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Everyone has their favorite cartoon characters from childhood.每个人心中都有自己从小就喜欢的卡通人物形象However, if these characters were to be played by real-life actors, would they still be loveable?然而,倘若这些卡通人物将由真人演员来饰演,他们会可爱依然吗?The recent actors version of classic Japanese anime Ikkyu-san raised this question when a two-hour mini series aired on Japanese TV earlier this month.近日,经典日本动画片《聪明的一休真人版引发有关这一问题的热议这部总时长小时的迷你剧集于本月初在日本电视台播出In case you are not familiar with Ikkyu-san, the anime tells the childhood story of Buddhist monk Ikkyu. He relies on his intelligence and wit to solve all types of problems, from distraught farmers to greedy merchants.如果你不是很熟悉;一休哥;,那我们现在来恶补一下,这部动画片讲述了和尚;一休;的童年故事他依靠自己的才能和智慧解决了各种各样的难题,从心烦意乱的农夫到贪得无厌的商人,他都打过交道In the anime, Ikkyu is known not only his wit, but also his classic image: shaved head, big and bright eyes, and a lovely smile.在这部动画片中,一休之所以家喻户晓,不仅仅因为智慧,更少不了他的经典形象:光头、明亮且大大的眼睛以及可爱的笑容In the mini series, the boy monk is played by Japan popular child star Suzuki Fuku.在真人版的迷你剧集中,这个小和尚由日本当红童星福铃木饰演I admit that the 8-year-old acting is quite impressive. However, his squint isnt. When Fuku shows up in Ikkyu costume, my first impression was: ;No, Ikkyu should not look like this.;我不得不承认这位八岁的男孩演技令人过目难忘但是他一双眯眯眼却不然当看到福铃木身着一休的装亮相时,我的第一印象就是:;不,一休不应该是这个样子的;In Japan, there has been a trend to shoot versions of classic animes with actors. In the past year, there were Chibi Maruko-chan and Ranma . Last November, the Japanese auto giant Toyota made a series of car ads in which a group of actors played the characters in Doraemon. The adorable robotic cat was played by French actor Jean Reno.在日本,翻拍真人版经典动漫已成为一种趋势去年,真人版《樱桃小丸子和《乱马亮相荧幕去年月份,日本汽车巨头丰田公司邀来众多演员,拍摄了一组《哆啦A梦真人版的汽车广告其中,可爱机器猫的扮演者为法国男星让#86;雷诺OK, that probably even more annoying than Fuku Ikkyu–given that there are millions of Doraemon fans around the world.好吧,这可能比福铃木版的;一休;更让人不爽,要知道在全世界有数百万的多啦A梦迷So, is the craze remaking animes with real-life actors a revival of these classic images, or is it simply killing them?那么,对于这些经典动画形象而言,真人版动画的翻拍热潮究竟是一种复兴,还是毁灭呢?;I think most anime fans would feel disappointed,; Zhang Qing, 3, a fan of Japanese anime who is now studying in Tokyo, said.现在日本读书,3岁的日本动漫迷张青(音译)表示:;我认为大多数动漫迷会感到失望;;It true that today kids might not be familiar with old animes like Ikkyu-san, but Id rather recommend that they watch the original.;;确实,现在的孩子们可能对像《聪明的一休这样的经典动画不是很熟悉,但我还是强烈建议他们去看原版 ;Like Zhang, many Internet users lamented the remakes. ;I feel that my childhood memories are ruined,; that the most common online review you can hear from the Ikkyu fans.和张青一样,许多网民纷纷吐槽这些经典翻拍 ;我觉得自己的童年回忆被毁了,;这是网上一休迷们最为普遍的一种评价That might be exaggerating a little. But after watching the new mini series, a classic e from the boy monk can precisely describe my feelings–;I need to take a break;.这可能有点夸大其词但扎起看过真人版的迷你剧集之后,一休的经典台词恰恰表达了我的感受:;休息,休息一会儿; 196

It’s more than fair to say that Wong Kar-wai’s movies are not easy to understand. The Hong Kong director rarely focuses on narratives in his works. Yet, he is undeniably an excellent storyteller who always feeds audiences with a visual and emotional feast.说王家卫的电影难懂,这一点都不夸张这位香港导演在其作品中很少强调叙事手法,然而不可否认的是,他是位优秀的叙事大师,总是能够为观众带来一次又一次打动人心的视觉盛宴His latest eft, The Grandmaster, is another of Wong’s typical movies: light on narrative, but full of his trademark elegance, the movie weaves the director’s familiar themes of love, loss and the corrosive nature of time around gorgeous martial arts sequences.他的最新力作《一代宗师又是一部典型的王氏电影:对于叙事轻描淡写,却充满了王氏特有的优雅印记该片用一系列美轮美奂的武打片段,编织出王家卫所驾轻就熟的主题——爱与失去,以及岁月无情When Wong first announced his intention of creating the movie in , it was described as a biopic of Ip Man, a real-life master of the Wing Chun school of martial arts. Even though we know that Ip will eventually prosper, Wong’s version of Ip (Tony Leung) is a portrait of a sad, isolated figure, and much less accessible than director Wilson Yip’s portrayal of the same character in the Ip Man series.年,当王家卫首次宣布将拍摄这部电影时,该片被称为咏春拳一代宗师叶问的传记片尽管我们清楚叶问势必大火,但王家卫版本的叶问(梁朝伟饰)却刻画出一个孤独的悲情人物形象,比导演叶伟信在《叶问系列影片所刻画出中的那个叶问形象要难懂得多In The Grandmaster, the narrative is framed by Ip’s perception of the world, outlined in voiceovers explaining his background and his observations of life and the people around him.《一代宗师以叶问对世界的认知为叙事框架,画外音则解释了叶问的背景,以及他对生活和周围人的观察The movie, however, also dedicates a lot of screen time to Gong Er (Zhang Ziyi), the daughter of Gong Yutian, a martial arts master from northeastern China. Other masters weigh in with their philosophical and physical presence as well.而本片也将大量镜头对准了由章子怡饰演的宫二(章子怡饰)这个角色宫二是中国东北武术大师宫羽田的女儿其他几位武术大师也凭借各自的武术精神和造诣现身片中Wong is a fan of recurring themes and The Grandmaster is no exception. example, time proves once again to be the greatest enemy, causing people not only to grow old but also to get the things they hold dear. In this movie particularly, the idea that age makes them weak and less able to defend themselves troubles the martial arts masters.王家卫钟爱重复使用的主题,而《一代宗师也不例外比如片中再次明了时间是最大的敌人,不仅令韶华老去,还让人们遗忘了那些曾珍视的东西时间让人变得脆弱,无力自护,该片尤其表现了这点是如何令一代宗师身陷困境的Ultimately, the movie poetically delivers the wisdom of martial arts tradition in which Ip was deeply entrenched. But it’s not always easy the audience to understand what Ip is thinking or what the story is trying to convey.最终,影片用诗意手法传达出对叶问影响深远的那份传统武学智慧而对于观众而言,要明白叶问的想法或电影所要传达的内容并非易事As a line in the movie goes: “They say, live without regrets. But how boring life would be if there was no regret.” The culture of martial arts is entrenched in a profound philosophy of life. Its interpretation by Wong cannot be embodied in exquisite action sequences and breathtaking visuals just to make it “easy to understand” — that would be boring, too.正如电影里的一句台词:“说人生无悔,那都是赌气的话若真无悔,那人生该多没趣啊!”武术文化深植于对人生哲学之中对于这点的诠释,王家卫并未动用精良的动作场面或令人惊叹的视觉效果来使之“浅显易懂”——若真那样,也太无趣了 079

If “South Park” were a person, it would be old enough to vote, though it probably wouldn’t. That scabrous cartoon has been a one-stop shop anti-partisan satire and blasphemy on Comedy Central since 1997.如果“南方公园”(South Park)是个人,应该已经到了投票的年龄,虽然它可能不会去从1997年至今,这部污秽不堪的卡通剧一直在提供反党派政治讽刺和神明亵渎的一站式务Few comedies can stay first-rate that long. (Sorry, Homer.) Early in the current season, the show’s 19th, the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem to wonder how well the show’s offend-at-all-costs ethos has aged. “It’s like I’m a relic,” a recurring character says. “Sometimes I feel like I’ve outstayed my welcome.”很少有哪部笑剧能如此长时间保持一流水平(抱歉了,Homer)在本季——即本剧第19季之初,剧创特雷·帕克(Trey Parker)和麦特·斯通(Matt Stone)似乎在想,这种不惜一切代价触怒他人的精神是不是已经过时了“我就像个老古董,”一个经常出场的人物说道“有时候我觉得,老这么赖着不走已经招人烦了”The character in question is a white restaurant owner who believes he is Chinese and speaks in a grossly stereotyped Asian accent. Maybe, that meta-lament seemed to suggest, the show had started punching down in its later years.此人是个经营着一家餐馆的白人,认为自己是华人,操一口极端符合刻板印象的亚洲口音平白无故冒出来的哀叹似乎在暗示,也许这个步入暮年的剧已经有些力不从心Yet this fall “South Park” has gone and revitalized itself, by telling a more ambitious, serialized story and by asserting that it takes an outrageous comedy to capture an era of outrage.然而在今年秋天,《南方公园用一个更宏大的系列故事宣告,要捕捉一个暴戾的时代,需要用暴戾的喜剧This season, which airs its finale on Wednesday, is built around an extended satire of political correctness. South Park, Colo., is taken over by a new school principal — named, aptly, P. C. Principal — and his crew of like-minded, jacked-up frat bros, who believe that being p.c. “means you love nothing more than beer, working out and the feeling that you get when you rhetorically defend a marginalized commy from systems of oppression!” They meet microaggression with macroaggression, bullying kids and adults who, say, refer to the transgender reality star Caitlyn Jenner as anything less than “stunning and brave.”于本周三结束的这一季,是围绕着一种对政治正确的全面嘲弄展开的一位新校长入主科罗拉多州南方公园,他有个贴切的名字——“PC校长”(P.C. Principal,P.C.即“政治正确”[political correctness]——译注)——还有一帮跟他志同道合的弟兄手足,个个情绪激动,坚信政治正确“就是说你的最爱是啤酒、健身,以及那种在压迫体制下慷慨激昂地捍卫一个边缘群体的感觉!”他们用“宏侵犯”(macroaggression)打击“微侵犯”(microaggression),任何不认为跨性别真人秀明星凯特琳·詹纳(Caitlyn Jenner)“美艳而勇敢”的人,不论长幼,都会遭到他们的恐吓But the season also targeted the rise of Donald J. Trump, a phenomenon who has thrived on a resentment of things p.c., just this week crowing that his plan to ban Muslims from the ed States was “probably not politically correct.” A longtime character, Mr. Garrison, begins a White House bid on a familiar-sounding platm of xenophobia against Canadians (recurring boogeymen of “South Park,” going back to the “Blame Canada” number from the 1999 movie musical). Canada, in turn, has elected its own Trump-like figure, with disastrous results. “We thought it was funny,” one Canadian laments. “Nobody really thought he’d ever be president!”然而这一季还瞄准了唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J. Trump),一个因为憎恨一切PC而大红大紫的人物,就在这一周他还得意地说,他的禁止穆斯林入境计划“可能政治不大正确”在剧中已有些年头的人物“加里森先生”开始为入主白宫而努力,他采用的是排斥加拿大人的立场(也就是那个屡屡被《南方公园树立为大恶人的族群,这段恩怨可追溯到1999年歌舞片版里那首《都怪加拿大[Blame Canada]),听上去十分耳熟而加拿大反过来也选择了自己的特朗普式人物,后果是灾难性的“我们是觉得好玩,”一个加拿大人痛心疾首地说“谁能想到他真当上总统呢”In reality, Canada has a prime minister. But “South Park” has never cared much about political fine points so much as comedy that deflates zealots and defends the offensive, like an American Charlie Hebdo. It was ahead of the curve in asserting a right to depict the Prophet Muhammad, who appeared in a 01 episode (though Comedy Central squelched later attempts).在现实中,加拿大选的是总理但《南方公园从来不在乎这些政治细节,它更在乎用喜剧贬损狂热,捍卫无礼,就像美国版《查理周报(Charlie Hebdo)在先知默罕穆德形象描绘权的伸张上,它是走在前面的,早在01年的一集中就已经出现(不过此后的几次企图遭到Comedy Central的压制)Now, it was as if our culture had been shining an Eric Cartman-shaped Bat-signal and “South Park” answered. You could see the news from college campuses — safe spaces, trigger warnings — and conclude that America was more radically leftist than ever. You could a dispatch from the Republican primary — border walls, refugee panic — and conclude that it was more reactionary than ever. The country is deeply polarized, and between two poles is precisely where the quasi-libertarian “South Park” most likes to swing.此时此刻,我们的文化仿佛亮起了一个埃里克·卡特曼(Eric Cartman)形状的蝙蝠讯号,《南方公园应声赶来你也许看到了大学校园传来的新闻——安全空间(safe space)、触发警告(trigger warning)——认定如今的美国出于空前激进的左倾状态你也许看到了共和党初选的报道——边境墙、难民潮恐慌——认定它比以往更加抗拒进步这个国家是深度分化的,类自由主义的《南方公园,恰恰最喜欢在这两极之间摇摆“South Park” used to be so anti-continuity — its episodes are often written days bee airing — that the show would kill the same character, Kenny McCormick, every week. By shifting toward serial stories, Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone have been able to make more complex arguments this season: acknowledging, instance, that sometimes outrage culture has a basis in actual outrages. An episode on police brutality posits both that South Park’s cops are needed to keep the peace and that many of them joined the ce to have carte blanche to beat up minorities.《南方公园曾经非常反对连续性——脚本往往是在播出前几天写就——每周都要杀死肯尼·麦考尔米克(Kenny McCormick)本季转向有连续情节的故事后,帕克和斯通开始进行一些更复杂的论辩:比如他们承认,动辄觉得被冒犯的文化,有时的确源于粗暴的对待在关于警察暴力的一集中,南方公园的警察被认为是维护安定的必要存在,但同时,他们中的许多人加入警队就是为了可以肆意殴打少数族裔And where past “South Park” satires once looked at single issues, this season is sketching something like a grand — if messy — unified theory of anger, inequality and disillusionment in America.以前的《南方公园把讽刺的笔墨放在某个单一的问题上,而这一季里,面对年美国的愤怒、不公和幻灭,它选择去勾勒某种宏大的统一理论——虽然谈不上有条理Even as the p.c. wars rage, the town of South Park is being gentrified: It’s attracted a Whole Foods and built Sodosopa (South of Downtown South Park), an enclave of hipster eateries and condos built literally around the house of the dirt-poor McCormick family. The townspeople are delighted, until they realize many of them can’t afd to join the few, the smug, the artisanal. Under the town’s chichi new facade is a familiar slurry of resentment (of the privileged, of immigrants, of elites) and fear (of terrorism, of crime, of economically falling).就在PC战火熊熊燃烧之际,南方公园这座小镇却在士绅化:它迎来了第一座全食超市(Whole Foods),建造了Sodosopa(南方公园下城南)区,一个潮人食肆林立的地方,贫困的麦考尔米克家四周围全是新建的共管公寓镇民们十分欣喜,但是没过多久他们就发现,他们无力负担那稀罕、自得、精致的生活在附庸风雅的新外表之下,这座镇子弥漫着一种熟悉的(对特权阶层、对移民、对精英的)怨恨和(对恐怖主义、对犯罪、对经济滑坡的)恐惧And all that, in the “South Park” worldview, drives people to a self-pitying narcissism that extends to politics but also goes beyond it. In the season’s darkest episode, “Safe Space,” the townspeople assign a single child to filter every negative comment from their social media, to protect their self-esteem from all manner of “-shaming.”在《南方公园的世界观里,这些会让人产生一种自怜的自恋,它会扩张到政治中,还会向别处蔓延在本季最黑暗的一集《安全空间中,镇民们指定一个孩子去过滤社交媒体上的所有负面,让他们的自尊免受一切“羞辱”的侵扰After the boy nearly dies from the strain of filtering the entire Internet’s hate, an allegorical figure named Reality — wearing a silent-movie villain’s cape and mustache — shows up to scold South Parkers with a lecture that sums up this season’s Swiftian brimstone morality: “I’m sorry the world isn’t one big liberal-arts college campus! We eat too much. We take our spoiled lives granted. Feel a little bad about it sometimes.”为了过滤整个互联网的恨意,男孩在沉重的压力之下几乎丧命,一个名叫“现实”的寓言式人物随后出场,他穿着默片时代反派人物的斗篷,蓄着胡须,前来责骂南方公园的居民们,他用一场演说总结了这一季中的乔纳森·斯威夫特式道德拷问:“很遗憾,这世界不是一座巨型文科学院校园!我们吃太多了我们以为生活本来就该这么养尊处优心里应该偶尔有点过意不去的感觉”Affected by his words, the citizens are moved to action: They take Reality to the town square and hang him.他的言语促使居民们行动起来:他们把现实带到镇广场,将其吊死It’s not exactly subtle, nor is the show’s argument entirely focused; the season-ending arc has involved a tangent about deceptive online advertising. (The finale may be more timely. Only a week after the terrorist shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., the episode promises a story on how “the citizens of South Park feel safer armed”; a teaser has Cartman getting in an armed standoff with his mother at bedtime.)这不是多精巧的安排,而它的论述也不见得总能落在正题上;本季结尾的剧情中突然插入了一段讲欺骗性网络广告的内容(全季大结局可能有更多的时效性一周前刚刚发生加州圣贝尔纳迪诺恐怖主义袭击,这一集承诺要讲讲“南方公园人民手里有心中不慌”的故事;在一段预告视频中,卡特曼在睡前和妈妈发生了一场持对峙)And by making P. C. Principal and friends white dudes, the show sidesteps the fact that “politically correct” is often a label lobbed by white dudes at women and minorities who’ve faced actual prejudice. Mr. Parker and Mr. Stone anticipate this criticism too, having Cartman tell his schoolmate Kyle, with atypical self-awareness: “We’re two privileged straight white boys who have their laughs about things we never had to deal with.”剧中的PC校长和他的朋友都是白人男性,这就回避了一个现实:很多时候是白人男性在往女人和少数族裔头上扣“政治正确”的帽子,也就是那些真的在受歧视的人群帕克和斯通料到有人会揪住这里不放,他们让卡特曼用一种反常的自知之明对他的同学凯尔(Kyle)说:“我们是两个有特权的白人直男,喜欢取笑一些我们永远不需要面对的东西”This product of two white guys does have a different vantage point from many of today’s best comedies dealing with identity issues, from “black-ish” to “Master of None.” But in a way, its project and theirs are the same: to deal with tensions by prescribing more conversation, even if it’s uncomtable, not less.比起目前其他的一些涉及身份问题的喜剧杰作——比如《喜新不厌旧(Black-ish)和《无为大师(Master Of None),本剧作为两个白人男性的作品,的确占据着一个别人没有的优势但从某种程度上说,它们的课题是一样的:在紧张的气氛下,它们开出的处方是增加而非减少对话,即便这对话让大家坐立不安 1

Their wedding is an occasion when a bride and groom can reasonably expect all the attention to be on them婚礼是新郎新娘成为全场焦点的一个场合Stealing the newlyweds thunder is considered a terrible faux pas在新婚夫妇婚礼上抢风头是极度失礼的And so it is unsurprising that a picture showing a wedding guest proposing to his girlfriend right in front of the bride and groom at their reception has been met with outrage and ridicule online所以不奇怪,这张在新郎新娘面前,一名婚礼嘉宾向其女友求婚的图片传到网上后,引起了公怒和嘲讽The picture, uploaded to Reddit this week by an unnamed user who has since deleted their , has been viewed a staggering 1.36million times一匿名用户本周将这张照片上传到Reddit上,照片上传后该用户立即删除了账号目前照片点击浏览量达到惊人的6万次More than 1,000 comments on the photograph are increasingly hilarious and scathing as commy members air their disbelief at the unidentified guests apparent rudeness针对这幅图片,已有00多条的出现在网上,且网友的评价越来越搞笑尖刻他们表示不敢相信图上的婚礼嘉宾竟如此地无礼The picture shows a newlywed couple, yet to be identified, smiling as a guest gets down on one knee to present a visibly emotional woman with an engagement ring虽然不知道照片上的新婚夫妇是谁,在照片上他们保持微笑,而一位男嘉宾则单膝盖跪下,向其女友求婚女友看起来非常兴奋The photo even shows that the guest had placed his bottle of beer on the table in front of the bride bee getting down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend照片上,男嘉宾甚至摆了两个啤酒瓶在新婚夫妇的桌前(图示:中间挂上“我爱你”的标语),然后再单膝跪下求婚While the bride and groom appear to be happy with the events, the bride arguably strained grin has been the subject of much discussion amongst Reddit commentators即使照片上的新郎新娘对这一求婚事件表现出高兴的样子,但新娘似乎有点强颜欢笑,这成为了网友的焦点Her smiles says ;congratulations;, her eyes say ;that b**ch;, one user wrote“她的微笑似乎表示‘祝贺’,但眼睛在说‘你这个贱X’”一个网友道The bride is doing a really good job of hiding her murder, another added“新娘真是把谋杀的欲望掩饰得妙极了”另一个网友补充道Her smile pretends to be happy them, but her eyes betray her true feelings, cry_wolf wrote“她伪装微笑,看起来是在为这两人高兴,但眼睛却出卖了她的内心”网友cry_wolf说While Alliewonka added: Honestly I feel kinda bad the girl being proposed to more than the bride, she being proposed to at someone else big day, he hasnt made it personal her at all but I guess she seems ok with it.艾万卡(Alliewonka)补充道:“老实说,比起新娘来,我更替那个被求婚的女孩感到难过她在别人的大喜日子里被求婚,而其男友根本没为她安排一个仅属于她的日子但那个女孩看起来对求婚还挺满意的”It is unknown whether the bridal couple were aware the proposal was going to happen in the middle of their reception, or whether they gave their blessing不知道那对新婚夫妇是否事先知道有人会在婚宴中途求婚,或他们是否事先同意了这件事Either way, the internet is outraged on their behalf不管怎样,求婚行为引起了网上的公愤Reddit users have helpfully come up with the perfect revenge, suggesting that the newlyweds announce that they are expecting at their friend wedding - if they are indeed still friendsReddit用户还为这对新婚夫妇出了个绝妙的报复点子,建议在他们这对朋友(如果到时候还是朋友的话)的婚礼上宣布怀的消息William Hanson, author of The Bluffer Guide To Etiquette, said: As irritating as some happy couples can be on their wedding day, it is never acceptable to upstage the bride and groom by making a proposal of your own during their special day威廉·汉森(William Hanson)是《吓唬人的社交礼仪一书的作者,他说:“用常识想都知道,在新婚夫妇大喜之日抢他们的风头是非常令人恼怒的,在这种场合做求婚这样的私事是绝不能被接受的”It doesn’t make it any better if you clear it in advance with the couple, you should not ask in the first place“即使你把求婚的事提早告诉新婚夫妇,也好不到哪去,你就不该开这个口”It is their day, which they are most likely paying, and they call the shots“这是他们的大喜之日,他们办婚礼是出了钱的,他们才是主角”imilarly, you should not upstage their wedding and the wedding breakfast in any other way, such as having a vocal argument with another guest, a public break-up with your plus one, or indeed being taken suddenly and violently sick during the speeches“同样你也不能在婚礼和婚宴上,用其它任何方式抢他们的风头,比如与其他嘉宾发声口角、和你的伴侣公然分手、或在发言人讲话时突然严重病倒If you can’t stand the limelight being on other people then weddings are perhaps not you.“如果你不能忍受焦点聚集在别人身上,那么你根本不适合参加婚礼” 378955

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