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江西省吉安保仕柏丽医院开双眼皮手术多少钱吉安县激光治疗红血丝价格“And so with Magellan we’ve got the first chance, one of the first chances, ok, to really get a complete map and view of it.”The Venusian landscape has a desert-like appearance, but it’s a good deal hotter than any desert on earth.“On Venus it’s about 500 degrees centigrade, due to that green house effects. So it’s far too hot for life to exist. In fact we think that that green house has existed for a very, very long time, so that even if we could get samples back on Venus, we don’t think we’d find any fossil evidence of life. Here on earth, there was abundant water and that’s where life began.”Temperatures and pressures on parts of our own ocean floor are similar to those on Venus, not especially hospitable, in fact, downright hostile. Yet even in these conditions where there is no oxygen, life flourishes around smoking, hydrothermal vents. All over the earth, there are amazing examples of life surviving even thriving in harsh environments. These hardy life forms on earth add power to the argument that life may once have existed, may still exist, in forbidding environments elsewhere in the solar system. The first humans to land on Mars may yet discover the imprint of life.“We don’t know that life originated on earth. It could have come here from elsewhere in a meteorite or comet or something. Now from time to time, asteroids and comets hit Mars and splash Martian material around the solar system. And we know that some of this material comes to earth because there are about a dozen meteorites that have been identified that come from Mars. One of these meteorites could have brought life here to earth.”This is no ordinary rock. It was found on earth but it came from Mars, one of at least a dozen alien rocks from the Red Planet. 13,000 years ago a rock fell to earth. In 1984, it was found in Antarctica, at a place called Alan Hills. For over a decade, this Mars meteorite stayed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It had been mistaken for a piece of the moon. But in 1996, NASA scientists took a second look. Inside the meteorite, there appeared to be microscopic fossils, possible signs of life. The meteorite made front-page news around the world. But the initial euphoria was replaced by doubt when the evidence proved to be inconclusive.“The Alan Hills Meteorite is a very important find. It, the things that we do know for sure is that this meteorite is very old. It’s one of the oldest objects in the solar system. It had fractures that were filled with carbonates precipitated from environments, perhaps not unlike this one. I mean we think perhaps they were hydrothermal.”Even if the Alan Hills Meteorite shows evidence of possible microscopic fossils, this is still not proof of life on Mars.“So really, where we rest on the Alan Hills Meteorite is that it’s an important find but not indicative of biology.” “What a time to be alive! In the last year we’ve discovered planets around nearby stars, and today….” NASA Administrator Dan Golden.words in this passage: abundant: more than enough 丰富的, 充裕的downright: (especially of something bad) extremely or very great 完全地;彻头彻尾地hydrothermal:热水的, 热液的forbidding:unfriendly and likely to be unpleasant or harmful:可怕的, 令人难亲近的meteorite : a piece of rock or other matter from space that has landed on Earth 陨星asteroids: one of many rocky objects, varying in width from over 900 kilometres to less than one kilometre, which circle the sun 小行星front-page : describes information that is so important that it deserves to be printed on the front page of a newspaper:重要的, 轰动的euphoria: extreme happiness, sometimes more than is reasonable in a particular situation:兴高采烈precipitate: If a liquid precipitates, substances in it become solid and separate from the liquid:沉淀;(空气中水汽)凝结200808/46407吉安妊辰斑多少钱 Rice Urges Arab States to Boost Ties With Baghdad赖斯促阿拉伯国家加强伊拉克关系 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she will push Iraq's Arab neighbors to boost diplomatic relations and other ties with Baghdad as a counter-weight to Iranian influence. Rice leaves Saturday on a mission to the Gulf including an Iraq neighbors conference in Kuwait. 美国国务卿赖斯说,她将呼吁伊拉克的阿拉伯邻国同巴格达加强外交关系和其他联系,抗衡伊朗的影响。赖斯星期六将启程前往海湾国家,包括参加伊拉克几个邻国在科威特的会议。 The ed States has welcomed the stated commitments of key Gulf allies including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to set up embassies in Baghdad. But Rice is signaling impatience with a lack of action on such promises, and is making clear her intention to press the matter at the Kuwait conference. 美国对主要的海湾盟国,包括沙特阿拉伯和巴林发出的准备在巴格达设立使馆的承诺表示欢迎。但是,赖斯国务卿则对这个许诺之后不见行动的作法表示不耐烦,她明确表示要在科威特会议上在这个事情上施压。In a talk with reporters, Rice said security conditions in Iraq have vastly improved since the Bush administration began pressing the issue of Arab ties with Baghdad months ago.  赖斯对记者说,布什政府几个月前开始推动阿拉伯国家加强同巴格达的联系之后,伊拉克的安全局势大有改善。She said while Arab states need not match the U.S. diplomatic commitment to Iraq as evidenced by the new 0 million American embassy in Baghdad, they should be represented into order to as she put it "confirm and work for Iraq's Arab identity" in the face of Iranian influence.  赖斯说,尽管阿拉伯国家不必和美国一样,在巴格达建造一座价值7亿美元的大使馆,以此作为对伊拉克的外交承诺的见,但是他们应该将承诺逐渐体现出来,面对伊朗的影响,阿拉伯国家要实伊拉克的阿拉伯特性,并为此工作。"Iraq should be fully reincorporated into the Arab world," Rice said. "It think that in and of itself will begin to shield from influences of Iran that are nefarious influences. Iran is a neighbor. It's going to have influence. But Iraq is first and foremost an Arab state. It's a state in which Iraqi nationalism is very strong, and the neighbors ought to be reinforcing that." 赖斯说:“伊拉克应该全面融入阿拉伯世界。我认为它自己应该开始抵制来自伊朗的影响,这是一种邪恶的影响。伊朗是伊拉克的邻国,必然会有影响。但是伊拉克首先是一个阿拉伯国家。这是一个伊拉克民族主义非常强烈的国家,这些邻国应该强化这一点。”Iran will be represented at the Kuwait ministerial though Rice said she has no plans for any direct contact with the Iranian delegation. 伊朗将参加在科威特举行的部长级会议,不过赖斯说她没有和伊朗代表团直接接触的计划。She said Iran must end what she termed "malign actions" that undermine the Baghdad government, and said ultimately the stability and success of Iraq is in the interests of all of its neighbors including Tehran.  她说,伊朗必须结束她所称的“恶意的行动”,停止削弱巴格达政府。赖斯说,伊拉克的稳定和成功最终符合所有邻国、包括德黑兰的利益。Rice said the stress on Iranian meddling by senior U.S. figures including Iraq military commander General David Petraeus does not mean the threat from Sunni insurgents in Iraq has disappeared. But she said the position of groups like al-Qaida in Iraq has been significantly weakened:"The context for al-Qaida and the Sunni insurgents, to the degree that they continue to operate is a far less hospitable context, in which their base of operations, Anbar [province], is overwhelmingly controlled-cities like Ramadi and Faluja - by legitimate Iraqi authorities," Rice said. "And the rebuilding of those cities gives reason to the people of those provincial cities to continue to support the government." Rice said Iraqis are turning security gains into political progress, and she suggested that no other country in the Middle East is doing a better job of trying to peacefully reconcile its Sunni and Shiite Muslim communities. 200804/35464吉安市中心人民医院激光去痘多少钱

吉安纹眼线手术多少钱confound ———— 使……混乱(及物动词)英文释义 (transitive verb) To confuse, surprise, and thwart someone, usually preventing progress or success.例句 The narrow, winding streets of the strange city confounded the visitor, and he soon became completely lost.这座陌生城市的狭窄曲折的街道让这位游客感到糊涂,很快就迷了路。 /201606/446435吉安激光脱毛哪家医院好 Afghanistan's top intelligence officer is rejecting a U.S. estimate that only 30 percent of the country is under the control of the central government in Kabul. Amrullah Saleh suggested U.S. officials misunderstand Afghanistan's traditional governing system using local tribes. 阿富汗高级情报官员否认了美国估算的阿富汗中央政府仅仅控制阿富汗30%的地区的说法。阿富汗情报局局长萨利赫认为,美国官员们误解了阿富汗使用地方部落来进行管理的传统管理制度。Last week, U.S. Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell said most of Afghanistan is controlled by local tribes, about 10 percent is controlled by Taliban fighters and less than one third of the territory is controlled by President Hamid Karzai's government.  美国国家情报总监麦康奈尔上星期说,阿富汗的大部分地区被地方部落控制,塔利班战士控制了大约10%的地区,而阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊领导的政府仅仅控制了不到三分之一的地区。On Monday in Kabul, Afghanistan's intelligence chief dismissed the claim. 阿富汗情报局局长萨利赫星期一在喀布尔否认了这一说法。He said the percentage in that statement was totally baseless.  他说,美国发表的这份声明中的数据是完全没有根据的。Amrulleh Saleh said that eight of the country's 364 districts, which account for about five percent of the land and two percent of Afghanistan's population, are outside central government control.  萨利赫说,在阿富汗的364个地区中,有8个地区不受阿富汗中央政府的控制,这8个地区大约占阿富汗土地面积的5%,占阿富汗总人口的2%。During a news conference in Kabul, he blamed the widely divergent estimates on U.S. officials misunderstanding how Afghanistan's traditional tribal governing system functions.  在喀布尔召开的一次新闻发布会上,萨利赫批评美国官员由于误解了阿富汗传统的部落统治制度的运作方式,以致其估算产生了大幅度的偏差。"While in America, an administration fully backed by tribal chiefs or dominated by tribal chiefs may be seen as a liability," said Saleh. "But here we see it as a very strong asset." 他说:“在美国,由部落领袖持或控制的政府可能被看作是一种负担,但是在阿富汗,我们把它看作是一种非常强大的资产。” But there are questions about how loyal these local tribal leaders are to carrying out the agenda of the Karzai government.  不过,至于这些地方部落领袖在执行阿富汗政府的计划方面有多么忠诚,这还是个疑问。London-based Paul Burton is a policy analyst with the Senlis Council, a research organization studying drug and security issues in Afghanistan. He says the loyalty of local tribal leaders to the central government depends in a large part on Kabul's ability to deliver benefits to them.  居住在伦敦的伯顿是森利斯委员会的政策分析人士。森利斯委员会是研究阿富汗毒品与安全问题的研究机构。他说,地方部落领袖对阿富汗中央政府的忠诚度很大程度上取决于喀布尔方面能否给他们提供一些好处。 In southern Afghanistan, Burton says the central government struggles to provide even basic services.  伯顿说,在阿富汗南部,阿富汗中央政府甚至还不能提供基本的务项目。"We document, on a regular basis, an appalling lack of aid going to core infrastructure such as hospitals - in Kandahar for example," he said. "So within that context I think it is impossible for local tribal leaders to feel a great degree of warmth toward the center when they are seeing their people ravished and impoverished." 他说:“比如在坎大哈,我们的记录显示,像医院等一些重点机构经常面临救援物资的短缺。因此我认为,在这种情况下,当地方部落领袖们看到他们的人民生活在耻辱和贫穷中时,他们不可能会对中央政府产生极大的热情。”Burton says the security situation in parts of the country has severely impeded efforts to develop government infrastructure.  伯顿说,阿富汗部分地区的安全状况严重地阻碍了在改善政府机构方面所作的努力。Last year Afghanistan experienced the most intense fighting since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. News agencies have estimated that more than 6,000 people, most of whom were militants, were killed in the fighting in 2007. Burton says there is evidence that some families are simultaneously backing Taliban and Afghan army (ANA) and police forces (ANP), merely because they are unsure who will prevail in the struggle for control.  伯顿说,有据表明,一些阿富汗家庭同时持塔利班组织、阿富汗国民军和阿富汗国民警察,他们这样做仅仅是因为他们不确定哪一方会获得得控制权。"We have evidence to suggest that people are putting one fund into the Taliban and another fund into the ANA and another into the ANP," he said. "They are hedging their bets - they are seeing which side is going to win - purely driven from a sense of desperation." 他说:“我们有据明,人们投一部分资金给塔利班组织,投一部分资金给阿富汗国民军,再投另一部分资金给阿富汗国民警察。他们在保护他们的赌注,他们仅仅是在用一种绝望的心理来猜测哪一方将会获胜。” One important indicator of the strength of the U.S.-backed Karzai government has been its ability, or inability, to curb opium-poppy cultivation. This week, the U.S. State Department reported that narcotics production in the country hit historic highs in 2007 for the second straight year.  衡量美国持的阿富汗政府的力量的一个重要指标是它能否有能力抑制鸦片原料罂粟的种植。美国国务院本星期发表的报告说,阿富汗2007年的毒品生产量已经连续第二年创下历史高峰。U.S. analysts said the estimated billion in illicit opium accounted for more than a third of Afghanistan's gross domestic product. 美国分析人士说,据估计,违法的鸦片交易带来的40亿美元的收入占阿富汗国民生产总值的三分之一以上。200803/28572吉安割双眼皮价格

吉安激光祛斑多少钱Nigeria's Top Lawmaker Fears Niger Delta Crisis May Escalate尼日利亚议长担心暴力危机升级The head of Nigeria's House of Representatives has warned that spiraling violence in the oil-rich Niger Delta is now a major national security threat. The warning came hours after gunmen abducted eight oil workers in three separate incidents on Friday. The most prominent armed group in the region has vowed new attacks to prove it did not receive protection money from the government. 尼日利亚众议院议长警告说,在盛产石油的尼日尔三角洲不断恶化的暴力问题已经对尼日利亚国家安全构成重大威胁。在他发出上述警告几个小时以前,武装分子星期五在三起事件中绑架了8名石油工人。该地区势力最大的武装组织宣布要发动新的袭击,以明该组织没有从政府那里得到保护费。Nigeria, the world's eighth largest oil exporter, is aly suffering huge losses because of violence in the oil producing region. 尼日利亚是世界第8大原油出口国,但是在产油区发生的暴力袭击使尼日利亚遭受巨大损失。Friday's attacks were the latest in the Niger Delta, the home of Africa 's biggest oil industry, which has become notorious for kidnappings and raids on oil sites since militants launched a campaign of sabotage two year ago. 星期五,在尼日尔三角洲又发生了几起袭击。尼日尔三角洲是非洲最大的石油基地,但是自从激进分子两年前开始发动各种破坏行动以来,那里不断发生绑架和对石油设施的袭击。Thousands of foreign workers have left since 2006 as violence has spiraled, and some industry executives see the situation descending further into anarchy. 自从暴力袭击在2006年恶化以来,已经有数以千计的外国工人离开了尼日尔三角洲。一些石油公司管理者认为,这里的局势会进一步滑入无政府主义的深渊。Nigeria's parliament Speaker Dimeji Bankole says the crisis is out of control and requires external intervention. 尼日利亚众议院议长班科莱说,目前的危机已经失控,需要外部干预。"If care is not taken, it will begin to move out of the Niger Delta and consume the whole nation," he said. "And it is not rocket science to figure that out. This is no longer a Niger Delta problem, nor a Nigerian problem but a global problem." 他说:“我们每个人都很清楚尼日尔三角洲目前的问题,这些问题影响着尼日利亚的每个家庭。如果不谨慎处理,问题就会蔓延到尼日尔三角洲以外,吞噬整个国家。这种局面并不难想象。这已经不再是尼日尔三角洲的问题,也不是尼日利亚的问题了,而是全球性问题。”More than 200 foreigners have been seized in the Niger Delta since early 2006. Almost all have been released unharmed. Armed men kidnapped two Germans working for a construction firm near Port Harcourt, the main city in the Niger Delta, two weeks ago. 自从2006年初以来,已经有200多名外国人在尼日尔三角洲遭到绑架。几乎所有人质都不受伤害地获释。两周以前,武装分子在尼日尔三角洲主要城市哈科特港附近绑架了为一家建筑公司工作的两名德国人。Several foreign firms, including French tire company Michelin and oil servicing firm Wilbros, have left the region because of security problems. 包括法国轮胎公司米其林和石油务公司威尔布罗斯在内的几家外国公司已经因为安全问题而离开尼日尔三角洲。Relations and friends of prominent Nigerians have also been targeted by gangs seeking ransom money. 尼日利亚著名人士的亲友也成了帮派组织绑架和索取赎金的目标。Violence in the Delta, a wetlands region, is rooted in poverty, corruption and lawlessness. Most inhabitants have seen few benefits from five decades of oil extraction that has damaged their environment. 尼日尔三角洲暴力问题的根源是贫穷、腐败和不法状态。50年的石油开采破坏了当地的自然环境,但是大部分居民没有从石油中获益。The year-old administration of President Umaru YarAdua has repeatedly promised to address the root causes of the unrest. 刚刚成立一年的亚拉杜瓦总统的政府一再承诺要解决产生暴力的根源。But there is widesp skepticism over the government's handling of the problem and concerns about the future. 但是许多人质疑政府处理这一问题的方法,而且对未来感到忧虑。None of the many militant organizations in the Niger Delta has claimed responsibility for the latest abductions. 尼日尔三角洲有许多激进组织,不过还没有任何组织宣布对星期五发生的绑架事件负责。200807/44901 永丰县治疗疤痕多少钱吉安去红血丝



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