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遂川县曼托丰胸的价格吉安哪家医院治疗疤痕技术好THE reanimation of Americarsquo;s housing market has been a long time coming. Residential building last contributed positively to growth in 2005. Housing-construction employment has dropped 43% since then. Government efforts to resuscitate the market have flopped. Yet tantalising signs of a durable recovery are emerging at last. The National Association of Home Buildersrsquo; index of builder confidence rose for a fifth consecutive month in February, to its highest level since May 2007 (see chart). Sales of previously-owned homes rose 4.3% from December to January. The housing overhang is receding. The number of homes for sale dropped 21% in the year to January, to just over six months of supply;a ;normal; level.美国翘首以盼房屋市场复苏等得脖子都长了。房屋市场把最后的一点力量贡献给了2005年的经济增长,随后,房屋建造业的就业率就下降了43%。政府在拯救房屋市场的努力也懈怠了,好在耐用品市场最终显示出好转迹象。2月份房屋建造业协会的建设者信心指数迎来连续第5个月增长,达到了2007年5月份以来的最高水平(见图表)。1月份二手房销售比去年12月份上涨了4.3%,未售房产库存量也有所下降。今年1月份,待售房屋数量下降21%稍稍多于半年的房屋供应量;;一个;正常;水平。The recovery is an odd one by American standards, centred on the rental market. Though house prices sank 4% in 2011, rents posted a 2.4% increase, thanks to tumbling vacancy rates. Tight conditions are a side-effect of the housing bust. Construction hit a record low in 2011, surpassing a 2010 performance which itself displaced rsquo;s. The pressure from Americarsquo;s growing population is now showing. Builders are responding. The number of new building permits jumped 19% in the year to January. Approvals for buildings with five or more units, which are favoured by renters, soared by 61%.这一主要在房屋租赁市场的复苏现象以美国标准来看是比较奇怪的。虽然房价在2011年减少了4%,房屋租金却因为缩水的房屋闲置率涨了2.4%。房市泡沫的一个副作用就是用地紧张。房屋建造业自年成绩一路下滑,最后在2011年跌入谷底。美国人口增长的压力现在开始显现出来,施工人员回应道。今年1月份新房建造许可的数量上升19%。深受承租人青睐的有5个或更多单间的房屋建造许可数量一下蹿了61%。Meanwhile, adults who sheltered with friends or family during the recession are striking out on their own. A Goldman Sachs analysis reckons that growth in new households has been some 50% short of trend since the recession began, with over half of the shortfall coming from those aged 18-34. Goldman reckons the worst is over, and that the young should soon add to new housing demand.与此同时,在大萧条时期和家人或朋友一起住的人也开始搬出去自己住。高盛投资的一位分析师称,在大萧条时期开始后新家庭的增长速度下降了有一半,这50%中有超过一半是18-34岁之间的年轻人造成的。高盛称低潮已经过去,那些年轻人马上就有购买新房的需求了。Those rising rents make buying a bargain: as attractive as it has been for three decades, according to the National Association of Realtorsrsquo; index of housing affordability. Stocks of homes for sale are falling as investors snap up and convert vacant homes for renting out. Were it practical, mused Warren Buffett recently, he would buy up ;a couple of hundred thousand; homes.据国家房产经纪人协会的住房购买力指数显示,租金的上涨让购买新房相对便宜:可以说是30年来魅力不减。由于投资商抢购空房并转手出租,待售房库存量下降。最近沃伦bull;巴菲特思考道,这样做是否有效,因为他要把数十万的空房都买下来。Yet despite this good news, housing finance is frail as ever. Lending rose in the fourth quarter of 2011, but stuck at the lowest level since 2000 for the year as a whole. The market is still working off sickly loans. New delinquencies are down sharply from 2008, yet more than 0 billion in home loans became delinquent in the fourth quarter of last year. More trouble lies ahead. Over 10m borrowers owe more than the value of their home. Banks are wary of new mortgages;and losses;while prices are falling. The Federal Reserversquo;s Senior Loan Officer Survey suggests that lending standards remain higher than at the height of the recession.不过,撇开这个好消息,住房信贷依旧虚弱如前。虽说房屋贷款在2011年第四季度上涨,但以全年整体水平来看,却是自2000年以来的最低水平。更多的麻烦还在前面等着呢。超过1千万名贷款买房者欠下的债比他们的房子的资产还要多。在房价走低的时候,对新按揭;;和损失处理得小心翼翼。美联储高级信贷人员调查显示,借贷标准比大萧条时期达到的高点还要高。Washington remains behind the curve. Fearing for its finances, the Federal Housing Administration is increasing fees on mortgages it insures, which account for roughly a third of all new bank loans. A typical borrowerrsquo;s loan costs may rise by just a month, yet American Banker, a financial-services daily, suggests the rise could cut lending by billions of dollars. The Federal Housing Finance Agency is moving only slowly to pack foreclosed-on homes into bunches to be sold to investors for renting out. Thanks to those renters, the worst may be over. But it will be years before the mortgage market fully recovers.美国政府还没有跟上形势。因为担心现在的财政状况,联邦住房抬高了担保按揭贷款的费用,大约占新的贷款的三分之一。一个典型的贷款者每月需要还的房贷可能会上涨5美元,不过,金融类日报《美国家》称,还贷量增加可缩减数十亿美元的借贷。联邦住房金融署磨磨蹭蹭地把止赎房屋收回并卖给投资商,让他们转租出去。多亏那些租房者,最困难的坎儿似乎度过去了,但是想让按揭市场完全好转过来还需要很长时间。201203/173553吉安保仕柏丽整形光子脱毛多少钱 吉安保仕柏丽医院治疗疤痕多少钱

吉安妇保医院激光去红血丝多少钱吉安激光去眼袋多少钱 Business The economics of Groupon The dismal scoop on Groupon商业 团购网的经济学 团购网站惨淡的独家新闻A micro-economist assesses Groupon微观经济学家评估团购网站GrouponON OCTOBER 24th Groupon says it will start its ;roadshow;.Groupon声称将于10月24日开始;路演;。The social-media sensation, which offers online coupons for bargains at local shops and restaurants, is planning an initial public offering later this year.这个曾一时轰动的社交媒体,提供当地商店和餐馆特价商品的在线优惠券,计划今年晚些时候进行首次公开招股(IPO)。Valuations as high as billion were until recently bandied around, but that now seems wildly optimistic.直到最近才有消息称该公司市值高达200亿美元,但是现在看起来有点过于乐观,Groupon will lose 0m on revenues of .69 billion in 2011, predicts Benchmark, a consultancy. That is an ocean of red ink.邦仕马克(Benchmark)咨询公司预测Groupon公司2011将亏损2.8亿美元,年收入为16.9亿美元。这是巨大的亏损。Groupon started with a nifty idea. Its website offered a ;daily deal; whereby consumers could buy a product or service very cheaply if a minimum number of people signed up.Groupon公司源于一个奇妙的想法。该网站提供一个;每日交易;,如果购买的人数达到最低要求,那么消费者可以非常便宜地购买一件商品或一项务。People would nag their friends to come to the same bar or shop. The merchant would get new customers. Groupon would take a cut.人们就会要求他们的朋友去相同的酒吧或商店,商店就会有新的消费者,Groupon也从中分一杯羹。For merchants, this model has big advantages.这种模式对于商店来说有巨大的优势。They are advertised on Groupons phenomenally popular website. This is especially useful for new businesses that no one has heard of.他们在Groupon表面上受到大众欢迎的网站上刊登广告,这对无人知晓的新商业来说特别有用。Groupon helps merchants manage capacity, too.Groupon公司也帮助商家控制数量。For example, a restaurant might sell vouchers that are redeemable only on Tuesdays, thus filling tables on a quiet night.比方说,某餐馆出售的抵用券只能在星期二使用,这样就能使原本生意冷清的周二晚上爆满。Or a Pilates studio might use vouchers to manage class sizes.或者某个普拉提健身房通过使用抵用券控制课程人数多少。Once a client has paid for the voucher, the studio collects the fee even if she is hung-over and doesnt turn up.一旦客户付抵用券,即使客户延迟且不来参加普拉提课程,健身房也会收到这笔费用。Groupon also allows merchants to charge different people different prices for the same product.Groupon同样允许商家在出售同样商品时,对不同客户收取不同的费用。A student might buy theatre tickets on Groupon for half price. A businessman with no time to shop around online might buy the same tickets for full price.学生可以在Groupon网站上以半价购买电影票,而没有时间在网上闲逛的商务人士可能以全价购买相同的电影票。Without Groupon, it is harder for the theatre to find out what people are willing to pay.如果没有Groupon的话,电影院很难发现什么样的人原意付。It could charge both punters full price, in which case the student may stay at home.如果都是收取全价的话,那么学生就会待在家里不去看电影了;Or it could charge both the lower price, in which case it makes less money.如果都是收取半价的话,那样电影院赚的就少了。Groupon created a new market.Groupon创造了一个新的市场。This is a boon to consumers, but confers no lasting ;first-mover; advantage on Groupon.这对消费者来说是福利,但是对于Groupon来说并没有持续;先发制人;的优势。Its business model is unpatentable and simple to replicate, so there are aly more than 20 copycats.Groupon的商业模式没有获得专利,而且模仿起来很简单,因此已经出现超过20个模范者。Groupon aspires to be global, but the markets it serves are intensely local.Groupon渴望全球化,但是它务的市场却非常本地化。Internet selling is best suited to ;experience goods;.网络营销最适合;已经体验过的商品;。These are goods and services the quality of which you cannot judge until you experience them, such as haircuts and Thai meals, so there is no advantage in having a bricks-and-mortar shop for people to browse in. (In North America 83% of Groupons deals fall into this category.)这些商品和务的质量只有在你购买之后你才能判断,比如理发、泰国食物,因此,如果网站上供人浏览的只有传统实体企业,那么毫无优势可言(Groupon在北美83%的交易都是这些类别)。The trouble with experience goods is that generally you cannot separate manufacture from delivery: you cannot cook a meal in Guangzhou and eat it in New York.大家体验过的商品存在一个问题,那就是通常你无法将生产与运输分开:你不可能在广州烹调,然后在纽约享用。So for Groupon, each city is a separate market. (Big ones, such as London, are subdivided into regions.)因此,对于Groupon来说,每个城市都是一个独立的市场(诸如伦敦这样的大城市又划分为区域)。In each neighbourhood, it must vie with copycats to sign up merchants. Its marketing costs are expected to be a painful 8m this year. This is why it loses money.在每个街区,Groupon都要与模仿者竞争登记商家。Groupon的营销成本将会达到9.58亿美元,这正是其亏本的原因。A final woe: the Groupon model is open to abuse.最后的悲哀就是,这种模式公开被滥用。Nicole Peters, an avid online shopper, describes how she bought a massage via one of Groupons rivals.网上购物狂妮可?彼得斯(Nicole Peters)描述她是如何从Groupon竞争对手哪里购买一项务的。The day before the appointment, the massage firm e-mailed her to say it had gone bust.在预约日的前一天,公司发邮件给她说公司破产了。Ms Peters also bought a voucher for several pairs of mens underpants. When she logged onto the suppliers website, there were only huge pairs or bright pink ones available.彼得斯女士还购买了几条男士内裤的兑换券,当她登录供应商的网站时,只有大号的裤子和明亮粉红的裤子。She says she will never shop this way again.她说,她以后再也不会通过这种方式购物了。Groupons webpage includes a guide to avoiding arguments with merchants, which suggests such tiffs are common.Groupon的网页中包括如何避免与商家扯皮的指南,这就意味着这样的口角事件很常见。In short, Groupon is still the king of online discounts.总之,Groupon仍然是网购折扣的领军者。But with so many pretenders around, it may be unwise to pay a premium for its shares.但是随着模仿者的异军突起,为了购买其股票而付佣金就显得不明智了。On October 19th the firm was reportedly considering scaling back its IPO.据报道,10月19日,Groupon考虑相应缩减首次公开募股的规模。 /201212/216129吉水县去眼角纹多少钱

吉安双眼皮医院哪家好A MAN walks into a conference room at the W hotel in downtown Austin. The setting, sleek and hushed, says business. The trainers;red, puffy, and paired with a sports coat;add a wink: new business.一名男士步入了奥斯汀市中心W酒店的会议室。那里的环境井然有序且安静,一派职场气象。但是男士脚穿的红色蓬松运动鞋和身上的运动外套却在这派气象上加上了一种特殊意味:新型商务。;There are crazy awesome start-ups happening in every nook and cranny in this country,; says Scott Case, the man in question. He is the boss of the non-profit Start-up America Partnership, which means to help fledgling entrepreneurs by smoothing their access to private-sector money and mentoring. The idea is that as these young companies grow, they will create jobs;new jobs, good jobs;and related economic activity that enriches the entire community. Some of the start-ups may even be ;gazelles;, companies that grow by leaps and bounds.;在这个国度的每个角落里,每个缝隙间,都蕴藏着疯狂惊人的新建公司创业事迹。;斯科特凯斯说道。他是非盈利性新创企业美国合伙人公司的老板,这意味着他帮助刚刚起步的企业家们融通私营企业资金,并进行相关指导。(其中的)理念在于,当这些年轻的公司逐步成长,它们将提供许多工作(新工作岗位,好工作岗位)以及丰富整个社会的相关经济活动。新创公司中有一些甚至成了;羚羊;,这些公司的成长是跨越式的。Last year the Kauffman Foundation, a think-tank focused on entrepreneurship (and which provided initial funding for Mr Casersquo;s partnership), released a report explaining that new firms typically create about 3m jobs in America each year. Between 1980 and 2005 they contributed some 40m net new jobs;as many as the countryrsquo;s entire private sector managed over that time.去年,一家专注于创业的智囊机构;考夫曼基金会(最初是它提供给凯斯先生合伙人公司的初始资金);发布了一份报告宣称,新公司一般地为美国每年创造提供了300万的岗位工作。1980年至2005年间,这些新创公司提供了将近4000万新的岗位,与当时的美国全部私有部门管理的职位数一样多。So people are keen to help. Barack Obama announced a start-up initiative at the beginning of last year, and last month he renewed the call. Congress is considering a bipartisan Start-up Act that could provide some tax credits, regulatory exemptions, and so on. Regional economic development groups have taken up the idea of economic ;gardening;. The philosophy there is that regions should focus on core strengths and home-grown businesses, rather than squabbling with their neighbours in an effort to win a new car plant.如此而来,人们都热衷于援助新创企业。巴拉克bull;奥巴马去年年初公布了一项新创公司动员计划,并于上个月修改了该项提议。美国国会正考虑一项两党新创公司法案,该法案可以提供一些税务减免和日常减免等等。区域经济发展团已经采纳了该理念,即经济型;园林管理;。这个层面上体现出的哲理是,地方上应当聚焦(自己的)核心竞争力以及土生土长原汁原味的生意,而不是和他们的邻里们为了争一个新汽车工厂而喋喋不休。This is mostly sensible. Many of the proposals mooted for start-ups;expanding the number of visas for highly skilled immigrants, for example;are generally sound. And some start-ups do turn out to be gazelles. Next month, for example, will mark five years since Twitter came to national attention at SXSW, Austinrsquo;s annual internet festival.这大致是明智的。很多的建议书提出了对新创公司的讨论,例如扩大高技能移民们的签数量,一般来说都很不错。确实一些新创公司转变成为了;羚羊;。例如,下个月将标志着Twitter公司在奥斯汀年度网络盛会;;西南偏南节上成为国民聚焦企业的五周年纪念日。Still, there is cause for caution. For one thing, there is some ambiguity over what sort of companies the policymakers are trying to promote. Mr Obama talks about ;start-ups and small businesses;. Private-sector people, however, seem to have less interest in the latter. They would rather live in Silicon Valley than on Main Street. But high-tech concepts are not the only viable business ideas. The Austin metro area, for example, is home to just two Fortune 500 companies, Dell and Whole Foods; both, oddly, were founded in the early 1980s by dropouts from the local university.然而,还是需要小心谨慎。一方面来说,政策制定者们尝试促进的那类公司仍有点含糊不清。奥巴马先生高谈;新创企业和小生意;。然而,私营企业业主他们更关注硅谷的高科产业,而对小型普通商业不太感兴趣。但是,高科技理念不是唯一的可行商业理念。比如,奥斯汀地铁站区域是财富五百强中两大骄子Dell(戴尔)和Whole Foods(全食公司)的家乡,奇怪的是,二者都是当地大学退学学生在1980年早期办起来的。Another issue is that the effects of start-ups on employment may be modest. Perhaps as a result of the recession, the number of new companies that actually employ people is declining. The cohort of companies born in , according to Kauffman, created only 2.3 million jobs.另一个问题在于新创公司的影响力对于雇佣员工来说不是很大。也许由于经济不景气的原因,新公司实际上雇佣的人数正在下降。据考夫曼基金会的报道,年诞生的一群公司仅仅提供了230万工作岗位。Last month the White House invited Mike Krieger, the co-founder of Instagram, to attend the state-of-the-union message to show off Americarsquo;s fastest-growing social mobile start-up. ;What began as a small, two-person start-up working out of a pier in San Francisco has grown to a dozen employees,; Mr Krieger wrote. Even the bigger companies may not be labour-intensive. There is a danger that start-up jobs will be the next variant of ;green jobs;: worthwhile, but slightly overhyped.上个月,白宫邀请了Instagram公司的联合创始人Mike Krieger参加国情咨文,炫耀着美国增长速度最快的手机行业新创公司。 Krieger 先生写道:;刚开始,一个在旧金山码头运营的两人合伙小公司,逐渐变成了十几个员工的公司。;虽然比这更大的公司都可能不是劳动密集型企业的。潜在的危机在于,新创公司提供的工作岗位将成为下一个变质的;绿色工作;:很值,但稍稍有点浮夸了。201203/173251 Before MP3s and other forms of digitized music there were CDs. Before CDs came vinyl records. And before vinyl?在MP3和其它形式的数字音乐盛行之前,CD已经出现。在CD出现之前有黑胶唱片,那么在黑胶唱片之前有什么呢?Most of us are not nearly old enough to remember, but in the early years of the twentieth century popular songs such as ;By the Light of the Silvery Moon; were recorded on shellac discs and wax cylinders. Many of these early recordings still exist, but with each passing year they grow more fragile and likely to fall apart while being played. Consequently, music archivists are faced with a delicate problem: how to preserve old-time recordings without silencing them forever?少数的老一辈人可能还记得,在20世纪早期有首流行歌曲“在银色的夜光下”被录制在虫胶唱片和蜡筒里。许多早期的唱片仍然存在,但是年复一年,在播放的时候,这些唱片越来越脆弱,极易破碎。所以唱片保管者们面临着一个微妙的难题:怎样保护好这些古老的唱片,又能让他们播出美妙的音乐?Enter Carl Haber and Vitaly Fadayev, particle physicists at the University of California, Berkeley who happened to hear a radio piece on the preservationists dilemma. These music-loving physicists suspected that the techniques they use to make sensors that track subatomic particles might help the troubled archivists. With the aid of a powerful microscope they mapped out the grooves of an old 78 RPM shellac disk and the grooves on a wax cylinder recorded in 1909.加州大学伯克利分校的粒子物理学家卡尔·哈伯和维塔利偶然在电台听到这些唱片保护者的困境。这些酷爱音乐的物理学家认为他们用于制作跟踪离子的传感器工艺可能对正处困境中的档案保护者有帮助。在两架高倍望远镜的协助下,他们绘制出了一张78转虫胶唱片,以及一张1909年录制的蜡筒上的纹道。After digitally reproducing the mapped grooves on a computer, Haber and Fadayev then created software to mimic the effect of a needle moving in the mapped grooves in order to re-create the sounds. Incredibly, the digitized version sounded even better than the original recordings. And as the mapping technique improves, the physicists hope to enable the digital preservation of large amounts of endangered music. So even if you dont remember the dark ages before CDs, you may soon be able to enjoy down-loadable old-time music, courtesy of the digital revolution.在电脑上将这些纹道处理成数字音乐后,哈伯和维塔利接着发明了一种软件来模仿唱针在纹道内旋转而重现音乐。令人难以置信的是数字版本的音效比老版更好。并且随着映射技术的不断改进,物理学家们希望能用数字储存大量频临消失的音乐。因此即使你不记得CD出现之前的黑暗时代,但很快你就能享受到可下载的旧时音乐,这是数字改革的恩惠。原文译文属!201208/195084吉安祛除眼角抬头纹吉安保仕柏丽医院是否做祛眼袋手术



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