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Scientists have unravelled one of the secrets of a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine.科学家解开了传统中药中一种植物的奥秘.The Chinese skullcap - known as Huang-Qin - is traditionally used for fever, liver and lung problems.中国黄芩传统上用于治疗发烧,肝病和肺病.Scientists have discovered that the plant uses a special pathway to make chemicals with potential cancer-fighting properties. They say it is a step towards being able to scale up production to make new drugs.科学家发现,这种植物用特殊途径合成具有抗癌潜力的化学物质. 科学家表示, 这朝着规模化生产新药迈进了一步.Prof Cathie Martin, of the John Innes Centre in Norwich, is lead researcher of the study, published in Science Advances. Working in collaboration with Chinese scientists, her team deduced how the plant, Scutellaria baicalensi, synthesises the chemicals, known as flavones.诺维奇约翰英纳斯中心的凯茜.马丁教授, 是这项研究的首席研究员, 该研究发表在《科学进展》上. 她的团队与中国科学家合作, 推断出黄芩是如何合成黄酮这种化学物质的.Flavones are found widely in the plant kingdom, giving some plants vivid blue flowers.黄酮广泛见于植物王国, 让一些植物开出鲜艳的蓝花.Understanding the pathway should help us to produce these special flavones in large quantities, which will enable further research into their potential medicinal uses, said Prof Martin.“理解黄酮的生成途径, 有助于我们大量生产这些特殊物质, 有利于进一步探索它们潜在的药用价值.”Previous lab research suggests that flavones have anti-cancer properties, offering hope that they may one day lead to effective cancer treatments.之前的实验室研究表明,黄酮具有抗癌特性, 为有朝一日或可用于有效的癌症治疗提供了希望.Commenting on the study, Dr Alan Worsley of Cancer Research UK, said: ;This paper answers a very interesting biological question about how these plants are able to make particular molecules, but the study doesn#39;t look at whether the molecules can be used to treat cancer.英国癌症研究中心的沃斯利士对该研究说: “这篇论文回答了这些植物如何能够合成特定分子这个非常有趣的生物学问题, 但研究并没有探讨特定分子能否用于治疗癌症.”This herb is a member of the mint family and native to China. In traditional Chinese medicine, the root was used in combination with other plants to treat fever and other ailments.黄酮属于薄荷科,是中国本土植物. 传统中药中,这种根茎类植物和其它植物结合使用,治疗发烧和其它病痛.There is increasing scientific interest in ancient medicinal plants. In 2015, Tu Youyou was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine for her work on artemisinin, an antimalarial drug derived from the sweet wormwood plant, Artemisia annua.对古老药用植物的科学兴趣正在与日俱增. 2015年, 屠呦呦因其在青蒿素方面的工作被授予诺贝尔医学奖. 青嵩素是从青嵩中提取的抗疟药. /201604/437139The millennial dating app scene could make a true cynic out of anyone, which is why the idea of finding your perfect match feels more nauseating the older (and more single) you feel. Here, we asked some big questions of sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz-AARP#39;s resident sex and relationship expert and the author of 16 books on sex, relationships, and even love myths. She discusses the problematic idea of love at first sight, having unrealistic expectations of a partner, and how to maintain a good relationship with any human being you#39;re currently dating, flaws and all (we#39;re all ears).千禧年的约会软件能让任何人看起来都玩世不恭,这也是人们越老(或单身越久)就觉得找到完美的另一半就越感到恶心的原因。社会学家Pepper Schwartz士是AARP的常驻性情感专家,同时也出版了16本书籍。本文中,我们问了Pepper Schwartz士一些有关性、情感甚至是爱情神话的重大问题。她也谈及了一见钟情、对伴侣有不切实际的期待等有争议的问题以及如何与正在约会的对象保持良好的情感关系,爱我的一切吧(我们都在全神贯注的听呢)。Marie Claire: What would you say to people who believe in love at first sight?玛丽#8226;克莱尔:你想对那些相信一见钟情的人说些什么呢?Dr. Pepper Schwartz: I#39;d say that it#39;s often true that people are attracted to each other immediately, but it#39;s just as true for those relationships to end up a disaster. But people don#39;t think of that as false love-at-first-sight. They highlight the examples that worked rather than the ones that failed.Pepper Schwartz士:我想说,人们立马就被彼此吸引是种正常现象,但这些人的感情最终以灾难结尾收场同样也很正常。但人们却不会认为这是一种错误的一见钟情。他们会强调那些一见钟情后在一起的情侣如何如何,而避而不谈那些失败的例子。Ultimately, there are qualities people are drawn to: The way somebody#39;s eyes sparkle, the way they dress. I think people who say ;love at first sight; don#39;t realise all the information they#39;re taking in that they#39;re not coding.最终,很多人都被吸引了(认为有一见钟情):某个人的眼睛在发光,他们的衣着方式等等。我认为那些说着“一见钟情”的人们并没有意识到一见钟情时所有隐含信息。The way a person#39;s dress shows their social class. The way they look often shows their background. The way they stand shows their attitude. That information can amount to attraction, but it#39;s not like there#39;s a one-and-only, as if you saw them and everything was guaranteed thereafter.一个人的衣着方式表明了他们的社会阶级。他们的外表通常表明了他们的出身。他们的站姿表明了他们的态度。这些信息都能够让人产生好感,但并不代表他/她是唯一的,就好像你看到了他们,之后的任何事情都有了保障一样。Your partner is just a human being. They can#39;t fulfil it all.你的伴侣也是人啊,他是不可能满足你的一切幻想的。MC: Can you expound on that idea of there not being one perfect match for everyone?玛丽#8226;克莱尔:你能不能解释一下这个观点,那就是并不是所有的人都能遇到自己的王子或公主吗?PS: Well, look at all the people who get divorced. Some of them experienced ;love at first sight.; But there is not just one perfect person. With justification you can say ;my prince; or ;my queen; and ;I found her right away,; but those people were just dumb lucky. You can feel like something is real and your partner is ;the one; and then all the other details come out, and things change.Pepper Schwartz士:额,看看那些离婚了的夫妻吧。有些人就有过“一见钟情”。但他/她就不是命中注定的那个人。如果理由充分的话,你可以说“我的王子”或“我的公主”以及“我一眼就找到她/他了,”但这些人只是运气好罢了。你可以感受到有些事情是真实的,你的伴侣就是“命中注定的”,然后你又会注意到其它的细节,事情就发生了改变。译文属 /201608/463037Smartphone blindness happens when people lie on their side at night, with one eye against the pillow and the other staring at the smartphone screen. While one eye adjusts to the dark, the other eye gets used to the bright light of the high-resolution screen. But when they roll over and open both their eyes, the eye which has been staring at the screen cannot cope with the darkness of the room. Subsequently, with both eyes uncovered in the dark, the light-adapted eye is perceived to be “blind”.人们晚上侧躺着看手机,一只眼靠着枕头,另一只眼盯着手机屏幕的时候会出现“智能手机眼盲症”。一只眼(靠着枕头的那只)适应了黑暗的环境,而另一只眼(看手机的那只)则适应了高分辨率屏幕发出的亮光。当你翻身把两只眼睛都完全睁开的时候,之前盯着手机屏幕的那只眼睛无法适应房间内黑暗的环境。结果,两只眼同时在黑暗环境中的时候,适应了光亮的那只就会出现“眼盲”的情况。It usually takes several moments for the eyes to adjust, leading people to believe they are suffering from a severe problem.通常,这种情况需要一段时间让眼睛来慢慢适应,有些人就会以为自己得了什么重病。A similar condition known as digital eye strain may also appear after long hours of staring at computer screen or smartphone screen. The sympotoms may include eye dryness, blurry vision and persistent headache.另外一种相似的症状叫“数码眼疲劳”,多半出现在长时间盯着电脑或手机屏幕之后,主要的症状有,眼干、视野模糊,以及长时间头疼。TIPS:缓解眼疲劳小贴士:1. Blink more often.多眨眼。Blinking is very important when working at a computer; blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation.看电脑的时候眨眼很重要,眨眼能够滋润眼睛,防止眼干和不适。2. Adjust your computer display settings.调整电脑显示设置。Brightness. Adjust the brightness of the display so it#39;s approximately the same as the brightness of your surrounding workstation.亮度。将电脑显示的亮度调整到接近周围环境亮度的水平。Text size and contrast. Adjust the text size and contrast for comfort, especially when ing or composing long documents.字体大小和对比度。将字体大小和对比度调整到让眼睛舒适的水平,尤其在需要长时间阅读或处理文件的时候。3. Take frequent breaks.多休息。To reduce your risk for computer vision syndrome and neck, back and shoulder pain, take frequent breaks during your computer work day.为了缓解电脑视力症状以及颈、背、肩痛,在电脑前工作时要多停下来休息。 /201606/451451First there was RSI, then text neck.首先是肢体重复性劳损症,然后是短信脖。Now, soaring numbers of people are suffering from swiper#39;s thumb due to the overuse of smartphones.如今,越来越多的人遭受着因过度使用智能手机而引起的手指变大之苦。New research claims the overworked digit has become as much as 15 per cent bigger on people#39;s dominant hand.新的研究称过度劳作的手指会比人原来的惯用手大15%。Young adults aged 18 to 34 have noticed the most changes, with one in eight developing the deformityas a result of continuous tapping and grappling with large handsets.年龄从18岁到34岁的年轻人已经注意到了这个变化,1/8的人因为长期不断的敲打和紧握手机而导致肢体变形。In total, a third of smartphone users felt their bodies had evolved as a result of mobile phone use.总的来说,1/3的智能手机用户感觉到他们的身体因手机的使用而出现了变化。And millions said they had also developed an indent in their little finger from the way they cradle their phones.上百万的人说他们已经因使用手机的方式出现了小拇指缩小的现象。 /201606/449341Do you live in your high heels? Chances are you live in a wealthy city, new research suggests.你每天都穿高跟鞋吗?一项新研究表明:如果是,那么你很有可能生活在一个富有的城市。American women who relocate to wealthier cities are more likely to adopt the fashion preferences of those around them (including higher stilettos), while those who move to poorer cities are more likely to eschew the local norm and stick with their previous wardrobe style, a new study from Tepper School of Business reveals.泰珀商学院的一项最新研究表明,那些迁移到更富有的城市的美国女性更有可能受到周围的人对时尚的偏好的影响(包括越来越高的细高跟鞋),而那些迁到相对来说贫穷的城市的女性,则更有可能避开当地的流行趋势,坚守她们之前的装扮风格。Heel height increases in wealthier areas where the local style accepts the higher heel as standard, assert the school#39;s associate professor of marketing Jeff Galak and his co-authors in the paper, titled ;Trickle-down preferences: Preferential conformity to high status peers in fashion choices;.泰珀商学院的营销学副教授杰夫·加拉克与其他人合著了一篇题为《滴流趋势:与富有群体保持一致的潮流选择》的论文。该论文阐述道,在那些更富有的地区,越来越高的鞋跟被视作是一种潮流标准,因而女性的鞋跟高度不断增加。;Studying heel height may seem like an unusual way to understand social influence, but it#39;s actually a perfect setting,; said Galak. ;Fashion choices are highly visible decisions that are influenced by social norms and pressures.;;研究鞋跟的高度似乎是了解社会影响的一种不同寻常的方式,但实际上它是一种极佳的方法,;加拉克说。;从潮流的选择中,我们很明显就能看出社会规范和社会压力对其产生的影响。;The researchers studied 16,236 shoe purchases by 2,007 women across more than 180 US cities over a five-year period. They found that women#39;s heel height changed along with their relocation, whenever they moved to a city whose median income was higher than earnings in their original hometown.研究者们调查了来自美国180个城市的2007名女性在五年中购买的16236双鞋子。他们发现,当这些女性搬到一个平均工资水平要高于原来城镇的新城市时,她们鞋跟的高度也会随之变化。Census figures reveal that more than 7 million Americans relocate across state lines annually, and Galak admits that heel height could be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to conformity and shopping habits. ;There is, of course, still more work to be done to understand how people, in general, balance the complexity of maintaining their own sense of individuality while trying to be part of a larger group,; he says.根据人口普查数据显示,每年有700多万美国人会迁到本国的另一个州。加拉克教授承认,谈到潮流和购物习惯时,鞋跟高度只是冰山一角。他说:;当人们在试图追随大众潮流又要保持自己的个性时,要怎样来平衡这一复杂性呢?要想从整体上了解这一问题,我们还有很多工作要做。; /201605/444294

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