好。Todd: Ok, at your job, is there somebody that you dont like.托德:你的工作环境中有没有你不喜欢的人?Marion: Yes.马里昂:有。Todd: OK, now imagine that theres a clothing bin and people can put clothes in there and you see a shirt and you like it, and youre just about to take it and someone says, thats that persons shirt. Would you still take it?托德:好。现在想象有一个衣物箱,人们可以把衣物放进去,你看到了一件喜欢的衬衫,你刚要去拿那件衣,就听到有人说那是那个你讨厌的人的衬衫。你还会拿吗?Marion: Mm, I probably wouldnt.马里昂:嗯,我可能不会拿了。Todd: Right. See. See.托德:你看吧,就是这样。Marion: Yeah, but only because I wouldnt want to feel like that person had done me a favor in some way. (Right) I wouldnt want to be beholden to that person if I dont like them.马里昂:嗯,这仅仅是因为我不想有那个讨厌的人以某种方式帮了我一个忙这种感觉。(对)如果我不喜欢那个人,那我就不想欠他的人情。Todd: Right. Yeah. I mean, I dont know. I guess its good to have second hand clothes if people dont have anything, you know for charity and things like that.托德:对。我也不清楚。我想如果有人什么都没有,那去慈善商店之类的地方买二手衣是不错的选择。Marion: Yeah. Well, actually, when I was in college, I didnt have very much money, so the only clothes I could buy were second-hand clothes so I actually really got to like going around the charity shops and finding clothes that I really liked, so nothing that was following the trends of the moment, but in college that really doesnt matter. I think its better to wear something if you feel comfortable in, and I think theres a real sense of achievement when you find something that youve wanted for God-knows-how-long, for example, I found a brown suede jacket one time in a charity shop, and I thought, ;Oh, my God. This is exactly the type of suede jacket that I have been longing for;, but I could never afford that jacket at full-price, even at half-price in a normal shop. I could never have had it, so actually most of my wardrobe at home is second hand clothes I would say, and I love it. I will go to a second hand clothes shop before a normal clothes shop any day. Its so much more fun.马里昂:对。实际上我上大学时没有什么钱,当时我唯一买得起的衣就是二手衣,所以我喜欢逛慈善商店,在那里买我喜欢的衣,当时完全没有追随潮流的想法,这在大学期间没什么问题。我认为穿衣舒更重要,找到一件你一直想找的衣会有一种成就感,举例来说,有一次我在一家慈善商店发现了一件棕色绒面夹克,当时我想:“哦,天哪。这就是我一直想要的那件绒面夹克”,可是我买不起普通商店原价卖的这种夹克,即使是半价促销我也买不起。我不可能买得起,所以实际上我家里衣柜里的大部分衣都是二手衣,但是我很喜欢。哪天我在逛普通装店时要先去趟二手装店,那会有很多乐趣的。Todd: Well, thats very interesting. You have fun shopping at those stores.托德:那真是非常有意思。你会在那些装店度过愉快时光的。Marion: I will.马里昂:我会的。 译文属 /201503/362770

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