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The new California data center marks the Chinese company’s latest measured expansion onto American soil, and into a hotly contested U.S. market now dominated by Amazon.com Inc , Microsoft Corp and Google Inc.该数据中心是阿里巴巴在美国谨慎扩张的最新举措,该公司也借此进入了竞争激烈的美国云务市场。在这里,占据主导地位的是亚马逊、微软和谷歌。Alibaba’s Aliyun cloud division intends the new data center to cater initially to Chinese companies with operations in the U.S., including retail, Internet and gaming firms. It will later target U.S. businesses seeking a presence in both countries, Ethan Yu, a vice president at Alibaba who runs the international cloud business, told Reuters.阿里巴巴负责国际云业务的副总裁喻思成告诉路透社记者,该公司旗下的阿里云打算首先通过该中心为在美国从事经营活动的中国公司提供务,后者包括零售商、网络和游戏公司;随后,该中心将把目光投向希望同时在中美两国开展业务的美国企业。“This is a very strategic move for us,” Yu said, declining to say how much Alibaba invested in the data center or disclose its location for security reasons. “International expansion is actually a company strategy in the coming few years.”喻思成没有透露该中心的投资规模;出于安全考虑,他也没有透露该中心的位置。但喻思成说:“这对我们来说是具有重要战略意义的行动。国际扩张实际上是我们整个公司今后几年的策略。”“Eventually we may expand to other regions, for example the East Coast or middle part of the U.S., if our customers have the demand for that.”“如果客户有这样的需求,我们的业务最终有可能发展到美国的其他地区,比如东海岸或中部。”Aliyun, which has been likened to a budding version of Amazon Web Services, began as part of the company’s in-house technical infrastructure but has since expanded to lease processing and storage space for small and medium Internet businesses in China.人们一直把阿里云比喻为初级版的亚马逊网络务。这项业务最初是阿里巴巴内部技术基础设施的一部分,随后不断发展壮大,目前主要为国内中小型互联网企业提供数据处理务和存储空间。While Alibaba dominates e-commerce in China, Aliyun, also known as AlibabaCloud Computing, holds about a 23% market share in its home market. It faces both Chinese and foreign competitors, from carriers like China Telecom to Microsoft and Amazon. Its existing data centers span the Chinese cities of Hangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.阿里巴巴是中国电商行业主导者,阿里云在国内市场的份额约为23%,但它面对的是来自国内外的竞争对手,其中有中国电信这样的电信运营商,也有微软和亚马逊这样的海外企业。阿里云目前在杭州、青岛、北京、深圳和香港设有数据中心。Alibaba is kicking off its U.S. cloud business as American corporations and politicians are protesting what they see as Beijing’s efforts to curb foreign technology at home.就在阿里巴巴启动美国云业务之际,美国企业和政界人士正在对中国政府表达不满,原因是他们认为后者限制了外国技术在中国的发展。Chinese government controls have limited foreign competition and disrupted many online services, including Google’s and Amazon Web Services’, according to censorship watchdogs.审查制度观察组织认为,中国政府的管制限制了来自国外的竞争,影响了多家公司的在线务业务,包括谷歌的相关务和亚马逊网络务。This week, U.S. President Barack Obama sharply criticized new Chinese counter-terrorism regulationsthat subject overseas companies to arduous measures regarding data management. The official Chinese news agency Xinhua responded Wednesday by calling Obama’s criticisms “utterly groundless and another piece of evidence of arrogance and hypocrisy of the U.S. foreign policy.”本周,美国总统奥巴马对中国的反恐新规提出强烈批评,称这些规定给外国公司的数据管理带来了极大困难。新华社周三对此做出回应,称奥巴马的批评“毫无根据,再次体现了美国外交政策的傲慢和伪善。”A more immediate concern may be how Alibaba intends to vie with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google, which are slashing prices on cloud services to try and sustain double-digit growth. They’re battling over a public cloud services market that could grow into an 0 billion industry by 2017, according to researcher IDC.另一个问题也许更为紧要,那就是阿里巴巴打算怎样跟亚马逊、微软和谷歌等公司抗衡。为了维持双位数增长,这些公司已经下调了云务价格。研究机构IDC预计,到2017年,这些企业所争夺的公共云务市场的规模有望增长到1000亿美元。U.S. customers are not expected to be bothered by the service’s Chinese ownership if pricing is competitive.如果价格具有竞争力,预计美国消费者不会介意这项业务由一家中国公司来提供。Alibaba has big plans for Aliyun, which now accounts for about 1% of its revenue but supports its core e-commerce operation and will also play a pivotal role in the long run. Alibaba sees cloud computing as key to its plans to aggregate and analyze the vast quantities of data it collects, including on consumer behavior.阿里巴巴为阿里云制定了远大计划。目前阿里云约占该公司收入的1%,但它为阿里巴巴的核心电商业务提供持,而且长期来看将发挥关键作用。阿里巴巴计划进行大量数据汇集和分析工作,其中包括消费者行为数据,公司认为云计算是实现这一计划的关键。The company also needs to find ways to sustain so-far stunning growth. Shares in the company fell to their lowest levels since their debut on Tuesday, after rival JD.com’s JD 0.69% better-than-expected quarterly results revived concerns that Alibaba’s expansion is slowing.阿里巴巴需要寻找方式,来维持一直以来的飞速增长。周二,该公司股价创上市以来新低,原因是竞争对手京东的季度业务好于预期,这让人们再次开始担心阿里巴巴的扩张速度正在放慢。 /201503/362741青岛荣成眼皮抽脂多少钱Apple has paved the way for iPhone users to block online advertising shown in its Safari web browser, in an attempt to improve privacy that could prevent web publishers from reaching some of their most valuable customers.苹果(Apple)为iPhone用户拦截Safari浏览器上显示的广告铺平了道路。苹果意在改善隐私保护的这一举措,可能会阻止网络出版商接触到一些最有价值的客户。Changes planned for iOS 9, the iPhone and iPad operating system that will be pushed out later this year, include “Content Blocking Safari Extensions”, according to documents shared with app makers this week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.苹果在本周的全球开发者大会上与应用开发者分享的文件显示,它计划今年晚些时候推出的iOS 9操作系统(适用于iPhone和iPad)将做出上述改变。“Content Blocking gives your extensions a fast and efficient way to block cookies, images, resources, pop-ups and other content,” Apple says in documentation for developers.“内容拦截功能让你的拓展插件得以快速高效地拦截cookies、图片、资源、弹出框和其它内容,”苹果在一份致开发者的文件中说。Apple believes that privacy and security are among its greatest differentiators against Google’s Android mobile platform, which as the main rival to iOS runs on more than three-quarters of all smartphones sold. Tim Cook, Apple chief executive, last week declared his belief in a “fundamental right to privacy” in a barnstorming speech in Washington DC.苹果认为,隐私与安全是其产品区别于谷歌(Google)的安卓(Android)移动平台的最大特点之一。安卓平台是iOS的主要对手,所有售出智能手机中的三分之二都搭载了安卓平台。上月,苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)在华盛顿特区一场巡回演讲中称,他认为用户应当拥有“最根本的隐私权”。Over a link from Silicon Valley, he told an audience at an event organised by privacy research group EPIC that many tech companies were “gobbling up everything they can learn about you and trying to monitise it. We think that’s wrong”.在参加隐私研究集团EPIC组织一场活动时,库克在硅谷与现场观众连线表示,许多科技公司都在“搜集他们所能了解的有关你的一切信息,并用它来赚钱。我们认为,那是不对的”。Nonetheless, the move to enable ad-blocking on iPhones has caused concern among some in the media industry, as Apple customers are widely seen as a wealthier demographic desirable to advertisers.然而,苹果在iPhone上开启广告拦截功能的做法,引起了媒体界一些公司的担忧,因为苹果客户被普遍认为是广告主希望接触的较为富有人群。Joshua Benton, director of Harvard University’s Nieman Journalism Lab, called it a “worrisome” development. “For the many news companies counting on mobile advertising for their business model, I don’t see a way that this change doesn’t shave off a real slice of mobile advertising revenue,” he wrote in a blogpost on Wednesday.哈佛大学尼曼新闻实验室(Nieman Journalism Lab)主任约书亚#8226;本顿(Joshua Benton),称苹果此举“令人担忧”。“对于许多把移动广告作为商业模式的新闻公司而言,我认为,这一变化肯定会令其损失一大部分移动广告收入,”周三他在一篇文中上写道。Ad-blocking has been available on the Mac version of Safari for several years but, if taken up by developers, the tool would mean users can choose to install an app that would block online advertising and the tools used to target it on the iPhone’s browser for the first time.几年来,Mac版的Safari浏览器一直可以拦截广告,但如果应用程序开发者也这么做将意味着,手机用户第一次可以选择安装拦截应用,在iPhone浏览器上拦截在线广告或用于精准投放广告的工具。The planned update comes as Apple tries to re-establish its place at the heart of the media and entertainment industry with the launch of Music, a new all-in-one subscription streaming and radio app, and News, a slick magazine-style app showing a range of free content from publishers that will compete with the likes of Flipboard and Facebook’s Instant Stories. Apple’s News app will allow publishers to sell their own advertising or split revenues when using its own iAd tool.计划作出上述变动之时,苹果推出了Apple Music和Apple News两款应用,努力重塑自己在媒体和行业的核心地位。Apple Music是一款全新的多功能合一的流媒体和无线电广播订阅应用。Apple News是一款精美的杂志式应用,可以展示来自出版商的大量免费内容,将与Flipboard和Facebook的Instant Stories等应用展开竞争。Apple News将允许出版商出售自己的广告,或者在使用iAd工具时与苹果分享收入。 /201506/380634青医附院医学院附属是什么意思Alibaba says it will tackle the prevalence of counterfeit goods sold on its websites, bowing to criticism from a US clothing industry lobbying group.阿里巴巴(Alibaba)正面回应一家美国制衣业游说组织的批评,表示将整治其网站上售假盛行的现象。The American Apparel amp; Footwear Association (AAFA) said this month it was “frustrated” by the Chinese ecommerce company’s lack of progress in addressing what it called rampant selling of fake goods that hurt its members’ profits.美国装鞋类协会(AAFA)本月表示,对这家中国电商企业在解决其所称的售假盛行问题上的进展缓慢感到“失望”,售假伤害了其会员企业的利润。The lobby group also said the widesp nature of counterfeit apparel and footwear had worsened since the ed States Trade Representative removed Alibaba from their “notorious markets” blacklist in 2012.这家游说组织还表示,自2012年美国贸易代表(ed States Trade Representative)将阿里巴巴从其“臭名昭著市场”黑名单上剔除以来,阿里巴巴出售假冒装和鞋类的做法愈演愈烈。“Alibaba’s Taobao platform is notorious as one of the biggest platforms for counterfeit goods worldwide,” said the AAFA in a letter to USTR Michael Froman. “The slow pace has convinced us that Alibaba is either not capable of or interested in addressing this problem.”“阿里巴巴旗下的淘宝(Taobao)作为全球最大的假货平台之一臭名远扬,”该协会致函美国贸易代表迈克尔#8226;弗罗曼(Michael Froman)表示。“打假进展缓慢让我们相信,阿里巴巴要么没有能力解决这个问题,要么没有兴趣这么做。”The reappearance of pressure on the USTR to punish Alibaba is the latest setback in what has been a bruising year at the hands of regulators for the Hangzhou-based company. In January, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, a Chinese regulator, criticised Alibaba for violations by its sellers — including tolerating bribery, counterfeit goods and faking seller rankings, known as “brushing”.美国贸易代表再次受到要求惩罚阿里巴巴的压力,是这家杭州企业在监管机构手里屡屡受挫的一年里的最新挫折。今年1月,中国监管机构国家工商总局(SAIC)批评了阿里巴巴平台卖家的违规做法——包括纵容贿赂、假货和被称为“刷信誉”的卖家评价作假。The USTR said last month it was monitoring Alibaba for sales of counterfeit and pirated goods, though it had not re-blacklisted it.美国贸易代表上月表示,其正在监督阿里巴巴出售假货和盗版产品的情况,尽管没有再次将其列入黑名单。Alibaba said in response to the AAFA letter that it was taking the issue seriously and was “dedicated to the fight against counterfeits because the health and integrity of our marketplaces depend on consumer trust”.阿里巴巴在回复美国装鞋类协会的信中表示,阿里巴巴正认真对待这一问题,并“致力于打击假货,因为我们平台的健康和完好性有赖于消费者的信任 ”。It listed measures such as data mining, enhanced co-operation with the police and working with more than 1,000 brands to increase the effectiveness of procedures to erase knock-offs.阿里巴巴列出了一些具体措施,比如数据挖掘,加强与警方的合作,以及与超过1000个品牌展开合作,提高取缔假货的程序的有效性。 /201504/370411莱阳中心医院吸脂

青岛高密哪家医院点痣好胶南市妇女儿童医院点痣多少钱青岛八一医院去疤多少钱While you were running Saturday errands, the world’s biggest software company celebrated its 40th birthday. Yes, seriously.上周六,当你正享受周末时,全球最大的软件公司正在庆祝自己的40岁生日。In a letter sent to employees, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates (still a technical advisor) predicts computing will evolve more quickly over the next decade than ever but is still too far out of reach for many people.在一封致员工的公开信中,微软联合创始人、目前仍担任该公司技术顾问的比尔o盖茨预计,计算机技术在今后十年的发展速度将比以往任何时候更快,但仍有许多人无法接触到它们。“So I hope you will think about what you can do to make the power of technology accessible to everyone, to connect people to each other, and make personal computing available everywhere even as the very notion of what a PC delivers makes its way into all devices,” he wrote.盖茨写道:“所以我希望你们想想自己能做些什么,来让科技的力量惠及每一个人,将人们互联起来,使个人计算普及到世界各地,正如个人电脑传达的观念影响了所有设备一样。”Of course, there are literally dozens if not hundreds of other companies—both large and small—that would love to solve that problem at Microsoft’s expense.显然,只要微软不在乎损失,抢着想解决这个问题的大大小小的公司大有人在。Mere toddlers like collaboration software upstart Slack, flirting with a billion valuation, are challenging its dominance in productivity software.最年轻一代中的有刚成立几年的团队协作软件公司Slack,其估值已经迅速达到20亿美元,以它为代表的这些新生力量正在挑战微软在生产力软件上的统治地位。Twenty-something Amazon Web Services and teenager Google are making things tough in the data center realm. And despite itsexpensive Nokia investment, Microsoft can’t seem to get more people to trade in their Apple and Samsung smartphones.年纪大一些的有“20多岁”的亚马逊网络务和“十几岁”的谷歌,它们让微软在数据中心业务上的处境日益艰难。尽管微软在诺基亚上投资不菲,但却无力阻止越来越多的人购买苹果和三星智能手机。As it enters its fifth decade, does Microsoft have the energy to combat competition on so many different fronts? That’s up to company’s third CEO, Satya Nadella. After spending his early days rightsizing the company (the last round of Microsoft’s biggest layoff ever was apparently completed last week), he is busy acting as different from his immediate predecessor, Steve Ballmer, as possible.随着微软进入第5个十年,它是否还有精力多线作战,在这么多的领域展开竞争?这取决于该公司第三任首席执行官萨蒂亚o纳德拉。他上任之初便开始优化公司规模(微软史上最大规模的裁员刚刚在上周完成最后一轮),如今他正忙着推行改革,竭力彰显自己跟前任史蒂夫o鲍尔默的不同之处。That’s evidenced in Microsoft’s relationship with Box. “We’re seeing a different Microsoft, and customers are seeking a different Microsoft,” Box CEO Aaron Levie said during Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference last July.微软与Box的关系就体现了这一点。Box公司首席执行官阿隆o列维在去年7月的《财富》科技头脑风暴大会上表示:“我们看到的是一个不同的微软,顾客也期待着一个不同的微软。”Nadella has aly pulled off a few refreshing surprises. Consider the company’s .5 billion buyout of the wildly successful Minecraft developer last September or the January sneak peek at the company’s virtual reality interface, HoloLens.纳德拉已经带来了一些令人眼前一亮的惊喜。微软在去年9月以25亿美元的价格收购了大获成功的游戏《我的世界》的开发商,又在今年1月发布了虚拟现实产品HoloLens。Officially speaking, the upcoming Windows 10 launch, which will be sold under a new subscription mode, will be the first big test of Nadella’s leadership. But in my mind, attracting and retaining the talent to keep Microsoft relevant throughout its fifth decade could be his biggest challenge as CEO. There’s a reason so many people are interested in the new book from Google’s human resources chief.根据官方说法,即将以全新订阅模式发售的Window 10将会是纳德拉领导能力面临的第一次大考。不过在我看来,在第五个十年里,如何吸引和留住人才,进而保持微软的竞争力,才是纳德拉作为首席执行官面对的最大挑战。如此多的人对谷歌人力资源主管的新书感兴趣,是有原因的。Nadella’s misguided comments last fall about women in technology didn’t help. That’s why one of the most important strategic decisions early in his tenure came in November, when Nadella promoted Kathleen Hogan from a customer-facing role to run human resources.纳德拉去年秋天对科技界女性的不当言论,可帮不了他(他建议女性不要主动要求加薪)。这也是他为什么要在任期之初的11月就做出一项最为重要的战略决定——将负责客户公关的凯瑟琳o霍根提拔至人力资源部门担任领导。Hogan’s resume includes leading the Microsoft services organization; she also was a developer at Oracle and a partner at consulting firm McKinsey. Her mandate: lead Microsoft’s cultural transformation and ensure “Microsoft remains the best, most inclusive place to work.”霍根曾是微软务部门的负责人,还担任过甲骨文的开发人员以及咨询公司麦肯锡的合伙人。她的任务是:领导微软的文化转型,保“微软仍是最好、最具包容性的工作场所”。 /201504/369364青岛黄岛开发区膨体隆鼻医院

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